African American Studies

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INCIDENT AT ASHTON Jay Milner $29.95 cloth 978-0-87565-652-6



THE GROUND ON WHICH I STAND Marti Corn $35.00 paper 978-1-62349-769-9 $40.00 cloth 978-1-62349-376-9

BLACK MAN IN THE HUDDLE Robert D. Jacobus $29.95 cloth 978-1-62349-751-4



IN STRUGGLE AGAINST JIM CROW Merline Pitre $22.50 paper 978-1-60344-199-5

AFRICAN AMERICANS IN CENTRAL TEXAS HISTORY Patricia Bernstein $40.00 hardover 978-1-62349-747-7

TEN DOLLARS TO HATE Patricia Bernstein $34.95 cloth 978-1-62349-529-9 $27.95 paper 978-1-62349-718-7

THE BUFFALO SOLDIER TRAGEDY OF 1877 Paul H. Carlson $22.95 paper 978-1-62349-650-0

CURRENTS IN TRANSATLANTIC HISTORY Steven G. Reinhardt, Ed. $45.00 hardover 978-1-62349-542-8

REMEMBERING THE DAYS OF SORROW Ronald E. Goodwin $24.95 paper 978-1-933337-47-0

JUNETEENTH TEXAS Francis E. Abernethy, Patrick B. Mullen, and Alan B. Govenar $29.95 paper 978-1-57441-283-3

DORIS MILLER, PEARL HARBOR, AND THE BIRTH OF THE CIVIL RIGHTS MOVEMENT Thomas W. Cutrer and T. Michael Parrish $24.95 cloth 978-1-62349-602-9

FROM CHICKEN COOP TO MOUNTAIN TOP: ALL GOOD! Felix Holmes $20.00 paper 978-1-62288-301-1

THE OTHER GREAT MIGRATION Bernadette Pruitt $29.95 paper 978-1-62349-609-8 $40.00 cloth 978-1-60344-948-9

CIVIL WAR REMINISCENCES OF ORLANDO T. HANKS Jonathan D. Hood $20.00 paper 978-1-62288-132-1

ebook editions also available

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EDGE OF THE WIND James E. Cherry $18.00 paper 978-1-62288-140-6

ONE RIGHTEOUS PERSON Shaina Hawkins $18.00 paper 978-1-62288-126-0

THROUGH MANY DANGERS, TOILS, AND SNARES Merline Pitre $27.95 paper 978-1-62349-482-7

NACOGDOCHES INTEGRATION, THEN AND NOW Michelle Williams and Brandon Fox, Eds. $20.00 paper 978-1-62288-104-8

RACIAL BORDERS James N. Leiker $19.95 paper 978-1-60344-159-9

CALVIN LITTLEJOHN Bob Ray Sanders $29.95 cloth 978-0-87565-381-5

BUFFALO SOLDIERS IN THE WEST Bruce A. Glasrud and Michael N. Searles $19.95 paper 978-1-58544-620-9

BLACK COWBOYS OF TEXAS Sara R. Massey $29.95 paper 978-1-58544-443-4

THE GARDEN OF EDEN Drew Sanders $40.00 cloth 978-1-62349-376-9

ANTI-BLACK VIOLENCE IN TWENTIETH CENTURY TEXAS Bruce A. Glasrud $35.00 paper 978-1-62349-333-2

I’VE BEEN OUT THERE Grady Gaines with Rod Evans $23.00 cloth 978-1-62349-270-0

A HISTORY OF FORT WORTH IN BLACK & WHITE Richard F. Selcer $29.95 cloth 978-1-57441-616-9

BLACK SOLDIERS IN JIM CROW TEXAS 1899-1917 Garna L. Christian $35.00 cloth 978-0-89096-637-2

ON THE MOVE: A BLACK FAMILY’S WESTERN SAGA S. R. Martin Jr. $24.95 paper 978-1-60344-104-9

BLACK FRONTIERSMAN Theodore Harris $19.95 paper 978-0-87565-282-5

A SOUTHERN FAMILY IN BLACK AND WHITE Do uglas Hales $29.95 cloth 978-1-58544-200-3

HOUSTON COUGARS IN THE 1960S Robert D. Jacobus $29.95 cloth 978-1-62349-347-9

MY BLACK ANGEL Kim Addonizio $40.00 cloth 978-1-62288-037-9

FREE BLACKS IN ANTEBELLUM TEXAS Bruce A. Glasrud & Milton S. Jordan $45.00 cloth 978-1-57441-614-5

IF NOT ME, WHO? Wendell Baker $22.00 paper 978-1-62288-072-0

EXPLORING THE AFRO-TEXAS EXPERIENCE Bruce A. Glasrud and Laurie Champion $20.00 paper 978-0-9647629-7-8

THE SLAVE NARRATIVES OF TEXAS Ron C. Tyler and Lawrence R. Murphy $18.95 paper 978-1-933337-03-6

THE AFRICAN DIASPORA Edited by Alusine Jalloh and Stephen E. Maizlish $16.95 paper 978-0-89096-731-7

TILL FREEDOM CRIED OUT Julie P. Baker $29.95 cloth 978-0-89096-736-2

FAIR WAYS Robert J. Robertson $19.95 paper 978-1-62349-356-1

RECOVERING FIVE GENERATIONS HENCE Karen Kossie-Chernyshev $48.50 cloth 978-1-60344-976-2 $29.95 paper 978-1-60344-977-9

DEEP ELLUM Alan Govenar and Jay F. Brakefield $24.95 paper 978-1-60344-958-8

THE UPSHAWS OF COUNTY LINE Richard Orton $29.95 cloth 978-1-57441-571-1

LABOR, CIVIL RIGHTS, AND THE HUGHES TOOL COMPANY Michael R. Botson Jr. $43.00 cloth 978-1-58544-438-0

MY MASTER: THE INSIDE STORY OF SAM HOUSTON AND HIS TIMES Jeff Hamilton $18.95 paper 978-1-933337-23-4

FROM SLAVE TO STATESMAN Patricia Smith Prather and Jane Clements Monday $16.95 paper 978-0-929398-87-7

THE AFRICAN TEXANS Alwyn Barr $29.95 cloth 978-1-58544-321-5 $10.95 paper 978-1-58544-350-5

ebook editions also available

ebook editions also available

& the Texas Book Consortium

FALL 2019

& the Texas Book Consortium

FALL 2019

REAPING A GREATER HARVEST Debra A. Reid $39.95 cloth 978-1-58544-571-4

STYLING JIM CROW Julia Kirk Blackwelder $29.95 cloth 978-1-58544-244-7

LYNCHING TO BELONG Cynthia Skove Nevels $24.95 cloth 978-1-58544-589-9

BLACK LEADERS: TEXANS FOR THIER TIMES Edited by Alwyn Barr and Robert A. Calvert $12.95 paper 978-0-87611-056-0

THE FIRST WACO HORROR Patricia Bernstein $22.95 paper 978-1-58544-544-8

BIRACIAL UNIONS ON GALVESTON’S WATERFRONT, 1865-1925 Clifford Farrington $29.95 cloth 978-0-87611-217-5

BLACK UNIONISM IN THE INDUSTRIAL SOUTH Ernest Obadele-Starks $19.95 paper 978-1-58544-167-9

MY REMEMBERS: A BLACK SHARECROPPER’S RECOLLECTIONS OF THE DEPRESSION Eddie Stimpson Jr $18.95 paper 978-1-57441-067-9 $49.95 cloth 978-0-87611-153-6

BLACK CINEMA TREASURES: LOST AND FOUND G. William Jones $29.95 cloth 978-0-929398-26-6 $18.95 paper 978-1-57441-028-0

BLACK CULTURE AND THE HARLEM RENAISSANCE Cary D. Wintz $21.95 paper 978-0-89096-761-4

BIGMAMA DIDN’T SHOP AT WOOLWORTH’S Sunny Nash $19.95 cloth 978-0-89096-716-4

PORTRAITS OF COMMUNITY Alan Govenar $49.95 cloth 978-0-87611-153-6

ONE WOMAN’S ARMY Charity Adams Earley $20.00 paper 978-0-89096-694-5

SLAVERY TO INTEGRATION Bruce A. Glasrud, Paul H. Carlson and Tai D. Kreidler $21.95 paper 978-1-933337-26-5

BLACKS IN EAST TEXAS HISTORY Bruce A. Glasrud and Archie P. McDonald $29.95 cloth 978-1-60344-041-7

WITH A BLACK PLATOON IN COMBAT: A YEAR IN KOREA Lyle Rishell $29.95 cloth 978-0-89096-526-9 $21.95 paper 978-1-60344-740-9

LAY BARE THE HEART James Farmer $19.95 paper 978-0-87565-188-0

QUEST FOR JUSTICE Cynthia Skove Nevels $22.50 cloth 978-0-87074-552-2

EAST TEXAS DAUGHTER Helen Green $26.50 cloth 978-0-87565-276-4

MAKE HASTE SLOWLY William Henry Kellar $38.95 cloth 978-0-89096-818-5

ST. PHILLIP’S COLLEGE Marie Pannell Thurston $29.95 hardback 978-1-60344-975-5

RACE AND THE HOUSTON POLICE DEPARTMENT, 1930–1990 Dwight D. Watson $44.00 cloth 978-1-58544-437-3

SOUTHERN BLACK WOMEN IN THE MODERN CIVIL RIGHTS MOVEMENT Bruce A. Glasrud and Merline Pitre $27.50 paper 978-1-60344-947-2

INVISIBLE HOUSTON; THE BLACK EXPERIENCE IN BOOM AND BUST Robert D. Bullard $17.95 paper 978-0-89096-357-9

BLACK CHURCHES IN TEXAS Clyde McQueen $39.95 cloth 978-0-89096-902-1 $24.95 paper 978-0-89096-941-0

BLACK DIXIE Howard Beeth and Cary D. Wintz $21.95 paper 978-0-89096-976-2

BLUE & GOLD AND BLACK Robert J. Schneller Jr. $45.00 cloth 978-1-60344-000-4

AFRICAN AMERICANS IN SOUTH TEXAS HISTORY Bruce A. Glasrud $45.00 cloth 978-1-60344-228-2 $23.00 paper 978-1-60344-229-9

THE FOLLY OF JIM CROW Stephanie Cole and Natalie J. Ring Introduction by Fitzhugh Brundage $30.00 cloth 978-1-60344-582-5

FALL 2019

WAITING IN LINE AT THE DRUGSTORE AND OTHER WRITINGS OF JAMES THOMAS JACKSON James Thomas Jackson $19.95 cloth 978-0-929398-62-4 $12.95 paper 978-0-929398-50-1

MIGHTY, MIGHTY MATADORS Al Pickett $24.95 cloth 978-1-62349-551-0

ebook editions also available

ebook editions also available

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BLOOD ON GERMAN SNOW Emiel W. Owens $24.95 cloth 978-1-58544-537-0

BLACK WOMEN IN TEXAS HISTORY Bruce A. Glasrud and Merline Pitre $40.00 cloth 978-1-60344-007-3 $19.95 paper 978-1-60344-031-8

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