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WORLD WAR Including books in the Williams-Ford Texas A&M University Military History Series

TEXAS AGGIES GO TO WAR Henry C. Dethloff and John A. Adams Jr. $29.95 paper 978-1-60344-077-6



FROM TEXAS TO TINIAN AND TOKYO BAY Jonathan Templin Ritter $24.95 cloth 978-1-57441-771-5

HEAVY DATE OVER GERMANY Jewellee Jordon Kuenstler $29.95 paper 978-1-933337-80-7

EDITH’S WAR Peter A. Witt $34.95 cloth 978-1-62349-625-8

PORTRAITS OF A SOLDIER Jon Lippens as told to J. W. Wilson $24.95 paper 978-0-87565-686-1

BUTTONED UP Westin E. Robeson $45.00 cloth 978-1-62349-566-4

TEXAS AGGIE MEDALS OF HONOR James R. Woodall $29.95 cloth 978-1-60344-204-6 $19.95 paper 978-1-62349-045-4

A CAUSE GREATER THAN SELF Stephen J. Ochs $42.50 cloth 978-1-60344-783-6 $24.95 paper 978-1-62349-153-6

SMALL TOWN AMERICA IN WORLD WAR II Ronald E. Marcello $24.95 cloth 978-1-57441-551-3

DANGER 79ER James H. Willbanks $32.00 cloth 978-1-62349-629-6

DORIS MILLER, PEARL HARBOR, AND THE BIRTH OF THE CIVIL RIGHTS MOVEMENT Thomas W. Cutrer and T. Michael Parrish $24.95 cloth 978-1-62349-602-9

LONG JOURNEYS HOME Michael D. Gambone $45.00 cloth 978-1-62349-580-0

WE WERE GOING TO WIN, OR DIE THERE Roy H. Elrod, Fred H. Allison, ed. $29.95 cloth 978-1-57441-689-3

ebook editions also available

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