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“Trio” 2012 by William Matthews From the book Horses in the American West: Portrayals by Twenty-Four Artists (See page 3)



Photograph by David K. Langford From the book Seasons at Selah: The Legacy of Bamberger Ranch Preserve (See page 16)

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Horses. Cowboy culture. Art.

Horses in the American West Portrayals by Twenty-Four Artists

Heidi Brady and Scott White Foreword by Glenn Blodgett Images of working cowhands and their horses loom large in the mind’s eye of many who love the American West. Those same images form the heart and soul of this lavishly illustrated book, which captures the viewpoints, values, and observations of twenty-four respected contemporary artists. The artists’ own words illuminate the painting, sculpture, photography, and drawings of these award-winning, supremely creative individuals, allowing readers a glimpse into their creative processes. As Heidi Brady and Scott White demonstrate, these Western artists came to their work in a wide variety of ways. Some are studio-trained and learned to portray horses through formal classes; others simply began creating art on their own, learning through visual and tactile study of the horses they worked with each day. The two dozen artists profiled here include ranch owners, working hands, professional photographers, rodeo cowboys, art instructors, graphic designers, a saddle maker, and a former predator hunter. Readers will delight in these remarkable paintings, drawings, photographs, and sculptures depicting the freedom and spirit of the American West. American Wests, sponsored by West Texas A&M University

HEIDI BRADY, professor in the department of animal and food sciences at Texas Tech University in Lubbock and codirector of the Texas Tech Therapeutic Riding and Therapy Center, teaches courses in equine management, therapeutic riding, and horses in world art. She is a Diplomate of the American College of Animal Physiology and coauthor of The Comprehensive Guide to Equine Assisted Activities and Therapies. SCOTT WHITE is director of collections, exhibits, and research at the National Ranching Heritage Center at Texas Tech University in Lubbock. He is also the art curator for the center, the author of several books and articles, the curator and organizer of the annual Stampede Western Art and Gear Show and Sale, and the editor of Ranch Record, a quarterly magazine published by the Ranching Heritage Association.

978-1-62349-590-9 cloth $40.00 978-1-62349-591-6 ebook 10x9. 232 pp. 153 color, 16 b&w photos. Bib. Index. Art. Photography. Sculpture. April

Announcing a New Series:

AMERICAN WESTS Sponsored by West Texas A&M University This new series, in partnership with West Texas A&M University and under the general editorship of Bonney MacDonald, will showcase books on a range of subjects as wide as the western sky, from art and photography to history, literature, geography, and more.


“Sheep may safely graze where a shepherd guards them well.”

The Woolly West

Colorado’s Hidden History of Sheepscapes Andrew Gulliford

In The Woolly West, historian Andrew Gulliford describes the sheep industry’s place in the history of Colorado and the American West. Tales of cowboys and cattlemen dominate western history—and even more so in popular culture. But in the competition for grazing lands, the sheep industry was as integral to the history of the American West as any trail drive. With vivid, elegant, and reflective prose, Gulliford explores the origins of sheep grazing in the region, the often-violent conflicts between the sheep and cattle industries, the creation of national forests, and ultimately the segmenting of grazing allotments with the passage of the Taylor Grazing Act of 1934. Deeper into the twentieth century, Gulliford grapples with the challenges of ecological change and the politics of immigrant labor. And in the present day, as the public lands of the West are increasingly used for recreation, conflicts between hikers and dogs guarding flocks are again putting the sheep industry on the defensive. Between each chapter, Gulliford weaves an account of his personal interaction with what he calls the “sheepscape”—that is, the sheepherders’ landscape itself. Here he visits with Peruvian immigrant herders and Mormon families who have grazed sheep for generations, explores delicately balanced stone cairns assembled by shepherds now long gone, and ponders the meaning of arborglyphs carved into unending aspen forests. The Woolly West is the first book in decades devoted to the sheep industry and breaks new ground in the history of the Colorado Basque, Greek, and Hispano shepherding families whose ranching legacies continue to the present day. Number Forty-Four: Elma Dill Russell Spencer Series in the West and Southwest

ANDREW GULLIFORD is professor of history and environmental studies at Fort Lewis College in Durango, Colorado, and the author of Outdoors in the Southwest: An Adventure Anthology and Sacred Objects and Sacred Places: Preserving Tribal Traditions. He is a frequent contributor to “Writers on the Range” of High Country News and Utah Adventure Journal, and he resides in Durango.

978-1-62349-652-4 cloth $40.00 978-1-62349-653-1 ebook 6x9. 384 pp. 73 color, 14 b&w photos. 5 maps. Glossary. Bib. Index. Western History. Environmental History. Agricultural History. Forests. July

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The Range Sheep and Goat Industry Paul H. Carlson 978-1-62349-418-6 paper $22.95s 978-1-62349-507-7 ebook

U.S. Forest Service Grazing and Rangelands

A History William D. Rowley 978-0-89096-218-3 cloth $34.95s 978-1-58544-083-2 paper $19.95s


“Who are these people?”

The Cedar Choppers Life on the Edge of Nothing Ken Roberts

At the low-water bridge below Tom Miller Dam, west of downtown Austin, during the summer of his tenth or eleventh year, Ken Roberts had his first encounter with cedar choppers. On his way to the bridge for a leisurely afternoon of fishing, he suddenly found himself facing a group of boys who clearly came from a different place and culture than the middle-class, suburban community he was accustomed to. Rather, “. . . they looked hard—tanned, skinny, dirty. These were not kids you would see in Austin.” When Roberts’s fishing companion curtly refused the strangers’ offer to sell them a stringer of bluegills, the three boys went away, only to reappear moments later, one of them carrying a club. Roberts and his friend made a hasty retreat. This encounter provoked in the author the question, “Who are these people?” The Cedar Choppers: Life on the Edge of Nothing is his thoughtful, entertaining, and informative answer. Based on oral history interviews with several generations of cedar choppers and those who knew them, this book weaves together the lively, gritty story of these largely Scots-Irish migrants with roots in Appalachia who settled on the west side of the Balcones Fault during the mid-nineteenth century, subsisting mainly on hunting, trapping, moonshining, and, by the early twentieth century, cutting, transporting, and selling cedar fence posts and charcoal. The emergence of Austin as a major metropolitan area, especially after the 1950s, soon brought the cedar choppers and their hillbilly lifestyle into direct confrontation with the gentrified urban population east of the Balcones Fault. This clash of cultures, which provided the setting for Roberts’s encounter as a young boy, propels this first book-length treatment of the cedar choppers, their clans, their culture and mores, and their longing for a way of life that is rapidly disappearing. Number Twenty-Four: Sam Rayburn Series on Rural Life, sponsored by Texas A&M University–Commerce

KEN ROBERTS is retired from Southwestern University in Georgetown, Texas, where he held the Cullen Chair of Economics. His teaching and research focused on the effects of economic change on rural people, first in Mexico and then in China. He and his family have lived on a ranch outside Liberty Hill, Texas, for more than forty years.

978-1-62349-607-4 cloth $27.95 978-1-62349-608-1 ebook 6x9. 272 pp. 73 b&w photos. 2 maps. 3 appendixes. Texana. Texas History. Popular Culture. March


Life and Labor in the Oil Patch Bobby D. Weaver 978-1-62349-064-5 paper $19.95 978-1-60344-250-3 ebook

Plains Farmer

The Diary of William G. DeLoach, 1914–1964 Edited by Janet M. Neugebauer Illustrations by Charles Shaw 978-1-58544-044-3 paper $34.95


From homeless to Congress . . .

The Grand Duke from Boys Ranch

Bill Sarpalius Foreword by Bill Hobby

As a boy in Houston, Bill Sarpalius, his brothers, and their mother lived an itinerant life. Frequently squatting in vacant houses and rarely attending school, Bill and his brothers foraged for food and clothing in trash bins, while their mother, affectionately called “Honey,” battled alcoholism and suicidal tendencies. In an act of desperation, she handed her three sons over to Cal Farley’s Boys Ranch north of Amarillo. At the time, Bill was thirteen years old and could not read. Although life at Boys Ranch had its own set of harrowing challenges, he became involved in Future Farmers of America and discovered a talent for public speaking. When he graduated, he had a hundred dollars and no place to go. He worked hard, earned a scholarship from the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo, and obtained a college degree. After a brief career as a teacher and in agribusiness, he won a seat in the Texas Senate. Driven by the memory of his suffering mother, he launched the Texas Commission on Alcohol and Drug Abuse in an effort to help people struggling with addiction. Sarpalius later served in the United States Congress. As a Lithuanian American, he took a special interest in that nation’s fight for independence from the Soviet Union. For his efforts, Sarpalius received the highest honor possible to a non-Lithuanian citizen and was named a “Grand Duke.” The Grand Duke from Boys Ranch is a unique political memoir— the story of a life full of unlikely paths that is at once heartbreaking and inspirational. Eugenia & Hugh M. Stewart ’26 Series

BILL SARPALIUS represented the Texas 13th Congressional District from 1989 to 1995, and from 1981 to 1989, he served in the Texas State Senate. He currently is a motivational speaker and serves as CEO of Advantage Associates International. He divides his time between Maryland and Houston, Texas.

978-1-62349-657-9 cloth $34.95 978-1-62349-658-6 ebook 6x9. 320 pp. 50 b&w photos. Index. Memoir. Political Science. Texana. May

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Lessons from a Life in Politics Bill Hobby and Saralee Tiede 978-0-9766697-4-6 cloth $29.95

All the Way from Yoakum

The Personal Journey of a Political Insider Marjorie Meyer Arsht 978-1-58544-476-2 cloth $29.95 978-1-60344-545-0 ebook


“Protecting the fundamental fabric of our democracy . . .”

My Life in Progressive Politics Against the Grain

Joseph D. Tydings with John W. Frece Foreword by Joe Biden Gun control, voting rights, family planning, and environmental protection—these are all hot-button issues today, but they were also the same difficult and intractable issues that Senator Joseph D. Tydings of Maryland faced during his tenure in the Senate in the 1960s. In this timely memoir, Tydings looks back on a life of public service, from the Maryland General Assembly to chief federal prosecutor in Maryland and ultimately to the United States Senate. As an early “Kennedy Man,” Tydings’s political stock soared, but it just as quickly crashed because of his willingness to go “against the grain” on perhaps one progressive issue too many. As the adopted son of a US senator, grandson of an adviser to three US presidents, and step-grandson of perhaps the wealthiest woman of her age, Tydings nevertheless made his own way, rising from horse platoon corporal in war-ravaged Germany to legislative reformer. He prosecuted fellow Democrats for fraud, stood up to presidents over Supreme Court nominees and the war in Vietnam, and faced down segregationists over voting rights. His family planning initiatives are still in effect. He battled the National Rifle Association over gun control—and suffered the consequences. After a decade of political assassinations, from the Kennedy brothers to Martin Luther King Jr., and a turn to the right with the election of Richard Nixon, America’s political climate soured for progressive politics, and Tydings narrowly lost reelection. My Life in Progressive Politics provides an important, insider account of a landmark era in American politics. JOSEPH D. TYDINGS served as United States senator from Maryland from 1965 to 1971. He earlier served in the Maryland House of Delegates from 1955 to 1961 and as United States Attorney from 1961 to 1963. He resides in Harford County, Maryland. JOHN W. FRECE is a former journalist and author of Sprawl and Politics: The Inside Story of Smart Growth in Maryland and coauthor of My Unexpected Journey: The Autobiography of Governor Harry Roe Hughes. He resides in Annapolis, Maryland.

978-1-62349-627-2 cloth $30.00 978-1-62349-628-9 ebook 6x9. 320 pp. 54 b&w photos. Bib. Index. Memoir. Political Science. American History. April


In the White House with George H. W. Bush Chase Untermeyer 978-1-62349-436-0 cloth $35.00 978-1-62349-437-7 ebook

Called to Serve

The Bush School of Government and Public Service Charles F. Hermann and Sally Dee Wade 978-1-62349-564-0 cloth $30.00s 978-1-62349-565-7 ebook


A life of substance, meaning, and impact . . .

Edith’s War

Writings of a Red Cross Worker and Lifelong Champion of Social Justice

Peter A. Witt Foreword by Kara Dixon Vuic

Edith May Witt served her country by joining the Red Cross in World War II as a staff assistant (or “club woman”) in Oran, Algeria, and worked throughout the Mediterranean theater, including several assignments in Italy. Edith Witt was also a talented writer and left behind a rich archive that illuminates the wartime experiences of civilian women. In her words: “The Clubs had Red Cross girls soldiers could talk to. We worked long hard hours with sometimes a day off a week. I was always tired, high on excitement, adventure, joy and sorrow, and thousands of people, mostly men. I got to know more about my country and about Americans than I had ever known before and I loved them dearly.” After her death, Peter A. Witt, Edith’s nephew, painstakingly sifted through countless papers and letters to provide a nuanced and annotated portrait of the war through one woman’s extraordinarily perceptive eyes. And yet he found that Edith’s devotion to service did not end with the war. From marching to Selma with Martin Luther King Jr. in 1965 to building community organizations in San Francisco in the 1970s to push for decent and affordable living, Edith Witt remained a tireless advocate for social justice. Edith’s War is a welcome contribution to the social history of World War II and an inspiring tale of one woman’s life of advocacy and service that encourages readers to embrace thoughtful action in their own lives. Scholars and general readers alike will find Edith’s War an engaging and enjoyable read. Number 159: Williams-Ford Texas A&M University Military History Series

PETER A. WITT is professor emeritus in the department of recreation, park, and tourism sciences at Texas A&M University. He is the author or editor of six books, including Recreation and Youth Development. He resides in Bryan, Texas.

978-1-62349-625-8 cloth $34.95 978-1-62349-626-5 ebook 6x9. 256 pp. 24 b&w photos. Map. Bib. Index. Women’s Studies. World War II. Biography. Military History. May

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A Woman in the French Resistance Claire Chevrillon 978-0-89096-629-7 paper $18.95

Hospital at War

The 95th Evacuation Hospital in World War II Zachary Friedenberg 978-1-58544-379-6 cloth $32.50 978-1-60344-636-5 ebook


“He was revered by his troops and feared by the enemy . . .”

Danger 79er

The Life and Times of Lieutenant General James F. Hollingsworth

James H. Willbanks Foreword by Sam Nunn

In Danger 79er, historian James H. Willbanks tells the remarkable story of Lt. Gen. James F. Hollingsworth, a three-time recipient of the Distinguished Service Cross along with four Silver Stars, six Purple Hearts, and a host of additional medals and commendations. His career spanned wars both cold and hot, and throughout, “Holly” was a hard-charging, hands-on soldier who could be irreverent and brash but always “led from the front.” Hollingsworth entered the US Army as a second lieutenant upon graduation from the Agricultural and Mechanical College of Texas (now Texas A&M University). In World War II, while leading tanks in Gen. George S. Patton’s Third Army, Hollingsworth encountered dug-in German defenders. He lined up his thirtyfour tanks and issued a command rarely heard in modern warfare: Charge! Patton later recognized Hollingsworth as one of the two best armored battalion commanders in the war. Twenty years later, Hollingsworth served in Vietnam, where he became identified by the radio call-sign of “Danger 79er,” a designation that remained for the duration of his career. He later served in South Korea commanding I Corps (ROK/US) Group, the largest combined field army in the world. Even after retirement from active duty, Hollingsworth continued to serve as a military adviser during the Cold War. Danger 79er provides a compelling and inspiring read as it recounts the exciting story of one of the most decorated soldiers in the history of the US Army. A Davis Ford Book Number 160: Williams-Ford Texas A&M University Military History Series

JAMES H. WILLBANKS is former General of the Army George C. Marshall Chair of Military History and director of the department of military history at the US Army Command and General Staff College, Fort Leavenworth, Kansas. He is the author or editor of fourteen books, including A Raid Too Far: Operation Lam Son 719 and Vietnamization in Laos. He resides in Georgetown, Texas.

978-1-62349-629-6 cloth $32.00 978-1-62349-631-9 ebook 6x9. 256 pp. 24 b&w photos. 8 maps. 2 appendixes. Bib. Index. Biography. Vietnam War. World War II. Cold War. April


Operation Lam Son 719 and Vietnamization in Laos James H. Willbanks 978-1-62349-017-1 cloth $35.00 978-1-62349-117-8 ebook Combat Talons in Vietnam

Recovering a Covert Special Ops Crew John Gargus 978-1-62349-512-1 cloth $35.00 978-1-62349-513-8 ebook


“Softly call the Muster, let comrade answer ‘Here!’”


The Muster Speeches at Texas A&M University

Edited by Jerry Cullum Cooper ’63 Foreword by Col. Michael Edward Fossum ’80 What began in the 1880s, when former students gathered to live over again their college days, became in the 1940s the sacred tradition of current and former students congregating to read aloud a roll call honoring deceased Aggies. This tradition is Muster—an enshrined and enduring legacy of Texas A&M University and a solemn symbol of togetherness, as evidenced by the more than 300 Musters held in locations worldwide every April 21. Muster is how the Aggie Spirit, comprising every Aggie who has ever lived, is remembered and celebrated. In “Here”: The Muster Speeches at Texas A&M University, Jerry Cullum Cooper presents the 72 keynote addresses delivered on the university’s campus in College Station to date. The restoration of these speeches proved challenging, as many were hidden in archives and newspaper fragments and others on phonograph recordings. Within these speeches are the commanding voices of military heroes such as Dwight D. Eisenhower and James Earl Rudder and the stirring words of political leaders, including former Texas governor Allan Shivers, and Aggie trailblazers like Frederick D. McClure, the university’s first African American student body president. Together, these voices represent the Aggie Spirit, giving us historical snapshots and perspectives of the university, the state, and the country spanning two centuries. Most importantly, they continue a hallowed tradition that honors those who have gone before and inspires those who remain. Whether a reference for future speechwriters or a unique look into university history, “Here”: The Muster Speeches at Texas A&M University is a celebrated and necessary addition to every Aggie collection. Number 128: Centennial Series of the Association of Former Students, Texas A&M University

JERRY CULLUM COOPER ’63 was editor of The Texas Aggie alumni magazine from 1971 to 2002, is the coauthor of Footsteps: A Guided Tour of the Texas A&M University Campus, and is the editor of To Bataan and Back: The World War II Diary of Major Thomas Dooley. He resides in College Station, Texas.

978-1-62349-600-5 cloth $40.00s 978-1-62349-601-2 ebook 6x9. 536 pp. 84 b&w photos. Map. 2 appendixes. Index. Aggie Books. Texana. Education History. Landmark Speeches. March

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The Evolution of a Texas Aggie Tradition John A. Adams Jr. Foreword by Richard “Buck” Weirus 978-0-89096-586-3 paper $12.95

We Are the Aggies

The Texas A&M University Association of Former Students John A. Adams Jr. 978-1-58544-088-7 paper $24.95


“The muffled drum’s sad roll has beat the soldier’s last tattoo . . .”

The Veterans Cemeteries of Texas Michael Lee Lanning

Texas, home to more than 1.7 million living veterans (the second largest number of any state), is also home to six nationally run and four state-run veterans cemeteries. Each year, more than 12,000 veterans are laid to rest in these hallowed grounds. The Veterans Cemeteries of Texas recounts the stories of these ten official final resting places for Texas veterans, creating—for the first time—a complete guide to these solemn bivouacs of the dead. Author Michael Lee Lanning, a US Army veteran, has not only reconstructed the history of these cemeteries as a tribute to the fallen but has also compiled a useful resource for the living. Lanning details the exact locations, eligibility requirements, and contact information throughout the state for those veterans and their families who might choose to make use of these important public services. Richly illustrated, the book also provides moving descriptions of military burial traditions, such as “Taps” and the 21-gun salute, as well as information about the various types of military headstones (including sixty authorized religious symbols). In the author’s words, “A walk through these burial grounds is a journey across the history of Texas and of the United States.” Lanning’s use of more than 100 captivating photographs, along with his compelling text, allows readers to take that walk through veterans cemeteries in Texas. For lovers of Texas history and military history, The Veterans Cemeteries of Texas is a gripping tribute to past, present, and future Texas veterans and the solemn places where they rest in their last formation and final parade. Number 161: Williams-Ford Texas A&M University Military History Series

MICHAEL LEE LANNING is a retired lieutenant colonel in the US Army and author of more than twenty books on military history, including Vietnam, 1969–1970: A Company Commander’s Journal and Texas Aggies in Vietnam: War Stories. He resides in Lampasas, Texas.

978-1-62349-648-7 hardcover $29.95 978-1-62349-649-4 ebook 51/2x81/2. 192 pp. 114 color photos. 10 maps. 2 tables. 7 appendixes. Bib. Index. Texas Military History. Military History. Heritage Travel. April

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War Stories Michael Lee Lanning 978-1-62349-470-4 cloth $30.00 978-1-62349-471-1 ebook

Echoes of Glory

Historic Military Sites across Texas Thomas E. Alexander and Dan K. Utley 978-1-62349-337-0 flexbound $29.95 978-1-62349-338-7 ebook


A thorough look at the rich natural history of Texas . . .

The Natural History of Texas Brian R. Chapman and Eric G. Bolen Foreword by Andrew Sansom


THE NATURAL HISTORY OF TEXAS Foreword by Andrew Sansom

From two veteran ecologists comes a new and sweeping exploration of the natural history of Texas in all its biological diversity and geological variation. Few states, if any, can match Texas for its myriad species, past and present, and its many distinctive landscapes, from prairie grasslands and hardwood forests to coastal lagoons and desert mountains. Beginning with the stories of how biologists and naturalists have over time defined the ecological areas of this very big state, the authors visit each of the eleven regions, including the Texas coast. They describe the dominant flora and fauna of each, explain the defining geologic features, and highlight each region’s unique characteristics, such as carnivorous plants in the Piney Woods and returning black bears in the Trans-Pecos. Throughout, the authors remain especially conscious of the conservation and management issues affecting the natural resources of each region, revealing their deep affection for and knowledge about the state. Bolstered by a glossary, further reading suggestions, a description of state symbols, and an appendix of scientific names, this is an educational and essential volume for all Texans. ECOREGIONS Piney Woods Post Oak Savanna Blackland Prairies Cross Timbers and Prairies Rolling Plains Edwards Plateau High Plains Trans-Pecos South Texas Brushland Coastal Prairies Texas Gulf Coast Integrative Natural History Series, sponsored by Texas Research Institute for Environmental Studies, Sam Houston State University

978-1-62349-572-5 hardcover $50.00 978-1-62349-573-2 ebook 81/2x11. 520 pp. 250 color, 6 b&w photos. 15 maps. 2 appendixes. Glossary. Bib. Index. Natural History. Conservation. Heritage Travel. March

RELATED INTEREST The Texas Landscape Project

Nature and People David Todd and Jonathan Ogren 978-1-62349-372-1 flexbound $45.00 978-1-62349-373-8 ebook Texas Master Naturalist Statewide Curriculum

Edited by Michelle M. Haggerty and Mary Pearl Meuth 978-1-62349-340-0 hardcover $70.00s 978-1-62349-344-8 ebook


Announcing a New Series:

INTEGRATIVE NATURAL HISTORY Sponsored by Texas Research Institute for Environmental Studies Sam Houston State University Texas A&M University Press is pleased to announce a new book series sponsored by the Texas Research Institute for Environmental Studies at Sam Houston State University. This new series will showcase works that integrate diverse disciplines, inspiring discussions of how natural history is rooted not only in other areas of biology but in human culture, history, philosophy, arts, sociology, and even politics. This series emphasizes the integral nature of natural history and its importance to understanding the world around us. William I. Lutterschmidt and Brian R. Chapman serve as coeditors of the series and welcome works written for professional, scientific, and general audiences.

BRIAN R. CHAPMAN is senior research scientist at the Texas Research Institute for Environmental Sciences at Sam Houston State University. He is the coauthor of Ecology of North America. ERIC G. BOLEN is a respected wildlife biologist and has edited or coauthored books on wildlife biology and ecology, including Ecology of North America and Wildlife Ecology and Management.


Can the dama gazelle be saved?

The Dama Gazelles

Last Members of a Critically Endangered Species Edited by Elizabeth Cary Mungall Introduction by David Mallon Foreword by Bonnie C. Yates

Dama gazelles, the largest of the gazelles, were once a common sight in Northern Africa, with a habitat ranging from the Atlantic Ocean east almost to the Nile River. Today, these animals are critically endangered as their populations have dropped precipitously due to the effects of expanding agrarian practices, overhunting, violent human conflict, and climate change on their native habitats. Though they are perilously close to extinction in the wild, Edited by Texas ranches maintain over a thousand dama gazelles— more than the number currently in zoos and in the wild 978-1-62349-611-1 hardcover $50.00s combined. The habitat on some of these ranches resembles their 978-1-62349-612-8 ebook natural range along the Sahara Desert of Northern Africa, making 81/2x11. 272 pp. 289 color, 6 b&w photos. 8 line art. 28 maps. Glossary. Bib. Index. them suitable living spaces for damas. In The Dama Gazelles, Elizabeth Cary Mungall brings together experts from around the world and offers a comprehensive reference book on these animals, including information on natural history and taxonomy; physical and behavioral traits; dama gazelles held in zoos and collections, parks and preserves, and on Texas ranches; and efforts to reintroduce populations into the wild. There is also a rare, firsthand account from Frans M. van den Brink, an animal dealer from the Netherlands, who in the 1960s successfully captured 35 dama gazelles in Northern Africa and transported them to zoos in the United States and Europe, losing only two animals in the harrowing process. Those 33 dama gazelles were the “founders” of all the dama gazelles in captivity today. Detailed appendixes and a glossary round out the volume with additional information to help researchers, zookeepers, and landowners better understand and conserve dama gazelles. Number Fifty-Eight: W. L. Moody Jr. Natural History Series

ELIZABETH CARY MUNGALL is a science officer at the Second Ark Foundation and adjunct professor in the department of biology at Texas Woman’s University. She is the author of Exotic Animal Field Guide and the coauthor of Exotics on the Range. She lives on a ranch near Kerrville, Texas.

Wildlife. Conservation. Mammals. April

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Nonnative Hoofed Mammals in the United States Elizabeth Cary Mungall 978-1-58544-555-4 flexbound $23.00 978-1-60344-493-4 ebook Applied Wildlife Habitat Management

Roel R. Lopez, Michael L. Morrison and Israel D. Parker 978-1-62349-502-2 hardcover $45.00s 978-1-62349-503-9 ebook


Now available again

Deer of the Southwest

A Complete Guide to the Natural History, Biology, and Management of Southwestern Mule Deer and White-Tailed Deer Jim Heffelfinger

Author Jim Heffelfinger presents a wide array of data in a readerfriendly, well-organized way. With a clear mission to make his information not only helpful, but entertaining and attractive as well, each chapter focuses on a specific aspect of understanding deer. The clear, detailed table of contents will help readers flip right to the section they want to investigate. Not just hunters, but anyone who is interested in the deer of West Texas, Arizona, New Mexico, southern California, Nevada, Utah, Colorado, northern Mexico, or tribal lands will find this book to be an indispensable resource for understanding these familiar and fascinating animals. “Very few books on the subject of deer in any particular region lend themselves to being complete. Jim Heffelfinger’s book breaks the mold. It is by far the most comprehensive book on mule deer and white-tailed deer in the southwestern part of the United States, including Plains portions of Texas, Colorado, and New Mexico, I’ve ever read. Everything you ever wanted to know about these two deer species can be found in its pages . . . All of this under one cover and written in a style easy enough for the layperson to understand, but scientific enough for the professional biologist . . . Deer of the Southwest is a pleasure to read and should be part of every deer enthusiast’s library.”—Great Plains Research “An important reference for anyone interested in deer in the Southwest—managers and enthusiasts alike. Both enlightening and instructive, Deer of the Southwest is the ultimate source for understanding the history, management, and issues facing this resource. Jim Heffelfinger has solidified his reputation as the premier authority on deer in this region.”—Barry Hale, deer program manager, New Mexico Department of Game and Fish JIM HEFFELFINGER is regional game specialist with the Arizona Game and Fish Department and adjunct professor at University of Arizona, Tucson. He lives in Tucson.

978-1-58544-515-8 flexbound $30.00 978-1-60344-533-7 ebook 6x9. 204 pp. 12 color, 28 b&w photos. 5 line art. 3 maps. 19 tables. 3 graphs. Appendix. Bib. Index. Wildlife. March

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Ecology and Management on Rangelands Timothy Edward Fulbright and José Alfonso Ortega-Santos 978-1-60344-951-9 flexbound $29.95 978-1-60344-972-4 ebook The Deer Pasture

Rick Bass Illustrations by Elizabeth Hughes 978-0-89096-228-2 cloth $19.95


“Selah”: to stop, pause, and reflect . . .

Seasons at Selah The Legacy of Bamberger Ranch Preserve

Andrew Sansom Photographs by Rusty Yates and David K. Langford Foreword by Carter P. Smith In 1969, J. David Bamberger bought what he described as “the sorriest piece of land” in the Texas Hill Country for the specific purpose of restoring the degraded landscape. Today, Selah, Bamberger Ranch Preserve is one of the largest habitat restoration projects in the state—5,500 acres—and serves as a model for land conservation and environmental education. The ranch has earned numerous awards, including the coveted Leopold Conservation Award, the Texas Environmental Excellence Award in Education, the National Private Lands Fish and Wildlife Stewardship Award, and most recently, the Botanical Research Institute of Texas International Award of Excellence in Conservation, just to name a few.

978-1-62349-634-0 cloth $40.00 978-1-62349-635-7 ebook 11x101/2. 256 pp. 278 color photos. Index. Photography. Nature Photography. Conservation. Nature Writing. April

Seasons at Selah: The Legacy of Bamberger Ranch Preserve chronicles Bamberger’s dedication to ethical land stewardship and conservation education through stunning photographs of the land, plants, and wildlife he has devoted his time and resources to protect. Photographers Rusty Yates and David K. Langford capture each season at Selah and offer an intimate glimpse into the day-to-day management and operations of the ranch as well as some of the challenges it faces. In the accompanying text, Andrew Sansom shares his own stories from his decades-long friendship with Bamberger. Readers will gain a deeper appreciation for what conservation means for Texas: clean and abundant water, wildlife, healthy land, and an inspiring place to learn about and enjoy nature. Above all, Selah has given Texans a special opportunity to stop, pause, and reflect on the importance of good stewardship of the earth. Myrna and David K. Langford Books on Working Lands J. David Bamberger


RELATED INTEREST Fog at Hillingdon

David K. Langford Contributions by Rick Bass and Myrna Langford Foreword by Andrew Sansom 978-1-62349-332-5 cloth $35.00 978-1-62349-345-5 ebook Water from Stone

ANDREW SANSOM is executive director of The Meadows Center for Water and the Environment at Texas State University. The author of numerous books, including Of Texas Rivers and Texas Art, he previously served as the executive director of The Nature Conservancy of Texas and the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department. He resides in Austin, Texas. RUSTY YATES is a former featured photographer in Texas Highways and Texas Parks and Wildlife Magazine. His work is held in private collections throughout the United States and has appeared in numerous publications, exhibits, and galleries. He lives in Johnson City, Texas. DAVID K. LANGFORD owns and operates Western Photography Company. He is the author of Fog at Hillingdon and coauthor of Hillingdon Ranch: Four Seasons, Six Generations. He lives on his family ranch near Comfort, Texas.

The Story of Selah, Bamberger Ranch Preserve Jeffrey Greene Illustrations by Margaret Bamberger 978-1-58544-593-6 cloth $27.95 978-1-60344-063-9 paper $16.95 978-1-60344-930-4 ebook


Empty buildings, forgotten pasts . . .

Lost, Texas

Photographs of Forgotten Buildings

Bronson Dorsey Foreword by Galen D. Newman

LOST, TEXAS PhotograPhs of forgotten BuilDings

In Lost, Texas: Photographs of Forgotten Buildings, Bronson Dorsey takes us on a tour of old, abandoned buildings in Texas that evoke the mystique of bygone days and shifting population patterns. With a skilled photographer’s eye, he captures the character of these buildings, mostly tucked away in the far corners of rural Texas—though, surprisingly, some of his finds are in the midst of thriving communities, even, in one case, the Dallas metroplex. Most of the buildings are abandoned and in a state of decay, though a handful have been repurposed as museums, residences, or other functional structures. Encompassing all regions of the state, from the Piney Woods to the Panhandle, the images in Lost, Texas evoke distinctive memories of the past. They grant a sense of how those who preceded us lived and how the Texas of earlier days became the Texas of today. Some of the historic sites include a Coca-Cola bottling plant in Beeville, a lumberyard built over two generations, a beautiful, mission-style schoolhouse raised in a small farming community, the skeleton of a boomtown gas station near the Yates oilfield, and what remains of the only silver mining operation in Texas. With Dorsey as a guide, readers may explore these hidden and neglected gems and learn the basic facts of their origins and intended uses, as well as the principal reasons for their demise. Along the way and in the background, he quietly makes the case for preserving these buildings that, while no longer central to the ongoing function of their communities, still serve as important emblems of the past. Number Seventeen: Clayton Wheat Williams Texas Life Series

BRONSON DORSEY is a retired architect and professional architectural photographer who lives in Austin. Since 2009, in addition to working with photography clients, he has traveled the state searching for and photographing abandoned buildings. Dorsey also has a companion site to this book at www.lost-texas.com.

Bronson Dorsey

978-1-62349-616-6 cloth $40.00 978-1-62349-617-3 ebook 9x10. 256 pp. 179 color photos. Map. Bib. Index. Photography. Architecture. Photography, Texas. April


A Century of Forgotten Military Sites in Texas, Then and Now Thomas E. Alexander and Dan K. Utley 978-1-60344-699-0 flexbound $29.95 978-1-60344-753-9 ebook A Guide to the Historic Buildings of Fredericksburg and Gillespie County

Kenneth Hafertepe 978-1-62349-272-4 flexbound $24.95 978-1-62349-273-1 ebook


The enigmatic geographies of uncommon artistic minds . . .

Outsider Art in Texas Lone Stars

Jay Wehnert


Texas looms large: big skies, vast plains, large cities. The Lone Star State often inspires a heightened sense of place in its citizens that rivals or surpasses that of New Yorkers. This is frequently reflected in the art of Texas—paintings of bluebonnet fields, longhorn cattle, and scenes from the Texas frontier have long enjoyed popularity with collectors. Outsider artists, on the other hand, live and create on the fringes of culture and society. Generally JAY WEHNERT removed from the influence of place, they prefer instead to chart their own, intensely personal, interior landscapes. They usually have little awareness of or connection to the mainstream art 978-1-62349-620-3 cloth $40.00 world or its history, and they typically possess limited intention 978-1-62349-623-4 ebook 9x10. 140 pp. 52 color, 16 b&w art. Bib. Index. that their work will have an audience or find a place in the broader Art. Biography. Texana. landscape of art. April Woven through the lives and work of outsider artists is a common thread of isolation. This isolation may be psychological, cultural, socioeconomic, geographical, racial, or institutionally imposed. Circumstances of life, chosen or not, have placed these artists apart. However, these artists, like their formally trained peers, find that they are compelled to make art; it is essential to their lives as a manifestation of their personal histories, societal and cultural forces, and an unfailing drive to express themselves. In Outsider Art in Texas: Lone Stars, author Jay Wehnert takes readers on a visually stunning excursion through the lives and work of eleven outsider artists from Texas, a state particularly rich in outsider artists of national and international renown. Number Twenty: Joe and Betty Moore Texas Art Series

JAY WEHNERT is the director of Intuitive Eye, a Houston arts organization he founded in 2011. An independent curator, writer, collector, educator, and collaborator in a wide range of venues, he has curated shows for galleries and institutions in Texas, written for exhibition catalogues and other publications as well as his own website, presented at conferences, and worked directly with artists to present their art in a variety of settings. He resides in Houston, Texas.

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Interviews with Texas Artists Robert Craig Bunch 978-1-62349-407-0 cloth $50.00 978-1-62349-408-7 ebook 978-1-62349-604-3 flexbound $40.00 Ofrenda

Liliana Wilson’s Art of Dissidence and Dreams Liliana Wilson Edited by Norma E. Cantú 978-1-62349-191-8 cloth $60.00 978-1-62349-222-9 ebook


Get out and enjoy Texas waterways . . .

Bob Spain’s Canoeing Guide and Favorite Texas Paddling Trails

Bob Spain Original artwork by Joy Emshoff Foreword by Andrew Sansom

Premiere paddler and Texas Canoe Racing Hall of Famer Bob Spain presents a thorough and personal guide to all aspects of canoeing. He opens with a brief history of canoes and canoe making in North America followed by an illustrated how-to section on proper paddling technique and posture. Instructional photos and drawings by Spain’s paddling partner and wife, Joy Emshoff, help make your first-time paddling adventure less intimidating and more enjoyable. Readers will learn how to hold a paddle, perform basic strokes, and improve their technique as well as gain important information on the various types of canoes available. A handy checklist in the back of the book outlines important safety gear and essential equipment to pack in your canoe for day trips and overnight expeditions. Both newcomers to the sport and seasoned paddlers will find Spain’s detailed descriptions of his ten favorite inland and coastal Texas paddling trails entertaining and helpful. He provides useful logistical information—such as launch and take-out locations—GPS coordinates, available camping sites, and suggestions for nearby paddling trails. These trails offer paddlers a unique opportunity to explore the state and its varied wildlife while promoting the importance of preserving waterways. Spain concludes with a discussion on pressing conservation issues— water pollution, urban growth, habitat destruction, invasive species, and natural disasters—and the role ordinary people can have in protecting these natural resources for future generations. River Books, sponsored by The Meadows Center for Water and the Environment, Texas State University

BOB SPAIN is a certified canoe instructor and renowned competitive paddler who helped establish the Texas Paddling Trail program. He was inducted into the Texas Canoe Racing Hall of Fame and continues to compete in canoe races in Texas and around the country, including the grueling Texas Water Safari. He retired from the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department and lives in Austin, Texas.

Bob Spain’s

Canoeing Guide


Favorite Texas Paddling Trails

illustrations by joy Emshoff  maps by joshua bailEy

978-1-62349-618-0 waterproof paper with flaps $26.95 978-1-62349-619-7 ebook 53/4x81/2. 224 pp. 103 color photos. 22 line drawings. 12 maps. Bib. Index. Recreation. Rivers. Nature Travel. April

RELATED INTEREST Canoeing and Kayaking Houston Waterways

Natalie H. Wiest 978-1-60344-764-5 flexbound $25.00 978-1-60344-775-1 ebook

Neches River User Guide

Gina Donovan, Stephen D. Lange and Adrian F. van Dellen Foreword by Andrew Sansom 978-1-60344-138-4 paper $17.95 978-1-60344-896-3 ebook


“. . . find the balance in your garden—encourage good things and take bad things in stride.”

When Good Gardens Go Bad

Earth-Friendly Solutions to Common Garden Problems Judy Barrett

Gardens do not take care of themselves. Poor soil, pests, disease, fungus, and inclement weather can ruin plants and a gardener’s zeal. In When Good Gardens Go Bad, veteran author and pioneer organic gardener Judy Barrett offers safe, practical, and inexpensive advice for handling common garden problems and challenges. Plants thrive and fail for many reasons, but if you improve the soil, choose the right plants, plant them at the right time, and encourage them along the way, you will have far fewer failures and be able to take the credit when they flourish. Dispelling the belief that gardens should be perfectly controlled environments, Barrett encourages gardeners to embrace the imperfections. If you are frustrated because nothing seems to grow in your backyard or you can’t keep pests or plant disease away, this book offers organic solutions while banishing stress. Barrett encourages readers to learn more about their soil through observation and talking with neighbors and local experts in order to make smarter choices for their yards. Insects are another common frustration for gardeners. Here, Barrett differentiates the beneficial insects from the problem pests, and she offers homemade and store-bought solutions for keeping harmful pests away. She also provides frustrated gardeners straightforward advice for tackling other common hurdles such as weeds and composting. Barrett’s gardening philosophy is that the best gardeners are those who enjoy the process and can live with some dead plants, failed visions, and annoying bugs. A garden doesn’t have to be perfect, but it should be fun! Number Fifty-Seven: W. L. Moody Jr. Natural History Series

JUDY BARRETT is the author of several books, including Easy Edibles: How to Grow and Enjoy Fresh Food, Recipes From and For the Garden: How to Use and Enjoy Your Bountiful Harvest, What Can I Do with My Herbs? How to Grow, Use, and Enjoy These Versatile Plants, and Yes, You Can Grow Roses. She is a pioneer of organic gardening in Texas and is present online at Judy Barrett’s Homegrown on Facebook. She lives in Taylor, Texas.

978-1-62349-621-0 flexbound $23.95 978-1-62349-622-7 ebook 6x8. 128 pp. 60 color photos. Index. Organic Gardening/Farming. Gardening. April


How to Grow and Enjoy Fresh Food Judy Barrett 978-1-62349-339-4 flexbound $22.95 978-1-62349-343-1 ebook

What Makes Heirloom Plants So Great?

Old-fashioned Treasures to Grow, Eat, and Admire Judy Barrett 978-1-60344-219-0 flexbound $19.95 978-1-60344-315-9 ebook


Generations of indigenous transnational negotiations . . .

Native but Foreign

Indigenous Immigrants and Refugees in the North American Borderlands Brenden W. Rensink

In Native but Foreign, historian Brenden W. Rensink presents an innovative comparison of indigenous peoples who traversed North American borders in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, examining Crees and Chippewas, who crossed the border from Canada into Montana, and Yaquis from Mexico who migrated into Arizona. The resulting history questions how opposing national borders affect and react differently to Native identity and offers new insights into what it has meant to be “indigenous” or an “immigrant.” Rensink’s findings counter a prevailing theme in histories of the American West—namely, that the East was the center that dictated policy to the western periphery. On the contrary, Rensink employs experiences of the Yaquis, Crees, and Chippewas to depict Arizona and Montana as an active and mercurial blend of local political, economic, and social interests pushing back against and even reshaping broader federal policy. Rensink argues that as immediate forces in the borderlands molded the formation of federal policy, these Native groups moved from being categorized as political refugees to being cast as illegal immigrants, subject to deportation or segregation; in both cases, this legal transition was turbulent. Despite continued staunch opposition, Crees, Chippewas, and Yaquis gained legal and permanent settlements in the United States and successfully broke free of imposed transnational identities. Accompanying the thought-provoking text, a vast guide to archival sources across states, provinces, and countries is included to aid future scholarship. Native but Foreign is an essential work for scholars of immigration, indigenous peoples, and borderlands studies. Connecting the Greater West Series

BRENDEN W. RENSINK is assistant director of the Charles Redd Center for Western Studies and assistant professor of history at Brigham Young University. He resides in Orem, Utah.

978-1-62349-655-5 cloth $40.00s 978-1-62349-656-2 ebook 6x9. 304 pp. 10 maps. Figure. 2 tables. Bib. Index. Western History. Native American Studies. Borderlands Studies. Labor History. Southwestern History. June

RELATED INTEREST Transnational Indians in the North American West

Edited by Clarissa Confer, Andrae Marak, and Laura Tuennerman 978-1-62349-326-4 cloth $45.00s 978-1-62349-327-1 ebook

Bison and People on the North American Great Plains

A Deep Environmental History Edited by Geoff Cunfer and Bill Waiser 978-1-62349-474-2 cloth $60.00s 978-1-62349-475-9 ebook


Toward a global history of deportation . . .

Deportation in the Americas Histories of Exclusion and Resistance

Edited by Kenyon Zimmer and Cristina Salinas In Deportation in the Americas: Histories of Exclusion and Resistance, editors Kenyon Zimmer and Cristina Salinas have compiled seven essays, adapted from the Walter Prescott Webb Memorial Lecture Series, that deeply consider deportation policy in the Americas and its global effects. These thoughtful pieces significantly contribute to a growing historiography on deportation within immigration studies—a field that usually focuses on arriving immigrants and their adaptation. All contributors have expanded their analysis to include transnational and global histories, while recognizing that immigration policy is firmly developed within the structure of the nation-state. Thus, the authors do not abandon national peculiarity regarding immigration policy, but as Emily PopeObeda observes, “from its very inception, immigration restriction was developed with one eye looking outward.” Contributors note that deportation policy can signal friendship or cracks within the relationships between nations. Rather than solely focusing on immigration policy in the abstract, the authors remain cognizant of the very real effects domestic immigration policies have on deportees and push readers to think about how the mobility and lives of individuals come to be controlled by the state, as well as the ways in which immigrants and their allies have resisted and challenged deportation. From the development of the concept of an “anchor baby” to continued policing of those who are foreign-born, Deportation in the Americas is an essential resource for understanding this critical and timely topic. Walter Prescott Webb Memorial Lectures, published for the University of Texas at Arlington by Texas A&M University Press

KENYON ZIMMER is associate professor of history at the University of Texas at Arlington and the author of Immigrants against the State: Yiddish and Italian Anarchism in America and coeditor of Wobblies of the World: A Global History of the IWW. He resides in Arlington, Texas. CRISTINA SALINAS is assistant professor of history at the University of Texas at Arlington and author of the forthcoming book Managed Migrations: Growers, Farmworkers, and US-Mexico Border Enforcement during the Twentieth Century. She resides in Arlington, Texas.

978-1-62349-659-3 hardcover $45.00s 978-1-62349-660-9 ebook 6x9. 224 pp. 16 b&w photos. Index. Latin American Studies. Social Sciences. Borderlands Studies. July

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Social Cohesion in Mexican US-Bound Emigration Nadia Yamel Flores-Yeffal 978-1-62349-350-9 paper $22.95s 978-1-60344-963-2 ebook Militarizing the Border

When Mexicans Became the Enemy Miguel Antonio Levario 978-1-60344-758-4 cloth $38.95s 978-1-62349-302-8 paper $22.95s 978-1-60344-779-9 ebook


A border crime threatens to become an international incident . . .

Murder and Intrigue on the Mexican Border

Governor Colquitt, President Wilson, and the Vergara Affair John A. Adams Jr.

In early 1914, Clemente Vergara discovered several of his horses missing and reported the theft to local authorities. The Webb County sheriff arranged for the South Texas rancher to meet with Mexican soldiers near Hidalgo to discuss compensation for his loss. Vergara crossed the Rio Grande, soon succumbed to a vicious physical assault, and was jailed. Shortly after incarceration in Hidalgo, Vergara’s captors moved him to Piedras Negras. Days later his body was found hanging from a tree. The murder of Clemente Vergara contributed to events that put the United States and Mexico on the brink of war and opened the door for expanded American involvement in Mexico. Texas governor Oscar B. Colquitt seized upon the incident to challenge President Woodrow Wilson—a fellow Democrat—to intervene and even threatened retaliation by the Texas Rangers. Meanwhile, the White House played a larger strategic game with competing factions in the midst of the Mexican Revolution. Wilson’s apparent inaction heightened Colquitt’s demands to guarantee the safety of Americans and their property in the Texas borderlands, and the Vergara affair’s extensive media coverage convinced many Americans that intervention in Mexico was necessary. Author John A. Adams Jr. shows how an otherwise commonplace horse theft and murder revealed a tangled web of international relations, powerful business interests, and intrigue on both sides of the border. Readers will be captivated by Murder and Intrigue on the Mexican Border and the continuing legacy that border events leave on Texas history. Number Forty-Three: Elma Dill Russell Spencer Series in the West and Southwest

JOHN A. ADAMS Jr. is the author of numerous books, including Mexican Banking and Investment in Transition and Conflict and Commerce on the Rio Grande: Laredo, 1775–1955. He resides in College Station, Texas.

978-1-62349-584-8 hardcover $40.00s 978-1-62349-585-5 ebook 6x9. 240 pp. 34 b&w photos. 4 maps. 3 appendixes. Bib. Index. Military History, Texas. Texas Political History. Borderlands Studies. Texas History. June

RELATED INTEREST Conflict and Commerce on the Rio Grande

Laredo, 1775–1955 John A. Adams Jr. 978-1-60344-042-4 cloth $29.95 978-1-58544-998-9 ebook

Pesos and Dollars

Entrepreneurs in the Texas-Mexico Borderlands, 1880–1940 Alicia Marion Dewey 978-1-62349-175-8 cloth $49.95s 978-1-62349-209-0 ebook


New in paperback

New in paperback

The Buffalo Soldier Tragedy of 1877

Exploring the Edges of Texas

Paul H. Carlson

“Carlson gives greater depth to the buffalo soldier tragedy than previous chroniclers. . . once Carlson begins his story, casual and advanced readers alike will be engrossed until Nolan’s command returns to Fort Concho.”—American Historical Review “Paul H. Carlson has added scholarly depth and breadth to what was previously considered a minor episode in black military experience in the Indian Wars.”—Western Historical Quarterly “Although this harrowing tale has been related in previously published articles and book chapters, no one has offered more thorough and balanced coverage than has Paul Carlson. . . . Persons interested in the Southern Plains, Native American history, frontier military life, and race relations within American institutions will be pleased with all that this book has to offer.”—Journal of Military History PAUL H. CARLSON is professor emeritus of history at Texas Tech University and retired director of the Texas Tech University Center for the Southwest. He resides in Ransom County, Texas. 978-1-62349-650-0 paper $22.95 978-1-60344-669-3 ebook 6x9. 192 pp. 22 b&w photos. 5 maps. African American Studies. Military History. Texas History. March

Walt Davis and Isabel Davis

“. . . the ultimate road trip, celebrating the remarkable history, natural history, and diversity of the Lone Star State. . . .”—Robert McCracken Peck, The Academy of Natural Sciences, Philadelphia “Walt and Isabel Davis bring decades of experience in natural history and love of Texas to this delightfully written account of the escapades along its edges. It is history and travel writing at its best and suggests many weekend trips that you will want to take. Be sure to take this book along with you.” —Ron Tyler, Amon Carter Museum “Their entertaining, enlightening book reflects their considerable skills as they explored historical, and sometimes still controversial, sites along the Texas borders. . . they have created a wealth of fresh observations about the rich cultural and natural histories of Texas’ border areas. . . will inspire others to explore the state’s lengthy edges, as well as its vast interior.”—Si Dunn, Fort Worth Star Telegram WALT DAVIS is former director of the Panhandle-Plains Historical Museum in Canyon, Texas; former curator of vertebrate collections at the Dallas Museum of Natural History; and author of the book Building an Ark for Texas: The Evolution of a Natural History Museum. ISABEL DAVIS retired as reference librarian at West Texas A&M University. 978-1-62349-687-6 paper $22.95 978-1-60344-306-7 ebook 6x9. 304 pp. 16 b&w drawings. Map. Bib. Index. Texana. Texas History. Travel. March


“The history of the shore is seamless . . .”

The Shore Is a Bridge

The Maritime Cultural Landscape of Lake Ontario

Ben Ford Foreword by Kevin J. Crisman

With humans moving easily from water to land, the archaeology of the shore should likewise be seamless. This principle of the “seamlessness” of human interaction with the maritime environment undergirds author Ben Ford’s sweeping survey. In The Shore Is a Bridge: The Maritime Cultural Landscape of Lake Ontario, Ford explores human interaction with the waters of the lake, spanning the international border, from 5,000 years ago to the early twentieth century. He interprets written and archaeological sources using a maritime cultural landscape approach to investigate how the perception of place influences the interaction between humans and the physical environment. Ford focuses on the lake shore, which served as a link between the maritime and terrestrial worlds of the people who lived around it. Lake Ontario was the first of the Great Lakes to be developed by Europeans, and it was part of the home ranges of the Haudenosaunee (Iroquois), the Huron-Wendat, and the Mississauga, as well as other Native American groups known only from their archaeological remains. Consequently, Lake Ontario was at the heart of early Great Lakes maritime culture. Using terrestrial and submerged archaeological methods, history, and ethnography, the author meticulously weaves together previously disparate data to construct a cohesive and holistic understanding of this important region from ancient to modern times. The Shore Is a Bridge presents a new way to interpret the maritime archaeological record and maritime culture by synthesizing archaeological data, historical documents, and oral histories into an all-inclusive view of the lakeshore. Ed Rachal Foundation Nautical Archaeology Series

BEN FORD is professor of archaeology in the department of anthropology at Indiana University of Pennsylvania. He is the editor of The Archaeology of Maritime Landscapes and coeditor of the Oxford Handbook of Maritime Archaeology. He resides in Indiana, Pennsylvania.

978-1-62349-605-0 hardcover $75.00s 978-1-62349-606-7 ebook 81/2x11. 304 pp. 22 b&w photos. 4 line art. 21 maps. 2 figures. Table. Bib. Index. Nautical Archaeology. Anthropology. Archaeology. March

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Lake Shipwrecks of the War of 1812 Edited by Kevin J. Crisman 978-1-62349-032-4 hardcover $60.00s 978-1-62349-076-8 ebook

The Ship That Held Up Wall Street

Warren Curtis Riess Contribution by Sheli O. Smith 978-1-62349-188-8 hardcover $29.00 978-1-62349-226-7 ebook


The long-awaited report on a rare Clovis-era mammoth site . . .

Clovis Mammoth Butchery

The Lange/Ferguson Site and Associated Bone Tool Technology

Clovis Mammoth Butchery

L. Adrien Hannus With Contributions by C. Vance Haynes Jr., Pat Shipman, Marvin Kay, Eric C. Grimm, Glen G. Fredlund, Manuel R. Palacios-Fest, and A. Byron Leonard

Thirteen millennia ago, in a small creek valley in western South Dakota, two mammoths perished. The mammoths, an adult and a juvenile, likely a cow and calf pair, died at the edge of an ancient pond. The Lange/Ferguson site is the earliest dated archaeological site in South Dakota and one of the few North American sites that provides evidence of a Clovis-period mammoth butchering event. In addition to the preserved remains of the two mammoths, the site yielded diagnostic Clovis weaponry—three Clovis projectile points recovered in context and stratigraphically associated with the mammoth bonebed— and flaked bone tools. The site offers a rare snapshot in time detailing early Paleoindian interactions with now-extinct megafauna nearly 13,000 years ago. In Clovis Mammoth Butchery: The Lange/Ferguson Site and Associated Bone Tool Technology, L. Adrien Hannus provides a comprehensive look at one of the few New World Clovis-era sites with in-place buried deposits exhibiting evidence for an expedient bone tool technology. Multidisciplinary investigations include paleoenvironmental and geochronological reconstructions—pollen and phytoliths, geology and geomorphology, diatoms and ostracodes, mollusks, and vertebrate paleontology—as well as taphonomic evaluations and a microwear analysis of the chipped stone tools. Clovis Mammoth Butchery offers readers a rare glimpse into a singular moment in prehistory that captures human interaction with extinct animals during a rapidly changing world for which there is no modern comparison. This book shares great insight into hunting and procurement strategies used by big game hunters during the Late Pleistocene and Early Holocene. Peopling of the Americas Publications, sponsored by the Center for the Study of the First Americans

L. ADRIEN HANNUS is professor of anthropology, holds the David B. Jones Distinguished Chair in Anthropology, and is the director of the Archeology Laboratory at Augustana University in Sioux Falls, South Dakota.

The Lange/Ferguson Site and Associated Bone Tool Technology L. ADRIEN HANNUS

978-1-62349-592-3 hardcover $60.00s 978-1-62349-593-0 ebook 81/2x11. 288 pp. 55 color, 30 b&w photos. 58 line art. 10 maps. 13 figures. 30 tables. Bib. Index. Archaeology. Anthropology. Social Sciences. March


Archaeology and Paleoecology of a Late Pleistocene Alaskan Hunting Camp W. Roger Powers, R. Dale Guthrie, and John F. Hoffecker Edited by Ted Goebel 978-1-62349-538-1 hardcover $50.00s 978-1-62349-539-8 ebook Clovis Lithic Technology

Investigation of a Stratified Workshop at the Gault Site, Texas Michael R. Waters, Charlotte D. Pevny, David L. Carlson, and Thomas A. Jennings 978-1-60344-278-7 hardcover $45.00s 978-1-60344-467-5 ebook


Commemorative edition with new afterword by Dat Nguyen


Tackling Life and the NFL

Dat Nguyen with Rusty Burson “ . . . worth it for its love story alone.”—Southern Living “ . . . a compelling story. The sports story is well told, lively, and interesting. . . I believe the strength of the book is Dat’s willingness to share his innermost feelings about his experiences as a player and the courtship of his wife, which comes off with humor and even some suspense.”—Houston Chronicle “In the wake of the baseball steroid scandal, there is a definite need for an uplifting, inspirational sports story. Dat Nguyen has that story to tell . . . Setting the book apart from its competition is Nguyen’s account of his family’s early years in Rockport, Texas. . . A good football book with the added bonus of a little social history.”—Booklist “It is a compelling story of survival, both on and off the football field . . . . For fans of stories in which the human spirit and a deep religious faith triumph over obstacles and adversity, the book is an inspiration . . . . takes you behind the locker room door into the workings of the franchise over the past six years. . . . a mustread.”—San Antonio Express-News

978-1-62349-654-8 hardcover $24.95 6x9. 232 pp. 2 b&w photos. Index. Aggie Books. Autobiography. Ethnic Studies. Sports. January


This special edition, published in commemoration of Nguyen’s induction into the College Football Hall of Fame, features a new afterword in which Dat reflects on his life since leaving professional football and on the continuing inspiration he derives from his family, his work, and his opportunity to make a difference.

Five American Athletes Who Died in Military Service Carson James Cunningham 978-1-62349-560-2 cloth $26.95 978-1-62349-561-9 ebook

Swaim-Paup Sports Series, sponsored by James C. ’74 & Debra Parchman Swaim and T. Edgar ’74 & Nancy Paup

Champion of the Barrio

DAT NGUYEN, the leading tackler in Aggie history and former starting middle linebacker for the Dallas Cowboys, now owns and operates West 7th Chick-Fil-A in Fort Worth. RUSTY BURSON, a former sports writer for 12th Man Magazine, serves as director of membership and communications at Miramont Country Club in Bryan, Texas.

The Legacy of Coach Buryl Baty R. Gaines Baty 978-1-62349-266-3 cloth $24.95 978-1-62349-267-0 ebook

The Texas Book Consortium Texas State Historical Association Press TCU Press University of North Texas Press State House Press Texas Review Press Stephen F. Austin State University Press Winedale Publishing Shearer Publishing

The Dead Still Here Short stories

Laura Valeri

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The Old Army in the Big Bend of Texas The Last Cavalry Frontier, 1911–1921 Thomas T. “Ty” Smith

Even before Pancho Villa’s 1916 raid on Columbus, New Mexico, and the following punitive expedition under General John J. Pershing, the U.S. Army was strengthening its presence on the southwestern border in response to the Mexican Revolution of 1910. Manning forty-one small outposts along a three-hundred mile stretch of the Rio Grande region, the army remained for a decade, rotating eighteen different regiments, primarily cavalry, until the return of relative calm. The remote, rugged, and desolate terrain of the Big Bend defied even the technological advances of World War I, and it remained very much a cavalry and pack mule operation until the outposts were finally withdrawn in 1921. With The Old Army in the Big Bend of Texas: The Last Cavalry Frontier, 1911–1921, Thomas T. “Ty” Smith, one of Texas’s leading military historians, has delved deep into the records of the U.S. Army to provide an authoritative portrait, richly complemented by many photos published here for the first time, of the final era of soldiers on horseback in the American West. THOMAS T. SMITH, Col. (Ret.) U.S. Army, of San Antonio is the author of The U.S. Army and the Texas Frontier Economy, 1845–1900 (Texas A&M University Press, 1999) and The Old Army in Texas: A Research Guide to the U.S. Army in Nineteenth-Century Texas (Texas State Historical Association, 2000). He is a Fellow of the Texas State Historical Association.

978-1-62511-047-3 cloth $35.00 6x9. 350 pp. 30 b&w photos Military History. Southwestern History. Texas. Army. Borderlands Studies. February

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A Research Guide to the U.S. Army in Nineteenth Century Texas Thomas Smith 978-0-87611-170-3 cloth $29.95

Chronicles of the Big Bend

A Photographic Memoir of Life on the Border W. D. Smithers Foreword by Kenneth Baxter Ragsdale 978-0-87611-261-8 paper $35.95


New in the Literary Cities series!

Literary San Antonio Bryce Milligan

San Antonio is often described as the “mother” of Texas cities— the oldest and, for two and a half centuries, the largest city in Texas. To many it is, as novelist Larry McMurtry once famously proclaimed, “the one truly lovely city in the state.” Long recognized as a cultural crossroads between two continents, writers in San Antonio, both native and visiting, have had a significant effect upon the city’s literary and cultural landscape. Novels were being written in the city by the late 1830s. Nineteenth century writers like Frederick Law Olmsted, Sydney Lanier, and O. Henry wrote effusively about San Antonio; Oscar Wilde found here “a thrill of strange pleasure.” Here the Mexican Revolution was called into being, and here were the political and literary origins of the Chicano Movement. Literary San Antonio provides dozens of examples of the interplay and cross-pollination of Anglo and Latino literary forms, ideas, and traditions that led to the creation of a unique borderlands or frontera literature. This city, with its winding, still-sleepy river and its story-shrouded springs; its ancient acequias and missions, now acknowledged as valued “world heritage” sites; its sacred battle grounds and historic military forts and bases; its several unique neighborhoods and barrios that have produced and been celebrated by generations of writers; its rich heritage of heroism and revolutionary passion; its endlessly celebratory ability to revel in its multiracial, multiethnic, multilingual roots and branches . . . this city is a good place to write, to write about, and to wander with a book in hand. As the editor and publisher of Wings Press, BRYCE MILLIGAN has published well over a hundred San Antonio writers and artists. A prizewinning author himself in several genres, Milligan was instrumental in the creation of the San Antonio Writers Collection at the University of Texas at San Antonio and the Latino Collection and Resource Center of the San Antonio Public Library.

978-0-87565-687-8 cloth $34.95 978-0-87565-693-9 ebook 7x10. 456 pp. Bib. Index. Literary Studies. February

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Edited by Judy Alter and James Ward Lee 978-0-87565-253-5 paper $24.95

Literary Austin

Edited by Don Graham 978-0-87565-342-6 cloth $29.50


Portraits of a Soldier

The Extraordinary Life of Jon Lippens

Jon Lippens as told to J. W. Wilson At age thirteen, most boys are finding trouble in all its infinite forms. In 1939, thirteen-year-old Jon Lippens’s worst troubles found him in a predawn Nazi invasion that left his hometown of Ghent, Belgium, enveloped in mass death and destruction. His childhood ended that day. Jon’s life thereafter was a series of traumatic events and close scrapes with death. He resisted Hitler Youth recruiters and avoided being sent to death in a labor camp, disappearing into the Belgian Underground Resistance, where he ultimately joined the Allied effort. Jon was witness to unspeakable horrors and suffering, but those years of clandestine struggles taught him not only how to survive but how to fight back. Life in postwar Europe was a struggle, and ultimately Jon was able to emigrate to the United States, eventually settling in Texas. The horrors of World War II and his part in it still dogged his memories, but Jon learned to make peace with his past through painting and mapmaking. His artistic talent kept his belly full, while newfound faith kept his soul alive. As he aged, Jon turned from his haunting memories to create beauty with his paintbrush. At once a remarkable hero and a very modest man, he finally decided, as his life neared its conclusion, to share his unparalleled story of survival and healing—a story largely unknown until now. An avid reader, adventurer, and art and history lover, J. W. WILSON was born and raised in Fort Worth, Texas. He is cofounder and president of Roxo Energy, an oil and gas operator, and is currently working on his second book. He and his wife Andrea are both proud alums of TCU, where he played defensive tackle from 1995–2000. They have two children. “Working with Jon,” Wilson says, “was one of the greatest honors of my life.”

978-0-87565-686-1 paper $24.95 978-0-87565-695-3 ebook 6x9. 192 pp. 52 b&w photos. Memoir. World War II. April


An American Family’s Scrapbook, 1920–1950 Hank O’Neal 978-0-87565-674-8 cloth $40.00

The Wright Stuff

James Riddlesperger, Anthony Champagne, and Daniel E. Williams 978-0-87565-506-2 cloth $32.50 978-0-87565-571-0 paper $26.95


Shale Boom

Carmen Tafolla

The Barnett Shale Play and Fort Worth

New and Selected Poems

Diana Davids Hinton

Carmen Tafolla

Shale Boom describes how independent oilman George P. Mitchell developed technology that would unlock trillions of cubic feet of natural gas in the North Texas rock formation known as the Barnett Shale. When he succeeded, other oilmen used it to uncover vast reserves, prompting a gas boom extending through twenty-one North Texas counties including the Fort Worth metropolitan area. The boom created enormous wealth, but brought drilling rigs into urban neighborhoods and created safety and environmental concerns, especially with respect to the fracking technology necessary to produce gas. As the new technology was adapted to develop shale in other areas, controversy over it became national and global. Overall, however, what happened in the Barnett Shale meant profound changes for the future of petroleum at home and abroad.

Carmen Tafolla’s New and Selected Poems continues TCU Press’s series of collections by the Poets Laureate of Texas.

DIANA DAVIDS HINTON is professor of history and holds the J. Conrad Dunagan Chair of Regional and Business History at the University of Texas of the Permian Basin. She has a PhD in history from Yale University, and, with Roger M. Olien, is coauthor of six books on the history of the American petroleum industry.

TCU Texas Poet Laureate Series

978-0-87565-685-4 paper $30.00 978-0-87565-694-6 ebook 6x9. 192 pp. Bib. Index. Energy. Texas Political History. April

Named the first-ever Poet Laureate of San Antonio in 2012, Tafolla was named Poet Laureate of Texas in 2015. This collection displays her mastery of the art of bilingual code switching, mining the riches of two languages—Spanish and English—to produce works that celebrate the beauty and vigor of a Hispanic heritage that has enriched American culture for generations. Called “a world-class writer” by Alex Haley and a “pioneer of Chicana literature” by Ana Castillo, in 1999 Tafolla was presented with the Art of Peace Award for writings that contribute to “peace, justice, and human understanding.” Her works “thematically cross cultures and move into questions of human survival on this earth”—Dr. Wolfgang Karrer.

CARMEN TAFOLLA is the author of many awardwinning books of poetry, nonfiction works, short stories, and books for children. She lives in San Antonio. 978-0-87565-689-2 cloth $19.95 978-0-87565-696-0 ebook 6x9. 96 pp. Poetry. Texana Gift Books. March


Learning through a PRISM

New in paperback!

Sins of the Younger Sons

Facilitating Student Intercultural Learning Abroad

Jan Reid

Tracy Rundstrom Williams

Luke Burgoa is an ex-Marine on a solitary covert mission to infiltrate the Basque separatist organization ETA in Spain and help bring down its military commander, Peru Madariaga. Luke hails from a Basque ancestry that came with the Spanish empire to Cuba, Argentina, Mexico, and, seventy-five years ago, to a Texas ranch. Luke’s orders are to sell guns to the ETA and lure Peru into a trap. Instead he falls in love with Peru’s estranged wife, Ysolina. From the day they cross the border into the Basque Pyrenees, their love affair on the run conveys the beauty, sensuality, exoticism, and violence of an ancient homeland cut in two by Spain and France. Their trajectory puts Luke, Ysolina, and Peru on a collision course with each other and the famed American architect Frank Gehry. Ranging from the Amazon rain forest to a deadly prison in Madrid, Sins of the Younger Sons is a love story exposed to dire risk at every turn. JAN REID’s highly praised books include his novel Comanche Sundown, his biography of Texas governor Ann Richards Let the People In, his memoir of Mexico The Bullet Meant For Me, and The Improbable Rise of Redneck Rock. Making his home in Austin, Reid has been a leading contributor to Texas Monthly for more than forty years. 978-0-87565-428-7 cloth $32.50 978-0-87565-688-5 paper $22.95 978-0-87565-663-2 ebook 6x9. 296 pp. Literary Novel. February

In the emerging field of intercultural competence, this book is one of the first to propose a pedagogical framework and provide both the theory and tools to implement it. With the increased focus on educating students to be global citizens, Learning through a PRISM offers a deeper understanding of intercultural competence and an intentional and academic approach to intercultural experiences. This book introduces the PRISM, an academically grounded and experientially driven pedagogy for faculty who aim to design courses and experiences that holistically develop students’ intercultural competence. It provides concrete tools and academic framing, and includes suggested readings, adaptable assignments, and clear rubrics. While the book focuses on study abroad settings, its concepts and resources can be broadly adapted to any course focused on the development of intercultural competence. The PRISM will challenge faculty and students to engage, interact, and create meaning in study abroad, intercultural, and global contexts. TRACY RUNDSTROM WILLIAMS is the associate director of the Center for International Studies at TCU, where she teaches courses on global citizenship and oversees the Global Academy. Her study abroad and teaching abroad experience spans the globe, and her research on intercultural learning has been widely adapted. 978-0-87565-690-8 paper $24.95 978-0-87565-697-7 ebook 6x9. 128 pp. 26 color illus. Bib. Education. March


New Spanish translation!

Creating Significant Learning Experiences

An Integrated Approach to Designing College Courses L. Dee Fink

Now made available for both domestic and international Spanish readers, L. Dee Fink’s updated bestselling classic provides busy faculty with invaluable conceptual and procedural tools for instructional design. Step by step, Fink shows how to systematically combine the best researchbased practices for learning-centered teaching with a strategy that results in powerful learning experiences. This edition addresses new research on active learning and student engagement; includes examples from online teaching; and reports on the effectiveness of Fink’s time-tested model. Fink also explores recent changes in higher education and offers proven strategies for dealing with student resistance to innovative teaching. Tapping into the knowledge, tools, and strategies in Creating Significant Learning Experiences empowers educators to design courses that will result in significant learning for their students. This new translation will open new pedagogical doors for Spanish-speaking faculty throughout the world. L. DEE FINK has been an instructional consultant for more than thirty years. A former president of the Professional and Organizational Development Network in Higher Education (POD), he consults on the topics of faculty development and integrated course design at two- and four-year colleges and accrediting associations around the world. 978-0-87565-684-7 paper $34.00 7x91/4. 352 pp. 75 b&w illus. Bib. Index. Education. May

New in paperback!

Forging the Tortilla Curtain

Cultural Drift and Change Along the United States-Mexico Border from the Spanish Conquest to the Present Thomas Torrans

Some have called it the tortilla curtain. Others have viewed it as a Third World entity where primitive conditions and poverty exist alongside the latest marvels of the computerized Information Age. But the border region between Mexico and the United States is more dynamic than ever since its transition into a sort of Mexamerica—a world fueled by corporate colonialism, the North American Free Trade Agreement (or NAFTA), and contraband of every stripe, from illegal drugs to illegal aliens. Forging the Tortilla Curtain reveals how the borderlands got to be that way. Thomas Torrans’s narrative is a sweeping history of the 2,000-milelong borderlands from the time of the early intrusions of the Spaniards in their endless quest for gold to the recent invasions of multinationals in their endless quest for cheap labor. It is a fascinating story of the long struggle to establish a boundary as an institution and cultural margin of the two Americas—an Anglo North and a Latin South. From the outset the frontier that would become the border was a work in progress and remains so today. THOMAS TORRANS was trained in history, anthropology, and psychology at the University of the Americas and the University of Texas at Austin. He spent twenty years with the Fort Worth Star-Telegram as an editor and travel writer. He is now retired and lives in Haltom City, Texas. 978-0-87565-231-3 cloth $29.95 978-0-87565-698-4 paper $24.95 6x9. 368 pp. 33 b&w photos. Map. Notes. Borderlands Studies. Western History. April

University of North Texas Press



T-Bone Whacks and Caviar Snacks

Cooking with Two Texans in Siberia and the Russian Far East

Sharon Hudgins With Recipes by Sharon Hudgins and Tom Hudgins

T-Bone Whacks and Caviar Snacks is the first cookbook in America to focus on the foods of the Asian side of Russia. Filled with fascinating food history, cultural insights, and personal stories, it chronicles the culinary adventures of two intrepid Texans who lived, worked, and ate their way around Siberia and the Russian Far East. Featuring 140 traditional and modern recipes, with many illustrations, T-Bone Whacks and Caviar Snacks includes dozens of regional recipes from cooks in Asian Russia, along with recipes for the European and Tex-Mex dishes that the author and her husband cooked on the “Stoves-from-Hell” in their three Russian apartments, for intimate candlelight dinners during the dark Siberian winter and for lavish parties throughout the year. You’ll learn how to make fresh seafood dishes from Russia’s Far East, pine nut meringues and frozen cranberry cream from Irkutsk, enticing appetizers from the dining car of a TransSiberian luxury train, and flaming “Baked Siberia” (the Russian twist on Baked Alaska). And here’s the bonus: All of these recipes can be made with ingredients from your local supermarket or your nearest delicatessen. Number Five: Great American Cooking Series

SHARON HUDGINS is the author of five books, including an award-winning cookbook about the regional cuisines of Spain and a travel memoir, The Other Side of Russia. A former professor with the University of Maryland’s program in Russia, she has also been a National Geographic Expert on Trans-Siberian Railroad tours. TOM HUDGINS is an economics professor and accomplished cook. They live in north Texas.

Sharon has recorded an important slice of Russian history and culture. She has produced a treasure of a book that will be referenced by cultural historians and home cooks for decades to come.”—Catherine Cheremeteff Jones, author of A Year of Russian Feasts

978-1-57441-714-2 cloth $39.95 978-1-57441-722-7 ebook 7x10. 448 pp. 30 color, 30 b&w illus. Bib. Index. Cooking. Travel. April


Happy Healthy Delicious Eating with a Texas Twist Kim Stanford, Bill Backhaus 978-1-57441-578-0 paper $24.95

Mexican Light/Cocina Mexicana Ligera

Healthy Cuisine for Today’s Cook/Para el Cocinero Actual Kris Rudolph 978-1-57441-218-5 paper $19.95


The AEF in Print

An Anthology of American Journalism in World War I

Edited by Chris Dubbs and John-Daniel Kelley The AEF in Print is an anthology that tells the story of U.S. involvement in World War I through newspaper and magazine articles—precisely how the American public experienced the Great War. From April 1917 to November 1918, Americans followed the war in their local newspapers and popular magazines. The book’s chapters are organized chronologically: Mobilization, Arrival in Europe, Learning to Fight, American Firsts, Battles, and the Armistice. Also included are topical chapters, such as At Sea, In the Air, In the Trenches, Wounded Warriors, and Heroes. “Some of these stories are real gems. Irving Cobb’s account of the sinking of the SS Tuscania, for example, is absolutely riveting, and the same can be said of William Shepherd’s description of life aboard US Navy destroyers in the Atlantic, Floyd Gibbons’s narration of his wounding at Belleau Wood, and George Pattullo’s roll-out of the Sergeant York legend.”—Steven Trout, author of On the Battlefield of Memory: The First World War and American Remembrance CHRIS DUBBS is the author of American Journalists in the Great War: Rewriting the Rules of Reporting and America’s U-boats: Terror Trophies of World War I. He lives in Edinboro, Pennsylvania. JOHN-DANIEL KELLEY, formerly a research associate at the James Martin Center for Nonproliferation Studies in Washington, D.C., is currently studying law at Cornell University.

The well-written and evocative articles bring the war to life.”—Jennifer Keene, author of Doughboys, the Great War, and the Remaking of America

978-1-57441-713-5 cloth $29.95 978-1-57441-721-0 ebook 6x9. 400 pp. 26 b&w illus. Map. Notes. Bib. Index. World War I. Military History. Journalism. May

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Gerald Andrew Howell Edited by Jeffrey L. Patrick With the 4th Division, A.E.F., in World War I 978-1-57441-693-0 cloth $29.95s They Called Them Soldier Boys

A Texas Infantry Regiment in World War I Gregory W. Ball 978-1-57441-500-1 cloth $29.95


They Called Him Buckskin Frank The Life and Adventures of Nashville Franklyn Leslie Jack DeMattos and Chuck Parsons

Nashville Franklyn “Buckskin Frank” Leslie was a man of mystery during his lifetime. His reputation has rested on two gunfights— both in storied Tombstone, Arizona—but he was much more than a deadly gunfighter. Jack DeMattos and Chuck Parsons have combined their research efforts to help solve the questions of where Leslie came from and how he died. Leslie developed a reputation as a man to be left alone. Such notables as the Earps, Doc Holliday, and John Ringo wisely avoided confrontations with him. Leslie was a “lady killer” both figuratively and—in one celebrated incident—literally. Beyond his gunfighting legacy, DeMattos and Parsons also explore Leslie’s scouting with General Crook on the Great Plains and his alleged service as a deputy for Wild Bill Hickok in Abilene, Kansas. Number Nineteen: A.C. Greene Series

JACK DeMATTOS is the author of seven books on western gunfighters, including The Notorious Luke Short co-authored with Chuck Parsons. He lives in North Attleboro, Massachusetts. CHUCK PARSONS is the author of Captain John R. Hughes and The Sutton-Taylor Feud and coauthor of A Lawless Breed, a biography of John Wesley Hardin. He lives in Luling, Texas.

In almost every work that in any way relates to southern Arizona in the 1880s, Leslie is present. This book will be the new standard for anyone interested in the life of Buckskin Frank. Both in form and content this book finally gives Frank Leslie a place in the Tombstone story.”—Gary Roberts, author of Doc Holliday: The Life and Legend

978-1-57441-712-8 cloth $29.95 978-1-57441-720-3 ebook 6x9. 272 pp. 31 b&w illus. 2 maps. Notes. Bib. Index. Western History. Biography. June

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Sporting Man of the Wild West Jack DeMattos and Chuck Parsons 978-1-57441-594-0 cloth $29.95

The McLaurys in Tombstone, Arizona

An O.K. Corral Obituary Paul Lee Johnson 978-1-57441-450-9 cloth $29.95


From Santa Anna to Selena

Notable Mexicanos and Tejanos in Texas History since 1821 Harriett Denise Joseph

Author Harriett Denise Joseph relates biographies of eleven notable Mexicanos and Tejanos, beginning with Santa Anna and the impact his actions had on Texas. She discusses the myriad contributions of Erasmo and Juan Seguín to Texas history, as well as the factors that led a hero of the Texas Revolution ( Juan) to be viewed later as a traitor by his fellow Texans. Admired by many but despised by others, folk hero Juan Nepomuceno Cortina is one of the most controversial figures in the history of nineteenthcentury South Texas. Preservationist and historian Adina De Zavala fought to save part of the Alamo site and other significant structures. Labor activist Emma Tenayuca’s youth, passion, courage, and sacrifice merit attention for her efforts to help the working class. Joseph reveals the individual and collective accomplishments of a powerhouse couple, bilingual educator Edmundo Mireles and folklorist-author Jovita González. She recognizes the military and personal battles of Medal of Honor recipient Raul “Roy” Benavidez. Irma Rangel, the first Latina to serve in the Texas House of Representatives, is known for the many “firsts” she achieved during her lifetime. Finally, we read about Selena’s life and career, as well as her tragic death and her continuing marketability. HARRIETT DENISE JOSEPH is professor of history at the University of Texas Rio Grande Valley. She has co-authored three books with Donald E. Chipman, including the award-winning Notable Men and Women of Spanish Texas; Explorers and Settlers of Spanish Texas; and the revised edition of Spanish Texas, 1519–1821. She lives in Brownsville, Texas.

978-1-57441-715-9 cloth $29.95 978-1-57441-723-4 ebook 6x9. 400 pp. 28 b&w illus. Notes. Index. Mexican American Studies. Texas History. Biography. March


Chicanos in North Texas Richard Gonzales 978-1-57441-632-9 cloth $29.95

Americo Paredes

In His Own Words, an Authorized Biography Manuel Medrano 978-1-57441-287-1 cloth $22.95


The Best American Newspaper Narratives, Volume 5 Edited by Gayle Reaves

This anthology collects the ten winners of the 2016 Best American Newspaper Narrative Writing Contest at the Mayborn Literary Nonfiction Conference, an event hosted by the Frank W. Mayborn Graduate Institute of Journalism at the University of North Texas. First place winner: Terrence McCoy, “It Was an Accident, Baby” (The Washington Post), relates how a family in Alabama coped after the family’s four-year-old accidentally killed his nine-year-old sister. Second place: Hannah Dreier, “A Child’s Scraped Knee” (Associated Press), which depicts how medical supply shortages in Venezuela turned a simple injury into a life-threatening condition for a three-year-old. Third place: Billy Baker, “The Power of Will” (The Boston Globe), focuses on a family’s search for a cure for their son’s rare form of cancer, which led them to a maverick doctor. Runners-up include John Woodrow Cox, “A Marine’s Conviction” (The Washington Post); Christopher Goffard, “Framed” (The Los Angeles Times); Steve Thompson, “The Long Way Home” (The Dallas Morning-News); N. R. Kleinfield, “Fraying at the Edges” (The New York Times); Anna Kuchment and Steve Thompson, “Seismic Denial” (The Dallas Morning-News); Lauren Caruba, “55 Minutes” (The Houston Chronicle); and Lisa Wangsness, “In Search of Sanctuary” (The Boston Globe). GAYLE REAVES was a projects reporter and assistant city editor for The Dallas Morning News, where she was part of the team that won the 1994 Pulitzer Prize in International Reporting and in 1990, with two colleagues, received the George Polk Award.

978-1-57441-719-7 paper $19.95 978-1-57441-727-2 ebook 6x9. 392 pp. Literary Nonfiction. June

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Edited by Gayle Reaves 978-1-57441-670-1 paper $18.95

The Best American Newspaper Narratives, Volume 3

Edited by Gayle Reaves 978-1-57441-636-7 paper $19.95


New in paperback

All Over the Map

True Heroes of Texas Music

Higher Education in Texas

Its Beginnings to 1970

Charles R. Matthews

Michael Corcoran

All Over the Map: True Heroes of Texas Music profiles forty-two Texas music pioneers, including Cindy Walker, Freddie King, Selena, Janis Joplin and Lefty Frizzell, all tied together in an exploration of what makes Texas music stand out. Texans were the first to use electric guitars in blues (T-Bone Walker), jazz (Charlie Christian) and honky tonk (Ernest Tubb), and also laid the blueprint for boogie-woogie piano when George and Hearsal Thomas (the brothers of Sippie Wallace) mimicked the rhythm of trains through their Houston neighborhood.

Higher Education in Texas is the first book to tell the history, defining events, and critical participants in the development of higher education in Texas from approximately 1838 to 1970. Charles Matthews, Chancellor Emeritus of the Texas State University System, begins the story with the land grant policies of the Spanish, Mexicans, Republic of Texas, and the State of Texas that led to the growth of Texas. Religious organizations supplied the first of many colleges, years before the Texas Legislature began to fund and support public colleges and universities.

“All Over the Map tells the story of Texas music that needed to be told, as broad and deep, dark and quirky as the state itself. These are the compelling stories of the artists and individuals who created a musical culture that defies the usual stereotypes.”— Terry Lickona, producer Austin City Limits

Matthews devotes a chapter to the junior/ community colleges and their impact on providing a low-cost education alternative for local students. They also played a major role in economic development in their communities. Further chapters explore the access and equity in educating women, African Americans, and Hispanics.

“[E]ssential reading whether you’re a Lone Star fanatic or just a standard-issue music geek.” —Blurt Magazine Number Eleven: North Texas Lives of Musician Series

“This is a strong contribution to the scholarship on Texas higher education.”—Matthew Fuller, College of Education, Sam Houston State University

MICHAEL CORCORAN retired after decades writing about music for various newspapers to pursue his passion projects. His book on Arizona Dranes (He Is My Story) was nominated for a Grammy as best historical album. He is based in Austin.

CHARLES R. MATTHEWS is Chancellor Emeritus of the Texas State University System, the oldest public university system in Texas. He was chancellor from 2005 until his retirement in 2010. He received his doctoral degree from the University of Texas at Austin in 2006. He lives on his ranch in Hill County.

978-1-57441-668-8 cloth $29.95 978-1-57441-710-4 paper $19.95 978-1-57441-681-7 ebook 7x10. 320 pp. 80 b&w illus. Bib. Index. Music. Performing Arts. Texana. January

978-1-57441-716-6 cloth $29.95s 978-1-57441-724-1 ebook 6x9. 368 pp. 20 b&w illus. Notes. Bib. Index. Education History. Texas History. February


Captain Jack Helm

New in paperback

No Hope for Heaven, No Fear of Hell

A Victim of Texas Reconstruction Violence Chuck Parsons Foreword by Kenneth W. Howell

The Stafford-Townsend Feud of Colorado County, Texas, 1871– 1911 James C. Kearney, Bill Stein, and James Smallwood

In Captain Jack Helm, Chuck Parsons explores the life of John Jackson “Jack” Helm, whose main claim to fame has been that he was a victim of man-killer John Wesley Hardin. That he was, but he was much more in his violence-filled lifetime during Reconstruction Texas. First as a deputy sheriff, then county sheriff, and finally captain of the notorious Texas State Police, he developed a reputation as a violent and ruthless man-hunter. He arrested many suspected lawbreakers, but often his prisoner was killed before reaching a jail for “attempting to escape.” This horrific tendency ultimately brought about his downfall. Helm’s aggressive enforcement of his version of “law and order” resulted in a deadly confrontation with two of his enemies in the midst of the Sutton-Taylor Feud.

The Stafford-Townsend feud began with an 1871 shootout in Columbus, Texas, followed by the deaths of the Stafford brothers in 1890. The second phase blossomed after 1898 with the assassination of Larkin Hope, and concluded in 1911 with the violent deaths of Marion Hope, Jim Townsend, and Will Clements, all in the space of one month.

“Captain Jack Helm is more than a fine gunfighter biography: it is a vivid statement about the murderous violence of Reconstruction in Texas.” —Bill O’Neal, State Historian of Texas

Number One: Texas Local Series

Number Eighteen: A.C. Greene Series

CHUCK PARSONS is the author of Captain John R. Hughes and The Sutton-Taylor Feud and coauthor of A Lawless Breed, a biography of John Wesley Hardin, and The Notorious Luke Short. He lives in Luling, Texas. 978-1-57441-718-0 cloth $29.95 978-1-57441-726-5 ebook 6x9. 336 pp. 35 b&w illus. Map. Notes. Bib. Index. Biography. Civil War/Reconstruction. March

“[Y]ou will find this book endlessly fascinating, filled with gunfights, ambushes, unexplained deaths, murder, juries allowing culprits to go free, and all sorts of skullduggery within the law enforcement community, since many of the sheriffs were related to one combatant or another. Anger, resentment, revenge, hard feelings, and smoldering payback fill these pages.”—Chronicle of the Old West

JAMES C. KEARNEY teaches at the University of Texas in Austin and is the author of Nassau Plantation; co-editor of Journey to Texas, 1833; and translator and editor of Friedrichsburg: The Colony of the German Fürstenverein. BILL STEIN was director and archivist at the Nesbitt Memorial Library in Columbus. JAMES SMALLWOOD was the author of more than twenty books on Texas history. 978-1-57441-650-3 cloth $29.95 978-1-57441-711-1 paper $21.95 978-1-57441-659-6 ebook 6x9. 352 pp. 44 b&w illus. Map. Notes. Bib. Index. Texas History. Southern History. February


Winner, Vassar Miller Prize in Poetry

The Goat Songs James Najarian

978-1-57441-717-3 paper $12.95 6x9. 88 pp. Poetry. April

The poems in James Najarian’s debut collection are by turns tragic and mischievous, always with an exuberant attention to form. Najarian turns his caprine eye to the landscapes and history of Berks Country, Pennsylvania, and to the middle east of his extended Armenian family. These poems examine our bonds to the earth, to animals, to art and to desire. “In blank verse, free verse, stanzas and syllabics rhymed with delicate quirkiness, the poems of The Goat Songs are sure-footed and nimble.”—A.E. Stallings, author of Olives and judge

From “Goat Song” I start up in my wide suburban bed, patting the mattress, hoping they are real, and call the names that seem to be for strippers: Candy, Ceffie, Bambi, Serenade. Just as the names come out, I understand them decades—caprine generations—gone, leaving me only with a kind surmise: that somewhere their uncountable-great grandkids are cramming their mouths with rose and thistle, breaking out of other pastures, with some other boy. JAMES NAJARIAN grew up on a goat farm near Kutztown, Pennsylvania. He received his BA and PhD from Yale University and teaches nineteenth-century literature at Boston College, where he edits the scholarly journal Religion and the Arts. His poem “The Dark Ages” received the Frost Farm Poetry Prize in Metrical Poetry.

Number Twenty-five: Vassar Miller Prize in Poetry

Military History of the West Vol. 47 Edited by Alex Mendoza

ISSN 1071-2011 $15.00x 6x9. 102 pp. Military History. June

The Military History of the West is a peer-reviewed journal focused on scholarly study of western US military history, including the Mississippi Valley and all states west of that line. The journal features articles on the Texas Revolution, the Mexican War, frontier military service, the Civil War, the Indian Wars, the Spanish-American War, Mexican border service, and the Texas National Guard in the twentieth century, including its service in World War I and World War II.

Theoria, Vol. 24 Edited by Frank Heidlberger

ISSN 1554-1312 $22.00x 71/2x91/4. 196 pp. Music. June

Theoria is an annual peer-reviewed journal on all aspects of the history of music theory. It includes critical articles representing the current stage of research, and editions of newly discovered or mostly unknown theoretical texts with translation and commentary. Analytical articles on recent or unknown repertory and methods are also published, as well as review articles on recent secondary literature and textbooks. Back issues are available from Texas A&M University Press.

State House Press WWW.TFHCC.COM/PRESS/

Previously announced

Stanley Marcus

The Relentless Reign of a Merchant Prince Thomas E. Alexander

Stanley Marcus was undeniably America’s Merchant Prince. He created his own legend by becoming a fashion authority without parallel, an unerring arbiter of taste, a marketing genius, and a ham-like showman in the mold of Phineas T. Barnum. His unique talents transformed Neiman Marcus from a Dallas specialty store into a glittering internationally-known and respected retail institution. Thomas E. Alexander traces the history of the company, tells the colorful life story of “Mr. Stanley,” and shares his personal behindthe-scenes memoir of his sometimes tumultuous association with the man and the store. Humorous anecdotes clearly illustrate that there was much more to Stanley Marcus than was ever seen by the public eye. Photographs of celebrities such as Princess Grace of Monaco, Sophia Loren, John Wayne, Brigitte Bardot, and Queen Sirkit of Thailand serve to emphasize the world-wide appeal of Neiman Marcus and the man behind it all for over fifty years. THOMAS E. ALEXANDER is a commissioner for the Texas Historical Commission and has been integral in establishing historical markers at important sites of Texas World War II history. He is the author of numerous books on Texas history. He resides in Kerrville, Texas.

978-1-933337-74-6 paper $19.95 6x9. 258 pp. Business History. Biography. May

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Pyote Army Airfield in World War II Thomas E. Alexander 978-1-880510-90-2 paper $18.95

The Stars Were Big and Bright, Volume I

The United States Army Air Forces and Texas During World War II Thomas E. Alexander 978-1-933337-27-2 paper $23.95


New in paperback

Sacrificed at the Alamo

Tragedy and Triumph in the Texas Revolution Richard Bruce Winders

The Battle of the Alamo is one of the most compelling stories from American history. Students of the battle often wonder why William B. Travis and his small garrison were left alone to meet their fate at the hands of General Santa Anna. Author Richard B. Winders, the historian and curator at the Alamo, examines events that led to this epic struggle and concludes that in-fighting among the revolutionary leadership doomed the Alamo garrison. The Texan victories of 1835 created discord among rebel leaders as various factions strove to direct the revolution to meet their own specific goals. That bickering resulted in an almost total breakdown of Texan military forces as individual commands were swept into the political battle. The democratic fervor of the 1830s worked against building a cohesive Texan Army and was largely responsible for the twin tragedies of the Alamo and Goliad.

978-1-933337-76-0 paper $19.95 6x9. 168 pp. 6 b&w Illustrations. 5 maps. Notes. Index. Texas History. Revolution/Republic. January

Informative and provocative, Sacrificed at the Alamo will appeal to general readers as well as students of the classic battle and its important place in Texas history. Number Three: Military History of Texas Series

RELATED INTEREST The Alamo and Beyond

RICHARD BRUCE WINDERS, historian and curator of the Alamo, is the award-winning author of Mr. Polk’s Army: American Military Experience in the Mexican War; Crisis in the Southwest: The United States, Mexico, and the Struggle Over Texas; and Davy Crockett: The Legend of the Wild Frontier.

A Collector’s Journey Phil Collins Essays by Donald S. Frazier, Stephen L. Hardin and Richard Bruce Winders 978-1-933337-50-0 cloth $49.95

An Altar for Their Sons

The Alamo and the Texas Revolution in Contemporary Newspaper Accounts Gary S. Zaboly 978-1-933337-46-3 hardcover $79.95

Texas Review Press



On the Rocks Theodora Bishop

Theodora Bishop’s novella tells the story of twenty-eight-yearold Eva, in grief from the death of her childhood best friend and lover Sebastian. After Eva agrees to be her eccentric mother’s maid of honor, she finds herself swept up in events leading to her mother’s second marriage—including a mother-daughter adventure at a New Jersey spa. Startling revelations spur Eva to come to terms with not only her grief but a secret that threatens, once discovered, to overwhelm her. “My mother, Leonora Marino, was betrothed to the owner of a used car dealership called ‘The Lemon Tree.’ One unfortunate detail about her fiancé’s claim to fame being that its office and lots were painted bladder-stimulant yellow. This meant it was only natural that upon crossing into The Lemon Tree’s domain, you became senseless, pervaded by a wild urge to pee. I often noticed potential customers swaying as they waited to be assisted, bouncing on their heels; their general conduct derived not from impatience, but rather from an effort to disguise their discomfort. But perhaps my mother’s soon-to-be-hubby designed the space precisely so the hooey of swapping countless tons of metal for the big bucks was done swiftly.” THEODORA BISHOP’s poetry and short stories have appeared in Glimmer Train, Prairie Schooner, Arts & Letters, and Short Fiction (England), among other journals, anthologies, and exhibits. A Pushcart Prize and Best New Poets nominee, Bishop was the winner of The Cupboard’s 2015 contest for her short story chapbook, Mother Tongues.

The light humor of the piece centers on the narrator and her self-deprecating and ironic tone and vision of herself, as she deals with zany family members and surrounding friends in advance of a ridiculous wedding that her mother is planning for herself.”—Clay Reynolds

978-1-68003-152-2 paper $14.95 978-1-68003-153-9 ebook 51/2x81/2. 128 pp. Novellas. February

RELATED INTEREST A Place of Timeless Harmony

Curt Eriksen 978-1-68003-145-4 paper $14.95 978-1-68003-146-1 ebook

The Megabucks

Rusty Dolleman 978-1-68003-111-9 paper $12.95 978-1-68003-112-6 ebook


New from the award-winning author of A Good Girl

How We Came to Be Johnnie Bernhard

Fifty-year-old Karen Anders, a high school English teacher and the adoptive mother of Tiffany, comes to terms with being a single parent and a clumsy drunk in the multicultural melting pot of Houston, Texas, as she forges an unlikely friendship with Leona Supak, a WWII Hungarian refugee, who inspires Karen to change her views on motherhood, drinking, and men. Karen’s teaching job provides an ongoing challenge with lowscoring students and a lack of support from school administrators. Meanwhile, Tiffany moves to Austin to attend the University of Texas, but soon turns to drugs and a gamer boyfriend to try and cope when the stress of college life becomes too much. Tiffany hides the truth of her new life from Karen through a text-only relationship. Feeling rejected, Karen explores the paradox of romance for the middle-aged even as Tiffany’s life goes to pieces. In spite of the challenges, a family unit comes together inspired by strangers and disappointments in How We Came to Be. A former English teacher and journalist, JOHNNIE BERNHARD’s passion is reading and writing. Her work has appeared in the following publications: The Mississippi Press, the international The Word Among Us, Southern Writers Magazine, Southern Literary Review, The Texas Review, and the Cowbird-NPR production on small town America. Her entry, “The Last Mayberry,” received over 7,500 views, nationally and internationally. Her first novel, A Good Girl, received finalist recognition in the 2015 Faulkner-Wisdom Competition. It is a featured novel for the 2017 Mississippi and Louisiana Book Festivals, a finalist in the 2017 Kindle Book Awards, and a nominee for the 2018 PEN/Robert Bingham Prize. Her second novel, How We Came to Be, has already been honored as a finalist in the 2017 Faulkner-Wisdom Competition.

978-1-68003-156-0 paper $18.95 978-1-68003-157-7 ebook 51/2x81/2. 184 pp. Literary Novel. May


Johnnie Bernhard 978-1-68003-121-8 paper $20.95 978-1-68003-122-5 ebook

Flowers for the Living

Sandra E. Johnson 978-1-68003-083-9 paper $22.95 978-1-68003-084-6 ebook


Shep’s saga continues . . .

Shep in the Victorio War Don DeNevi

During the summer of 1880, amid the searing heat of the Chihuahuan Desert of West Texas and northern Mexico, Chief Victorio led his band of Mescalero and Warm Springs Apaches in a last, desperate exodus from a disease-ridden, barren reservation. Raiding cattle and horses to survive, Victorio and his people eluded pursuers on both sides of the Rio Grande, as the US Army, the Texas Rangers, and the Mexican territorial militia combined forces to ferret out and eliminate the fugitive Apaches. Into the midst of the authentic historical backdrop of what became known as the Victorio War, author Don DeNevi places Shep, a black German Shepherd rescued and loved by Joseph Andrews and William Wiswall, two adventurers from the Colorado mining country. Shep forms an inexplicable bond with the Apache chief that leads Wiswall and Andrews into an unexpected and uncomfortable role. The imagined events of Shep in the Victorio War follow immediately upon those portrayed in DeNevi’s earlier novel, Faithful Shep: The Story of a Hero Dog and the Nine Texas Rangers Who Saved Him. DeNevi’s blend of meticulous historical research and rip-roaring adventure make this story of “the last Indian fight in Texas” a must-read for fans of Old West fiction, the Texas Rangers, the cavalry, and frontier history. DON DeNEVI is the author of more than 30 nonfiction histories and biographies, as well as Faithful Shep: The Story of a Hero Dog and the Nine Texas Rangers Who Saved Him (Texas Review Press, 2017). A retired instructor of criminology at San Francisco State University, he worked for 16 years as supervisor of recreation at San Quentin State Prison and also served as prison historian. He now lives in Pebble Beach, California, where he writes, pursues historical research, and plays as much tennis as possible.

978-1-68003-159-1 paper $18.95 978-1-68003-160-7 ebook 51/2x81/2. 168 pp. 6 b&w photos. 2 maps. Appendix. Western Fiction. Texas Rangers. Young Readers. March


The Story of a Hero Dog and the Nine Texas Rangers Who Saved Him Don DeNevi 978-1-68003-119-5 paper $18.95 978-1-68003-120-1 ebook Fools of Time

Thomas Schmid 978-1-68003-057-0 paper $18.95 978-1-68003-058-7 ebook


New limited edition . . .

Vanishing Points Poems and Photographs of Texas Roadside Memorials Sarah Cortez

Along Texas roadways rest thousands of contemplative shrines, usually marked by small, white metal crosses. Anchored by the stunning photography by Dan Streck, this landmark book allows four poets to respond to the visual summons of roadside memorials with lyric intensity and eloquent ekphrasis: Larry D. Thomas, Jack B. Bedell, Sarah Cortez, and Loueva Smith. A Plain, White Cross It lists slightly beside the highway. Whoever placed it there drove its upright deep into the earth, intimate with the tragedy of wind and driving rain. Knowing the certainty of erasure, they left it nameless, just a simple wooden cross harboring, for a while, the traces of unbearable loss. As if lit from within with white light, it glows beside the silent highway: white light stark as the grief of the bereaved, white as the clouds above, streaking, disintegrating. Larry D. Thomas SARAH CORTEZ, a resident of Houston, is the author of two poetry collections, How to Undress a Cop and Cold Blue Steel, a finalist in the Writers’ League of Texas awards, and a memoir, Walking Home: Growing Up Hispanic in Houston. She is the winner of the PEN Texas Literary Award in poetry and the Southwest Book Award.

978-1-68003-101-0 paper $22.95 978-1-68003-158-4 limited edition $26.95 978-1-68003-102-7 ebook 11x81/2. 160 pp. 60 b&w photos. Poetry. Photography, Texas. January

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Joyce Pounds Hardy Photography by Tommy LaVergne 978-1-881515-71-5 paper $18.95

Walking Home

Growing Up Hispanic in Houston Sarah Cortez 978-1-933896-83-0 paper $10.95


2017 Robert Phillips Chapbook Prize Winner

New from Rita Dove Award winner . . .

Enter Water Swimmer


Evana Bodiker

Mary Morris

These poems travel physically and emotionally, addressing the human condition through evocative language. “Enter Water, Swimmer” and you will be steeped in various manifestations of this world and beyond, daring to take on diverse realms of women, belief, culture, and ethics.

In Ephemera, winged creatures elegize and celebrate the beauty of evanescence simultaneously. The poems speak to the ambivalence of coming of age beset by the daily trials of chronic illness as viewed through the lens of femininity and love in the confessional tradition.

Day One


You slipped through me, not by me. How could I have known I would fall through these waters into the country of us?

Difficult to divine how you arrived, not water-doused or mail-slotted to me, but whole in your stone-centered gaze, almost tired out by your ninety days under stars. Satisfied by none, you chose me to be your canary, waiting, green with hope for

MARY MORRIS received the Rita Dove Award and New Mexico Discovery Award. Published in Poetry, Prairie Schooner, The Columbia Review, Arts & Letters, and numerous other literary journals. She has been invited to read at the Library of Congress and consequently aired on NPR. She lives in Santa Fe, New Mexico. 978-1-68003-154-6 paper $15.95 978-1-68003-155-3 ebook 6x9. 100 pp. Poetry. Women’s Studies. April

your return. Coming home from the back-woods, you made me into your mooring, fashioned yourself into a pilgrim to my bed’s unmade shrine. I’ll make a Ulysses out of you yet. Yes, the butterfly kind, blue body mild as the Aegean, crushing. I will weave our dreams together: never go back to sea without me as your mate. EVANA BODIKER studied English literature and poetry writing at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Her poems have been awarded the Anthony Abbott Prize and recognized in the Scholastic Art and Writing Awards. 978-1-68003-148-5 paper $14.95 978-1-68003-149-2 ebook 6x9. 48 pp. Poetry. Medical Humanities. April


The Geometry of Wishes

2017 X.J. Kennedy Poetry Prize Winner

Randall Watson

Because a Fire in Our Heads Jay Udall

These poems explore desire in its many forms— sensual, emotional, intellectual, aesthetic, and spiritual—confronting an infinite cosmos, existential separateness and vulnerability, violence, injustice, and death. This book enacts a running conversation with American cultural history, neuroscience, particle physics, religion, baseball, zoology, other poems and poets, jazz, blues, and zydeco, ranging through time and across New Mexico, Nevada, Louisiana, Virginia, and points in between and beyond. The Oracle at Amarillo Find the motel laundry room, the one windowsill smudged with ash and charred butts, coffee stains and feedlot dust. Listen through highway sighs, gazing at the empty parking lot, the fence shedding its brown paint, and what’s left of the sky. All questions will be answered. JAY UDALL is the author of five previous books of poetry, including The Welcome Table, winner of the New Mexico Book Award. He teaches at Nicholls State University in Thibodaux, Louisiana, where he also serves as poet-in-residence. 978-1-68003-150-8 paper $15.95 978-1-68003-151-5 ebook 6x9. 90 pp. Poetry. May

In Randall Watson’s The Geometry of Wishes, as much a subtle narrative sequence as it is a collection of lyrical meditations, an ecstatic generosity arises from an elegiac base, moving through our inescapable patterns of loss to emerge as an invocation of our mutuality, our tenderness. Refusing easy sentiment, these poems, resonant and limber, traverse the complexities of longing that beguile us, deepening our lives, giving them both gravity and lightness. Teaching Myself to Read I want to call it autopsia, I want to call it aubade, I want to call it tenderness, return: in the flower’s throat the history of bees RANDALL WATSON’s first book, Las Delaciones del Sueño, translated by Antonio Saborit and with a preface by Adam Zagajewski, was published in a bilingual edition by the Universidad Veracruzana in Xalapa, Mexico. His collection The Sleep Accusations received the 2004 Blue Lynx Poetry Award and his novella, Petals, under the heteronym Ellis Reece won the 2006-07 Quarterly West Novella Competition. He is also the editor of The Weight of Addition, An Anthology of Texas Poetry, published by Mutabilis Press. 978-1-68003-161-4 paper $15.95 978-1-68003-162-1 ebook 6x9. 96 pp. Poetry. March

Stephen F. Austin State University Press



Seek After David Baker

The poems of John Keats, Walt Whitman, Emily Dickinson, Wallace Stevens, Marianne Moore, Gwendolyn Brooks and W. S. Merwin are carefully studied and cleverly defined in Seek After: On Seven Modern Lyric Poets. David Baker meticulously curated twenty-three essays that explores the verses of these poets, where at times an author goes in depth on the form of the poem: Carl Phillips writes the technique of using an ellipsis shows “Stevens seems to want to emphasize the break, the breach between the figurative world we’ve just left and the literal one we’ve been abandoned to.” Baker states that “we tend to overlook Moore’s exceptions and substitutions” in her unconventional syllabics. In addition to the “polyvocal, fragmentary, and overtly sociopolitical in nature” prose of Brooks, Meghan O’ Rourke claims “to read “Riot” is to have to ask why it ends with an invocation of individual and—crucially—erotic renewal.” Rosanna Warren notes “the conventional lyric preoccupation with time passing, then, translates for Merwin into the particular grief of time running out for many species of plants and animals, and perhaps for the earth itself.” The influential poets of today’s literature show that these nineteenth-and twentieth-century poets paved the way for contemporary poetry. Linda Gregerson asserts that “Walt Whitman did change forever the possibilities of American poetic speech: he enabled American poetry to leap quite over the Victoriana that so beautifully elaborated, and stultified, English lyric production,” and Ann Townsend believes that “Emily Dickinson’s poems do not live apart from the world; they are the world.” Seek After requests that the reader searches for the ability to find what “a whole life is,” as Rosanna Warren says, once they have finished this insightful collection of essays. DAVID BAKER is the author of more than fifteen books of poetry and criticism, including Talk Poetry: Poems and Interviews with Nine American Poets, Radiant Lyre: Essays on Lyric Poetry, Heresy and the Ideal, Never-Ending Birds, Treatise on Touch: Selected Poems, Midwest Eclogue, The Truth About Small Towns, and Sweet Home, Saturday Night. He holds the Thomas B. Fordham Chair at Denison University, is a faculty member in the Warren Wilson College MFA program, and is the poetry editor of the Kenyon Review.

Seek After: On Seven Modern Lyric Poets

edited by

David Baker

978-1-62288-188-8 cloth $20.00 5x8. 200 pp. Literary Criticism. April

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Regarding the Poetry of Ted Kooser Edited by Mark E. Sanders 978-1-62288-030-0 paper $24.00

The Dialects of the Tribe

Post Modern American Poets and Poetry Lewis Putnam Turco 978-1-936205-30-1 paper $29.95s


DeWolf delivers

Dead Stick Steve DeWolf

Ryan Conley is a marine second lieutenant stationed in Abu Al Khasib, Iraq. Just as he is about to rotate out of the war zone, Ryan is severely wounded and granted a medical discharge, so he can return home to the family ranch in Sweetwater, Texas, to focus his energy on recovery. But life never goes as planned for the young marine, and he is unexpectedly found dead. Jake Conley is Ryan’s brother and a Texas civil trial lawyer who never backs down from a fight. He has no intention of letting his brother’s death go unanswered and travels half-way around the world to Baghdad looking for answers. It is in this burning, warscraped land, Jake discovers that swords cut both ways. From Mexico City to Dallas and points in between, the gritty, street-wise attorney dodges one attempt after another on his life while trying to unravel his brother’s mysterious death. Against long odds and overwhelming legal adversaries, Conley battles to the end. STEVE DEWOLF graduated from the University of Texas in 1975 and its law school in 1978. He received an LL.M. from Queens’ College Cambridge in 1983. He has been a civil trial lawyer for almost 40 years. In 2002 he started Wind Tex Energy, which is responsible for over 5% of the wind energy produced in Texas today. He taught at UT Law as an adjunct professor from 2012–2014. He also co-wrote the first wind law textbook. He is a private pilot with over 1,000 hours flying in World War II era planes.

978-1-62288-181-9 paper $20.00 6x9. 220 pp. Fiction. March

RELATED INTEREST Rendezvous with Death

Sam Griffith 978-1-62288-152-9 paper $22.00

The Heart to Kill

Dorothy Place 978-1-62288-129-1 paper $18.00


Deer at Twilight poetry

A new and rich collection

Storytelling at its finest

Deer at Twilight

My Life Takes Up Too Much of my Time

Paul J. Willis

Glenda Watters

Paul Willis

In his fifth collection of poetry, Deer at Twilight, Paul J. Willis offers a vividly imagistic insight into the depths of nature within and around the state of Washington. Walking on Water, Pyramid Lake These particular bugs can do it, dimpling the surface with their feet, and no one has built a church in their name. Other bugs swim underwater with abandon, with no blue ribbons to show for it. That leaves the rest of us to perform our daily miracles without applause. This rock, forexample,sheared flat by who knows what torturous force, left to host its lime-green share of crustose lichen, that concoction of algae and fungi which long ago, not even listening to Rodney King, decided we can get along if we just try. PAUL J. WILLIS is a professor of English at Westmont College and a former poet laureate of Santa Barbara, California. He is the author of three previous collections of poetry, most recently Say This Prayer into the Past. 978-1-62288-182-6 paper $16.00 6x9. 88 pp. Poetry. April

In a series of short, often funny lyrical pieces, author Glenda Watters explores small-town East Texas folklore and mythos, bringing them together with her own eventful upbringing to create many memorable vignettes with a flare of what it is like to live within the Piney Woods. Watters unites poignant pieces of her childhood and relates them to folk tales originating in the depths of the south, particularly in and around Timpson, her East Texas hometown. She presents all manner of stories overheard in a lifetime, including local legends and jokes, and connects them in a humorous way to elements of the events that make up an actual life, shortening the divide between what is real and false in a poetic way. At times deeply personal or outright hilarious, each of these stories bleeds a depth of cultural heritage and precisely crafted syntax that make them something truly special. GLENDA WATTERS is the Storyteller du Jour at area Senior Citizen Residence Centers and is a columnist for the Daily Sentinel. She currently resides in Nacogdoches, Texas. 978-1-62288-183-3 paper $18.00 6x9. 130 pp. Texas Folklore. May


The Presidents Speak

An around the world adventure. Roads, People, Birds, Mountaintops & Billabongs

Seek After:

On Seven Modern Lyric Poets

Roads, Peoples, Birds, Mountaintops, and Billabongs

Addresses from the Leadership of the East Texas Historical Association, 2000– 2016

Dean Fisher

Milton S. Jordan Dan K. Utley by


Roads, Peoples, Birds, Mountaintops, and Billabongs recounts the unparalleled 3-year adventure around the world of a passionate ornithologist and an aspiring entrepreneur in an overweight Jeep camping van, 1959–1962. In this expedition around the world, Dean Fisher, with only one companion and a vehicle that broke down endlessly, speaks not only of the birds and natural history, but also the people and cultures encountered, not to mention the many challenges that had to be solved. This was all done long before international travel had become commonplace or bird guides were available for most of the places he visits. For many years, those of fascinated by his accounts urged him to write down these tales of adventure so they wouldn’t be lost. Finally, he has done so, and now we can all share in his incredible journey, from a time that seems quite distant and more innocent.

The Presidents Speak: Addresses from the Leadership of the East Texas Historical Association, 2000– 2016 includes thirteen of the original sixteen presidential addresses, with some modifications, documentation, and enhancements for publication purposes. One additional paper represents a contemporaneous article the editors chose to include in lieu of the presidential address, which is no longer available. The Presidents Speak will serve as a call for the long-term systematic preservation and publication of ETHA presidential addresses as a means of bequeathing a more complete record of associational scholarship and leadership insights to future generations.

DEAN FISHER was a professor of biology at Stephen F. Austin State University for 25 years. He has served as President of the Texas Ornithological Society and travelled worldwide researching and photographing birds. He resides in Nacogdoches, Texas, with his wife, Laurie.

MILTON S. JORDAN is a native Texas. He is a past president of the East Texas Historical Association, and his book, Just Between Us, co-authored with Dan K. Utley, won the 2012 Ottis Lock Award. Milton and his wife, Anne, reside in Georgetown, Texas. DAN K. UTLEY currently teaches at TSU-San Marcos and is a past president of the East Texas Historical Association. He served many years as the Chief Historian of the Texas Historical Commission and is the co-author of numerous books.

978-1-62288-187-1 cloth $25.00 81/2x11. 500 pp. 100 color plates. Memoir. Nature Travel. June

978-1-62288-178-9 paper $20.00 6x9. 158 pp. Historiography. January


In this place where we live and breathe

New from Faith Shearin

Here Lies

Darwin’s Daughter

Tom Hunley

Faith Shearin

Tom Hunley’s Here Lies is an entirely delightful book of poems, a rarity in many ways as much of 21st Century poetry is unapproachably dull and too serious about itself. Hunley, page after page, delivers comic insight and wit into the dark matter of living and dying. If life is too serious to take seriously, then Hunley gives the reader access to the cosmic joke and keeps us enthralled—by the music he brings to his poems and by the strange newness in which he sees. Here Lies is not necessarily the beginning of an epitaph, nor the beginning of a limerick, but it may be the introduction to some grandiose untruth. Here, in this place where we live and breathe, are the lies that make us silly creatures. Hunley leads us into the valley of death and gives us cause to laugh about it. TOM C. HUNLEY is a professor in the MFA/BA Creative Writing programs at Western Kentucky University, the director of Steel Toe Books, and the lead singer/guitarist for Night of the Living Dead Poets Society. This is his sixth full-length poetry collection. He has also authored six chapbooks and two scholarly books. He is the co-editor, with Dr. Alexandria Peary, of Creative Writing Pedagogies for the Twenty-First Century (Southern Illinois University Press, 2015). 978-1-62288-166-6 paper $16.00 6x9. 80 pp. Poetry. March

Darwin’s Daughter takes the advancement of science, the preservation of human morale and the observation of the human condition and places it under a microscope. Shearin’s artful word choice and prose phrasing makes her poems come alive. Readers will spend hours upon hours in this collection. Escapes Praise for the seven chimpanzees at the Kansas City Zoo who fashioned a ladder from branches; praise for the eight monkeys in Brazil who used stones to smash open a lock. We need more penguins who slide over thirteen foot walls to plunge into Tokyo Bay . . . FAITH SHEARIN has published several books of poetry, including Moving the Piano and Telling the Bees. She has received the May Swenson Award and awards from the Fine Arts Work Center in Provincetown, the National Endowment for the Arts, among others. Recent work appears in Ploughshares, Poetry East, and North American Review. Her poems have also been read by Garrison Keillor on The Writer’s Almanac. 978-1-62288-164-2 paper $18.00 6x9. 80 pp. Poetry. February


The Dead Still Here

Award-winning author

An inside look at life in the Midwest

The Dead Still Here

A Local Reckoning

Laura Valeri

Robert McEwen

Short stories

Laura Valeri Mapping stories set in Europe and America, The Dead Still Here skillfully paces through eleven short stories about friends-with-benefits typed relationships, vicious divorces and thievery, the loss of a child, the loss of a mother, and the Coast Guard and the Navy rescuing refugees from a bad storm at sea. Laura Valeri writes one single breathtaking sentence about sex, Dear John emails, and Christmas presents in “Liabilities of a Love Misguided” and displays a sharp sense of paranoia based on everyone looking at the narrator, laughing, whispering in “What They Know.” Along with characters that are irrevocably locked in their heads, Valeri includes a guide on how to take medication in “Prescription for Life,” which subtly points to the other hallucinatory narratives. This collection is at once provocative and lucid, and it offers various angles of characters looking for a relationship to hold. LAURA VALERI’s debut collection of short stories The Kind of Things Saints Do was the winner of the Iowa/ John Simmons Award. She lives in Savannah, Georgia, with her husband Joel Caplan, and she is Associate Professor of Creative Writing at Georgia Southern University in Statesboro. 978-1-62288-180-2 paper $18.00 6x9. 120 pp. Collection of Short Fiction. April

A Local Reckoning is a collection of snapshots centered around the lives of those living in the Midwest spanning a total of fifty years. This collection of short stories explores family ties, family expectations, work promotions and demotions, jail break and all that follows, and a variety of other life’s obstacles. McEwen’s writing style is raw and eccentric. His word choice and style allows his stories to be easily read and processed. He brings the characters to life easily and creates a laugh-out-loud novel. McEwen provides the reader with an inside look into life in the Midwest from the Irish-set Montana in 1920 all the way Indiana, South Dakota, and Nebraska in the 1970’s and on. A Local Reckoning is a fastpaced, descriptive, and must-read account of life in the Midwest told from a variety of different socioeconomic backgrounds, family situations, and ties that bind us together. R. F. MCEWEN was born in Chicago, Illinois in 1945. Since 1962 he has been a professional logger and tree trimmer, working trees throughout the United States as well as in, during the late 1960’s, Guyana, South America. In 1972 he began teaching Middle School English in Chadron, Nebraska, and is currently a professor of English at Chadron State College. His work has appeared in numerous journals, including Kansas Quarterly, The Prairie Schooner,Melville Extracts and in The Yellow Nib. 978-1-62288-186-4 paper $16.00 6x9. 80 pp. Young Readers. April


Award-winning author

Survival House


El Mexicano

Wendell Mayo

A diary from the Spanish Civil War

F. Perez Lopez’s El Mexicano F. Perez Lopez Translated by Gary Soto


A humorous collection of short stories, Survival House explores communism in the 1960s, popular literature such as The Scarlet Letter and As You Like It. “Cherry Pie” revolves around the narrator’s intense paranoia that he is seen as a pedophile after offering to buy two boys a slice of pie. The title story showcases a married couple in the pursuit of buying a ranch that survived the Survival Town test explosion in 1955, where also the husband and wife struggle to start a family, in which lovemaking scenes are played out simplistically and comically. With refreshingly realistic dialogue, ordinary scenes presented in an extraordinary fashion, Wendell Mayo caps off the collection with “The World is Ending Yesterday,” where an American visits a Soviet Inter-Continental Ballistic Missile site in the Plokštinė Forest after the Cold War. WENDELL MAYO is also author of three more full-length story collections: Centaur of the North; B. Horror and Other Stories; and a novel-in-stories, In Lithuanian Wood. He’s recipient of the Premio Aztlán, an NEA fellowship, and a Fulbright to Lithuania. Over one-hundred of his short stories have appeared widely in magazines and anthologies, including Yale Review, Harvard Review, New Letters, Missouri Review, Prism International, and others. 978-1-62288-189-5 paper $18.00 6x9. 180 pp. Collection of Short Fiction. April

The Spanish Civil War, a precursor to World War II, was a testing ground of not only political might between feuding factions in Europe but also military hardware—modern tanks and aircraft from Hitler’s Germany and Mussolini’s Italy, for instance. The civil war, which began in 1936 and ended in 1939, witnessed more than 500,000 deaths. One volunteer was Francisco Pérez Lopez, Spanish by birth but raised in France. He began as a recruit at the age of twenty and emerged a platoon leader in roadside skirmishes, firefights in villages and forests, and in the Battle of the Ebro, the last stand for the Republican cause. He became a prisoner, a medic, a favorite among nuns, and then an escapee—his feats for survival are nothing less than genius. Gary Soto’s condensed yet artful and sensitive retelling is a gripping tale of human dignity and one man’s unflagging commitment to justice. FRANCISCO PEREZ LOPEZ was born in Spain in 1916. He was raised in Arles, France, by his mother and grandmother. GARY SOTO has published more than forty books, including Living Up the Street, A Summer Life, Jesse, Nickel and Dime, and New and Selected Poems, a finalist for the National Book Award. Several of his books have been translated into French, Italian, Japanese, Korean and Spanish. He is the author of In and Out of Shadows, a musical about undocumented youth. The Gary Soto Literary Museum is located at Fresno City College. He lives in Berkeley, California. 978-1-62288-163-5 paper $16.00 6x9. 120 pp. Memoir. April


Worship as Experience

Let’s make education fun.

An Inquiry into John Dewey’s Aesthetics, the Community, and the Local Church

Cool Cat Says Hear the Story Here

Paul Shockley

Myrna Johnson

Paul Shockley’s Worship as Experience: An Inquiry into John Dewey’s Aesthetics, the Community and the Local Church serves as an exploration into how aesthetics affects a church and its community. Using the aesthetic principles of John Dewey, Shockley gives insight into what aesthetic deficiencies churches face, and how these churches can engage with people to provide a richer, deeper, and more fulfilling worship experience. This work offers a description of local church types, and what challenges these particular church communities face. Worship as Experience goes beyond merely offering acute insights into the aesthetic lives of the local church, and gives prescriptive measures to ensure the fullness of a meaningful worship experience. By examining with philosophic rigor the accounts of religious leaders and aestheticians, Shockley offers us a rational evaluation of aesthetic experience, an eye opening account of the challenges a church faces, and a powerful message for overcoming these challenges. PAUL R. SHOCKLEY is lecturer of philosophy at Stephen F. Austin State University and professor of bible, philosophy, & theology at the College of Biblical StudiesHouston. He is the co-editor of Evangelical America: An Encyclopedia of Contemporary American Religious Culture (ABC-CLIO). He lives with his wife, Jill, and their four children in Stafford, Texas 978-1-62288-185-7 paper $26.00 6x9. 200 pp. Religion. Philosophy. May

Cool Cat returns in Cool Cat Says Hear the Story Here! Myrna Johnson creates an enchanting story that follows the animal residents of Woodsville on the day of their fun-filled community picnic. The illustrations are water-colored—by Johnson herself—to perfection and help bring out the personalities and make the story come to life on the page. Not only is Cool Cat Says Hear the Story Here a great narrative about bringing the community together, it is a fun, interactive lesson for children about Homophones, Homographs, and Homonyms. This book is will be adored by children, their parents, and grandparents alike. MYRNA JOHNSON, a graduate of Abilene Christian University, retired from the U. S. Forest Service Wildlife Habitat Lab, Nacogdoches, Texas. She and her husband, Bobby H. Johnson, retired professor emeritus of history from Stephen F. Austin State University, have two daughters and four grandchildren. 978-1-62288-179-6 paper $12.00 81/2x11. 32 pp. 27 watercolor. Young Readers Fiction. January


Popular titles from Shearer Publishing Lone Star Eats A Gathering of Recipes from Great Texas Cookbooks Terry Thompson-Anderson 384 pp. Line drawings. Recipe source. Index. 978-0-940672-76-5 flexbound $24.95

Wildflowers of Texas Geyata Ajilvsgi 544 pp., 486 color photos. Map. Illustrated glossary. Bib. Index. 978-0-940672-73-4 flexbound $19.95

In her popular Wildflowers of Texas, native-plant expert Geyata Ajilvsgi gives lay readers a comprehensive field guide on the state’s abundant wildflowers. This latest edition contains information on 482 of the most common species found in the state’s major vegetation zones. Each entry includes a full-color photograph of the flower on the page facing the entry, bloom period, range and habitat, and botanical description. Texas Country Reporter Cookbook Recipes from the Viewers of “Texas Country Reporter” Bob Phillips 256 pp. Line drawings. Index. 978-0-940672-54-3 paper $17.95

In traveling the backroads to gather material for the popular television show Texas Country Reporter, producer Bob Phillips and his crew have tasted some of the best Texas cooking— from crawfish in Mauriceville to chili in Terlingua to sautéed tumbleweeds in Clint. In this cookbook viewers from all around the state share their favorite recipes, along with colorful anecdotes about the history of the dish.

A Family Farm in Tuscany Recipes and Stories from Fattoria Poggio Alloro Sarah Fioroni 978-0-940672-83-3 flexbound $24.95

In compiling Lone Star Eats, Terry ThompsonAnderson has pored over a vast collection of Texas cookbooks and chosen the best examples of the way Texans eat today. More than 500 favorite recipes make up this collection, from down-home comfort foods with rural roots to sophisticated dishes of urban inspiration. Don Strange of Texas His Life and Recipes Frances Strange 256 pp. 245 color photos. Index. 978-0-940672-81-9 cloth $34.95

San Antonio catering company Don Strange of Texas, known across the state as “the king of caterers,” is acclaimed for serving fresh, delicious food with imaginative flair, even at events attended by thousands of people. From its humble beginnings the business has evolved into an empire of catering venues. The book contains more than one hundred of the caterer’s most popular recipes, adapted for the home kitchen. Also included are cooking tips and sample party menus. Full-color photographs illustrate selected dishes and the caterer’s signature serving style. Wildflowers of the Texas Hill Country Marshall Enquist 978-0-9618013-0-4 paper $19.95

The Story of Texas John Edward Weems Compiled by Ron Stone Illustrations by Tom Jones 978-0-940672-35-2 paper $10.95

Selected books about the

Gulf of Mexico

A TEXAN PLAN FOR THE TEXAS COAST Jim Blackburn $35.00 flexbound 978-1-62349-578-7

LESSONS FROM HURRICANE IKE Edited by Philip B. Bedient $35.00 flexbound 978-1-60344-588-7

AFTER IKE Bryan Carlile $24.95 flexbound 978-1-60344-150-6

THE FORMATION AND FUTURE OF THE UPPER TEXAS COAST John B. Anderson $24.95 flexbound 978-1-58544-561-5

SEA-LEVEL CHANGE IN THE GULF OF MEXICO Richard A. Davis Jr. $25.00 paper 978-1-60344-224-4

BIRDLIFE OF THE GULF OF MEXICO Joanna Burger $75.00 hardcover 978-1-62349-546-6

BULWARK AGAINST THE BAY Mary Jo O'Rear $27.95 cloth 978-1-62349-491-9

GLORIOUS GULF OF MEXICO Jesse Cancelmo $30.00 flexbound 978-1-62349-374-5

THE AMERICAN SEA Rezneat Milton Darnell $75.00s hardcover 978-1-62349-282-3

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