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Heather Quiram, Belinda Hale and Dr. Karen Cornell at the VBEC Grand Opening celebration. “Texas A&M has a lot going on with their veterinary curriculum. They’ve established new graduate outcomes; they’ve done an assessment of the curriculum. Now, we are in the phase of making the changes a reality,” Cornell said. “To be a part of the team that will help move that process forward is really exciting. TAMU has a huge opportunity to lead the way in veterinary education and be at the cutting edge.” As associate dean for professional programs, Cornell is deeply involved in changes to the curriculum. Her job involves interfacing with administration, faculty, and students to make sure that everyone is on the same page with the program. To that end, Cornell sees teamwork and relationship building as the keys to success. She wants everyone—from students, to faculty, to deans—to know that their opinions matter in shaping the new direction of the CVM. “To begin with, I’m focused on developing relationships with those in the dean’s office, understanding the team I’m joining. I see the CVM community as one big team, including the students and faculty,” Cornell explained. “I want to make sure that we understand what their viewpoint is in creating the curriculum. We have to, as a faculty, be able to look at the end goal and say, ‘What should our new graduates be capable of doing?’ We have to figure out, as a team, how to make this happen.” With her dedication to communication and relationship building, Cornell seems to be a perfect fit for her new job, and she’s happy to call the CVM her new home. “I’m just excited to be here and join the team,” she said. “Feel free to come by—I look forward to meeting everyone!”

Dr. Karen Cornell and Dean Eleanor M. Green. Winter 2017 •

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CVM Today - Winter 2017  
CVM Today - Winter 2017  

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