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TAKK Workplace Trainer

Take the path to success! We at Tampere Adult Education Centre offer various possibilities for international cooperation. With almost 15,000 adult students taking the path to success with us yearly, we want to learn, progress and succeed together. TAKK is one of the leading adult education centres in Finland. TAKK is known as a dynamic and developing institution which provides know-how and development services for enterprises and communities, as well as international cooperation. We are dedicated to providing our students with the perfect setting - functional work premises, skilled instructors and teachers and a personal study plan. Students can take qualifications, study various course programs, improve their skills and competence and obtain different certificates and qualifications needed in their work.

Contact information Mr Kari Kaikkonen (fi, en) Education Manager Tampere Adult Education Centre TAKK P.O.Box 15 FI-33821 Tampere, Finland Mobile + 358 (0)44 790 6417

Tampere Adult Education Centre

Mission TAKK is a service organization in Tampere region. It aims to increase the opportunities and competitiveness within the business sector through its education and development services – both domestically and internationally.

TAKK Workplace Trainer trainer’s training for VET personnel Aim The aim of the training is to develop the vocational trainers’ competence and skills to train their company customers in workplace instruction. The trained VET trainers develop the preparedness of the customer companies in managing and developing the training process and instructing the recruited personnel.

Target group VET trainers who instruct the students’ workplace learning periods and train the in-company trainers in companies.

Implementation The training is carried out as further training to VET personnel customized to the specific educational organization.The training includes 2 contact training days, individual guidance and workplace trainer’s training practice.

Benefits for the customer companies of the VET organizations

Training contents

• Workplace Trainers develop and improve the company productivity on individual, team and organization level

• Workplace training and workplace as a learning environment

• New employees and trainees learn their work correctly right from the start and adopt productive working methods

• Participating in designing studies at the workplace and instructing a student/trainee at the workplace

• New employees and trainees have faster access to the operative organization and the job enrollment decreases significantly


• Learning and instruction styles • Evaluating vocational competence and learning at work • Workplace trainers’ networks

Day 2 • Goal-oriented utilization of the learning environments at the workplace • Comprehensive support for the student’s/trainee’s learning process • Utilization of the workplace trainer’s individual strengths in instructing the students and trainees • Developing workplace trainer’s individual guidance and instruction skills

Contact information Mr Kari Kaikkonen (fi, en) Education Manager Tampere Adult Education Centre TAKK P.O.Box 15 FI-33821 Tampere, Finland Mobile + 358 (0)44 790 6417

TAKK Workplace Trainer