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Vocational Education – A Shared Effort

50 Years of Experience – Tampere Adult Education Centre Tampere Adult Education Centre (TAKK) is an educational organization that through education and development services aims to improve the conditions and competitive strengths of business life as a whole. We offer educational services to adults. We operate locally, nationally and internationally. TAKK is located in Tampere, the second largest city of Finland, in the midst of green parks and blue lakes. In the Tampere region, Pirkanmaa, there are 488,000 inhabitants, and in the city of Tampere there are ca. 180,000 inhabitants. Industrialism and factories have played a crucial part in our history – Finland’s first light bulb was introduced in Tampere in 1882! We are still forerunners in many ways. At TAKK, we have 340 experts of various fields. In addition to their own professional know-how, our instructors have a strong grasp of adult pedagogic. We wish to constantly evolve and improve in what we do. Our values are partnership, pioneering, top know-how and reliability. Our centre is full of happy achievers. We have been involved in developing and offering Finnish adult education since its beginnings. In 2012 we will celebrate an honourable 50 years since the beginning of our educational activity.

Cooking up the future!

A Degree Opens Doors in the Job Market We welcome 15,000 adult students every year to various fields of study. Our students are either taking vocational qualifications or updating their existing vocational skills with further education – we have a hundred and one qualifications on offer! Our most consistently popular qualifications include a basic qualification in Logistics, a vocational qualification in Sales and a special vocational qualification in Management. Our students pursue their studies either full time or while working, for instance in the form of night classes. Many students come back to update their skills several times during their career. Our guidance and consultation service “Opintori� helps and supports our students every step of the way: while applying for course programs, while studying, and after entering the work force. Our range of immigrant education is one of the most varied and comprehensive in Finland, and on our premises you can encounter 40 different nationalities any given day.

Strong professionalism!

Hooked on Development We offer customer-oriented development services to companies and other organizations. We help companies to develop the efficiency, quality and productivity of their operations. We think that the key factor in this is staff know-how – both currently and in the future. We believe that top level know-how is based on extensive expertise with various partners. Business cooperation is one of the cornerstones of our operations. The importance of entrepreneurship for creating jobs and developing welfare is currently gaining recognition. Here at TAKK we strive to inspire and guide those who are just setting up shop, as well as supporting entrepreneurs in their everyday business activities. By predicting and planning together and by implementing various developmental actions, we can secure both our own success and that of our partners and clients in the long run.

Find out the diamond! The World in Miniature The world is getting smaller, and international cooperation is becoming increasingly common in business and education. TAKK answers its clients’ needs, which are created by an increase in international activity, by implementing multinational development projects that improve both our own skills and those of our clients. In these projects we utilize the Leonardo da Vinci and Grundtvig programs, among others. We want to be actively involved in building new projects, and we see possibilities in new partners. Our aim is to create an ever stronger network of international bodies and experts that achieves things that one person could not.

From Words to Action – Positive Tension Over the Baltic Sea We have chosen the field of Electrical Network Engineering as one of our main focuses of development, which is why we are involved in an EU-funded Leonardo da Vinci development project called Distribution Cert (DC). The aim of the project is to update and harmonise the qualifications of Electrical Network Engineers around the Baltic Sea in Finland, Latvia and Estonia. In each country, educational institutions and companies are developing cooperation networks together. The cornerstone of the cooperation has been to safeguard socially important services, such as the functionality of electrical and telecommunication networks in every situation. A harmonised education system and shared practices facilitate the mobility of labour between countries, for instance in urgent and crisis situations. Cooperation across borders is needed.

Sparkling skills!

Training Fields of TAKK Automotive Field


Business Economy


Concrete Building Products

Management and Entrepreneurship

Construction & Brickwork

Medical Equipment Maintenance

Electricity and Automation

Metal Work

Heating, Plumbing and Ventilation

Multicultural Training

Home Help and Cleaning Services



Physical Education, Masseurs

Immigrant Education


Industrial Maintenance


Contact Mrs. P채ivi Puutio Project Director Tampere Adult Education Centre TAKK PO Box 15 33821 Tampere Tel. +358 44 7906 519

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