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Housing Services “ This huge accolade is a testament to the hard work and dedication of those staff involved in developing and delivering the RESPECT ASB Charter” Chief Executive, Tony Goodwin

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Winter 2012

National recognition of work to tackle anti-social behaviour RESPECT accreditation awarded to Landlord Services for recognition of actions to tackle anti social behaviour. HouseMark, an independent body that inspects housing providers, has awarded Tamworth Borough Council the Chartered Institute of Housing Accreditation for RESPECT, the first council landlord in the UK to receive the award. During the assessment period, all aspects of the council’s work to reduce ASB were scrutinised and compared against other housing providers. Areas highlighted by the inspectors as best practise include commitment to reducing ASB, victim and witness support, the use of a support directory, a range of enforcement and preventative measures, a zero tolerance approach to ASB, and encouraging communities to take responsibility. The community safety hub, based at Tamworth police station and acting as a one-stop shop where council staff and other organisations work together in partnership to tackle ASB, was singled out for special praise.

an ASB Project Officer based at the hub, a new IT system to better manage cases and more efficient budgeting providing more value for money for our customers. Cllr Michael Greatorex, Cabinet member for Housing, said: “Tackling anti-social behaviour was rated as one of the top priorities by our tenants and this is about responding to them. We are now more confident that tenants can expect a good service when they experience difficulties. “The housing team remains at the forefront of service improvement, and I am delighted that this has been recognised with this national accreditation.” Tamworth Borough Council Chief Executive, Tony Goodwin, said: “This huge accolade is a testament to the hard work and dedication of those staff involved in developing and delivering the RESPECT ASB Charter, which is now being held up as an example for other authorities across the country to follow.

Tamworth will hold the accreditation until November 2015, but the authority is not resting on its laurels, with an action plan already under way to build on the existing success. Plans include the appointment of

Customer Dashboard Visit online for the latest performance indicators in housing:

Your right to buy: there’s a new window of opportunity If you are a council tenant – or were living in your council home when it was sold to another landlord – this is a perfect time to think about whether buying your home is right for you. The top discount has just been increased to £75,000. The extra money raised through the scheme is now going straight towards building new affordable homes. Now might be your best opportunity to own a home. For example, if the market value of your home is £140,000, and you qualify for the maximum discount you could buy your home for just £65,000, less than half the price it would normally cost. For a typical mortgage, this is around £100 a week (plus any service charges that may apply). Now could be your turn to take advantage of the added benefits and security that home ownership brings. Are you ready to take that first important step? Home ownership gives you more freedom. You can make the changes you always wanted to make – like decorating your home exactly how you want, putting in a new kitchen or bathroom, or painting your front door or landscaping the garden. Owning your home also means that you can move on when you choose – to take up a new job opportunity in another area, or take the next step on the property ladder and provide more room for your growing family. You can then downsize and benefit from your asset and investment when your children leave home. For some people, the best thing is knowing that you have a proper stake in your home, because it’s now your name on the deeds. Buying your home is an important decision for you and your family. For most people it is the biggest investment they make. Now is a good time to decide if it’s the right choice for you. If you are interested in finding out more information or whether you are eligible, visit or call the Right to Buy Team on 01827 709259.


Advertisement of Initial Demolition Notice Notice is Hereby Given: That Tamworth Borough Council of Marmion House, Lichfield Street, Tamworth Staffordshire B79 7BZ intends to demolish: Numbers 1 – 71 inclusive, Hastings Close, Tamworth, B77 5LG Numbers 7 – 16 inclusive, Cottage Walk, Tamworth, B77 5NB Numbers 17 – 20 inclusive, Cottage Walk, Tamworth, B77 5NB Numbers 22 – 28 inclusive, Leisure Walk, Tamworth, B77 5LX Numbers 1 – 24 inclusive, Saxon Close, Tamworth, B77 5LU Numbers 1 – 23 inclusive, Linthouse Walk, Tamworth, B77 5LS Numbers 1 – 23 inclusive, Stonehill Walk, Tamworth, B77 5LT The intended demolition of these properties is necessary for the regeneration of the Tinkers Green area. The period within which it is intended to carry out the proposed demolition is 21 November 2019. The date when any Initial Demolition Notice or notices relating to the above premises will cease to be in force, unless revoked or otherwise terminated under the Housing Act 1985 Schedule 5A paragraph 3 is 21 November 2019. During the period of validity of any such notice or notices, the landlord will not be under any obligation to make a grant of freehold or of a lease of any dwelling house comprised in the above premises in respect of any claim to exercise the right to buy in respect of any such dwelling house. There may be a right to compensation under the Housing Act 1985 Section 138C in respect of certain expenditure incurred in respect of any existing claim. Rob Barnes, Director of Housing, Tamworth Borough Council

Advertisement of Initial Demolition Notice Notice is Hereby Given: That Tamworth Borough Council of Marmion House, Lichfield Street, Tamworth Staffordshire B79 7BZ intends to demolish: Numbers 1 - 48 inclusive, Kerria Centre, Tamworth, B77 4EW The intended demolition of these properties is necessary for the regeneration of the Kerria area. The period within which it is intended to carry out the proposed demolition is 21 November 2019. The date when any Initial Demolition Notice or notices relating to the above premises will cease to be in force, unless revoked or otherwise terminated under the Housing Act 1985 Schedule 5A paragraph 3 is 21 November 2019. During the period of validity of any such notice or notices, the landlord will not be under any obligation to make a grant of freehold or of a lease of any dwelling house comprised in the above premises in respect of any claim to exercise the right to buy in respect of any such dwelling house. There may be a right to compensation under the Housing Act 1985 Section 138C in respect of certain expenditure incurred in respect of any existing claim. Rob Barnes, Director of Housing, Tamworth Borough Council

Major £21.5m redevelopment plans for

Tinkers Green and Kerria estates A major redevelopment plan which will involve the demolition and rebuilding of parts of the Tinkers Green and Kerria estates has been agreed by the council’s Cabinet.

The rebuilding of the two estates is a long-term project which is expected to take at least six years to complete. A total of 136 properties are proposed for demolition – 100 in Tinkers Green and 36 in the Kerria Centre.

A major redevelopment plan which will involve the demolition and rebuilding of parts of the Tinkers Green and Kerria estates has been agreed by the council’s Cabinet.

rebuilding programme and will be supported by the council throughout the process. As the project is still in its very early stages, the final layout of the estates, number and design of homes is a matter for future planning.

Tamworth Borough Council will invest around £21.5 million over the next six years in the redevelopment of the two estates.

The redevelopment of Tinkers Green and the Kerria Centre has been a long-term ambition of Tamworth Borough Council, but has now been made possible by changes to the way in which councils can fund housing. The final cost will depend on a number of factors, but the project is expected to cost around £21.5 million.

Wilnecote and the Kerria Centre in Amington was unpopular with residents, outdated and unsuitable for current housing needs.

Cllr Michael Greatorex, Cabinet member for Housing, said: “The redevelopment of Tinkers Green and the Kerria Centre is the biggest council housing programme in Tamworth for a generation and gives us the opportunity to build modern homes fit for the 21st century.”

“ The redevelopment of Tinkers Green and Kerria is the biggest council housing programme in Tamworth The decision to redevelop the for a generation and gives areas has been taken following an us the opportunity to build in-depth study of council housing modern homes fit for the in Tamworth, which found that 21st century.” some housing in Tinkers Green in

Consultation and ongoing feedback from local residents has highlighted a number of issues with the area and in particular dissatisfaction with the available accommodation. Feedback from residents also showed a majority wanted to see the estates redeveloped, with a large proportion in favour of demolition and rebuilding. The study found that despite investment in the existing properties, this has not solved the underlying issues. It was decided that the best way to achieve lasting change is to demolish the existing properties and build new homes to suit modern standards and housing needs.

Cllr Michael Greatorex

All tenants affected by the proposals have been served with an Initial Demolition Notice, which is required by law, and which also prevents any Right To Buy, but they will not have to move in the short term. A detailed plan for the rehousing of tenants is set to be considered by Cabinet in March 2013. It is estimated that it will take at least three years for every household to be rehoused. Tenants will be kept informed and consulted throughout the process. Shops and businesses on the two estates are also being consulted about the plans for the future. Secure tenants are being reassured that no household will be left without a home as a result of the

“It will allow us to massively regenerate those areas of Wilnecote and Amington, designing out crime and anti-social behaviour, giving residents they sort of areas they are proud to live in, as well as stimulating economic growth.” “It is really good news for Tamworth, and particularly for these two areas of the town.” A hotline has been set up for residents and businesses who have concerns and questions about the redevelopment. It can be contacted on 0800 183 0454. There is also a website with frequently asked questions at aspx


Planting project to brighten up estate’s open spaces A community planting project is set to pay off in the spring, when the 1,000 bulbs planted last week are due to burst into a riot of colour.

Staff and volunteers dig deep to plant around 1,000 bulbs in Glascote Heath.

Glascote Heath residents and community groups joined Tamworth Borough Council caretaking and tenant involvement teams last Thursday to plant bulbs around the walkway to the shops near St Peter’s Church and the health centre.

The bulbs were donated by Tamworth Borough Council, after residents and other members of the Glascote Heath Locality Forum suggested that a planting programme would be a good way of improving the appearance of the estate.

In total, around 1,000 daffodil and narcissus bulbs were planted. The aim of the planting was to promote pride in the area, to make it look better and to discourage littering, as the walkways to the shops are hotspots for litter.

Cllr Jeremy Oates, Cabinet member for Community Development, said: “Once these flowers are in bloom next spring, it will make a real difference to the appearance of that part of Glascote Heath and hopefully encourage people to keep the area tidy.”

ESTATE WALKABOUTS Four estate walkabouts were held this summer in Tinkers Green, Glascote Heath, Leyfields and Stonydelph The aim of an estate walkabout is to give residents, Tamworth Borough Council staff and partner agencies the chance to work together to make sure estates are a better places for people to live now and in the future. Estate walkabouts pick up issues such as litter, car parking problems, communal areas etc. As a result of this years programme of walkabouts we have successfully recruited 8 new tenant volunteers to get involved and have a say in their housing service is managed and delivered Tenants have played a key role in shaping and monitoring housing services for many years and we acknowledge the importance of tenant engagement and consultation to ensure continuous improvement and tenant satisfaction.


“You said”

“We did”

Shrubs and trees have become overgrown and unmanageable.

The winter maintenance programme for cutting back shrubs and trees is now in operation until the end of March 2013. For any stray branches or shrubs heavily overgrowing onto pavements posing, a health and safety risk, these are cut back sooner.

A small amount of non-offensive graffiti and general graffiti was highlighted during the walkabouts.

All offensive graffiti was removed within 48 hours of the walkabout.

An increasing amount of vehicles are parked on communal grass and pathways.

The Estate Management Team have wrote to residents in the area to address the issue.

Tamworth Homelessness Education Programme, (THEP) Look out for THEP appearing at a school near you! Tamworth Homelessness Education Programme (THEP) has been re-branded and re-launched, and will be visiting schools across the borough. The aim of THEP is to tell children and young people about homelessness, in a fun and informative way. THEP offers a variety of sessions to different age groups and abilities through story telling, quizzes and discussion. Children and young people discover more about homelessness, how it happens and more importantly how it can be prevented. The sessions are very interactive and have been accredited as resource for use in the Personal, Social, Health and Economic Education curriculum by Staffordshire County Council. All children who take part in a session will receive some THEP goodies, so look out for your child coming home with a colouring book, or activity book, which you can complete with them to reinforce their learning. If you do have any concerns regarding your housing situation or homelessness, please contact housing advice on 01827 709459.

Thomas Hardy Court and Rawlett School Following on from the success of a similar project last year, pupils from Rawlett School visited Thomas Hardy Court sheltered scheme with their home-made cakes and kindly hosted coffee mornings and afternoon teas for the residents. Pupils and residents had fun playing games together and chatting about the past. The students will be returning nearer Christmas to perform a carol service. Thomas Hardy Court Independent Living Manager, Trish Lees, said: "The tenants love to see the pupils and the pupils are eager to come each year. It really is a great pleasure to see the generation gap closed and everyone enjoying each other’s company. A big thank you to everyone who has helped to make the visits such a success.”

Ankermoor Court On September 27, the residents at Ankermoor Court sheltered scheme in Bolehall hosted a Macmillan coffee afternoon to raise money to help people living with cancer. Cakes and biscuits, baked mainly by the residents themselves, were on sale during the event. A raffle of donated prizes pushed the grand total raised on the day to £206.50 to help this worthwhile cause. Ankermoor Court Independent Living Manager, Annette Darby, said: “It was a great day and I would like to say a big thank you to everyone involved.”


Pay your rent on time this Christmas, tenants reminded Council tenants in Tamworth are being reminded to make sure they pay their rent on time over the Christmas period. They are also being warned that they could lose their homes if they fail to pay and fall into arrears. Tamworth Borough Council has launched its ‘Rent First’ campaign, offering help and advice to people who may be facing difficulties paying their rent over the festive period and encouraging them to make payment of their rent their top priority. A Christmas card reminding tenants about the Rent First message is being sent to tenants who are in arrears with their rent. It was designed by 10-year-old Alfie Turner from St Gabriel’s Catholic Primary School in Belgrave and carries the message “Pay your rent. Best present ever – keeping your house!!” The message is also being displayed inside and on the back of buses running in Tamworth, where it will be seen by thousands of people. The main aim of the campaign is to make sure tenants are aware of all the ways they can pay their rent and to ensure that it is paid up to date over the Christmas period. It forms part of a larger campaign by Tamworth Borough Council and the CAB to help people budget properly for Christmas, not overspend and to pay bills on time. Cllr Michael Greatorex, Cabinet member for Housing, said: “We want people to enjoy Christmas and the New Year but it is vital that they put their ‘rent first’. So far this year, sadly 14 families in Tamworth have been evicted because they did not pay their rent.” He added: “Help is at hand for those who may be having difficulty paying their rent and we have dedicated staff on hand to offer advice. I would urge anyone who is having difficulties to call the Tenancy Sustainment team - please do not stick your head in the sand and risk court action or eviction. “The message is clear - if you don’t pay your rent, you could end up losing your home.”


Alfie Turner was one of nine pupils from St Gabriel’s who – encouraged by teaching assistant and art specialist Jo Brown – gave up a week’s worth of lunchtimes to create posters reminding tenants to pay their rent on time. A delighted Alfie won an X-Box Kinect, which was presented to him at school – wrapped in Christmas paper made up from his winning design. The eight other young artists from the school won chocolate selection boxes.

Anyone who is having difficulty in paying their rent is being urged to call the Tenant Sustainment team on 01827 709709 or the Housing Advice team on 01827 709459. The Citizens Advice Bureau can also help people who are in debt or struggling to budget. They can be contacted on 01827 305952.

Help is at hand to avoid festive overspending and debt With Christmas on the way, Tamworth Borough Council and the Citizens Advice Bureau are urging people to seek their help and advice on budgeting properly for Christmas, paying bills on time and avoiding overspending. The council and the CAB work together throughout the year to try to prevent home repossessions and homelessness and to help people avoid getting into serious debt. But with Christmas being a time when people are more likely to overspend and get into more debt, the two organisations are reminding people that help is at hand. A service offering support and guidance to those who may be facing financial difficulties, is available every Monday between 10am and 2pm at the CAB offices at the Philip Dix Centre in Corporation Street. The Money Advice Service is provided by the CAB and offers two kinds of help. The Court Desk offers offer free advice, assistance and preparation to people facing home repossession or eviction, with dedicated staff also offering help to complete paperwork related to any court action.

The Court Desk Service is available every Monday between 10am and 2pm, by appointment only, at the CAB in the Philip Dix Centre. It can be accessed via a referral from the Council’s Housing Advice Team on 01827 709 459, or by calling the CAB for an appointment on 01827 305952.

“ I would encourage anyone who needs help to contact the Court Desk or the Debt Advice Service, because staying out of debt could be the best Christmas present for you and your family.” Cllr Michael Greatorex

The Debt Advice Service is available to anyone experiencing debt and financial problems, and offers free advice to help people manage debt, budget properly and

We reported earlier in the year that we had successfully obtained an injunction against a tenant in Wilnecote for tampering with the electricity supply. An update on this is that the occupant did breach the injunction and has been evicted as a result. Unfortunately, when we took possession, the flat had substantial fire damage which potentially could have put all the residents in the block at risk.

avoid overspending. It aims to help Tamworth residents out of financial difficulties and prevent them losing their homes. It is available every Friday between 10am and 2pm at the CAB offices by appointment only, which can be made by contacting the CAB on 01827 305952. Cllr Michael Greatorex, Cabinet member for Housing, said: “It is very easy to get into debt over the Christmas period – and this could have serious consequences for many families, including repossession and eviction. “The Court Desk and Debt Advice Services offer vital help and advice to stop families getting into debt by helping them to budget properly, as well as discouraging people from spending more than they can afford.” The Money Advice Service is provided by the CAB and funded by Tamworth Borough Council.

This case has been one of the most expensive having cost a total of £30k to obtain possession plus over £5,700 to repair the damage left behind. A report has been made to the police and any witness information would be appreciated. Please call Tamworth Borough Council on 01827 709491, the police on 101 or CrimeStoppers on 0800 555 111.


Is your home too big for your needs? Will you be affected by cuts in your benefits because you have a spare room? This may mean you may not be able to afford to continue to live in your home. What are your housing options? Apply for council rehousing. The Finding a Home service aims to help people find rehousing, but we know from the number of people on the waiting list compared to the number of empty properties available that the Council cannot meet the housing demand on its own. Why not consider applying for a mutual exchange to move to a smaller home with the right amount of bed rooms for you. You can register free of charge on the website - this is the fastest way that many people are rehoused. Staff at Marmion House reception will be happy to assist you in applying if you need help. Hard copies of details of all available properties can be viewed here. The Council offers an Incentive to Move scheme for people in houses to downsize to flats or bungalows, which includes a £1,000 payment. Contact the Void & Allocation Team on 709520 for further details. If you are aged 60 or over you may want to consider a move to sheltered housing. The Council has 10 schemes across the Borough, each with a dedicated Independent Living Manager. There is also the reassurance and peace of mind of a 24-hour community alarm service. Consider taking in a lodger. Advice on the Renting out a Room in Your Home scheme can be found on You must tell us immediately if you take in a lodger and when one leaves your property.

Don’t let food poisoning ruin your festive celebrations If there’s one thing guaranteed to ruin your Christmas meal out with friends, family or colleagues, it’s a nasty bout of food poisoning. But if you’re eating out, how do you know if the restaurant owner takes food hygiene seriously? The Food Hygiene Rating Scheme rates eateries and other places that sell food on their hygiene standards, based on inspections carried out by Tamworth Borough Council and these ratings are available for everyone to see. This national scheme, developed by the Food Standards Agency (FSA) in partnership with local authorities, rates food outlets on a scale ranging from zero at the bottom (which means ‘urgent improvement necessary’ to a top rating of five (‘very good’). You can check the rating online at, via a free phone app, or look for the distinctive green and black rating sticker that businesses are encouraged to display.

The Bond scheme – the Council provides a guarantee to private landlords against rent arrears, loss or damage to the property for six months. A move to a private landlord provides the opportunity for you to decide the area and property type you move to. A full financial assessment is carried out to make sure this is the right move for you.

For more information on these schemes, please contact Housing Advice on 01827 709459 (Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm) or email


If you’re organising a Christmas gathering with family, friends or work colleagues at a local restaurant, pub or hotel, don’t just examine the menu, also check what their hygiene rating is too.

What is happening at the ARCH? There have been some changes in the ARCHes in Amington, Belgrave, Glascote and Stonydelph and you may notice some new faces. The only thing that has not changed is the great activities!

Jobs - Are you looking for work? No matter how difficult you find it, there are people here to help. Job and work clubs and employment advice are available around the town and within the ARCHes, so help is never too far away. If you have any questions or want information and help, just come over to one of the drop-in sessions at the employment clubs.

Kids - There are things to do for kids as well, like

Fun - There are a range of activities for people of all

way to make new friends and a fun way to keep fit. At the same time Changes are also there at hand to help you if you are experiencing mental distress, including: worry, feeling low, confusion, anxiety, panic, depression and mood swings.

ages. The arts and crafts group in Amington is great for those who want to try their hand at new activities or just have a chat and watch others work. The community cafe offers activities for the whole family with games, information and refreshments. For those who want to get fit and have a laugh at the same time, why not try Zumba.

the Stay and Play sessions with HomeStart who offer great family support activity. Stay and Play sessions with Jayne Allen offer fun and educational activities for 0-4 years. The Community Cafe offers great fun activities for all ages too.

Health - HomeStart's Zumba sessions are a great

Come and join us at one of the ARCHes to take advantage of what we have to offer

Activities Amington




Zumba Mondays, 9:30 - 10:30 Kerria Youth Centre. £2

Job Club Need help finding work, pop down! Thursday, 2:00-4:00 Fire Station

Waistlines Adult weight management services Fridays starting soon at Glascote ARCH

Work Club Need help finding a job? pop in. Mondays, 2:00-4:00

Changes Mondays, 10:00-12:00 Amington ARCH Parents & Toddler Wednesdays, 9:30-11:30 Kerria Youth Centre Arts and Crafts Weds & Thurs, 11:001:00, Amington ARCH Job Club Wednesday, 2:00-4:00 Amington ARCH Community Cafe Wednesday, 3:00-5:00 Kerria Youth Centre

Mark Aston Amington ARCH Unit 3 Kerria Centre

Community Cafe Fun after-school sessions for all ages. Thursdays 3:00-5:00 Fire Station Fit Tots Healthy activities from birth to 4 years 1st session free then £2 1st child, £1-50 2nd £1 3rd (in same family) Includes healthy snack Thursdays 9:30-11:00 Fire Station

Stuart Etheridge Belgrave ARCH Tamworth Community Fire Station Marlborough Way Tel: 07891042164

Tel 01827 306190

Midland Psychology Autism support for children (0-18 years) Mondays Glascote ARCH Tel 01543 417139

Neil Mushrow

Stay and play Family learning from birth to 4 years Tuesdays, 9:30-3:30 Thursdays, 1:00-3:30 Job search Help looking for a job Wednesdays, 10:00 - 4:00 Family Support Activities for parents and toddlers with HomeStart. Fridays, 9:30 - 11:30

Glascote ARCH

Yasser Din

Glascote Heath Library Caledonian

Stonydelph ARCH

Tel: 01827 254933

44 Craven Tel: 01827 709503

Tel: 01827 55017


Looking for a special festive gift? The Information Centre has it all Looking for a special Tamworth gift for friends and family this Christmas? Shoppers need look no further than the award-winning Tamworth Information Centre (TIC). To celebrate this year’s festive fun, the TIC - based in the Philip Dix Centre, Corporation Street – are stocking a whole range of festive gifts. Whether you are looking for Tamworth calendars, specially made Christmas decorations, ornaments or candles, the TIC has it all. Many of the gifts showcase and celebrate Tamworth, including specially handcrafted gifts, pictures from local artists and mementos from the Staffordshire Regiment. The TIC is also selling the popular Lolita drinks glasses, which are proving a hit with shoppers and are available at low prices in Tamworth. The TIC is open Monday to Friday 9am to 7pm, and on Saturdays, 9am to 5pm.

FREE town centre parking in the run up to Christmas! Saturday 15 & 22 December People who come into the town centre to do their Christmas shopping, or looking for a last minute festive bargain, will be able to park for free on Saturday December 15 and Saturday December 22. On these days, all council-run car parks will be free of charge. The car parks are: Aldergate, Bolebridge Island (Odeon), Mill Lane, Hopsital Street, Holloway, Church Lane, Lower Gungate, Spinning School Lane (temporary), Marmion Street, Albion Street, Jolly Sailor and Riverdrive *Please note: this does not include Ankerside or the Railway Station.


What’s On

Sleeping Beauty Panto 19-23 December & 3-6 January Various times and prices The Comedy Club 25 January Tickets £13, £11 conc 8.00pm Floydian Slip 26 January Tickets £12, £10 adv. 8.00pm The National Clown Theatre 27 January Tickets £5 2.30pm Rat Pack 27 January Tickets £19 7.30pm The Counterfeit Beatles 1 February Tickets £17, £16 conc 7.30pm

Spot the difference to


Tamworth Borough Council is offering you the chance to win £20 if your spot the difference competition entry is selected from our prize draw. There are just two competition rules: l You have to be a tenant of Tamworth Borough Council. l You have to circle three differences between these two photographs. Once you think you’ve found all three differences, circle them clearly, fill in and cut out the entry form and then return it by Friday 25 January 2013 to: Diane Hughes, Tamworth Borough Council, Marmion House, Lichfield Street, Tamworth Staffordshire B79 7BZ. All correct entries will be entered into a prize draw and the winner notified soon after the deadline. The competition is open to Tamworth Borough Council tenants only. Good luck! Name: ______________________________________________________________ Address: ____________________________________________________________

See website for more events and details:

____________________________________________________________________ Telephone No: ______________________________________________________

Spot the difference


Congratulations to Mrs Turner who was the lucky winner of the Spot the Difference competition in the Summer 2012 issue of Open House. Enjoy your prize! Look out for the Tamworth Town Centre

Thanks to everybody who sent in competition entries!


Alternative Formats If you would like this document in a different form, for example audio CD, large print or Braille, please contact the Tenant Participation team on 0800 1830454.

If you would like to get involved then contact Tamworth Borough Council’s Tenant Participation team:

If you would find it easier to talk to us in your own language please ask an english-speaking friend or relative to contact 0800 183 0454. We can arrange for an interpreter to contact you to discuss any translation you need.

Leanne Allwood Tenant Regulatory and Involvement Manager

01827 709448 Diane Hughes Tenant Participation Assistant

01827 709260 Helen Rich Customer Service Assistant

01827 709260 Ann Summers Landlord Improvement and Project Officer

01827 709374 email us: tenantparticipation@tamworth. Other useful numbers: Tamworth Borough Council Customer Services (01827) 709709 Benefits (01827) 709540 Council Tax (01827) 709530 Housing Advice 01827) 709459 Housing Office Enquiries (01827) 709491 Tenant Participation (01827 709374) Rent Enquiries (Income team) (01827) 709514 Estate Management Team (01827) 709491 Allocations and Voids (01827) 709520 Designed and Produced by Tamworth Borough Council

Tamworth Borough Council 12

Marmion House, Lichfield Street, Tamworth, Staffordshire B79 7BZ. Enquiries: (01827) 709709 . Main Fax: (01827) 709271

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