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What are your favorite parts of the holidays? Time with friends, time home with your loved ones, time to spend doing what you enjoy, time to read a good book, or catch up with a Netflix binge, or simply time to do nothing. What you are holding in your hands is the beautifully curated talents, skills, passions, and hobbies of people just like you, who dared to expand beyond their "regular jobs" into the knowledge commerce economy. The new economy we all live in now - one where we can take what we know, share it with the world and make money doing so and create the freedoms we want: time, personal and professional. This is Vacationing Life's first holiday gift guide. Welcome come on in and spend some time shopping. What you'll find are gifts that allow you to make an impact, to learn a new skill, to get out of your own way, to pick up a new hobby, or simply treat your self to something beautiful. We also invite you to start dreaming about your #vacationinglife. What if your Mondays could feel like Saturdays? What if you created a life you don't need to escape from? What if ... you could once again feel the child-like wonder and excitement ... of a Christmas morning all year?

Meet Chris, Kip, Tamsen, & Tad Horton

VACATIONING LIFE MAGAZINE A lifestyle magazine showcasing everyday families who are creating lives they don't need to escape from. Add Real Simple, HGTV, Entrepreneur, Inc., Coastal Living, Travel, O Magazine, and showcasing kids, individuals, and families who are making the world better one day at a time- into a blender and vacationinglife is what you'll have. $16 | Founders Annual Subscription


Meet Dianne

Discover a new creative hobby making wire jewelry! The Members Studio, The Tao of Wire's community is your place! $29 | Monthly membership $199 | Annual membership* *Founding Members' price expires 12/31/17

EASY TUTORIALS COLLECTION Get eight of TToW 's best selling tutorials in one bundle! Using basic tools, you'll be able to make yourself a collection of jewelry in a few hours. Included in this instant download PDF collection: Ancient Whispers Earrings, Ancient Horn Earrings, Double Celtic Cross & Scrolls Earrings, Undercurrents Earrings, Clip On Earrings, Illusion Prong Ring, Micki Ring, and the 5-in-1 Explosion Bead! $50 | Easy download PDF Tutorials

FRIENDS FOREVER DIY CHARM BRACELET If you're looking for a new hobby or a fun thing to do on a girls' night, check out this mini-course and make yourself a beautiful charm bracelet! This is a bitesized sampler of some of the more comprehensive courses offered at The Tao of Wire, and features “building block” projects that you can mix and match to create a handcrafted piece of jewelry you'll be proud to wear or give. You may even discover a new passion! $35 | Friends Forever DIY Charm Bracelet Mini Course

MABEL & BIXBY BIBS Handmade and designed to fit children ages 6 months to 2 years. A variety of cute prewashed cotton prints are available to help your little one look their best at meal time! All bibs have an inner layer of batting so they are extra $18 durable | 2 bibs absorbent and even for the $27 messiest | 3 bibs eaters! Reversible $32 | 4 and bibs feature a snap $45 closure. | 6 bibs

$18 $27 $32 $45

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Meet Julie & Kids

MABEL & BIXBY Meet Julie

Handmade and designed to fit children ages 6 months to 2 years. A variety of cute prewashed cotton prints are available to help your little one look their best at meal time! All bibs have an inner layer of batting so they are extra absorbent and durable even for the messiest eaters! Reversible and feature a snap closure.

4P APPROACH TO CLASSROOM PRESENTATIONS Is your child coming home with presentation assignments? Are they stressing about having to stand up and talk out loud in front of their friends? Do you remember being nervous about presenting? If you answered yes to any of these, then the confidence that the step-by-step system of the 4P Approach to Presenting delivers is what you need heading into the new year and next semester! $39 | online learning course

Meet Chris

PIECE OF CAKE RECIPES Piece of Cake Recipes is a collection of family favorites that make it fun + easy to bake with your kids. The simple visual format makes them quick to scan so you can spend less time figuring out a recipe and more time making memories and connecting with your family. The collection includes 20 no-fuss cookie, cake, frosting, and bar recipes chosen with families in mind. No special ingredients, no advanced baking techniques, and no unusual baking equipment. Just your family, some standard baking supplies, and plenty of warm fuzzies. $19 | Piece of Cake Recipes

Meet Jennifer

When my little boys one day get married, I can't wait to hand their chosen spouse a beautifully wrapped box full of a seemingly random assortment of cake toppers. One for each year 0-9. You see each year, I buy a custom cake topper for their birthday. Each year it's different based on what they are interested in at the time. We're still in single digits but I can't wait until they hit double digits and then I can start the combination of 1+2 or 1+6. What Mia creates is a legacy story in my opinion. It's more than a beautiful cake topper. It's the stories and the memories that start as a child and one day become anniversary cake toppers.

Meet Mia

Kip Horton Can't you just see his 35th birthday?



How fun to have a custom cake topper for the special events in your life? Have an idea, let us know and we'll run with it. Need an idea - we're very good with that too!

Custom wood designs that you can paint yourself are the perfect piece of jewelry for your doors for every season.

Starting at $25.99

Shop all the new styles! Starting at $8

POPSICLE POWER As a crazy busy mother of 2 boys with a teacher husband working fulltime and running not one but two businesses and launching a new lifestyle brand magazine - I do it all without hiring a nanny or housekeeper. Whether you have a nanny or housekeeper or not - this program is the perfect complement to enjoying life without nagging or feeling like you need to do it all. Included are fun to watch videos and all the tips and checklists you need to set up your own popsicle stick system. How to layout your popsicle stick tasks How to make the sticks, including different ideas for age levels and reward opportunities How to setup the system and get your family onboard willingly How to run the system and make tweaks as you run into challenges $29

Meet Tamsen

YOU GET TO WIPE A POOPY BUTT Any of your friends expecting their first child? Pick them up a copy of this brutally honest book about becoming a new dad. The messes, the spills, thrills and yes, plenty of poopy butts! Pass the wipes please! $14.99 | Paperback $9.99 | Kindle

Meet Chris

Meet Carmel Carmel Meet

SHOP HEALTHY 4 GOOD This holiday season, what if shopping could be easier for you? And what if you could make an impact every time you went shopping? $99 | Annual membership with free shipping

LIFESTYLE PRODUCTIVITY FOR THE HOME Drowning in to-do lists and overwhelm? The Lifestyle Productivity Course helps you dial in your tasks, prioritize what's most important and work more efficiently when managing your home and garden. It's NOT about doing more. It's about being efficient with your time so that you gain more freedom to be with your family. It's about working smarter - not harder. $97

Meet Theresa

HEALTHY YOU Creating a #vacationinglife is incredible! Spending each day running off the excitement you feel from doing what you are doing with the people that you truly enjoy. But what we quickly found as 40something parents of two littles, growing careers and businesses is that we were letting our health slip and we knew it. What's the point in building an incredible life you don't need to escape from if you are too tired to enjoy it? Well, all the afternoon crashing, the up and down eating, and the tiredness changed for us once we finally focused in on what OUR bodies needed when we took this online quiz - the true health assessment. Free | True Health Assessment

Meet the Hortons


Meet Jenn V

5S PROGRAM Build a fitness foundation using the 5S's of fitness: Stability, sweat, strength, stretch, and smiles. On Demand low impact workouts that can be done anywhere with no equipment, simple healthy lifestyle tips, and 1-on-1 fitness coaching for a complete program that gets results. $625 | Special BOGO Holiday Sale

Join a live, online, interactive group fitness workout from your living room! Low impact workouts for beginner to intermediate fitness levels that will improve your energy, balance, posture, weight loss, and over all awesomeness! Smile just as much, or more, than you sweat! Save 25% | Coupon Code: HOLIDAY2017

s r o h t u A

EVERYDAY HAPPINESS This book introduces the Everyday Happiness Practice, which is exactly that. This is a practical approach to happiness. With this practice, you give yourself the best possible chance of achieving your dreams. $18.99 | Paperback

YOU GET TO WIPE A POOPY BUTT Nothing really and honestly prepares you for fatherhood. This book is a must have for new dads and dads to be. $14.99 | Paperback $9.99 | Kindle


Share what you know and make money doing it. This book will get you started! Humorously told by a lawyer and a teacher who are doing exactly that! $14.99 | Paperback $5.55 | Kindle

FITDAMENTALS Fitdamentals contains simple fitness fundamentals you can implement immediately to have more energy, confidence, and lose weight! It's honest. it's real. And it works! $18 | Shop Holiday Special! $7.99 | Kindle

HILDA An amusing yet actionable self-help book, Hilda explores the ways your inner saboteur operates while providing powerful tactics for silencing the noise, getting out of your own way, and realizing your true potential. $14.99 | Paperback $9.99 | Kindle

THE GIFT OF GRACE & GRATITUDE The Gifts of Grace & Gratitude contains stories of twenty-six remarkable women who’ve chosen to live in the beauty of life —even after experiencing some not-soperfect moments and sometimes downright horrific life events. $24.50

EARTH & ELEGACE A Bohemian's Guide to Creating Artisan Leather Jewelry, you'll discover that making simply stunning leather jewelry is easy and fun to do! $25 | Shop the full library

BRILLIANT BREAKTHROUGHS In this life-altering business book, you will learn fresh perspectives on Profitability, People, Productivity, and Peace to dramatically simplify and boost your business performance in one swoop. $19.95 | Paperback

BUSINESS CINEMAâ„¢ PRODUCTION PLANNER This planner is designed with you in mind. It will keep you on track and organized. It's everything you need to plan, strategize and systematically produce the next 3 months of content for your YouTube Channel. It's the answer to your VIDEO woes. $99

PIECE OF CAKE RECIPES A collection of family favorites that make it fun + easy to bake with your kids. The simple visual format makes them quick to scan so you can spend less time figuring out a recipe and more time making memories and connecting with your family. $19

KITTY KLIP PAGE PUPPY BOOKMARKS Say hello to Kitty Klip and Page Puppy! These are the purrfect & loyal companions to help you find your place! Just slide them onto the page - they’ll curl up and nap until you’re ready to come back! Each of these sterling silver bookmarks is handmade so may vary from those shown. $15 | Made to order and will be shipped from Canada after January 1, 2018. $15 ea, incl. S&H

OM TARA® LEARN NEW TECHNIQUES, and EXPLORE the wonderfully, creative world of Artisan Jewelry Design! LET ME SHOW YOU HOW Spark your creativity with one of my jewelry making classes, books or tutorials. MAKE THE LATEST Receive a complete jewelry making kit delivered to your doorstep and make my latest design. SHOP THE OM TARA® COLLECTION Shop the Om Tara® Collection of jewelry making supplies – tools, supplies and hand-selected, hard-to-find beady treasures. CREATIVITY = LOVE IN ACTION Join my creative beading community for inspiration, support and LOVE Tutorial of the Month Club $10 | monthly membership Kit of the Month Club $49 | monthly membership

Meet Laura

Jewelry making kits, beading books and tools, and more ...

MEMBER COMMUNITY FOR KAJABIANS A space to connect, create, share, practice, ask questions, dig deeper, solve problems, learn new skills, test out ideas, play with new tech toys, launch new programs, share victories, and forge lasting connections with others who have decided to take their entrepreneurial journey with Kajabi. $49 | Monthly member community

Chris, Kip, Tad, & Tamsen Horton #kajabilovers

KAJABI What if you were able to share what you know and make money doing it? The dream team at Kajabi allows you to do what you do best, share what you love! This platform is the rockstar of the online world ready to help you get your message out there.

ACUITY SCHEDULING Looking for a way to elevate your professionalism and simplify your life? Acuity is your assistant that never tires, forgets, or messes anything up!

KAJABI + ACUITY Unite the power of Kajabi + Acuity in setting up routine 1:1 or small group appointments AND elevate with solid onboarding systems. $29

ANIMOTO Ideal for business & family Animoto makes us all look like we have an entire video production team.

BUSINESS CINEMA PRODUCTION PLANNER This planner is designed with you in mind. It will keep you on track and organized. It's everything you need to plan, strategize and systematically produce the next 3 months of content for your YouTubeInline image 5 Channel. It's actually more than a planner it's my proven system for creating amazing content. It's a plan to save you time. It's checklists and formulas to make it all happen. It's a strategy to get more views, more subscribers, and more clients. It's the answer to your VIDEO woes. $99

GET OUT OF YOUR OWN WAY You started your business to make an impact…to change lives… to shake the world by its shoulders. And yet, you find yourself spending an upsetting amount of time doubting yourself, procrastinating, and otherwise sabotaging you and your business. You are squandering your potential - and that’s no longer acceptable, my friend. Coach Jennie’s Get Out of Your Own Way Coaching Program will teach you the skills and provide you with the support to break these patterns of self-sabotage for good so you can on with the business of changing the world. Various pricing options | Save 15% through 1/15/18

Meet Coach Jennie

Imagine pouring all your ideas, dreams, frustrations, goals, etc. out and having all of it (yes, all of it) organized, strategized, and ready to implement in your business. Plans starting at $600

Meet Tamsen

If you've been looking for a Kajabi manual, this is it. No more wondering where do I start, what do I do next, how do I do this? And designed for you to go at your speed no feeling left behind. $1,200 | Product purchase $49 | Monthly Team pbk member community

#KAJABIHERO KAMP.18 2017 has been a great one. You officially reached Hero status, did the subsequent victory dance, and shared your knowledge in ways you never thought possible. So...What’s in store for 2018?

What if you could spend 2 days with an intimate group, led by 2 huge-hearted Kajabi ninjas, in a gorgeous setting (complete with a donut wall), and walk away with the full map (including tasks + due dates) of how to get where you want to go with Kajabi this year? Jump on the interest list!

RECOVER YOU™ PROGRAM What is your preferred coping mechanism? How do you numb out? Are you hiding the fact that you drink every night or take a xanax every time you are uncomfortable? Has that one glass of wine (to take the edge off) turned in to three? Starting at $499

Meet Jen

MY POWER MORNING™ Do you want to establish a brand new morning routine, but aren't sure how to do that or what you should include? Do you have a morning routine but aren't sure if it's as effective as it should be or actually working for you at all? My Power Mornings™ is an online course that shows you how to create and customize an effective, soul-based morning routine...even if you’re not a morning person.

Meet Deana

POWER OF PRISM The Prism is the perfect gift for you or someone you love who is struggling to stay steady in a chaotic world. The day to day grind can leave us feeling confused, overwhelmed, stressed and anxious. Instead of feeling connected, free and deeply fulfilled at the end of the you slump onto the couch drained, distracted, pulled too thin and wondering how you're going to do it again tomorrow.

ATTACK ANXIETY MASTERCLASS Anxiety affects millions of individuals every day, making it the most common mental illness and the one mental illness that is actually glorified in our culture. What if I told you that therapeutic skills alone have proven more effective than medications or traditional therapy? The strategies within this 10 module master class will help you ATTACK Anxiety... before it attacks you.

STEFANI REINOLD As a psychiatrist and recovering worry-wort, I know full well how challenging it can be to overcome anxiety. I will walk you through evidence-based practices that I have used with thousands of patients and clients.

THE NEST If you have ever wanted some ongoing support for yourself at a deep healing level, so that you can clear stuff which is holding you back and fulfill your deepest purpose- then this is your opportunity! The Nest is a safe place to tap & heal, learn & grow, under the experienced guidance of Claire P Hayes, author and practitioner. $29 | Founders price, monthly member community

Meet Claire


Meet Genavieve

You're a woman entrepreneur and ready to get off the CrazyTown train each week, it's time for you to be brave and a little bit bold and take back ownership of your schedule. No one is hijacking it but you, right? You can have nice things with kids, a husband, a work at home career, truly you can! Regular Price $99.99 Holiday Special $64.99

INFLUENCE YOUR COMMUNITY & FOLLOWING TO EDUCATE WOMEN ON SOCIAL MEDIA Join Genavieve Rose as an influencer to your community or audience on Social Media. You & your community will learn about social impact business & have the opportunity to discover your personal Sseko Style.

SHOP SSEKO DESIGNS Sseko has been seen on the hit shows Shark Tank & Good Morning America. Their ethically made leather bags, shoes, and accessories provide empowerment & education to women.

STEFANI REINOLD In anticipation of my book launch this spring, I am offering a limited-time holiday offer to join this intimate community where through weekly coaching and connection with me and other members, you will finally uncover the you that you want to be and refine the heart of you.

FINE HEARTS CLUB MEMBERSHIP Who am I? This is the milliondollar question. Everything from health and wellness to family and finances depend on our inherent ability to uncover who we are and connect with the most essential part of ourselves, our hearts. If you've ever had a hard time accomplishing your goals, changing habits, getting out of destructive relationships or connecting with what you really want in life, you have likely lost touch with yourself. The Fine Hearts Club is a new community dedicated to refining hearts and defining lives.

College UnScripted helps to make college UnComplicated! Our down-to-earth approach is NOT about tips & tricks. We help students develop a roadmap and real strategies to gain perspective and unlock their hidden potential. Our video courses, livestream events, coaching and guided workbooks take you behind the scenes to learn how to connect with college in a totally new way. Get our BEST holiday promotions now!

The ideal complement to your favorite planner! Using cyclical planning and honoring the unique qualities of your life. Experience a level of personal and time freedom you never thought possible. $29

Thank You Kajabi

We wanted to take a moment (or a page) to thank the creative super heroes at Kajabi. These amazing people have become family and make it possible for anyone to take what they know, share it with the world and create a new life for themselves. We would like to wish the Kajabi family the happiest of holidays and best wishes in 2018. It's been exciting to learn and grow with you in 2017 and we can't wait to see where 2018 takes us. From our family to yours, happy holidays! -Team PBK

#kajabihero stories people just like you!

Vacationing Life Holiday Gift Guide  
Vacationing Life Holiday Gift Guide  

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