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The Cars

The races

Some of the machinery that you can expect to see at Spa this year

The main attractions at the Spa Classic





BMW635CSI One of BMW's classic touring car racers, and the staple Munich competition machine before the arTival of the E30 M3, the big 6 Series took over from the E12 528i. Powered by the tough 3.5-litre single-cam straight-six motor, itfought keenly against rivals from Jaguar, Rover and Volvo.

Two separate grids make up this headline attraction. The first, for cars built before 1966, is split into classes for under and over two litres; the second is for cars built between 1966·1984, andall engine sizes. The battles between Capris, BMWs, Jaguars and Alfas will take place day and night.

CLASSIC ENDURANCE SERIES Sports car legends ofthe '60sand'70s do battle in two separate one-hour races. The first features 1966-1974 GTcarsand 1966-1971 sportsprototypes, including Ford GT40s and thundering LolaT70s, while the second is for 1975·1979 GTs and 1972·1979 prototypes, heavily populated by Porsche turbos.


NISSANR90C Nissan had been Group Ccombatants throughout the 1980s with little success until they got serious for the 1989 season, with a Lola-designed chassis andthe optimum Group Cengine solution: a twinturbo VB. The '90 car was a logical development, but not enough to topple Mercedes' domination.


.0 SR

Developed from the road-going (and rare) 3.0 RS introduced in 1974, the almost cartoon-like RSR featured 330bhp and plenty of rubber on the road. Through the mid-seventies it became the default customer GT car, scoring superb class results at Le Mans and other major events.

These monsters from the 1980s pump out up to l OOObhp and are a 'must see' atthe fast and flowing Spa-Francorchamps circuit. Atthe head of the field they will deliver lap times on a par with the best contemporary sportsprototypes racing today. Expect to see Sauber-Mercedes up atthe front with their crushing VB turbo power.

HISTORICF2 The Spa Classicfeatures two contests for these powerful single-seatersthat were once the last rung on the ladder to Fl. Many famous drivers ofthe period made their mark inthese cars: in fact, some Fl stars would step down into theF2 arena to battle the upcoming young guns. Cars built between 1967and1978 are eligible.

605 ENDURANCE Atwo-hour race for pre-'63 sports cars and pre-'66 GTcars-thinkJaguar E-type, AC Cobra, Isa Grifo - with the emphasis very much on endurance. Given the challenge of Spa, whoever wins this one will have certainly earned their victory champagne.

911JUBILEE To mark the 50th anniversary of the Porsche 911, the Spa Classic weekend includes apair of 30-minute races exclusively featuring Porsche's rear-engined icon. Cars from 19641974 are eligible: that should point to a winner from the Carrera RSR entry list.

TROFEO NASTRO ROSSO ACCOBRA289 The most successful on track of all the Cobras, and the archetypal hairy-chested brute of a sports car, the 289 is a riotous beastthat was propelled to the front by brutal horsepower but held back by poor aerodynamics and a primitive chassis, all of which make it fabulously entertaining to watch.

Adding a dash of Italian racing red to the proceedings, there are two races at Spa for Italian-built sports and GTcars built up to the end of1964. Each 45-minute race will featureFerrarisfrom the 250 model series, Alfa Romeo TZs, Abarths, Bizzarrinis and 300S Maseratis.

Timetable The 2013 Spa Classic CIRCUIT DE SPA-FRANCORCHAMPS Length: 1.003 kilometres



BLANCHIMONT Aterrifyinoly quick left-hand curve that remains a true test ofcourage and carcontrol. ltwasherethatAyrtonSenna went to the aid of Eric Comas In the 1992 Belgian <iPfollowingthe Frenchman's hkJh-speed accident in his Ligler.


Usually referred to as the Bus Stop, this low-speed section wasput In place to slow the cars before the approach to the La Source hairpin. It's been re· profiled in recentyearsandmllV1!d back in order to lengthenthenotoriouslycramped modem Spa pitlane.

One ofthe slowest corners in motorncing, and the scene of many an accident, itnowfonnsthe firstcomertothecircuitwhereasitonce si9nalled the end ofanother lap at the 'old' Spa before the start line was moved. Adasslc overtaking opportunity under braking.

EAU ROUGE Arguably the most famous comer in the world, Eau Rouge-so named after the streamthat runsunder the track-leadsinto the uphill right-left sweep of Raidillon. The long uphill straightthatfollowsitmeansthat maximisingyourspeedthroughthis roUercoaster is crucial to a good lap : time- andmanyhavecometogrief ; trying to do just that.

CAMPUS·PAUL FR£RE This double right marks the beginning of the final, and very fast, section ofthe lap. Named aftrrthe late Belgian racino driver and journalist Paul Frire, thesecond curve joins thenewtrackbackupwiththe orlgkyl design: the oldsection oftrack to here can still be drivenasapublicroad.

KEM MEL Once a gently twisting sir.light, ltlis was simplified on the 'new' circuit so that It leads inastraight line to the In Combes sequence ofcorners. lt'satestafenolne power and durabilityas drivers hold full throttle fora long time on an uphill gradient. The slipstruming battles that result have producedsomefamousovertakinomOV1!s.



A slower 'S' bend sweep than the preceding Double<iauche, corners like these placated the fears of many tr.iditionalists when the Spa circuit was reopened with a new layout In the early19BOS.

Aclassic 'New Spa' combination of left·handcurves, these high-speed sweeps test both the drivers' mettleandthe aerodynamicand tyre orlp qualities ofthe cars.

BRUXELLES Along, downhill right-hand curve with afast entry speed that changes the direction of the course: the ult of the left hand curve that follows this • cornermarksthebeglnnlngofthe ; fastmiddlepartofthedrcuit.

KEY • =practice • = qualifying • =race

2013 Advance

Ticket Prices Friday: n/a Saturday: €20 Sunday: €20 Weekend (3 days) : €30

Tickets can be bought via



LES COMBES once a left-hand curve, this right·left-right sequence of corners heralds the start of the modem Spa circuit. In slippery conditionsit'snotunusualto see cars going straight on at the first corner as they fa ii to wipeoffenoughspeedespecially ifthey've become embroiled ina battle ofthe late brakers.

International I EFG International is the private bank for historic motor racing. It is proud to support Le Mans Classic; Classic Endurance Racing; Grand Prix de Pau Historlque; Spa aassic; Dix Mille Tours; Donington Historic Festival; Salon Prlv~; The HERO Cup; Tour Britannia; RAC Woodcote Trophy; Wilton Classic and Supercar Day; The Grand Tour; Kop Hill dimb; The Warren Classic u Concours; London to Brighton Veteran Car Run; Gstaad dassic; Ef(; Bank DolderClassics.


Clockwise, from right: RB and 1938 streamliner on stunning Audi 'swoos h' for '09; Rolls-Royce-powered record-breakers from '04; Napier-Railton passes Ford centena ry wall inspired by 1 966 Le Mans GT 40 fin ish

52 Classic & Sports Car June 2 013

Gerry Judah Making memories for Goodwood's Festival Many dazzling feam res make up the G oodwood Festival of Speed, but the huge signamre sculptures are tmique to this motoring extravaganza. For the first four years, the centre-stage spot in fro nt of Lord March's mansion simply featured plinths showcasing race and Land Speed Record machines. In 1997, however, t h e event foun der con tacted G erry J udah, a trusted and creative associate from his days as a studio photographer, with a plan to build a triumphal arch with an F l Ferrari suspended beneath. "I hadn't seen Charles fo r 15 years, then he called with the arch idea," recalls Judah. "It was a nightmare because it rained and rained durin g con struction. I'll never forget painting it in the wet. T he budget was small and afterwards I thought, 'T hat's it, no more Goodwood.'" But a few months later the Earl was back in touch, offering Judah an open brief to create somethin g special. Th e resul t - fi ve Porsche Le M ans icons, including two 9 l 7s, mounted on gigantic steel spikes - was th e talk of t he 1998 event. Since then, there's been no stopping the Ca lcutta-born, London-based artist. Judah is reluctant to choose a favo uri te, but was particul arly proud of last year's Loms-themed work: "It encapsulated the monocoque concept. T here was no frame and the steel plates had to be calculated to the tightest tolerances. The prospect of being a fow millimetres out at the end and it not joining up was terrifying, but getting GP cars fo r the display was brilliant."

The 2001 Mercedes cone with 300SL swooping from t he peak Juda h rates as one of t he most elegant, while the J apanese were the toughest clients: "Toyota came mob-handed with sketches and photos, but thankfully went for my Torii G ates-in spired idea. Th e scale was powerful, with the cars a key part of the strucntre. As a Zen piece, it was the cleverest so far." O ver the years, Judah has built up a core team of specialists and engineers, including Littlehampton Welding and Capita Symonds: "It is always a daunting challenge to build a scul pmre the size of an oil rig in a little garden space witl1in a few met res of a state ly home where people are working." It's also no surprise to discover that] udah is a car entlmsiast: "The 1960s is my favourite era and, as a poor im migran t kid in no rth Lond on , I was always r ea ll y impressed by J aguars and Bentleys. I'd love an early E-type fi xed-head, but it's just too uncomfortable fo r me. My dream choice would have to be a Bentley Continental." Predictably, Judah is kee ping designs for tl1is year's 911 sculpnire close to his chest, but teases with details that it will be amon g the highest yet and features three cars: "I've rarely had to compromise on the original concept. T he Porsche guys had their own ideas, but tliey were blown away as soon as I put my model on the table." MW

The FoS is 4- 7July and an exhibition at Wolverhampton Art Galler)' runs to 27June; see

Clockwise, from left: first true Judah concept was for Porsche in '98: Toyota 'Torii Gates' from 2007: epic cone for Mercedes tribute of '01; Ferrari arch, '97: Audi and Auto Unions on Avus banking in 1999 June 20 13 Classic & Sports Car 53

BOOKS THE ZERO CARBON CAR If you don't know your PHV from your FC EV, then Brian Lo ng's new tome is a good The Zero introduction to Carbon Car alternative power. It covers electric, hybrid and solar propulsion with plenty of historical context - from the Detroit E lectric to pioneering French diesels.

FORGHIERI ON FERRARI Niki Lauda once described Mauro Forghieri as "a genius, but also a madman", and there is no doubt that the long-time Ferrari technical director is in a unique position to write a history of the Prancing Horse's racing successes. This title understandably places its focus most intently upon the era in which Forghieri was associated witl1 tl1e Scuderia (l 960-'S7), but also looks at the years on either sid e of that- as well as Forghieri 's own post-Ferrari career. This is part marque history, part autobiography and, while you shouldn 't perhaps rely on it as a factual record, it is nonetheless a fascinating account oflife atMaranello. The photographs are particularly strong, as are tl1e technical drawings from tl1e always-brilliant Giorgio Piola. Forghieri gives a good insight into working witl1 Enzo and the many drivers who passed through tl1e outfit. Throughout Forghieri's time tl1ere, the team - indeed, the entire sport - was light years away from the Schumacher-Ferrari steamroller of the early 2000s. In some ways, it was all tl1e better for that. JP €60 Mauro Farghieri and Daniele Buzzanetti, Giorgio Nada. ISBN 978 88 79115650

Automotiv Top Belg ian graphic illustrator Ever M eulin's passion for cars manifests itself in his artwork, and now the range - from early Michel Vaillantstyle comic strips to stylised retro graphics -is presented in this 176-page book. As well as showcasing a wealtl1 ofillustrations and sketches that reveal M eulin's diverse styles, the publication also includes tl1e Nisiov Panamarankov, a fantasy o ffse t single-seater inspired by Gabriel Voisin's Laboratoire. A wonderful work. M\V € 49.90 Ever Meulin, Dog <!J Blik. ISBN 978 90 549 2366 8 8 (see

MGV8 This seems a limited subject for a 320-page hardback, but it must be the definitive work on this niche in MG history. It's a story of two halves: tl1e greater portion is d edicated to 'classics' - the Costello cars, plus factory BGT VS and RVS; then the 'modern' era, with ZT and ZT-T 260, plus shortlived SV and SV-R. The research is exhaustive and reveals plenty of fresh insight: did you know that the RVS headlamps are from a 911? T he design is simple yet d ear, with plenty of period pies. AC £35 David Knowles, Crowood. ISBN 978184797 4518

£25 The Crowood Press. ISBN9781847974211


Parnelli Jones An autobiography of An1erican racing legend Rufus 'Parnelli' Jones is long overdue, and Bones Bourcier has done a fin e job o f capniring tl1e Arkansasborn Indy 500-winner's character. From his early years racing stock cars on California dirt tracks th rough to his impressive string of 1970s Baja victories,Jones' varied racing career as driver and team owner makes for a colourful read. Rivals such as M ario Andretti contribute anecdotes, too. M\V $39.95 Bones Bourcier, Coas tal181. ISBN 978 0 98577351 9

Silverstone circuit Following the style of the fron t cover, this attractive 96-page paperback matches tl1en-and-now images of the famed Northan ts track. The paddock, pits, buildings, corners, bridges, scrutineering, accidents and drivers' fashions are contrasted, giving a fresh perspective. An introduction to the Bomber Command airfield and the first race in '4S complement the photos. M\V £9.99 Anthony Meredith and Gordon Blackwell, Amberley Publishing. ISBN 9781445606361

Produced by The Wolseley Register, this 60-page booklet compiled by Dick Peters is an ideal companion to tl1e enduring 1500 saloon. All aspects of the model are investigated, including its Antipodean 000...Sei:EY UK>O cousin, buying, toys, advertising and press reports, with plenty of illustrations. £9.45 plus £1.50 p<!Jp (see

THE LAND ROVER STORY The compact Story series from The History Press continues with this fine investigation into the development o f the Land-Rover.

Former C&SC editor G iles C hapman packs in the details, from early prototypes to the Freelander and D efender models. Breaking up the history are fun Didyou /..'11uw? panels and an interesting selection of archive photos. £9.99 ISBN 978 0 7524 8994 0

MOTORFILMS VOL 28 The latest DVD release from Motorfilms Quarterly includes a documentary on the ill-fated '64 Indianapolis MOTORFILMS 500, a focus on Birkin's Bentley sing le-seater, plus tl1e second part o f an interview witl1 BMC's Marcus C hambers, all rounded off with footage o f the I 95S TouristTrophy. £19.99 (coll 01885 400380or s ee

June 2013 Classic & Sports Car 55


The Birth of Brooklands Researched and written by Richard Bird, a volunteer at Brooklands Museum, this exhaustive 210-page paperback looks into the rapid construction of The Track in 1906. As the world's first purpose-built motor racing circuit, Brooklands' ninemonth build was extensively recorded to satisfy international media interest. Bird includes all of the key figures -such as the Locke-Kings, Henry Holden and Ernest de Rodakowski - and SF Edge's heroic 65 mph 24-hour record attempt is also celebrated. MW ÂŁ17.99 plus 75p p6p Roger Bird (coll 01932 857381, extension 268. or see qu::M . . TICllJ.


Weatherproof & Maintenance Free Available in 18, 24 & 30 inches

Sports Car Racing in the South

T he second volume of Willem Oosthoek's review of sports-racing in America's southern states covers the 1959-'60 period, the swansong for frontengined machinery. With the exception of the Sebring 12 Hours, the featured events are local contests, but Oosthoek looks into small-bore machines and the thriving Formula Junior scene as well as the big-banger sports car action. The format of this 456-page work follows Oosthoek's first volum e, with race reports and results complemented by Bob Jackson's arcl1ive imagery. C haparral founder J im Hall crops up regularly, driving a wide variety of cars including a smoky Elva-DKW: O nly poor photo reproduction in places spoils this fine survey. MW $155 Willem Oosthoek, Dalton Watson. ISBN 978185443257 5

Available in Five Colours Choice of Hands & Numerals

Motoring moments from big and small screens

It started with a kiss "It's the Picasso of automobiles:¡ exclaims a Spanish nobleman as Sgt Joe Fitzpatrick pulls up outside a hotel in the sensational Lincoln Futura. Long before George Barris thought of transforming the Ford concept car into the Batmobile, it was the star of this 1959 comedy directed by George Marshall. Repainted red, the 1955 show-stopper is won in a raffle by Fitzpatrick (Glenn Ford) and wife Maggie (Debbie Reynolds). The Futura is shipped to Spain. where the unsuspecting USAF officer is stunned when his prize is unveiled at Cadiz harbour. As the couple drive back to Madrid, the ,. Futura's electric Plexiglas roof causes a sensation wherever it stops. The funniest scene involves a dust-up with a Mercedes 300SL against the spectacular backdrop of the Segovia aqueduct, in which the Lincoln glides implausibly away from the Teutonic supercar. The Mercedes' owner, bu llfighter Antonio Soriano, is smitten by both the Futura and Reynolds and, when Fitzpatrick's officers are unhappy about the attention the car draws, it is sold to its matador admirer. Find the scenes with the Futura driving in Spain at Ag Mario Laguna


If passionate challenges are at the top of your mind. If you think that cars can make history. If you can't content yourself with the plains. Then this is for you.


AUJtJMCa.EO.lll llllJ.N)


Cabin detail matches the exacting exterior

::~:co~.~"~"~:-~.~-- · ~ ·

28DSE Coupe. E63.9~ 2 TrueScale's l 9S3 Firebird 1 gas-turbine concept car. £182.99

Launched by a team of American model-car enthusiasts, Automodello h as produced a truly inspired ran ge o f subjects that started with a 1:43 G riffith 200. Just before his death, racing legend Jo hn Fitch helped with a superb pair o f 1:43 C hevro let Corvair 'specials' including the 1966 Fitch Phoenix. The beautifolly made miniamre is a fine tribute to its designer/con structor, who also signed each one in this limited-edition series. O rder via

· /

G~ ~-" ...


Phoenix perfectly replicated in miniature


discount for orders from( C6-SC readers quoting 'CS0613' 08448 878888:



1:24 3 Automodello's 1:43 4 Brumm's 19S7 Maserati team Fiat 642 transporter with three 2SDFs including a Vl 2 - plus drivers and mechanics, £199.99 5 Spark's Alfa Romeo 8C-23DD Touring Spider, ES9.99 6 Lansdowne's 1948 Austin l 6hp saloon, E74.99


7 Minichamps'1967 Targa Florio class-winning Porsche 91 1, ES4.99 8 Mullin Automotive Museum's beautiful Bugatti Type S7C Atalante, E99.99 9 TrueScale's 1971 Buick Riviera 'boat-tail; E66.99

excellent Duesenberg SJ Speedster, Mormon Meteor 1. $299.9S

6 May Hall 18. NEC. Birmingham. 6DD stalls, ES.SD. 1D:3Dam 01604 846688; 11 May Henfield Village Hall. Hen field, Sussex. El.SD. 10:3Dam 01732 840787 19 May Kempton Park, Middlesex. 2DD tables, £3, 1D:3Dam 02392 381529: 1 June Exhibition Centre, Sandown Park. Esher, Surrey. SDD tables. ES, 1D:3Dam BP Fairs 2 June Pavilion Gardens. Buxton, Derbyshire. l SD sta lls, E2.5D, 10:3Dam BP Fairs 9 June The Connexion Leisure Club, Ryton-on-Dunsmore. Coventry. lSD stalls, E2.5D. 1D:3Dam BP Fairs 16 June The Prestwood and Argyle Centres, Stafford County Showground, Stafford. 2SD stalls, £3, 1D:3Dam BP Fairs

June 2013 Classic & Sports Car 59

So, what makes this wax so glossy? All companies clwm their products are the best so we had ours independently tested* against Autogtym Super Resin Polish, Meguiars NXT and Turtle Wax Uqu/d Ice. The fact that we're advertiSing it probably tells you what happened! G3 Professional has a higher gloss on appl/catfon, and Is still higher after 4 months. Need we say more? The full G3 range is available at ludforda and all good automotive stores.

¡syAW!. to ASTM standarcls.




RACING ROUND THE GARDEN An exhibition of classic motorsport posters is being presented at The Hospital Club, 2 4 Ende II Street in London's Covent Garden. Staged over the Monaco Grand Prix weekend (24-28 May). the display will also include a Maserati 2SOF. Entry is free, from l lam-6pm.

A new range o f traditional picnic baskets with classic car-themed plates and mugs is available from Holden. Four designs are o ffered, decorated with AustinHealeys,J aguars, M Gs and M organs (on right), with drawings by artist/printmaker Richard Wade (Motoring art, January). They come as two-, four- and six-person sets, comprisin g a woven willow basket, bone-china crockery, flask, cutlery and cm et set. Prices start from £1 50 for the two-person model, while the mugs and plates can be bought separately. For more details, see


Monte-Carlo Rally wall clock

Swinging '60s special print

C hris W addon has extended his clock range with a new line inspired by the Monte- Carlo Rally. Each feamres the speedo as the main timepi ece, plus ancillary gauges, rally plaque and model spec. A5 well as the AustinH ealey (shown), the selection includes Ford Anglia, Hillman Imp.Jaguar MkVIIM and XK120, Mini Cooper 'S', P orsche 91 lT, Saab M onte-Carlo 8 50 and Triu mph G T6. Each clock is 1Oin square, with a 11h in-deep wood frame and a glass front. T hey have a quality quartz movement and cost£3 2 .99. See the full range at o r calJ 01 963 824879.

Roy Putt's evocative The Gid Can 't Help It painting of the King's Road in the summer of '67 was much admired and, due to popular demand, he's produced a print with an E-type parked by the Granny Takes a Trip boutique. A limited edition of 95, the£89 print - each signed and numbered - measures 54x36cm. See W\ or call 01 33 2 694538.

Marjoram adds spice to cards

Martini shirts with right look

Stefan M arjoram has launched a diverse collection of2 5 new greetings cards showcasin g his sketches and designs (Motoring art, April). I t includes both pencil drawings and fi nished colo ur artwork, witl1 subjects rang ing from record-breakers to hot rods and VSCC events. A set offive cards costs£10 and is available from the Ersy online store. Order via

M axpart has expanded its M artini-themed collection of retro fashions with two new po lo shirts. T hese authentic designs are replicas of the white and navy blue garments produced for tl1e 198 1 season, complete with the fa mous logo and striped-collar details. A foll ran ge of sizes is available, priced at €5 5. T he firm has also added a line of Walter Rohr! T-shirts sporting quotes from the rally legend. See the entire collection at www.maxpar t- or call 0049 714 1 906390 for more details.


...,,,.....-- = -

\ :



The extensive archive of the late Motor Sport editor Bill Boddy is to be sold by Transport Collector Auctions and will include a wealth of books. early runs of motoring magazines and various items of Brooklands-related memorabilia . The sale will take place on 22 June at The Reading Auction Centre. Great Knollys Street. Read ing RGl 7HU. For details. see or call 01460 55955.

5 May Ripon Racecourse Spring Classic Car & Bike Show & Autojumble, North Yorks. Entry £6, 10am-4pm 01697 451882; www. markwaodwardc/ 10-11 May Automobilia Ladenburg. Vast Porsche poster collection. plus Campari's effects 0049 6203 957777; 18- 19 May Beaulieu Spring Autojumble. NMM. Hants. Plots from £65. Entry £8.70 (in advance) 01590 612345; 19 May Garstang Car & Bike Autojumble. at Hamilton House on A586. All outdoor plots £15, indoors from £10. Entry £3.50, 9am-lpm Mark Woodward 25-27 May Enfield Pageant of Motoring, Middx. Stalls from £85. Entry £9. 9am-6pm (25), 9am-8pm (26), 9am-5pm (27) 02083671898; 1-2 June Classic & Performance Car Spectacular. Tatton Park. Cheshire. Plots fro m £60. Entry £7.50, 9am-4pm 01565 723863; 9 June Normous Newark Autojumble plus Classic Car Show, Newark and Notts Showground, at Al /A6 junction; special parking for pre-'80 cars. Entry £4. 10am-4pm 01 773 819154;

June 2013 Classic & Sports Car 61

THE 2013 MSA EUROCLASSIC Saturday 7th - Friday 13th September

Starting from Dover on Saturday 7th September, this autumn's route will travel through Germany's Black Forest and the Alsace region of France, taking in challenging roads, beautiful cities and motor sport venues before culminating with a gala dinner in Luxembourg on Friday 13th September. Now in its 21st year, the MSA Euroclassic is open to cars over 20 years of age, as well as a limited number of more modern cars, and will again boast dedicated breakdown assistance at all times along the route. ~ · ...~.#·


.1... \

.. · ~.



. ..


Highlights of the run are anticipated to include the Porsche and Mercedes-Benz museums and the Steiff teddy bear factory, as well as stops at the Bosch Test Track and the magnificent Schloss Langenberg. Further planned checkpoints at the Chenevieres circuit and the Smart Car factory will make this year's Euroclassic a must-do for all motoring enthusiasts!

For full information on the 2013 MSA Euroclassic please visit or contact International Motor Sports Ltd Tel: +44 (0) 1753 765 I 00 Email:



~ -~



. ,





MSA Classics are market leading classic car tours in the UK and Europe. Open to cars 20 years or older, our events are non-competitive and all include fantastic driving roads, stunning scenery, places of interest and motor sport venues.





A THREE-WHEELER'S PARADISE Morgan enthusiasts travel from far and wide to visit C hri s Booth's packed museum behind an antiques shop in deepest Kent. The collection features 11 variants, from 1909 to 193 5, with various power options including JAP, MAG, Blackburne, Anzani, Matchless and Ford. Booth 's fath er wasn't interested in cars, and the Morgan passion developed by accident. "I've always been fascinated by vintage things," says Booth, "and afte r fa lling off 'bikes too often I decided to buy a three-wheeler because you could drive them with just a motorcycle licence. I'd looked at Berkeleys, Messerschmitts and Coronets, but they were all too expensive. Then a family friend suggested a Morgan and it all went wrong from there!" Not surprisingly, Booth is very attached to his first Morgan - a '34 Super Sports wit h water-cooled Matchless overhead-valve engine and three-speed 'box that's good for 7 5 mph - but there are many favourites. High on the list is a 1924 Grand P rix with 1078cc British Anzani power and a wea lth o f period accessories including wheel discs, fro nt brakes and H ooley steering damper: "I purchased it for £ 7 from a Sussex farm in 1964, but the restoration didn't star t until 1992. It fi rst ran in 1995, and we're taking it to France this summer to celebrate WG McMinnies' victory in the 1913 French Cyclecar G rand Prix in a similar model." After compl eting a recreatio n of the 1909 prototype Morga n three-wheeler (C&SC, June '09), Booth is now focused on two exciting projects: the ex-Ha rold Beart lOOmph Brook.lands racer, and the first Morgan four-wheeler. His lifelong passion for collectin g is evident t hroug ho ut t he museum, whose walls are lined by cases packed with toy cars, mode l ki ts, badges and enamel signs: "When I was at school, my blazer's lapel always had a collection of pin badges. The Dinkys were my childhood playthings - I kept all the boxes but flattened them o ut and stored them away in a chest. Sadly, when my parents m ove d th ey chucked them all away. W henever we visited garages or motor shows, I always asked for brochures." T he museum is no static hoard, however, because Booth regularly exe rcises his car s. Although h e doesn't compete any more, his M o r ga ns are regul ars o n th e London to Brighton Pioneer Run and at Three-W heeler Club events. Despite the main foc us of the

coll ection , there is pl enty of nonMa lvern machinery to fascinate visito rs. Among the mini atures is the 'world's smallest motor coach' - o ne of six buil t by J o hnsto n of Brighton in '59 for use on Madeira Drive - plus a Rytecraft Scootacar of t he type that was po pul ar at seaside fairgrounds before WW2. Other popular exhibits include a Fo rd M odel Aand a 1936 Bampton caravan that was saved from a garden in ~Torthing where it sat for years in a dilapidated state. Among the rare motorcycles and bikes are a 19 1 l P &M with peri od wicker sidecar and an 1890 Quadrant, fou nd in his grandfather's orchard. When not fettling in his workshop, Booth is happy to give guided tours, while the shop sells plenty of Morgan automobilia. MW~

The knowledge Address 63-67 High Street. Rolvenden. Kent TNl 7 4LP Where? On the A28, sit uated on the village High Street behind Falstaff Antiques. Nearest stat ions Headcorn or Ashford Opening hours 10am-5:30pm, Monday-Sat urday. If travelling a long way, call first in case Booth is away at a Morgan event How much? Adult s £3. children (under 14) £1 Tel 01580 241234 Web

Clockwise, from top: fine line-up of Morgans with red '34 Super Sports. the first in the collection; packed cabinets and early motorcycles; souvenir from the Blue Bird runs

Above, l-r: rapid 1928 Super Aero has Brooklands history; veteran Quadrant. Right.1-r: Standard with Rytecraft; pedal cars

June 2013 Classic & Sports Car 63










Wild Hemi Under Glass profiled

Flat-out in the XJ220 prototype

SSK tackles the Grossglockner

SUBSCRIBE AND MAKE SURE YOU GET YOUR COPY OF CLASSIC 6 SPORTS CAR FIRST EVERY MONTH CALL +44 (0)8448 488835 OR ORDER ONLINE AT Co11te11tsare sub1ec t to c1ia11ge June 2013 Classic & Sports Car 65

The ex-Scuderia Filipinetti - Herbert Muller 1964 Le Mans 24hr I Nurburgring 1000kms I Spa 500Kms I Reims 12hr 1964 Porsch e 904 GTS - CHASSIS # 904-079 An exceptional Porsche 904 with truly outstanding competition h istory, first owned and raced by the Swiss racin g team Scuderia Fi lipinetti. Delivered new to Filipinetti in 1964, the car was driven by H erbert Mi.iller and C laude Sage at the 1964 Le Mans 24 ho urs (see images above) fini shi ng 11th overall I 4th in GT class. C hassis #079 was successfully raced by Filipinetti in many other in ternational races, including Ni.irburgri ng l OOOkms, Spa 500kms and R eims 12 hour. Through 1965 to 1969 the car continued its illustrious race career competing in many other international races, rallyes and hill- climbs, includin g, Mont Ventou x, R allye d u Mont Blanc, R allye d u Lorraine and the 1969 Tour d e France. The car has continuous ownership history and was loaned to the Porsche M useum between 1986 and 2002. R ecently fu lly prepared for historic competition, # 079 is offered for sale complete with both six- cylinder race engine and a fu lly rebuilt Type 587/3 904 four- cam engine, w ith F. l. A. HTP paperwork to run with either. This exceptionally historic Porsche is offered with UK regi stration and all EU taxes paid.

P0 TE L : + 44


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maxtcd - pagc . com


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• ~ •• ~ • 1937 Bentley 4V. Litre Tourer One of only four built by Vanden Plas and displayed on the Bentley stand at the 1937 Earl's Court Motor Show. Ottered in outstanding condition with an impressive and significant histmy.

1972 Ferrari 246 Dino A very good original right hand drive Dino. Original colour, interior and registration.

1931 Invicta S Type A rare original Tourer by Carbodies, impeccably restored by Cedar Classics, fitted with an up-rated engine and in the care of the current owner for 24 years.

Also Available: 1955 Bentley R Type Continental• 1971 Ferrari 365 GTC/4 • 1972 Ferrari 246 Dino SIMILAR CARS ACCEPTED FOR CONSIGNMENT SALE


KENSINGTON Tel: 020 7589 8787



llrllr•~ llrm~~llrm~·~~~

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Setting the standard for over 45 years

2005/05 Ferrari Enzo Black with Black Leather

£900,ooo 2,173 miles

We believe this UK supplied Enzo which has only covered 2,173 miles is the last to be delivered to the UK from new & one of only three delivered in Black. The specification includes a Ferrari Classiche, Large Racing Seats, Black Calipers, Scuderia Wing Shields, Hand Books & Tool Kit. This tour de force car is a wonderful investment opportunity.

Ford GT Grigio Silverstone with Sabia Leather

£129,950 9,245 miles

1994 Ferrari 5 12 TR Rosso Corsa with Creama Leather

£109,950 6,837 miles

We are th rilled to present thi s Lim ited Edi tion Ford GT fi nished in IV Red with White Racing Stripes. This model was built to celebrate Ford's Centennial & pays homage to their Le Mans winning Ford GT4o's. The specification of this car in cludes Black Leather Recaro Seats, Paint Protection Film, Sound System, 18 & 19 inch Alloy Wheels, Air Con & Immobiliser.

We are thrilled to present thi s Ferrari 512 TR. This model has seen steady gro\.\rth & this exam ple is pe rhaps one of the best avai lable with only 6,837 miles. The 512 TR replaced the Testarussa effectively as a new car with huge mechani cal changes, like the engine being lowered for better stability. This car comes \\-ith a full set of as new Ferrari luggage.

2011/ 61 Ferrari 599 GTO Grigio Silverstone with Sabia Leather

1964 AC Cobra 289 MKII Maroon with Black Leather

£POA 217 miles

We are delighted to present this UK sup plied Ferrari 599 GTO finis hed in Grigio Silverstone. Th is is l o f only 599 units built and on ly the 3rd model to carry the formidable GTO Badge. This s tunning example has only covered 217 miles s ince registered and serviced recently in February 2013 . We believe only around 60 UK Right I land Drive cars were ever produced meaning it is a wonderful investment op portunity.

+44 (0)1772 613114


COB 6046 was supplied new in 1964 to Lord Patrick Lichfield. It later s tarted a life of racing & won its class in the 1970 STP Modsports Championship. In 1978 it wa s brough t back to its original road appearance with a restoration & then sold to Prince Saud o f Saudi Arab ia. This is perhaps one of the most important of all Cobras & faith ful to its o rigin al specification.

EST. 194 6

ROLLS-ROYCE & BENTLEY SPECIALISTS We offer the finest facilities for the sale and service of Rolls-Royce & Bentley Motor cars


1930 2?pffs-2(oyce Phantom 'l'l Continental'Drophead Coupe 6y 'Binder of Paris Chassis '1{p 4l(jX In our opinion one of the most beautiful and stylish pre-war cars ever made, regardless of marque. Multiple major concours wins to its credit including " Best of Show" at Concorso d'Eleganza Villa d'Este in 2003. Great potential for future concours success at the highest level. Currently with both Swiss and US papers. Further details available upon request and currently on display in our London showrooms.

125 Harlequin Avenue, Great West Road , London TW8 9EW, UK

Tel: 020 8847 5447 Fax: 020 8560 5748 www.: Email: French office: Christian Teissier. 8 Avenue J.Bordeneuve. 47300 Villeneuve-Sur-Lot, Bordeaux France Tel: 0033 55 340 3470 Fax: 0033 55 340 3481 Jap anese Office: Mr Kiyoharu Wakui, Kuruma Doraku 2-10-11 , Yayoi Bunkyo Ku, Tokyo, Japan Tel: 0081 33 81 16 170 Fax: 0081 33 81 66 175

You are welcome to visit our world-class showrooms and servicing, restoration and racing facilities at any time.

View over 150 of the finest classic cars for sale at our seven showrooms in Maldon, Essex, UK, or visit our website: uk

We sell, service, restore, upgrade and race all major marques, including: AC, Allard, Aston Martin, Bentley, Bugatti, Ferrari, Jaguar, Lamborghini, Lola, Lotus, Maserati, Mercedes-Benz, Porsche, Rolls-Royce and Shelby Cobra.



Stored from new with 1ust 74km recorded Black leather and electric sunroof. Aunique opportunity to buy a brand new Sport Evo'

1968 MERCEDES BENZ 280SL LHO automatic w th hz d/soft tops and t d seat. Three owners from new A da m exceptional, well-deta ~d condition throughout.



LHO example that has covered 57k miles. In very good and except Jnally orig.1al order Fantastic or zmal colour combination of black with b1ack.

Bk miles from new. Comprehensive history. Exceptionally ongmal and superb throughout. Co. plete wrth tools, ~and books and registration nu. be; 'XKE l'.

1973 BMW 3.0 CSL

1994 PORSCHE 964 TURBO 2

One of the 500 original UK supplied RHO examples. Matching numbers and original colo:.. combination. Avery good and well sorted CSL.

One o' only 42 UK delivered examples. 54k miles wit'! f路 Pom e history In excellent ong condition. Just checKed and se1V1ced by Po路sche Swindon.



The last 411 made and t~e c~ y one based on the 412 chassis. In excelle路t cond1t on with a full, very comprehe路s1ve history.

UK ~upp ed RHO example with only de'ivery mileage. Very good speclf1cat1on and ava1lab1e 1 mediately. Your opportunity to 1ump the queue.


FERRARI ENZO Rosso/Black Medium S/Seats, Original Books & Tools, Full Spec, 12,000klm, Amazing Service History, As New, Great Value _____f.745,000

NEW FERRARI F12 BERlINETIA RHO Grigio Silverstone/Black Carbon Racing Seats, Carbon S/Wheel with LEDs, High Power Hi-Fi, Shields, Huge Spec, Available Today_.-EPOA




Dark Blue Over Silver/Blue S/Seats, Full Spec, 1,680m, Just Serviced, UK Car, Amazing Value With Good Potential For Furure Appreciation---· - · - - - - - - - - · - - · - - - - - · - - - - - · - - - - - - - · - - - - - - - - · - · - - - · - -_f.745,000

MERCEDES-BENZ 190SL Cream/Red Leather, Factory Hardtop, Only ll,788klm From New, Time Warp example that has recently been inspected and serviced by a leading Mercedes-Benz specialist, Unique ··-·--··-·---·-·--·-·-·--·-·-·---·-·--·-·--·--·--·--·-··--·-·-·-EPOA


MERCEDES-BENZ SLS AMG Imola Grey/Porcelain Designo Int, Reverse Camera, Twin Spoke Alloys, Good Spec, Only 219 Miles From New-·---·-·--.£119,950





Rosso 8C/Red, Full Carbon Kit, Sat Nav, Bose, iPOD, Luggage. Leather & Carbon Hoops, 220m, Huge Saving _ _ _._ _ __fil.35,000 Pearl White/Red Interior, iPOD, 20" Alloys, Leather & Carbon Hoops, Red Calipers, Good Spec, 4,000m FSH, As New-·-·--El20,000


JAGUAR E-lYPE 5.3 VI2 ROADSTER Primrose Yellow/Black, Wire Wheels, Original Handbooks, Extensive History File, Totally Restored, 44,000m, Beautiful Example ___f.74,950

WE WANT TO BUY YOUR CAR We are always looking to buy very important historic cars with 1950's, 1960's and 1970's Ferraris at the top of our list We only buy the best examples and will not be outbid for the right car. If you're considering selJing your car then please get in touch; all discussions are confidential. If the car is of interest to us we will make you a cash offer with immediate settlement and a hassle free sale. I look forward to hearing from you. Tom Hartley Jnr.

1933 - TRIUMPH GLORIA SIX SPEED MODEL TOURER Red with Red lea th er, 1 of just 5 produced & 1 of just 2 known surviving examples, last owner for the past 34 years, tot al nut & bolt restoration. £49,995

1932 · MG J2 Carmine Red/Saratoga Red with Red leather, 1 of just 2,083 J2 Midgets produced, just 200 mi les since a total nut & belt photographic restoration. £39,995

1957 · JAGUAR XK150 SE FHC Cornish Grey with Red. leather, a 2 owner example ~h i c h has covered just 34,000 m11es from new, just 500 miles since total nut & bolt photograph ic restoration. £99,995

1980 - FORD ESCORT MKll RS2000 CUSTOM Signal Yellow with Brown Bet a cloth , total nut & bolt concours restoration, multi RSOC concours winner. £SOLD

2010 • MORGAN 4/4 SPORT Sport Grey with Saddle Brown leat her. ful l Morgan service £SOLD history, j ust 5,000 miles from new.

1933 · MG J2 Oxford Blue with Cambridge Blue leather, 1 of just 2,083 J2 Midgets produced, just 400 miles since a total nut & belt photographic restoration , concours D'elegance winner. £SOLO

1927 • MORRIS COWLEY BULLNOSE 2 -SEATER TOURER Red over Black wit h Black leather, desirable 2-seater Tourer with Dickie rear seat, just 1,400 miles since restoration. £SOLD

1997 • PORSCHE 993 CARRERA 4 Basal t Black Metallic wit h Marble Grey leather, f ull Porsche £SOLD service history, just 22,000 miles from new.

1948 - MG TC (Barn find Restoration Project} Black wit h Beige leather, angina! UK home market example, dry storec for the past 40 years. £19,995

2010 - MORGAN PLUS 4 Stingray Grey Metall ic with Black leather, f ull Morgan service £SOLD history, just 1,200 miles from new.

1960 • MGA 1600 Mkl DE-LUXE ROADSTER Ir is Blue with Black leather, 1 of just 70 Mk! Mkl 1600 Deluxe Roadsters produced, tota l nut & bo lt restoration, mu lti Autoglym/ MGCC concours winner. £59 ,995

1986 • PORSCHE 911 3.2 CARRERA Special Order Pastel Beige with Brown leather, fu ll Porsche service history, a 3 owner example wh ich has covered just 57 ,000 miles from new. £29,995


1994 • PORSCHE 968 CLUB SPORT Speed Yellow with Black Sport trim, I of j ust 179 UK RHD Club Sports produced, full Porsche service history, just 44,000 miles from new. £21,995



... ,.. I


www cheshireclass1ccars co uk

1970 086 MKll Vantage Requires a complete body off restoration, however total time warp gem!

Current Stock 1951 DB2 Convertible - Silver I Red 1951 DB2 Coupe- Enquire 1958 DB MKlll - Enquire 1961 DB4- Green I Tan 1965 DBS- Red / Tan 1970 DB6 MKll - Enquire 1970 DB6 MKll Vantage - Enquire

Post Vintage Engineers Ltd, Pool Road, Pool in Wharfedale, LS21 1 EG, UK - - +44 (0) 113 284 3666


"Attention to Detail"

• ..

·-- ..

Rolls-Royce Phantom I 1927 Brougham de Ville by Clark of Wolverhampton

Rolls-Royce 20HP 1923 Hooper Special Tourer

\Vorld famous for its exquisiu rear interior. Less than 10,000 miles from new.

Delightful all original car complete with all tools, handbook and full history.

Bentley S2 Continental 1962 LHD Park Ward Drophead Coupe Recenc exzemive rescoracion. RREC Concours winner.

Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud III 1963 LHD Recenc excemive restoration. Previously owned by Sir EltotJ John.

in partnership with 36 East Street, Olney, Bucks MK46 4AP

T 01234 713083 (office)


T 01234 240636 (show room) W


f Smail

2003 Vanquish 2 plus 2 54,950 154,000 miles. Antrim Blue. Parchment I Pacific Blue hide

1987 VS Efi Automatic £S4,9SO 84,000 miles. Windsor Red. Magnolia hide

1966 DB6 Vantage Manual £240,000 Pacific Blue. Beige hide

2001 DB7 Vantage Volante Automatic £33,SOO 26,000 miles. St ronsay Silver. Light Grey hide

1969 DBS £POA Arriving Soon

1987 Lagonda 4 door £POA Chichester Blue. Blue/Grey hide

1969 Lagonda 4 door Prototype £44S,OOO The only one. X Sir David Brown. DB Blue I Dark Blue hide

196S DBS Manual £46S,OOO Cumberland Grey. Red hide Due late May. Full nut & bolt restoration 1964 DBS Manual £360,000 Aston Racing Green. Fawn hide

1 Silver Road, Westfield Village, London Wl 2 7SG

T 020 798S 0111

E sa

M 07970 757757

W astonken

1 owner. 3,000 mi les. Tungsten Silver.

1984 VS Volante Manual 6.3 Litre Vantage I POW Spec £164,950

2001 Rolls Royce Corniche Convertible Left Hand Drive £124,950

Ob sid ian Black hide

23,000 miles. Royal Blue. Tan Hide piped blue

1 owner. 4,000 m iles. Black Saphire. Barley hide

2012 V12 Vantage Manual £92,950

2007 Vanquish S 2 Plus 2 £96,950

1969 DB6 Volante Mk11 Manual Vantage £POA

1989 Bentley Continental Convertible £69,950

1 owner. 19,000 miles. Tungst en Silver.

Westminst er Blue. Fawn hide

26,000 m iles. Mediterranean Blue.

Ob sid ian Black h ide

1964 DBS Manual £385,000

2004 DB7 Zagato M anual £144,950

Silver Birch . Red hide

8,000 miles. Pentland Green. Chestnut hide

Magn o lia hide p iped Blue

1979 Rolls Royce Co rniche FHC £29,950 42,000 miles. Sand. Beige hide

Godin Banks

Fuelling Desire

1960 Aston Martin 084 Series II, £225,000

1937 BMW 327/28 LHD, £129,995

1999 Ferrari F355 F1 Spider, £39,995

1955 Jag uar XK140 FHC, £34,995

1938 AC 16/60 2 Seat DHC, £32,995

1975 Jensen Interceptor Ill Conv LHD, £29,995

1962 Daimler SP250 Dart, £27,995

1967 Mercedes-Benz 60 0 SWB, £24,995

1971 Rolls Royce M PW DHC, £24,995

1967 Riva J unior, £22,995

1991 Alfa Romeo SZ Coupe, £22,995

1974 Ducati 750GT ES, £17,995

1956 Jaguar M k.1 2.4 Man, £17,995

1973 Lotus Elan +2S 130/5, £15,995

1954 Nash Healey Le Mans Coupe, £14,995

1965 Mercedes 250SE Coupe LHD, £13,995

1972 Citroen DS Super 5, £11 ,995

1972 Fiat 500 Abarth Replica, £11,995

2000 Maserati 3200 GTA, £9,995

1960 Facel Vega Facellia Conv x2, £9,995

We are actively purchasing Cars, Bikes, Boats & Watches of the type we sell. Viewing by Appointment only Mereworth, Kent 01622 814 140 - Anthony Godin: 07769 970 559 - Justin Banks: 07794 576 886. Consignment Sales Undertaken, 25 Photos of every car on our website



Flnd us on


Sales Dept: +44 (OJ 1275 465 336 Servicing Dept: +44 (0) 1454416177

rINr: &CL~55IC

See more of our available selection at


A Jenson bu ilt car of concourse standard, restoration completed in 2009, complete with a

substantial history file containing a full photographic recon:I. Since the restoration this car has never been used on the road and is in 'better than new' condition. Just 4 owners from new, this is one of the very best available - if not the best!

1986 and a subsequent repaint 10 years ago, this car remains unblemished, retaining its original panel worl< and interior. Only 3 owners, with a full service history file and original handbooks. in

Sa~s: +44(0)1275465336

Benefiting from a full 'body off' restoration costing in excess of ÂŁ24k and wi th only 500 dry miles covered since, this TR6 is excellent in every way, with good body shut lines, flawless paintwork, leather seats, walnut dash and twin stainless steel exhausts, along with a strong engine and

drivetrain. Only 33,744 miles.

A rare model that was only produced for one year: This car comes complete with hard and soft top and a detailed history file, superb black Lea ther interior, period radio, blemish free coachwork and excellent brightwork.

A small selection of up to 60 Prestige and Classic Cars m stock



---, .J

J DAl.Y) Est. 1979


. ..

L , .•111n 1 ~



,;, ,,:ii'

t- -·

.- ..-_

-- ::;


4 7 Buxton Road, Whaley Bridge, High Peak, Derbyshire SK23 7HX Telephone 01663 733209 Mobile: 07767 617507





JU SF..ARS.. -llORSELESS CARRI>£[ " 1V.' 1 cdug rrui:l \U)' r:sc. with~ hSc:ry. 11d th: tx.s

19'l'JFERRARI BGJ11 RARE (CARBSMOOO,) RO&> Coo.a with (~ O'lb)Tctro:o Fii! Ldlu-. Stl'fSi

)WWil fn.t 1:ik:a:;cvicw<U~


I~ REO SPEEl1tVAGON LHD 1ndilg rwtus. FinSul Si orignil bld w~h red "h;,Us;n l grill Sqx.ml1"1.~ \by,\U)'nl'I:.




~ ·-




~ Gty wif1 rut Wtu, oo.· (Mf"LT n «) )Cf'S. Qlgml k»• MibiJ;: ""'""'-All &00 & Tool;. & ()igru loi.lx>* £1 2950)

DyRSTdmk XOlonb~"""'1»91 1 <nllmd"<\\lrll


~~- -"'~-

19WJ FERRARI J28 <.IS (UID) l&OOl om ml): ~I !uh took. mmutal hi;uy.

omh2012Il.,,m)l);Rml-cn ~






·; .





- ;·






19W PORSCHf: 911T Ch:a1 BU:: wth Bhd: Trim 7400)"S oo~. tw:i <:MlU'S. ~ ourius UID S4><rl>, OrigniL R"' F""




1968 PORSCH1; 911L(W)S\\1J SWoriog•> RHDo~rurixrsom1* A fm.n: ~t> ~:tt oo this wrwss " 'irilg sturlni cc....~ \lty r.:.c nlstt.nil'g £69.4)g)

1954 i\1ER0~300Wl86AOfNl.UJR raltyi~FlVA~JDil<n:l~tid":iltiSJ1-y l!.lhJ:

1961AUS11N HF.Al..EY Jt:W~ IK2 FA.ST RO\D SPOC. fatRcuJEngn.:.u..tnc. &ic>.a.t~ R\Sm.'JV Stnb\k PL~ &mil a-Call b fiJI iµx:.

IY7SPORSOl f..911 2.7 Fullyn......W1u(73S)-™'£S()J(""' "'""'«ig>-nl ~rurhrs RHDiXll1vic- Mll'XJ\':tblic. std Cltx:r,



1967Ji\GlJ.\RJ.81\IK2 1\IANU\l AJ\IERDRIVE

°"'"' aw '""' 1m. °"'"' ~ ""' ""' Si>.ri>L £1'().\ .


·,~ · __

.., ~



Asturring.\U)'ran::~tllk:.Full ~in'.lba<J.\rurmiy )<"' ~hnhd<r.lllOI;.



I ..



UK n~ f'U'!i:us iM exarpc. ('.\~ blc wifl l;l.C


lroJCOBRA 427 BY MAGNUM );tgJ.Ir UQJoisc wit1bt.d: lc.lllu lrin\ 7.1 I.Ir VS Ch;.-.rokt

19'l'J MERO:tlES450 St sPoRTS

1922 BENTl.E\' J timE RED LABEL 808-TJ\IL

I • . ...

19"9MGTC BOCk "..,rut k.::.•u ;nJ t111 MctoT t1xxl. A<.ro 9'J\.\.lli. 100 p::flCcn::ru'51UD".liooif'dt~ b;S)'OllWiD fni

~ \.\i'4:\\oit.00giul tu~ ~00) mik::s. full~

C-•No.91 . ~ltrilgH~<RIK.mn10ll.nlcy.


fr'. , ...'


\by r..c ntn.ul fku ~RHO oo.ll!l; pqxxl Uc~h'iic





1968 MGCRO\DSll:R

1'.fu:T.1'bb:will1bl:d k.:.~~ bl:d nrlUrtnxl ~ toan:cus w"1iigst:nbtt. wn: "h.\

l :..,,...--,



1971 PORSCUE9JJS2.2TARGA ~Nt11"ix:rs,Cl'iginlcr.d::ilcroor1wJu.1RIID\t:lbv

w«il l::td:: hn. N<..wal~ cxtas.. SliU Shlrp. Books. Tools. & h\<ikxv: f.!h950



1970 1\1£ RCEI>ES?al'5EJ.SOONVER11Bl£ U ID ruo ( f rtiy OJ111.lrioo ~ mldtiig lllrb."TS ) n.Uic: th wd1 m k::du ni tm: 1nhii' tn:d !filring tTignll """"*-mllKIM< tl'm


Pn:gsu:::iiwihtuk~trintUW.oon::rl6)'\a'S,re;tM il

Wt>l;g, C<nXUSSbilitllaod slill ..,.n £24,95()

l~l'ORSCllE 930llJRllO

SilvJ v.ith crigJd th: iCJh.T tr!n. Fldti al~ Air-cm. ru:: oora. full tbuy. Th: nm ~ OOgi1ll \..-urplc \\C to.'C lUn. ~Ty titk miq,.c n.nn n."<Ulissiut £49,9SO


1973 PORSCll[ 911 :lJlCARRERA RS(REQ

Smiro;inlmd"<Gulfl*£.M"""'"'°"'250>1JHP\lryf.N. d."'ll tr.dlc.ti'r~.tru'll:>ct:. Ra:xMX-"'SiMul;tlc.


=1*. £4SJnl

1957 ROl.J.S RQl'CE SID'ER OJ.llJll I T"""" ""'SJ="'ohllcig.o""1u.l\\S."""'IU·ID cc.~"iftatlb;xb.ools.ctc.200,)nili~



196'JPORSCllE91 1T.2»UID

M.t~ruJ"ithrutWtutirit FU.\U"~OOgiml f-t\-IV mis.~ Sl!X0111.\s.

M::dir\': rudxrs.. FuD n.t ao:t l:ol rt..-<b'.bln i i 1997 kl a:nccus "'Titl:\;stsWUs.spi.'ltallci;s:tiksinoc flC<dibnia.


Slnlf"tl,rutk.'ct:(M~rn:ia'Msa;n;.w. £49.99:1


.- ·?IL'



~ / 1914 D\RRACQ \114

1972 PORSCHf.911 2.8T

1969J f.j'\ii$£.l'\ii INfE.RCf'..PTOR 1


Tuo~("'if1dda:.-ysc.t) Frcn:hbkcwid1t:trllc.lfurin. ~~O~ll.llfus~~ll!XJf..x.tooi.1:

Ro:d·Ra:.'c CY. AMOC' inknl~ d.N Om-pm As n..w in.'.iRm'.iy k:IRacc. ~sxw\\l~bflJISp;.c D..tlds..




Sil\.u- •'oh OOg;onl bid< ""'" trm Mk 3 Alk¥. (origm R<>lyk!s "tn; Oigjlll "°"1 "11 sroYlg •1».i. ~OT, IUI~ 5"h1l) £39.950

196.)ALfA RQ\{[()26(1}5 BF.R'IU\'ECOl.JP[ RCMICcrsa\\if1Tmbllu-trllt CXigirul lll:i)'RllD. 58Jll)

1952 RO.lf.R P4 75. lWmrls Bb::k. origJnl red h11n oWn1 00 Kil. 4 ooras. :n!41.00Jn'ik:scHy fu:mocw. run ~OOgrol ~b:x:k. U-.-,\°"'w"l>OOg;\ll.~£12.950

Arriving Soon (These vehicles will be available at time of press) SEE OUR WEBSITE 1988 Porsche Carrera Sport Coupe 2 owners from new • 1935 Bentley Derby 3.5 Ltr Sports Saloon, one of the best • 1966 Healey 3000 MK 3, LHD, Original rust free car

'(lJ;]J e~tbool ~arage (MARTI

J DALY) Est. 1979


1956 Bentley S1 Continental astback

- coachwork by Mulliner - documented history - RHO, automatik gear - serie A

- Coachwork by Stabilimenti Farina - matching numbers - Mille Miglia eligible - ex. Noel Thompson



1962 AC Cobra 28g 1964 Aston Martin DB 5 1991 Aston Martin Virage 1954 Autobleu 750 MM 1956 Bentley St Fastback 1949 Cisitalia 202 SC 1950 Ferrari 166 Inter 1968 Ferrari 330 GTC 1966 lso Grifo GL 300 1961 jaguar XK 150 DHC 3,8 1933 Lagonda M 45 Ts



0 F


66 lso Grifo GL

- nut and bolt restored - full known history - Borrani wire wheels - owned byfounderoflso club

- famou s pre-owners - original colour combination - Mille Miglia eligible - fully restored



Movendi Dusseldorf (Germany) Tel: +49 (o) 211 7888016


Movendi Bruges (Belgium) Tel: +32 (o) 485 44 2410


1960 Jaguar XK150 SE Auto . As new perfection. £135,000

1957 Mercedes 220s Saloon. South African Time Warp. £17,800

1964 Bentley S3 continental chinese eye convertible. £165,000

_ /

·. - - A • t


. .

.. ,.

,' .

Visit our OPEN DOOR EVENT 13 - 15 September 2013 +200 Cars for sale. Visit for more than 100 pies per car. Oldtimerfarm has a stock of vehicules present in Aalter (B) and detailed on

Oldtimerfarm Bvba Barelstraat 17 9880 Aalter Belgium +32 472.401338 Fax +32 051.620144 BTW BE 886122516 We accept payments in â&#x201A;Ź, $, ÂŁ.

Open from Tuesday till Saturday from 10 am to 12 am from 1 pm to 5 pm also available on appointment


• Superb Recreation of iconic Mille Miglia-winning car

SLR Roadster

• Hand crafted all-alloy body

• Stunning performance

This is a very rare hand-built recreation of arguably the most famous, valuable and iconic racing car in the world - the Mercedes 300 SLR. Modelled on the 1955 Mille Miglia-winning '722' of Stirling Moss and Denis 'Jenks' Jenkinson the beautifully hand-crafted, all aluminium body is absolutely correct, with dimensions taken from the original car. Just one of two cars built, the other has the option to run with a wrap round sports screen, leather seats and no fairings, as a quintessentially sos Grand Tourer. The car utilises the drive train and underpinning of a 40 year-old classic Mercedes, with every component having been restored. This makes the car more useable without losing the period handling characteristics or requiring a team of mechanics to maintain it. A car to grace the finest of collections and ready to drive and enjoy this summer.


1955 AU:A ROMEO I90t C5 ZlcAro

1962illA ROMEO SPIDER2000

~,, 1958illA ROMEO GIULIA SPIDER 1600

. 1963 illA ROMEO GIULIA SPIUKT 1600



,..., ·..

1961 MERCEDES 190SLRno

t936MORGAN Rno 1100



1973 Porsche 911Carrera2.7 RS Touring EU Supplied: Left Hand Drive: Concours Restoration

1980 Ferrari 512 BB (Carburettor Specification) EU Supplied: Left Hand Drive: 1 of only 929 Cars

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1938 Lagonda V12 Rapide Body off restoration. Factory fitted Le Mans spec engine.

1958 Vanwall VW9

1956 Willment Climax

The most original Vanwall Grand Prix car. Fitted with engine VW/2 as raced at Rheims in 1958.

Fitted with 2 litre FPF.

1972 BRM P180 #01

1962 Lotus 24 Coventry Climax V8

O ne of 8 BRM Grand Prix cars we currently have for sale.

Team Lotus car. A winning car in historic racing.

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hen the Turin Motor Show opened on 3 N ovember 1965, everybody present was bow le d ove r by a beautifully crafted chassis featuring a V l 2 engine located amidships, raceca r style. Its m a ke r, an upstart call ed Lamborghini , claimed that the combination would form the basis of a street-legal 'super sports car'. The young ca r-maker's plan was clear: owner Ferruccio Lamborghini wanted to take on the p1i111adonna ofltaly - Ferrari. Yet, at first, enthusiasts and industry experts didn't take the project seriously. It was therefore qui te a shock when, a little over four months later, Lam borghini unveiled a complete car on the opening day of the Geneva Salon. T he Miura became not just the star o f th e show but the progenitor of tl1e tenn 'supercar'. For the best part of four decades, the design of the Miura was always ascribed to M arcello Gandini, even though his boss, N uccio Bertone, claimed that he'd had more than just a proprietary eye on it, having suggested some minor ' improvem ents'. Over t h e past few yea rs, however- and particularly after Bertone's death on 26 February 1997 - th ere have been rumblings that the Miura may not have been Gandini'swork after all, but that of his predecessor at the cm-rozze1ia - Giorgetto Giugiaro. Joe Sackey, author of The Lamborghini M iura Bible, wrote that Giugiaro showed him sketches 102 Classic & Sports Car June 2013

that Sackey says must have been the 'preliminary drawings' for the Miura - though he later took a di ffe rent view, of which more anon. G iugiaro also showed his sketches to writer Peter Robinson (C&SC, D ec '96). "\Vhen I left Bertone, I didn't have the chance to follow the building of the car, but the originals of these drawings stayed behind," he said. "Gandini took my sketches and finished the car - 70% of it is mine." T hen , in the 29 September 2008 issue of Automotive N ews Ezwope (ANE), journalist Luca Ciferri wrote: 'Fabrizio Giugiaro provided his fa ther with a unique gift for his 70th birthday. D rawing inspi ration from G iorgetto's origin al sketches, F abri zio had a full-sized styling mode l done of the car that would become the Lam borghini Miura. T he car is important to Giorgetto because he was working on it before he left Bertone to join Ghia. T he mid-engined sports car was supposed to go to Bizzarrini, but N uccio Be rtone decided to o ffer it to Lamborghini instead. G iorgetto's successor at Bertone, Marcello Gandini, completed the car... Giorgetto's contribution is often overlooked.' T he implication is that the real designer of the M iura mu st have bee n G iugia ro , and that Gandini had been taking credit for a design that wasn't really his. Gandini 's lawyers, it seems, sent a legal notice to ANE soon after and, in a subsequent issue, C iferri wrote that G iugiaro 'was happy to set the record straight'. Giugiaro stated that: 'G andini designed the Miura and I have never said anything di fferent to

Mr Lamborghini Born on 28 April 1916, Ferruccio was a farmer's son and developed an early interest in all things mechanical. After WW2, he set up a business converting military vehicles for civilian use before, in 1949, establishing himself as a tractor manufacturer. By 1960, the company was also making boilers and air-conditioning units. Lamborghini was a wealthy man and able to invest in a number of exotic cars, bu t he wasn't desperately impressed with 1talian offerings. Legend has it that he decided to set up his own car company after his complaints to Enzo Ferrari were pompously dismissed, but the seeds of the idea that he could do better himself had already been sown by then. Despite the success of the Miura, the f irm was struggling by the early 1970s, and in '74 Ferruccio sold his remaining shares in the car business. He retired to a large estate to indulge his passion for wine-making, and died in 1993.

this simple statement, so I have nothing to deny.' It looked as if matters had been settled, until the October 2012 issue of Cm-, in which Giugiaro once again showed the drawings to its journalist, implyi ng that Gand ini must have copied his design: "Since I left some drawings there, maybe he saw them - I don't know.'' "Before the Miura, what did Gandini design? " he added. "You are influenced by what you see, but each person has thei r own persona lity, you learn and create your own style. Gandini is an excellent designer bu t un fortunate ly he didn 't go o n and d eve lop hi s own profession further.'' So, what's the truth? Is t here any merit in the assertion that the Miura owes more to Giugiaro than Gandin i? In th e ANE article, G iugiaro's drawing was dated 16 October 1964. In the more recent Cnr feature, writer Guy Bird cl aims that the sketch that he was shown was dated 3 ovember '64 - both ofwhich tally with those seen by Peter Robinson. Giugiaro claims that it was for a proposal fo r Bizzarrini, but there doesn't seem to be any documentation for - o r reference to - tl1 is sketch, eitlier by N uccio Bertone o r anyone else from that period. All other designs t hat G iugiaro had done for Bertone from the time he joined the coachbui ld e r in 1960 are we ll documented, and

not only by the cnnmeirin, but also by's own company Italdesign-Giugiaro. Taking his word for it, what seems less tenable is the suggestion that Bertone may have misled Giugiaro into believing that he was doi ng a sketch for a mid-engined Bizzarrini when , in reality, he was getting him to do a layout for a new model that was yet to be shown. It is unlikely that, at tl1e time, Bertone would have known of the P400's existence. Lamborghini chief engineer G ian Paolo D allara had more than a germ of an idea by late 1964, but t he proj ect was only started in January '65. "The drawings of the chassis and powertrain were completed by June '65," he says, "and th e start of the making of tlie chassis by Marchesi by August." And that bare midengi ned chassis was ready just in time to be dramatically unveiled in Turin - a little over a year from when Giugiaro's sketches are dated. By then, Giugiaro had quit Bertone, though tliere seems to be some confusion about when tlii s happened. In April 1965, P iero Stroppa joined as an assistant to th e designer. Stroppa doesn't remember the exact date, but he says that Giugiaro left in June o r July. It was also around tl1is time that N uccio Bertone tried to get in touch with Marcello Gandini , who was then working on a freelance basis with Marazzi in


June 2013 Classic & Sports Car 103

Rear end offers a mixture of elegance and muscle exhaust note is fabulous. Far right:finned door detail includes handle and button release:complex knock¡on alloy wheels

Milan. Gandini had approached Bertone in 1963 with some of his sketch es and ideas. N uccio was impressed, apparently wanting to hire hi m under G iugiaro, but tl1e story goes that tl1e latter had opposed such a move. By September '65, Gandini had begun collaborating witl1 Bertone on a part-time basis, and was officially employed from l Novembe r. T hese datelines are confirmed by Stroppa, and Gandini is sure that he never shared an office witl1 Giugiaro. Yet ltaldesign-Giugiaro's press and PR officer, Loren za Cappel lo, confirms: "After six highly intense years, in November 1965 Mr G iugiaro left Carrozzeria Bertone to join me management of Ghia." Accord in g to hi stor ian Roe land F rere, Bertone's press officer Enzo Prearo heard of G iugiaro's resignation on 5 October 1965. Prearo was at tl1e Motor Show, and by me time he returned G iugiaro was gone. Stroppa says mat mere was a period when he was alone in me studio before Gandini joined. H e also confirms that two new projects had come to Bertone - a roadster based on tl1e Porsche 911 and a fourseater coupe based on the Jaguar S-type. T he last project tl1at Stroppa had helped G iugiaro with was the Ford M ustang concept that Bertone showed at the 1965 New York Auto Show. He doesn't remember seeing any sketches of a midengined sports car from G iugiaro, and neither does he recall any mention of such a project. The first time tl1at people at Bertone heard of or saw the Lamborghini chassis was when it was 104 Classic & Sports Car June 2013

unveiled in Turin. In fact, that seems to have been the first time th at anyone outside of Lamborghini knew of the project, except for a select few at Touring. O n 14 September 1965, engineer Paolo Stanzani had requested mat tl1e carrozzeria -which crafted me bodywork for tl1e 350GT -submit a proposal for ProjectTigre (as it was tl1en called). Touring showed a rendering to Ferruccio Lamborghini and his engineers on 26 October, and meywere asked to ready a scale model, which was presented soon after. But following the success of the P400 chassis in Turin, Lamborghini took me decision to get Bertone to clotl1e t he chassis, and work began tl1erein November '65. Stroppa readied tl1e side elevations of t he chassis, powerpack and hard points, and Gandini sketched on to them the outl ine tl1at wou ld become tl1e profile of t he Miura. Stroppa's drawings were ready by 20 December, and Gandini 's of tl1e front, side and rear - a long wit h the fu ll-sca le model - by Christmas Eve. "The drawing was approved immediately," explains Dallara, who says tliat only minor detail changes were added later. Stanzani con firms this part of t he story: "Ferm ccio accepted N uccio Bertone's proposal of collaborating at me Turin Motor Show and a fe w days later we provided the indications and data necessary for me development of a styling proposa l. In the first meeting, Da llara and I expressed to Marcello Gandini our points of view on how our new car should be and in particular on what we had in mind for m e body: a race

Owner's view Our stunning featured car is owned by Jane and Max Weitzmann (, who bought it 13 years ago. "It started life as a P4DO:' says Jane, "but was returned to the fac tory early on to be upgraded to an S, and was converted to right-hand drive in the process. It went back to the factory again for a complete rebuild after a fi re in the 1990s. "I've recently been trying to work out how many miles I've done in it, and I think it's about 1000 in the past year. That doesn't sound like much, but it's not bad in Miura terms. It's been pretty reliable. The fu el pump has been replaced and some hoses had perished; it hasn't been particularly expensive to run. "It's such a beautiful car, and creates a stir wherever it goes. We often have people come alongside on the motorway, then drop behind, then go to the other side - taking pictures all the t ime. Owning it is just a real privilege'.'

car for the road! We mentioned the Ford GT40 because that was the11011 p/11S11/trn at that time. A few days later, Gandini presented some sketches and renderings of his styling proposal. Ferruccio and all of us were enthusiastic and did not want any changes. From that moment on, we started to define the development of the project." Author Joe Sackey, who had previously credited G iugiaro with the 'preliminary drawings for the Miura', later wrote: 'Enter th e 27-year-old Marcello Gandini. H e was officially assigned the Miura project, credited wit h its design and, as both Bertone and Ganclini concur, he started from scratch. T he chassis was sent up to Berto ne and it was the young Canclini who suggested to t he engine ers that t he radiator be moved forwards and down so di at he could indulge in an ultra-low swoopy front end. 'Gandini was totally involved and completed the project from start to fin ish using the actual car's chassis. Remember, Guigiaro never even saw the chassis! The resultant Miura design was in fact a ll Gandini . Rem embe r, too, th at Giugaro was never officially credited with the Miura P400, so to say t hat he was th e car's designer is simply inco rrect. H e started on "a project" and he designed "something" that never amounted to a real car and wasn't the Miura.' So, just one proposal was made by Ganclini and it was adopted with few changes. This is confirmed by notonlyGanclini , but also D allara, Stanzani and Stroppa. T he dirce od1er so-called altern ative proposa ls were actually prepared June 2013 Classic & Sports Car 105

some time later in 1966 by a young intern working at Berton e - after the M iura was unveiled at Geneva - on the insistence ofEnzo Prea ro and essentially for 'press purposes'. T hese were never under consideration by either the management at Lamborghini or at Bertone, nor were they part of any development iterations prior to deciding the final design. Work began on constructing the prototype's body in]anuary 1966, and there wasn 't even time to do proper drawings of the in terior, says Stroppa. Gandini's rough sketches became the basis fo r an interior to be constructed "on the run", while Stroppa worked on the design of the wheels and the famous Miura logo. Gandini is emphatic when he says that he didn 't see any drawings of a mid-engined car left behind by G iugiaro. Stroppa also says that he wasn't aware of any such drawings and points out that he had seen Gandini draw directly on to the chassismechanical el evation blueprints. T he only incompl ete work that G iugiaro seems to have left behind was the designs ofwhat were to become the Al fa Romeo 1750 and tl1e Fiat Dino, and Gandini clearly states that these two cars are Giugiaro's work. The Miura continues to evoke strong feelings among designers. "I visited Bertone just before tl1e 1966 Turin show," says O liver W interbottom. "The only fu lly fin ished M iura had been rushed back from London for a quick refurbishment. There must have been six people working on it - a panel-beater who had tapped out a 108 Classic & Sports Car June 2013

nearly invisibl e dent in one door threw his hammer over the roof to his coll eague on the other door, such was their confidence in each other's skills. It is impossible to describe how sensational it was at the time and, I think, still is." "Expressing any criticism of the Miura feels more unpopular th an cri ticising someon e's newborn baby," says P eter Stevens, "but someone has to do it. T he basic architecture is great - the engineering package was so different from contemporary front-engined GTs that it would have been hard to go wrong- but the stance is so

'STROPPA SAW GANDINI DRAW DIRECTLY ON TO THE MECHANCIAL ELEVATION BLUEPRINTS' low at the rear. T he lower sill line slopes down towards the back, which makes it look as if tl1e engine is too heavy or the boot is full of potatoes. T he shapes of the wheel openings are inconsistent in their relationshi p to the tyres and the whee ls the mse lves are too fa r back in the openings. Sure, the roof is a bit flat, too, but the overall impression is still totally arresting." To ascertain whether or not tl1e M iura may have been influenced by Giugiaro's drawings, we showed photograph s of t he mock- up that Fabrizio gifte d his father to French designer

Gerard Godfroy and American Tom Tjaarda, who worked at ltaldesign with G iugiaro. "The mock-up looks a lot like the Bizzarrini 5300GT and the Alfa Romeo T 33 Stradale," says Godfroy. "The Miura is very different - it has the proportions of the Ford GT40, which is more 'rustic' and looks like the work of an engineer, whereas tl1e Miura is so much more sophisticated and beautifully detailed." Tjaarda believes that the mock-up has a bit of the Giugiaro-designed Alfa Romeo Canguro, "mixed with a Bizzarrini front end and a Ferrari D ino rear-window treatment. It has absolutely notl1ing to do wit h t he Miura. To me, the big innovation of the M iura style-wise is the rear quarter panel, the air intake that slightly breaks away from the body and then flows into the side and rear in a very elegant way. To my mind, this makes it one of the most beautiful of all classic cars. Whose idea was this? I do not think that G iugiaro left a design of such detail. "Sometimes, the difference between good and mediocre design is in tl1e details but, in most cases, also the overall proportions of the car. Some small detail or proportion can make a huge difference. For this reason I do not understand what Fabrizio was trying to prove." As another leadin g styl ist , who wishes to re main anonymous, said: "T he designer of tl1e century cannot come to terms with the fact that the design of the cenn1ry isn't his work. W ithout doubt the Miura is the work of Marcello G andini and G iugiaro had nothing to do with i t. "~

June2013 Classic & 5ports Car 109

ike a lot of car enthusiasts, Ken Imhoff is a dreamer. H e first saw a Lamborghini Countach in The Cannonball Run nearly 30 years ago, and he's since stopped at nothing to get one in his garage. But the story behind his fantasy car is more remarkable than most. Imhoff hand-built his own exacting Countach SOOOS replica in the basement of his Wisconsin home. It's a car t hat made headlines when it emerged thro ugh a hole in the wall and out of a six-foot trench in his front garden. Do n't be foo led into thinking it's an off-theshelf job. It's built from scratch with only the badges, indicators, 'screen and tail-lights bought from Lamborghini. And most of it was produced before eBay made it easier to source parts. "My dad's philosophy was: if you can build it, why buy it?" he explains. "Well, with the price, I couldn 't afford it anyway, so it was easy for me to decide to build one. Which is what I did." Imhoff 's passio n for cars goes right back to his childhood. His dad, a German-born Air Force serviceman and die-hard car enthusiast, handbuilt his own replica of a Jaguar D -type while stationed in Oxford. Once back in the States, he n1rned his attention to dirt racing, working as a crew chief fo r a local team. N ot only was he hooked on cars, but his father made sure that he could work on them, too. Imhoff was taught to weld before he could drive, and to strive for the highest quality in everything he built. T hat eye for detail is still part of his personality today. Patience was just as impo rtant. It ended up taking Imhoff 17 years to build the car, but the project was delayed even before he started by the lack ofsui table premises. Wisconsin 's long, cold winters had hampered his father's projects, so he was determined to find a workshop that would be warm enough all year round. That way he'd have no excuses for not cracking on. The first piece of t he puzzle arrived even before he moved into the house where t he car was built. Imhoff recalls buying the D e Tomaso Pantera gearbox - one of tli e car's few Italianmade parts- as the point at which the scale of the project dawned o n him: "I was two months into dating my future wi fe, Eileen. I'd only got 400

bucks, and I ran across this transmission so I had to ask her ifl could maybe bo rrow two g rand. I built a little wooden crate for it to sit on and we kept it under tlie sink in the bathroom. So every time I went in tllere was tllis Pantera 'box; it was a constant reminder that I was gonna do this." The couple completed on their first home while on honeymoon, and as soon as they got back Ken realised that its basement - heated by the hot-water system - would be perfect. Imhoff began by building a wooden buck to help shape the body panels, pulling tlle dimensions from a 1:16 scale model and plotting tllem on to a sheet of g raph paper. The details were checked against the 50 posters lining his cellar and rolls of photos shot at car shows. He had on ly one briefoppo rtunity to measure up the real thing: "A friend called me and said there's a chance for me to see a Countach. It was at a high-end import dealer. H e said the salesmen went to lunch for an hour, and ifl figured out what I needed I could bring a cloth tape and write it down. But we had to do it in that time. "We got all tlle dimensions, tlle relationships and the li ttle components. The car had more sharp radii tl1an I thought, it's very edgy, and I tried to replicate that the best I could." The bodywork consists of 33 sections, each formed on Imhoff's home-made English wheel and mounted directly on to a rigid frame underneatl1. Constructed like a stock car, it's designed to be as strong as possible to avoid panel-bending flex and, witl1 tlle basic structure finished, he could start piecing together most of tlie chassis. By that point he'd also sourced an engine. The 3 51 Ford Cleveland Boss VB was donated by his dad's '74 Torino GT, but stroked to 377cuin and disguised by a set ofcustom rocker covers sporting Ken's initials. It may be fo ur cylinders down on tlieLambo, but at 515bhp on a dyno it's more powerful and packaged in a lighter frame. The all -aluminium suspension is American, too, from a Corvette C4. This was an off-theshelf package, but it still meant ditching the leaf springs and devising a double-wishbone set-up for the rear to work around the engine. Every joint is adjustable to get the geometry spot-on. D espite the warmth , the basement location did cause problems, not least the varying water

levels of a nearby lake that used to fl ood it regularly. T hough everything was raised off the floor, it was a frequent hold-up for the construction. T he I mhoffS' neighbo urs began to wonder what was happening below g round, too. "Years later, they said they always knew I was welding because it interfered with tl1eir Tv," he smiles. "They never said a word, but]effwas building an airplane in his garage so he had an understanding of what it's like to take on a project. H e owned a bo dyshop for years and taught me how to spray. T his is only tl1e second car I've ever painted." After the bo dywork was completed, I mhoff sectioned off a part of his workshop as a spray bootl1, with a blower to force tl1e vapours out of tl1e win dow. It made tl1e street smell of paint, but he received no complaints. The colour - a deparnire fro m tl1e usual garish reds - is a H ouse of Ko lor metallic base coat with lacquer over the top.Just the rich, classy finish he was afte r. The unique hue isn't the only deviation from original spec. Building from scratch meant tl1at Imhoff could weave his own ideas into the design and left room to evolve as he went along. Some details, he con fesses, are controversial, such as t he interior, which is stripped out and trackready instead of tl1e original's luxurious leatl1er. Out back, you'll find mo re evidence of his taste for American muscle. The Cleveland packs downdraught Webers instead of the Countach's sidedraught carburettors, and the trumpets poke out through the transparent eng ine cover like in a F ord GT40 - another of Imhoffs dream cars. The exhaust, also inspired by the GT 40, ex.its straight out of the back of the car at the same height as the manifold, rather tlian emerging under tl1e valance. Ironically, it's a feature now present on almost all new Lamborghinis. "I'm a Ford guy, I love the GT40s," he says. "I would probably have built o ne of those but I thought tl1e Countach had a better bo dy, even though the Ford is popular, especially now. Mine is reallya GT40with a Lamborghini body on it." D eviatio n isn't always a bad thing. Imhoff wired the car witl1 his dad and claims tl1at it's more reliable than Lamborghini's notoriously fault-prone electrics. U prated radiators, meanwhile, help to eradicate the overheating problems that come factory-fitted to tl1e real clung.

With the car almost ready to ro ll, Imhoff called in tl1e help ofclose friend Dale to build tl1e custom-fabricated billet wheels. O nly able to use the lathe outside work hours, the duo spent four Samrday nights in a row playing golf, drinking beer and talking cars forthe IO hours that it took to make eacli centre. E ach one was then bolted into a pair of BBS rim halves, letting Imhoff set the offset to his own spec. Meticulous planning, and a lot of searching fo r the right H oosier slicks to wrap them wit h, mea ns t hat they fill each arch perfectly. Collecting them from the powdercoater was the fina l task, and Imhoff eventually downed tools a few days before his 50th birthday. "I had set time lines and goals and I blew past every one," he says with a smile. "I imagined it would take five years, I thought! was gonna have a car on my 40th birthday. Well, my 40th came and went and I wasn't even close. But I decided that I was never going to compronlise on quality, so I would take vacations and restore a motorcycle, ride it for a year and not look at the car. We had two kids andI took a yearoff for thatas well." T he frustrations didn 't stop when he tigh tened the last bolt. Rising water levels back then meant that the basement would have flooded if he'd knocked down tl1 e wall , so tl1 e completed ca r spent almost another 12 mont hs undergro und while an ever-patient Imhoff repainted tl1e garage ready for its new arrival. Even after the long wait, tho ugh, he wasn't ready for the media fren zy when it finally broke cover the following October. U nveiled only in fr on t of his n eighbours, th e images o f th e L amborghini being dragged from the basement on a skid made headlines across the globe, to an equal amount of awe and disbelief. \ Vhil e tl1e world debated whether it was a hoax or not, tl1e new-found ability to get further away from tl1e car gave Imhoff a chance to evaluate his workmanship fro m a mo re no rma l distance. Fastidious as ever, he was immediately inspecting for the slightest problems. "W hen I was a kid, ifl didn 't do it right my dad would tell me to do it over," he says. "H e was a perfectionist, stubborn , and I'm pretty much tl1e same. I have tlus characteristic of being able to pick up flaws in my work. I can't walk up to my

car without looking for sometlung that's wrong." Unfornmately, the local Department of Motor Vehicles office didn't have the same eye for tiny differences. Unable to register his masterpiece as a one-off- fearing that it wouldn't pass the safety inspections- Imhoff tried to register the car as a kit to get it on the road. The D MV had various concerns, repeatedly stalling tl1e process. "They didn't want to say it, but basically they thought tl1at it was a stolen Lamborghini [particularly given the badges and build plates!] and I wanted to register it as a kit car," he explains. "I don't have any receipts, but they wanted me to carry a $750 bo nd to cover them in case, in fi ve years, someone could prove it was theirs. I lost my job in tl1e April and it's about$ 1000 o nce it's all said and done, with the Licensin g. I didn't want to throw tl1at away, and I knew it wasn't stolen." Paperwork issues haven't stopped !um using it. A regular at his local classic-car meetings, he gets "a tow" witl1 anotl1er mate close behind. At least that allows brief chances to open the taps on that snarling VS once at the showgrmmd. Imhoffadnlits that it's not quite sorted. Always out to improve his creati on, he 's still tweaking the carbs to make it run better and is in the middle of building carbo n fibre inner arches to stop grit being fl1mg armmd the engine bay. Far beyond even tl1e labour-of-love stage, he stopped worrying about the cost years ago. "There was a time where I was keeping every receipt, documenting the who le thing because I was gonna do it again," he says. "Then somewhere along the line I decided that I would never go t hrough this o nce mo re. I tl1rew away all of tl1ose bills, and I started not remembering how many hours or how much money I'd spent. "I had a guy come out and appra ise it for insurance, but money doesn't mean anything to me, it doesn't matter. Selling it would be like selling a part of me. How can you put a monetary value on something like that?" At tl1e end of a marathon build Imhoff has not only made his desire a reality, but !us Countach comes exactly how he wants it. H e may have begun as a dreamer, but by refusing to compromise he's ended up with a car that's mo re valuable to him than owning the real thing. And there aren't many enthusiasts who can say tl1at. ~

n the

fit was possible to time-travel then The lpcress File, the 1965 film that confirmed M ichael Caine as a star, would make a fin e commercial for a trip back almost 50 years to a perfectly preserved visio n of mid- l 960s London - a place seemingly populated by Cold War spi es, men in bowler hats and villains driving 10-yea r-old Bentley Continentals. In tl1is, the first (and arguably best) of tl1e Harry Palmer trilogy, Caine plays tl1e Cockney anti-Bond of L en Deighton's books; a working-class secret agent in NHS specs, with a taste for the finer things in life birds, gourmet cooking and classical music, "but birds most of all ". He lives in then-grotty Notti ng Hi ll ratl1er than C helsea and buys his tweed sports jackets off the peg from Lord John instead of Savi le Row. Cheerful, egalitarian Palmer was a character more in tune with the changing times than the cruelly snobbish Bond, and the series worked because, un like all t he other spy films of the time, Harry Palmer was not even trying to take on Fleming's super-suave hero - although they emanated from tl1e same stable. Harry Saltzman was tl1e producer of both the 007 and the Harry Palmer films. The lpcress File is memorable for its self-conscious set-up shots, g reat supporti ng cast, plot twists and a freshness that remains to this day. It brings you up short to realise tl1at, in a film dealing with a new world of high-tech

From top: sumptuous interior is a throwback to the previous decade: standard lSin steel wheels: light cluster is larger than on Mkl: twincam, straight-six engine looks good and produces a cultured soundtrack: 2.4 handles sweetly but lacks the punch of the 3.4 or 3.8 Mk2s





espionage techniques, the British are still travelling around on tl1e last of our steam trains. There are no amazing sets or improbable super-villains. T he action is played out o n tl1e streets of L ondo n, in austere War Ministry offices, abandoned factories and bleak underground car parks; there is a great scene in the one at Hyde Park Corner featu ring a Mercedes 190 ambulance that I will wager is the same car tlrnt appears in Thunderball, tl1at year's Bond fi lm. In Palmer's world, agents don't drive Aston Martins. He is given a blue MkIII Ford Zodiac from the M inistry motor pool by D eighton's equivalent of Miss Moneypenny (a char lady witl1 a fag clamped in tl1e corner of her mouth) and drives it around rainy London dreaming of the new infrared grill he's going to buy with his extra £ 100 a year. It is the first time that we see Michael Caine behind m e wheel on film (alt hough at the tim e he didn't even have a licence) and tl1e Zodiac provides the main vehicular interest, but tl1ere are no car chases. Along with the gold Mk2 J aguar driven by Palmer's colleague Jock, it sets a mood ofordinariness in this stylish ly shot th1iller, which features perhaps the best of all John Barry's soundtracks. T h e £12 00 2.4 Mk2 was th e entry-level Jaguar, with the smallest of the XK engines but all the luxuries of tl1e bigger-engined 3 .4- and 116 Classic & Sports Car June 2013



3.8-litre variants. T he Zodiac, meanwhile, was the ultimate English Ford - just under £ 1000worth of glossy mid-Atlantic plushness within a European concept of what a big car should be. T he short-stroke, 120bhp 2.4 was the poor relation in th at it was tl1e only XK-engined J aguar t hat was unabl e to achieve l OOmph , which is why the facto ry never released one for an offi cial road test. Even with the big-ends loosened to decrease friction - and despite l/sin camshafts and a B-type cylinder head-tl1e most they could coax out of it was 98mph. T he 2.4was, in fact, part of the marque's lo ng tradition of smaller-engined saloons tl1at goes back to the 1 Yi-litre SS. This example boasts o nly two owners from new, 61,000 miles and a beautifully preserved red-leather interior that has only recently emerged from beneath protective covers. T he Ford is a similarly timewarp offering, having been owned by one family lmti l about 10 years ago and collected a number of show awards alo ng the way. Such cars have no problem finding owners: this o ne had alrea dy been sold when we drove it. Basing it around the monocoque architecmre of t he MkII Zodiac, Ford stylists - headed by Roy Brown from Detroit- managed to make tl1e MkIII look a more grown-up, sophisticated car, altl10ugh it was roughly tl1e same size all round.

While the Zephyrs did service witl1 the police and as RAF staff cars, plus otl1er generic 'big-car' duties, the Zodiac was much more aspirational. In fact, Ford gave the Zodiac versio n of the MkIII a separate identi ty with quad headlamps and a six-light version of the angular 'Galaxie' roofli ne, whereas the four- and six-cylinder Zephyrs had twin lights and full -widtl1 C-posts. Yet the overall shape - with its restrained fins and large areas of curved glazing - was more European than it had previo usly been. Pietro Frua had bee n consulted ea rly in the design process, and his influence could still be sensed. It was a shape that lent itself particul arly well to Abbott's station-wagon conversion, the prettiest of all the substantial Fo rd estate cars. T he MkIII Zodiac was the marque's firs t JOOmph British model, and the first large Ford with four speeds. It was also ilie swansong for tl1e 2. 5-litre straight-six, which, with its higher compressio n, twin exhausts and bigger carburettor, gave 109bhp - 28% mo re than before and an increase of 11 bhp over the slightly more restricted Zephyr. It also gained tl1e 'Executive' badge when a full y optioned automatic version was launched late in tl1e model's career in 1965 (as Ford began to market research the way it sold its big cars), but the feamred example is a standard manual with tl1e bench front seat.

JAGUAR Mk2 2.4 Sold/number built l 959-'67/25.1 73 Construction steel monocoque Engine iron-block, alloy-head, dohc 2483cc straight-six, twin Solex carburettors; 120bhp @5750rpm; 1441 b ft @2000rpm Transmission four-speed manual. optional overdr ive, driving rear wheels Suspension: front independent by wishbones, coi l springs. ant i-roll bar rear live axle. semi-ellipt ic springs. radius arms; telesc opic dampers f/r Steering recirculating ball Brakes discs Length 15ft l in (4 597mm) Width 5ft (1695mm) Height 4 ft 9 1/iin (1460mm) Wheelbase 8ft l lin (2717mm) Weight 31 001b (140 6kg) 0-60mph 17.3 secs Top speed 96mph Mpg 18 Price new £ 1534 ('59) Price now £10-20,000

June 2013 Classic & Sports Car 117

1 , ~~

,: ,. \



'IF THE JAGUAR IS A CLICHE, THE ZODIAC IS MORE LIKE A PIECE OF FOLKSY NOSTALGIA' The Zodiac is a big, friendly car to drive, soft but by no mean s American in its behaviour. Its smoothness an d torque, plus the sweet th rum from its six-cylin der en gine, would have made an yo n e used to more humbl e Fords fee l d istinctly pampered. Inside, tl1ere is a fe eling of widtl1 and easy livin g on tl1e sofa-like seats, although a g lance behind reveals relatively little legroom , t he space presumably h avin g been sacrificed to the caverno us boot. The atmosphere is cheerful and undemanding with a simple facia, a ribbo n sp eedometer set in fake walnut, plus m in imal con trols and warning lights, while the Jaguar has gauges that demand a certain level of interaction. The Ford is synthetic, idiot-proof and international in its style, wit h n othing to offend but nothing to delight, either, whereas few could easily di smiss the clubland charm of tl1eJaguar, witl1 its glossy use of veneer an d real leath er tl1at gives such a feelin g of wellbeing and decadence. 118 Classic & Sports Car June 2013

Considerable tl10ught must have gone into making the gearch an ge of tl1e Ford work so easily. It is ligh t, precise and undemanding, witli a useful amount of punch in third tliat will whisk tlie Zodiac up to 85mph ifneeds be. T he to n will come up within tl1e mile if you fee l inclined to use 5000rpm, which I didn't. T he Ford is lighter than the J agmr by nearly 400lb, so while the 2 .4 fee ls pleasant en ough when you are loafin g around, the performance is n ot really there wh en you go loo king for it, alth oug h it makes sophisti cated and willi n g noises. T his beautifully preserved car has o ne of the better Moss gear boxes I have used , but the Zodiac's full-synchromesh ch an ge is much more user-friendly. I like the lazy, rather cinematic feel of the Ford as you go through the gears o n its lig ht, smooth clutch, but the truth is tl1at bo tl1 cars are very flexible, so there is little cause to chan ge gear. O n tlie road the Zodiac, gaudy and in substan tial perhaps, feels just that bit more eager t han th e Jaguar. Its handling is softer, its steering less precise t han th e Mk2 , yet t here is n othin g basically wron g with its unassisted helm or the way in which understeer builds up gradually but con siderably. An essential lack of rubber on the road can make rapid progress interesting in th e Ford, wh ereas t he hooligan element of t h e


,-....,;.::.v:. - '



:,§.i~· 7 ...

FORD ZODIAC Mklll Sold/number built l 962-'66/77.70 9 Construction steel monocoque Engine all-iron, overhead-valve 2553cc straight-six, single Zenith carburet tor; 109bhp @4800rpm: 140 1b f t @24 00rpm Transmission four-speed manual with optional overdr ive, driving rear wheels Suspension: front independent, by MacPherson struts. anti-roll bar rear live axle, semi-ellipt ic springs, lever-arm dam pers Steering recirculating ball Brakes discs front, drums rear Length l Sft 2 in (4622mm) Width Sft 9in (l 752mm) Height 4 f t 9 1/2in (l 460mm) Wheelbase 8ft 113/.in (2736mm) Weight 2738 1b (1 24lkg) 0-60mph 13.4 secs Top speed l OOmph Mpg 19 Price new £ 1070 Price now £5-1 0,000

3 .4- and 3 .8-litre manual Mk2 s is sadly missed in the gentle-nanired 2 .4. It has none of tlrnt urge in reserve that makes drifting and slewing these cars so irresistible. Nearly 50 years o n, it seems the much more fa miliar of the two and perhaps, for me, that's its problem. T he reams of prose expended on these baby J aguars has rendered them cliche-bound; a petrified vision of hell somewhere between Heartbeat and a charity-shop classic-car calendar. Which is a bit unfair; it remains a masterful piece of styling that should have looked dated by the mid-'60s (the o riginal 2.4 appea red in 1955, don 't forget) yet eschewed the fashions of the day simply by re fusing to participate in them. C urvaceously bullet-nosed, it had its own visual language that only reforenced other J aguars. It looked, sounded and felt expensive but it wasn't, and that was the genius of Sir W illiam Lyons. At t he heart of its appeal was the twin-cam XK powerplant, a piece of machinery that was as visually seductive - with its proud polished cam covers - as the Zodiac's powerplant was anonymous and utilitarian. Just your basic and un assu ming gene ric straight-six, altho ugh highly receptive to tuning and favoured by AC. If the J aguar is a cliche, the Zodiac seems mo re like a piece of folksy nosta lgia, a t ruer vision of the way we used to be. The fascination of the Ford is that it's like a giant toy, seeming to teeter on its tiny wheels with its body threatClockwise, from left: difference in design philosophy is striking; Ford cabin is more rock 'n' roll than drawing room; Buckley resolutely British in face of American-style fins; simple wheeltrims; chrome lifts interior; Ford is happier wafting than being hustled; Mklll gave 2553cc 'six' its last hurrah

ening to overwhelm them at any moment. It looks impressive without being gross - like the M kIV range that supplanted it - and, unlike the Jaguar, I have a true recollection of these cars. \Vh en I was a kid in the 1970s, there were still quite a few around, d1e preferred transport of the 10-bo b millionaire o r d1e ageing greaser living out his Eddie Cochran fantas ies. But their ranks thinned out rapidly as rust and banger-racing claimed them, despite d1e fact that, wid1 77,000 built between 1962 and '65, d1e Mklll was one of the more popular big cars of its day. Pe rh aps H a rry Pa lmer was assigned t he Zodiac because he was subordinate to Jock, but had d1e gold Jaguar been a 2.4 (stand bywid1 the 'pause' butto n on the DVD control), the two cars would h ave been surprisingly close in perceived status - separated by abo ut ÂŁ200 and a lot less tlrnn you'd think in terms of all-round competence. In 1965, anyone below the age of 40 would have d10ught himsel f very lucky to be drivi ng eit her of these executive status symbols, particularly a humble civil servant o n ÂŁ1400 a year plus allowances. ~ Thanks to Robert Hughes Automobiles {01932 858381;}; Brook/ands Museum (01932 857381; www.brooklands June 2 0 13 Classic & Sports Car 119

ifty-eight years o n, it's remarkable the effect that the magnificent Mercedes-Benz 300SLR still has on the locals. On a chilly, overcast morning at t he N i.irburgrin g, there's a hushed reverence as the ultimate l950s spo rts-racer drops down on the lift from its secure hold in the back of a huge M ercedes transpo rter, in total contrast to the exposed supertruck that once carried it here. Back in M ay 1955, tho usands turned out to see the victorious Mille Miglia team run in the no n-championship ADAC Eifelrenn en and cheer the 25-year-old English ace Stirling Moss as he took on 'El Maestro' Juan M anuel Fangio, the veteran almost twice the age of his gifted young teammate. In a perfect world, the German equipe would have preferred a national to be leading the victory parade, but Hans H errmann was still recovering from his Monaco smash so matching the wise old Fangio with the eager

British sensation was the publicist's dream pairing in the exotic silver prototypes. E ven now, D aimler-Benz is selective about outings for t hese mag nificent spacefram ed wonders, thus ensuring maximum effect wit h enthusiasts. All conversation stops as the curvaceous rarity rolls out into the open paddock. It's not beautiful in the sleek, lean mould of a Jaguar D- type o ra Maserati 300S, but it has a dominant, majestic presence with its gaping grille, straight flanks and signature wheelarch eyebrows. Racing cars in the '50s had distinctive nationalistic styles that went beyond team colours, and the 300SLR's neat, purposeful design contrasted with its Italian and British rivals. The stunning profile is deftl y enJ1anced by instantly recognisable details such as the stubby twin exhausts that exit ri ght through air vents just short of the cockpit, the long fl ip-up headrest and the offset air-intake bulge for the plenum chamber. The fl owing fo rm, with ho rizonta l chrome arrows

over its side vents, cleverly evoked the 300SL production models, but under its super-ligh t magnesium-alloy skin, the SLR's running gear was state-of-the-art Formula 1 engineering evolved from t he \.Vl 96. Like many ofthe greatest sports-racers - namely Alfa Romeo SC, Bugatti Type 55 and Talbot-Lago - the 300SLR was basically a two-seater G rand Prix car. The powerplam closely followed the W l 96's straigh t-eight desmodromic unit, altl10ugh the two blocks of four cylinders were cast in silumin instead offabricated in steel. The square, 2979cc engine - 78x78mm bo re and stroke - was canted over in tl1e chassis and feanired essential sports car additio ns such as a generator and a starter. W ith Bosch injection, its power output varied according to fuel and anticipated event demands but it's good for up to 302 bhp at 7500rpm o n pump petrol, rising to 340bhp on alcohol brews. Every aspect - from its massive inboard drum brakes to the Wl 96 transmission with ZF 'box in


122 Classic & Sports Car June 2013

Pub-quiz facts about the SLR 1 For the Targa Florio - the last race of the '55 season - the vast Mercedes pit team used radio control with a link to the mountains so that timekeepers could keep track of the three 300SLRs. Jenks reported that Moss loved the free team orders of the sports-car events because Fangio always had priority in the GPs. The team arrived in Palermo with eight racers. 10 private cars. eight lorries and 45 mechanics.

2 The firs t 300SLR Coupe was originally built to compete in the Carrera PanAmericana road race for Moss and Jenks, but the Mexican epic was cancelled in '55 after the Le Mans disaster. "We had hoped to repeat our Mille Miglia performance:¡ said a disappointed Jenkinson. 3 During the '55 Mille Miglia. Moss was given a rev limi t of 7400rpm, which equated to 170mph, but Neubauer said he could go over that figure downhi ll. Jenks reported that Moss exceeded 8000rpm in the lower gears in the heat of the moment, but that the engine was running as sweetly at the finish as it was at the start.

4 The 300SLR was thoroughly tested three months before the Mille Miglia. As well as practising at Hockenheim, the cars were taken out on the autobahns for high-speed running. 5 Mercedes had prob lems fi nding a suitable oil for the roller bearings until Castro[ offered samples of its R lubricant. which proved perfect. Imagine the aroma through the Tuscan hills!

6 Although not permitted to compete, designer Rudolf Uhlenhaut regularly tested the racers. At Monza after the '54 Ital ian GP. the Englisheducated engineer lapped in 2 mins 3 secs in the prototype 300SLR, while his best in the streamlined 2 1/i-litre Wl 96 GP single-seater was only 3 secs slower. unit with the fi nal drive - combined to make up th e ultimate specifi cation. The 300SLR could have been ready in 19 54 after early testing at Monza proved that it was three seconds faster than the single-seater, but m anage ment and team lea der Alfred Neubauer considered it better to focus on the return to Grand Prix competition. T he confidence of the team was confirmed by its chosen debut event, the Mille Miglia, though Mercedes was even more in the spotlight with its position as the only non-Italian marque to have won the fabled enduro. Moss, aided by his fea rless bearded navigator D en is J enkinson, aka 'J enks', won in heroic style at a pace never to be beaten. Three weeks later a large crowd turned out to see the SLRs in action in the E ifelrennen. Fangio had m ore experience than M oss at the 'Ring and, in his Mille Miglia car (chassis 3), he took pole at just over 10 mins, which was 6 secs quicker than Moss in the prototype (W'l 96S- l ).

7 Fangio was scheduled to take his old Alfa Romeo mechanic Giulio Sala with him on the Mille Miglia, but the passenger caused uncomfortable buffeting at speed around the full-width 'screen. which gave the Argentinian neck pains so he opted fo r the single-seater configuration. A disappointed Sala had to ask for his old job back at Alfa.

8 The original prototype SLR fea tured a curved 'swan's neck' ram pipe with a smooth bonnet. but for the '55 season straight ram pipes required a substantial bulge and a mesh-screened inlet. 9 Fuel tank sizes varied, but a vast 77-ga llon reserve was fitted for the Mille Miglia. Moss averaged around Bmpg fo r the Italian event. The best fuel that the 300SLR ran on was the Ternaire blend used at Le Mans, which included 75% petrol with 10% methanol and 10% benzol. 10 The Jaguar D-type's top speed on the Mulsanne during the tragic '55 Le Mans was 185mph, while the 300SLR peaked at 179mph. June 2013 Classic & Sports Car 123

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From top: showroom poster celebrates glory in the Eifelrennen; imagine the noise as Fangio, Moss and Kling thunder away; evocative number style

Karl Kling was 18.2 secs fu rther back, hounded by a gaggle of Ferrari Monzas and struggling Ecurie Ecosse D-types. U nder threatening skies, die silver train domi.n ated the I 0-lap race as Moss began to gain confidence around the ordschleife bysettinga new lap record at 83.53 mph (10 nuns 10.8 secs) to take the lead from Fangio. T he Argentinian reclaimed first place on the fina l tour - maybe to team orders - and led his co ll eague across t he line by just a l 0th of a second. German fans would never again see dle SLRs run in anger on home soil, although Moss became a megastar at the Niirburgri ng with triple wins in Aston Martins and a Maserati. The awesome noise ofthe three SLRs leading the pack on the opening lap back in '55 - sounding li ke a fighte r-plane attack - must have been heard long befo re dle cars came into sight, but just o ne starting up is exciting enough for our test. The harsh roar from dl e twin side pipes no doubt rings out righ t across to Quiddlebach , attracting more end1ra!Jed bystanders. Wid1 the bonnet raised d uring the warming up, the lo ud shriek has a backing score from its exotic heart of roller bearings, gear trains and desmodromic valvegear, all building to a Wagnerian chorus. T he door hinges up vertically over the wide sill, and the only way to get aboard is to step on to the tartan seat and slide your legs into the strange footwell layout. T he wide offset transmission splays your legs, wit h your left foot working the hefty clutch and right to the other side for the closely positioned throttle and brake. U nl ike dle W l 96, the accelerator is on dle far

right, much to Moss' relief because he was never comfortable with it in the centr e. Left-hand drive seems strange for a '50s sports-racer and the position - once t he e legant fou r-spoke detachable wheel is locked into place - is very upright, wid1 a long stretch to dle wooden rim. Typical of dle well-thought-out cockpit, dle seat, with its back close to die rear axle, offers great leg support and your upper body is well braced by the lligh sill. T here's even a flask holder. Compared to a rival Monza, 300S or DB3S, dle Mercedes feels big from dle driver's seat - a

sensation underlined by the view down the expansive bonnet wid1 the wing peaks making it difficult to judge di e extremities. Its instruments are basic, with central rev counter marked to 11 ,000rpm flan ked by smaller gauges for oil pressure and water temperature. There are short rows of switches under the binnacle, including lamps, fuel pump and choke, while two red warning Lights signal low oil and indicators. And, as if the SLR with its raucous exhaust bark needs one, there's a ho rn button in t he middle of the broad wheel. Straddling the offset driveline must have been familiar to Moss and Fangio after a season with the W l 96, but it's weird for me and leaves li ttle room for a passenger. J enks, with his box roller notes, must have been shoehorned in. It's cold today, so it takes a while for the engine to raise the oil -tempe rature gauge, but it's switched off whi le I clamber in. Starti ng any great machine gives you such a buzz, so I'm nervously jubilant about firing it up again. You push dle key to activate dle pumps and n1rn fo r the magneto, then it's time to thumb the starter. Even after listening to t he wa rm-up, t h e dramatic rousing ofdle SLR still produces major elation . Tease the throtde and the response is fabulously progressive, the exhaust snarl blasting out far over to the right sill. The six-slot gear gate, with slender steel lever, takes some accl imatistion with its right-hand change. T he back-ro-frontpattern - wid1 dogleg first inside and forward - feels awkward, yet it doesn't take long to master the sllift dlanks to the strong spring bias for second and dlird. To select June 2013 Classic & Sports Car 125

Heart of thâ&#x20AC;˘ matter: thâ&#x20AC;˘ sensational strei1ht-eipt was canted over to lower the bonnet line - note the huge plenum chamber. Below: D-bedge boot catch

fi rst you have to press a button in the centre of the alloy knob, and I'm warned that it's easy to slot it into fifth rather than third when downchang ing. D espite the long deliberate th row, the action is light and slick yet it's the heavy clutch that takes the most concentratio n to avo id slipping when moving off. Torque peaks at 5620rpm, so the response isn't as instant as a D-type o r a 300S, but let the revs stretch beyond 4000r pm and the performan ce really starts to punch. If you were to race one today, the developed engines and suspension of its more numero us rivals would have tl1e edge - so perhaps it's best that the SLR's revered standing is protected, with only headline-grabbing demonstrations. Weighing less than 2000lb, it feels quicker tl1an the figu res clocked by journalist Gordon Wi Ikins in the 300SLR C oupe - 0-60mph in 6.8 secs and 0- 1OOmph in 13.6 secs - but the open versio n is lighter and swifter. T he power is nrrbine smooth, witl1 the unburstable character that you'd expect fro m this Teutonic masterpiece, and it certainly sounds quick with that o utrageous roar. Having done abo ut 20 laps of the N ordschleife (plus endless sessions o n a PlayStatio n), I am now respectfully fami liar witl1 tl1is intimidat ing ch all enge, whi ch g ives me eno ug h confidence to start stretching the precious 300SLR. Its seemingly viceless character -even with swing-axles at the back (fortunately t he low-pivot type) - helps to wipe away tl1ose initial nerves. T he handling feels remarkably forgiving with a touch of m1dersteer into tighter corners, but tl1at's easily neutralised when accelerating

out thanks to tl1e impressive tractio n and linear delivery. You never see past heroes in lurid drifts in period photos of the Mercedes, which rewards witli measured, line-perfect control. I ts steering, too, is marvellous, and even fee ls lig ht at low speeds. The faster you go, the mo re tl1at di rect and precise action communicates with you. If you combine that relentless per formance and respo nsive characterwitl1 a reasonabl e ride, tl1en M oss and J enks' spectacular thrash from Brescia to Rome and back in 10 hrs 7 nuns 48 secs becomes all the more comprehensible. Even

over tl1e Nordschlei fe's worst bumps, tl1e relati ve ly compliant torsio n- bar springing and telescopic d ampers protect tl1e driver. You feel every pulverising concrete rib at the K arussell and tl1e back end skips about through the roughest bends, but, like tlie finest endurance racers such as a GT40, tl1e tough SLR always feels on your side. M y limit is 6000rpm, which still gives around 130mph in top on the straights, and tl1e 2km run back to tlie start gives a safe oppornmity to push tlu s priceless machine. T he driver is well cosseted by tl1e tl1ick aeroscreen at high speeds, and tl1e Benz feels superbly planted witl1 no hint of nose lift. Altliough tlie 300SLR appears to be tl1e fastest car from the '5 5 season going by the outright results, it was outquali fied at L e M ans by Eugenio Castello tti in a Ferrari 121LM. Like the clutch, the brakes require strong muscle and do n't provide much feedback at first. The huge drums were moved outboard at the front in the last SLR built, so at least it saved the driver a blackened face from tlie dust tliat filtered into tlie cabin with tl1e in board set-up. M ercedes went to great lengtl1s to keep the anchors coo l with massive fins o n the wid est drums, and a dash-operated system tl1at squirted lubricant o n to tl1e mechanism if it was beginning to grab was tried for certain races. T hey deliver more fe el as you adjust to the heavy pedal, and even one rapid stop doesn't induce a lock-up. T he inherent limitations of drums prompted Rudo lf Uhlenhaut to develop me hydraulically activated air brake for Le Mans to upstage Jaguar's advanced but problematic discs. M oss recently told me tl1at tl1e air June 2013 Classic & Sports Car 127

brake had significant down force effects when approaching corners from high speeds. Both D -types suffered problems at the Eifelrennen and went off at the same corner after the pedal had gone to the floor under heavy braking. The 300SLR may not have been the fastest car o n the straights, but nothing could match its balanced handling and advanced construction. American hotshoe J o hn F itch made his E uropean debut in a major international event for the F errari facto ry squad at Le M ans and vividly recalled the impressio n made by the Mercedes team. "I was in awe of the marque and remember Moss in the 300SLR getting closer and closer 'ti! I just let him go by," he said. "I followed for a number oflaps in my 4.4-litre Ferrari, which was faste r on t he straights, but was particularly impressed with the neat and precise way that the M ercedes moved. It was one of those rare race cars that seems to do all things well." Of the nine SLRs completed (a 10th chassis was unfinished), eight survi ve. C hassis 6 was

destroyed in Pierre Levegh's horrific accident at Le Mans in '5 5 on the darkest day in motor-sport history. The euphoria of the Eifelrennen victory couldn 't be more opposed to the grim French event 13 days later. The freak crash claimed 83 lives when the French driver's car was launched into the crowd after hi tti ng Lance Macl<lin's Austin-H ealey IOOS. The tragedy happened at 6:28pm, but it wasn't unti l 2am that eubauer was given t he order to withdraw the team as Fangio, teamed with Moss, stormed through the darkness two laps clear of the opposition. Although clearly not directly responsible for tl1e crash, M ercedes came under strong condemn a ti o n because some critics argued that t he explosio n was so seve re due to the 300SLR 's exotic meta llurgy and th e use of dangerous unauthori sed fue l. One by one, Neubauer disproved tl1e tl1eories witl1 conclusive evidence of lega l fuel, tl1at magnes.ium does not explode easily o n impact, and t hat the SLR had greater strengtl1 and rigidi ty than other cars in the race. Poor ci rcuit safety, leader M ike H awthorn's reckless driving and Levegh's inexperience with the SLR were t he more rational contributing factors. Prior to Le Mans, Mercedes had already announced that its racing activities would be terminated at tlie end oftlie year, and tl1e disaster reinforced tlie management's decision. The next outing was nearly two montl1s later at tl1e Swedish Grand Prix o n 7 August where F angio in chassis 3 and Moss in 4, both still fitted witl1 Le Mans air brakes, were again the class of the fie ld, while Karl K ling was in his repaired Mi ll e Miglia car, chassis 5. The narrow Kristianstad circuit feanired a breatl1taking high-speed crest - over which the SLRs were airborne at 150mph - and , as at Le Mans, tl1e extra brake 128 Classic fw Sports Car June 2013

The sky's the limit Most specialists agree that if a 300SLR were to come on to the market. the vendor could name their price and it would blow away all of the records claimed by the likes of the Bugatti Type 575C Atlantic and Ferrari 250GTO. Daimler-Benz amazingly donated three SLRs to museums after it withdrew from motor sport. Chassis 001. the development car. went to the Ford Museum. Dearborn and nearly sold in 2011 after Adrian Hamilton almost set up the deal of a lifetime. "Sir Jackie IStewartl made the introduction and we discovered that it could be exchanged. so I gathered a dozen cars that represented the history of American motor sporf recalls Hamilton. "But at the last hurdle the curator found a letter from Neubauer stating that D-B had the first option to buy it back. Today an SLR is worth at least $50m'.' Chassis 3 is displayed at the Deutsches Museum in Munich. while the on ly one in private hands is no 5. which is part of an amazing set of Mercedes racers at Cite de I'Automobile (home of the Schlumpf Collection) in Mulhouse.

gave a critical advantage into comers. Moss was quickest in practice, plus h e and Fan gio both tried the SLR Coupe - driven up from Stuttgart by U hlenhaut - which lapped as fast as its open sisters. Amusingly, a diplomatic row later blew up when a marshal refused Neubauer entry to the pits after he'd forgotte n his pass, and the team had to resort to involving the German ambassador to diffuse the atmosphere. Fang io and Moss sped away at the Le Mans-style start, and so close was the 1-2 formation pace that a stone kicked up by the Argentinian's car smashed Moss' goggles and cut his eye. Moss surged back despite his injury, making impressive use of the air brake to close to just three-tenths of a second behind his respected team leader. Stuttgart's d ominance continued in the Tourist Trophy around the demanding Dundrod road course on 17 September, where Moss won with Fitch as co-driver. Moss was 90 secs clear but had to pit with a flat after clipping a hedge that tore

the bo dywork. Hawthorn went past but Moss resumed control after th e rain came, heading a M ercedes 1-2-3 with Fan gio/Kling runners-up in 5, and 'Taffy' von Trips/Andre Simon third. The spectacle was clouded by the deaths of three drivers and a serious injury to Jean Behra, all of which forced the end of the event at that circuit. Motivated by t he chance of victory in the sports car championship to match its GP laurels, Mercedes sent three cars to Sicily for the Targa Florio, wh ere M oss again set the pace with P eter Collins sharing the hot seat around the torn1ous mo untain course. The glamorous English pair's blistering charge - Moss set a lap record on the opening lap from a standing start in th e pits nearly came to g rief wh en the M ille Miglia winner had another off. A 1OOmph spin on mud left him stranded o n a rock. Locals eventually manhandled th e car on to th e ground before it took an excursion across a ploughed field to get back on to the track. The mangled M ercedes

dropped two positions before Collins took over for one of his finest drives. Moss made up for his mistake after the final changeover and reclaimed the lead with another d evastating lOOkph lap. After 9 hours 43 mins, the English superstar duo won at a record average speed of 59.Smph, ahead of a cautious Fangio partnered by Kling more than 4 mins behind in second, w ith Desmon d Titterington and Fitch fourth. Mercedes clinched the manufacnirers' champio nship by one point from Ferrari, despite not entering at Buenos Aires or Sebring and withdrawing from Le Mans. But the undo ubted star of the ill-fated season was Moss, who dominated the results after three commanding drives in the fi nest sports car of the era. No company has ever repeated that total stranglehold in G rands Prix and sports-car racing in just o ne season. Techni cally brilliant, fa bulously fast and g loriously loud, the legendary status of thi s supreme machine is guaranteed for all time. ~

June 2013 Classic & Sports Car 129

Fram modified Fiat 500 road cars to Group 5 racers and rally winners, Ross Alkureishi charts the growth of Abarth from behind the wheel PHOTOGRAPHY MALCOLM GRIFFITHS

he hi sto ry of Aba rth as a company is a perfect reflection of that of its founder, Carlo Abarth. Both had to reinvent themselves numerous times in o rd er to survive, and t hen thrive. The man, from Austrian motorcycle racer to engineer in wartime Yugoslavia, and eventual Italian businessman. His firm, from fabricator of custom-built cars to specialist exhaust manufacturer, tuning proponent and, fina lly, in-house rally expert. For half a century, every aspect of design, production and performance was attacked with the same effervescenza that would become the cars' trademark. Coachbui lt specials, singleseater racers and record-breakers are a reminder of the company's original bespoke focus, but from 195 5 production models provided the basis for the majority of Abarths.

Fiat's derivations of the diminutive 500 and 600 scorched a trail through the racing world, with the word Abarth soon becoming synonymous with performance, modification and success. These pint-sized buzzboxes inspired many enthusiasts to add a little sting to their own car's tail. \ÂĽhether you simpl y wanted a red stripe and a twin-pipe exhaust or a full-blown racer bui lt to the most ex.acting international specification, Abarth could provide. For all its success, the cessation of 500, 600 and 850 production led to the company's funds running out and Fiat took over in 1971. This could have sounded the death knell for Abarth, yet it provided the launch pad for further success, thi s time in the rally world - first with the 124 and 131, and later with sister company Lancia 's lntegrale and 037. Today, the Abarth legacy is one of the automotive world's richest and most successful tapestries. Time to sample it...

750GT ZAGATO The Fiat 600 arrived in 1955, and Carlo Abarth imm ediate ly identi fied it as being ripe for modification - a year later came the 'derivation Abarth 750'. T he bore and stroke were increased, with capacity rising from the standard 63 3cc to 747cc. A new camshaft, bigger valves, Weber 32 IMPE carburettor and special exhaust mani folds almost do ubled power from 21.5 to 41. Sbhp. Top speed was an impressive l 30kph (80mph). But Abarth wa nted more than a tweaked standa rd car and commissioned Carrozzeria Zagato to desig n a new body. C ha ssis were collected direct from Fiat and, o nce clothed, sent to Abarth for mechanical conversion. "The resulting coachbuilt GT moved t he company away from other tun ers and into a different market," says Tony Castle-Miller from specialist M iddle Barto n Garage, "with a line of cars that went o n to include the Record Monza, Bialbero and OT series - plus others including the Porsche-Abarcl1 Carrera. All phenomenally successful national and international racers." In the metal, the Zagato is even more pintsized t han the photos suggest. Its aluminium body is visually stunning- balanced and delicate -as well as aerodynamically efficient. In addition to saving 60kg from cl1e factory car's 595kg, cl1at helped to raise the top speed by 20kph. Zagato did such a good job oflowering the car's height that its- now trademark - double bubbles on the roof were added to give the inh abitants more room, while t he twin humps o n the bootlid channelled extra fresh air to cl1e engine. The cabin is basic yet elegant, with jewel-like Jaeger dials and a spo rts steering wheel offering 132 Classic & Sports Car June 2013

'EVERYTHING ABOUT THE SS ENDEARS, FROM THE SPARTAN EXTERIOR TO THE MYRIAD BADGES' a real feeling of sophistication. This combination almost fo ols you into thinking that this is a fragi le car. It isn't. Fire it up and that vivacious powerplant responds instantly. It pulls lustily and will happily rev skywards. T he ultra-low body weight results in wonderfully light steering and it's easy to drive hard without ever fee ling tiring - as proved in period at Monza, where a 750GT amassed some 6000 miles in 72 hours. T he model's competition highlight, however, came o n the 1957 MilleMigLia, when it finished first in class, 63rd overall and averaged 75mph. Not bad for a car based on a Fiat 600.

59555 If the 600-derived cars started the ball rolling, those based on the 500 bro ught commercia l success. Witl1 its crash gearbox and air-cooled engine, the impudent '57 N uova 500 is the car that Abarth used to make racing affordable for the masses. At first, it fitted a larger carburettor, increased th e compression ratio and added a performance exl1aust. The 497cc twin-pot then produced an extra 7.Sbhp and propelled the tiny car to a grin-inducing62mph. Fiat ordered l 00 modified versions to be sold as Fiat-Abarth 500s but it wasn't until the 'Abarth Derivative' smashed six international records by

lapping Monza continuously from 13-20 F ebruary 1958 - averaging l08.52 kph (67mph) fo r 18, 186km - that Fiat rewarded Abartl1 witl1 a contract that earned it money for race wins. That financial impetus enabled the firm to start work on the 595 and 695. The SS feanlred here is a development of the standard 595. Like its sibling, it's based on the 17.S bhp SOOD body but has a Solex 34 PBIC carburettor connected to the head by a manifold cast as a single unit witl1 tl1e valve cover. There was a fortl1er increase in compression ratio, too - this time from 9.2:1 to 10.5:1. T h ose modifications contribute an extra hike to 32 bhp. Everything abo ut the SS endears, from that spartan exterio r to the floor-mounted ignition toggle and tl1e myri ad Abarth badges. On the move, it's hilarious. The two-cylinder engine ini tially feels coarse but it smoothes out as the revs grow, and the steering is incredibly direct. It takes an estimated 21 secs to reach 60mph but that's immaterial because anytl1ing over lOmph feels as i f you're flying. Only the drum brakes are a reminder of the car's lowly beginnings. Further develo pm ents included a 'so fter' 695SS-with more power accessible lower down tl1e rev range - plus racing Competi zio ne and Assetto Corsa models . At the end of 1969, Abartl1 had 12 derivatives of t he 500-based cars available, amazing for such a small constructor.

1000 BERLINA CORSA Fiat's game-changing 600 stayed in productio n for 14years; Abartl1 modified it for 16. But the distance travelled from the o riginal 22bhp utilitarian offering to this fina l iteratio n - a 1000 June 2013 Classic & Sports Car 133


www.longstone.Ciom ~-+44(001302 711123 From Fiat 500 to Testarossa, from 1890 to 1990; we have the right tyres for you

'WITH ONE EYE ON PRODUCTION RACING, ABARTH POUNCED ON THE FIAT 850 COUPE' Group 5 Touring Car - is m1ly astonishing. Along the way, Abarth 850TCs (Turismo Competizione) -the fi rst to feature Girling disc brakes - took a 1-2-3 in their class at the 1961 Ni.irburgri ng 500km. Carlo pulled the 500 and 600-based road versions in early '65 after a defeat by a Saab 96 in the European Touring Car Challenge, entrusting that market to the OT series. An inte nse programm e of development fo llowed , with Aba rch embarkin g upon an automotive 'space race'. Modified parts were produced at a fe rvent pace for homologation. T he I 000 Berlina Corsa owes little to Fiat, with Abarth-developed brakes, hubs, transmission, oil and cooling systems. Even the insm 1ments, steering wheel and gearknob are Corso Marche items. "It's seen as the iconic Abarth ," says Castle-M.i ller. "W ide whee ls and arches, huge front radiator set-up, propped-open engine lid with a multi-ca rburetted rear engine hanging out - it ticks all tl1e boxes." Start it up and tl1e cabin is fill ed with noise. Blip the throttle and you feel the whole car positivel y pulsate. E ngage first gear, let loose the featured car's l OObhp and you fi nd yourself shifting cogs witl1 a rapid-fire rifle action. The handling is phenomenal, tl1e blare glorious, and tl1e four-wheel disc brakes stop it in an instant.

Yet, because of t he engine's all -or-nothing nature, Castle-M iller says of it5 handling that: "Lifting off, or entering a corner witl1 a trailing throttle, is a real no-no. T he secret is to get the entry speed correct then take advantage of the traction and power it through." You have to force yourself away from expletives when tryi ng to describe the dr iving experience- it's tl1at fierce, and at the same time fiercely grin-inducing. The Berlina Corsa is Abartl1in its purest - and wildest-form.

OTlOOO Wttl1 a 40kg weight disadvantage compared to tl1e 'derived from 600' models and relatively soft nrning- an increase of 2bhp and lOkph on the top speed - the unloved standard OT 850 road cars lasted just one year. But with one eye on production-car racing, Carlo Abarth pounced on the F iat 850 Coupe and Spider for the remai nder of his Omologato T urismo series. E ngi nes ranged from a simple mned 850, via a stroked one-litre to blistering 1.3 and 1.6. There was even a 2-litre incarnation - tests were carried out on one that kicked out a staggering 204bhp. umerous hot versions of tl1e 850 Coupe based around the original power unit - were produced, incl uding the OT, OTS (a slightly hotter 68bhp OT), OTR (with radial cylinder head and 74bhp) and OTSS (a homologated OTS racer). T he feamred car is an OT 1000. Coming fro m tl1e 595SS and Zagato, this feels Like a relatively grown-up machine. The cabin is positively spacious in comparison and you sit high, witl1 an excellent view of the road. It's similar in appearance to the stock Fiat 850 Coupe

750GT ZAGATO Sold/number built 1957-'60/n/a Engine 11011-bloLk. Jlloy-head. ohv 747cc 'four: Weber 321MPE carburettor: 43bhp 5800rprn 401b ft 4000rprn Transmission four -sµ eed rnanual. RWD Sus pension: front upper tr a1li11g ar Ill s with lower trawJver')e leaf springs

rear serni-t r ati 111g upper ar rns. c oi I sp rings: hydrJul1c dalllpers f/r

Steering wor rn a11d sec tor Brakes dr urn'; Weight l l 791b (535kg) 0-60mph 17.3 secs Top speed B71nph Price new 11/a Now frorn f-55.000

59555 Sold/number built 1963-'71/n/a Engine 11011-block. alurrnrllulll ·head. s1deca111shaft. a11-cooled ohv 594cc twin. Solex 34 PBIC carburettor: 32bhp 4900r µ111: 321b ft 3500r ptn Transmission fou r-speed rnanual. RWD Suspension 111depe11de11t. at front by trailing ar111s. tr a11sver se leaf springs rear cotl spr111gs: hydrJu li c dalllp ers f/r Steering wor111 a11d ',ector Brakes dr urns Weight l 036 1b I4 70kg) 0-60mph 21 seLs (es t) Top speed Bl 111ph Price new f37 l Now fro111 f 35 .000

June 2013 Classic &Sports Car 135


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and spo rts a clean, disti nctive design, instantly recognisable by its lack of a radiator grille. Campagnolo alloys and tl1at Abartli favourite, tl1e checkerboard roof, complement it. T he 850 block is fitted wi tli a longer-stroke steel crankshaft that yields 982cc and a power o utputof62bhp. ail tl1e throttle and it starts to sing beautifully, there's a tliroaty roar from tlie spo rts exhaust and an enjoyable snarl from tlie W eber DIC carburettor. T he gearbox has a satisfyi ngly mechani cal shift and ensures that changes are accomplished seamlessly. On paper at least, it'll climb hearti ly to I 5 5kph (96mph). In period, Abartl1 models were all about tl1e headline fi gures: cubic capacity; bh p; torque; weight; and top speed. C ombined witli recordbreaking, th ese are the numbers that so ld the ca rs. All products the refore re mained in a constant state of development, no ne more so than t he exce ptiona l OTs. Furth er models included the OT 2000 Coupe-a 2-litre, 185bhp screamer capable of240kph - and a 124-engin ed OT 13 00. T hese were to be tlie last complete Abartli-modified models to carry tlie Fiat badge as Carlo instead focused once again on custom cars and his own engines, until his fi m1 's incorporation into tlie Turin giant.

124 ABARTH STRADALE Fiat immediately put the company to work and tl1e 124 Abarth Rally, unveiled in October I 972, was tl1e fi rst car to be produced as a result of tlie union. Its construction signalled tlie initial phase of Fiat's all-out effort to win th e W orld Rally C hampionship . O nly 1013 were built, in bo th roadgoi11g Stradale and full-rally Corsa forms.

'THE REAR SEATS HAVE BEEN DISCARDED, AS HAS ANY SUGGESTION OF SOUND DEADENING' At first glance, the car appears much smaller tl1an its standard sibling. In reality, tl1e dimensions haven't changed. All t hat it has lost are its chrome bumpers, replaced here by nibber overriders. This, combined wi th the extra air intakes, liberates designer Tom Tjaa rda's underlying bodywork, accenntating the car's peifetto lines. Inside, tlie centre console and wooden dashboard have been di scarded (wit h aluminium panels in place of the latter), as have tlie rear seats and any suggestion of sound deadening. A glassfi bre hard -top has been fitted instead of tlie soft-top, witli a wide plastic window affording an excellent field of vision. Aluminium door skins, sills and rear quarter panels, a glassfibre boot and borITTet, plus lig htweight magnesium alloys add up to a substantial 200kg weight saving. The twin-cam engine is relatively standard, o ther than being bluepri nted and having an improved manifo ld and twin 44IDF \ i\Tebers bolted to it. It's good fo r J28bhp, although an Abarth Corse racing kit took it up to l 70bhp. T he power delive ry is smooth and the engine tl1ri ves o n revs, hurtl ing its way towards tli e red line in every gear. D esigned by ex-Ferrari man Aure lio L am pred i, it was produced in n umerous form s for 45 years, serving a huge number of marques and models.

1000 BERLINA CORSA Sold/number built 1964 ·70/n/a Engine 11 ordiloLk. alur111111ur11-head. 982cc ohv ·four. tl'lrn Weber carburettors : l 12bhµ 8200rµr11: 5Slb ft SSOOrµrn Transmission ' 1ve·sµeed rnanual. RWD Sus pension 1111.Jeµer11.Je11t. at front by trailing ar111s. tranwerse leaf springs rear coil sp rings: hydraulic dampers f /r Steering wor r11 a11d sector Brakes discs Weight l 28S lb (S83kg) 0 -60mph 11/a Top speed l 2Sr 11µh Price new 11/a Price now fro111 fSS.000

OTlOOO Where dllf P1 efll lo 1000 Ber llflo Corso Sold/number built 1964-7 l /n/ a Engine twi11-choke Weber carb: 52bhp 61 SOr µr11: 641b ft 3SOOr µr11 Brakes discs/drurll'; Weight 16001b (726kg) Top speed 97r11µh Price now 'ro111 £20.000

124 ABARTH STRADALE Sold/number built 1972-76/ l 013 Engine all-alloy. dohc l 756cc ·•our. tw111 Weber 441DF car bur et tors: l 28bhp 16200r µr11: l l 7 1b ft S200rprn: Transmission f rve·sµeed manual. RWD Suspension i11depe11dent by Mac Pherson st ruts. a11t i-rol l bar f/r Steering wor 111 and r oil er Brakes discs Weight 2 068 1b (938kg) 0-60mph 8.S '.;ecs Top speed l 20rn ph Price new f225 0 Now fro m f 3S.OOO

June 2013 Classic &Sports Car 137

The shell is largely seam-welded rather than spot-welded, and the addition of a ro ll-over bar enhances the strucniral integrity. The handling is superb thanks to independent rear suspension - a variation on a NlacPherson-strut system that really inspires confidence and enables the car to be thrown into corners. Also, the resulting decrease in unsprung weight over the standard car means added traction. On the limit, however, it does demonstrate a lack of poise and is Hable to Lift a wheel under hard cornering. The works competition cars achieved three victories at Wo rld Rally Championship level but could only manage second place overall in 1973 behind the A.I 10 Berlinenes of Alpine-Renault. By 1976, it would be the nirn of the 131 Abarth to take up the WRC fight.

131 ABARTH STRADALE Fiat's purchase of L ancia put paid to the laner's phenomenal Stratos rally car. While undeniably anractive to the everym an, expensive exotica may just as well have existed o n a different planet. \Vhat t he compan y craved was a rally winner based o n a mass-market model. Abarth's Corso M arch e factory ditched its 2-litre Xl /9 concept and transferred its anentions to the traditional front-engined/rear-drive set-up of the 13 1 Mirafiori. Production took place at Carroze rria Bertone, lasting just one year and with 406 built. The finished article cost three times the p1;ce of a standard car. The two-door bodies were modified, painted and trimmed at Bertone's Grugl iasco plant and tipped the scales at a healthy 980kg. Sitting here on the tarmac, th e result is brutal. If the 124 138 Classic fw Sports Car June 2013

provides a visual link to the preceding decades, the 131 is definitively of its time in profile. Those massive wheel arches and the various intakes, scoops and spoilers lend a purposeful air. On the move, tl1is is heightened by the car's 'rear-down' stance. The twin-cam engine is an evolutio n of the fina l 16 -valve 124 unit, but Abarth took tl1e strange decision to strangle it witl1 a single Weber 34ADF carburettor. \ Vhile it's similarly rev-happy, the torque available isn't as forceful , but th e 138bhp tl1at it produces is enoug h to dispatch t he 0-60mph sprint in 8.2 secs, and the gearbox is a bulletproof joy. The suspension is a development of the l 24's full y independent set-up but the weight distributi o n feels much better. " It's a wonde rfully balanced car," says Castle-Miller. When pressed hard, the 131 remains firml y planted, communicating every nuance through the rack-and-pinion steering. "It's great fun to drive, all powerslides and o pposite lock. Th ey proved an exce llent match for tl1e equally sideways Ford Escort." Out in the rally world, tl1e Group 4 machines - with Kugelfischer fuel injection and up to 230bhp - immediately excelled, initially on tarmac witl1 its premium on handling, and tllen on other surfaces. In 1976, the 131 took victory o n tl1e E lba Island Rally and Finland's 1000 Lakes, but this was simply the prelude to three WRC titles in 1977, '78 and '80.

STRADA ABARTH 130TC When F iat finall y jo ined tl1e Volkswagen-dominated hot-hatch party in '8 1, it deliberately chose tl1e Frankfurt Motor Show for tl1e release of t he E uropea n market-only Ritmo Abarth

131 ABARTH STRADALE Sold/number built 1976/406 Engine all-al loy. dohc l 995cc ·four: Weber 34ADF car bu r et tor. l 38bhp 6400rprn: l 33lb 't 3800r pr11: Transmission 'ive",peed rnanua l. RWD Suspension independent. by \1acPherson s truts . anti-roll ba r f/ r

Steering r <Jck <Jnd pir11on Brakes di scs Weight 21 G! lb (980kg) 0-60mph 8.2 sec •; Top speed 11 Brnph Price new [9500 Now fr orn f40.000

STRADA ABARTH 130TC Sold/number built l 984·'87/585 Engine all·alloy. dohc l 995cc 'four: twin Weber or Sol ex ca r bur et tors: l 30bhp 5900r prn: l 301b ft 3600rprn Transmission frve·spee d ZF manual. dr rvrng rear wheels Suspension independent . at fron t by \1acPherson struts. angled lie-rods . ant i-ro l l bar rear transverse lea' spr ing. 101,Ner wishbone'i

Steering rack and p inion Brakes discs front. drurns rear Weight 20941b (9 5 0kg) 0-60mph 7.7 sec •, Top speed l l 8r11ph Price new f7800 Now f r 0111 [3500


..."'â&#x20AC;˘ .



Carlo Abarth Born Karl Abarth in Vienna in 1909, the company's founder began his career in Italy, serving an apprenticeship with motorcycle firm Degan. He later raced 'bikes but was injured in a crash in 1939. He was hospitalised in Yugoslavia and stayed there during WW2, before returning to Italy and changing his name to Carlo. After helping to develop the Cisitalia 360 singleseater, he set up his own company in 1949.

125T C, and its surprisingly forc eful character ensured a rapturous response. The F iat 128 floorpan provided the basis, and the standard car's use of plastic for the bumpers was carried over. The body - designed for relatively gutless ll OOcc and 1300cc units - required comparitively little reinforcement for the power generated by tl1e 2-litre engine, which was li fted from the Argento. Corso Marche modified tl1e Lampredi twin -cam by add ing spo rtier valve gear, updated exhaust manifolds, an o il cooler, aluminium sump and a Goetz-type cylin derhead gasket to with sta nd h ea t str ess, an d mo un ted the whole powerplant transversely. Buyers had tlle option of two twin-choke Weber

'THROTTLE RESPONSE IS INSTANT, POWERING THE LITTLE 130TC FORWARD WITH GUSTO' or Solex carburettors. This resulted in 125 bhp and a 0-60mph time of 7.9 secs. The 130TC Strada, launch ed in 1983 and avail able in the UK, had an extra 5bhp and shaved 0.2 secs off tlle acceleration time. The British motoring press enthusiastically greeted tlle 130TC, witl1Autocarstating: 'There can be little argument that it is now the leader in terms of performance.' Thanks to t he u pdated aesthetics witl1 its quad headlights, the 13OTC is th e most aggressive- looking of t he Stradas. "They're very underrated ," says Castle Miller, "with that powerful and torqueyengine in a light bodyshell, delivered through an updated ZF gearbox and suspension. " O u t on t he track, it's easy to see why it impressed everybody so m uch. Th e cabin specification is high, witl1 aggressively supportive Recaro bucket seats, a tidy d ashboard binnacle and a sports steering wheel. \ ÂĽ ith l 30lb ft of torque at 3600rpm, throttle respo nse is instant, powering the little Abarth forward with gusto. It has that gratifyingly fruity Italian exhaust note, and sharp handling responses that really give you the confidence to chuck it around, even on first acquaintance. T he only thing you'll fin d difficult is sourcing one. Like most Stradas, tl1ey began rnsting at tl1e

mere thought of going outside. If you do come across a good exam ple, however, this Scorpion still packs one hell of a punch.

SUMMARY W ith every del icate curve one to be savoured, the 750GT Zagato is the aesthete's Abarth of choice, but period Mille Miglia success proves that it has tl1e performance to match its beguiling looks. The 500-, 600-, and 850-based cars - represen ted here by t he sublime 595SS, d istinctive OT 1000 and t he awe-inspi ring Group 5 1000 Berlina Corsa - are tl1e embodiment of all that the Abarth name stands fo r: small, bo ld and perky. T he cars produced after the Fiat takeover are sometimes seen as being not quite 'real' Abarths - but th ey are still products of the company's decades of experience in creating and modifying competition cars. T he 124 and 13 1 Stradales are exquisite homologation specials and can bask in the reflective glow of tlle rally success tlrnt eventually came Fiat's way, while the Strada was a last hurrah for Abarth. L aunched into a fi ercely competitive hot- hatch market, it still scared the sauerkraut out of tlle opposition. "Basing competit io n cars on prod uction models will always be a compromise in terms of ultimate development and performance," says Castle-Miller. Bur, as these cars prove, what a sweet compromise that was. ~ Thanks ta Tony Castle-Mil/er at Middle Barton Garage {01869 3 45766; www.middlebarton; Chris Greenhalgh; Simon Ryle; Antonio Cormano; Timothy Milnes June 2013 Classic & Sports Car 139

ini , Beetle and Musta ng: there are certain popular cars th at i n s pir e d e d ic ate d natio nal en thusiasm. The IKA Torin o stirs s imil ar passions in Argentina. Bare Iy have we touched down in La Capital and our taxi driver's interest sparks up when he discovers that our assignment is to drive and photograph o ne of these crisply styled '60s coupes around Buenos Aires. Our driver Guillermo M araii6n - better known as Billy - takes li t tl e encouragement to talk about Torinos, explaining the links with Juan Manuel Fangio and relating tl1e legendary 1969 so rtie to t he Niirburgring, which still has most local motorsport fa ns buzzing even after 44 years. As we weave through the impatient afternoon traffic alo ng the Avenida Ing Huergo, there's an amazing moment of serendipity. Billy scoffs at a couple of decrepit Ford Falcons, limping alo ng wit h t he moderns, just as a mint, slate-blue Torino roars by with a cool-looking youngster at the wheel. H e instan tly n1rns all emotional, his arms raised fi-om the wheel as he sings its praises. Few know about the Torino outside Argentina, and fewer have ever seen o ne. It's a car mat's lo ng fascinated me, but it wasn't un til a visit to m e wonderful Autoclasica at m e H ip6dromo de San Isidro (C&SC, M arch) that I finally saw o ne. 142 Classic & Sports Car Ju ne 2013

tj···c-)' .

~.(,;,. _


After a day of exploring t11e event, I mentioned to organiser Alec Daly of C lub de Autom6viles Clasicos de la Republica Argentina th at I was disappointed m at m ere were no Torinos. The next day he had a surprise for me, which again revealed the fervo ur for these straig ht-six powered saloons and coupes. Heavy overnight rain had caused extra hassle for me all-volunteer team, but D aly had amazingly still found time to phone around to source not one but two Torinos, including a prized high- perfo rmance 380W The admiration for tl1e Torino model is again vividly demonstrated when owner Carlos Gadda Thompson shows m e the immaculate engine bay of the triple-carb, 3.7-li tre overhead-cam 'six'. An enthusiast mshes over, gazes in wonder at the tuned motor and, after hearing it start up, drops to his knees and kisses T hompson's hand to thank him for bringing out m e rare model. One Torino story is regularly related in club circles, involving a M aserati 3500 owner who, after acquiring his new L atin GT, dismisses the performance oft he IKA and confidently takes o n a night-time challenge against the Argentinian coupe. A 1km drag-race is staged nearby and, from the green light, the Torino co nfidently outguns tl1e Italian exotic and crosses the fi nishing marker with a 20-metre advantage. "When t he Maserati arrived back at th e garage," recalls former owner Rodolfo Iriarte,

Above: elegant and spacious cockpit, with Jaeger dials and dished, Nardi-style wheel. Note crooked gearlever and built-in radio. Below left: subtle Toro motif on grille badge and horn button

"everyone already had their heads under the bonnet of the Torino. The M aserati owner coul d n't be lieve that he'd lost and another race was staged - with the Torino giving him a head start - but the 380W still won easily." Iriarte has owned a wealth ofdiverse machines, from Mercedes-Benz SSK to Lotus Seven, yet has fond memories of the Torino thathe bought new in '67: "There was big excitement when the Torino was announced and I remember queuing fo r hours to get a ride with the great Fangio around the Aut6dromo Juan y O scar Galvez. I was a young architect, and I went st raight o ut and bo ught a silver To rino 380 wit h my first major work fee. The car was fan tastic to d rive, and so much better than the crude, locally built Falcons, C hevys and Dod ges. I was used to P eugeot 403s and my H ealey Silverstone, so the Torino's pe rfo rmance was dramatic and it handled so well. I'll never forget the sound of the exhaust, and that ZF gearbox. I was so happy as I d rove home from the dealership in Buenos Aires that I started singing to myself." So why are Argentini ans so proud of the Torino? Was it no more than an American


Left: t eam manager Fangio tries to slow down the Torino team at the 'Ring. Below: European profile in stark contrast to faded splendour of Buenos Aires

import just repackaged in a sharp Italian suit? It's easy to make this assumption, although the car deserves better than such generalisations. Industrias Kaiser Argentina SA had been set up in '5 5, in the province of Cordoba where production of the dated Carabela, Bergantin and Rambler continued under licence through the P eron and military regimes. In the early 1960s, IKA presidemJames McCloud instigated plans to build a new car to rival the fast-selling Ford Falcon and C hevrolet 400. Consultants fo r the project included five-ti me F l World C hampion Juan Manuel F angio, who had established a successful Mercedes-Benz dealership in his Balcarce home town after he retired from racing. T he initial design was based on the Rambler American, but it was extensively refined by IKA engineers resulting in several firsts for the home market. The central body section was derived from the 1963 Rambler, while the nose and boot were adapted from the '64 American. Compared to the rival Ford, the coil-sprung rear suspension from the Rambler Classic featured a fou r-link set-up that greatly improved handling and tractio n. The coil and double-wishbone front end had tl1e bonus of disc brakes, too. To cope witl1 Argentina's rougher roads, the unitary construction was strengthened with lo nger chassis rai ls that extended all tl1e way to the back. The Argentinian car market had consistently shown a preference for European instead of American styling, so, rather tl1an resorting to AMC 's in - house designe r Richard Teague , McC loud t urned to Italy to fashi on the new Torino's appearance. Fangio's contacts at Pininfa rina - particularly his friendship witl1 Battista - proved useful. McCloud and the GP legend flew om to Italy in '64. An agreement fora threeyear development was drawn up fo r a fee of $50,000, with a royalty of 3 % o n each vehicle produced going to Pinin farina. Fangio's extensive address boo k of contacts also came in handy for sourcing the ZF manual transmission.

June 2 013 Classic & Sports Car 143

The busy Turin studio gave 'Proyecto Vehiculo X' a clean character that had a touch of Glas and Fiat 2300, with its glasshouse-style top and neat, uncluttered profile. T he cabin -also styled by Pininfarina -again followed Euro pean trends with sporty white-on-black gauges, a wooden facia and a Nardi-style three-spoke wheel. T he engine was Argentina's first overheadcam design. It was developed from the 3.7-litre Tornado 'six' that Kaiser originated for a range of J eep G ladiator and Wagoneer 4x4s. Its specification ranged from the base l l 7bhp 3-litre, with a Holley carburetto r, to the hottest 3.7-litre packing triple vVebers that produced 2 l 5bhp and was good for a 127mph top speed. The 01iginal four-bea ring, long-stroke Tornado unit didn't like to rev and suffered from vibration at d1e top end. So a new seven- bearing motor called the Torino, which gready improved refinement and performance, was introduced in 1973. 'Designed and built in Argentina' was a key tagl ine in the project's marketing campaign, and the Torino was a success straight out of the box. Production started in late 1966 and, as Iriarte remembers, the m odel was launched at the Buenos Aires circuit with F angio giving rides. Ford and Chevrolet had traditionally dominated Argentinian motor sport, but the Torino soon developed a strong following after an early success in the gruelling 3307km Gran Premio Internacional de Turismo. Top local drivers including Eduardo Copello, Eduardo Rodriguez Canedo, Ruben Luis di Palma and Gaston Perkins were among those tempted to race Torinos in d1e Turismo Carretera series. H ector Luis G radassi secured the first of many wins in a 380W coupe in d1e fi.rstcontestofd1e '67 season. Even now there's an ardent fo llowing among youngster s because th e Torino shape is still campaigned in a local N A.SCAR-style 'sil houette' series, but d1e cars have spaceframe chassis and modern V8s. Star drivers include popular multiple champion Norberto Fontana.

Torino's handling and ride are impressive: the early styling is the cleanest. with neat rear clusters later cars {from '71) had twin round lamps. Below: handsome door panels and wood-topped gearlever

"They had a huge impact on our race scene because a factory-backed team wiped the floor," explains CACRA president Daly. "Their results in the Turismo Carretera confirmed d1at d1e old coupes were ending their 40-year li fespan." T he Torino's best-known competition fo ray was a th ree-car team managed by Fangio d1at was entered in the 1969 84-hour Marathon de la Route at the Ni.irburgring. With homegrown hotshoes enlisted fo r the audacious challenge entitled 'Misi6n Argentina ', the equipe created tremendous natio nal interest and a massive convoy fo llowed the team along d1e motorway to the docks. Painted white wid1 contrasting blue stripes, the 1350kgcars ran to Group 6 spec with wide wheels and 290bhp engines prepared by top Argentinian nm er Oreste Berta. T he trio dramatically set d1e pace but noise complaint5 to d1e Adenau police fo rced a lengthy pitstop to change me leader's exhaust system, resulting in a frnstrating time penalty. T he surviving Torino - driven by Copello, Oscar Mauricio 'Cacho' Franco and Alberto 'Larry' Rodriguez-Larreta - finished fourrll, but had covered two more laps tl1an tl1e victorious Lancia Fulvia l.6HF

Below: works-backed team set the pace in 1969 Marathon de la Route around the Niirburgring. Only one survived t o finish fourth, although it had covered the most miles

June 2013 Classic & Sports Car 145

Rolex Monterey Motorsports Reunion A ug ust 16-18 in Monterey, California. Celebrati ng the 60th Anniversary o f the Chevrolet Corvette. TI CKET S AVA ILAB LE









R ~ U N I 0 N -;::;iii--

Stories of the N iirburgring adventure are legendary in Argentina. W hen one team car broke down while o ut on the circuit, Fangio himself attended the stranded vehicle and sang instructions to the driver in the style ofa tango to avoid disquali fication for outside assistance. Prior to the race, Fangio's involvement proved critical when trying to get help from a nearby garage one night. Initially, the mechanic refused to open his workshop, and wouldn't believe that the' 57 German Grand Prix winner was involved with the Torino team. "Bring the great man to my garage, and then I'll open up,'' insisted the owner, who had to eat his words when Fangio appeared. "The N i.irburg ring cars are a very important part of our racing heritage, because a local car did so well in Europe," adds Daly. The Torino remained in production until '82, afte r R e naul t took control of IKA in '77, but t he French firm was never happy building a by-then outdated American -based car. Just l241 380Wswere made from a total of 99,000-plus Torinos. Today it's easily the most collectable, with values around $25,000on the home market, but it's key to check authenticity. A restored early 300 twodoor is more affordable, starting at $10,000. The featured Torino is owned by Manuel E li cade, a hi storic racer and president of the C lub de Autom6viles Sport. "A5 a kid I thought they were the coolest thing," he says. "My father owned seven Torinos in the 1970s. I remember him pi cking up his last, a lovely bottle-green four-door G rand Routier, from a Renault dealership in 1980. I was about four and rode on tl1e fro nt seat along Lugones Avenue in Buenos Ai res, which is a four-lane highway. My fa ther was really excited with the Torino and asked me to 'mark a car and I will pass it'. Sol said: 'Go for tlrnt one, Dad! ' tl1en he would floor tl1e gas pedal and, of course, pass the chosen car. We did this six or seven times. It was the most exciting thing I could have imagined and the roaring engine is still witl1 me. It's a special feeli ng, 33 years later, when I take him out for drives in my Torino." The 380Wkeeps company with many exotics in E licade's garage including a Bugatti T 37 and M aserati A6GCS, but still gets used regularly: "My fi rst was a '79 TSXcoupe that I sold to buy this one. It gets driven a lot. You could commute in it every day if you could stand the summer heat here. I take it to work several times a month, and it often gets the thumbs-up. It's a national icon, and you can feel that on the streets." M y lo ng-held ambitio n to drive a Torino around La Capital begins witl1 a rendezvous in L a Boca, tl1e old port and home of the famo us Puente Transbordador - a 1908 t ransporter bridge that straddles the Rio Riachuelo and was last used to carry cars in '39. The colourful tourist spot attracts a few suspicious-looking types and, o nce t h e photography is do ne, we're relieved to be heading across town in this prized machine. T he roomy interior featu res J aeger dials, a wood-rimmed wheel, an elegant veneered dash and broad, comfy seats. Understated and spacious - with deep footwells and panoramic views - tl1e Torino has a classy character with discreet badging in keeping with this sophisticated and energetic city. The rough streets and


Above right: long-stroke Tornado straight-six sits high in nose. Note triple Webers of super-desirable 380W version and wellbraced bodyshell. Below: stock steels; stylish badge

disused rail tracks are a tough test for tl1e big coupe, whicl1 hops around over the bumps, while the heavy steering is hard work at slow speeds, but the car starts to come alive o nce o n to the clearer main roads. The gearchange has a long throw, with a strong spring-loaded central bias, though the action becomes slicker as you stretch the smooth power of the torquey straight-six. Once the pace quickens, the steering gets more precise, which is just as well as we duck and dive on the 14-lane Avenido 9 de Julio (die world's widest avenue). But the hig h brake and clutch pedals make it awkward to heel-and-toe. The To rino puts the power down well, witli no axle hop as you extend tl1e revs of tl1e lusty, Weber-fed 'six' - working the ZF gearbox away from traffic lights - and tl1ere's minimal roll on roundabouts. Massive potholes push die ride to the limit, yet the car feels strong with no scuttle shake or steering kickback. Impatient taxi drivers and commuters are surprised by our determined charge, and only cautious braking impedes our progress back to Retiro. Matching its Italian looks, the Torino fee ls more European in driving spirit tlrnn its American cruiser roots. Rugged, quick, stylish and full of character, it's easy to see why the locals adore the 'Toro'.~ June 2013 Classic & Sports Car 147

The other Lotus works team Ian Walker Racing was so close to Lotus that it acted as Chapman's second-string outfit. Julian Balme remembers the man and his cars PHOTOGRAPHY COTERIE PRESS/LAT/WALKER FAMILY

148 Classic & Sports Car June 2013

Above: Walker was given the pre-production Elite, EL 5, ta aid development; he narrowly missed the '58 Autaspart Championship when its rear suspension collapsed during the finale

Right: rallying was Ian's first lave - he did the Mante seven times. Here, Walker and fellow works Ford driver Gerry Burgess understeer their Zodiac through the 1961 event

Left: Walker spent the mid-'50s competing in countless events with his hat Ford Prefect, from RAC Rallies ta 750 Matar Club relay races. This shat of 760 CMU at Silverstone explains why he decided ta buy a 'proper' race car

Below: the 1955 AustinHealey 100 was possibly Walker's favourite car. He took part in bath the 1954 Redex and, as seen here, the 1955 RAC rallies with the Healey. On this stage at Prescott, he set fifthfastest time in his clas s

an \ ÂĽalker embraced post-war motor sport with an energy and enthusiasm that few contemporaries coul d match. In 10 years he took part in driving tests and trials; international rallies; numerous domestic races with saloons, sports cars and single-seaters; as well as managing his own team. For most, seven Montes would constitute a career; for the youngest of fou r Walker brothers, that was just for starters. Largely self-funded, Ian made his money at first by running the family carpentry firm, going on to found Westway Models, which would 1964: Walker's last Mante become Britain's lead- with close friend and north ing maker of airline Landan neighbour Graham di sp lays fo r t rave l- HillinaFardFalcan. Ever agent windows - hence the PR expert, Walker is the aircraft symbol in hiding the considerable the race team 's logo. front-wing damage. The H e was pra gmatic, duo had "an eventful time': never letting ambition eventually fin is hing 107th June 2013 Classic & Sports Car 149

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~ PlalDnl lellde com

Above: Tony Hegbaurne's crash in the Walker-Day Alfa Romeo TZ at Spa in 196S spelled the end far Walker's racing patronage. His Me rcedes is parked up an the Masta Straight

Above: the team lines up far a happy snap at IWR's first European race, at the Niirburgring. It would leave with a class win far the llOOcc Latus 23 of Ashdown and Johnstone

Above: far 1963, the IWR team drivers were Aussies Paul Hawkins and Frank Gardner. The latter here talks ta Walker an the grid at Culton Park an 6 April, before racing the twincam-pawered Brabham BTS far only the second time

Above: like his racing buddies Calin Chapman and Graham Hill, Walker was a keen amateur pilot. Here he is pictured with his last aircraft, a twinengined Beagle B206

Right: Walker's final singleseater outing was at a wet Silverstone in his Lotus 18. He didn't get an with the FJ but, despite misplacing his goggles, finished a fine seventh. Although Landonbarn, he was proud of his Scats roots - hence the flag

overtake finances. ru a resul t he always had the best gear, ifnot always in the top tier. T here were plenty of Lotus E levens, but \ Valker's had Ford sidevalve power and dominated its class, giving him his first title and BRDC membership. Colin C hapman admired Walker 's approach and, noting how professionally he went about his racing, loaned him a pre -productio n E lite. T hroughout the season, Ian and mechan ic Ernie U nger were debriefed by L otus as the C heshunt firm battled to put the car into production. \ Valker struggled in '59 and '60 to get to grips with a Lotus 17 and TheDailyExpressmeeting 18, t he latte r in th e at Silverstone, 11 May - a competit ive Formula busy day far IWR with all Junio r ranks, but for four team cars raced: two 196 1 - his fin al year of Brabham BT6s, a BTS and racing - he cleaned up Latus 23, all in distinctive in a Sprinzel Spr ite. yellow with green stripes. His class record at Chief mechanic Ja hn C rysta l P alace still Pledger sits in the BTS stands today. June 2013 Classic & Sports Car 151


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Right: at Montlhery. Walker was approached by a Swiss gentleman wanting to buy the Le Mans coupe. He was refu sed, but instead IWR built him his own coupe, with revised front and rear end plus a Radfordtrimmed leat her interior

Below: BT6s at Crystal Palace, 3June 1963. Frank Gardner leads Richard Attwood's BRM on his way to second; the slHpers would claim tHmmate Paul 'Hawkeye' Hawkins

Bottom: it raced only six t imes in this livery, but the 'Goldbug' remains an iconic Elan. Here's Peter Arundel! at Mallory - other notable pilots included Jim Clark and Sir John Whitmore

ALorus22 testatGoodwoodin '62 prompted Walker to start his own team. At 34, he knew he coul d n't compete with the Ji m Clarks of this world, so why no t help fu ture champions? Ian \ Va Iker Racing ran three in as many years: J ackie Stewart, G raham Hill and the aforementioned C lark (who even gave his Lotus 30 a win). Li ke the man himself, the cars were impeccable, and unsurprisingly Team Lotus was more than happy for I\VR to be considered as a works 'B' squad. Having begun o n a wave of success, the '64 season was fraught. There was promise with two 26Rs, but a Le Mans attempt fora third Elan and a Lotus 30 proved too much: "Suddenly it wasn't much fun." With two cars all but destroyed, I\VR withdrew mid-season and a final go in '65 running two Alfa TZs ended in disaster at Spa, wid1 the fatal crash of Tony Hegbourne. ~ Julian Balme's book Ion Walker Racing: The Man and His Cars - is published by Coterie Press and priced at ÂŁ75. ISBN 9781 902351476;

Mike Spence at Silverstone in '64 for t he first Le Mans coupe test. He would later crash it at the 'Ring, after Jackie Stewart's class win on it s debut at Montlhery

June 2013 Classic & Sports Car 153

In the mid-1930s, Nuffield-era MG was pitched against freespirited Riley. James Page chooses between VA and 12/4 PHOTOGRAPHY TONY BAKER

Cloclwm, from lllllnl

MGlllab-11111mnt181 liith91Mt11tt.phnlll

Wauldâ&#x20AC;˘ua-t ......


ManlUW 'ul lâ&#x20AC;˘ AUnd a1-w1111na.-rarn.....

ooking back now, the way in which the British motor industry developed after WW2 - the mergers, the sharing of components and the dilution of marque identity - was already in evidence during the second half of the 1930s. At the heart of this were two companies that began the decade doing battle on the racetracks as well as in the showrooms -Riley and MG. Both offered advanced, sporting models that reflected their competition success. They traded overall victory in the prestigious RAC Tourist Trophy for six consecutive years, with no less a driver than Tazio N uvolari claiming it for MG in 1933. Renowned tuner Freddie Dixon soon hit back, taking consecutive wins for Riley in 1935 and '36. And t hen th ere was Raymond Mays' 'W hite Riley', based on th e Brooklands Six model and which formed the stepping stone on his way to building the voiturette ERAs. MG soon discovered, however, that all of diat success didn't necessarily pay the bills. In 193 5, the company became part o f t he N uffie ld Organisation, the expensive racing programme was halted and die design offi ce was shifted from Abingdon to Cowley. Rad1er than being given a relatively free hand at the head of the marque, Cecil Kimber was instructed to concentrate more on the bottom line di an the chequered flag. It h ad been fun while it lasted but, from then on, MG would be forced to rely fa r more heavily on d1e Morris and ~To lsel ey parts bins. T he first new model to upset the purists was dle SA of 1935 -a luxurious, heavy 2-litre saloon that signalled a shift in ed1os for the company and was designed to take o n SS. A year later 156 Classic & Sports Car June 2013

'ENTHUSIASTS PINED FOR THE OLD MG, BUT IT PUT THE FIRM ON A MORE STABLE FOOTING' came its little brother, the 1Vi-litre VA. While the chassis and the bodywork (saloon, tourer or drophead) were bespoke, the l 548cc engine was developed from that used in the M orris Twelve and Wolseley 12/48. Much of the running gear was sourced dle same way and, while enthusiasts pined for die old school of MGs, d1ere was no doubt diat this approach put the company on a far more stable financial footing. Almost as many VAs were sold in the first year of production as Magnettes over the previous three. In Coventry, meanwhi le, Riley was focused solely on expansion. In 1935, and still revelling in the success of the N in e, dle firm reintroduced a 1 Vi-litre four-cylinder model to its range,

somedung that had been missing since 1928 and which put it in direct competition wid1 dle VA. ~Thi le Pe rcy Riley wanted to develop the existing 1633cc six-cylinder powerplantto cover dlis sector of the market, his brothers - Victor and Stanley- preferred to create an entirely new unit. It was designed by Hugh Rose, who had previously been workin g o n t he compan y's transmissions, and used many of the elements that could be found on its sma.ller sibling, such as hemispherical combustio n chambers and twin camshafts that were mounted high in the block. The 'hot-spot' induction system - in which the exhaust gases heated the intake manifo ld to ensure the most efficient flow - was retained, albeit altered from di at found on the Nine. In 45bhp Standard form, carburetion was via a single Zenidi. The later Special Series option had twin Zeniths o r twin SUs, and upped the out put to 52 bhp, whil e from 1936 t he really sporting gentleman could specify tl1e 6 1bhp Spri te Series engine, with crossflow cylinder head and water-heated inlet manifold.

A new chassis was developed, too, featuri ng box-sectio n side members and tubular crossmembers, and further braced via diagonal cables that crossed at the centre. As for body styles, the Kestrel saloon (which would be offered atÂŁ345) and Lynx four-door tourer (ÂŁ335) were already popular on other chassis, so they were adapted for use on the 11/z-litre, which became known as the 12/4. T here was a newcomer, too, in the shape of t he Falcon saloon. This design was slightly more upright t han the svelte Kestrel, with the intention that it would be for buyers who desired a little more room and practicality. Trying to keep up wit h the development of Riley mode ls of th is era is a time-consuming business. In 1936 alo ne came four more variations o n the 11/z-litre t he me: the spacious six-light Adelphi; the two-seater Sprite, which was based on the MPH platform; the entry-level Merlin; and a six-light version of the Kestrel. There were also three chassis, each with a rufferent wheelbase. The shortest was for the Merlin,

the middle one carried the Falcon and Lynx, and the longest was for the Adelphi and Kestrel. Into this ever-changing maelstrom of bodies came d1e Touring saloon of 193 7, and it is this elegant shape that ado rns our featured car. The model is commonly referred to as the Continental, which was to have been its official name until Rolls-Royce o bj ected. It was offered for only one yea r in this fo rm - t he 1938 Touring is, confusingly, a completely different car. As with so many Riley saloons of the era, it's beautifully resolved - perhaps not quite as flowing as the six-l ight Kestrel, but more sporting than the Falcon. T he idea was that it would be a practical choice, hence the boot, which looks as though it should be spacious yet is anyd1ing but. T he spare wheel prevents you from packing much luggage, which rather blunts the 'Touring' objective. Th e MG looks more substantial than the Riley-especially around the rear three-quarters - and it features a more upright boot, which again is not as capacious as you would expect.

Clockwise, from main: in Touring farm, the Riley is the mare rakish of the two, especially in profile; engine borrowed heavily from Nine's design tubular manifold an this car is nan-standard

Triumph. MG. Morris Minor. MX-5. Classic Mini






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Precision fuelling MANUFACTURED BY TRIUMPH IN THE 1950/60s, REMANUFACTURED BY MOSS FOR 2013 Originally manufactured by Triumph in the 1950/60s,

Triumph, MG, Morris Minor, Mazda MX-5 and Classic

for TR2-4A models. This fuel pump, part no. 109637,

M ini models. All parts are available to order o nline,

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to 0 .E. standards and an exact reproduction of the original, this fuel pump is supplied complete with

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Clockwise, from above: gorgeous interior boasts a well-organised dashboard - this pre-production model features a fly-off handbrake: neat MG motif on doorhandles; radiatormounted temperature gauge is a later addition; substantial rear end

The upright grill e and twin spare wheels (a factory option fi tted to Keith Bush's car) both contribute to the feeling that the VA is the more conservative, grown-up design. It's fu ll of neat de tai ls, though . T h e lib era l u se of the O ctagon badge was apparently at the behest of Cecil Kimber, who was keen that M G's identity should still be clearly stamped upon the new model. As such, you can find it on everything from tl1e doorhandles to the interior lamps. Inside, both cars o ffer tl1e combination of atmosphere and discreet good taste tl1at can only come from a 1930s saloon. Into tl1e staple diet of wood and leather are woven contemporary touches such as Art D eco sunburst door cards and elega nt dials set - on t he Ri ley as in the MG - within a centrally mounted wooden dashboard. T he VA feels more airy and spacious, but both cars offer cosy, comfortabl e and beautifu lly sculpted rear seats. Slide behind tl1e wheel of the MG and your feet rest qui te hi gh , wit h the peda ls close together. It's a commanding viewpoin t that

enables you to easily place tl1e car when you're on tl1e move. As witl1 so many models of this era, the VA and Ri ley 'wander' down the road, the wheels following every little variation. Ifyou are clumsy witl1 the steering - especially on badly maintainedB-roads-you can easily end up overcorrecting, but you soon adapt to the way in which they chatter along. Contrary to its exterior appearance, the M G feels like the more sporting of the two thanks, in this instance, to Bush having uprated the engine to the l 708cc, 63 bhp specification tl1at was used in police VAs. It therefore sounds stronger than the Riley's 'four', pulli ng well through the gears, altl1ough both cars are equalJy happy maintaining a 50mph cm ise. There is synchromesh on all but first gear, but nonetheless Bush double-declutches his way up and down the ' box, moving the smbby lever through its delightful open gate - complete with a 'lock-out' for reverse - so I do likewise. On more than one occasion, we approach a corner and I go to change down, only for him to assure

MGVA Sold/number built l 937-'39/2407 Construction steel chassis. ash frame. steel panels, aluminium-skinned doors and bootlid Engine all-iron, overhead-valve 1549cc 'fo ur'. twin SU carburettors Max power 54bhp @ 4500rpm Max torque not quoted Transmission fo ur-speed manual, no synchro on fi rst, driving rear wheels Suspension: front beam axle rear live axle; semi-elliptic leaf springs, ant i-roll shackles, adjustable hydraul ic dampers f/r Steering worm and nut Brakes hydrau lica lly operated lOin drums Length 14ft 3in (4343mm) Width Sft 2 in (1 575mm) Height Sft 13/.in (1 568mm) Wheelbase 9ft (2743mm) Weight 25741b (l 168kg) 0-SOmph 15.8 secs Top speed 76mph Mpg 22 Price new ÂŁ325 Price now ÂŁ20-40,000 Thanks to MGCC (

June 2013 Classic & Sports Car 159







Clockwise, from above: cosseting interior - seats would originally have had pneumatic cushions; simple detailing; Riley was in the midst of one of its most profilic periods when it launched the 12/4: deceptively small boot is accessed via a split lid

me that it's fine where it is and the torque will pull the car through, which - of course - it does. T he Riley fea tures Armstrong Sidde ley's preselector gearbox that was adopted as part of the company's determination to make driving as easy as possible. Operating it is indeed sim ple: once you're on the move, you slide the columnmounted lever into tl1e relevant position. \Vhen you next press and release the gearchange pedal, that ratio will be selected. Coming fro m a time when synchromesh was in its infancy, you can see t he appeal for owners who struggled wit h a manual gearbox. T hat said, Riley did offer a three-speed, d ual-ove rdrive transmissio n as an option from mid-193 7. In fact, when the 12/4 was launched at the London Motor Show, the Falcon on display was fi tted witl1 an all-synchromesh unit, the development and production of which was subsequently abandoned. T he harsh lessons that had been learned at Abingdon, and which resulted in the VA sitting comfortably within a streamlined range between the SA and T -series sports cars, took a little

longer to reach Coventry. By 1938, however, Ri ley's ambitious approach had caught up with it and, on 24 Febrnary, the Receiver was called in. T hat September, Riley joined MG as part of the N uffield Organisation after a proposed merger wit h Trium ph fa iled. Assurances were given by Wtll.iam Morris himself that " the company may add to t he great reputation it has so deservedly won". In mid-1 936, tl1e Riley range comprised fo ur diffe rent engines and 22 model variations. For 1939, only the 11/z- and 2 1/i-li tre engines survived, in saloon or drophead bodies. Villllle the VA proved unpopular among tl1e di ehards when new, it was - and remains - a classy and very able rival for the 12/4, a car in troduced at the height ofRiley's powers. T he latter's crisp, delicate styling gives it tl1e edge it for me but, in tl1is uprated form, tl1e MG feels impressively sporting and adds up to more tl1an th e sum of its relatively humble parts. T he rivalry between tl1e two marques would continue but, once tl1ey were under the same roof, it would never be quite tl1e same aga i n. ~

RILEY 12/4 CONTINENTAL Sold/number built 1937/150 Construction steel box-section chassis. tubular cross me mbers. ash frame. aluminium panels. steel wings and running boards Engine all-iron, overhead-valve l 496cc 'four'. single Zenith carburettor Max power 4 5bhp @ 4800rpm Max torque not quoted Transmission four-speed Armstrong Siddeley preselector. driving rear wheels Suspension: front beam axle rear live axle; semi-elliptic springs, Luvax dampers f/r Steering worm and segment Brakes rod-operated drums Length l 4ft 6 1/2in (4 430mm ) Width Sft l1/iin (1530mm) Height 4ft 11 1/,in (2629mm) Wheelbase 9ft 4 1/2in (2840mm) Weight 27991b (1270kg) 0-SOmph 17 secs Top speed 73mph Mpg 27 Price new ÂŁ350 ('37) Price now ÂŁ20-30,000

Thanks to The Riley Register (www.rileyregis June 2013 Classic & Sports Car 161

162 Classic & Sports Car June 2013

June 2013 Classic & Sports Car 163


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SAT.8 SUN.9 JUNE 2013


Bcila~~~~m CITROEn

HA ' 1L \1A J:

<ifll --;Llflf YOU~[_ MERS 1



hi s is the Talbot that's n ot mentioned in polite company. A car with its nobility compromised. No cl assy twi n-cam under the bonnet. Instead - and how demeaning - just an o ld sidevalve Ford VS as used by Simca for its most-flash-for-your-cash Vedettes. How could such a thing have happened? In fac t, there's no need to get hot under the collar about this bastardised blue-blood. T hese fi nal L ago America coupes with their Simca engines were nothing more than an end-of-line act of expediency to use up the remaining stock of parts after Antho ny Lago had decided to sell out to H enri-Theodore P igozzi ofSimca. Look at it as a praisewortl1y act of housekeeping and waste-not-want-not recycling rather than a deliberate besmirching of the Talbot escutcheon and you'll start to understand the car better. T he history of tl1e model goes back to tl1e '54 Paris Salo n, when Talbot showed a new 2 Yi-Litre, four-cylinder engine - actually just a five-ma.inbearing development of the 2.7-litre twin-cam used in the Talbot Baby saloon first seen at the '49 show. The last few examples of tl1e Baby had this engine, but mo re significantly tl1e unit was fi tted to tl1e 2 500 Lago Sport introduced in May '55. This represented a rethink for Talbot. Previo usly its front-line car was the 4Yi-litre T-26 GLS, announced in '53. A heavy timber-framed coupe, the T-26 could trace its lineage back to the 1934 TalbotT150. It looked good, thanks to lines by hired-gun and sometime C hapron stylist

Carlo Delaisse, and it went well , courtesy of tl1e 2 1Ob hp develo ped by its hig h-cam hemi- head twin-cam 'six'. But it was costly to make, drank petrol, and had a price-tag that was nearly halfas much again as that of a J aguar XK120. Forthe2500LagoSport - orT-14LS-Talbot took the Delaisse body, shrunk: it, and mounted it on a crucifom1-braced tubular cl1assis into whicl1 tl1e 249lccenginewas dropped, mated to an allsynchro P ont-a-Mo usson gearbox. The front suspension was by transverse leafand upper wishbones, with an anti-roll bar, and there was an

'TO HELL WITH WHAT'S UNDER THE BONNET, THE HUNKERED-DOWN STANCE LOOKS SO RIGHT' underslungrearaxleon leaf springs. W ith leverarm dampers a.II-round, there was nothing even vaguely adventurous about tl1e running gear, but it was no better o r worse tl1an many otl1er topdrawer spo rting cars of tl1e time. T he engine, however, was relatively sophisticated, being an extrapolation of t he twin-cams that Walter Becchia had designed for Talbot before leaving for Citroen. It thus had sho rt push rods, inclined valves and hemispherical combustion chambers, a recipe that resulted in 120bhp at 5000rpm. H elping to exploit tl1is, weight was kept d own to a quoted lOOOkg, tl1anks to tl1e car's two-seater

configuratio n, its ho llow doors wit h slid ing windows and its lightweight bucket seats. It was all to no avail. Including two cabriolets, only 54weremade, tl1e last in spring 1957. T he engine was not reliable, and rumours about the fi rm being in difficulty did not reassure potential buyers. Such fears were well-fmmded: Antl10ny Lago was always under-capitalised, and had taken on assembly of tl1e Velam bubble car and 2CV van to keep his head above water. After me winding-down of tl1e T-14 LS, Lago tried his luck in the US, and rejigged the car to take a small-bore 2476cc version of the BMW VS; tl1is developed 13 Sb hp, and was used with a ZF gearbox. Known as the Lago America, just 12 were built, all with left-hand drive - for the first time on a Talbot. Such was the back-history behind the Simcapowered Talbot at the moment when Lago put his business up for sale in spring 1958. Pigozzi, canny as ever, soon expressed an interest, following the same policy as with Simca's Nanterre factory, formerly Donnet's, and its Poissy works, purchased from Ford. Rather than build a new plant to gain extra capacity, Pigozzi kept his eye out fo r going concerns with decent facilities, which he could buy at an attractive price. The spacious Talbot premises at Suresnes were again just the ticket when he needed to expand. Right across tl1e road from the Unic truck factory tl1at had passed into Simca hands a fow years before, tl1ey would be a perfect addition to these facili ties. There was plenty of surplus land tl1at could be sold for a healthy profit, too. L ago was ill, and really didn't want to be dragged tl1rough tl1e June 2013 Classic & Sports Car 165

Protect your precious metal with the professional, high quality rust proofing treatment, preventing the appearance of rust.

Hlnvnerile aid all distinctNe cob..- names are trade marl<s ci the AkzoNobel ~P o AkzoNobel 2012


Florio lOlO

Brittany's ultimate euent to historic

motor-racing ~

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bankruptcy courts, so a deal was set up between the two Italians, for a largely symbolic price. Along with the factory came a stock of spares and some part-built L ago Americas. Some say that the VS couldn'tcontinue to be used because Lago hadn't paid BM\V for those he'd previously bought. T his doesn 't ring true, because there were still BMW motors at the factory when all its surplus material was later sold to former Talbo t racer Georges G rignard. O thers have suggested that Pigozzi wouldn't countenance use o f the German engine because he didn't want a 'foreign' power uni t in one of hi s cars. More likely is that the Simca chief saw no reason to encourage Lago to use someone else's engine when he had a factory churning out his own VSs. Why beat about the bush, just for a handfu l of cars? Thus was born the last of the Lago America coupes, with its 235 lccex-Ford flad1ead VS and Pont-a-Mousso n four-speeder - a combinatio n seen before in the Facel-bodied F ord Comere. The car was fi rst shown at the l 95S P aris Salon, a couple of months ahead of the inking-in of the Simca purchase of Talbot at d1e end of D ecember. Fo ur examples were o n the Talbot stand , one still with sliding windows and d1e o thers wid1 a taller glasshouse and doors incorporating winding windows wid1 quarterlights. It is said that just o ne od1er car was buil t, but cl ub sources suggest that anything between six and nine may fin ally have been assembled. All had left-hand drive, because d1ey were built on America chassis - so the L ago Sport appellation sometimes used is not stricd y speaking correct.

W ith d1eir completion, the marque name was put into store, possibly reserved for a furn re topof-the- range Simca. P igozzi had no particular incentive to keep d1e Talbot name going, and buyers were hardly fa lling over each other in a rnsh to open their chequebooks: at Ffi-2,300,000, d1e car cost Ffr600,000 more than d1e previous year's BM\V-powered L ago America - o r more d1an double d1e price of a Citroen DS. T he example owned by fonner P eugeot engineer P ierre Beguin has chassis number six, and was finished by G rignard. Yo ur initial instinct is to think to hel l with what's under the bonnet, beca use t he g lassy lines, voluptuous rea r wingline and hunkered-down, wheelarch-filled stance look so right. At fi rst glance they do, anyway. Th en you noti ce that t he oversized windscreen arches somewhat awkwardly into the roof and the flat-topped door frames look a bit homemade, while d1e grille seems ham -fisted. But overall the steel body-still wid1 some wood framing- is clean and unornamented, just like the interior. This is simple and businesslike, with a curved leathercloth-covered dash , an o pen glove box and the auxiliary gauges in one combination di al wid1 d1e speedo - an arrangement that may be unique to this car. T he square transmi ssio n tunne l, fl at fl oor and big sprun g four-spoke wheel toged1er send o ut a message d1at's more high-class special d1an d1e work of bespoke craftsmanship, an impressio n not leavened by the painted door cappings and utilitarian carpet. An XKcockpit is far more seductive. A brief run suggests that the cavils abo ut the

Talbot's humble engine are largely just snobbery. I've always had a soft spot for that friendly old flathead, and in 2 112-litre form with a bit of extra vim from a pair of Zenith twin-chokes, the VS burble is matched by a degree of incision to the car's responses. The quoted output of 95bhp is hardly anaemic, in any case. T he short-throw gearchange is d ick-click precise, well synchronised and mated to a sweet clutch , while the brakes - with their big finned drnms-are nicely progressive and stop d1e car efficiendy. Sitting close to d1e wheel, which is on a lo ng chromed column, you expect antique steering to match, but the cam-and- peg mechanism is fluid, easy and certainly not heavy. The suspension is well controlled wid1out being bo ne-shakingly harsh, so long journeys need not be a hardship. "I'm not bod1ered by it being Simca-engined," says Beguin. "I've done plenty of rallies in the car, and it drives well. It's not particularly sporting, bu t it's comfortabl e, reasonabl y quiet and handles well. There are no squeaks and ratdes from the structure, either - it's a well-built body." As the last gasp of d1e last survivor of the traditional Frencli prestige marques, d1ere's a certain poignancy to sam pling the Talbot. T he future in this sector of the market belonged - albeit briefly - to Face! Vega, but one should bearin mind d1at at the l 95S Paris show a manual HK500 cost Ffr3,6 50,000. W id1 d1at sort of price differential, the Talbot - whatever its crudities - doesn't look to have been too bad a proposition, for a well-heeled enthusiast determined not to go down th e Jaguarroute.~ June 2013 Classic & Sports Car 167







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Machine Mart www.moc: .u

Nears ide inner chassis leg was corroded ...

.• rust was cut out and internal part rebuilt

Rear axle strap bolts to inner sub-section

Lagonda Rapide Run by Mart in Buck ley Owned since 2004 Total mileage 90,64 5 Miles since January 2012 report none Latest costs t o be discussed!

DARK BLUE GIVES WAY TO NEW HUE T he Lagonda is finally getting the attention that it deserves and has gone in for a fu ll body restoration wit h J onathan W ills at Cotswold C lassics in Cirencester. I think my last major outing with it was to Goodwood about fi ve years ago, or possibly a more recent 'Poor Boys', but it is a car t hat I have a great affection for and fee l very lucky to have the use of. W hi le tl1e rest of tl1e planet seems to be going daft for D B4/5/6 Astons, having sometlling much rarer -only 55 built- and in certain respects more interesting (because it has four doors) does make me feel quietly smug at times. It has never been me most reliable of cars, mough it did go tl1rough a period of dependability after me attenti ons of automatic gearbox specialist Graham Whitehouse. It was pushed to me back of me queue when tlle brakes died a while back, 170 Classic & Sports Car June 2013

but we have recently lavished some attention on m e interior and had me rear bumper rechromed. T he original idea was just to tackle some of the strucm ral rust underneath , which (inevitably) mrned out to be more extensive man we fi rst feared. That said, it's still not bad for a near-50-year-old car tliat has never really had more tllan a cosmetic 1970s blowover. It didn't n ee d its oute r sills replacing, which is unusual, but the only really good panel of tlle entire strucmre was me roof. T he outriggers and rear-suspension mounts had to be unpicked, plus mere was work to do inside me boot floor and on tlle rear chassis legs. All of that was before Christmas. Since then it was decided between Wills and Richard Stevens (who owns the Rapide, but it lives wim

'Stripping the paint was laborious because the aluminium is too fragile to stand machine techniques' me) tliat it was time for me Aegean Blue, which Richard has neve r liked, to be changed. T he options are a light blue, akin to tlle colour of Stevens' last Face] II, Dubonnet Rosso or Roman Purple. Stripping tl1e paint was laborious because me aluminium is too fragile to stand having the deep layers ('/sin thick in places) removed by machin e techniques, particularly me big roof panel tliat could easily warp. Several types of com pound we re tried; modern healt h and

Outer leg repair, re-using strap bracket .•

.•finished new metal before it was painted

safety re quirem ents mean that tl1ese are no longer as powerful/ toxic as they used to be. Just shi ftin g the paint from me bootlid too k one m an two days . All of the doors came off and require their steel frames to be re buil t : t he h inges needed heati ng up to loosen me bolts. Wills Offside inner arch cut away for less-involved rectification was interested to find that, for rigidity, Aston used a piece refi nish the engine compartment: it of piano-type wire tensioned diag- was de-rusted, etch-primed and onally across me door frame. given a coat of satin black. T he T he e lectri c wind ows have overhaul o f th e tw in -cam was always been temperamental and completed a while ago but deserves lots of hodges were found to have an instalment here of its own. W ith both sc reens removed , been perpetrated involving household wiring blocks. I'd also like to the re will be decisions to make find an original radio fo r tl1e car: about a new headlining and a fresh tlle legend 'Lagonda' lights up in set of carpets throughout. W hat's red when it's switched on. in there seems appropriate to m e T he windscreen has a couple of car in m e condition it was before chips, but, amazingly, P ilki ngton (noble but ti red), but could look sad can make anotl1er from me original and tl1readbare in places when the tooling for about £500. T he front Rapide goes back togetl1er. and rear valances have seen lots of action, too, and tl1ere is still plenty THANKS TO of preparation to be done. • Jon Wills at Co tswold Classic Car While the motor was out for a Res tora tions: 017 9 3 752195 rebuild, we took tl1e oppornmi ty to

Citroen 15-Six Run by Graeme Hurst Owned since Octob er 2007 Total mileage 18.376km Kilometres since February report 422 Latest costs £5 2


MG Magnette Run by Alastair Clemen ts Owned since Jan uary 2010 Total mileage 6460 Miles since December 2012 report 447 Latest costs nil

Chatley carefully transported car to NEC._

SHINE TAKES THE EDGE OFF PAINT T h e reasons for t he M agn ette's absence fro m t hese pages are two fo ld: firstly, my con tinued enthusiasm fo r a new toy, the BGT, and secondly - fo r t he fi rst time I've been paranoid abo ut using it much on the super-salty roads over th e past few mo nths. The fact that I've been enjoying the bargainbasement B has made it easier to leave the ZB nicked up at home. The car hasn't been hidden from view, however. It took pride of place on C&SC's stand at the Footman James Classic Motor Show - alongside an Auto U nion Typ D , no less. T he event was slap in the middle of our January issue deadline, so I had to ca ll o n t ranspo rt guru J o hn C hatley of Classic Italian Connection . As a former TVR owner, I know John of old from his days as a director of David Gerald TVR, and there is no one else I would trust more to take my car up to the NEC. It was a proud moment to see the M G on display and I was chuffed witl1 tl1e comments that it received - and it didn't look too shabby, even compared to a similar car up fo r £20k with a dealer. T he o nly thing that took tl1e shine off the weekend was, ironically, the shine, after the polishing 'expert' who a colleague

tasked witl1 getting the car to look its best m ana ged to bu ff ri ght tlu-ough the paint to the primer on t he hard edges beneath the rear doors and wings. I'm not even sure a paintshop will be able to blend it in without a bottom-half repaint. After the show, I spent much of the winter on eBay searching- and largely failing - to track down a few missing bits. I did manage to buy a copy of the period brochure fea turing a black ZB o n the cover, but was m1able to secure a set ofsunvisors, a steering boss or a repl acement for the snapped driver's door-pull. Fortunately for t he Magnette's ego - ifnot my stress levels- the B's clutch went early this year and, with the Suzuki still no t quite finished, I have had to leave it for now. So the ZB trundled through the Sussex snow to be one of disappointingly few 'proper' motors in the car park at the Goodwood press lam1cli, but Harry Metcalfe gets an honourable mentio n for upstaging me wit h his wonderful Lambo rghini Espada.

M arch 's plummeting temperatures made it a challenge to enjoy t he Traction. It was a complex car for its day but the heater relies on a duct of air fro m the radiator, which is 100% effective only in the height of summer. But tl1e Hipside is tlrnt the dense, icy air boosts performance, which made the 15-Sixa hoot on its first big outing this year - a run to tl1e G oodwood Breakfast Club. Its all- round to rsion- bar suspension allowed m e to hurl La Reine de la Route through the com ers over the Soutl1 Downs witl1 aplomb. H appily the roads were dry and the Citroen arrived in one piece to add to tlie diversity of tlie line-up which boasted a Face! Vega and a couple of Gordon-Keebles before we retired to T he D og & P heasant, Brook for lunch.

Back home, tlio ughts of warmth prompted me to sort the car's nonstandard temperature gauge in case we finally get a summer. A previous owner had fitted the sensor in the aluminium elbow that brings water out of the top of the head, but that was replaced when the Traction was re furbished fi ve years ago. And I tl1ought tl1e brass sensor had since gone missing, though it turned up when I was tidying our workshop. I had been reluctant to carve another hole into tl1e elbow (that's why tlie original one was swapped), but on closer examination I realised that the fi tting is designed to sit in the top hose. Before cutting a hole, I decided that it was best to test the sensor by wiring it up and dunking the unit in a mug of hot water. Thankfully the gauge sprang into life, so I set about tl1e top hose. O ther items crossed off the list included fitting a set of lock barrels; the 15-Six previo usly had o nly one key that I'd been unable to locate a blank for, despite enquiries at various autojumbles. I also improved the engine's breathing wit h a new foam air-cleaner cartridge -a fiddly job because it was marginally too big. And some Megui ar's P aint Cleaner resto red tlie roof's gleam. A fres h sumpful of M iller s 20w/50 was followed by 15 minutes w ith a g rease gun to fe ttl e t h e complex transmission and suspension , which needs to be in tip-top conditio n for tlie T ractio n's next trip to West Sussex hopefully with t he windows open!

THANKS TO • Classic Italian Connection:

07831 632237/01386 793734;

June 2013 Classic & Sports Car 171



Machine Mart www.moc: .u

Cross-shaft casing is cracked in two places

Carburettor overhaul is almost complete

AC Buckland Run by Martin Port Owned since October 2007 Total mileage 9499 Miles since January report none Latest costs nil

HISTORY REPEATS FOR PROJECT CAR Anyo ne who was at the C lass ic M otor Show at the NEC last year might have seen me walking arow1d looking like t he cat that got the crea m. W hy? W ell , just w hen I had convinced myself that I had unearthed everything there was to di scover rega rding PAR 419, I found myselfon Ferret Fotographics' stand clutching yet another image of the Buckland in use. The picn1re in question is sitting proudly at the top of this page and shows first owner H arold D ay exiting a junction on tl1e old B2 l 08 in East Sussex - pres um ab ly o n a ra ll y. T han ks to the wonders of technology, I was able to first establish th at the B2108 in the picture is now decl assifi ed, tl1en 172 Classic & Sports Car June 2013

Steel chassis being stripped for repaint_. is engine bay and louvred side panels

Plywood panel will run width of bulkhead

find tl1e road originally bearing that title before popping on to Google M aps and pinpointing tl1e junction tl1at tl1e Buckland is pulling out of. For now, I' ll add it to the list of potential photo locations for when the car eventually hits the road. In order to make more progress towards that distant goal, I've been steadilyoverhaulingyet more parts. It may sound daft to get stuck into the carburettors when the engine itself is so far away from running, but it has to be done sometime' The triple SU carbs on PAR 419 are I \4in as opposed to th e 11/sin specification that was originally fitted to the UMB engine. This was something spotted by eagle-eyed reader and AC Ace owner Tim Isles when he e-mailed me in 2007 after I bought tl1e car. Only recently was I able to measure the carb size and confirm his suspicions, along with another observation that the carbs were attached to longer inlet manifolds compared to those tliat wou ld have been fitted at the factory. These upgr ades were

apparently commonplace among Aces and Acecas and , because we already know tl1at tl1e cylinder size had been uprated inside the engine, it stands to reason t hat D ay was after more power out on tl1e track. H aving dismantl ed the carbs, they needed a lot of cleaning. New spindles were cut to length and fitted, and just need to be dri lled and pegged to secure the butterfly 'stops' o n the carb sid es, whil e every other component was cleaned or replaced using tl1ree rebuild kits from Burien Fuel Systems. U n fortun ately, while sortin g out more e ngine compone nts I discovered another casualty. Th e engine feanires a cross-shaft that drives the dynamo and distributor and thi s has a housin g that, on mine, is cracked in two places. Elsewhere, yet more preparation has been taking place. The chassis is solid and covered in a coating of oil and grime. Altl10ugh this has no doubt protected it over tl1e years, I have begun stripping it all back so that I can then treat any surface

corrosion and repaint the metal. I h ave also started making up some cardboard templates for the sections of plywood that are now long gone. First up is tl1e panel that will n m the width of the car behind the a luminium bulkhead. This will tie several parts together and restore some structural integrity. Fina lly, an e- mail from Robert Barker, author ofA Record ofl\1otor Racing at Goodwood, brou gh t another pleasant surprise witl1 the in formation t hat PAR 41 9 had competed at Goodwood not once, but twice in 1953. D ay's outing on 2 5 Jul y was the first, followed by another on 12 September, and a further entry list shows tl1at he was also down to compete on 2 May, but recorded a D NS for reasons as yet unknown. THANKS TO

â&#x20AC;˘ Ferret Fotographics: 01453 543243; www.ferre â&#x20AC;˘ Burien Fuel Systems: 01722 41 2500:

Telephone: 01 21 506 6040

1nfo@peterjomesâ&#x20AC;˘ .uk

Specialist Vehicle Insurance

eon us today: we ore the enthusiast's Insurance Broker ond we're always here to help.

Telephone: 0121 422 2282

Commercial, Personal & Household Insurance



BMW2002tii Run by David Evans Owned since May 2000 Total mileage {2}37,005 Miles since May report 367 Latest costs £403.55


Ford Anglia Estate Run by Julian Balme Owned since June 1995 Total mileage 76,907 Miles since November 2011 report 2611 Latest costs £468

BUMP AND GRIND ON CITY STREETS I've always run an old crock as an everyday car, my youngest being in its ea rly 40s. At first the general runnin g experiences were fairl y uncomplicated, the main consideratio n being overworked cooling systems. But, with congestion charges and unruly parking costs, driving in London became a joyless affair - to such an extent that these days I barely drive in town. There is now a further obstacle of spite to deal with - the 'sleeping policeman' o r speed hump. Irrespective of how fast you negotiate them, they are beating the hell out of my cars. Last year cracks in the rear of the L otus Elan +2 chassis had to be welded as a consequence of crashing over t hese tarmac tank traps . As

Steering damper s orted variable braking

174 Classic & Sports Car June 2013

for Toddles, the Anglia, the steering box is foreve r being shaken apart - requiring maintenance on an annual basis. Admittedly, it's not helped by pi ti fully small suspension parts, but shockwaves being sent through the undercarriage cause every item to loosen itself. I've always thoug ht the Anglia's geometry to be unpredictable and, for longer than I care to remember, the wobbling and rattl ing through the steering has been a worry. After a bout of speed-bump hopping, the experience graduated to full -on fear and unsuspecting passengers' knuckJes turned polar white as the wheel jiggled in my palms. M echanical guru Colin Mullan suggested tl1at, once he'd adjusted tl1e box and the rear shock absorbers, he should fit a steering damper. It seemed like a good idea, because I recalled Ford offering something sim ilar. After he'd carried o ut tl1e work, I found the diagrams for the factory version in an old manual. Like much fo lkJore surro unding tl1e modifying of 'Angleboxes', little is known about this extra, though it's essential for anyone wanting to keep their hair. It's too late for me, but after 18 years Toddles has been transformed. Braking on uneven surfaces is no longer t he lottery it once was. AJl I have to do now is to tighte n every other suspension component each year, alo ng with trying to avoid speed bumps...

THANKS TO • Colin Mullan

Sometimes it's nice to do things on the spur of the moment. LPB ran out of MoT just before Easter, so I booked it in for a test with Peter Armstrong at L ongfield Hill Village Garage tile following Saturday. Most of my new BMW bits come fromJaymic, which is a brilliantly helpful specialist, but there's something quietly reassuring about sti ll being able to buy tl1em direct from the manufacturer as well. When I saw Lee Davis of BMW Classic at the Car Club Festival last August, he said tl1at I should get in touch if I wanted any parts. So I ordered the two exhaust sections that I needed from him - plus the fittings - and picked tl1em up from Battersea two days before tl1e test. Colin Simmo ns at Longfield did a lovely job of fittin g the exhaust -

rear clamp at 90° to the system, and no knocks or clonks afterwards tllen pointed out the advisories tint I was expecting. There's play in the offside-front MacPherson strut sliding bush or gland , which is probably responsible for tile wear on tl1e inner edge of that tyre. T he other item was an oil leak. I then popped into Stephen J ames BMW in Ruxley, where AJan Woolmer knew what I was after witho ut being asked - an oil filter and a di ff-sized sump- plug washer - before pointing out tl1at I'm his only 2002 spares customer. From tl1ere, I went straight to Ratley, near Banbury, to put flowers on Mum's grave. Just as I arrived, two young couples were leaving the Rose & Crown - one in a Carmen Red E-type, t he other in a BRG MGB. There were loads of other old cars o ut and about, such as a glorious 'waterfa ll grille' Triumph D olomite saloon in Aylesbury and a dazzling red Urraca S in convoy witl1 a modem Lambo on tl1eM25. Being a sad sort of blo ke, I had to check the fue l consumption after I'd topped it up with a dose ofVSPe and V-Power once back in Blackheatl1: 293 miles at nearly 33 mpg, which isn't bad for a car that'.5 barely n1rned a wheel tlus year.

THANKS TO • BMW Classic: 020 7963 5650: • Longfield Hill Village Garage: 01474 703000





W W W . V R E D E S TE I N

. CO . UK


_!\LLIS "' WA.LLIS 1928




------investments in memories------

ATASTE OF OUR 2013 EVENTS ... GAYDON !PRING CLMt/C &- CREAM TEA RUN SUNDAY 12 MAY Arrive in a classic car and get into the museum for the classic price of £5 per person.

11£RITAG£ RALLY SUNDAY 23 JUNE This social rally is open to classic cars - 20 years old or more and includes a road run to Blenheim Palace.

We know you like the real thing! W hat about its miniatme cousin?

BMC &- lfYlAND t!IOW

Buying or Selling we can help

SUNDAY 7 JULY A brand new show for 20 I 3 celebrating over I 00 years of British vehicles; 80 different marques on show!

We are the UK's longest established Toy & Model Auctioneers and hold 9 auctions every year. All our auct ions are 'live' online with


Collections and fine single items are welcome for our forrhcoming auct ion on July 22 and future dates at approximately 6 weekly intervals.

OLO FORD RALLY SUNDAY 21 JULY A real enthusiasts show for all pre 1985 Fords from Model Ts to Transit Vans.

Contact us by telephone or email for further information and/or a free sample catalogue.

WEST STREET AUCTION GALLERIES, LEWES, S USSE X, ENGLAND, BN7 2NJ TEL: +44 (o) 1273 480208 FAx: (o) 1273 476562

Web: auctions




Celebrating 20years1993 to 2013


T he right side of this sadly neglected 1987 seat has had the Scuff Master Colourwash treatment. It has been cleaned with cleaner then rubbed with Scuff Master dye in a d iluted form . T hen wiped ofTwith a damp cloth. The colour has stayed in the cracks but removed from the 'sound' leather. 24 hours later it is conditioned with conditioner and now smells new again, "leaves leather looking original". Total cost for all 4 products £32.00 incl p&p (awarded top marks in Practical C lassics January 2000 issue and highly recommended by R etro Cars, April 2006). Larger quantities ava ilable for full recolouring including the smell of leather, plus a spray gun if required

New, lvater based vinyl recolouring kits available

e nd chequ e o ,- t el ephon e CIY!dlf card d etc1fls t o:

GLIPTONE LEATHERCARE Ltd, 250 HaliEax Road, Tochnorden, West YorkS, OL14 SSQ r.J..,t••.,.,'"t:li 111r-.;;i =--i Tel: 01706 8~936S F~: ~1706 839962

Sec h ow to do


o n

t;:•jJ)i{ir.1111 ··A•mh•g"

Add 35p for C'ffi' cards. All prices include UK post, extra post to Euro1ie add .£2.10, ~-------~USA .£3.00 worldwide £3.50 r>cr 250ml bottle.



~ One SEEING IS BELIEVING ~ f olded j aguar cushion circa 1962




Q uick and easy to use, Liquid Leathe r is safe, economical & thorough - It works! It even SMELLS of a Rolls Royce.

250ml Cleaner £7 .00 • 250mJ Conditioner £8.00 both Include p&p


Cord ales add 3Sp, goods dispatched same day

Gliplone Leathercare Ud

Enterprise House

This side has been Liquid Leathered, the colour is rich, leather soft, grain distinct and the creases have ' healed'.

250 Halifax Road Todmorden

This side is dry and full west Yorks A ir Freshen er of dirt, hard and heavily OL14 sso UK creased, anaemic and Tel: +44(0)1706 819365 converts All cars to smell pale in colour Fax: +44(0)1708 839962 of traditional English leather

Includes Post IncrcJscs

READERS' CHERISHED CARS YOUR CLASSICS is all glassfibre. I also fitted new carpets and a set of period alloy wh eels, plus a sta inless- stee l exhaust system that improved the deep burble of the engine tenfo ld. It now sounds like some sort of groaning ghoul. Everydling is easy to get at plus it's nice and simple: no complex electrics or engine-management computers here. But it does have a vacuum system to operate the pop-up headlights and the wipers, which can be fun at times and is always amusing when I take it along fo r d1e anJlual MoT test. I tell the mechanic that I need to have the engin e running to operate t he wipers and lights and explain about the vacuum system, which they're qui te intrigued by. The wi pers work by operating a single switch

'The stainless exhaust has improved the deep burble tenfold - it now sounds like some sort of groaning ghoul'

Chevrolet Corvette Name David Royle Age 54 From Tetbury. Gloucestershire Occupation Project manager, building services First classic Triumph Spitfire Dream classic Aston Van tage Favourite driving song Free Bird Lynyrd Skynyrd Best drive From my home down to Le Mans, France

OFF TO LA SARTHE IN LE MANS BLUE I had just gone through a marriage separation, sold my house and was approaching my'rnid-life crisis'. So I kept some money back after the house sale especially for the event. Good job I did, because the crisis hit me pretty hard and I just had to get out and look for the classic that I had always admired as a kid: the Corvette Stingray. It had to be of the 'Mako Shark' style, of the age before they lost the chrome bumpers fron t and rear, and it had to be blue. Stingrays always seemed to be red, and I didn't fa ncy t hat. I started to look for specialists and the second dealer I approached in 2004, C laremont Corvette down in Kent, was very

Back at Circuit de la Sarthe for 'OB Classic

helpful. "Morning, I'm looking for an early Stingray," I said. "It needs to be the chrome-bumper type and it has to be in blue." "No problem, we have a choice of two," came the reply. One was a 197 1 LTl, the other a 1968 327, both blue and both convertibles. 'Fantastic,' I t hought as the dealer took me through for a look. T h e LTI was obviously a limited edition and a bit quicker than the rest. It was dark blue and did look very smart, but I fell in love with the earlier car. This was a lighter, more metallic hue described as 'Le Mans Blue'. The interior was in a matching colour and the hood was white. Because this was one of t he very early C3s, it had the ' pu sh-in' buttons to open the doors, the ignition switch was on the dash not the steering column , plus it featured circular sideligh ts under the front bumper, not the rectangular ones of the later cars. These fea tures were unique to d1e 1968 model. It wore the standard wheels and exhaust system and it just looked brill iant, especially with its hood down. Th e gea rbox was a fo urspeed manual, and I remember d1inking at the time what fun that was going to be with 5.4 litres of

Headlights help judge where the nose lies

Fields of oilseed rape bring out the blue

VS muscle under d1e bonnet. My brother took me over to Claremont on the day I picked up the car. It was bad enough driving a left-hooker for the first time, but the sheer length of the Corvette's bonnet took a bit of getting used to. You sit quite low down as well, but it gave me d1e biggest grin-factor I'd ever had. It was so big I couldn't fi t it on my face! Over the ensuing months, I did various jobs such as adding elect ronic ignition, adj usting the gear-selection linkage for smoother operation, plus fitting a new alternator (the previous one caught fire coming back from F ran ce on e yea r). That same drama also prompted me to add a nice big fire extinguisher in the passenger footwell; I thought it was a good idea anyway because d1e Stingray's body

Yank on the bank: at Brooklands in 2009

from the cockpit that first raises a pane l between the top of th e bonnet and the windscreen to expose the hidden wipers, before they appear and start to sweep. \.Vhen you switch them off, the wipers dive back into their recess and the panel shuts on top of d1em. Or at least, that's how t hey are supposed to work. "Look, she's more than 40-years old," I say to the mechanic, "so h er co-ordination isn't what it used to be!" And with that the cover panel closes, trapping the wipers hard against the windscreen, mid-sweep. T he Stingray has been most enjoyable when I've taken it across to France to the Le Mans C lassic. Left-hand drive, open roads, th e hood down and sound of that VS thundering its way along the tarmac: sheer pleasure.

WIN! A BESPOKE GUY ALLEN PRINT Send photos and 700 words to

james.elliott@haymar~ or to the p6 address. For Guy Allen gen, see



June 2013 Classic & Sports Car ln

TIGER 14/ 60

• £381.91 UU.98

£3QllOO U7U O £498.00 tslllJO !519.00 £622.IO 15311.00 t&IUO !7tll.OO £958.IO mt.GO £1174.10 ttell.00 £1162.IO 12:M.OO t2f78.IO ti 498.00 £11111.IO E90 e 90 20 300 12589 00 t311UO ~llllVlllll- "230v ll4llJIY i400V, phast was £2998 80 l1C VAT • was £3358 80 l1C VAT



. '

£139 98 £187.98 Ut.98 £83.98

£1ff.lll £239.88 £m .111 £21>3.98

£241.111 £299.98


150mm 150mm 150mm 150mm

HO 200mm £59.98 HO 1SOl200mm £




BENTLEY - THE HOME OF THE SUSSEX MOTOR MUSEUM BN8 SAF SUNDAY 21sr JULY 2013 10:30AM - 5PM Entry £5.00 per vehicle (2 people) £1 .50 per extra passenger, motorcycles £3.00 (2 people). Further information and Entry Form available from: Retail & Trade stands please enquire The monies raised this year wi ll go to MacMillan Cancer Care and St Peter & l James Hospice.

Sponsored by:




Tel:01323 407106, see us at the show.



BRAKE DUST BARRIER £10.99 08702416696; ~-.,..-._=-•

SOFTTOOL BAG £77.30 01142 9l 7266; Britool has designed tllis bag to combine portability with protection, with the intention that it is lighter and more flexible than metal or plastic alternatives. Made using 600x600 dernier n ylon fabric, it measures 500x2 l 5x400mm and has a rigid, waterproof base. T here are elasticated pockets on tlle inside and outside of the storage area, plus two fortl1er pockets at each end of the bag. Order as part number E010601B.

Britool's latest tool bag: designed with flexibility and ease of use in mind

This product is intended to cling to alloy wheels, creating a barrier between the surface and road debris or brake dust. Meguiars claims that all you need to do is spray a coatin g on to a clean, d ry wheel and allow the product to dry. I t is suitable for pain ted, polishedaluminium and ch rome wheels, and the maker says that it won't give a dulled finish. After applying it, dirt can apparently be removed via a quick rinse.

GLASS CLEANER £9.99 08712 212677;

CORDLESS MULTl-TOOL£79.99 01332 755799;

FORD DAMPERS £66.04 01268 724585;

This new cleaner from Mantis should produce a smear-free finish on glass and plastic windows. I t sprays o n and is claimed to remove dirt, dust and even oil fro m car and caravan windows. Because it contains no abrasives, it is especially recommended for use on acrylic and plastic panes, where a harsh cleaner could etch and haze tlle surface following freq uent use.

Rotary multi-tools are useful for all sorts of tasks, from cleaning up eartlling points to making precise cuts. T his latest kit from Dremel includes tlle 8100, a new cordless unit tllat is intended to charge quickly and offer a lon g running time. It fea tures a 7.2V motor, variable speed setting, plusan EZ Twist nose cap, which means that you can easily mange accessories without tlle need for a wrench.

The Mkl and Mk2 models tend to hog the Cortina limelight, but Gaz has now released uprated dampers for the M k3, 4 and 5. These adjustable units provide variable damping rates. Fine-tuning can be carried out via a single knob o n the side. Gaz can set tllem up for general road use, and they are also suitable for autosolo or sprint outings. You can order tllem as part number GT6-2059 (fronts) andGT62060 for the rears.

VWGAUGES £265 08458 738328; With availability of original gauges Limited, VWHeritage has come up witl1 replica speedometers that should look tlle part but which feature digital internals for increased reliability. You can calibrate it yourself so that it works witl1 any wheel and tyre combination, with the company claiming that it will be more accurate tllan tlle OE version. A supplied button can be hidden un der the dash to operate the LC D mileage and trip display. The price includes tlle sender unit and free delivery. A rev counter and foe I gauge are also available.

KEVLAR SLEEVE £15.22 01926815000; This sleeve is manufactured from Kevlar and features the additional protection of a thick, strong leatl1er panel. It offers a safe covering for your forearms while working in confined or hazardous areas. C laimed to be extremely resistant to cuts, it should stop you injuring yourself on sharp metal or glass. The price quoted is the RRP, but L aser recommends checking suppliers for the best offers. O rder as part num ber 5579.

RATCHET SCREWDRIVER £53.92 011 42917266; Ratchet tools can be much easier to use tllan standard ones in tight or awkward areas, and Mac Tools is now offering tlus l4in ratchet screwdriver. The SBDR8 features a tl1ree-position, 45-tootl1 mechanism tllat means you don't have to constantly stop and readjust your grip, as you d o when using a no rmal version. Mac says that it makes the whole process smootl1er and faster. The screwdriver also comes with a lifetime gu arantee. June 2013 Classic & Sports Car 181

SHELSLEY WAL speed h i story : future rec ord t PETER JAMES INSURANCE


27TH & 28TH JULY 2013 CE LEBRATI NG 50 YEARS OF THE M IN I COOPER S C O NCOU RS D' ELEGANCE OP EN TO ALL (SUNDAY) SPEC IAL APPEARANC E BY SIR STIRLI NG MOSS OBE (S UNDAY) Watch the cars ascend the famous Shelsley Walsh Hill Climb; ad mire the cars in the Paddock, meet the d rivers, enjoy good food and music in The Courtyard, visit our working water mill.


Stratstone ........ °"""~

Classic Car & Motorcycle Auction Wednesday 15th May Quality entries now invited. Over 100 entries on average.

1958 Jaguar XK1 50 FHC Est: £42,000 - £45,000

1927 Ford Model A Phaeton Est: £16,000 - £ 18,000

1947 Hillman Minx DHC Est: £14,000 - £16,000

1978 Jaguar XJ6C Coupe Est: £6,000 - £7,000

1964 Lancia Flavia Zagato Est: £9,000 - £11 ,000

195 2 MGTD Est: £ 13,000 - £ 15,000

1968 Mirage Ml Evocation Est: £80,000 - £100,000

1953 Riley RME Est: £10,000 - £ 12,000

1929 Rolls-Royce 20hp Mulliner Saloon Est: £30,000 - £33,000

1971 Aston Martin 0 85 VS Est: £29,000 - £33,000

Wednesday 22nd May Sale of ove r 500 lots of automobilia from the Mouldsworth Motor Museum

01568 611122

Brightwells, Easters Court, Leominster, H erefordsh ire, HR6 OD E


Email: classiccars@brightwell


RODS OFF THEIR OWN BATS Valley Gas Speed Shop Location 210 Towergate Industrial Park, Colebrook Way, Andover SPl 0 388 Staff seven Tel 0 1264 353646 Web www. va Labour rate ÂŁ45/ÂŁ35 per hour (short/long-term projects)

It looks li ke a ca rpet warehouse fro m outs id e, but boss J immy H ibberd's daily drive - a 1950 Fo rd panel van - is a clue to the riches within. You step through the door into a different dimensio n, even down to a Von Dutch clock on the wall. Ther e's everything fro m making someone else's VS transplant work properly to a stunni ng aluminium- bodied D euce coupe, built here from the ground up. At t he back of the worksho p, neat fa brication is taking place as a new fuel tan k is being rolled up. It's not all trad rods and customs, either - the Dodge-poweredJensen Viperceptor was created here, they

re-engineered Lord M arch's Kellison, and there's a Boss 302-engined Capri in for work. A Peking-Pari s VS-Pilot is having a new chassis and a modern J ag VS. VG doesn't do its own paint(yet), but trimming is in-ho use. T he shop is turning into a showcase fo r local art and hot-rod talent, alo ng with engine building plus mechanical and bodywork. The boys can bend and weld stainless-steel headers, as well as making new chassis for '30s Fords. As ever, the guvno r's own jo bs are the ones left on the back burner, but the combinatio n of a rust-free '63 Fairlane and an all-alloy big- block VS makes for an interesting project. "It's plann ed fo r Goodwood," he says, "but I haven't started it yet!" Hibberd was apprenti ced as a mechanic and then became a coded welder, graduated into sheet metal, and fo llowed th e usual route into cars and rodding. "We lived near Greenham airbase," he says. "M y aunt married an American and he bought a l SOOGT Cortina. T hen I built a Consul - my fi rst chop. " I worked all day, and th en all night in a little place that could take four cars. I started the firm in 1999

and took the un it next door, then 4000ft2 in Newbury." Now Valley Gas occupies 7000ft2, having moved to Andover a co uple of years ago: 'We seem to have built a monster!" W ord spread early on, and th is very English outfit has stro ng links with the States. "Boyd Coddington came over," Hibberd recalls, "when he was looking to open a shop here - and bo ught t hree L ambrettas. And Gene W infield painted a car fo r us." Valley Gas is tl1e main UK dealer for Speedway Moto rs, the oldest hot-rod shop in America. H ere the emphasis is as much on go as show. T he Viperceptor has a redesigned chassis to support its S-litre V l Ounit, and a scratch-built Ford Pop panel van, one of several, has a 434cu in C hevy, around which H ibberd is sorting tl1e steering linkage: "I like tl1ings to look right." Other lines include VW Camper rack conversions - "Yo u won 't believe how low you can go" - and power brakes for early M ustangs. You don't need to have engineers' boots and a flat-top to work here, but you fi t right in if you do. And there's a fine sorn1dtrack on permanent loop. P aul Hardiman~

Ford Pop van packs a 434cu in small-block

Fabricating fuel tank on an English wheel

Aluminium-bodied 'Deuce' is a work of art June 2013 Classic & Sports Car 183


300SL was riding on desirable Rudge knock-off wheels. Right. from top: Imp-engined Mkl Sprite; '65 Ford Thunderbird: elegant Talbot pairing

GULLWING FLIES AT H&H DUXFORD A fascinating venue, an informative and compact AS cata logue, and sli ck organisation led to a packed hall for H &H 's fi rst southern sale of the year at IWM Duxford on 17 April. Bidding from Singapore and Canada meant the star lot, a 1955 Mercedes 300SL Coupe, raced up to £672,000, but the bumperless black beauty evenmally went to a UK buyer. Creating similar bidding enthusiasm was a pair of Vincen t Black Lightning motorcycles that, at£220,000 each, were the second highest results on the day. Enthusiasts wanting pre-war saloons were spoilt for choice, with

nicely prese rved exa mpl es of L agonda, Derby Bentley and Roesch Talbot all offered, but it was a slightly later car - a 194 7 Talbot-Lago T-26-that had buyers most intrigued. Little seen in Britain, this handsome sports saloon, with 170bhp straigh t-six engine and Wi lson preselector gearbox, was believed to have been supplied new to the King of Belgi um and was later owned by Jersey-based aircraft engineer Arthur Michel. W ith stylish body trim, magnificent interior, and a dashboard packed with J aeger instruments, the Gallic great was ready for the

road after recent mechanical work, but it took a German buyer to commit at a bargain £41,810. A 1936 Talbot 105 was llllsold on the hammer but post-sale discussions looked hopeful at £60k. Its paperwork included bills that far exceeded the estimate for a full mecl1anical rebuild, including tuned triple-SU engine, plus impressive replica two-door coupe bodywork. This superb machine was another great buy and the perfect entry for T he Flying Scotsman event. T he Coventry Climax cam cover under the bonnet of an immaculate 'Frogeye' Sprite had many foxe d,

but the inspired unit was actually a disguised Imp motor that CarLislebased specia list and se ller C lark Dawson had fitted to create a demon 9000rpm screamer. Dealers were offering Dawson pre-sale deals of engin e buy-back afte r they' d refitted th e original, bu t hopefully this superbly engineered special will stay together after a successful £2 1,2 80 bid. There were bargains for Ameri can-car fans, with a tidy '65 Ford T hun derbird Special Landau taking £5 367, and an unrestored '50 Chrysler Town and Country ewport Coupe making £2 8k.

Essen works for Coys

Streamlined Adler TlO (above) was part of Swedish magician Lars Svedfeldt's collection. Right colourful history fuelled bidding interest in WW2 Willys MB Jeep

184 Classic & Sports Car June 2013

With a wealth of cars on offer fro m dealers and outside in the car corrals, Techno Classica is a challenging venue for an auction. but Coys had an upbeat sale on 13 April at the huge German show. Cars with good stories always sell well. such as a 1942 Willys MB Jeep that was left behind by the Americans in Italy after WW2. Used on a count's estate near Rome until it was discovered last year. it trebled its estimate atEll.104. A rare 1939 Adler TlO attracted worldwide interest. "With its original tartan vinyl trim. this streamliner must have looked as if it had landed from another planet on pre-war autobahns:· said Coys' Chris Routledge. "There's a demand for something different and it raced to £29.135'.' A Mille Miglia eligible 1953 Siata Gilco 750 Siluro, meanwhile, was sold by one Italian and bought by another for £60,054. "Essen is a tough environment to sell popular classics'.' added Routledge. "Taking three E-types was optimistic but we sold them all, which shows how strong the market is here'.' The much-promoted Bentley Embiricos replica fa iled to sell, but post-auction interest had collectors in a bidding battle at around £300k. With a genuine 41/. -litre chassis, it's hoped that the Peterson-built copy will be accepted at the 2014 Le Mans Classic.

Coming soon to auction MAY 3-5 Worldwide Houston Classic,

Early Cobra tops AA sale FromJeepsters to a Bentley Continental, there was sometl1ing fo r all at Aucti o ns America's e pi c Fort L auderdale sa le (22-24 March). Shelbys sold well: an early Cobra, CSX20 23 (a bove), with 289cu in engine, side exhausts and American Racing five-spokes made £346, 77 5, while an award-winning '67 GT500 went for £98 ,3 13. Afte r RM's Weiner sale, there seems to be fever in the US for microcars with a '59 Berkeley SE492 taking £1 7,87 5!

Texas, USA 001260 925 6789; www.war/

8 Silver Spokane, Washington State, USA 001 509 326 4485;

kept under wraps for the past 14 years


11 Mathewsons Thornton-le-Dale,

A tired-looking but original maroon Maserati Ghibli that was recently disinterred from 14 years in dry storage heads the selection on offer for Silverstone Auctions' International Trophy Sale on 17 May. Last taxed in 1999, this early 4.7-litre model is estimated to make £16,000 but requires a complete restoration. The sale also features a strong contingent of MGs, including a restored '68 MGC roadster (estimate £14-18k) and. from the same year, a superb Old English White MG B that its engineer owner has treasured for the past 23 years (£1 0-14k). An early production 1948 Land-Rover Series I- chassis number 651 - in excellent restored fettle is expected to make £25,000.

Pickering, NYorks. Viewing 10, pre-sale 11 01751 474455;


BARN-FINDS STIR INTEREST Anglia Car Auctions' 6 April sale proved the continuing demand for projects. A 1948 Bentley MkVI that its second owner had stored since '69 took £14,070, while a 1936 MG PB (above) with engine removed topped its estimate at £16,275.

9-11 Auctions America Auburn Auction Park, Indiana, USA 001260927 9797;

An impressive group of Molsheim's fines t is on offer for RM's second Concorso d'Eleganza Villa d'E ste sale on 25 May. Bugattis of diverse styles include a Type 30 Lavocat et Marsaud-style Torpedo, Type 37 Grand Prix, Type 40 Roadster, Type Moretti 750GSis ready for Mille Miglia 44 tourer, a spectacular Type 46 with replica Superprofilee coupe body, and a Type 57 Ventoux sa loon. An ex-Lord Howe MG K3 represents British pre-war greats, while etceterini fa ns are spoilt fo r choice thanks to a 1953 Moretti 750 Gran Sport Berlinetta, plus a pair of Cisitalias including a '54 Voloradente 33DF coupe.


14-19 Mecum Indiana State Fairgrounds, USA 001282275 5050; 15 Brightwells Leominster, Herefordshire. Viewing 9am-7pm 14. and pre-sale 15 01568 611122; 17 Silverstone Auctions The Wing, Silverstone Circuit, Northants 01926 691141;

18 Bonhams Aston Mart in Works, Newport Pagnell, Bucks 020 7468 5801; 25 Bonhams Spa Classic, Belgium.

Viewing 24 and pre-sale 25 020 7468 5801;


ODDITIES AT OSENAT Top seller at Osenat's 17 March sale was a Cord 810 at £198k, but the main talking point was a pair of Voisin prototypes. A 1955 200cc camionette (above) made £17,748, while the 'Facteur II' Bi scooter hit £1 9,720.

PERFECT PERIOD TRANSPORT Standard Eights don't come sweeter than the 1954 De Luxe that sold for £3410 at DVCA's 21 March fixture. With just 28,591 miles on the clock, this timewarp example featured original trim and a stash of paperwork.

Transport Collector Auctions seems to be making a habit of selling the collections and archives of au tomotive historians. Fresh from handling Jona than Wood's library, TCA has been instructed by the family of Bill Boddy to sell Calthorpe owned by Boddy since 1958 several of his cars, including two Austin Sevens and his treasured 1924 Ca lthorpe. Also on offer is a rare 1908 Fabrique Nationale motorcycle engine. The sale will be held at the Reading Auction Centre on 22 June. Call 01460 55944 for details. BRIGHTWELLS' MIRAGE REPLICA

There's little chance of acquiring one of the three Mirage Mls unless you're a multi-millionaire. but Brightwells will have the next best thing at its 15 May sale - a stunning recreation based on a monocoque Mirage rep faithfully echoes original that was built by a respected GT 40 specia list. This fastid iously constructed car boasts Gurney Weslake cylinder heads. aircraft-spec suspension bearings and correct Pirelli seat webbi ng. The road-registered replica is estimated to reach £100,000 - a fraction of the build cost.

25 RM Villa Erba, Lake Como. Italy.

Viewing 24 and pre-sale 25 020 7851 7070; 25 Richard Edmonds Castle Combe

Circuit, Wilts. Viewing 24 and pre-sale 25 01249 444544;

JUNE 1 Histories at Brooklands

Brooklands Museum, Surrey. Viewing 31 May and pre-sale 1 08009 883838; 2 Bonhams Greenwich Concours. Connecticut, USA 00 1 212461 6515; 8 Oldtimer Galerie Zurich,

Switzerland 0041318196161;

June 2013 Classic & Sports Car 185






ACAceca Bristol ACLRodeo6ZBlhd AdlerTlO AlfaRomeol900C55Touring51115WB





Alvis 3'/rlitre SA'Boedicea' special AstonMartinl1/rlitr,eMkll AstonMartinDBMklll Aston Martin VS Volante Austin 1800 Austin A40 Austin Mini Cooper~S:_:...

Aus.t in Mini Coop•r.'.~:.r.a!ly

1973 g/refurb(o) 1939 .... vg/refurb 1956 excLrestd 1948 --=:. vg/restd 1936 _ vg/restd(o)/gh 1935 _ excLrestd 1958 ....... vg/restd/ orig int 1984 ..... vg/refurb 1965 ·----- g/refurb(o)/lm/fo 1965 .. _,,__ fjrefurbjrecom 196.4 -··-···-~xc[~_estd __ __ )965 ... - ....... ~&/r_estd • _ ..... ...

Austin Mini van


Aus.tinSeven AustinSevenspeciaL _._. Austin Ten 4-seater tourer Aus.tin Ten Cambr_idg~ --··· Austin·Healey'Frogeye' Sprite AvionsVoisinBiscooterlhd

1934 ----~g/re.std 1933 -·-····- g/recom


AvionsVoisincamio~ett e lhd

Bentley3~h-litre.~aloo~~. BentleyMkVIJY.... . ... Bentley MkVI spe<;ial. ···BentleyR·typ•....... BentleyTurboR ..... _..

BMW327Spor)_~abr_iolet__ .

BMW600 _

__,,_____,,_____.. BMW2002to~(i.~L.- ......._ BMW M635CSi.. ___ ,,........._.. ChevroletCorve~t.e_ .. ···-·-· Chrysler Town llJ~ Co,u!'HY .M~wport Coupe_ ChryslerWindso~ ~oupe ·--Citroin 2CV6 lhd Citroin 2CV6 lhd Citroen 2CV6 DollY-.~ ::::•.: Citroin 5hp C3J3.:_l torpedo ~ourer lhd Citroen Meharilhd Cord810convertible.· coupel_hd Daimler 16/20 .. Daimler Double--Six DaimlerV8;2SO ......- ...- ....·---Daimler VB: 250,,__ ........_._.. Darmont 3:,whe~J~(jhd.......- ...- .. __ .Parracq lt~!!~~~.k.s~!~~.Lto.':!r.•r_. _ Datsun 100!', ,_,, __ ,,.........-......... Ferrari 308G)' 4.,lhd___,,___ - . . Ferrari 308GTSi lhd Ferrari308§TSithd ·-···-·-...-...

Osenat Coys .. Coys _,,, Coys ,,_, DVCA (o¥_s Cor.;




PRICE £95,200 £295B £29,135 £141,517 £270,933 £46,250. £102,790 £98,392 £40,320 £3360 £156B







H&H- ....-

£15,120 £4987 1939 _______vg/restd {o) DVC6_ -····-·· £7920 1937 .______Jjorig ACA···-·-£2572 1961 ...... __ excfrestd/mods H&~---. £21,280 1956 ____,,_fjorig/hi Ose'!aL ..... ~· £19,720 c1955 ·--···· Jjgrig Ose~a_t £17,748 1935 ____yg/restd H€1H £52,640 1948 ...... fjorig/restn(s) AC6_ £14,070 1952.............. exc/refurb/engine rebuilt ACP,__ £36,750, 1952 .... ex.c/restd H<i!:L £30,240 199Q._ .....v&[repaint/origint/sh AC!:,.... £8750 1939....... _ ,_ _vg[restd Co~s____ :~· " £142,480 1958.......- ...- Y&!restd H{;l!:L_..,,_,__£16,240 )9~1........- ......fL~~?tn(s)jhi . A~-6................... E65S. 198§........ - ...-.e.xcLorig/lm Hffi!:L..- .... _,,___£16,240 1 9~?... ____yg{restd{o) Osenat £6113 195Q····-···-·g/p.r_ig fj&lj~~=~~--=:=£28,0.00 191.?__.._ ·- g[o.r.i.& fj~!i___ .. -· J l 7,920 1981 ___... _yg/_[£_std O,;enat £6902 198,3__........_ vg/restd Qse~t-... £2662 198?...._.... _glrestd ..A.~A- _,,. __ £3570 l<J.2..4..__ ,,____vg/.~.estd(o) Osenat £12,81B 1977 ..... g/refurb Q~e~at-- ..-·-.. £4733. 193§ .•. g[res,td(oj Osenat £198,600 l<J.32.... . ..._.e.x.cJI.estd A_CI\... £18,900 1983 ... SYR~[restd/mods B,i;'lrons £14,850 19§_8__.., _.._ g/Je~oy H&J:L..........Jll,760 199.'l. .. _,,__yg,/r •.?td (o) A_CA____,,_ £5355 c l.9.2~....- ...- ..IJI~f.~[b [o) ...._Q~en~L......:::::..~~p_oo . £1~.91-....._...._Jl!.~~t~.{s}

ACA .. _. ····-··


197.1........ )9?.9...... ......ex.c/J..e st_d

__AC!;,,___,,_..,_.. E.1660 Osenat £21,692 - Osenat - ·· - · -£25,636 --o~;;;a-t-····· - -£.ii',692


.... -~!.r:.~!E

19~_ ..... _ e_xcf!_r:_gd

!2§.~...- ...-.v8'!.e.f~c~

Ferrari 400i Fiatx11C :::::.======::.


N>rd Capri !~_000.L... .N>rd Cor!!!!.........__ ,,_,,____,,___.....

... 1.~7.Z...._ ,,,__glre~~!.Q... ..•.!~§?__..__ ,,.....&/..':~1'<1!.lli/.lm

Coys' Aston Martin had previously been part of a private collection, and made £102,790

Avions Voisin Biscooter, £19,720 at Osenat

Bargain Datsun lOOA made £1680 at ACA

H&H's Jaguar is a lot of car for only £2240

Barons' lovely XK120 went for £57,200

DVCA's '90 Esprit: supercar pace for £9350

Rare Mazda Luce coupe. £16,800 with H&H

::...B.~==--==Q~430 _




-~:~ ~~::~~;sta!;ffi£:::::=~=~=-- --(~~L:=:::!~I;;~~~orig int ·-~ ~~~~ ~:::=:.:::~~~ACA .


·-·-ACA ____..,_..____£42 00

N>rd Fai[!!.~•J!!L ___ ,,____ .-.... N>rd M~~ta,ng CC?_~.V!!.tib!.!.. --· ....... N>rd Mu~t'!!'&28_~ g_o,tch_b_a~k. \h~...... N>rdThu_nderbi(d292 N>rd Thunderbird 390 "fordTh"!~~.~-rbi~~~p-~ci~l ~;~d·~~=-~ Ford Zod.iac Mklll estate Grantura Yak

•..12~.~-...- ...- &/J:~.,\Q.(Q} ::=Q.;-;:~~-\:===:==::fil47. .. l 9?Q......__,,__f]f}f.i&.. ........ ___l:l{;lH______ -··-·J-~~.80 _ .12§5_ ..._ .. ___fj[~\g_{'l ____A,r;,!:,__ ,,__ ·---~_65~0 ....195.5 .. vg/!_estd(9) . Osenat . El7:'i4B ...J9f?.L..........e.~<Lr,estd___ ACA fl5,3l0 1 9~ ·-· fjorig_ · H&i'.t"'. ···- ""~ is367 1963 ... ..... fjreP._aint ACA £26.25 .._.!_2~'!..-·-··-·g/!~J2~~L._ Barons £1 500 Hillm~~j°;;j!o7M.j~;~~~rti~)-;::::::· __ 19§.1 --... g/J~'-\Q (Q~ods ==:-:~~A- ·:::::-·==E_!2Qg ' Holden EK __ )91?.!. ......- g/re'-\Ql.9} __ Af;.A__ -·- -··-. E36? S _Hotchki~s_~r~gaj~ejAG i~d~=__:::~= ,,_ 19,?£... ...-!J~.~.!E_[o_L ____6.~,i~_\._______£7~.8.8 Jaguar~,4 racer......- ....- .....- ....-....... . ___ U~8......-.... &l!.~E~r~.(!tl[~ods ..___.. ~~~~· ..... _ ..___q3,2,00 J_agu~_,Y~uto____ .....,.•. ---··-·----· ___,,_\2§.8_ _____..._.Y&lr..•.sl~/!.g__ ...____ .f!.~!0.!)2............ _ .._J6~.20 Jaguar E:m~ S!_r.o~dst~!,.__ ,,_____ ,,___ 191)_7__ _ ... _vg/re~.t~ (olf'!'ods/~~-fh' l\~A ,, ___,, _____ E.~~1,0.Q !a&u!r.l':t.m.~~-fl)s.... ------.... ......... ....._ ...!.~73-............__g/r~s.\~..(Q)jf~pain\ ...........Jl.~~-· ..·-···-·"-J.?.!&O.O .J.~gu!f.~~t.YP.~.?I!.~..a.d.!t~r..____________ ,,___!_~7_1_____ ,,_ _v&[r.e.~s>':!....._ _____l:l!iiJ:L _______.O.M~\l. .!!~!!..f'.1.k..?_2~4..~~!~.--...---..·-··--.. - .... _ .. ,\2~.Q......._ ..,_.Y&l!.eSJ~.l9L.. __ ,___.__rm;~_,,,,,,_,___~_?}~\!. )!g~ar XJ 5"~c_, ____ ... ·------· .......___ ________\27!!______,,_ _g,l_orjgLI!)}___ _,,_ ___l:l!ii.~_______E.!~&?.!l .!•guarXJ_~4,0 . .... .... ___ .. _ .. ____......... 1 9~..3 . .. ,vg/.o[i&......... _,, H_&H... E22~~ _Jag~arXJ-~_53 !:!~ !~!".... . _,,........ -·-- l~ll_2 ...,_ .... vg/[_epain\Ls!rig i~t_ .. ____ A~~-- .... __ _._...E29_9,f .l•&~•!-~~·S ~onv~rti_ble ~··· -·-·····-··-u... 19®............" -~·~cJ~.ep;;t)!!~/Q~~&.i~.~Lgo . B~ro_[l_s_ ...._ £66.90 Ja&~arXJ·S.P ~'!.nvuti.b!•.. 191!.? .... vg[reJ!_d ____ ... ~YCA E4B40 Jag~ar XK120 dhc 19?:1 . ... pcf.r.f!.>.!d[fp_ ... _ B~ro~-'-- £57,i oii )•11J•~.XK_l20 fh~. . ,_.. •..- -....... !Q?3..-... ... vsl.r.enov . . ... -· ....flf!..H... __ -· __E~2,00Q J agu!.' ~K!,40 d~E ---------·-..·-·- ,,,____\2?.L .....,_ &/!.!.~9..V..••_ ... _,,___ l:l{;lH_____,,, ...- H Z,OiQ. !•g~arX!C159 fhclhd.. ___ ... · - - ....._ !9?.9-.. ... ___ ~.x.cir.~std ___ . __0,?•~-'-... _ _£38,~,54 )~~or XK159 3.~j_!>cJ!!_d__,__ ,,_,,___ ,,___,,_19?.9-....- ...--~!!J.'bf!.!!.?\Pi2.:?P<..~L-._B_9!2!!2..•___E53,9,0.Q !~n!!.n..~·'!'1.. ·--·-·-·--·-·-·· _____\2fi.L ____11&lre.?t!!.._.. _ ..,,___l:l!ii.!:L _.... __f,?9.1~. _1,.ago~d_!.l.~~o !.•h~C?-~------· ..··-·--..· -...- .... -.Y&l!.e.f~'~---- ...---·- ;~4,~.1~ _Lag~nd~.2.,§:.litr,~- _,,_..._ ----·-·-·-..·-·-..12.~Q..______vg/reJJ.~..- - _ ...._ _i:\{il_!:L __.. ,_,,._;~~Ol.. Lalo~d_a.~G--~.l~m-~u~i~• _____................ _____ m.~ yg/r~~"!brig_ .... ____ l:l!ii..H.. __..,_..,_Q?.~!19 .!,an~i~.~.U.[~t\~Jml§.L..._._..,_.............. __ ____...!22..6-...... _...... &/__i:~.?.\L___ ,,,, ....___,,.~.Ql".......__..._;~~;79.9.. _La~d-!!.'!':!.! f_SJ.~.Q..____,,____,,,_,,____ ___...\2~.9-....._ ..,__g/_r~.f~I~ ..--.. ····---·-l:l!ii.!:L.._.... _,_f,!!..4.~9.. ,Land Rov,er_S,18.§•h~!J!.__ ....-........... ___,,!9?.6 ...........- vg/re.~\.L D,YC/j______,,__J_~~.00 Lotus l;.~e!l!.!ur~9-~E.._ ....._ ..._ ... _._ ·-.. 12~0 .... ....- .&/.YE.r.ig_,,__ _ ____D.Y~L._ .......... EJ-3.S.Q Masorati. Ghibli4.7 1h.~ . __ ,197,0........ v&fr.epaint O~enat E64,0!JO Mazda Luce . !~~-~- . .. ... -~&19.f.\& __ •• __)t&l:i ... . ..~A6.~.9~ Merced;s·B~nz 1905L1 hd~h-dtp-·~·· 19~6 _ ·--~excjr~.'H-~.. Osenat E.64,0_00 Morcodes·Benzi30;oedster ,, __,, 1937 .... g/re_f~rb C:~ys £103,1.8 0 MercederBenz230saloon 19?.9 ____v~o_r!g/_o_o. H&H . £5~.~0 Merced~s:Benz 230SLlhd+hdtp 19fi.3___ .... vg/re:,,tL. Ose.;;,-t ,_f,2~650 280SEL. lhl · -· 1970 ..... .s~cf.r.e~td_. - ACA ___,,.. _ _ E96.6 0 Merced;s:Benz~iiosi. \269 ... v&f!estd .• --H.~8 _£29,662



.. _,,_

186 Classic & Sport s Car June 2013

Impos ing 1937 Mercedes 230 roadster was a star of Coys' Essen date, selling for £103,180

Barons CLASSIC, COLLECTORS & SPORTS CARAUCTION Sat 8 - Sun 9 June, 2013 ~~~~~~~ Sandown Park, Esher, Surrey








_Mercede~:Bf!nZ ;280~L ...... _..... ·-·-·-·

._.. J ~6.9__··-···· ';'g/!.~.std.,_ __ C.9Y.i... _ .... -·- _£51,~~2 Mercedes-Benz280Sllhd __ ,1981___.....v'iiJ.~.std (g_}_ -·~Osenat £986PO Mercedes~~enz280~Lr~.lly---:~~== ._., 198.t ..... _,,_ &/resJd ··--· H4:11-!_ ___,_ _ £22.6 0 Mercedes·Benz300SL~oupe._._ .__ )95.L ...___yg/renovf9rigiot -·-- f!~H .. ·-····· -· £_6.72,000 _Merc~des:.f\enz350SL~hdtp_·--·-···-··· ..••••.!9Z3..•.--····-JjrefNr.b_.__ -·----ACl;...•.. - ..- •.£3517. Mercedes·Benz 420SL•hdtp 1986 -· g/refurbjsh ACA £2572 Mercedes·Benz.450SELl ~d ·- - - _._ 197-?. -· vg/r estd (9J .•. _ q5enat_ ..._ _ .£345J. ~GA lh(. .. .•...... l..',l6.L .... .... ~~cfiestg/M,GB eog\n~--· AC1' .. .•..£19,4.2~ MGA 1500 lhd ..•. . 1959. ... ... e~cfrestd (9) _ 05eoat .... £31,55.2 _MGB_. . ·--··--····-·-·-····-·- _.___.. 19§7-._.-···· ·---·· ···-·-··--H&\.J:I.. _..•.._ ·-··--£11, 4.8.9 MGB ... -· ·······-···-····-··-··-····--····-·)9!.l . . ..._.excJr..estci/mqgs -·· ··- l\CA__ . ... ...•. _. £687? .MGB_____·-···-·-··--·····-··-···-··--·--··.197..§...._...-.~~cf(~Std__ .... ·-···--·-l;~f;-··-····-··--·£.!i.!!.25 . .M.G~·-·······················-··-····-·····-···-·······-···········-.!W9...•....- ....•.!J.r.~et.d.(qJ. .••..... ·········--··-l;~.1:--........--········g?.30_ MGC __ .....•.. . ··--···. ···--····-·····-··· ·-- .• _.. 197..0.... ··--···~g/re.stci {o). --· •..... __.H&H.. __ ..._ £14,()fJO _MG..Midgot.JSoo.•.--·-····--··--·-·····-······-·-·.J9~8•...---JjreP.~io_t/Qli& in.L...._ _i;Ct; _ ....--. £13?~.. 1'!i; !'II--·--··· ---··--······--·······-··-···· -·--···19~............_ Plmtn{r.1) . __, --·- ._._1;c1>,__...•- ........£16,275 _MG.RV8··--·-···-·-·----··-·--·--··--,199.3___ ·-·-•~cforig/111)__. __ .___!:i& !:l___····-·-£15,6!1P ~G .TA -·--·· -·-···-··---·-·-·--··---- •.. ___ 193.7_.,_..._.~xcli;.e std__ .. ··-·-·-H§>J:I._. __ .•.•.£31, MGTC -· •.. -·--·------·---·- ...__ 191.9 _ ... --· g/{o}/mods/fo __.D.VCt;__ . ___ £20.130 _t~G TD___ ·-----··--·----·-··-·-···---,195.L _ ...-~g/r.estd..___ -··---!:i~!:I•. _ ..•.•._ f.21,8;40 Morgan4/4 .....•. -·· -----···--· .... 191.8...••.... vgfrestd(9J _ Ose~at .. £14,79p •.. excfr..estq/mods -·· _ QVCA_ ___£14,520 Morgan4/4 .••.... -·--··· ..• _. 197.5 ·-· !31~5.. _ ··-· excLi;.estcj/Q!_ig int ···l\~A ·-· £.!i.3.QQ 1'!orris 12/4 saloon _Morris.Cowley Bui.Inose 2·sea\e( tJ>!!rer ... 192.L ..•. ····- g/restd (g}/gh ____.PVCA _£10,34p Morris M.ino(_ ....... 195.3_ .... Sl/J>_l?/restdLfo A~1'£5197 _Morri~ Min0( ·-· .197J... .. J j ref.ur!> l9.L. ACA__ .. £21QP Morri s.Min0;r:2::seate.rto1:1rer:_ -..-···-- ____.!9~.1-..... - ·- "g{(e.std{9J_ _ __qy_C_~--- · · f84PO Morri s_~-~!:'or,.co!:'.¥.•~~.!!~1~.---···-··--·. ·-·-.J~~.L-...- ...-.Y&l!.fi!.SJ:c;!•. _. ___._J:tgi!L--····-·--~~4~~~ Morri s Oxford Bull nose tourer ...._J.~2$........- ...._.Y&/Ie.~~~L-__Jj.\l!:L______________ ,£12,~9 . .Peuge~tlfrGL ~~se~t~·!lhd...~~::=:::- ...1928_.·····-···_ _vgfrestd {o) •....___Qsenat_.... £6817 Peugeot 2018 •.... -·-·· ...• ·- . ·-·-·-· ·-· 193.3.. ··-- _g/refurb.{ol _ _q5en~l-····-·-·· £5~19 Pontiac S_tre_amlin.•i:.CouP..• --··-·-·......J ~1.9.....- ...__yg{r_e.~Jd/_~9t reg ____ !:\'3tL _______,__..£16,9?0 Porsche 356BSuper90 ...---·--···__ 1962__.._ ·- _ sup_~/restd --· Cox.s.__ .. -· .• £38,549 Porsche 356BSu~er.~abriole.t _.__ _ 19§2___... _excli;.estd.. ___Cg:c,;__ ·-- .... £107,973 Porsche356BT6.cobriolet • .196.2_ .... -··- excjgstd_, __qsenat_ ... ___£74,9.36 .. J 98:8_... _ ..._ .vg/or.!g__ -· ti~l:L -··· . J J010.8 0 Porsche 911Carrera3.2 Porsche 911 Carrera3.2 Spo~t~. _ .1987.,.__ .,.... vgL~e.nov___ _ •.H~ lj_ ____ ,._.. £17,696, Porsche 911 turbo 1986 ..... excjrestd ACA £24,675 Porsche 9115 2.4_ .J 9Z2. .•. vg/re oov... H&H_ -··--£7~040 Porsche 91:15 Spq,rtomatic...... _ 196.7•... , ...__yg/re.s td.. --·· Co~~-· ·- _..£~6,353 Porsche 944 .1984 ... g/f~paiot.{o) ACA .... £1575, Riley RMf_ .. 195.2 ....- .._ g/fen.oy _._.H.!iJ:L ... _ ·-·--·£12,320 Rolls-RoyceSil;v:e~S~ad~ll __ ..... 1.97..~ . -·- -··-~ex_cJs..~sJ,d ~aro_r_i_~---·.,£5610, Roll r Royce SH.~,r..SP.irit__________ J~e.a--··-···-·yg/r_f;pai_nt/orig int Barons £3410

.Rolls·Royc! ~i!Y.•r..S~i!it.-··-···-·-··

.!.~§9.. ....... -....--f!.~Cff.;.~jfo

Rover 90 -·-·-·---····-····-·-······Rover Rover 3 Litre Shelby Mus!a~gGT}siC-·~::·: Siata Gilco ? SO S.!!'!!o -···-···Singer Nine Sports Skoda 1000..MB·-. - - - - · · StandardEi~P.!._··-···--·-

Sunbeam20.~pt~.ur~r_ ···-·· ·· Talbot-Lago H§.E!£0-!d..!!~1!.i!!.!. _ Triumph ~·~.P!\t!d..·-·--·····-···· TriumphSpitfir!.!~(!O ·-- ... TriumphTR3 rallY.!~dtp_···-·- . TriumphTR3A ... TriumphTR3J, ·- ·····

19~.7-......_.__.excfrestd {o)/orig int 19?._4__._ ._.__f/.ref~rb [o)/ sh ~~.§..-..·-···- ~r~-~tQJo) 1 9~ ... ·-vg/reg d 19,'?'L..- ...__vg/!_~st.d


Barons' R-R Silver Shadow II made £5610

Rally-spec Triumph TR3. £26.985 with ACA

Coys achieved £14,131 for Volvo PV544


-c~Ys:~:::·· -==ES0.476

J.9.~--·---·--£§0.054 H&H £25,760

l ~.~L._.__vg/£!'{ol



19.!.L._ ..._.Y&l!.•.~td HiiiH-·-····-·--£:.s.920 )~11'--··--·····-"g/L~?\d}Qrig i.~L Hii.H---····-···-£:.1,810 1.97..L ...- ..._.fl!.~f.~r.!>JoL -·- (j;.;~~;·---······· ES9f 19?.!J......_ .._ _fJ!•J )n(s)/oo ·-·-~~~~~::=::·-:::::.~· £18l7.

195Q..M... ···- gLr~std 196L .. _____vglre_paint


Restored Porsche 911S, £76,353 at Coys

•.PVC6__··-···-·· £~180

-At~== ~·::::::::::-:::~E3517

Vauxhatl Ve lox Vauxhall Viva H.~J>!l~xe____

Wolseley l2J48.~3polic~ .saloon

Cool Pontiac coupe reached £16,950, H&H

-~~A - .. -·-· £1355

l ~@ .....·-···--~.~cf(eJ!d/mods

Triumph TR4A IRS lhd TriumphTR6 ···----···-·-· TVR Griffith 4.p.__ ·-···· Volvo PVS« WiUys MB Jeep -·--··--·-·-··

Charming Morris tourer. £10,340 at DVCA

·==j,{~..:: . :=::::::::::::=~i.;i,,600.


195.2....·-···--··~CjE_estd (oJ/mods 195.?.. -· excfrestd 196lL ......... -~g/.cestd 19~6 ·-· _supb/restd 1967 ... ..... excj restd 197;?__,_ .._ _vg/r_estd {oj 199L ·--·· _vg/repaiot/orig int/sh

TriumphTR4All\~ -· ·

H&H's smart MGC had been the subject of a restoration 20 years ago, and made £14,000


__ £26,985


£23,415 £20,685 ACA .£16,800. ci~eoat - £24,650 ACA £12.915 A~A--·:::-- £10,605 ·

AC~•.... ···-

OVC~- -·- __


£3630 £37_2 7

Co~:·~=~::::· £14,131

1962 ··-···· vg/restd 1912.._.___.._JJxefu rb 1947__ ·-· _vg/restd

Cox~--·-···-··-·- £11,140 DVC~--····--






Mecum's Buick Skylark AACA Grand National was one of only 835 built, and hit £96,460 188 Classic & Sports Car June 2013

CLASSIC CAR AUCTION Saturday 22"d June


01553 771881 Cattlemarket, Beveridge Way, KINGS LYNN, PE30 4NB

1964 Gordon Keeble Part of a long term Belgian based collection ENTRY FOR JUNE

1972 Mercedes Benz 300SEL 6.3 ENTRY FOR JUNE




IM :\'I~ ISQl'11i8i

Dana Mecum's 26th Original Spring Classic l21o!ok\Uj:OHi.i

Indiana State Fairgrounds• Indianapolis, Indiana




.Chevrolet Camoro.ZL2~.-·-



Chevrolet Chevelle


Chevrolet Chevelle LS~ 45.~_convertible Chevrolet Chevelle SS LS6

1970____ 1970 1958 1960__ .. 1960 1~6(~.........


Che¥rolet Cor'.Y'ette~l.~o.up.~·-· Chevrolet Corvette LS3 convert ibl e Che~rolet lmP.ata 5$.~ L.~---~:. .Chevrolet 5tyleline!)yertible Chrysler Town.and ~-~!'ltry..c.o!l.Yertible ,Chrysler Town and ~.~~.t!Y..c.cmr,ert ible .Chrysler Town and ~~!ltry..~~~~ster


Auct ions America

.....~ _

. l.~6i=::::=:-


··- _

Barrett-Jacksqn ··-···· ~ £78,650

. ··-~~._19,82_ 6·~=~:::~.~= ...


Custom De._t~~.•..~.o~nt.!Y 5g!Jire. F·350 cu_stof!!.eic~:!JP..- _,_.. Ford Galaxie 50QJa'!9~tlig!'itN•ight . .Ford Mustang Bos ~3~~·-·--- ...-.. Ford Must ang Bos.s.~~9-··---·--· .Ford Must ang B_oss..~2~-----··-·· .Jaguar E-type. 52 ·-·-·-·- ..._ -·--·.. JaguarE-type,53... _____· - · · JaguarMklX ··---·-·- ._................... Kaiser Darrin Lamborghini J:alpa ._::·-·:........ --.... Lincoln KB du!l'l·cowl ~port,s· p~aet9'n Mercedes·Benz 190SL .t'-1ercedes·Benz 280.$L Mercedes·Be nz 30:0~LCot.!Pe .. For~

~~YmouthH ~n:!Lc~d~ ~~..=..::~-= ~ymouth tt•~i R~~~Jt.un~!!.....·-·---· -~ymouth ftoa.4 Runn~i:._S~per~J.r~...·-·--Pontiac Bonneville

!.~~tiac Gf9j_~~B!::=:::=-:=::·-=::=::~


Iowa State Fairgrounds • Des Moines, Iowa

£8i.22S £15,909.

Auctions Am,~rica. ·-· . £50, 050


·:::=·:!cJ:7Q=~=-·==::::.. -·--1 ~~--·- ---· 1959

......._.1 95(-::~


1986 1932___ ,._____.... 19qQ____._ 1971

_ ...- ....i g's(:-..............-.....

1960 -· -1970-· ......-.... -·-}953- _ .. ---..

- . ._.

1970. - ..- ........Ei70--·..----··..-·-- --·-··--1970- ....--·-----· ···- ··1960-.....

Auctions_~m~ri~a......... ___£~?..l ?.O Auction?_~me_~i~a........ ....... ~~~1~~0 Au~tions.f.\.l)}~r,jci;t,._,.,___._£,l~.t~9~ Au.ct i Of)? .6J!IJ;!f,i~_a_...._ ...._£_1~.6~@. AuctionS A£11erica £~61~ Auction.s .~P,eri~a. £6971 Barrett-Jackson ....£i. 78.750 Auction~..A-r;;;;ri-;~·- .... · £5i.580 Auction~A~e;ica· · £56.485 Auctio-n";'A~-;;;~~.. Mec:um·-·-..........._ ,_____ AuctiO~~"A.-;;eriC~·-..·· ·

-----£45.500 £73,723 -£39.325


_::=~::=:~G(:::~==:::::--·.. Aucti~-~;-A·~;;;ica·--- ...

Porsche 911


· £19,500

Auctions America Auctions America

Auctions,._..._ ...._£~~.t615 Barrett· Jackson £89375 Auctions A~;r,i~;,::::::_:::~·6~j55 Auctions America £38_,610 Mecum .:::._~::::·..::~~.Sj~~O ~Barrett-Jac.~sor:i_..._ ..._., £1~5.1850. Auctions ..... £35,750 AuctionsAry:ierica £31,460 AuctionsAf1:1erica ...... _£19~663 Auctions ;:·~e;i ~a:~::.. ·--£~~1000 Auctions America £30,745 Auctions America... ·-·-£178,750 Auctions A.rlle~ica 'no0.815 Auctions_Ameri c~ £40,755 Auctions A_ry_ierica £57i;ooo·

1963__.....- ...·-··· l 9~1 -.........- ...·-··




1960__ . _

..._ .!fil..Q_____..

Oldsmobile 442 convertible.

·P~ckardCa~ibb;;;,o~~.;tibf;- ...- -

Auctions America,

___J_~5}____ ..___.......... __ J ~41__.. ___.,....._

~GA Coupe ____ ....---····--·- ·----····--J~7...._......-............... .t--1GA 1600 ) 95_Q_....................... ~G TD ·--··-·) ~51-----·--·..·-..·-· J~GTD ·- - - - --·--··- -· _ _ _ - __ 1952__ ..._____..,_, Morris Minor _ _..__~97J __.., ·--·-·....

~~a sh Metroe~i~~=-=~~


Auctions Ameri~~~::: ---£28,243 Auctions America ·--£67,925

1.S70: ::·-······ 1963 -i979

,Ferrari 330GT 2;i=:~_...::=:.~~~~ fe.rrari400i

.Fiat 600Jolly


·-i957--- -·



Auft ions Arneri£~L..._ ...J 47,905 Auctions America _£57,200 Auct ions Arneri~a......... 'fl78t750 Auct ions AmeriCa..-··--·-£,1t113 Barrett-Jacks~~..~:::::~-:::=£?.1,935'

1951 .J~?.- ...-.... l~.19._............... _19.4§__.,.._ ..._ _1979 1934


·····-··-· ._J86,125

Ba(rett-Jackson-.~~=:~~ .£lp7,250


___ ·-- -·-

Ferrari 250 Drogo,Sp~ciale

Champaign, Illinois



19,6_3___,., 1965

Dodge Hemi Challen11er R/T

University of Illinois

Auctions America ....

_Chevrolet Corvettefil/_4~~

Chevrolet Corvette 283/Zj O4-s peed convertible

Chevrolet Corvette 28:3/290 4·speed convertible Chevrolet Corvette 28:3/2~9 4-s peed convertible Chevrolet Corvette 327L3.~0 split-window coupe Chevrolet Corvette ~.27/3.~~ convertible+hdtp ,Chevrolet Corvette 327/3?5 convertible•hdtp

DeSo to Airflow ·-·-.. -- ----.. Dodge Coronet W023~·- ..-- _

Assembly Hall Grounds ~(!J CORVETTES

--·····-- £28,938.

Barrett-Jackson £168,025 BarretHackson -·-- £96,525 Mecum £74,068 Barrett-Jackson £83,655 Barrett-Jackson . £75,075 Mecum £84,058 Barrett-Jackson·--·--£107,250 Barrett-Jackson ........ £107.250.

Datsun 280ZX



Auctions-A;;,e;ic~ ·····• ·



!.~Qche ~.!!!:~ii~=::==~-=::::=-...-=:=:=-·r974=~~=:=~:==~Auc~9-~~:~.!1i!:~!~~:::::~-=::J!~.Q.~~ ,~Of!Che. ~.~~- ~~'&~-·-·-· ·-- .... -·--·-- -·-....... _ ..!~!?- ..............-...- ...... Aucti~!'~-~-~e-~i~~ -··· ...J!!t.9~~ .B~!!.s·ROY.f!.~91?:.~-~~!~.J1._____________ ,_ ........- .........!~~.?.--··-·---··-·..·-·-·-- Auc!!Q.~.6.r!t~!~~..- ... ·-·--~·~9..tQ~~ .~~!~-ROY..~~ ~.i.1 ~.~.~pur _She!!>Y Co~ra.....

J.~.§.§_ ... , ..... -

...- ....... _Auc~'?!'~..~.rT!~!.Jc~......... __ Elfl,010

.! 963


_ £34 ~.77~

5he..~!>f~T~_§Q __

196?_ ...--... Auctions America ___£71,5Q~ 1967_.. _ .... ··Au~.tT~n~~:~e;ica: , ~9~.3J~ "~h.•lby ~I~OO .c~~v•[!i~.le --··-·---·---- --·· -·-·- !26§___ ···-·· ·-···· Ba~r~\t:l;!£kso~ -·-····-··-f~~4.~0.Q _Triu!flph T~3 -· ··- . _ -----_ 1~58 .~u~tio~ns}._rTleric~. £10,7~5 -~iu!Jlph T~3 ...... "--·- ...--·-·-·..-·----····--·.. ...- ) ~60- ..- .-........ Au.~_ti ~ns A.'!1eri~~ ..... __,_f~~.3~0

~~~!!>Y GT~OQ




.!~j~!!!P.~!~1~----·--·-·--·----··----..-·-·--!~§?._____________~~-~~~--~-~~~------~~!~t.6~~ l~~!"..P~T.~"t,,,_,.. _____,__._·---·---·--·-··-·--·-···-·-·!22~-···-·-···-.....~.u.~.lio_~.~.'!1!.~~£._..._,__£f~~~ Only cars believed sold are listed. Prices include buyer's premium. but not the VAT payable on it




Hyatt Regency Monterey Hotel and Spa• Monterey, California

Osenat. Roger Brioult Collection. Fontainebleau, Paris, France, 17 March: 16% buyer's premium. 38 cars sold out of 62 offered - 61% sale rate. £7S8.346 sale total: DVCA, Templecombe, Somerset. 21 March: 10%, lS/30 - SO%, £1 S8.380: Auctions America by RM, Greater Fort Lauderdale, Florida. USA. 22-24 March: 10%, 369/SlS - 72%. £1 l.3Sm: Barrett-Jackson, Palm Beach, Florida, USA. 4-6 April: 10%, 422/434 - 97%. £13.6Sm: Mecum, Houston, Texas, USA. 4-6 April: 6%, 738/l 034 - 71 %, £16.2Sm; ACA. King's Lynn, Norfolk, 6 April: S%, 79/9S - 83%, £S77,SSO (sale totals include buyer's premium); Coys, Techno Classic Essen, Germany, 13 April: 1S% up to £42,000, 10% over £42,000, 84% (declared), £2.57m: Barons, Sandown Park, Surrey, 14 April: l 0%, 14/34 - 41 %, £184, 430: H&H, Imperial War Museum Duxford, Cambridgeshire, 17 April: 12%, S7/93 - 61 %, £1,868,S66

GUIDE KEY f - fair; g - good; vg - very good; exc - excellent; supb - superb; cone - concours; sh - service history; fsh - full service history; g.hist - good history file: hi - historically interesting; orig original; v.orig - very original; n.orig - not original; Im - low mileage: vim - very low mileage; del miles - delivery miles; oo - one owner; fo - few owners; p - poor; refurb - refurbished; renov renovated; restd - restored; restn - for restoration; (o) - older: (s)- straightforward; (m) major; p.restd -partially restored; recom- requires recommissioning; mods-modified; repaint - repainted; comp!- complete; inc - incomplete; to - taxes owing; not reg - not UK registered



Btn - Bertone; Gh - Ghia; Hpr - Hooper; JY - James Young; MPW - Mulliner Park Ward: PF - Pininfarina



+ 1-2 62-275 -5050


CLASSIC CAR AUCTION at the DolderClassics powered by


Sth 2013

Skating rink Dolder Sports - Zurich Viewing June

Auctions America achieved £21,450 for this modified 1971 Chevrolet Chevelle in Florida

Mustang crosses block at Mecum, £151,580

Plymout h Hemi Cuda hi t £56,485 at AA

Gth - Sth 2013


ClodtwiH fromrfahtr--

G1U.-.,.11tt1na chupmr;antry-1-i lmar: Mlur1 lllllbllke for £20k; VS Silhouette and Jalpa

A BARGAIN LAMBO? IT'S ALL BULL As o ne of the most charismatic car manufacmrers of all time reaches its half-century, it seems inevitable that the classified -browsers of th e C&SC office have been poring over the sm all ad s in an effor t to find a few bargain Sant'Aga ta th r ills . T h ey h ave not found it easy going, however, because in 2013 a 'budget' Lambor ghi ni n o lo n ger m ean s sub-£20,000 . In fact, we've had to raise the thr esho ld for 'afford able' cars to those under £50k. T h e r eason for that is pretty simple : prices fo r t h e marque's most desirable m o del, our Miura cover star, have cantered right into

'A budget Lamborghini no longer means less than £20,000. We've had to raise our threshold to sub-£50k' supe r-exotic territory, dragging the rest of the range up by its shirt-tails. vVhich means that a Cou ntac h any Coun tach - is now a health y six-figure sum , an d you won 't find a m id -engined V l 2 Lamb o for less t han £60k, n ot even a Diablo. There are no bargains here. If it must b e a V l 2, th e n t he J aram a is the most affordable, from around £35-40k. Espadas ra n ge

Essen draws heady su1ns Sky-high prices in the strong German classic market meant that. despite a wonderful range of cars for sale at Techno Classica Essen in April. the Brits simply weren't buying. Most shocking were some of the tags on relatively modest British classics. so much so that one Aston specialist quipped that he was going to jump ship and start selling Triumphs. The comment was prompted by the €17.900 being asked for a 1979 TR? convertible. No. not a Sprint-engined car or a V8. The insanity continued with a Spitfire and a rubber-bumper MG Midget (both also '79. the MG admittedly with virtually no miles) marked up at €13,800 and €18.500 respectively. Jag XJ -Ss have always been pricier in Germany. but on this year's evidence the gulf is widening with a 1990 example offered for €21.500 and a 1989 Vl 2 Convertible €36.500. Elsewhere, a reasonable '99 Esprit V8 was up at an unreasonable €49.500 and a Daimler VS-250 at Mk2 money: €27.900. The joy of finding a Riley Pathfin der for sale in one of the upstairs halls was soon dashed by the €33,000 sticker in the window. At the top end of the UK cars was the eye-watering £2 15,000 being asked for a Hea ley Silverstone. It wasn't all about Brits. though. The most interesting showdown in the car corral was the tale of two Opel GTs. Simila r looking they may have been. but the low-mileage example was €45.SOO. the other jus t €15,900.

192 Classic & Sports Car June 2013

from a li ttle more tha n t h a t to £60,000-plus for the very best. To pay any less, you'll have to start dropping a few cylin ders. The V8 cars are th e startin g point , with the c h eapest exa mple we could find o nlin e bein g a 1973 Urraca P 250S on offer for £24,750 with Spurr Classic Car s (01142 3 1 5000; www.amer ica n carsuk. com). More usable P300s, alo n g with their younger Silh ouette and J alpa sib lin gs, start from a rou nd £30k, but there is a noth er one to watch: t he Galla rdo. Packin g a fabulous Vl 0 en gin e, this modern classic h as sold in huge number s

for a Lambo, whi ch sho uld mea n that prices con tinue to drop - an d t h e lowest a r e a lready d ipping be neath th e £ 50kbarrier. Non e o f this h elps if what you r ea lly want is a M iura, but t he r e migh t ju st be a n answer. E ssexbased replica an d kit-car specialist Total H eadtumers (01992 573564; h as a 1987-built C heetah SV clone that, if you squint a bit, could pass for a M iura. T hat is all the more impressive when you consider t hat its 2 .6- litre V6 is front- mounted. It could be yours for a 20th of th e price of the r eal deal, at£19,995.

Bicester regeneration Alvis ent husiast D aniel Geoghegan, whose Speed 20 feamred in the May 20 12 issue of C&SC, is spearhea din g an ambitious pl an to regenerate t he forme r Bo mber Command site at RAF Bicester as t he UK's first commercial park dedicated solely to historic motoring and aviation. Bicester Heritage will continue to support Aying and gliding at the 348-acre O xfordshire airfield, in addition to housing specialist automotive and aviatio n fi rms in its existing workshops and hangars many of which are listed - reviving their original uses where possible. It wi ll also offer storage and host classic car and aircraft events. "It will be a unique oppormnity for the communi ty, specialists and

enthusiasts to participate in historic aviation and motoring against the backdrop of a nationally impo rtant site," explains G eoghegan. "The significance of Bicester Airfield's Bomber Command involvement, its location and its particul arly atmospheric setting are central to Bicester H eritage's plans." Fordetails,call 07950423377 or visit

FLYING SPARES EXPANDS '02 turbo now qualifies for free tax

BUY NOW TO BEAT THE RISE The Government's declaration that UK road tax exemption will be extended by a year to pre-'74 is good news for owners of cars built in 1973. The first examples of the likes of the BMW 2002 turbo, Dino 308GT4, MGB GT VS, Austin Allegro and Matra Bagheera will qualify for free tax. Early models are likely to fe tch a premium over later cars - as seen with many popular classics that bridged the previous cut-off date, such as the MGB - when the exemption takes effect in April 2014. Ce75C can now confirm that the change to legislation does not signal the reintroduction of a rolling scheme, according to a Treasury spokesman. But there is a glimmer of hope that the door isn't closed to further exemptions: instead, the cut-off date will now be reviewed annually by the Chancellor.

Geoghegan (top) aims to maintain his toric motoring and aviation links at Bicester site

Midlands-based Rolls-Royce and Bentley parts specialist Flying Spares has acquired rival firm Montague & Co (Specialist, December 2006). The company has a huge stock of new and used components for all post-war models, from the Bentley MkVI to the current Rolls-Royce Phantom. Call 01455 292949 or see

WILLIAMS RETURNS Experienced restorer Mike Williams has returned to the classic fold after a 12-month sabbatical, following the launch of his new company, Mike Williams Restorations. The skills on offer at the Kent-based firm range from fab rication to trimming. Call 07803 975159 or visit www.mikewilliams

Price watch Jagt1ar Mk2 "Values have been pretty static on Mk2s:' reckons Graham Searle of the Jaguar Enthusiasts' Club ( "They have not yet been drawn upwards by E-types and XKs. so it's still possible to get even a reasonable 3.8-litre car fo r less than £20.000'.' Not that the market is static across the board. Searle has noticed that the most genteel version has been on the up: "There's defini tely more interest in 2.4s. They're less likely to have been thrashed and tend to be in original condition'.' When it comes to Mk2s. a 3.8 with manual/overdrive and wire wheels is still the one to have. "£25,000 should get you a very good one;' says Searle, "though some say that the 3.4-litre 'The later 340 makes a is sweeter - expect to pay around great budget alternative £20,000 for a smart one'.' 2.4s are still the best-value option: "You'll pay to a 3.8. Performance is £12-15,000 for a top one'.' Don't not far off and prices forget the later 240 and 340, though: "The 340 had an improved cylinder rarely top £18,000' head, and performance is not far off the 3.8. It's a great budget option because prices rarely top £18,000'.' Modifications are still rife in the Mk2 world. Says Searle: "We are noticing people buying these cars more to use, so they want them with a few more comforts. Brake upgrades are common, and power steering is very popular'.' It's also worth remembering the Mkl if you're looking for value for money. Full of period 1950s charm, the original compact Jaguar offers a surprisingly different feel: "They're hard to find now, but. while prices have risen recently, £20,000 s hould still get you a nice 3.4. They're lovely to drive'.'

2.4-litre Jaguars may lack the pace of a 3.8 Mk2, but they have often led gentler lives

RECENT AUCTION RESULTS 1964Mk22.4 £19.140 Brightwel/s, Leominster, Morch 1964 Mk2 3.4 £3630 Brightwel/s, Leominster, March 1966 Mk2 3.8 £1 6,128 He7H, Derbyshire, February 196S Mk2 3.4 auto £12,650 Silverstone. Warwickshire. February

CLASSIFIEDS 1961 3.8 £38.500, m/od. 44,293 miles, original unrestored 0114231SOOO(T) 1963 3.8 €28.500, 15,250 miles since rebuild, 4.2 engine 0032 3 7650917

June 2013 Classic & Sports Car 193




Maranello's innovative mid-engined four-seater makes a surprisingly practical classic purchase as long as you're careful, says Malcolm McKay


our-seater mid-engined coupes are rare enough, but there has only ever been one productio n fo urseater soft-top mid die. So don 't grumble about the rear-seat space in the Mondi al, because it's unique - in convertible form at least. T he original 1980 P inin farina-styled M ondial 8 appears in lists of the world's worst cars, due to its poor (for a Ferrari) power-to-weight ratio and complex, unreliable electronics. Some U S road tests barely bettered 10 secs for 0-60mph, and the best recorded 8.2 secs. E uropean-spec cars were a bit liveli er. I t did improve, tho ugh, and quickly: the quattrovalvole of '82 sho t to 60mph in 6.4 secs. Plus, the 8 had many strengths - no t least its ability as a mile-eating motorway crniser. At the lalUlch, Ferrari stated that the Mondial was intended to combine the fea n1res of a spo rts car with a co mfortable GT. Built alongside t he 308-348 ranges, it was always going to be overshadowed in performance tem1s. But that wasn't the point. T he Mo ndial was a practical and usable Ferrari, which was made progressively lig hter with each iteration , weight only creeping back up on the t model. For the fi rst time, the transverse eng ine, transmission and rear suspension 194 Classic & Sports Car June 20 13

were mounted in a sing le su bframe, relatively easily removed for major servicing. All Mon dials have electric windows and air-con, which needs regular maintenance so check that it works well. I ronically, when it was substantially revised in M ondial t fo rm in 1989- starting a new line of Ferraris with F l -style longimdinal mid engines - it also became considerably more complex and costly to maintain. The t (for transverse gearbox) requires tl1e complete eng ine subfra me to be dropped to swap the timing belt, which could be done in situ o n earlier models, altho ug h clutch replacement is easier. T he t also boasts power steering and electronically cono¡olled dampers. A fu ll history is critical: avoid cars witl10ut it, unless you (and an expert) are convinced tlrnt tl1ere are no lurking problems. Ifpossible, talk to tl1e specialist that has serviced the car. Original books and tools are also desirable and indicate a cherished example. Parts availability is good and second-hand spares are fairly readily available. Structural rot should not be a problem, but cosmetic rust can be found - notably o n earlier cars. T he body is steel (with glassfi bre floors), but aluminium was used for tl1e undertray and boot/ bonnet lids on tl1e 8 and qv. Lids were steel on the 3.2/t, witl1 G RP lower front and rear panels.

Mondial 8 and quattrovalvole (shown) had black bumpers

Integrat ed lamps on lat er, colour-coded nose (as this 3.2 )

Rot spots •

Front whee larches


Door bottoms


e 0

Look for excessive smoke when starting the engine from cold, meaning bore wear or piston-ring issues. Camshaft oil seals are prone to leak; cambelts must be replaced {and tensioner bearings checked) every three years. Odd oil pressure/temp readings are likely to be electrical faults. Exhausts rot quickly on infrequently used cars

Roof under black strip on early coupes (8 and qv) Rear wheelarches

Check hood fit and operation. and for presence of cover (often lost). Catches are fragile and the material can get damaged by careless folding/erecting

Hoses can fray around clips; correct

Leather (sometimes with cloth inserts)

levels of inhibitor are vital and any sign of overheating needs instant attention. Beware expansion tank corrosion

will show wear on cars with more than 50,000 miles; localised damage can be rectified but a full retrim is expensive

Tired dampers and suspension bushes will ruin the handling. but are relatively cheap to fix; split driveshaft gaiters are common and time-consuming to replace

Electrical issues can be the norm, in

The gearbox is sharp and precise, but second is usually baulky when cold. The clutch should be light and strong. but can wear in 30.000 miles; check for slip

Tyres for metric wheels (to late 3.2) are

particular on early and irregularly driven cars: insist on checking everything and adjust the price if it doesn't all work

pricey: some cars may have dangerously old rubber. Aswap to 16in rims (£894 for four) is easy; spare was optional on t June 2013 Classic & Sports Car 195


On the road A Ferrari VS is a sophisticated engine that should be treated gently until tho ro ughly warmed up; let the owner drive first and see how the car is handled. If well looked after, they are unbreakable and have no significant flaws. A working life of 70-SO,OOO mi les is normal for an S's moto r, but quattrovalvoles and ts are more durable, with 150,000-plus miles not unknown without major attention. If a rebuild is needed, fitting a secondhand engine is the only cost-effective answer. In contrast to US criticism, European roadtesters loved the M o ndial, complimenting its blend of supple ride with fin e hand ling, roadnoise suppression and superb brakes. T he lo ng wheelbase gives the car a feeling of stability, plus it is com fortable and easy to drive, with good visibi lity fo r a middie. Worn suspensio n and steering bushes, plus tired dampers, seized calipers and ageing tyres, mean t hat many do not feel so taut now, but all can be sorted at a price. C heck CV boots for splits: replacement is labo rious. T he steering is heavy at parking speeds (on all bar the t), but lightens appreciably at speed. I t's vital to check the electrics tho roughly, because early cars were prone to faults and they suffer with sparing use, particularly if stored in less than ideal conditions. Headlights, indicator switches, locks, windows (notably Cabrio rears; all are slow) and aerial are regular glitches. Most switches are unavailable new. O n the S to 3.2, the centre console houses a wa rning panel - if it works, it's a bonus: senders tend to fail and many lamps may have been disconnected, but that needn't be a reason to reject a potential purchase. 196 Classic & Sports Car June 2013

The knowledge WHATTOPAY Show Cabrio qv/t £27,500/30.000 Show coupe 8/qv/3.2/t £1 5k/18k/2lk/24k Average Cabrio qv/3.2/t £22 k/23.5k/25k Average 8/qv/3.2/t £9k/12.5k/15k/19k


Cabin superbly fi nished but may have electrical gremlins



Ray l<c rguson


"It's a brilliant road car. especially being a fourseater'.' remarks Ferguson. "I've been a Ferrari nut since 1989 and have had three 348s. "I bought the Mondial t for a Ferrari Owners' Club race series and it's competitive with modified 328s. The 348 engine is bombproof and in t hree seasons the only failure I've had was the alternator. The engine's out now for a cambelt change plus discs and pads. I bought t he best car that I could find and look after it: t he last thing you want after taking it all the way to Spa or the Nurburgring is for it to break down. "I ran the Mondial for six months as a family car before starting to race it; now I have an F430 as my road car - but I do enjoy racing the Mondial. it's absolutely fantastic'.'

Rebuil t engine. 8 (t ) £1 0.000-plus (£20 k) Cambelt change. 8-3.2 (t) £ 420 (£1320) Exhaust silencer (stain less. pat tern) c£800 Brake mast er cylinder (8 ) £324 Headlight mot or (t ) £430 Fuseboard £1200 Michelin TRX 240/55 VR 390 tyre £400 Cabriolet hood £738

CLUBS Ferrari Owners' Club 0 1327 855430; www.f

BOOKS Ferrari 308 328 Mondial Geoff Willoughby. Osprey Ferrari 328 348 & Mondial 1986-94 Ultimate Portfolio Brooklands Original Ferrari VS Keit h Bluemel, Motorbooks SPECIALISTS Rosneath Engineering 01 892 770032 Rardley Motors 01428 606606 Superformance 01992 445300 M1ranello 0 1784 4 36222 Foskers 01 474 874555 DK 0 1923 287687 Simon Furlonger 01233 646328 Forza 288 01425 273682 The Ferrari Centre 01622 759599

BUYER'S GUIDE Tl MELINE 1980 Mar: Mondial 8 replaces 308GT 4, with fue l injection, 214bhp (205bhp in US spec) 1982 Aug: quattrovalvole supersedes 8 (703 built): 32-valve, 240bhp (230 US}, 147mph top speed, improved switchgear/controls 1983 Sep: Cabriolet added, narrower rear seat 1985 qv (1145 Coupe, 629 Cabriolet built) replaced by 3.2: 270bhp (260 US}, body-coloured bumpers, integrated lights, upgraded interior 1987 ABS optional (standard from 1988) 1989 3.2 (987 Coupe, 810 Cabriolet built) discontinued fo r 3.4, 300bhp (295 US) t: redesigned air intakes, new doorhandles, complex dry-sump, longitudinally mounted engine, new interior, rectangular headlamps 1993 t build ends (858coupe,1017 Cabrio made)

FACTFILE Sold/number built 1980-'93/6149 Construction tubular steel chassis. welded-on Scaglietti-built steel, aluminium and GRP body Engine transverse {longitudinal on t) alt-alloy, dohc, 16/32-valve 2926/3185/3405cc VS, with Bosch K-Jetronic fuel injection (Motronic on t): 214bhp@ 6600rpm-300bhp@ 7200rpm; 179tb ft@4600rpm-238lb ft@ 4200rpm Transmission five-speed ZF manual, optional Valeo ECU-controlted electric clutch on late t only, driving rear wheels via limited-slip diff Suspension double wishbones. coil springs. telescopic dampers (with three-position electronic control on t), anti-roll bar f/r Steering rack-and-pinion, 3 1/, turns lock-tolock: power assisted and 3 turns on t Brakes 11 in discs front. 113/.in rear, with servo Length 14ft 10in-15ft (4535-4580mm) Width 5ft l0 1/,in-6ft l 1/,in (1 790-1810mm) Height 4ft 1/,in-4ft 3in (1235-1290mm) Wheelbase 8 ft 8 1/.in {2650mm) Weight 3108-33151b (coupe 1410-1504kg)/ 3086-33861b (Cabriolet, 1400-1536kg) 0-60mph 8.2-5.4 secs Top speed 138-1S4mph Mpg 15-24 Price new £65,999 (t Cabrio, 1990)

One to buy £11,950 Year of registration 1985 Recorded mileage 64,141 Vendor Julian Becker, Friern Barnet, London; tel: 07949 916447 For a tidy, usable car at a keen price Against electrical gremlins to be rectified Vendor Becker bought this late qv from a friend in 2009 on the proviso that he kept it for at least six months. H e loves the atten tion the car gets, but has decided that he doesn't use it enough. I t had a new cam belt at 62,000 miles, plus a starter, gear linkage, interio r refurb and electrical work. T he pain twork is good apar t from a few chips, a tin y area of orange- peel o n the bootlid and a little surface m st at tl1e lower edge o f both front wheelarches (treated on the nearside). T he alloys are smart, bar a minor blemish on each. T hey're sho d with D unlop SP Sport 23 0/55 VR 390s, all with lo ts of tread. T hese are slig htly undersized but much cheaper than the equivalentTRX. T he exhaust seems tidy, li kewise the suspension components, although tl1e bushes don't look recent. T here are no obvious leaks around tl1e motor, which has plenty o f coolant and clean.ish oil. There's som e rust on the expansion tan k, which appears to be where tl1e pain t has flaked. T he VS fires instantly with no smoke, settling to a busy idle and about 85psi o il pressure (c60psi warm) but quickly leans itself off. Second g ear was a little baulky but soon eased on a short drive: barely enough to get tl1 e water temperature to move. The wipers and speedo were d ue to be fixed after our visit, tho ugh the windows, mir rors and glove box lid do work- but not tl1e air-con . I t comes with t he o rig inal manuals (in the factory wallet), plus a sheaf of o ld M oTs and bills.

Rosso paint is still vivid; qv has tax to June, MoTuntil July

Crema hide with cloth nice bar the odd mark; carpets, too

Engine needs a clean (and new lid struts) but feels strong

INSURANCE £294 for a Londoner, 30, full no-claims/clean licence on a '90 t Cabriolet as a garaged 2nd car, value £25k, 5000 ltd miles. RH: 01277 206911.

THE ALTERNATIVES ALPINE GTA/A610 Great performance from turbo 2.5-3-litre PRV V6 combined with light weight and superb aerodynamics to give the Alpine Ferraribaiting performance. Sales never matched its potential but it's now a canny buy, and huge fu n. Sold/no built 1986-'95/7291 Mpg 16-25 0·60mph 8-5.6 secs Top speed 146-161mph New £37,980 (A610, '92) Now £6000 PORSCHE911 With 204bhp 3-litre SC engine (from '81), a cabriolet in '82, the 3.2 Carrera fr om '84, then 3.6 in '89. the 91 1 was the Mondiat's key rival. but it was a case of efficiency versus flair. Capable of long reliable service, but pricey to fix. Sold/no built 1978-'89/135,387 Mpg 16-25 0·60mph 6.1-5.6 secs Top speed 140-153mph New £43,009 (3.2 Sport Cab, '89) Now £15,000 198 Classic & Sports Car June 2013

Our verdict T he Mond ial is a hi ghly usable, underrated Fer rari with good parts availability, though spares p rices can be eye-wa tering. Beware neglected examples: tl1ere are many, and they can bite you with faults so costly it's clleaper to scrap tl1em. Look for a full history and evidence of fastidious care, and you should have a reliable, long-lived family sports car. ~

FOR • Practical: easy to drive • Amazing value for money • Superb handling and performa nce, from qv • World's only four-seat. mid-engined soft-top AGAINST • Late models are still depreciating • Repair costs can easily exceed a car's value • Fragility, especially from electrical problems, can be frustrating to remedy

DEALER SHOWCASE The one-stop shop for all enthusiasts

CASE HISTORIES Cars for sale we've tested this month Silchester Garage: 01189701648:www. How long have you been in business? Ispent my early years using our family bodyshop as my playground. Having almost 30 years' experience in the motor trade as a sprayer, panel-beater and mechanic, I moved to England in 1996 and established the firm in 2000, specialising in everything related to classic Mercedes. from the 1950s to the late '80s. What's the most you've sold a car for? The 'Silchester Pagoda' is our concours 280SL. which is available only by pre-order fo r £95,000. Which is your favourite classic event? The Footman James Classic Motor Show at the NEC where we have displayed our work several times. It's a great car show. How's business? Good, but very stressful. The market is strong for right-hand-drive cars. If you weren't involved in classics what would you be doing? More than likely repairing newer cars!

1960 Alvis TD21 dhc p205 Tests are carried out by experts and are a fair reflection of the cars an the day they were viewed. They should not be token as o full inspection, and buyers must satisfy themselves of o car's condition before purchase. Cars ore sold without tax unless stated

1966 FORD MUSTANG £1 9,950


'K-Code' 27l bhp fastback with correct 289cu in engine and auto gearbox.Sauterne Gold Metallic with Black Crinkle Vinyl and Black Rosette Vinyl interior.

1988 left-hand-drive European car with onefamily ownership. Fini shed in Classic White with black leather, plus climate control. hard-top and rear seats.

IN THE WORKSHOP Essential products &services guide NEW FOR JUNE


Founded in 1968 with the acquisition of the Petit Jean Attractions moulds. the Universal Vintage Tire Co is now a leading worldwide supplier of quality tyres to complement the world's finest vintage and classic automobiles.

XKs Unlimited is your complete source for all things Jaguar. For nearly four decades we have prided ourselves on quality products and competitive prices, coupled with the best customer service in the business.


GraemeHunt J~

1956 Bentley S series 56.000 miles ONLY

1976 MG BGT VS Concours Condition

1937 Jaguar SS100 2.5

1959 Jaguar XK150 FHC 55.000 miles ONLY

1952 Jaguar XK 120 Roadster Fully Retsored • 18-23 Radley Mews, Kensington, London W8 6JP • +44 (0) 20 7937 8487 •

Mario Bernardi Klassische Automobile

Ferrari 400 SA SupertllllD'ica Anodinalnico SWB We are proud to otrar one of Just 15 bullt Ferrari 400 Superamertca with Its SWB wheelbae. The fac.. tory produced only 7 covered helldllght and 8 open headlight 400 SA SWB. The 400 SA does hllY8 a complete history from day one dellverad to Italy. Later the car epent most of Ha llfe In Australia hardly driven which Is shown by the original mllellge of only 34 418 km. It atlll h• Ha original dmtcblue Interior which Is In near to new condition. '\1iewq by app ial!bne.nt ~ Rabation and n:pir r1 daaaic Fenmi. 34346 Hano. Miindeo • \\Wfia1* 1 • Genmny Tel. +49172 fFJl 3028 Fu+49 554134462 FADllli ~ orvililourwebile ~


Porsche 356A Conv. D HARROWBY COURT, HARROWBY STREET, LONDON, Wl H 5FA Tel: +44 (0)20 7823 2599 Fax: +44 (0) 20 7723 140 l

Established 1n 1942

lllie Gilbertson-Hart of Laughton I uestments Lutterworth, Leicestershire

1973 Rolls-Royce Corniche MPW Fixed Head Coupe with factory steel sunroof. Finished in Claret with Black hide interior. This desirable RollsRoyce Corniche has been enjoyed by the last owner for the last two decades and is only available due to bereavement. MOT'd, taxed and running extre mely well, having been looke d after by a distinguished Rolls-Royce specialist. Please call for information pack and history d etails. Price for imme diate sale £27,950.

1962 Bentle y S2 Continental Convertible Finished in Windsor Blue with matching hood, known history from new, has just returned from lengthy European to ur, for further information please call.

1925 Bentley 3-4112 litre Speed Model Red Label Tourer

1955 Austin Healey 100/4 BN1 Extremely desirable M spec, this concourse winning Healey has benefited from a no expense spare d full ground up restoration and the rebuild included a full race prepared Denis Welch ba lanced e ngine, it a lso has the benefit of an upgraded cooling system and has bee n fitted with an alternator for reliability. This is an original right hand drive UK Healey and it also comes with a heritage certificate, available at a fraction of the rebuild costs at £69,950 vintage or classic ve hicles may be considered in part exchange, cash either way.

This extremely lively and competitive 3-4Y, has the benefit of an A type gearbox, hydraulic brakes and is fitted with an overdrive and electric fans. Having been in long term ownership, the Bentley is now driving beautifully and is MOT'd, taxed and ready for all the forthcoming summer events whether it be Le Mans C lassic, Prescott Hill Climb, Goodwood or any of the BDC races and rallies. Please call for an information pack on this all-rounder 3-4Y, Bentley, interest ing part exchanges considered preferably a Derby or a 1950's Continental, but all interesting cars considered or sell outright for £270,000.

incidents covered, has never been

used, for further details please call.

196S Ford Mustang This blindingly fast and competitive strong touring car competition

contender has had a no expense spare d race preparation programme carried out o n it a nd is ready t o compete in this year's racing season. It comes with full FIA papers and a spare set of wheels and ra diato r, available at a fraction of the race pre pa ration costs a nd priced competitively at £49,950 or would consider road going classic in part exchange cash either way.

1935 Sunbeam 6 Cyl 3.4 Shooting Brake By Mulllners Se veral conco urs first class wins to its cred it. Please call for more details.

Magnificent pair of cased Purdey's 1937 Packard Super 8 Umouslne Superb example havi ng been previously owned by a Scottish a ristocratic family, information pack and more deta iled photographs available, please call. A snip at £39,950.

Bentley Turbo R Coachbullt Double-Deck Hearse Highway to Heaven transportation for the man who thought he had all

With second set of spare barrels for number 2 gun. 30 inch barrels with exquisite figuring and provenance. Superbly unmolested and correct. Would consider selling outright o r preferably part exchange for interesting classic cars, WO Bentley, 'SO's Continental or other interesting vintage vehicles. Obviously cash adjustments to be negotiated.

1973 4/4 Morgan 4 seate r sports toure r Completely rebuilt using all new parts, including 1600 cross flow Fo rd engine, stainless steel exhaust, new brakes, the list is e ndless down to the last minute detail. Price to sell at a fraction of the rebuild cost at £29,950 int eresting vintage part exchanges may be considere d any condition cash e ither way.

T: +44 (0)116 240 2115 F: +44 (0)116 240 4444 M: +44 (0)7967 649 761 Email:



1963 Aston Martin 085 RHO - early production, comprehensively restored

Delivered new to the UK market on October 26th 1963, #1332/R has had ju st five owners from new, the current for the last decade. Comprehensively restored in 2006/7, at significant cost, in the iconic "James Bond " colours of silver bi rch exterior, with a black interior - it has completed less than four thousand miles since .It's detailed history file includes BMIHT certification, extensive restoration and routine service invoicing, and is ready to be enjoyed on th is year's Aston Marti n centenary ce lebrations.

1973 Ferrari Dino 246 GTS - multiple concours winner

Delivered new to the UK market in Aug ust 1973, #06716 has also had just five owners from new. The subject of a fu lly documented, "last nut-and-bolt restoration", durin g the car's ownership, by one fastidious collector, for more than thirty-one years - it has won more than thirty National and Regional concours awards since, and is the very best RHO Dino 246GTS extant .... .ready to win again! ALSO AVAILABLE: 1991 Ferrari F40 - 7,900 miles only 2003 Ferrari 360 Spider - manual 13,900 miles only 1963 Bentley S3 Continental Flying Spur

T: +44 (0) 1625 290 092

2001 Ferrari 550 Barchetta - 11,629 miles only 1963 Jaguar E-type S1 Coupe RHO - multiple concours winner 1995 Ferrari 512M-1 1,900 miles June 2013 Classic & Sports Car 203

--------- M <J S S





1955 AUSTIN HEALEY 100/4 BN1







Previously owned and restored by a collector of classic British spons cars. this Healey is eligible for many historic events, including the Mille Miglia and drives exceptionally well.With a detailed history file and the desirable front disc brake conver~on, it would be perfectly at home on tours, the track or at shows and is complete with full weather gear.

VIEWING BY APPOINTMENT ONLY M11 Business Link:, Forest Hall Road



Tel: 01279 813907

For restorat ion enquires, please email Parry Chana at


Finished in white with red leather. this lovely low mileage car drives extremely well and had an extensive restoration in 2004 by PurrJag in Norfolk.With a detailed history file, and having spent most of its life in the dry desen states of America, this really is one of the best cars we have seen for the price and is ready to use and enjoy immediately.


hil to nan dmoss.CO m


The Real Car Co


North Wales [i1


Tel: 01248 602649 Fax: 01248 600994 E mail:





[i1 •

. ..

'28 LHD Brewster P h antom I Huge am o unt of high quality restorati on work done, very smart inside, oucside and underneath! Twin Sidcmounts & strong, ti ght coac hwork;

£75,000 Eight More Phantoms Pre & Post War.

1934 20/ 25 Park Ward 4 Door I Iandsom e. Original & Correct with one owne r fo r 30 + year s.


Stro11g coachwork, eng ine just fully rebuilt, Ideal 'Oily rag' condition - keep as is and use;

Year of manufacture 1960 Recorded mileage 44,106 Asking price £95,000 Vendor Hurst Park Automobiles. East Molesey. Surrey; tel: 01372 468487; WHEN ITWAS NEW Asking price £31 11 Max power ll Sbhp Max torque 1521b ft 0-60mph 13.9 secs Top speed lOSmph (TE l 12mph) Mpg 20

£32,500 Eight 20/25s - Open & Closed

'37 25 / 30 Saloo n hy Cockshoot Lovely solid, spacious, useable car. D elightful Brown Leather & Carpets, sunroof, heater & lots more! Just retur ned to us after a five years in Gibraltar ;

£ 42,500 25/ 30s: Saloon / Limo/Project

'51 MKVI ' Big Bore, Saloon Austn.liJ. fro m new, remarkably rust free. Finished in original colo urs with original imerio r. runs & drives superbly, interesting early history; £27,500 2 Coach B uilt Saloons, a DHC 2 MKVI Open Specials

1948 Ben tley MKVI 2+2 Open Special, fi ned with an S 1 -t.9 litre engine & high ntio back axle it is tremendous fun to dr ive. O ne owner 40+ years wit h many European trips; £32,500 A noth er MKVI Specia l & a Lagonda 2 Litre Low C h assis.

This Series 1 TD has been sensitively upgraded. but it's almost impossible to tell just by looking. It has extra power from a TE21-spec cylinder head. manifold and carburettors. conferring 130bhp and, more usefully, an extra 201b ft of torque. The three-speed automatic gearbox has been replaced by a modern four-speed ZF HP22 unit from a Jaguar, with the gearposition legends filled in and re-engraved to suit the new ones. though, of course. the original speed hold becomes redundant. Among the assorted electric enhancements, there's power steering, an alternator conversion hiding within the fac tory dynamo casing and the original radio now has modern internals for FM reception, as well as an iPod connection. The assisted steering set-up necessitates a different indicator sta lk and moving the washer bottle, but only those who know the model intimately will be able to tell. The car has just been completed after a body-off restoration. so all the fas teners and pipes are clean, underneath it has the odd splash of mud over new paint and plating, plus the exhausts are fresh. Up top it's like new, with excell ent fit of dead-straight panels (always difficult on these due to their size). new leather, carpets and perfect cross-banded dash veneer.The tyres are a decent set of Michelin XASs. and there's an extra red triangle badge on the tail panel to stop the most obvious questions. The motor is concours and leak-free, showing no drips on the floor even after it had been standing for a couple of weeks. and starts readily. When warm, it has at least SOpsi oil pressure and the temperature is steady at 80°C. the electric fa n cutting in promptly if it gets hotter. Gearchanges are smooth, with kickdown ava ilable if you press hard enough. lt will be sold with original handbook and MoT until April 2014. after a week's s hakedown with HP's Kevin Wooding fo llowed by any small remedial jobs.

SUMMARY 1934 Bentley 3 \I, Pa r k Ward 'Sp ecial' Spor ts Saloon Complete, Running/ Driving res toration proj ect - Due In Several other interesting projects arr iving soon : 20/25 'Continental' Saloon 2 Wraiths - 1 Experimental Early Silver W raith Saloo n

Urgently Wanted! - Similar Cars For the most up-to-date Stock details and photos visit our

website: Rolls-Royce and Bentleys from the 1920's -1970's A diverse and interesting stock of about 40 cars

EXTERIOR • Beautifully restored, with fresh paint. hood and chrome INTERIOR • New leather, carpets and veneer MECHANICALS • Sorted and usefully upgraded VALUE For A decent Royce alternative Against Almost too good to use SHOULD t BUY IT? If you want a discreet English tourer, yes: it's thoughtfu lly improved and in exquisite order, for much the same price as a good XKlSO but with four proper seats


June 2013 Classic & Sports Car 205


Superb toolroom copy built circa 20 years ago by well known UK specialist using drawings and jigs from an original chassis. The car carries the identity of donor Ferrari GTE 3981 and replicates the original Testa Rossa down to the finest detail. This superb example has many original parts, including competition finned drum brakes, ribbed gearbox and Borrani wire wheels, sourced from all over the world. Since being issued with FIA HTP's this 250 Testa Rossa has raced across Europe, including the Goodwood Revival for 3 years in succession. The car has seen modest use and has a fabulous patina, along with a full documented history, recently winning 'Best Race car' at the Layford cay concours d'Elegance. This versatile machine is ready for its next owner ! ÂŁ685,000 T. 44 (O) 1531 890707 M.44 (O) 7879 810707

1954 LANCIA AURELIA 820 4TH SERIES. Magnificent 1956 AC ACECA-RUDDSPEED 2.6. 170bhp. Beautifully example previously owned by a Lancia aficionado. Full prepared by Nigel Dawes. Original owner L. Klementaski. coachwor1< by Corsica. A fine example of this rare, high FIA papers. Inquire for full spec. quality, sporting French marque, from long term ownership. history. Full Competition Nardi kit.

BRIAN CLASSIC & CO Tel: 01565 830 423 visitors can be met at nearby 1l-lanchester International Airport, or at local mainline station, two hours London Euston

We are situated within five minutes of the M6.



Paul Russell and Company

For expert advice on building your collection

Contact Alex Finigan (+I) 978.768.6092 I

1959 Porsche 356A Convertible D 1968 Porsche 912 Coupe ,......--~~~~~

Specializing in the Preservation and Sales of 1960s and earlier European Classics, since 1978 208 Classic & Sports Car June 2013


Essex. MA 01929 USA


Very rare Left Hand


+44 (0)1242 82 1 600

Automatic Transmission e.'<ample with Sunshine Roof. faquisite condition throughout and sensibly fitted with Air Conditioning and n subtle modern sound system. Would be equally suited to London or the C6tc D'Azur.

Cirencester, Gloucestershire, En land Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire, UK

Aston Martin Virage

Bentley S2 Continental

Aston Martin VB Saloon 1987 S3 Auto Aston Martin VB Volante 1987 LHD Aston Martin VB Zagato Coupe LHD Aston Martin VB Vantage 1994 Manual Aston Martin VB Coupe 1997 Aston Martin Vanquish S Ultimate Edtion

Ferrari 456 GT

AM VS Lagonda

Bentley R Type 1954 Auto Bentley Continental R 1999 Ferrari Testarossa 1991 5,000 miles Jaguar XJ220 1997 one owner 1,000 miles MGA Twin Cam Coupe LHD Euro Spec Maserasti Bora 1977 LHD 10,000 kms

+44(0)1908 270672

+44(0)7889 805432

For Sale: Birkin Blower Bentley One of the last 4'h Litres built, this matching number car is very well known and admired in Vintage circles. Amazing performance with exceptional Birkin detailing and some very unique features of which you would expect no less, as the car was originally restored to this form by the late George Daniels CBE. The car is presented in perfect mechanical order, please call for more details.

Tel: 0044 (0) 1923 220370 210 Classic & Sports Car June 2013


si lchestergarage classic & sports cars


Pamber Road, Silchester, Berkshire, RG7 2NX Tel: 0118 970 1648 Mob: 07830 352 823 Email: sales@silchester ara



2000 Aston Martin DB7 Vantage Volante finished in 'Derwent' Green with parchment piped green trim and green Mohair hood. Just two previous owners with full service history ÂŁ25950

Over thirty classic and sports cars in stock for sale. Check our web site for details.

Greenway Business Park, Great Horwood MKl 7 ONP 01993 849610 or 07831 597424 June 2013 Classic & Sports Car 211



ASTON MARTIN DB4 Year of manufacture 1963 Recorded mileage 1425 Asking price £245.000 Vendor Nicholas Mee. Hammersmith.

London; tel: 020 8741 8822; WHEN ITWAS NEW Price £3505 Max power 240bhp Max torque 2401b ft 0-60mph 9.3 secs Top speed l 40mph Mpg 18

This tidy Aston - one of only 40 Series Vs with uncovered headlights, therefore the last-but-one stop before the DBS - has an interesting history. Originally Primrose with a black interior, it was bare-metal bodily restored in the 1990s by marque specialist Runnymede and painted in the UK before being shipped to Norway for painstaking reassembly for the local Morgan importer, as detailed in five photo albums. Pleasingly, it's completely standard, retaining its 3.7-litre motor and four-speed transmission, and is now beginning to take on a little patina. The structure is excellent and rot-free, with sharply defined si ll joints and perfect floors. The project was completed some time ago, although the car has obviously had little use. Its master cylinders are still clean, for example, alongside fresh springs. dampers, gaiters, suspension bushes and decently treaded Avon Turbosteel tyres on new chromed wire wheels with the same on the spare. The recorded mileage is likely to be since restoration. The chrome is all good save a few tiny polis h marks, plus the seat leather is now lightly creased and broken in, with clean carpe ts and excellent dash, instruments and headlining. The straight-six has just been out of the car to cure minor leaks, so the visible gaskets are new, plus the oil and coolant are fre sh and clean, although the engine had been run and was warm by the time of our visit. It starts instantly and drives faultlessly, with coolant temperature rock-stable at B5°C and oil pressure showing at least 80psi, rising to 100-plus with any revs. In sunny west London, the oil temperature hardly moved from off the stop. The gearbox synchros all work well, too, apart from on fi rs t, of course, and the brakes are nice and firm. The price includes taxes paid if the Aston Martin stays in the UK, in which case Mee will register the car and supply it with a new MoT.


• Sharp fl oors, sills and structure; straight and shiny; good chrome INTERIOR

• 20-year-old retrim just taking on some pleasing character MECHANICALS

• Few miles on fresh build; engine leaks just sorted; goes beautifully


VALUE For Nicely standard... Against ...which might reduce its

appeal if buyers want a five-speed SHOULD I BUY IT?

On the money for the model; must be one of the best on the market

212 Classic & Sports Car June 2013

The world's foremost purveyor of Giu lietta and Giulia models. Please visit our website to view our superlative selection of classic Alfa Romeos. Vintage and classic Alfa Romeos are always required for purchase or sale on consig nment. please contact James Wheeler. Ou r enthusiastic workshop team specialises in routine maintenance and repairs on all classic Alfa Romeo vehicles to t he highest standard Hermitage Road, Cold Ash. Newbury, Berkshire. RG 18 9JN e


www.bwgarage .com t +44 (0)1635 200 444


136, Boulevard Suchet- 75016 Paris - Tel: +33 (0)1 46 47 29 29 - Fax +33 (0)1 46 47 29 28

Specialized Vehicle Solutions Ltd. Call Paul Coombes Now Tel 0161 789 0504

1995 Aaton Martin Vant age Twin Supercharged RHD. Auto. Chassis #70027. Brecon Anthracit e Metallic, parchment hide

piped Anthracite, 24K miles F.A.M.S.H. Service book, MOrs & URGENTLY REou1RED -cARs s1M1LAR To BELOW - IMMEDIATE DECISION AND PAYMENT

1960 Facel Vega HKSOO Coupe. Automatic. LHO. Georgian silver, red hide. Rudge wheels. LSD. Total restoration just completed. Magnificent. Please call for price.

service invoice file. Out standing throughout. £69,950

1991 A ston Martin Vlrage Coupe. Auto. RHO. Suffolk red. Magnolia h ide, piped red. One titled owner from new with only 900 miles!!! (Nine hundred only) Mint condition. Please call for price.

1955 Ford Thundet1>ird. LHD. V8 Manual 3 speed plus 0/0. Soft top, port hole hard top. Electric windows & seats. Rear Continental pack. Tinted glass, heater. Lots of chrome detail. New soft top. Ground u p restoration. Absolutety superb. £44,950

2001 Bentley Continental R Mulliner Wide Body RHO Le Mans front wing vents and wheels. Black Sapphire, linen hide piped royal blue. 40K miles. F.B.S.H. 2 owners, one from 6 months old. M int condition and very rare. £59,950

ltalalcleslgn Aztec Barchetta by Oluglaro LHO. Futuristic twin cockpit concept car built for the 1988 Turin Motor Show at a cost of 2 million dollars. 4WD. Audi Quattro t urbo engine, Lancia 4 wheel d rive. Delivery mileage. One of a handful built. Ultra rare! Fu ll editorial feature in February 2013 issue of Classic & Sports Car. £69,950

1964 Jaguar 3.8 FHC. RHO.UK car. Primrose Yellow with black hide. Sundym glass, CNJ/W. 51,000 miles from new with ownership history. Total nut + bolt restoration. Multiple concours winner with trophies &

19e7 Austin Healey Sebring Sprite Coupe. Recreation by Brian Archer. Built for fast road/ralty/hillc1imb. Peter May engine. Straight cut gearbox, Jack Knight gears. Comprehensive build history with photo's to c oncours standard. Must be the best available. £24 950

1966 J aguar E· ~ 4 .2 Roadster. RHO. UK car. Signal red. Royal blue leather & mohair hood. Cf!NIW. Total ground up restoration . 39,000 miles with ownership history. A beautiful example. £74,950

large history file. An amazing example in fantastic condition. Please call for price.

1937 Rolls Royce Phantom Ill Short wheelbase touring Limousine by Bart<er. Many special features. Built for Tate & Lyle family member. One tilled owner last 20 years. Totally restored. Please call for price• 2003 Bentley Arnage T. RHD. Sliver Tempest, black hide. 821<. F.B.S.H. £22,450 • 1974 Porsche 9115 2. 7. 5 speed. RHD. Sliver, sun.-!. Full history; £16,950 • 1955 Aston Martin DB2/4 Mk II Cou Notch Back. One of 7. Total restoration. Please call for

Tel: U.K 0161 789 0504 Mobile: 07958 329 443 Website: 214 Classic & Sports Car June 2013


The pursuit of perfection

Ash Vale H ampshire GU12 SQD Tel: 01252 894790 07817 270931 Wanted: Wanted Your E-Type (Any Mode l}



vsoc ALWAYS A N ICE SELECTION OF MILLE MIG LIA E LIGIBLE CARS AVAILABLE! A lfa Giulietta Sprint 1957 Alfa 2600 Touring Sp ide r 1964 Benrley 6 'h Litre 1927 Bentley 3 'h Litre Eddie Hall 1935 Bentley R Type Abott 1954 BMW Z I 1992 45 dkm Citroen DS 21 cabriolet Ferrari 212 Comp e1izione 1951 Ferrari Daytona 1972 H ealey 10014 1953 Healey 10016 1958 Jaguar XK 120 Coupe RHD 1952 Jaguar XK 140 SE DHC 1954 Jaguar Mk 2 3.8 1967 Lancia Aurelia B20 GT 1954 Maserati Ghibli SS 1971 Porsche 356 1500 Speeds/er 1955 Porsche 356 C 1964 Porsche 9 11 2.2 TTarga 1969 Porsche 9112.4S 1973

Ferrari 250 GTE 1960 Matchin g nr. Long term ownership.

Porsche 911 2.4 S Targa 1973 Matching nr. Servicebook from new!

Maserati 3500 GT Lovely ca r matching nr.

Ferr-ari 365 GT4 1974 Lovely car. Long term ownership.

Contact: i1lex vo11 /11<Jzer VSOC Jfme Curiestraat 8 Sasse11hei111 The Xetherla11ds, www. vsoc.11/ Plume +3 I 252 2 I 8 980 Fax +3 I 252 2 I 8 98 I e-mail:

Wholesale California Bringing the garage finds of California to the World.

O riginal California car. No rust. $19,900

64k original miles, two owner, no rust, original panels. $69,900

2454 NEWPORT BOULEVARD, COSTA MESA, CALIFORNIA 92627 T: + 1 949.63 1. 7456 • Fax: + 1 949.63 1. 7453 •

Telephone (01753) 644599

Mobile 07836 222111


1970 (1 969 model) Aston Martin DBS6 fi nished in Azzuro Blue with ct.irk blue hide interior. This is a 3 owner car that has had the benefit of a recent full restoration

~l ~u~~dlv~!nt=~~


."5ws~~~~an~~l ~~~~~!issi~~~i~ca~~~~~j~~ut:nd~~~ink~t tJ.f~i~4~ 0

E-mail: sales

1983 Aston Martin V8 Vantage in Salisbury blue with cream hide interior piped blue. Just re-commissioned after 10 years storage, the car comes with a full and detailed service hi story both recent and past. Fitted with 5 speed manual transmission and new Ronal wheels and in splendid condition throughout. £84,950

a reafiy nice examprecthat is sensibly priced yet bound to continue appreciating. £74,950

1965 Jaguar E rype4.2 series one Roadster. SIMPLY Tl IE BC.ST AVAILABLE . Stripped toa bare shell and completely rebuilt leaving nothing to chance. Full photographic record available. This car was the WINN ER of2 major JaguarConcours in 2012 including Best in Show and Chai rman's choice.£ 150,000

1969 Jaguar E type series II FHC fin ished in Gunmetal with contrasting Oxblocxl hide interior. Undoubtedly the best Series II currently on offer. Restored from a bare shell to the highest standard, the is completely faultless and better than new. Any inspection welcomed. £99.500


Visit our website a t for more information.

1965 Porsche 356 C Cabriolet finished in Slate Grey. Beautifully restored to show condition. (Five other cabriolets available)

1957 Porsche 356A 1500 GS Carrera Speedster which was restored by European Collectibles. Just took 1st in class at the Desert Classics Concours d'Elegance on Feb 24, 2013

1965 Porsche 356 SC Cabriolet matching numbers, soft top & factory hard top was special ordered with electric sunroof!

1665 Babcock Street, Costa Mesa, CA 92627 • (tel) 949-650-4718 or

DELAGE 08 "S" - 1933

Delahaye 135 "Grand Luxe" - 1939

The Delage D8 "S" is the make's master piece and from the pinnacle of the Vintage years and the French "Elegance". This car chassis 38141 is from 1933 and received a Chapron bodywork #4519, it has a very well know and good history fully documented. Restored in the mid 90s from the chassis, it was very sparely used since. The restoration file shows the several steps from the work including the engine total rebuild and all other mechanical components. The bodywork is the original one. It was displayed in the owner's private collection and very rarely shown to the public. The beautiful Lalique mascot "Tete d'Aigle" suits the car perfectly and this fine Delage would be welcome into any first class events in the world.

This Delahaye 135 is of the very rare "Grand Luxe" Cabriolet built by Chapron. This special finishing designated as "Grand Luxe" included a lot of different details and attention which made them much more refined and luxurious than the standard ones. This car chassis 60139 was built in 1939 and finished by Chapron in March 1939 for a prestigious Portugese client. Interestingly there is a picture from it in the car's file taken at the Delahaye Dealership in Lisboa. It only had 4 owners from new and the current one for 40 years. Totally restored 20 years ago from the chassis but never used, this is today a lovely car to drive having been recently totally serviced. This 135 is in excellent and nicely patinated condition.

Visit for our complete stocklist. ART & REVS - Howald, Luxembourg - I· tel: 00352 661 700 777 / Mobile 00352 24 87 34 60 All the listed are Located in our Showroom and visible only by appointment· We are always looking for similar cars do not hesitate to contact us if you wish to sell one

Classic & Sport s Car June 2013





FORD THUNDERBIRD Year of manufacture 1957 Recorded mileage 74,225 Asking price £40,000 Vendor Chess Valley Cars, Chesham,

Bucks; tel: 01494 785661; WHEN ITWAS NEW Price £2807 l 7s Max power 245bhp Max torque 332lb ft 0-60mph 8.5 secs Top speed l l 9mph Mpg cl5 (est)

1967 HUMBER HAWK Much interesting 1994 :\U:RCEDE:S BENZ S600 Rare V 12 documentation. 37 000 miles ITom new. short wheel base. Two ownc-rs, 15,000 miles from A tmly cheris~ show car and very new. An awesome driving machine original......................................................... £9,995 .................................................................. £14,995

1962 JAGUAR :\1ARK TIVO Two owners from new, 6 1,000 miles with excellent documentation. Pearl Grey with Red Leather and rare AC E trims. Recently loaned lo Jaguar for exhi bition in a main dealer showroom- immaculate ..........................................................................................................m,500

1976 ROtL~ ROYCE SJI,VER SHADOW Last of the chrome bumper, flared arch cars. lovely history. 35,000 miles since new. Finished in Honc-y Gold with Ebony hide ................................ £19,995

l990 JAGUAR XJS Vl2 HE CO:-.IVERTIBtE Two owners, the last since 199 1 and only 44,000

This smart-looking Thunderbird was recently imported from Beverly Hills, where it led a rot-free life and, compared with a similar model that Chess Valley has recently sold, is well specced with powered seat and windows, heater, plus both hard- and soft-tops. There's no rot in the chassis, though there's a hint of corrosion staining from the sill seams, bu t the firm's boss Hamish Morjaria says that it will be Waxoyled as well as serviced before sale, and the paint refreshed, because it picked up a couple of marks in transit. The exhaust is surface-rus ted but the system is in good shape and the Coker whitewall tyres have plenty of tread. The car's chromework is in fine order, with a few tiny prep marks in the rep lated front bumper, and one of the plastic rear lamp trims has lost its shine. Inside, the trim looks all-original and is wearing well, especially the dashboard top, which has not cracked or split. The power seat s till works in all directions, as do the clock and the offside window - the driver's side had stuck but it will work by the time of sale.The hood's in good order, although slightly faded as you'd imagine on a California car. The motor is in excellent fe ttle, and has been fitted with a more recent 600cfm Holley carburettor. All of the flu id levels are correct, plus the transmission oil is fres h and pink. It fires promptly, with no oil-pressure gauge to worry about, though the extra temperature gauge fitted under the dash to supplement the non-original one isn't working either. Performance via the three-speed auto is sprightlier than you might think, with responsive kickdown, although the handling is as woolly and roly-poly as you'd expect and the brakes need to be woken up with a firm s hove, after which they work fine. The chassis tracks and brakes in a straight line, and we'd wager that this is as good as these get. The Ford will be sold English-registered with all taxes paid and, though an MoT is no longer a requirement, there's a ticket current until January.


• Straight, with refre shed paint

miles from new. Documented history. Finished in Dorchester Grey with Saville Grey Leather and Black


Mohair Hood...................................................................................................................................... £13,500

• Original and unworn

1988 JAGUAR XJS Vl2 HE Two noU1ble owners and maintained exclusively al Jaguar main agents.


Just 28,000 miles from new and truly immaculate. Finished in Dorchester Grey with Saville Grey

• Drives perfec tly with no faults, and a comfy size for English roads

Leather ................................................. .


""""""""""""""""""""""" £12,995

1973 JAGUAR XJ6 4.2 Rare short wheel base (Coupe fl oor) which was only produced for a year. Two owncrs(neighbours). 39,000 doc-umenlcd miles from new. Grccnsand with Tan I lide ...... ....... £12,995

1985 JAGUAR SOVEREIGN 4.2 Sage Green with Doeskin hide. Outstandi ng history and recent engineer report by Ken Bell. Just 37,000 miles ITom new ............................................................... £9,995

CARS REQUIRED FOR PURCHASE Tel: (07836) 237047 E- m a il: enquirie s @robe rth ugh es. co. u k


VALUE For Looks; glamour; goes well Against There's lots of paint on it,

maybe not a bad thing in the UK SHOULD I BUY IT?

It's more than UK auction cars have made lately, but with top US '57s reaching £100k, the numbers stack up for this basically issue-free car

June 2013 Classic & Sports Car 219

,. Bought from extensive private collection in 1999 where it was kept in a dehumidified environment for more than a decade. For more than 20 years serviced by XK ENG and WATJAG. Original buff logbook For more information contact Bob Hunt on 0161427 8406 or 07899 667611 OIRO £80,000 .J

___,. ::..




.' ._, 1• • • •



H ,flit.


I •• I

I •· •

0 t



' ...



...,. ..



ALBION Motorcars • Oostjachtpark 18, 9100 Sint-Nil<laas (Belgium) • Tel +µ(oh 7650917 • Fax +µ (oh 7650918 • 220 Classic & Sports Car June 2013

CLASSIC JAGUAR SALES a ENGINEERING JAGUAR SERV ICING - CLASSIC a MODERN Pete r Hugo - Class i c J ag u a r Sa l es Chris W ind ow - Classic J agua r Engin ee rin g


hen you visit Win Speed you wi ll be assured a we lco me th at echo es our enthusiasm for Jag uars of all ages. Alth ough specia lisi ng in XKs and E-Types th e same degree of skill and dedication is given to all modern Jaguars as we ll. Our knowledg e and engineering skills are second to non e. Born of hands-on experi ence - wheth er by owning and driving both modern and classic Jaguars on the road or involvement in Classic M otors port - we pride ourselves in doing the job properly t o the satisfaction of ourselves and custo mers alike. Visit us and see fo r yourself. Service - as it used to be!

1968 Jagu a r E-Ty pe SI 4.2 Roadster Opale sce nt Ligh t Blue with Blue tr im. 5-Speed box. Excellent restored e xample with many u pgrades. £8 4 ,995

E- Type · Lightweight" Replica by Zealia 1963 Jaguar Mk2 3.4 Manual/OD Ve ry quick. Fuel In ject io n. Dry sump. Me ta llic Grey wi th orig in al Blue tr im. Ex t r emely well made. Great car fo r Fa st Ra ck Et P inio n steer ing. A love ly example . Road a nd Trac k Days. Know n lo us since 1981. £83,995 £29,995

1969 J aguar E- Ty pe 52 Roadster Whi te wi th original Blue tr im . Super b, genuine e xample dri vi ng very well and im maculate th rough o ut . £58,995

1967 Jag uar E-Type Sl 4 .2 Coupe Opale scent Silver Grey with immacula te Red Trim. Webasto sunroof. Terr ifi c example previo usly su pplied by WinSpeed. £64,995

0-Type Repli ca by Realm Engineering Long Nose wit h Fin. Al uminium die - cast replica wheels. 4.2 Li t re XK engine. Huge va lue for money. £44,995

WINSPEED MOTORSPORT LTD 148 Broad Street, Wood Street Village, Guildford, Surrey GU3 3B J enquir i es@ w in speed mo t o rs po rt .com - ww w. w in speed m o t o r spor m

01483 537 706 - 07831 164 460

epping motor company



- -'~ · ~~~· ·- _:.•i

1937 Zimmer Golde n Spirit Convertiblt. NOW QUALIFIES A.S 2S YEAR

OLD HISTORIC Vl:HICU FOR MANY EUROPEAN COUNTRIES. lHD. White with Navy hood and Beigeleilther. Ford Mustilng S.Oi running gear. Only 26,000 m iles from new with 2 owners, the 1st untll 2009.



including CWW, Automatic., PAS, e-windows, AJC.

e·5.e.:m, cruise.control, etc. Eye catching and lncrl"d1bly rare. IE29,99S

for HA. Owtn, t0$t'ing ove-r £ 180,000 ntW. Madagascar Pur~e M io , ~tch i ng Purple and Bl<Kk leatl'ler with u rbon fibre dnl'I. Over 40 unique upgrades from a st andard Turbo R. All usual ~ntley refinements induding iee-cokl A/C. Same owner !ast 11 Yf!al'1:, only 69000 m iles witl'I impeccable service l'list ory. Pie H e see our weM ite tor fu ll speG. snowroom condition. IE21,99S

1973(M) J<tguar E-Tv~S3 VU 2+2 . FOLLOWING CHANGES MADE I N THE RECENT BUDGET THIS CAA Wilt NOW BE ROAD TAX EXEMPT NEXT VEAR. Primrose w ith Black leather. 1 owner untll 1997 and only 2 further owner$. PAS, ONW, SS exhau st. Only 12,000 m des since new engine was fi tted in 1984. Original unrestored bodvs;hell with Sllperb panel fit. Every b ill fro m new inc!udmg the original purcl'lase invoke, ar.d MOT's back 10 198S. A pristine e:um~e. IE27,99S

headlilmp wash, ~1e -t a il sPoi1ef', f."e--off stereo, SS sports exNJ.ust, i i arm/ Immobiliser. FSH from new; o riginal handbooks, numerous bills and otd MOrs m the l'listory fo kjer. This is a realty exceptlona l ~•mp1e of one of the most wanted • nd purest models, apPfeciatlng quicldy in vatue. f.17,995


1964 % (CJ Ford M uit anc Convertible. Tax exempt. verv eartvc<ir. Rare 0 -«>de 289. Origina l colour scheme of P<Jgoda Green w ith P<Jrchment bucket se•t fnter10I' and W hite power hood. Automatic, PAS, origina l styled ste.I wheels, ra re Rally Pac gauges. 8e-l ~ved restored 6 years ago in America. Virtually concours. Must be seen to be.appreciated and a real fir.d for the genuine enthusiast. Also a 1966 model avallabteln Car'l(fy Apple Rl"d. IE27,99S

1919(V) Roh Royce Silwr Wl'al th II . Silver M ink with Navy k!athu , QJKk Everllex roof and m<1gnifi«ont woodwork . Rare tWB \l'l'<$•On oftheSh;>dow ll. lilst owner .Z8yearsand ~wwa rranted mile;,ge of 70.000. Ice cokl A/C, cruise.control , e -seats, windows, m irrors. aerial, c-locking, original fKtOl'V radio and Pioneer tape player. Stored unused for 12 years and now rKommis.sioned for the road. Absolutely pristine. £11,995

1957 Roh Royce Silver Cloud I. Tax M OT e~empt . B lack over Cream with Beige arld Qa ret interior arld perfect w oodwork. Confirmed as correct 55000 mites from new. Same family ownership for 40 vea rs from 19S8. PAS, o riginal handbook In glovebox, Buff iogbook. Certai n ~ the best S11\oer Ooud h ave owned, and Is a previous P & A Wood supplied ur so you ltnow the level of quality, RHttv beautiful condition in every aspect. 0 7,995

1966(0) Ford Mustang Convertible. Tax Exempt. Origrnal colour of Candy Apple Red with Red Po ny Trim ilnd Whit e power lx>od. Automatic, origi nal chrome w ire whee l fin ishers with White·wall t yTes, origlnal C-cocle 289 V8 now with 4·barrel carburenor, rubu lar headers and front disc bril kei . lmp<>rted 20 years ago and h;,s large hist ory folder. Really superb condition throughout. IE25,995

.·~ . ~ '· llf!?j "




1983(¥) P.ant her Ka l~sta :Z .8 V6. NOW QUALIFIES AS A ]()YEAR OLD HISTORJC vtHICU FOR MANY EUROPEAN COUNTRIB. R.are carburettor model so ideil for expert to Europe. Has Uk and 50\.rt~m lre tind registrition dOGuments. Storm metaIlle Grey and Silver with Ught Grey le ather. S·speed manual, CNW. St orl"d unused since 2003 with 60200 miles recorded whd'I iS believed to be correct. Very nice throogl'lout. £9,995

1972(1() Tri umph MU. Tu exempt. New White w ith Black Ambia ar.d Dark Grey soft. top. M ar'llla l with 0/0, PAS. factory alloys, e--windows, stereo. Original Mk l ~<ti s, co~ sill trim striPS a nd correctly for il Mkl has no side coaGhltnes (we covld fit them if the buYf!r prefers t he ;1ppearance J.Just had major service at Car1ow engineering. A clean example and hard to find a tax free manual Sug. £9,995

197S(S) Tri umph St ai Mkl. White with Tan Ambia and Black soft top. Aut omatic, PAS, factory aUav whee~. factory hard top, e ltttrlc w indows, immobiliser, st ereo. Only 70,000 m iles w ith l'listOl'V going baGk 30 years. Photographs of bare shell restoration in recent years, rebuilt e nginear.d new int erior. Very nice example. f10,99S

1972(L) MGB Ro~ster. Tax exempt. Bronze Yellow wit l'I Black le.,ther upholstery, wire wl'leels, manual w ith overdrive, urileaded head, oll cooler, e~tronic tgnition, huge h ist ory folder. Eve-<-atGh1ng exoim~e ready for Summer. ( 8,995

Up to date stock situation on our Website: W e are always keen t o purchase or t ake in part exchange modern and classic ca rs in right or left hand drive Tel: 01277 365415 Fax: 01277 365436 Email: sa les@eppingmot June 2013 Classic & Sports Car 221




Classic & Sports Car Soles Service and Restoration

MERCEDES BENZ 300 SL ROADSTER, 1957, Silver/ Red/Black top, Restored, History from New, Original Color Combination, Original Owner's Manual and Pouch, Bespoke ale, Ready to show or drive. $P.0.A.

ASTON MARnN VB VANTAGE COUPE, 1979, Raven Black/Burgundy, LHD, Original 5-speed manual, 92,000 Kilometers-56,000 Miles from new, Matching numbers, RareFactory Sunroof. This VB Vantage is one of the first 12 Oscar India VB Vantages builtin 1979. Pleasesee our website for complete history & specitications. $P.O.A.

LotllS Motorcars of Long Island

FERRARI 365 GTB/4 DAYTONA COUPE, 1972, Fly Yellow/ ASTON MARTIN 08 SHORT CHASSIS VOLANTE, Black, Restored, Factory ale & plw, Borranis, documented 1965, Winchester Blue/Blue/ Blue top, Complete by Massini, previous owned by a well-known collector, concours restoration, 5-speed ZF transmission, superb. $475,000.00 LHD, 1 of only 37 manufactured. $P. O.A.




Facel Excellence EX I 1958

Porsche 911 S Ex. Prince of Sweden

This is a true unique Facel Vega! A original Excellence EX I . There are only 156 Excel Jenee Facel's made in total .

Beautiful European 911 2.2 S M ATCHING NUMBERS. This car has be<:n delivered new in Sweden to Prince Bert ii Kungliga Slonet.

1947 JAGUAR 3YiLTR MK IV MINT £59,950


Citroen DS 19 Cabriolet d'Usine 1961

Jaguar E-Type Series I Convertible 4.2

This Cabriolet was build in order o f Citroen by the promine nt coachbuilder Chapron w ith the low production number of 770 pieces!

Original car in a fu lly restored and me chanical ly rebu ild condition . Beautiful dark red full leather in1erior. chrome wire whee ls , etc .

Ferrari 250 GTE 1963 Ferrari 330 GT serlesl 1965 Ferrari 365 GT 4188 1973 1970 Mercedes 280 SL Pagode Jaguar E· Type SJ Convertible 1972 Lancia Flamlnia Berlina 1958

Citroen DS 21 Chapron 1961 Ferrari 308 GTB Vetroresina 1976


Hi!(h Qualit~ Classic C ~rs Wanted for Purchase.


WWW.STANLEYMANN.COM tel: +44 (0) 1923 852 The Fruit Farm, Common L ane, Radlett, WD7 SP June 2013 Classic & Sports Car

OFFERED FOR PRIVATE SALE We are pleased lo assist one of our distinguished restoration clients in the sale of his automoblle. A classic 1957 Mercedes Benz 300SL Roadster. This car has undergone an extensive, concourse level restoration at our shop. No nut or bolt has been left untouched. This spectacular vehicle is well documented with outstanding provenance. An excellent candidate for investment and enjoyment.

CONTACT BILL HAHN FOR ADDITIONAL PRICING INFORMATION Cell Phone: 412-398-2540 or Hahn and Woodward Auto Restoration 321 Perry Hwy, Harmony PA 16037

!l!I ~ We specialize In the Investment grade restoration of European and American Collectible, Anlique and Classic Cars, Muscle Cars, Sports Cars, Hot Rods and Vintage Race Cars. Our services also Include full Custom Builds, Repairs, Show Prep, Dlsplay and Sales Assistance.

Home +32(0)2 582 59 28 Workshop: +32(0)53 63 12 33 Fax +32 53 63 29 33 Brussels - Belgium E-Mail Moretll 750 Bertinella LHD 1953 Very rare Italian technctlgcal lt1le J9Yt8l Comes WCh sane charm~ ra03 history 1n the 1953 seascri Woukl be a per1ect Mle Migia candtdale Orfy one famtf OM'le!Shp ttr 59 years• Per1ectly

martatned respectrlg oognaily Price: 56.000 euro

lMlcla Aurelia 8245 CorMlrtlblle LHD 1961 The Lanoa Aix* 824 CaM3rtde IS n mf ~rnl one

a the best conwrtdes a Iha SO-es Ths partnAar one 1s smple to clascrbe oaldlJonl Fdled WCh Nard c:artueli:J< !Gt Comes Wfh factory (f'nlfaml) hard-top Maleh~ runbers One a~ 521 exarni*ls podu::ed

Price: 310.000 euro

Bentley 3 ltr. Speed Model (Red Label), 1925, very authentic, Rall y London-Peking. ~~· ~ I ~· ::'~ • :r:.;..


Jagla XK150 S Roada• LHD 1958 Rare and soug1 aler S Road!ter wnarl 01J>i see 81( podu::ed Very SCU'td and n excelert <Xllrllm FIAJ'i sorted bV us Very attradMI ?eserlaben Relalllld IX'NB' (250 BHP), geat canb1. Elllln ttr tal drMllS. excelert YN1d ?ctecoon thaoo to pancramc YMdscreen and 'M~upwndoNs

Lasltu net lea!t geat stytel


- ~ -

"':' ,

Amorg!t the mclSt elegart c::oop!s SI' Wllam L}Q'IS designed Graat ?eset1alm n ·Albe!gne Wfh beige lealher nlena & ctrome wre v.tieels Super SCU'td cordtoo and lJly scrted bV us Ready to 8flC¥'

Price: 68.000 euro

Briatcl 406 Zagato RHO 1959 0ne a~ sZagato made. a "'1ch~ s known to SUr.MI UJmale and mclSt pc1N9l1U BMN ergned Bnstll (22 llre & 135 HP) More than 40years Wfh last owner dITT1Q wtld1 less than 5 00'.l mies Perfectly sound. eio::elert ~nal oondb:ln & lAy sorted AeaO/ to go•

Price: 185.000 8Ul'O

Alfa Romeo GYieaa SplderVeloce LHD 1960

O.Vnal Velooe 'Mth conltmatoo from Aldwo St:lnco Alla ROll'leo Very SCU1d Exoelel1 pre99l'la00n ......,

tesh pall'C II\ aigonal Alt! ROll'leo 506 red and r'llNI tjad< ~ery Meet-a~~ CMlrtliluled Ma~ runbers + e>dra TI 8'9l8 Comes ~h

Pnntinna hard-lop

Price: 63.500 El.lo

Many more quality classics for sale. Please ask for our stocklist or visit our website:




5.,;, - ?':;)~ ·.







. -

Mercedes 28/50 Ph aeton, · 12, o rigina l coachwork by Da imle r Be nz, rare !


• Jagla XK150 3.8 Coup6 LHD 1959



j .


-- Iii I

\"' .; BP©

-=I .


Ford GT 350 Shelby Mustang. 1 966, R-specification & SCCA race hist. since '66.


~, ..


. ''.l '


· - · '" '::;; -


J ..


Ferrari 250 Pininfarina, 1959, extensi· ve ly rest., Fe rrari C lassiche ce rtificate.

Ferrari 225 S Vignale Tuboscocca, '5 1, ex "Ro rn Liege-Ro m", 1 of o nly 21

AC Ace Roadster, 1957, RI ID, silver. Aston Martin VS Volante,'79, silver. Bentley S I, '59, ivm y, nice co ncl., LI-ID. Talbot Lago T 26 Record Convertib le, '48. MB 320 Convertible A, '3 7, Concours! Bentley 3 112 hr. Van den Plas DHC, '36. Bentley R·Type Mulli ner Lightweight, '53. f'.e rrari 365 GTB Daytona Spider, 1972. lso Rivolta 300, 1966, be ige. Lagonda 2.6 ltr. DHC, 1 949, two-tone .

Masera ti Mistral Spider, 1965, silver. MB 170 S Cabriolet B, 1950, maroon. MB 280 SE 3,5 It. Cabr., 19 70, white. MB 280 SL Roadster, 1970, light blue . MB 290 Roa dster, 1936, o nly 3 built. MB 300 d Limousine , 1957, b lac k. MB 540 K Limousine, 1937, black. MO 500 Niirburg Cabr. Voll&Ruti rbeck, '34. Nard i 750 Vigna le Coupe, 19 58. Porsche 356 Sc Converti ble, '6 4 .

Gavin McGuire's Fine Automobiles


Telephone/ Fax 0044 (0) 1892 770310 Mobile Phone 0044 (0) 7770 316482 E-Mail Web site Ju nction 6 on the M25 Motorway Just 70 minutes from Dover & 20 minutes from Gatwick

1903 Peugeot 5 hp - £66,500

HUMBER 16/50 Year of manufacture 1930 Recorded mileage 5718 Asking price £13,750 Vendor Pioneer Automobiles, near Newbury. Berks; tel: 01635 248158/07711 509600; WHEN ITWAS NEW Price £435 (saloon) Max power 50bhp Max torque n/a 0-SOmph 18 secs Top speed 65mph Mpg 16 This Humber was converted into a van in 2004, having been found as a project lacking its rear bodywork. and the excellent proportions - with a low roof - come from it having been made to fit the builder's garage. The body is original back to the doors. which retain the 'chauffeur's lift' quick-action window winder on the driver's side, and sheet timber from there back, with useful opera windows and an attractive inner structure that could do with varnishing. The vinyl top is in fine order and there is a pleasing pair of Bi-Flex headlamps. as well as flashing indicators. The chrome and plating is lightly microblistered and there are a few sink marks and bubbles in the paint. but overall the appearance is charming. The Humber sports Bleckley tyres. which is always a good sign of enthusiastic ownership. although they're almost due for replacement - but one of the spares. a Dunlop. is unused. The seats came from an autojumble: the passenger one tilts and ideally needs bolting down better. Under the bonnet. the motor's grubby with a possibly later downdraught carb and plain water in the radiator, yet it's up to level. The oil is clean and to 'max'. There are no leaks and the plywood floors are tidy underneath. The 21 lOcc 'six' starts easily and sits on 60°C with 55psi of oil pressure at any revs - the ammeter shows plenty of needle deflection above tickover, but must be wired back to front because it reads minus. Gearchanges are slow - with deliberate double-declutching needed up and down the 'box - and the brakes are surprisingly good. They likely won't be prone to fade because. although the loE valve layout provides plenty of torque. the comfortable cruising speed is in the high 30s - the 'book' top end of 60mph-plus sounds rather ambitious. An MoT is no longer required for pre-1960 vehicles, but the existing certificate lasts until October.

'1904 De Dion 10 h p twin cylinder £195,000

1904 Darracq 15 hp four cylinder £ Please ask

1912 Talbot 15 hp -£75,000

1915 Napier 20 hp - £52,500

1920 Talbot 25/50 - £76,500

1923 D:.imler Dl6 - £36,500

1934 Bentley 31/1 / 41A Litre - £99,500

1934 Lagonda 3 Litre - £88,500

1936 Alvis Speed 25 - COMING SOON!

1937 Morgan 4/4 - £31,500

1937 Morgan Super Sports - £41,500

SUMMARY EXTERIOR • Body smart and quite recent INTERIOR • Could use a bit of finishing MECHANICALS • All appears to be healthy


VALUE For Attractive, unusual and vintage Against Slow; gearshift slower still SHOULD I BUY IT? As an appealing and useful commercial that's about £4000 cheaper than a sa loon (and which you can probably write off against your business tax). yes. Just don't expect to get anywhere fast!

V isi tors always welcome - p lease telephone firs t 226 Classic fw Sports Car June 2013

Jaguar Specialists

XK150 DHC Red with Black leather trim. MIO, C.W.W, Ally Dash, Hlst0<y from New. Last owner the past 18 years. Maintained regardless of cos~ in Excellent Condition. Chassis number S827104DN. £56,000.

E TYPE SERIES 1 F.H.C. 2011 Morgan 60th Anniversary Plus 4 Supersport. Limited edition No.59 of 60 Finished in RAF blue. 11,150 miles, one owner - £46,450.

2005 Roadster 3.0 V6, Finished in Jaguar gunmetal grey pearl with Yarwood Mulberry leather interior .Two owners with full Morgan servK:e history having covered only 18.700 miles. £33,950

Silver Blue, Blue trim, history from new, perfec1 panel fi~ excellen1condition1hroughout. £44,500.

Telephone 01885 410 396


E TYPE SERIES 14 2 ROADSTER A . . h rtl t URGENTLY WANTED: E-TYPES , XKS & ASTONS Website· wwwwoodmantonclass1cs com - Email woodmantonclass1cs@hotmall com

~urst Mot

~e-~"•'§••..~"~ T: 01428 653924 I E: Midhurst Road , Haslemere G U27 3 EE



Moonraker B lack wit h Magnolia fu ll hide interior, black hide to dash top and steering rim, cream safari headlining, black carpets. 63,600 miles. .. £15,995

Olympic Blue with Black half hide interior, black carpets piped in black, black hood . 28,600 miles

""""""""" ' """ '' """£21,995 W anted TVR sports cars. Please phone us with details. Largest stockist of TVR sportscars.

Professionally converted in t he late 1980s and just two l ong term owners since. Much loved and enjoyed, it has covered over 30,000 miles since acquisition in 2000 and has a huge file to attest thorough maintenance by acknowledged marque specialists. PRICE ON APPLICATION

ALSO AVAILABLE 1935 VELOCETIE KTI MkV • 1966 FERRARI 330 2+2 Project Interesting vehicles always sought for purchase or consignment

+44 (0)1252 845818 • June 2013 Classic & Sports Car


jffltke £lbbas


1969 260SL Pogodil Grten/Stonc Tex; Auto; P/Steering; Hard/Soft Top; Cw=itly undergoing a bare metal respray - available end May; 3 0wnCB from new; 61k. mis w Full Histmy; £69,995

LotMS Eliut Sprillt DHC 1973 Yellow-White/Bile Interior;

History spanning 31 years; MOT 's covering 29 years; Original Scats with Lotus Scat Belts; Motorola Radio; 89,000 miles ftom new; A True Appreciating Classic; £39,995

190SL Colfl!atlbk 1956 LHD Rcd/Blk Leather; Undergone Full Repaint and fitted with new Carpet, Hood & Chromeworlc; A very Useable and App=iating Classic; £69,995





~~ /~~~ ~~YW:iN~~~g~



LOOKlll!I FREE COLLECTION & DELIVERY Any customen who are intettSted in ooy o( OUR can. We can, without ooy <Xln coot, oollecl our clienu &om Manchater Airport.,,. Liverpool Airport. toke a short SO minute dtM to our v.uiouo locaLioo1 in Lancashire and of coune return our Olllomen' bock to the airport. whether our client>' buy our can .,,. not. We also offer a clclivery seMor: to Ashford lntemalional Euro 1nin ltabcm at no extra..,._ Thia does oot cod here,"" will also ioclude It NO extta CXllt FREE DEUVERY to

260SL 1960 LHD Silver Blue Metallic/Blue Leather; Fully Restored; Heated Seats; Air Con; Radio/ lpocl/Pbone Connection; 4,300 Miles since Rebuild; £125,000

Fort1rl '56 ~ 201U61 Rosso Corsa/Nero Leather wilh Rosso Stitching; Red Brake Calipers; 20" Painted Alloys; Totally Unmarked; Has never been out in the Rain; I Owner; 1,300 Miles Only: £17', 995

SLS001999 Tourmaline Green/Cream Leather; Panoramic Glass Roof; Elec/Memory Scats; Xenon Headlamps; Totally original, never been painted;

FSH; 2 Owners; 401< mis only. £16,995

the followiog destinalioos: Eoi!land Folblooe Dover I Harwich I Southampton I Newcaatle I Hull I Be1fut lt,aly Milan

I V"erona Greece Athens Spain Madrid I Barcelona I Seville I Malaga /Zaragoza I Valencia I Girona Fruu PariJ I Lyon I Bordeaux I Nice Belgium Brussels I Uege Holland Amsterdam Germany Du.ueldorf I Berlin I Stuttgart I Hamburg Sweden Gothertburit Norway Oslo Finland Hebinltl Denmark Greve I Eabjerg c-li Republic Pr.gue foland Wanaw Switzerland Zurich Hungary Budapest Awtria Vienna Eire Dublin Portugal Porto I Uobon

We aloK>Siip<ired to: New Y<Xlt& Loog J!each. l&, HMfiix. a..i., Hmg Kmg fut -Heng ~ DWii futs:]drlAj/ fut Rmblled/ Malaysia-futKlang Newllllllllbs- m~ We DDWi&-Spmiiihapaldngperui &Spdib ~ mfmlilL


Tel: 020 8418 9191 I Mob: 07836 522234 Email: I Web:

Marcel Roks Consultant

Volvo 240T Grp.A, '84 Zolder E1C


Alfa Romeo 1600 Junior Zagato, 1973. Allard J2 Flathead, 1950. Alpine A110 16005 Group4, 1973. Aston Martin OB2 Vantage RHO, 1952. BMW 327/328 Cabriolet. Bugatti EB110 GT. Fiat Tipo-2 Spyder, 1912. Ford Escort RS2000 MK1 rally, 1972. Ford Capri 2600RS rally, 1973. Ford Mustang Coupe FIA, 1965.

Nani Danese 7505, 1947. The tint Nardi. Lancia Oilambda Boneschi, 1935. Lola T70 MK3 Coupe, 1967 Maserati Shamal, 1991. Maserati MC12 GT1 Works Corsa, 2005. Mercedes 190 2.5-16 EVO II, 1992. Porsche 91416 Grp.4, ex VW Sweden. Porsche Carrera GT Competition, 2004 Porsche 2.8 RSR replica, 1972. Triumph TR3A rally-car RHO, 1960. TVR Griffith 400 FIA, 1965.

Steenweg op Turnhout 84 - 2330 Merksplas - Belgium Tel +32 14 478 900 Fax +32 14 478 901 Mobile +32 476 886 518 Website. www mroks com E-mail class1cs@mroks com

1952 JeepWillys J-10 £23,950 The most Ur1QUe 1952 'Mlle'J Jeep Pid< up truck in Et.rope. This has cost in excess ot £50,000 to pi.A torJetherinclJding a brard new 6 3 383 stroker VS eogine. New T11bo 400 tansrni:»ion ¥id lfli<1.le flip paint.. LookS lte a new tnxk. inSiOe, outside urdemea1h & in lhe f!f'9iOe bay. Certain ~ Wiilner.

1992Vauxhall Lotus cartton Turbo

1971 Ford Escort 1300 XL Auto



Ooe ol lfle best available Fantastic car to OOve This Isa fact01Ycrig 1nal,easiJi,i up to

The bes1 MK1 Escort in the worid in temis of how original lhe car Is. Preseiited in as new cordtb'l witflalloriglnal panetsaocllnteriol'. This Ca" could be made C.OOcours with YerY little effort and woukf make an excellent actlltlontoanycollectioo


V1ewmg By Appointment Only 01494 785661 More photos and full spec at our web site:


GHOST MOTOR WORKS LTD Exclusively Rolls Royce and Bentley

Au tinOwen Rolls Royce Corniche 2001 LHD. Left hand drive. 4,300 KM from new. F.S.H. Bentley Monaco. Black Sapphire with Barley leather. Huge spec. Extremely ra re car. £1 24,950

19,500 miles . Ceramic brakes. Moonbeam silver with Beluga leather stitched silver. 20" painted silver upgrade wheels. Huge spec. £109,950 Jaguar E-Type V12 Roadster 1973. Manua l. 30,500 miles. Carmon red with black leather. Ch rome wire wheels. Original R.H.D. UK supplied car with lovely history. £59,950

Roll s ~uy~e ~ilver Shadow. 1976. ~c~llcs Blue, beige hide mtcnor. 40755 m iles- Full scn:ice history. Very low mileage car with perfect history, front head rests and original over rugs. £17,950

Bentley Continental Convertible. 26,000 miles. Excellent service history. 1989. Mediterranean blue with Magnolia leather, piped navy with a Magnolia Everflex roof. Must be one of the best on

Ferrari 355 GTS. Manual 1996. 12,000 mi les. Tour De France Blue with Crema colour Coded roof panel. Main dealer service history. Stunning car. £54,990

Fixed Head Coupe 1977. 41,500 miles. Sand meta llic with be ige leather piped brown, brown Everflex roof. Owned by titled family for over 30 Yrs. Lovely

Bentley Turbo R. LWB by James Young. 1 996. 50,000 miles. Peacock blue with Magnolia leather trim. Conversion includes small rear window and panoramic roof panel. One owner from new (Embassy). Rare car. £19,950

Bentley Continental Convertible. 1990 H-Reg. 90,000 miles. Excellent service history. Indigo blue with Magnolia piped Navy. Navy mohair hood. Excellent spec inc luding extended seat mnners. Lovely driving car. £49,950

T: 01708 687670 Fax: 01708 687666 Email: Web: Classic & Sports Car June 2013

.. Bentley Serie$ J . 1963. Smoke and Sage Green_ Dark green hide, new lambs wool O\'CT nigs and period

Bentley 3.5 Litre Park Ward 1935. Black and cream, Sand stone hide with beige Wilton carpets . 28969 m iles. Owned

sca_tbd ts. 24900 miles. Recently serviced, build history.

~n~h:~~~~2\~~3f..~d fu~~;.:~~'.~=work,

Originti_ I r.l~10, tools :ind handbook. F\:>rfect coochwork, superb mtcnor with new tyres and a new MOT. £39,950

40 Rolls Royce and Bentley's for sale now LANDWAY FARM, BASTED LANE, CLAYGATE CROSS KENT, TN15 SPY, ENGLAND TELEPHONE: 01732 886002 MOBILE: 07802 776610 w CAR S WANTED


t ·f~I

Suffolk Jaguar

Tel. 01676 533949

Eat ' 1969'

Email: blll.postins


WEB: WWW.BILLPOSTINS.COM J a guar E -typ e Seri es II 1970. Fu lly documented 4 owner car with ge nuine 34,000 miles . Lovely un molested o rigina l condition. Waxoile d and Carcooned since 1990. Silver grey w ith dark blue inte rior. Chrome wires, Stainless exhausts. Serv ice history with b ills and records. no damage and no m arks to interior. £38,000 i\1CC GT ·Sebring' look illike.1968.

Austin Healey Sprite Sebring

Just compleled high qualily rebuild lo igh spec ..... ........................... £18,750


MG TD. 1951.UK car ...

Replk11 1959. G round up rebuild just

. ...... ..... .. ..... ................. £21,000

!'··~' · ..~.





~~- :-·


. -.. .

Lotus Cortin 11i\1 Kll,1969. 800 miles since restoration ... ......... ..... ...... ................. .......... £23,500

Rowr P4.90. 1959. 59,000 miles from new ... ................................................. £7,750

Auslin Healey Frob-eye Sprile 1958. Ford Cortln 11 1600[. 1968. Restored Nut and bolt rebuild .. ................................................. £ 13,950 ....... ........... ............................ ... £7,500



~ ~


.. .






Suffolk SS IOO Jaguar. Low mileage 2 owner car in Jaguar Golden sand with champagne Connoll y leather interior. ll ugely admired and recently owned by JDC official. XK 4.2 litre engine, 4 speed Jaguar all synchro gearbox with overdrive. Full specification with heater, weather gear, luggage nick, windwings and aeroscreens. Available late May. \Vorks guarantee 10 new owner. MOT Taxed.

Morris Co"1ey Flatnose Tourer. 1927. F'ull nut and boll rebuild ... ........... ........... ....................... £ 16,000•

Triumph TRJA..1960. Older restoration.Wire wheels ... ......... ........... ............................ £1 9,750

Suffolk SS IOO Jaguar. Very low mileage one owner car in green with beige interior. Spec generally as above. Full details on website. Jaguar XKISO Coupe. 3.4 Red with cream /red interior. Superbly maintained over 30 years. Matching numbers. Immaculate bodywork. Muge history and restoration tile. Drives perfce1ly. Michelin X lyres on chrome wire wheels. Available late May.

Ekncley Eigh t 1987 ................... ..... ..................... ..... ..................... ..... ..................... ..... ..................... ..... ..................... .... £POA A40 Farin a 1969 Hist<.>ric ra.;:c car ~1orris


Minor 1000 Van 1968 Restored Green ............. .......... ................. .......... ................. .......... ................. .......... ............. £9.750

Jlo1GC GT 1969 J\1anual O\'..:.'fdnvc. NUI and bolt rebui ld .......................................................................................................... P<>A

We are anxious to purchase ca rs similar to the above for cash WWW.bill Balsall Common Warwickshire

1961 MGA roadster Mk/ I

1964 Ford FI 00 pick u/>

Reswred. crossflow cylinder head. five speed

4.0 litre, six cyl inder engin e, restored,

gearbox ...........£24.9955

beautiful, converted for LPG ..........£.14.995

1973 Triumph Siag

1930 Morr~ Cowley Folding Head Saloon

Manual gearbox, fully rebuilt engine, immaculate th ro ughout ............ £1 3,495

low o wnersh ip, a rare, very original car with a rebuilt engine and gearbox .. ....... £1 2.250

72,000 miles wilh a compreh ensive service h iscory............£14,995

Fo r mo re d ccails of chese cars and our selectio n of lovely classic cars please visic our website • 01622 851841 Ulcombe, Maidstone, Kent, ME! 7 1EH June 2 013 Classic & Sports Car


Classic Cars tn.e U-Me ~~ t'-ejifu;t 4<t'f?

1954 Alvis TC21.

1939 Lancia Aprilia.

Drophead Coupe by Port

Drophead Grey lady. No.45

Word finished In Metallic Red lo very high standards. lnleriof In Oatmeal Leather with alt wood trim and ftnlshings In excellent condition. Large

1963 Alvis TE21 .

Pillar-less Saloon. Extremely rare , finished in period Green with e>:c&llent b!1ghtwO!'k and


of 100 made In this sty1e. Finished In Metallic Royal Blue over Shell Grey with Blue Leather interior. Fitted with a Moha ll Hood. Comprehensive history file including copy build sheets.

£52 950

£34 950

1989 Rolls Royce COmiche II.

1963 Daimler Dart.

1947 MGTC.

A beoo1tflA elegantly shaped 1wo door convertible finished in Velvet Gleen C00"4l4lmented wtth Oolmeol

Beaullfully rnlshed In Block.with Liglt Grey Hide interior. It benefits from upgrades to Rock & Pinion Steering, wire wheels and supplled

Finished in Red with Mushroom

leather upholste.y and walnut finishllgs. Thi$ vehicle wos owned by Soalchl &. Sootchi and hos


oovered 65,500 miles. The ultimate piestlge ca tor open lop molomg.


outstanding Cream Interior.

Buff log book and large history tile.

£38 500

lnteriOf, futly restored during 2012 and fitted wtth a brand

with tu• Tomeou Cover. Fun and

new Block Duck hood. Oter 150 images ot restOJotion available

comprehensive resloratkln COrTled out only covering 8000 miles since.

1o complete .., comprehensive history file we have on this car.



View more classic cars online -

Contact Stu Pardoe on

0131 665 3691 3 Salters Rd, Wallyford, Edinburgh East, EH21 8JY

CLEEVEWOOD GARAGE Sport & Classic Car Specialist

Tel: 0117 956 7144 IZ!::;;;:r"lCllll'R

1985 Aston Martin Vantage. 5 speed manual, 3 owners, 64K £28 K spent on refurb & unleaded

1973 BMW 3CSi. Tax Exempt! Very nice car, imported from Dry California. European spec car, air con, PAS, has to be one of the

convert at Aston Martin Factory.

nicest examples around for sale


today. £26,995.

miles, Full Aston Martin History,

1967 Wosley 1100 MK 1. 54,000 miles Very clean car, original body no welding, just had bare metal repaint and re-chrome. £7,500

W e have ove r 80 c la ssi c and Spo rt s c a rs in st ock. MGs Triumph Porsc h e Merc edes B e nz Lotus Ferrari J a guar BMW TVR American to n a me but a few.

Restorat1~~u~n:, ~e~a~~~t~~i~h~~";~~~ :~!~~~11:po~~~~~ r~h:~~~s0~~~fu~h~~:~~~~t H~~~~~ s ite for a 01179567144 wher e w e would be happy t o assi st you All em ail enqu ir es t o sales@a lls po rtscar s c o uk We behev e the car s ho uld sell it self s o expect a friendly a nd relaxed sales approach

01179567144 Cl eev e wood Roa d, Dow ne nd, B r i stol. Fina n ce & Wa rrantie s A vailable

Melvyn Rutter Limited


SUNBEAM TIGER HARRINGTON Year of manufacture 1965 Recorded mileage 42,320 Asking price £45,000 Vendor Sussex Sports Cars, Lewes,

East Sussex; tel: 01273 477778; WHEN ITWAS NEW Price El 446 Max power 164bhp Max torque 2581b ft 0-60mph 7.8 secs Top speed 1l7mph Mpg 18

New Morgan l Wheelers - Take A Test Drive In Our Car Chassis no: 007 - 'Licensed To Thrill' Selection Of Used Cars - Go To Our Web Site For Details All Morgans Wanted, Including Projects And Concours Cars The PitStopAccommodation Experience Here. Book on-line BUY ONLINE WITH US The MORGAN WORLD ~PARTS CATALOGUE MAGAZINE UK £4, Europe £6 (elr tM11J 0 - - ellewhenl £6

This is t hought to be t he only Harrington Tiger in existence, confirmed as a genuine Tiger by the chassis number on the original green logbook, and converted into a coupe with a Harrington 'D' series top by an enthusiast in 1987, who toured around the States with his handiwork in 1989. SSC boss Gerry Wadman recently drove the Sunbeam the 600 miles back to the UK from Switzerland and, though not built by Harrington, it's for sale just five miles from where Harrington made the originals in Hove. The structure is solid, with a little older welding under the cruciform. but the sills are good and t he body has recent ly been repainted. The exhausts are sound and the hangers new. The rear dampers are fresh. as are the filte rs under the rear and in the engine bay. The door-fit is slightly proud, but the seals are new and should hopefully wear in. The wheels are recent Minilites with almost unworn asymmetric Dunlop tyres all round. and the same under the glassfibre hatchback, which fi ts well. although the rubber seals are a little perished. Inside, the vinyl upholstery looks original and the headlining is not stained. while the dashboard and instruments are all in excellent shape. Period extras fitte d to the car include a Cosmic throttle pedal. a Britax sliding sunroof and a wood-rimmed Mo to-Lita steering wheel, plus there's an alternative 'Tiger' gearknob in the centre console. The history fi le alludes to a 302cu in engine, although the V5C states that it's 4261cc - the factory 260cu in unit - and the inlet manifold still bears the original number 4099F21 K. There is plenty of oil and a small weep fro m the water pump with a correspondingly empty header tank, al though that will have been seen to before sale. The engine fire s read ily and sounds like a proper VS, with loping tickover. plus strong oil pressure of at least 45psi. It takes a whi le to warm through, with the coolant and oil temperatures barely moving from the end on a brief test drive. but it pulls well with a great soundtrack. There's no slop in the rack-and-pinion steering, the brakes are firm and the gearbox synchros work well. The MoT runs until August.


• Repainted; hard-top fits well; doors need to settle though INTERIOR

• All original, in lovely condition MECHANICALS

• Drives well and pulls like a train VALUE *****1:.r'frtrtrtl For Harringt on conversion adds

practicality and hides fins a little Against Not done by the factory SHOULD I BUY IT?

It should cost less than a standard Tiger. which SSC has for £39.950. bu t. as a package that really works, we reckon it's a fa ir asking price

June 2013

Classic & Sports Car 233


c. Elder & Son Office: Tel or Fax (01869) 340999

The Motor Shed, Middle Aston, Nr. Bicester, Oxfordshire OX25 SQL

AUSTIN 12/4 2-seat tourer with dd<ey •.......£18,500

1922 1922

GN/FRAZER NASH Special ..............................£65,000


GARDNER Town Coupe. Lyrom~g 4.5 litre Strai~ 8


CHEVROl.ET 24 hp National 4-seat tourer, body by


TRUMPH 1800 roadster,"™' up-rated to 2 litre &


RCJ/ER 75 4-<loor saloon. Rrst of 1he P4 car.;.


ALVIS TA21 spol1s 4-seater, re-bodied by Alwil ..........

TR3 geaJ1Jox. ...................................................£17.500

Restoo:d 4 owners..........................................£10,500

engine ..............................................................£22,000


Holden ..............................................................£11,750

DIXI 3/15PS (DA 1), fitted with 1933 BMW2-seat


HOTCHKJSSAnjoo 13.50salooo. 3 ™'ners ..£16,500

spol1s body ..................................................£19,750


M.G. Tf 1250cc ................................................£25000


DB.AGE DR70Limousine ..............................£27,000


MORRIS Minor series 114-<100< saloon ............ £4,500


HUMBER9/281wer .....................................£17,500


JAGUAR XJ<140 fixed-head coupe .................£69,750


1959 1962

ALVISTD21 series I saloon. Automatic. ........£24,750


STANDARD 9Tei~mouth saloon . ................£12,000 TRIUMPH Soper 7 Gnat ................. ................£22,000

OGLE SX1000 ...................................................£16,750


MORRIS Major Six Coop<i (4 seats) ..............£22,500


JAGUAR E-type series 14.2 roadster. Conversioo &


AUSTIN 65 spol1s 2-seater .............................£16,750


MORRIS Oxford Si~ six~ight salooo ............£18,000


AUSTIN HEALEY 3000 Mk II series I ..............£38,000

VAUXHAll cadet 4-<loor Grosvenor saloon,last


MORRIS Minor 1000 Pick-up, full tilt, O<igra, oot a


conversion. ···········-···-···-···-·······················-···£8,750 VOU<SWAGEN 1300 Karmen Convertible. Sem"Auto.



up;ated ........................................................£54,500

owner 40 years ................................................ £14,250 1936 1936


Mc!AUGHUN-BUICK 5 passenger deluxe sedan. 2 owners .............................................£15,500


...........................................................................£10,250 VOLKSWAGEN 1300 Bee1le ...............................£7,250 M.G. Midgel 1500 ......................£3,200


ALVIS 4.3 litre Cootinental tourer by Alwil. ..£105,000



BENTlEY 4.25 litre replica James Young roadster .....


M.G. Mklgel 1500 ..............................................£3,500



JAGJAR XJ-SConvertible. V12 HE .................£10,500


MORGAN 4/4 coupe (3-position drophead) ...£32,000


1939 1939

BUICK 40spedal sedM. (strai~ 8) Lh.d. .... £18,500 SUNBEAM-TALBOT 104-<IOO<saloonwith sunshine

DAIMLER VB Lwb X~ saloon........................£1,995 MOTORCYCLES


II.SA S26 de Luxe 500c.c ..............................£15,000

roof...................................................................£11 ,250


BMWK75 ...........................................................£1,925


HONDA VNl l00 ................................................ £2,300

www.vinta eandcla

Addjtional Cars for Sale AC Ace Brooklands, damaged requires work ....................................£8,750 AC Aceca, RHO 1960, excellent car ....................................................£68,500 For further d etails on these cars, please ca ll : Charles on 01208 812399 or vis it www.interesting-ca Email : We are based in Cornwall and Sussex


Classic & Sports Car June 2013





• :-· ~~ -



..~--""'=-~---- __ ..;-_









Please visit our website at fOf' thirty other carefulty selected lotus, Caterham, performance and classic vehicles. Should you be thinking of se!Wng any of the above or similar please C0'11act us for a no obligation discussion -


TEL: 01227 728190


www uksportscars com

E-MA1L sales@uksportscars com

Tel: +44 (0)1234 240024 Fax: +44 (0)1234 240054

One of the best examples I have had for some time. Rebuilt in Germany in the early 1990's and relatively little used since. This MKll was placed 3rd. in class at the Pebble Beach Concours in 2001. It also has a long race and rally history including the Leinster Trophy in 1939, the the London to Edinburgh Trial in 1949 and later was much raced in South Africa by ex. Ferrari and Aston Martin driver Peter Sutcliffe. It returned to Europe in the late 1980's and underwent a full rebuild in Germany to very high standard. This stunning original short chassis MKll really does need to be seen and driven to be fully appreciated. It is in my showroom right now and ready for testing and inspection. Price £175,000 see for further details and car sales

June 2013 Classic & Sports Car

Totally re-built by Z specialist Dave Jarman Racing for road and endurance rallies. Completed June 2012 and only 1500 miles since. Up-rated engine, gearbox, diff, suspension , brakes, half cage , Recaro Specialist seats, sump guard, etc. For full specification call Nigel Broderick on 078910 456 43 or email Private sale








1088 2007





POR8CHE llOC) CNIRERA RHD CABAi:> llPl'RONC 19111 Slu.ieR 139.000M f'SH 00~




1007 MET Bl.ACK/GREV 74000l<M.




















L/iO 68000KM T\RlUOISE MET/CflE'f FRENCH REG. 2008 8000l<M Sll.l.1:R, FUJY















Sl.llEM!UCK UK REG 10000l<M FU.I. SPa: OPEN 50 KNOTS MIU 2000'AANESON15o..






~~'~!~~e:1rs . ~~:,,~~." ~ ~



0\er 40


SI RIU \ II \ \ lf'Slll KI SI SM\ ROKlll RS

1958 Abarth Record Monza. lnt.eresting early history in US [Team Roosevelt etc.) Available t.o be restored by us. Fiat 124 Spider UK Specialist. Restoration and bespoke rebuilds. Ferrar i, Alfa Romeo and Abarth restoration specialists. M odern facilities with Bodyshop, Service and Sales departments DETAILED FIXED PRICE LABOUR QUOTES AVAILABLE FREE OF CHARGE. PRE-PURCHASE INSPECTIONS.



0208 645 5 0 5 0

28, Breakfield, Ulle water Bueineee Park, Couledon, Surrey, CR5 2HS

Id : 01 ~2 0


~7~9 1 9

\ l o b: 077 10


l·. mail : t' nc1uirit'S tt rohinla\\lon.rnm

Fnlhm ra robinhm ton 2 on f \\ ittrr

\\ r b : '"' \\ .rohinhm June 2013 Classic & Sports Car 237


FIA Reg. Documented History Eligible and Race Ready for: Goodwood Revival I Guards Trophy I Stirling Moss Sports Car Cup Series/ GT & Sports Car Cup Car located in South East England

£POA Call: +44 (O) 7501497598 Email:


L. LIJ1.(' PI \I\:

CL\.. IC L \l\.S

ALFA ROMEO GWUA SPI DER 1963,rare factory built r hd Spider.Just 52k miles,believed

genuine and low owners. Extensively restored bodywork.A superb example ........ £39,500.00

1967 LOTUS ELAH FHC,5PYDER ENGINEERIHG CONVERSI ON 1958 LANCIA AURELIA 820 6th series 820 silver Elan FHC,fully rebuilt by Spyder Engineering using their with blue/grey leather and spaceframe chassis,21tr Zetec engine & g/box etc. No recently rebuilt engine.A nice expense spared,on this special Elan........................£33,750.00 example of this very desirable car.

1973MG BGT In red w~h cloth interior.Just 9k

~~~~i~~ B~~i~1~~~~~t~;rt

file detailing much work carried

out ....................................£4,995.00

1968MGBGT Mk2 B GT in white with contrasting black interior. Much


A one owner from new example in pale blue,a good sound example with

perfect history.Ready to be tl!COIDrecent restoration work.along with a full service.unleaded engine missioned and shown this summer. on circa 35k miles..........£6500.00 (lib pic)._______.£JUST ARRIYm

for f ur ther det ails on any vehicle, full stock and new arrivals contact

01672 512879 I 07813394167 email: We are situated near Swindon at the foot of the Wiltshire Downs, 10 miles from the M4 jnc 16

238 Classic & Sports Car June 2013

- Al/GMD-TORSPOR 1,,,, w.mgmo torspor com I.


OR THE ROAD VERSION TEL : 01442 832019

FAX : 01442 832029

Hempstead Road, Bovingdon, Heres HP3 OHE


•1•&ti·Wi;iJ·18JMllitlilWll]ii'·1•100JJi:J111w Classic Chrome Ltd, 12 Sheen Lane, Mortlake, London SW14 8LN, UK Tel: +44 (o) 20 8876 8171 • Fax: +44 ( o) 20 8876 8212 • Email: OPENING HOURS: Mon-Fri: 9am-6pm, Saturday: 9am";pm, Sunday: by appointment


All model• of A.ton• &ought, •old ond MH'Viced.

An excellent car restored by the UKs leading specialists approx 6 years ago. Factory build sheet available showing works service history until approx 1970. Bodywork and trim in Silver and red, as per build sheet and with correct original engine. Unusually fitted with electric windows as specified from new. The original engine has now been rebuilt to 4. 7 litre spec by Aston Engineering in Derby and the car is ready to drive. An exceptional car to drive............................................... £POA 'CONTACT US IF YOU WISH TO SELL YOUR ASTON FROM OUR CENTRAL LONDON LOCATION' FINANCE AVAll.A8LE Email:

ASTON LONDON, 59 EWER STREET, LONDON SE 1 ONR SALES: 020 7401 8008 SERVICE: 020 7401 8811

June 2013 Classic & Sports Car 239

Nuts, bo\ts smoki~g barre\

Ferrari 355 Spider F1 Colour Nero Oay1ona Registered· 1998 Mileage. 19,700

£44,995 Stock Number· 394

Sales 01622 759599

Colour Rosso Corsa Reg1s1ered 1989 Mleage: 44,700


Stock Numbtir - 11660

ColouJ Algento Nurburgring RegtStered 2000 Mileage 13. 100

Coto..- Rosso Corsa



Regtstered 1990 Mileage: 20.800

StOl. N\Jfnbdr- 383

Stoc..'k Numb< r- 389

Workshop 01622 759456

All our vehicles are fully prepared by our renowned workshops at Kent High Performance Cars

www khpcsupercars co uk

Cavall1no Build1n9. ME 15 9YG

r- -






~mon1: c:'


·~·"'"'-"''"''•"~"""" WWW.• Corvette• Co• Uk ~V-



EUF'llp."S no l COl'\'<-U.:p;vu spc.;ial1.ti,sl'l<Xlland, kcm\U:6 St;O


1'1'7} 0)11\'1!1Tl! Q)S \ 'Ul:T1BU: ?., lillrlo ~ <• .iK• ll•tllock "'ilhT1WOO-..r1<.

fi....i...l in$ ii..... .,,. hlidaieh! W..,l<lllh<raad llla<k """'- ""' ~ ......,..,..... _ ... briolo<.. _,,. """""C,-!io rM>o. Oid)' l911 . .1<<-..,. ~ ~ l:wloj)'.Qfl" -"'""""" i'JM f..b<•~ 1'rkf~...: IO ....'ef M ""-11<:111 ...._ lll

history. Benerns from 550 Maranello wheels. Spare keys, toolkit, service book etc. Rare car.

Very hard to find noN.



- - .~-


very high standard . It has wide t rack suspension, stainless steel sports exhaust, enamel sheilds to

front wings. all books/spare keys. Excellent val ue at £31,500

All good Ferraris wanted

T: (01425) 273 682 M: (07860) 274 455 E: w:


).(,-_....... 1•

in near concourse condition and is accedit to

lhe previous owner who has maintained

Rbct~aih:rll'llo.-.0.X, hcad-updt;pl.ay,Octooam fin ~~ """h!2di$CS1;ACl.rf, ooklu-<1Mdil«llllllg. alpl)l>Dd 11C"1o' 111 UK finll~lld 2001 illl tl'l'Vice ~, Onjpn;iol fwu-Sp:< .,. 11hl.0Ca,·...Jablt; 67200 fl '-..,,.,.

··~~I CI, Tu~No;) (Jbdi '''" " "h~COO¥CS.

t>!U in~U. ~ f-dclbt<.>d Pl -IOOl~'-"'<W$ and

1JWn1foidOpcimlll~.,,.~· ilfld r"'1i.:>F'.1tl<',.."<'ft!Cml "'"Qf\; b','~. sup:rb kl dtNc .iftd an nirp1..--lly11ioccumpl.:l of IJ.:m<>11dl-olf•bkfour~C I

~- · ~==-~!.·

Ferrari 348 Berlinetta 1993, Red with Cream, 32,000 miles.This Ferrari 1994 car, with 52,000 miles with full service

t~ (.'Ol(\l'Tll\WOO\'\Tl(ft lll..E

'"''-'OM\1'11"1.t:!'f.Ll!OUJllrf 19'J9(.lw:';rolc1CorvntcC.:qxEllNcd.1a1CS

5.7LSI V8AUIOO"lilJC fuwkd 111Sd:irillgSil'l'cr.,.llh

.,,..., mi..



l t'lf fQljl) "llS'TA"G \IACH 0"f -'~· a


.n ·n ......n

rn:: ..,.......:t_., o.:'°"""' 1".1""'1~ardllly~

.-....c..........-.. 0r-. ..;1•~k_-...... ....ia>rR<1 ~~~~i;i.,'7:=-e~:::.::r



~_!t "->' lllt: &2.9iSDk:i .Mll._ f.M:~ .m

. ~-


19!'7 Rl,,\C t.'. WISI L.\Tll (,"O\ 'l:S A.,.-1) llH> " "TU OOtl 19S12Uc:i2·'3t~l-.--...'1 11wuilU'-- Onyl<

IJliKk ,.·11 S.tvc.-covairndRed-i.:or Whllc: wnvm•blc ..-.p. Dual fow \I.Incl earb$, hc-.loi.."Y Md rail.) Taul body-o ffrnuc:d 111" ab'-'""" '-"'dr•fulc.-la-..a 1yrcs. ~illAlli&llO'lll. UK ~"


l,.,UNl'\T.Tn: l.M 4l'f(.-o:\- ..ucn111.1c n .J... rnu:s On.. 6'only 190 Ul'h ma;lo, lh<' 1-~lf~ 4~9ip *lwrunium """""' l89Q7T"-f'o\o'~ ll~ ltlt ..1h1ll)lllf l\Md-1lr1>'('.o/:ile l 96'il (.<11V«IC . Thts -111gand~crj onj:lflai 1nMCholi.&"


11.Umbm Ul9 .... ~ wMJi l l ,lOOaru&dmo!o


1 m -i .-m i.s ontyl7,HOrrukson ~ ~·

Or\tlllal oodc 990 Mouw Onnac- pti.~1 .........·-·····-···tl\l-"'S

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CLASSIFIED TERMS AND CONDITIONS ADVERTISE FOR E40 INC VAT (£70 if photo included). Classified advertising in Classic 6 Sports Car is E40 for 20 words and £1 per word thereafter. Cheques payable to Haymarket Media Group Ltd. or a postal order must accompany your advertising copy. Send to Classic ei Sports Car Advertising. c/o Tahir Saleem. Haymarket Consumer Media. Teddington Studios. Broom Road. Teddlngton, Middlesex TW1196E. PLEASE NOTE No alterations. cancellations orref~ are possible. Classic 6 Sports Car reserves the rlgltt to refuse or withdi-aw advertisements at its discretion and does not accept liability for printers' or clerical errors, although every care is taken to avoid mistakes. Advertisements received too late for a particular issue will automatically be inserted in the following issue unless otherwise instC\Jcted. TRADE DESCRIPTIONS ACT 1968 Advertisers should pay close attention to the requirements of the Act particularly regarding accurate descriptions of all goods offered for sale. TERMS AND CONDITIONS 1 Payments must be submitted with entry 2 Please supply full name, address and telephone number 3 No responsibility can be accepted by Classic 6 Sports Cor or its publisher or printer for inaccuracies in any advertisement 4 Cancellations/refunds caMOt be accepted on any linage advertisements 5 Advertisements are accepted for publication In Clossic6 Sports Car only upon Haymarket Publishing Services Limited's standard Terms of Acceptance of Advertising. copies of which are available from the advertising sales department of Classic 6 Sports Car.

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Requ ired fo r im m ediate purchase or sa le on consignme nt, classic and vintage Alfa Romeos - any condition, any w orldwide location e info«· blacka ndwh itega


1960 Aston Martin 084 Series II

www.blackandwhi t


t +44 (0) 1635 200 444

SUPERBLY ORIGINAL ABARTH 1000 CORSA 1962 with unique period Abarth options: 5 speed c.r. comp. gearbox, Abarth disc brakes on all 4 wheels, magnesium 1 3w Campagnolos, Tour de France radiat ors, Abarth Corsa type AH engine, 40 mm Weber


lack DucK~® a rage

with Abarth made velocity stacks, period sport seats etc. Perfect original body. Original Italian t itle from day one to the present. Three ownerssince new. Now registered in Holland. Car is part of major Italian car collection. Price 51 .500 pounds. 0031-65066B77B ' or 0031 - 23 - 5420009 (off), WWW.

ALFA ROMEO 1 300 GTA ANO 1600 GTA engines

and rare GTA parts:1 300 GTA engine block. excellent. orig. GTA number, pistons, rods, t iming chain cover : £6000. 1600 GTA engine block, not numbered ,

original and in like new condit ion: 2900 pounds Set of used 45 DCOE's for 1300 GTA with GTA manifold: £1 500. New 1600 GTA steel exhaust system including GTA manifold . £1200. Original set (4) 'diabolo' magnesium wheels GTA/GTA/M. £4000. 0031 - 650668778,email:

Veloce'~port AC HERITAGE Ac factory craftsmen - Restoration

Burgundy with cream leather &original veneer dash. Designed by Giugiaro and buil t by Bertone only 3

careful owners have shared its 64000 miles from new. £16.995 T: 0 1 31 346 4700 or M: 07B50 736202 or visit:

WANTED all classic

Alfa Romeo

ASTON MARTIN DBR 2, DP214, 084 ZAGATO. Remanufactured to factory specs. FIA HTP eligible. Period- correct. Tel: +1 - 619- 231 - 3838 Califo rnia;

Tel 07960 706555 or 01529 469035 email: Velocesport@aol. com

-Conservation -Fabrication -Jigwork -Aluminuim Welding - lowbake paint system- Expert colour

matching -Insurance Appointed - Full or Part restora tions - Service - Parts - Transportation - (Official AC

Im ( R reg) Suffolk red . magnolia & burgandy leather

repair agent and distributor)


Tel Steve Gray - 01932 B2B545 -07B60 91221 7Brooklands - Surrey - England - KT15 3JE - Wanted

Full Unmolested and in superb condi1ton 1hrougho ut. Comes with all documentatio n. keys. etc. Price £59,1)1)5 Contal1 Mr M. Wisc Tel:07836 622 234 Email: i11fo@lnichacl"iSt."('3rs.l'O.Uk

Dead or Alive All Acs- Projects -Parts -Memrobilia





07960 706S5S or 0 I S19 4690H

AC CRS (CARBON ROAD SERIES) Believed lo be 2nd AC CRS off the AC production line, finished in Porsche Cobalt Blue with Porsche Polar Silver twin centre stripes, Grey leather interior & Grey carpets, 1 owner, 511r Ford 302 injection engine, 5 speed manual, 11,400 miles. HI spec. full service history, Mot & tax May 2013, privale plateVB CRS, beautifully presenled both inside and out. £44,995.


1949 ALLARD L TYPE SPECIAL really good fun! £21.950. Gavin McGuire - 0 1892 7 703 10 or 07770 316482 E-mail or

For more information about this or any other AC

please call 0845 2415557 I 07818477248 or email



Super-1962-77 7501101-1956·64 MonlNCll

Moll older pals WOf1dwlde Tel: +44 (0)20 8688 4443 242

Classic & Sports Car June 2013

ASTON MARTIN FACTORY QUALITY BODYSHOP For all Aston Martin cars. restoration. fabrication. jigwork, aluminium welding, low bake paint system, expert colour matching. Competitive rates, trade welcome. Brabham Buildings. Weybridge, Surrey. Tel: 01932 B2B545 or07B60 91221 7. Wanted dead or alive all Aston Martin, projects etc etc.


c1al.c Splde<-1956·93

ALFA ROMEO 1 600 GTA/ SA Original and bench tested authentic Alfa Romeo 1600 GTA/SA twin oil pump driven turbo engine of 1966 , 235 hp plus, serial number AD SAS. Ex Motor Show exhibit. One of only ten engines ever made by Autodelta . Many magnesium cast ings. Spares. Extremely rare . Ready to install. Price on request. 0031 - 6 - 50668778, 0031 - 23 - 5420009 (off )



7501101 . . . . . . . 2900. 1061efM ..... OTV..OTA.S..-.~ NOJrM'IUHNERI / llOT FAIWftES PIJFICHAU'.D


www. astonfinde r. co m


Frogeyes and later Sprites for sale. For current stock please check or tel. Mike Au-

th ers Classics, Specialist in Midgets and Sprites on Abin don 0123S 834664

1954 Automatic & d riving very well this is a unique & handsome full four seat conversion; £49,500. Choice of several M KVI & R-Type Saloons. For more info call 01248 602 649

1937 BMW 327/28 LHD This car goes way beyond the typical Cobra replica in its anention to detail and use of original components. Its spec includes a re-built Ford 302 engine, Edelbrock Performer heads and carb, T5 gearbox, Jaguar IRS, adjustable front suspension, Girling 4-pot front brakes, stainless exhaust with side pipes etc. Detailing includes correct sixties instTumentation, lights and switch gear in a flat-bottom dash, black leather, full weather gear. aluminium panelling. age-related plate. Mota-Lita, 15" Halibrands, Avon CR6ZZ and more. Frequently assumed to be original, Gerry Hawkridge described this car as 'the very best'. Fully documented build, 5000 miles & new MOT. Contact Alan Broadbent 01 223 701371


Servicing, MoTs, lead-free conversions, restoration to concours standard, engine

and gearbox rebuilds paintwork. Pre-purchase inspections and advice . We collect and deliver nationwide.

Firsl Series 1955 Chevrolet Corvelte Roods!er and lhis car represenls lhe #1 4 lsl of !he 700 monufocfu red. This Black Beauly wilh Beige inlerior. canvas co nvertible lop, and sporting a Block California plole since purchased, hos molching numbers. The 1953 Corvelte wilh only lhree hundred produced is roresl, bul the significo nl changes in the 1955 model was ii being lhe firs! Corvelte wilh lhe exoggeroled" V "script lo introduce lhe new 265 Cl and 195 HP VB and also gelting lwelve voh elecltics insleod of six vol t. giving this Corvelte greoler reliobilily and powe~ul drivobilily. If hos lhe 2-speed Powerglide lronsrn ission option. After accommodofing only three previous owners, ii is on oulsfonding example of lhe 19 55 Chevrolel Corvette Roadster monufocfured and one of only a few couple hundred still on the rood !odoy. If hos on odometer reading of 1647 and has been driven less than 1500 miles since i!s frame off restoration. The Josi year of lhe firsl series original body slyle for the Corvelte was in 1955. VIN# VE5 5S001l 4 l S139,000.00

Tel: 01723 361227/ 07831 830270

; 1934 BENTLEY 3.5 / 4.25 LITRE Carlton cabriolet - £99,SOO. Gavin McGuire - 01892 770310 or

Contoct: Hall Fabrication & Racin +1-707-747-1289 USA• hfr

07770 3 1 6482 E-mail or




Sales, Purchase, Broker age of Sports & Racing Car s Office: +1·330-759·5224 • Fax: +1-330-759-5225 •

N. Sandell the specialist in all Post War to Current vehicles. U IT 7-8, lsleworlh Business Complex, St John's Rd, lsle worth TW7 6NL. Tel : 020 8758 2322 or visit our website :

1948 Cisitalia 202 coupe: lovely restored landmark car. 1957 Fiat-Abarth 750Corsa: ultrarare match# near finished. 1957 Alfa Guilietta Spi: orig.match# true '57 to restore. 1965 Alfa 2600 Zagato: new to Italy, 1of105, rare good car. 1967 Jaguar XKE ots: brg, 3/4 finished fantastic resto I 1904 DE DION 10 HP Brighton car - £1 9S,000. Gavin McGuire - 01892 77031Oor07770 316482

BENTLEY 4 14 MANN EGERTON S/ SALOON, 1937 Restored late '70s, handsome semi-razor edge design. Good red leather int erior. Ru ns/drives very nicely; £47,500. Several Derbys in stock Open & Closed. 0 1 248 602 649 www.

E- mail ga or www.gavi

WANTED 1983 DAIMLER SOVEREIGN SERIES 3 Fabulous original condition, recent full engine rebuild and just 38,450 miles since new £9,950. Tel: 01273

07770 316482 E-mail gavin.mcguire@v or web

1904 DARRACQ 1 5 HP BRIGHTON CAR £260.000 Gavin McGuire - 0 189 2 770310 or

With thanks indeed

1904 DE DION 8 HP SINGLE CYLINDER BRIGHTON CAR £82,SOO Gavin McGuire - 01892 770310 or

DO NOT Tel: 0173 7 844999 Sc.If


S. 1e,l~lt&Z

Bugatti Type 57/57S/57SC Wanted Original Matching Number Car Requested by Private Enthusiast (not trade) No recreations etc. please

4777 78 website: for more details and v iew 81 other vehicles.

Buy or sell a Rolls Royce or Bentley without speaking to us first

1955 Beck Porsche 550 Spyder: pro-built 3000mile 125 hp/12501bs=blast to drive! 1971 Mazda Cosmo 11 OS Sport: their fantastic 1st sports car. 1975 Nissan Skyline 2000 GT: 1 of the very best.

07770 316482 E-mail gavin.mcguire@v or web

1923 DAIMLER D1 6 LANDAULETTE f ully restored - £36, SOO Gavin McGuire - 01892 770310 or 0 7 7 70 3 16482 E-mail or web

Contact C Cross Tel: 07503 299013 Email: June 2013 Classic & Sports Car 243


~i~1~'In\~~~~~~f~-[~~i~: h fs~~~f8~i~1~df~~ car,

new cylinder block, P.istons, clutch & flywheel in May 2002 at 62,5:>7 mi les), up to lhe current

FERRARI 340MM, 4125, 275P, 275GTB/LM.

Remanufactured to factory specs from period-correct donor. FIA HTP eligible. Tel: +1-619-23 1-3838 California;

odomeier reading of 135, 140 miles.

There is a nice wad of old MOT test certificates to correspond with the stamps in the service book; the current MOT test expires next January. This car was produced in November 1995,

and is number 51 of 54 Rl·ID 840Ci Manual 6-spced cars. It is Number 11 of 12 in Orient

m~rin~~~~~~1~h~s·;~~~~ fi;:~~od~?~j ~~h

from December 1993


National, quick and easy service

February 1996.

FOR THE BEST PRICE Call: 0208 462 0077

The 4.0 litre manual ~earbox version ma(. well be

~hee~C.:i~~flrg5 ~i ~a~ {Th~ 8.~9rd~"~~~~i~nt

he~pmg to provide fuel consumpt ion ~lter than 25 MPG) with the BMW dealer net\~ork plus

various specialists to keep your car m peak condition.

JOHN 01778 423 874

£8 950


Email: FOR THE BEST PRICE TEL: 0208 462 0077 I 07860 62 00 93 OR SETTLE FOR LESS






Remanufactured to factory specs from period -correct donor. FIA HTP eligible. Tel: +1-619-23 1-3838 CA;

Any: interesting Ferrari wanted for collectors woridwide Contact 1.,1, M. Wise Tel: 07836 6 22 234 Ema il:

Professional location, supply, concours standard restoration and upgrades of genuine SHELBY MUSTANGS & COBRAS




Ferraris - WANTED DK are currently seeking cars on consignmenttdiscreet sale or for outright purchase. he world 's leading Ferran speci_alists, our complete range of skills and our international presence mean that any

Remanufactured to f actory specs from

period-correct donor. FIA HTP eligible. Te; +1 -619-

231-3838 California;

Ferrari, ~;~~ ~~ 7g~i~~nas7l~~j~e in th e


+44(0)1923 287687 or

WWW.ERCLASSICS.COM Worldwide Consignment, Buying and Selling of Classic Cars Each car with more than 50 pictures on our website

FIAT 124 ABARTH STRADALE Recent bodywork and respray. Group IV roll -cage. Willans harnesses,

and custom exhaust system. 1756cc and 1 28bhp. FERRARI 250SWB, NART SPYDER, 250TR.

Remanufactured to factory specs from period -correct donor. FIA HTP eligible. Tel: +1 - 619-231-3838 California;

Porsche 912 E, 1976, 2100 produced runs and drives good. € 14.950. See our website for more information!

Rolls Royce Comiche convertible in very good condition, produced by Mulliner Part< Ward. Car is from 1979. € 69.500 See our website!

1999 Ferrari F355 F1 Spider

Owned for 10 years. £ 34.500. Ring 01732 642165 or e -mail:

~ LeRiche

Showroom with more than 120 classic cars E & R Classic Cars Dongen, Holland info

+ (31) 162 22 07 30 ask for Ernest Praa

COrrect AH 982CC engine w th mar>,1 other race~ va luable UKreg. Needs corrm5sioning ~kl. POA

T. +44 (0) I 534 8640 73 E. www.lerich

1 9 6 6 MUSTANG FASTBACK WITH K- CODE 2 7 1 HP automatic gearbox. Car is correct with 289 cubic inch engine. Painted Sautern e Gold M etalli c,

trim Black Crinkle Vinyl and Black Rosette Vinyl interior. £19,9 50

244 Classic & Sports Car June 2013



1955 Jaguar XK140 FHC


~ .tef!

.. ,,. , 'J


.1964 Ford Cortina 1500 GT Mk.I Completety n::bui lt to 1964 Rally specification and just 1300 miles I ravel led since, featuring a Cosworth runed engine. £27,950 Tel 01273 477778

or mobile 07831 173729 .....................• 1984 XJ6 JAGUAR SOVEREIGN 4 .2 AUTO Cranberry red. LPG. S/S exhaust. Pep per pot w heels. Totally rust free. Ever ything works. 1 owner. MOT £6.5 00. Tel01 223 839 183 Cam bridge


1996 GINETTA G4 This cracking little Ginetta produces 1 70 bhp from it s dry sumped 2.0 1 6v Ford

engine. Wrapped in its beautiful curvy and aerodynamic bodyshell this really is a truly lovely classic British sports car. For this and other fine automobiles. visit or call + 44 (0)1 440 7 14884

1934 LAGONDA 3 LITRE T4 TOURER super £88.5 00. Gavin McGuire - 01 892 770310 or 07770 31 6 482 E-mail or see website: www.gav inmcg 1970 GINETTA G15 Just 1 owner since new and fitted w ith a 998cc Imp Sport engine £1 0,950. Tel:

01273 4 7 7 778 website: www.susse xsportscars. for mo re details and view 8 1 other vehicles.


LAG ONDA TOURER 2 LITRE Low Chassis. Rebuilt t uned engine - ent husiastically owned & campaigned! Due In. 01248 602 649 uk

lWo professionally fully restored MKV Z Series: o ne DHC and on e saloon. Both excellent mechanically and both with d iscrete upgrades in cluding air conditioning, 3.5 litre engine and 5 speed gearbox. New biscuit leather interiors with immaculate black/ch ampagne paintwo rk. This is a ra re opportunity to purchase two superb classic Jaguars to be sold separately or as a pair. The saloon is o ffered at £26,000 and the DHC is £71,250. Delivery to shippers if req uired. Tel+ 6 1 412 985 936 Email learmont@n etspace.n e (Victoria , Aus tralia)

1960 XK150S 3.SS COUPE


01322 669091 I 07138 250222 fo01322 662490

1 971 LANCIA DELTA INTEGRALE KAT SUPER SPRINT SI Ultra rare and totally rust free, recent complete engine rebuild. Tel: 0 1 273 477778 we bsite: for more details and view 81 other vehicles.

RHO, manual with ove rdrive, 65,000 miles. Excellent, unblemis hed original rare unrestored condition. Dark blue with grey interior. Mechanically excellent with full setvice history. Current ownership ove r 20 years , sadly no longer used as much and now looking for an equally careful owner.


Very complete & co rrect but also very rusty. Ideal restoration or d onor car. Arriving soon. £8950. Tel:


02476 349 879 Mob: 07831 7 15 400. Email: or see our website: www. rij 1 969 SERIES II E-TYPE ROADSTER for restoration. Dismantled for restoration. Loads of work but worth while proj ect £ 12.500. Tel: 02476 349 879 Mob: 0 7831 7 1 5 400. Email:

Graham Walker, 07785901090 grah 1980 MG MIDGET Just 6,000 miles since newf abulous unrestored rust free car. £1 1,950.Tel: 01 2 73 477778 websit e: www.sussexsportscars. for more details and view 8 1 other vehi cles.

or see our website:

Lotus +2 130/4

1973, Red , Cream Leather, Alloys, Spyder

Chassis, MOT, Excellent Car, £ 11,995 Other Lotus cars in stock

JAGUAR XJS 5.3 V12 CO UPE 1984 Automat ic. 5.3 Lit re. Red metallic with red leather. Full service history for its 100,000 miles. Alloys. Electric window s, central locking, Trip comput er. Cruise control. 1 2 months MOT. £2,995. T: 0131 346 4700 or M: 07850 7 36202 or visit: www.

JAGUAR X J13 (4 CAM), D- T YPE, XKSS . Sa nct ion ed by Norman Dew is. FIA HTP eligible. Period correct . Tel: +1-619- 23 1-3838 Californ ia;

M A SERATI 4 50S, A6GCS, 4 50S COSTIN Z AGATO. Remanufactured to factory specs. Periodcorrect . FIA HTP eligible. Tel: +1 - 619- 231 - 3838;

Tel 07761 549454

2 E-Types for Sale 196 7 Series I Roadster & a 1968 Series I 1Ii Coupe. Both projects needing full restoration. Both had restoration started. Both apart Coupe is complete with a rust free body in epoxy primer. Roadster is 95% complete but no major parts missing. Both will be returned to a rolling chassis for shipment. Sold as a pair only. Price $26,000, or reasonable offer. Located in Florida, USA. Contact Al: or tel: +1-813-789-5295 June 2013 Classic & Sports Car 245


PrioryRoadBodmlnComwall Pl312SU

01208 73145 & 01208 73784

300SL LEFT HAND DRIVE 1 Owner. Leather. Climate Control. European Car. £2 2995. see website: 08444142116

Metallic Longchamps Gold with Tan leather interior. Lovingly cared for and maintained by its previous fastidious own er - it was his pride and joy for 13 years. 51,720 miles with outstanding service history. A rare example with power steerin g fitted making this Espada an absolute joy to drive. This lovely car really must be seen to be fully appreciated. £55,000 Es 8 11

ALVIS TE21 Graber Super Cabriolet 1964

ALFA-ROMEO 1900 Berlina Abarth, 1951

BENTLEY MK VI Saloon, 1949 FIAT 6C1500 Cabriolet, 1940 DELAGE 06-70 Cabriolet Chapron, 1938 FIAT SODA Topollno, 1936

HISPANO-SUIZA H6B Franay, 1923 LANCIA Appia Berline RHO, 1959 MASERATI Qua ttroporte 4200, 1967 PANHARD-LEVASSOR A2 tonneau, 1901


TEL: +41 21 807 35 65

C.P.9 CH-1173 FkHv FAX: +41 21 807 34 23

1965 MERCEDES 230 SL Automatic transmission and power steering, j ust one owner since new £49,950. Tel: 01273 4 77778 website: for more d etails and view 81 other vehicles.

MERCEDES BENZ 600 PULLMANS, A CHOICE OF TWO. SIX DOOR AND FOUR DOOR 8oth beautifully re furbished, New dark Blue paint, chrome and red leather interior. Very good mechanical condition, well maintained as wedding cars. Photographic record of rebuilds. AUD$145.000 each. Tel + 61 3 9700 1770 email

MERCEDES 300SE 1966 superb 39,000 miles from new auto 190bhp beautiful black leather rarest W108 variant. £ 18995 call 07798797262


MERCEDES S CLASS 320 1998. Slue/ cream interior. 84,000 mil es. Double glazed/ e wind ows. Self closing doors. Excellent condition. MOT. £2.995. Tel: 07990 702996

1971 - 1989ALL MOOELS

National, quick and easy service For The Best Price

Ca ll: 0208 4 62 00 77 Mob: 0786 0620 093

MG MIDGETS! Small selection of properly restored midgets, some with new Heritage body shells. £4,000 - £7,000. Mike Authers specialist in classic Midgets, Abingdon. Please Teleph one: 0 1235 834664 or visit: www MG MIDGETS WANTED WANTED Properly restored Midgets. Urgently required. Contact Mike Authers Classic Midget s, Abingdon. Tel: 01235 834664.


MERCEDES 4SOSL 1980 107 Series. Auto. Cham pagne gold, light grey leather. 4.5 lit re injected 200hp VB. P/S. Blue mohair, colour keyed original hard top. Alloy wheels. Wood rim s/wheel. Pioneer CD/radio. Excellent t hroughout. Original service & handbook. Full M ercedes History to 68391 mil es in Feb1 997 & independent thereafter. 12 months MOT. £1 2,995. T: 0131 3 46 4700 orM: 07850736202 or visit:

1999 MERCEDES BENZ SL280 Rl 29 Brilliant silver V6 auto, 2 door convertible, napa leather interior, electric memory seats steering column. windows. mirrors, roll bar, rem ovable hard top. power soft top, climate CD, c ruise, alloys, trac tion control, ABS, remote central locking. alarm, immobiliser, power steering, mutti air bags, wind deftector 61.000 miles, one p rior owner. every conceivable extra. FSH, STUNNING

Price £9,775 Tel: 01772 623271 Lanes 246 Classic & Sports Car June 2013


Mercedes-Benz Club

Join the Club www.mercedH-benz-< Telephone 0845 6032660

MGA 1600 MK II ROADSTER 1622cc engine. Chariot red with black connolly hide. Inset grill and horizontal tail lights. Excellent condition. Please telephone 01905 6211 37 (worcestershire

1966 MINI COOPER S. LHD Very good car. Has been dry stored in the USA. Arrivin g soon. £ 17950. Tel: 0 2 476 349 879 Mob: 07831715400. Email:

ALL CLASSIC AND SIGNIFICANT PORSCHE MODELS WANTED Paul Stephens are specialists in Porsche and always looking to buy or consign classic and significant examples of the marque. If you are considering selling your Porsche, please do give us a call first. We will give an instant decision and secure prompt payment.Please call +44 (0)1440 714884 or visit

1964 AUSTIN MINI COOPERS 1071 MK1 Super Rare. Genuine Fiesta Yellow Cooper S 1071 cc with

correct grey/blue brocade trim. Awarded 2nd place at th e 2009 Beaulieu National Cooper Day. It has

been featured in Classic and Sports Car magazine and numerous Mini publications. £29,950. Tel: 01273 4 77778 website: for more details and view B1 other vehicles.


AIC. Cclmpletelv tra11Sfomled inside. Invoices for £60.~r reboik:I Huge nOtor; lie. Just se<Viced, £19,995 Conlact Mr M Wise. Tel: 07836 622 234

1954 MORGAN PLUS 4 Exported new to Rhodesia

in 1955, imported to Australia in 2003. Extensive

mechanical attention earlier, recent complete body restoration, new bumpers, 4 new tyres, fittings etc, new BRG colour scheme. Considerable t imber replacement, interior linings, seats etc renewed. Original canopy, curtains, ton neau included.Triumph TR2 engine and Moss gearbox. A delight to drive. $49,500 USO (ex Brisbane) Don Warriner on don@ or mobile 61 427 707 740.

1991 LHD PORSCHE 911 964 C2 Manual. Rare LHD 964 Carrera 2 Coupe. Manual. deep midnight blue metallic, cup alloys, bilstein suspension, and with its low mileage and good history, air cooled fun doesn't come much better than this. £29,995. For this and other fine Porsches visit or call +44 (0)1440 714884

1937 MORGAN SUPERSPORTS (MATCHLESS ENGINE) Super - £41,500 Gavin McGuire please email: or 0 1892 770310 or 0777 0 316482 see website: www.gavinmcguire. 1937 MORGAN 4 / 4 (CLIMA X ENGINE) Excellent - £31,500 Gavin M cGuire please email: gavin. or 0189 2 770310 or 07770 316482 see website:

1972 PORSCHE 911S 2.4 LHD. Pain staking 5 year restoration just completed including complete photographic record including all invoices. £POA Tel: 01273 477778 website: www.sussexsportscars. for more details and view 81 other vehi cles.

1981 911 COUPE 3.0 After a major body restoration and fitm ent of the later and more powerful 3.0 engine, this early 9 11 really does sing along, and with its period colour scheme and chrome trim, classic 911 ownership is well within reach at just £26,995. For this and other fine Porsches. visit our website: or +44 (0)1 440 71 4884


Porsche 356 Wanted Coupe or converlible Must be Ri ght H and Drive Contact Mr M. Wise Tel: 07836 622 234

1961 AUSTIN-HEALEY SPRITE SEBRING RECREATION Freshly built t o very high specHicatlon £ASK


Fabulou sly restored car, known to us for 42 years £39,950

Porsche 2.7RS/Turbo/ 993 GT2 Or any interesting_ 911 Must be Right HanCI Drive Contact Mr M. Wise Tel: 07836 622 234 Email:

' VANTED Air Cooled Por sche

1996 911 993 TARGA MANUAL. This outstanding Iris Blue example of t he ever popular 99 3 Targa has no less than 2 7 OP C st amps and last GP owner for 10 years, at just 52K miles and always garaged it is in lovely condition throughout and a great investment. £33995. For t his and other fi ne Porsches visit www. pau or call +44 (0) 14 4 0 7 14 8 8 4

1960 JAGUAR XK150 FHC Rest ored to a very hi gh s tandard an d

1965 S UNBEAM TIGER Rest o red t o o utstanding condition

fitted with Jaguar power steering and

by top Ti ger restorer

a 5·speed Getrag gearbox £54,950


View these cars and 80 other classics at 111440 7 14 884


Tel: 01273 477778 Website: Mobile: 07831 173729 Email: June 2013 Classic & Sports Car 247 The llistvric Lotus Specialist

1964 SUNBEAM VENEZIA Ultra rare aluminium Cou pe by Touring Superleggera, just 16000 miles since new £25 ,950 . Tel: 01273 477778 website: for mo re details and view 8 1 other vehicles.

Lotus 7 twin cam LHD for sale.

Lotus 7 Sl . Sidevalve. Very rare. Top condition. Perfect history.

For all your historic LOTUS and COVENTRY CLIMAX restoration and spares requirements.

64,000 miles, 2 owner, 7 seater. bar, tan interior, video. VGC. £65.000 T. +44 (0) 1534 864073 E. enquiries@ler

01249 760739 Fax: 01249 760530 See the new spares page

1965 SUNBEAM TIGER HARRINGTON V8 The only known genuine Tiger fitted with Harrington body, recent light restoration. £POA . Tel: 0 1273 477778 website: for more details and view 8 1 other vehicles.

-DO NOTBuy or sell a Rolls Royce or Bentley without speaking to us first

Tel:Ol737 844999

ROLLS - ROYCE 20/ 25 VDP ' ALLWEATHER ' TOURER Good looking & practical - smart & driving exceptionally well; £75,000. 12 other 20hp, 20/25 & 25/30 Cars. 01248 602 649

ROLLS-ROYCE Piii BARKER LIMOUSINE 1 93 7 Stylish, correct & original, finished in Black & Dark

:.-' 1933 TALBOT 95 SALOON 49.000 miles. 3Litre. pre- select, matching numbers, very original. good cond ition, owned last 50 years. £40 ,000. Details. Tel: 01309 672 597 ~

1 992 TOYOTA COROLLA 1 600 LEVIN 2 D OOR COUPE Automatic with air con. a very rare model in the UK. Current owner for the last 1 7 years, 150, 000 km in daily use. Carefu lly maintained, original maroon colour with Back/ Grey interior. Reluctant sale. Price £2,750 ono. Tel 0 2 07 381 6333 (Private)

1 981 TRIUMPH SPITFIRE 1 500 Outstanding original condition with j ust 3 6,000 miles travelled since new £ 9,950 . Tel: 0 1 273 47777 8 website: www. sussexspor for more details and view 81 other vehicles.

Blue. Leather front , cloth rear, side facing occasional


seats. Runs/drives well, recent new carburettor & radiator;

£49.500. Several more Piiis available.

0 1 248 60 2 649.

.:~ •n. - ·.- - - - J

~--~ 1 966 TRIUMPH TR4A IRS LHD. Chassis off restoration and showing superb panel fit. £24.950 Tel: 0 1 273 4 77778 website: www.sussexspor tscars. for more details and view 81 other vehicles.

,_f ROLLS-ROYCE PH CO NTINENTAL, 19 34 Fabulous Barker Sport s Saloon. long ownership & loads done. Drives bea utifully; £135,000. 01248 602 649.


1 9 58 TURNER SPORTS LHD. Rare fi nd in the USA. Good restoration prospect. Arriving soon. £5950. Tel: 02476 34 9 879 Mob: 0 7 8 3 1 7 1 5 40 0. Email: chapelendcars@yahoo.comorwww.rij

Extensive~ & prof~onal~ restored

by previous C>Mler of 25 years at vast expense. MOO. good car. £6, 950

T. +44 (0) 1534 864-073 E. enquiries@

248 Classic & Sports Car June 2013

VAUXHA LL LIGHT SI X 14HP H OLDEN DROPHEAD W ITH DICK Y SE AT Very rare and pretty. Four speed , liv eley and easy to drive. £ 16,99S 0 779 8 79 7262

Historic Racing

l'&RJOO CORRECT, llANOCRAFTEO AU'T'OMOBI E111oil: Fin.C.V@ul.00111 U.J:A. (61')2Jl.JIJI USA & Italy


Business 0


FR£EH01.,1) F'ACTORI ES(IOOO, 000"' ft) For Sal<. Wood produc11on factory lnO'V• and me1&1 pro<hlction faclOl'Y Mep are bolh (rtehold (aclonH in the ban of Europe on lbe banks of ZJaw W.e.. 8nmabo\·e H:a lt"el localed within ZlullU' na1ion:tl park (golden nw:>untaia) in Ko kl n Brod '-" hlc.'h bordcrc andS~biLS11cd

100 bn from Ille pon o(Baron theAdriA11oand 200 km from Belgrade "'ilh meJor road and rad hnks Both &ictonct: arc 20)·ct:t o ldc.d t.rc t\ilyequ1ppcd for 1m:nc:d11t.e prod.1t11on "'' lb 100, 000 Ml-°' o(fttehold a1e1 w1:h •ddluoaal 2S bccwc. oflL'MI nca.r adJO'Nft8 bkCf.. Suuablc fu tho oo:t1tn1e1.oa ofhohday i.omcs. hotels, or lcu"Jro 1pa CCJ1ttC1 9.-lthnt?Ul'lll mancral W9".cr to.aca, Tbeprod.Jcuon plu:sarc f;WlC:nl)'MI ln\.IUlli.bOUJ:b• "'«k f«ec1Jrea<bly•~'llllb•e..i local Pnmc 1mlbcr ... •hich • IO.l:Ced from DCllrby f«en. offcrmg Dechcapctt: tunbcr pica Cl)"""11i=. FU!'.lre pl*iNo~ te adud!QI s:r~.1t* C'IC:. thould be «dldc:roJ. The locatao:aca be seen on Google Ea:th 4J/J~SI ,42" N . .dl 9'4?1$!,8-1" £


,.lablo c:•

Garage in North Devon

-· ••

(comes with luxury converted chapel) DEVON



DK Engineering's new state the art rolling road Oyno is now up and running. For all enquiries (t rade and private individuals welcome).

Please contact Philip Rod pat h on 01923 287687 or go to

COPPER& COPPER •ICKEL BRAKE PIPE SETS DOTS SILICONE BRAKE FLUID • Lasts a lllet lme • Will not catch l 1<e • Guarantees con sistant performance • Will no t damage paintwork • Tailored to ht most vehi cles • COmplele wrth brass l1Umgs & pipe ct1ps • lnd1v1dual pipes available • Fuel clutch 011 pipes • Braided & Non-Braided hoses

FREE fully iuustm.d ~ Pleme vfslt our w.bllte or c:all

Inspection pit, Electric doors, Workshop, Secure, Huge Garage, Sunn Conservatory, Low Maintenance, One Te a~ mile from the sea, Edge of Exmoor. rr 299,950 ono. Call Greg : 01598 752221

0845 226 3345 01425 6 11122

SUls+Dhct Ltd. Unit 6. Milton lk.tslnas <Antre. Wick Or1w, N<1w M ilton, Hompslllre 8H25 6RH

Services Traditional OakFramed Buildings, Garages, Garden Rooms and Gazebos. Swimming Pool Covers, Stabling, Stores and Porches. With curved brackets, lllOlticed &double pegged in the time honoured way. Excellent value, high specification. Complete Nationwide Service. For a brochure and price list please telephone DK ENGINEERING Arealways wiHing toconside< new additions to their WORKSHOP STAFF. Posh k>ns avaibbk? focus specifically on pre or post 1980 mode's or Ferrari. A candidate's exceptional standard of w ork w in help va6da le our extensive clien t base and sustain our reputation. The c.andki.lte will join the learn in our state·o f - the-art facility and g.lin experience in restora tion. race preparation. service. gearbox & engine rebu~ding and fabricat k>n. Pk?.ase forward cv·s to: +44(0) 1923 2876B7

0800 085 9699 or visit our web site

Sat 25/ Sun 26/ Mon27May (BANK HOLIDAY WEEKEND)

POOKS MOTOR BOOKS Si.1 roort'M?(I shall CO'le:nnQ l.'""-'lsq leitl. ft mi~ north c.lf l..ete\'$1er. rn minur~ rrcwn iunctJOnt lA dtheMI Pn)\i.Y~rtW& ~er$. Auh,~l«t and Moeon_;;pon ~

The Playing Fie lds, Great Cambridge Roa d (AlO), Enfield, Middlesex EN1 3PL (Junction 25 on M25)

kliot;eand boWld moA ~available.

Ope n l>.tily 9:00tm1 Admission-Adults £9 Accompanied children u nde r 13 free. Free car park Ch·er 2.000 Vintage a n d Classic Can, Motorcycles, Commercial Ve hicles, Steam Engines a nd Old Ti me Fai rgrou nd.

C..r Silllo hrol'hurt'S are o.r ifK-"Clilllll)~ Ouod pnc't':S 1)11K) for all •)'JlQ'of mo('Tlnq hteral ure.


-Id<.(.,.,.,, '''"""loy>only

e·- - pomLlllOlalt.oolt~ "--~R..-y. . . . . . -. 1.E11PI

Te l -01 16 137 ittt Fu - 0 116 157 U91


1925 EC.'CLES DE LUXE CARAVAN Four benh,rel3JJU m>ny onp feOlures induding electric bWtts. stove O\"en. pots and pans. meat S3fe,5ink and two awnings.Rare opportunity. £8.9SOono.For more delllilspleMecall 07785 770012 (Hen !ordshire) or or email dunnlo~•ol.c:om

60 Classic Car Club Displays 400 AUTOJUMBLE AND COLLECTABLES STALLS Details: BOVVT Whitewe bbs Museum IVh itewebbs Road. Enlie ld . Middx BN2 91tW

Tel: OZO 8367 1898 - Fax: OZO 8363 1904 Email: whitewcbbsmusc Web: www. whi

June 2013 Classic iii Sports Car


Jenkins Motor Engineers Engine Reconditioning Specia list Jenkins Motor Engineers have been in bu siness since 1946 and have extensive experience in en gine recond itioning, fitting, servicing and repairs.

Dorset Vintage & Classic Auctions

Next Auction 20 June 2013 T he G a rte ll Lig ht Ra ilwa y, C o mmo n La n e Yenston, Temp le com b e, Somerset , BAS ONB Sa le s tarts a t 11.00 a m C ata log u e price £ 12 - a d m its t w o ( by post £1 5 ) Vin tage & C lassic Cars, M otorcycles, Historic Commercials, Auto m obilia & M e morabilia

We rep air and refit eng ines after damage fro m cam belt failure or engine overheating. All types of engine work is undertaken including: Engine Recondit ioning - Cylinder Head & Boring - Surface Grinding Crankshaft Grinding - Helicoiling - Plug Inserts - Valves - Gasket s - Pistons Unleaded Conversion s - All Workshop Machin ing and much more. Sam e Day Service (I f Possible) All engineering work is carried out by experienced time-served engineers in our ow n engineeri ng shop and is finished to the highest possi ble standards We guarantee all engineering work that leaves our workshop.

1955 Austin-Healey 1001 4 BNI Guide: £25000 - 28000

Classic Car friend ly also modern cars catered for. Pre - MOT Ch eck s. Car Serv icing & Rep airs. Tel: 020 8894 4433 or Email:jenkin smotoreng in www.j enkinsm oto 52A Hounslow Rd, Wh itton, Twick enham, M id d lesex. TW2 ?EX






E: i nfo @ dvc a.c o.u k

Contact Bria n R. C hant: Sta tio n Road , Sta l b ridge Dorset, DT IO 2RH T : 01963 3 6 3353 F: 01963 3 6 3 6 2 6

W : www.dvca.c o .u k

WORKSHOP Th e Works hop section, where yo u will fi nd eve rything you need fo r you and yo ur classic














020 8267 5235 OR FAX US ON 020 8267 5312

250 Class ic & Sports Car June 2013

THE ULTIMATE FINISH It shouldn't be a hard decision when it comes to finally having your restored body shell ready for painting. Never compromise on price. Any classic car's paint finish is one of the most important features, people take notice of a pristine finish before examining the engine, bay or it's interior, whether you are exhibiting at a car show or selling your pride and joy the perfect finish is integral.




Not all MultiCar insurance policies are the same ... Admiral MultiCar gives each car its own discount, and you get great benefits as standard with our comprehensive insurance. You can even start a policy with just one car! FIRST CAR DISCOUNT





lhill 111!ii11.i;.1 1mu:1.i;.1 1m;;11.1;.i BM 1mo11.i;.1




CHURCHILL 0800600880



Multi car insurance ... with the personal touch An account managed insurance service for you and your cars. ONE Contact - ONE Renewal Date - ONE Premium

The perfect way to insure your collection of cars or your family's fleet. Personal service from your insurance broker, now that's refreshing. Heritage Insurance, part of Norton Insurance is authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority. Telephone calls may be monitored or recorded for your protection.

June 2013 Classic & Sports Car


Call for a Classic Car insurance quote

CAROLE NASH The care it deserves

0161 222 5477 Classic




Camper Van


M ilitary

I Specialist

l1 @cn_classiccars

Call free froma landline on 0800 781 9317 or visit us online at Opening hours in the UK: Mon-Fri 8am-8pm. Sat 9am-5pm."Terms and co ndit ions apply, please visit Carole Nash Insurance Consultants Ltd is authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority.

IJ Carole-Nash-Classic-Cars

With you every mile Footman James is one of the Leading specialist insurance brokers for classic car owners and collectors. We always go the extra mile to secure our most competitive rates for you. All Footman James policies offer more of the benefits that are important to you. Policies include as standard: • The agreed value of your classic • Specialist claims repairer - choose a repairer you trust • Limited mileage AND 24 hour breakdown recovery in both UK and Europe

At home in this market, our friendly UK team is available to quote.

0844 826 4506 Visit: We can also quote you for your "Yo


• ___. •

Footman James We share your passion

o Modern Car

~ Modern Motorcycle



Footman James is a t rading name of Aon UK Limited, which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Cond uct Authority in respect of insurance mediat ion activities only. Telephone calls may be monito red o r recorded for your protectio n. *Based o n; d river aged over SO years old. 1500 limited mileage, vehicle garaged, no modifications. dean driver history, membership of associated d u b and post code OX1 0. Direct Debit payment o ption availa ble, agreement consists of a deposit and 3 mo nthly instalments. Subject to APR. f P7732.11.12

Aon is one of the world's largest insurance brokers, providing insurance solutions for thousands of customers worldwide. Aon UKLimited negotiates with all major UKinsurers.Opening hours: Mon - Fri 9am - Spm and Sat 9am - l pm.

June 2013 Classic & Sports Car

• • • • • •

The best policy at the best price We search over 30 insurance companies FREE Breakdown FREE legal protection Instant cover and instalments Good credit rating? Save up to 40%!


0800 954 97 66 Onllnequotesat:


Be Wiser ® Insurance

Tel: 01621 840400 or Tel: 01376 573033 The Farriers, Bull Lane,Maldon, Essex CM9 4QB Authorised and Regulated

by the Financial Conduct Authority

la\ ~



Our policies can come with some great benefits as standard: Agreed values (for vehicles over 5 years old). Limited mileage discounts; the less you use your car, the less you pay. Multi-vehicle pollcles; we can Insure multiple cars at extra discounts. Free club arranged track days; all other track days are on a referable basis. Breakdown cover included on all our policies. Extra club discounts for being a member of an owners club.

01455 639 000 Aulhotl~ and

regulated by th" Anancial Sefvltts Authority.

Polley Options Include:* Performance Direct was founded on a love of classic and specialist vehicles and we're now one of the UK's leading independent brokers. Last year thousands of Classic Car owners swapped their insurance to Performance Direct. Want to find out why? Don't just renew your insurance - save money and experience the difference with Performance Direct.

Multk;ar policies

Car Club discounts Agreed values FREE foreign use cover (up to 90 days) Umited mileage discounts Modified classics

Greoflnsuronce Deols! 'fedrlY~;ces

' * £8 • fl'O"'


*Subject to underwriting criteria

Knowledgeable UK staff Open 7 days a week

0800 997 8351




Oif9CI Is a tnldlng ...,... al Grow & DHn Lid, an lndepondant lntormedlery who are outhorfMd and regulalod by lho Flnancill Sel'llcoe Au1hortty (FSA). For your securt1y call may be racorded.

Classic & Sp or ts Car June 2013


IJ t:witterlt

*Price is based on: 1957 Morris Minor, value £4,000, 43 year old club m ember, garaged at 861, 2,000 miles per year, full UK licence, one fault claim, additional drivers aged between 44 and 71, comprehensive cover, £50 excess. Lancaster Insurance Services Ltd is authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority (No. 306514). For mutual security, calls arc recorded and may be monitored for training purposes. LISCSC l -0313

Contour · Academy

Car body metalwork courses

Office: (01621) 879579 Facsimile: (01621) 850370 Mobile: (07850) 966005


Years of industry experience distilled into the best traditional sheet metalwork courses money can buy , that's what Contour Academy can offer you.


• Five, day intensive courses , beginner to advanced skills • Practical hands, on training from time-served craftsmen • Courses running throughout the year "Packed with practical tips and useful skills. I never thought I could leam so much in such a shon time"

Gordon Huntu, Leiccsta

For more details call:

WEB SITE: EMAIL: jdclassics

01406 330504 • :::f"•1...





Email: Visit:

Aircraft quality & reliability for •

Full or part engine rebuilds to concourse standard with photographic build sheet for your cars log

All engine machining & balancing

Formhalls - Hoyt white metal bearings Fully machined & line bored , etc . or rough cast for you to finish Guaranteed fault free for the life of the engine

Mechanical rebuilds inc. transmission , steering and suspension etc .

Collection & delivery service Parkers



Bus i ness

Cen tr e.





June 2013 Classic & Sports Car


$. Classic Restorations ~ ...... (Scotland) Ltd. ~ Rolls-Royce - Bentley - Jaguar - Daimler Mercedes - Aston Martin - Lagonda



Email: uk Furniturec COf'9


ond repair


\ · :»~

..._____ .-.:» _




- Repairs -Servicing -Spares - Friendly service - Competitive rates


REARGUARDS II' Quick anti easy DIY flt using 3M self·atlhesive tape

II' Hitles oltl paint scratc~es anti

/ Silver Cloud III


prevents new ones thus avoitllng costly bantper repairs! II' lntlivitlually tailoretl anti n1oultletl in recyclable ABS with 4 colour options - Black/ Silver/Carbon Look/lrushetl Alloy Look II' Looks like an original factory flttetl accessary .,. Perhaps the n1ost practical anti sensible accenory you can flt to your vehicle ""' .,.,,. .,. Designetl anti ntanufacturetl In the U.K. by RGM




Clear Polishing & Chrome Plating We wlll turn your old ports Into new We strip polish and re-chrome ·

·· ,.



. • ,


, ·

. .

Tel/Fax: 01215 727 336

Unit 5, Tlbblngton . High St.

HARDY ENGINEERING TRANSMISSIONS LTD Gearboxes And Dlfferentlals For all types of Classic Manual and Automatic cars We also repair overdrives. ax.le..'i. differentials customers own unit overhauled or some units held ln stoc.k · vehicle Htting service In our dedicated c lasslc workshop. All work Is guaranteed for 12 months. caJI us for friendly advice on 01372 378927 Manly E.nglneerlng Trdn.smlssfons Ud

268 Kingston Road, Leatlterhead Surrey - Juncllon 9 o!T Ute :125 uk


!'.stabllshed In 1969

50 years expedence In Metal Restorat1on. In house repolt, polilhlng and plotlng service for oil 110l1ettes of metal. Al bunpers Including large American bars plated to ortghol spec with Heavy Copp4H, duplex nld<el and micro crock c:hn:x-M.

Beyond Repair?? Call us firstf! 020-8902-7722 41 H 1!!m1r1g Ind &L Fourth W.V W.mMay M ldd1 HAp QLR

F11 QZQ-1715..4117


Mercedes-Benz of Pool e 01202 666 330



additive to protect your classic the l'SHVC••t\191 ........

ftlr..._..... .......

CDrTWIDn In .......


T: +44 (0)1722 7121129 • E: ~ • W: -.flaall&








We strip & protect the areas no other process can reach The SPL Chemical Immersion Process strips the paint, grease, sealants and filler from both inside and outside and dissolves rust on contact. The E-Coat Protection is the most advanced mu lti stage immersion paint process available. The resulting oven cured crosslin ked Epoxy coating is used by every automotive manufacturer in the world. Over 95% of the worlds new motor vehicles are coated in thi s way. It is fu lly compa ti ble with all automotive approved refini sh ing pa int systems. Tru ste d t ime and again by th e UKs leading restoration spec ialists. Over 2,500 shells and panel sets have successfully received th e SPL Treatment.

•••• e SPL e • • •• •

Tel: 01384 242010

5wfac9 Processing Ltd.





e Standard • Modified

• Frwe as-•m• nt • lndlvtdually Tested • Graphs Supplied


2~!~·N~AL RED ROTOR AR~a s

l!'~~c·•CUIT,oa ·

material, manufacture • tolerances

. 806 •

Advance Sprlnp • Rotor Amis • Vacuum Units Distributor Cops • Contod Sets • Condensers • l T Connectors • Buslla • Beorfnp • 8caeplcrtes Adwrnce We!pls • Sltofts • Bodla

Teleehone 01398 361678 Email:

PARTS FOR ALL MODELS 1948-CURRENT Replacement Parts Performance Parts Upgrade Parts Accessories Books, Manuals, And CDs

for your

Classic Sports Car



.. ..LT>n'.:""

ml Vis it the website anytime to order parts, order a catalogue, add your comments to the forum, v i ew the classified ads, see club activities, and much more•

.J Daily-Worldwide Shipping .J Intuitive Parts Look-up .J Easy One-Page Checkout .J State-Of-The-Art Security .J View Catalogs On-Line Inte rna tio n a l Supp lie rs o f Cla s s ic And Con t e m pora ry J a gua r Pa r t s NORTH A MERICA 800 -444-5247 • WORLOWIOE 80 5- 544- 7864 •FAX 8 0 5- 544 -1 664

June 2013 Classic & Sports Car


Our hard rubber batteries fit a full range of classic cars including: Alfa Romeo, Aston Martin, Ferrari, Fiat,Jaguar, Landrover, Lotus, Maserati, Porsche, Rolls Royce, TVR, Volkswagen and many more ...

• Extensive range of genuine hard rubber cla ssic ca r batteries, availabl e in 6v and l 2v • Technica l support ava ilable • Batteries supplied d ry charged with acid packs avai lable UK AND • Hand built by craftsmen INTERNATIONAL DISTRIBUTORS • Custo m bui lds available REQUIRED •

Inertia House, Lowther Road, Stanmore, Middx, HA? 1EP




llfRITAC r


Aurelia • Flaminia • Flavia • Fulvia • Stratos some parts also for Appia • April ia • Beta • Montecarlo • Gamma • Delta

* EB.EE catalogue for each model Fast, international mail order parts service

* Full or partial restorations undertaken for UK or overseas customers


- always to the highest standards Servicing and routine maintenance


* Competition Preparation Omicron Engineering Ltd., The Long Barn, Mulbarton, Norwich, Norfolk, NR14 8JS, UK Tel: ++44 (0)1508 570351 • Fax: ++44 (0)1508 570795 Internet: • email:

Aston Martin Specialists

Classic and m odern In perfect harmony... Trinity Engineering has a well established reputation for superb engineering and attention to detail at affordable prkes on the older range of Aston Martins from 1950 onwards, and we now give this same level of service to modern Aston Martin Vanquish, DB9. VS Vantage and DBS owners. • Service • Diagnostics • Parts • Repair •

Maintaining the fucure with traditional engineering... Contact: Tim Butcher Tel: 0 1932 862 040 Fax: 01932 868 747 Email: .uk Address: Bramley Hedge Farm, Redhill Rd, Cobham, Surrey. KTI I I EQ

tiAI GOLDSMITH MOTORS E CLASSIC CAR & COMMERCIAL TRANSPORT GMS Ltd is a specialised vehicle transport and logistics company baaed in South East England. We hold a lull UK and International Operators Licence. and are fully comprehensively insured with unlimited insurance cover for vehicle transport.

Services: • UK and Europe • 24n • Prestige & Claoaic Car Transport • Film Promotion Transport & Logistics • Dealer Transfers • Car & Commercial Recovery D oug Coldsmith 020 8686 1234 (Office) I 07831 8 17013 CM obile) I





Superb buildings, Excellent range and service. An ideal home for your classic



Te l: 016 34 2 90033

Vi sit Passmore s on line : www.pas smores

Yolllm mB

THE INTELLIGENT OAK FRAME T.J. Crump Oakwrights Ltd. The lakes, Swainshill, Hereford HR4 7PU 01432 353353

Bespoke oak framed garages and outbuildings · Sun Rooms and Garden Rooms Tradllional Oak Vaulted Roofs Beam l.ayouts for ( ei/i11gs - I irep/ace Beams and 1 mte/s - Brom Casings for Steel Joists Tudor< laddmg to Enrich Walls 268 Classic & Sports Car June 2013

+44 0 1444 455 455

•Shortlerm _ ....-: • g Teun Stayo •

Jh1SUf el~

ellvery con be ure & Discreet Service to suit all you Comprehensively Insured for your piece of mind For more details & information

Please ca II 020 7609 8533

www. carstoragescotland. co. uk



In North West London 2 mins N. Circular/ Al I A41 & Ml Full storage menu offered Tel : 020 8203 1592 Fax: 020 8203 7435




0800 917 7544 fl · out mora

vis t our

new website

Secure inside cor stomge facility • l 0 miles south of Guildford • Discreet rural location • 24 hour recorded CCTV • Collection/delivery services • In eosy reach of London Airports • Fully Insured • Accessible 7 doys o week

• Outside storage also o\'Oiloble



> ) > >

Convenient London location at 717, North Circular Road, NW2 7AH 1 minute from the start of the M1 Short & long term t : 0208 208 2030 e : StorCa r@StorGua rd . com w: www. Sto rGu a rd. c om

- secure storage tor cars, bikes, boats and vans June 2013 Classic & Sports Car

USA Car and Car Parts Shipping Specialists

We decided to take a pimt on tfiis car purely down to fiavin9 one owner from new, in original condition, Cow cfornmenteif mileage, 6oax & chassis in 9ooc£ conaition after tlUtt wefeft anytliin9 else can easify 6e p11t ri9fit. Thi car IUts smpasseif aff 011r expectations perhaps dtte to having spmt most of its fife 9ara9eif in a warm cfimate on tlie Hawaiian Isfana of Maui. 011r 5 year o[d son Max has 9iven the car a

name..... .'ALOHA' Kevin a Bi9 that& yolL to yolL & yolLr team.

DIRIOTUPllllllRG. USAAuto hi pers

ecialCars. Special Care.

metex ~

car covers

· Very easy to fit, the super-soft fabric indoor cover simply drapes over your vehicle covering it completely keeping the bodywork free from dust, damp and moisture. · Availa ble in a wide range of sizes that will cover all makes and models. Please vist our website to fi nd the cover for your vehicle. · The best protection for garaged cars.

Container shipping from: L.A., Houston, Jacksonville and New York.

WORLDWIDE SHIPPING: Offices in USA, Europe, Australia & New Zealand.

SHIPPING WEEKLY TO: Netherlands, France, Germany, UK, Belgium, Australia & New Zealand.

M ~ 1~


~ ~-


...:. •


ai:!lll • -

Languages Spoken: English, French , German , Romanian, Russian , Spanish, Swedish and Turkish .

Call Chris Ortiz in California for a free quote at +1·310·324·2100

= =-- www.shipdei.comClassic & Sports Car June 2013


For fu ll detail s and to ord er NOW please visit Or ca ll 01254 704625 ~J IVISA I PayPal"

• Innovative range of car covers ·Transportation & Motorbike covers

Easy to fit Wind Deflectors with a range of different models available


Specia l ist Car Logistics Te l: 01305 756555

01207 233 525

www . move -a-car . com Sympathetic handling of classic & sports cars. Worldwide prestige & classic car transportation services. Secure car storage. Full support on classic car events. Full workshop facilities . Airport transportation logistics.

mobile: 0780 254 8283 Nationwide personal service· Door to doorservice ·Most vehicles, running or non-running Largeparts or parts kits, etc.· Fulfy covered andfulfy insured · 30+ years experience Brandnew,fulfy equiped transporter Long &short term storage also available

_ ..._

Car Saf9guard ln-Garago

a llky, aoll nylon eutlle 1> 8r. .thable 1> Dual-f>l'OOled I> Eaally waahed

.. Elaaticallod both encl9

co-vers cove rs':.:mo(ctop)

;-.. ~.. ~' '-.

~ ,.,



... PRIC• &X.AMPL U an.ow . p ...... ~'"'· fot the pr1c• • t • COftf' tot y-our c.r.



Safeguard Outdoor polyaater-w n te•tlle with anti.UV treatment


.. 90% Wate'l>l'OOf (" %

• Bre•thab'9,

Lightweight &

Smooth .. Elaatlcallod Hem, Protecllod door z.lps & Under body atnpa

1 0

i~ ., ~~1i i~: ;;;




Specialist Secure Dehumidified Storage

PO Box 28, Saffron Walden, Essex CB11 4RA Tel: UK 01799 550022 Fax: 01799 550021


The specialist car storage company storing all types of car. Established since 1988 with the experience to care for your car. Top quality high security storage. Car Care Maintenance. Rolling road, MOT's, A irport delivery. Only 35 miles from Central London.

www. mano rca m

Based in Northampton, established 1945 Tel : 01604 755511 trafficdesk Classic & Sports Car



27TH & 28TH JULY 2013 CELEBRAT I NG SO YEARS OF THE M I N I COOPERS CONCOU RS D' ELEGANCE OPEN TO ALL (SUNDAY) SPECIAL APPEARANCE BY SI R STIRLI NG MOSS OBE (SUNDAY) Walch the cars ascend the famous Shelsley Walsh Hill Climb; admire the cars in the Paddock, meet the drivers, enjoy good food and music in The Courtyard, visit our working water mill.

Stratstone 41.'l'•"'•



~~k\~~ ~r:.'d~1~of\X:~,~ =~~~1ts'i'~~~nx1.

~ FOR~';fr''.lJs~ft:fERS &

1f)-nu alf'C)d)• bs\<c a pc:nNI r.td10 ""=' c:an l'C!Q"4"C and add the .mbo\'C option. . All rad1~{~=~1~~~:-=~iod:• ~

-"'-"'""'·pnorh<•na,J!honov"""' ...i tckphtmo.


Oc-dkaml l podflpbonlf lnp'u lead "1uch ~" 1hC' u.n11 &om tht! car and ch;uy:if"\ lh• blllttt)


TEL 0 1 362 6 91144/ 694459 EMAIL •nnemarleoclublotus.c;

Tel/Fax: 0161 973 0438

www.vintagewir uk


Solid Cas l Aluminium ACE & Go thic Aluminium Digils Polished Die-Pressed Aluminium

Best quality, handmade, handstitc.hed En1/ish leather accessories made to order for vinta1elveteron cars. Repairs undertaken and items can be made to customers own sf>ecification.

Contact: Szilvio Komondi Tel: 07891071451

Alain Leathers Qualitij Craftsmanship Est. over 25 Years

BOOT-BAG The modern a lte rnative to a luggage rack. Adds SO o r 75 Litres o f waterp roof luggage ca pacit y to any car with a boot-lid .

01280 821345

Manufacturer of Finest Quality WWII style Sheepskin Flying Jackets and helmets, gloves etc www. Tel: +44 (0)1225 315749 PERSONAL NUMBER PLATES



DER 7L Deryl

8477 SON Battson

ASP3L Aspel

FEl2 GAL Fergal

P47YNE Payne

C313 STE Celeste

TED 9 Ted

; i i . i ~ ~ ~ ~


KEY I £74,995

GE 7






IMLM £39,995



2WP £34J995


£34, 995

I NRH £34,995


Adlam Akbar Aksel Ambury


An ni Arnell Asal Asher Aspel

Baker Banks Barton Basam Baton Battson Bays Bead Beak Begum Benetts Best Gu Boyton Brusb

Butter Celeste Cheney Clixby FCO IE Cole COL 550N Colson COii BES Combes COP53Y Copsey D4GMA Dagma 033 HAN Deehan DER 7L Deryl DEW lllS Oewis DEX llE Dexie DOii ENA Dolena DON 14N Donlan DOX 53Y Doxsey DUii GAY Dungay DUS 70N Duston E49 LES Eagles EDA 17A Edana Edley EDL3Y EGl3 TON Egleton ELG 6R Elger EMl3 LOW Em blow

llCBR 63CD 6CDD 522 CER CFF I llCGR I CHO 15CPR CPUI 6CRN I CSF 12 OAK 2 DEJ DFB I OHM 568 IDMA DPD 822 986 DPF OS 7618 7523 OT 1850WA 94 EAC 822 ECO 574 ECH



Fata ma Feneck Fer gal Foxley G41 TER G455 KEL GAY 70N GEA IS GLllYNE GOii EBY GOii ANZ 60 RAM GOVIA DGR 3Y GUL 54R HAii NAN H45 LER H347 THR El NRY HOG 6 E HUl3 NER JOB 35S JOllANA


Gaiter Gaskell Gayton Gea ls Gloyne Go le by Go lian

Goram Govia Grey

Gulsar Hannan Hasler Heather Henry Hogge Hubner Jobes Johana

HR 74 I H TP HU 2726 HVDI HW2 HW6 5 JBN 1990 J C 12 JCK 8 JD IJHY JMY 200 JNP 39 JRE I 444 JRT 1985 JS 3 JSE JSE 9 9 JSJ I JTT 192 JTT I JYC 2 KAK KCTI

Moyle JU13 EDA Jubeda MOYllE K3ACH Keach MUN 20E Munroe KEG 444N Kegan MUR 12Y Murry LAR 41N Lara in NAO lllA Nadia L423 NBY Lazenby NUT 74L Nuttal LEl3 BON Lebbon ORl3 GAN Oregan LEl3 RUN Lebrun OSll ENT Osment L333 NEY Leney PAii LEA Pam lea LEO llG Leong P444 NNU Pannu LON 666E Longe PAl2 DOE Pardoe LOii NOS Lounds P44 WLO Pawlo P47 YNE Payne LYT 771E Lyttle M44 BLE Mable PEl2 HAM Perham M444 CEY Macey PHA 53Y Phasey M444 GES Mages PLA 7T Platt MAR lllE Marie PLll MBS Pl umb LMA 125H Marsh POii LYY Polly M444 UNO Maund PIOO RCH Porch MEA 22A Meara POii NDZ Pound Pracy MEE 64N Meegan Pl2 ACY M31 LOR Mellor PRll WSE Prowse RAY 770N Rayton M31TON Melton REV 411S Revans MOii SER Moiser MOii LER Moller ROii KES Rookes


Curious about the classic British car scene in the States? Then you should be reading British Marque Car Club News/

I~. ---

Available in print or on-line 11 issues a year, 40 pages each issue News & events from clubs across the USA Columnists from both sides of the pond Centerfold calendar & 'all-Bri tish' classifieds Download a FREE sample copy from our website! British M arque C ar Club News 5 O ld Nasonvill e Rd .. H arrisvill e, RI 02830 U S A


Autosound are the UK"s leading supplier of retro styled new car radios to suit alt types of classic cars. Improve the sound In your classic car significantly with one of our modern retro radios. You can also listen to your digital music and con trol your IPOO and iPhone through certain models of our retro radios. We also sell accessories such as loudspeakers. positive eanh conveners. smart battery chargers and period roof aerials. We a ccept most credit or debit cards and offer a next day OHL d elivery (£8.951


PH 9043 I P HE P IB 1111 3 PLA pp 7985 PSE 4 6PST PTK I 7 P TL 6RBR I RCC ROG 84 RDOI 9REB I REO 3 R FJ RGG83 I RGT RHM 30 I RHP I RKW 79 RNM 9RO RSJ 9

I RVD RWC68 s 28 SBD 521 4SCK 2SDN SOS II 5 SFJ 63 SJA 1985 ST sv 9784 SVW209 I SYY ITCP 4TDG TDJ 265 TOR 719 TED 9 ITEW TFH 740 TGB 658 TGG4 57 TK TKB 809


Rumbold Sage Sahans

Sahena Sanger Scutt Sedge Skeggs Slorach Tawton Ted Tibbert Toddy Tollady Toye Trudy Tudge Valter Well Run Wenn Werner Whorley

Wontor Woosey


II [!].r .

Spread lhe cost of your personal number plate by taking advantage of the finance plans now available on m 11hons of 1eg1slrations Visit our website for lull detalls


In association with


e Being Graham's son didn't mean that Damon Hill enjoyed an easy ride to Fl stardom. Instead, his was a career defined by determination and fortitude xactly 40 yea rs ago , I met a 12-yea r-old sc hool bo y w ho wasn't particularly interested in motor racing but took in his stride the fact that his father had twice been Fomiula I World Champion, had won the Indianapol is 500 and th e Le Mans 24 Hours plus, for good measure, the Monaco Grand Prix five times. A son following in his fath er's footsteps is by no means an unknown pheno menon, but while Damon H ill may not have had the exact idea of emulating his father Graham when he took up motorcycle racing, he certainly worked hard to pay for it. T he family fortune was dealt a crippling blow by his dad's untimely demise in an aircraft accident in N ovember 1975. By the time I got to see Damon again, he'd progressed th rough various single-seater formulae and had got a job testing fo r W illiams - as well as the chance of driving for the remains of the once-successful Brabham team. H e came to see me in 1992 to ask if I could help him to raise the necessary fund s. Other than a few useless upg rades on British Airways, I had no luck whatsoever. If it 's tricky today, it was even more so then, especially for a driver without an outstanding track record. This is where I think he started to become seriously brave and refused to give in. H istory relates t hat he con tinued his testi ng arrangement with Williams, which kept him in both feed and currency. ~Then a seat alon gside Alain Prost became vacan t for the 1993 season, t ho usands o f British su pporters were ecstatic that Damon was given his oppornmity. So now, think about his situation in a super-competitive team, as a new boy without much F l experience and running with 'Professor' Prost against t he likes of Ayrton Sen na. It would have been a terrifying ly ruthless en viron ment. ~Tha t must he have felt li ke winnin g his fi rst GP in H ungary that year? It was the fi rst time the son of a Wo rld C hampion had ever done that. Frank Williams and P atrick H ead were surely over the moon with his dedicated hard work and loyalty. 274 Classic & Sports Car June 2013

DAMON HILL Born 1960 From Hampstead, London Career highlights Grand Pri x driver for Brabham, Williams, Arrows and Jordan, with 22 victories and 20 pole positions. Winner of the 1996 Formula 1 World Championship. BRDC president 2006-'l l

T he following year, with Prost retired , Senna was the team leader. \ Vhat an extraordinary career Hill was havin g, with two of the most talented drivers of all time next door to him. No better place, surely, to hone his own skills. Sadly, of course, Senna died in only his third race for Wi lliams. P icking up the cudgels as the team's 'number one', with all o f the politics that went widi it, was no mean feat for Hill - and defin itely not a job for the weak of heart. Having David Coulthard drafted into the second seat wasn't such a bad dung, but copin g wi d1 N igel M ansell

as an occasional teammate must have been traumatic for Damon to say the least. As if dealing with all of that in his own team wasn't eno ugh, he also had to contend with the cocky young Michael Schumacher. But you know t he results, with D amon extend ing a drivin g lesson to all and sundry at t he very wet Japanese GP, puttin g him a single point beh ind Schumacher. A coll ision at the final round in Australia gave Michael the champi onship. That must have been incredibly frustrating. In 1996, Damon won eight races, having qualified on the front row for every G rand Prix. H e had come of age and proven that guts, determination and a little luck could deliver di e coveted tide. Ir was a meteoric rise to die highest echelon in motor racing. H is decision to retire at die end of the '99 season, having gained a fi nal victory wit h J o rdan t he previo us year, was ano ther courageous choice.J ames H unt was always telling me that, if you don't give up the sport when it's time, it'll give you up in stea d . ~

The private bank for historic motor racing Proud sponsors of leading historic motoring events worldwide

Practitioners of the craft of private banking




EFG lnternational's global pr ivate banking network incl udes offices in Zu rich, Geneva, London, Ch annel Islands, Luxembou rg, Monaco, Madrid, Hong Kong, Singapore, Shanghai, Taipei, M iam i, Nassau , Bogota and M ontevideo. www.efginternation

C&sc 06 2013uk