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We optimize our clients’ investment performance with bespoke research and consulting. In 1990, BBSP created a unique proprietary research process based on Chaos Theory.

The reference point for the best known buy-side names.

BBSP’s Methodology and Philosophy

“Financial market movements are not pure random-walks”

The principles behind our research With the help of the three principles from the Chaos Theory – Auto-similarity, Determinism, Sensitivity

with market reality made of precipitous events and extreme situations.

1. Fractal analysis - Auto-Similarity rather according to initial action and consequent reaction phases. Incorporates the Fibonacci sequence into waves analysis, showing identical movements

2. Graphical analysis - Determinism of a large number of investors under stress conditions. Allows for the forecasting of mass position-taking.

Allow us to anticipate levels of acceleration, the strength of movements or even trend reversals.

40 analysts deliver 24/5 Global and extensive coverage   

4 asset classes (Fixed Income & Credit, Forex, Indices & Equities, Commodities). 2 multi - asset propositions: Global Assets, Emerging Markets. Continuous analysis on more than 160 markets and 200 stocks worldwide, on-demand analysis on every other market.

Detailed and coherent analyses on our TAO (Technical Analysis Online) website Through its proprietary methodology, BBSP’s robust process allows analysts to produce for all markets, on 5 time horizons (trend, monthly, weekly, daily, intraday), technical scenarios that highlight: 

Directional ideas and shapes of anticipated moves.

Consulting with structured value-added research content    

  

Interaction with dedicated analyst through calls, emails and Bloomberg chat. Real-time reactivity.

On-demand service analyzing your chosen markets. Full availability of your dedicated consultant for any market-related queries. One-on-One onsite presentations.

Connect with the best technical expertise Paris: +33 153 76 86 86 Montreal: +1 (514) 845 2277 New York: +1 (212) 209 3822 Singapore: +65 6735 3040

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