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ATMentors Monthly March 2012

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Mark your calendar What’s New? Tips

Mark your calendar! March 1

Howdy Mentors! The spring semester is underway! This month is spring break and some students might find it hard to focus. Let us continue to be proactive in the effort to meet student needs and concerns. We will continue to send out emails so be on the lookout. If you need anything, have suggestions, or new ideas for the program, we would love to hear them! March Lunch and Learn: Student Conflict Resolution Services Have you ever had a mentee that violated Texas A&M University’s Student Rules? Needed legal advice? Didn’t know how to report an incident? Curious yourself on how these topics are handled? Please RSVP and join us on Tuesday, March 27th from 12pm1pm in Rudder 404, bring your lunch and learn about the great resources and information Student Conflict Resolution Services provides! RSVP to

Study Skills for College Success Cain Hall, B103 4pm-5pm March 12-16 Spring Break

March 24 The BIG EVENT 845-9618 March 27 ATMentor Lunch and Learn Student Conflict Resolution Services Rudder 404

What’s New? This section has updates on ATMentors information along with any programs or events to tell your students about.

ATMentor of the Year Award We are getting ready to start taking nominations for ATMentor of the Year Award. The purpose of the ATMentor of the Year Award is to provide support and recognition for excellence in mentoring. The winner of the award must be a member of ATMentors who has demonstrated outstanding dedication and commitment to making a difference in students’ lives. The nominations will be taken by students via online web form on

ATMentors Corner Welcome New Mentors! Evan Vestal, Senior Academic Advisor, College of Engineering LaShanta Green, Program Coordinator, College of Engineering Holly Kasperbauer, Assistant Director, Bush School

More details coming after Spring Break! Where you a Transfer Student? If so please contact us at for mentoring opportunities with transfer students!

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The Big Event provides the students of Texas A&M with the opportunity to say “thank you” to the community of Bryan/College Station. To participate:

We are using this social network to reach Aggies and potential mentors. Please send us a photo and a quick biography and we can add you to the page! “Failure is the only opportunity to more intelligently begin again.” –Henry Ford

Tips for March

This section contains tips and resources that will help you while mentoring.

College students are counting down the days to spring break to escape the stresses of college life. While spring break is a great time for students to unwind, it’s important to keep safety a top priority. Remind your students to: Keep a Low Profile 

Avoid drawing unwanted attention while on vacation and stay alert of surroundings.

Don’t tell anyone hotel room numbers, and always make sure hotel doors and windows are locked.

Limit the amount of expensive electronics and flashy luxury items to travel with. Lock valuables in the hotel room safe when not in use.

Be Smart About Cash 

Using an ATM in the hotel is the safest way to get cash. If that isn’t an option, find one in a well-lit area and go with a group.

Don’t Expose Credit Card Information 

Most hotels require a credit card to be on file to make a reservation, but experts warn that some hotel staff might see a young face and make bogus charges with the hopes they will be overlooked.

Always Have a Cell Phone 

Always have a cell phone for emergencies and for staying in touch with the people in the group.

When going out, make sure a phone is charged and that everyone in the group remembered to bring their phone.

Stay in a Group 

Students should always stick together when going out anywhere, day or night. There is more potential for something unfortunate to happen if they split up.


CAMPUS HIGHLIGHT STUDENT ASSISTANCE SERVICES Student Assistance Services (SAS) is an office in the Division of Student

Affairs that seeks to connect Texas A&M University students with the appropriate guidance, resources, and support to address a variety of personal and academic matters. SAS can be a beginning point of contact for information or questions about a variety of topics.

Some common issues that Student Assistance Services provides support for are: 

Referrals/resource connections – personal, academic, community

Concerning behavior follow-up

Student Welfare Checks

Student Absence Notification

Silver Taps/student death

Veterans Services- Student Affairs Liaison

Sexual Violence Response

Consultation regarding withdrawal from school

Assistance in coordinating family needs, in the event of an emergency

Transition issues

General consultation- University rules, process, faculty concerns

Have you heard about Green Dot? Green Dot is an international movement built on the premise that individuals can systematically Cain Hall, C118 and measurably reduce the levels of power based personal violence found in their community. Find out how YOU can keep Aggieland safe from power-based personal violence, one Green Dot at a time! Green Dot Bystander Training: Wednesday, April 13th 5pm-10pm Room 229, Bright Athletic Building Dinner provided. Sign up today!

Faculty, staff, and students are encouraged to contact Student Assistance Services if they have questions, for additional information, or for general consultation. SAS is located in the John J. Koldus building, suite 112 or can be reached by telephone at (979) 845-3113.

A big THANKS to Otis McGresham of Student Assistance Services for presenting at the February ATMentor Lunch and Learn!

March ATMentors Monthly  
March ATMentors Monthly  

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