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BOOK OF TEXAS BIRDS Gary Clark $39.95 flexbound 978-1-62349-431-5


SECRETS OF SNAKES David A. Steen $25.00 flexbound 978-1-62349-797-2

NEW IN HARDCOVER A HUNDRED YEARS OF TEXAS WATERFOWL HUNTING R. K. Sawyer $35.00 hardcover 978-1-62349-853-5

THE RIVER AND THE WALL Ben Masters $35.00 cloth 978-1-62349-780-4

ATTRACTING BIRDS IN THE TEXAS HILL COUNTRY W. Rufus Stephens and Jan Wrede $39.95 flexbound 978-1-62349-440-7

TEXANS ON THE BRINK Brian R. Chapman and William I. Lutterschmidt $37.00 hardcover 978-1-62349-731-6

UNNATURAL TEXAS? Robin W. Doughty and Matt Warnock Turner $32.00 cloth 978-1-62349-705-7

WILDLIFE ECOLOGY AND MANAGEMENT IN MEXICO Raul Valdez and José Alfonso Ortega-Santos $60.00 hardcover 978-1-62349-723-1

THE UPLAND AND WEBLESS MIGRATORY GAME BIRDS OF TEXAS Leonard A. Brennan, Damon L. Williford, Bart M. Ballard, William P. Kuvlesky Jr., Eric D. Grahmann, and Stephen J. DeMaso $40.00 hardcover 978-1-62349-498-8

DEER OF THE SOUTHWEST Jim Heffelfinger $30.00 flexbound 978-1-58544-515-8

ALLIGATORS OF TEXAS Louise Hayes $29.95 flexbound 978-1-62349-387-5

BIRDLIFE OF THE GULF OF MEXICO Joanna Burger $75.00 hardcover 978-1-62349-546-6

A TEXAN PLAN FOR THE TEXAS COAST APPLIED WILDLIFE HABITAT MANAGEMENT Roel R. Lopez, Israel D. Parker, and Jim Blackburn $35.00 flexbound 978-1-62349-578-7 Michael L. Morrison $45.00 hardcover 978-1-62349-502-2

ebook editions also available

FALL 2019

TEXAS MARKET HUNTING R. K. Sawyer $30.00 cloth 978-1-62349-011-9 COMMON RANGELAND PLANTS OF WEST CENTRAL TEXAS George Clendenin $45.00 flexbound 978-1-62349-391-2

UNBRANDED Ben Masters $40.00 cloth 978-1-62349-280-9 $24.95 flexbound 978-1-62349-281-6

GRASSES OF THE GREAT PLAINS James Stubbendieck, Stephan L. Hatch, and Cheryl D. Dunn $50.00 hardcover 978-1-62349-477-3

THE TEXAS LANDSCAPE PROJECT David Todd and Jonathan Ogren $45.00 flexbound 978-1-62349-372-1

MARINE PLANTS OF THE TEXAS COAST Roy L. Lehman $32.00 flexbound 978-1-62349-016-4

CAESAR KLEBERG AND THE KING RANCH Duane M. Leach $35.00 hardcover 978-1-62349-504-6

TEXAS MASTER NATURALIST Michelle M. Haggerty and Mary Pearl Meuth, eds. $70.00 hardcover 978-1-62349-340-0

COMMON TEXAS GRASSES Stephen L. Hatch, Kelly C. Umphres, and A. Jenét Ardoin $30.00 flexbound 978-1-62349-325-7

WILDLIFE WATCHING IN AMERICA'S NATIONAL PARKS: A SEASONAL GUIDE Gary W. Vequist & Daniel S. Licht $25.00 flexbound 978-1-60344-814-7

HANDBOOK OF TEXAS BIRDS, 2ND. ED. Mark W. Lockwood and Brush Freeman $24.95 paper 978-1-62349-120-8

PRAIRIE TIME: A BLACKLAND PORTRAIT Matt White $22.95 paper 978-1-62349-136-9

THE ATCHAFALAYA RIVER BASIN Bryan P. Piazza $35.00 hardcover 978-1-62349-039-3

THE AMERICAN SEA Rezneat Milton Darnell $75.00 hardcover 978-1-62349-282-3

GREEN IN GRIDLOCK Paul Walden Hansen $24.95 cloth 978-1-62349-014-0 $19.95 paper 978-1-62349-300-4

TEXAS WATERFOWL William P. Johnson & Mark W. Lockwood $25.00 flexbound 978-1-60344-807-9

GRASSES OF THE TEXAS GULF PRAIRIES AND MARSHES Stephan L. Hatch et al. $24.95s paper 978-0-89096-889-5

WILDLIFE OF THE CONCHO VALLEY William P. Johnson & Mark W. Lockwood $30.00 flexbound 978-1-60344-965-6

WOODY PLANTS OF THE BIG BEND AND TRANS-PECOS Louis A. Harveson $29.95 flexbound 978-1-62349-353-0

2nd Edition Expanded & Updated A NATURALIST’S GUIDE TO THE TEXAS HILL COUNTRY Mark Gustafson $24.95 flexbound 978-1-62349-235-9

TEXAS AQUATIC SCIENCE Rudolph A. Rosen $24.95 flexbound 978-1-62349-193-2

TEXAS SEASHELLS: A FIELD GUIDE John W. Tunnell Jr., Noe C. Barrera, and Fabio Moretzsohn $25.00 flexbound 978-1-62349-167-3

STILL TURNING Christopher C. Gillis Sr. $35.00 cloth 978-1-62349-335-6

WHITE-TAILED DEER HABITAT, 2ND ED. Timothy Edward Fulbright & J. Alfonso Ortega-S. $29.95 flexbound 978-1-60344-951-9

BEEF, BRUSH, AND BOBWHITES: QUAI L MANAGEMENT IN CATTLE COUNTRY Fidel Hernández & Fred S. Guthery $24.95 paper 978-1-60344-475-0 TEXAS RATTLESNAKE ROUNDUPS Clark E. Adams & John K. Thomas $19.95 flexbound 978-1-60344-035-6

RARE PLANTS OF TEXAS: A FIELD GUIDE Jackie M. Poole, William R. Carr, Dana M. Price & Jason R. Singhurst $35.00 flexbound 978-1-58544-557-8

ebook editions also available

ebook editions also available

FALL 2019

FALL 2019

BEACHES OF THE GULF COAST Richard A. Davis Jr. $35.00 flexbound 978-1-62349-038-6

THE TEXAS LEGACY PROJECT David Todd $30.00 flexbound 978-1-60344-200-8

WATER FROM STONE: Jeffrey Greene $27.95 cloth 978-1-58544-593-6 $16.95 paper 978-1-60344-063-9

TREES, SHRUBS, AND VINES OF THE TEXAS HILL COUNTRY Jan Wrede $24.00 flexbound 978-1-60344-188-9

BRUSH MANAGEMENT: PAST, PRESENT, FUTURE Wayne T. Hamilton et al. $50.00s cloth 978-1-58544-355-0 $26.00 paper 978-1-58544-357-4

A PRIMER ON NATURAL RESOURCE SCIENCE Fred S. Guthery $40.00x cloth 978-1-60344-024-0 $19.95s paper 978-1-60344-025-7

EXOTIC ANIMAL FIELD GUIDE Elizabeth Cary Mungall $23.00 flexbound 978-1-58544-555-4

BENTHIC FORAMINIFERA OF THE GULF OF MEXICO C. Wylie Poag $75.00 harcover 978-1-62349-195-6

GRASSES OF THE TEXAS HILL COUNTRY Brian Loflin & Shirley Loflin $23.00 flexbound 978-1-58544-467-0

DESIGNING THE BAYOUS: THE CONTROL OF WATER IN THE ATCHAFALAYA BASIN, 1800-1995 Martin Reuss $39.95s paper 978-1-58544-375-8

BRUSH & WEEDS OF TEXAS RANGELANDS Charles R. Hart $25.00 paper 978-0-9721049-4-4

TEXAS RANGE PLANTS Stephan L. Hatch & Jennifer Pluchar $29.95s paper 978-0-89096-521-4

NESTING BIRDS OF A TROPICAL FRONTIER Timothy Brush $50.00s cloth 978-1-58544-436-6 $24.95 paper 978-1-58544-490-8

TEXAS RIPARIAN ZONES Thomas B. Hardy and Nicole A. Davis, Eds. $40.00 hardcover 978-1-62349-255-7

BIRDLIFE OF HOUSTON, GALVESTON, AND THE UPPER TEXAS COAST Ted L. Eubanks Jr. et al. $45.00 cloth 978-1-58544-510-3

HEADS ABOVE WATER Robert L. Gulley $29.95 cloth 978-1-62349-268-7


CONDUCTING PRESCRIBED FIRES: A COMPREHENSIVE MANUAL John R. Weir $28.00s paper 978-1-60344-134-6

IT'S A LONG WAY FROM LLANO James G. Teer $29.95 cloth 978-1-60344-068-4

GUIDE TO TEXAS GRASSES Robert B. Shaw $45.00s flexbound 978-1-60344-186-5

ebook editions also available

FALL 2019

BATS OF TEXAS Loren K. Ammerman et al. $35.00 flexbound 978-1-60344-476-7

FROGS AND TOADS OF BIG BEND NATIONAL PARK Gage H. Dayton et al. $12.95 paper 978-1-58544-576-9

AMPHIBIANS AND REPTILES OF TEXAS James R. Dixon $39.95 paper 978-1-60344-734-8

SHARING THE COMMON POOL Charles R. Porter $24.95 flexbound 978-1-62349-137-6

GULF OF MEXICO ORIGIN, WATERS, & BIOTA: VOLUME I, BIODIVERSITY Darryl L. Felder & David K. Camp $95.00s hardcover 978-1-60344-094-3

GULF OF MEXICO ORIGIN, WATERS, & BIOTA: VOLUME 2, OCEAN AND COASTAL ECONOMY James C. Cato $40.00s hardcover 978-1-60344-086-8

THE FORMATION AND FUTURE OF THE UPPER TEXAS COAST John B. Anderson $24.95 paper 978-1-58544-561-5

SEA-LEVEL CHANGE IN THE GULF OF MEXICO Richard A. Davis Jr. $25.00 flexbound 978-1-60344-224-4

FISHES OF THE TEXAS LAGUNA MADRE David A. McKee $16.95 paper 978-1-60344-028-8

FRESHWATER FISHES OF TEXAS Chad Thomas, Timothy H. Bonner, Bobby G. Whiteside $23.00 flex 978-1-58544-570-7

CORAL REEFS OF THE SOUTHERN GULF OF MEXICO John W. Tunnell Jr. et al. $50.00 ebook edition only


TEXAS QUAILS: ECOLOGY AND MANAGEMENT Leonard A. Brennan et al. $40.00 hardcover 978-1-58544-503-5

GULF OF MEXICO ORIGIN, WATERS, & BIOTA: VOLUME 3, GEOLOGY Noreen A. Buster & Charles W. Holmes $75.00s hardcover 978-1-60344-290-9

ON BOBWHITES Fred S. Guthery $23.00 paper 978-1-58544-538-7

ENCYCLOPEDIA OF TEXAS SEASHELLS John W. Tunnell Jr. et al. $50.00 hardcover 978-1-60344-141-4

PLANTS OF DEEP SOUTH TEXAS : A FIELD GUIDE TO THE WOODY AND FLOWERING SPECIES Alfred Richardson & Ken King $30.00 flexbound 978-1-60344-144-5

GULF OF MEXICO ORIGIN, WATERS, & BIOTA: VOLUME 4, ECOSYSTEM-BASED MANAGEMENT John W. Day & Alejandro Yáñez-Arancibia $125.00s hardcover 978-1-60344-765-2

ECOLOGIA Y MANEJO DE VENADO COLA BLANCA Timothy E. Fulbright & J. Alfonso Ortega-S. $50.00s cloth 978-1-58544-601-8 $25.00 paper 978-1-58544-611-7

FISHES OF THE GULF MEXICO H. Dickson Hoese $34.95s cloth 978-0-89096-737-9 $18.95 paper 978-0-89096-767-6

ebook editions also available

FALL 2019

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