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Ja anuary 31, 2 2012 MEETING A AT TAMPA, FL 33 3607. 813‐28 88‐8828 IHOP Restaurantt on 4910 Sprruce Street, T

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ub Coming E Events Clu

Jan n. 31: We currrently do n not have a prrogram sche eduled. Plea ase contact D David or Ma aryann for su uggestions. b. 7: Social N Networking g Snares: new w concerns about Socia al Networkin ng and the Feb Wo orld Wide W Web. b. 14: Norm mal meeting rescheduled d. Valentine e’s Day meetting with spouses will Feb tak ke place Wed d., Feb. 15. b. 18: Rotarry Goes to th he Dogs @ D Derby Lane. Proceeds b enefit S4TL. Feb b. 21: We cu urrently do not have a p program sch heduled. Pleease contactt David or M Maryann for suggestions s. Feb b. 28: We cu urrently do not have a p program sch heduled. Pleease contactt David or M Maryann for suggestions s. Feb ar. 10: Rotarry Goes to th he Races @ Tampa Bay Downs. Pro oceeds bene efit Rotary Camp Florida a. Ma If you h have any sugg gestions for p programs, ple ease commun nicate with David or Mary yann to sched dule them.

Disttrict 6890 Gov vernor: Alan Feldman – Bran ndon, FL

Rotary Interrnational Pressident: Kalyan n Banerjee, Ind dia

Food for Ronald MacDonald’s Hom me: For at le east 20 perrsons. IT HA AS TO BE B BOUGHT an nd delivered NL LT 6pm. Dav vid is your contact. *IIf you can’t make it, pllease call h him.

Ralph & Ev velynna – Feb. 10(Fri))

Jim & A Angela – M Mar 16(Fri)

Fo ood for tthought

Thhe universse never did d make sense; I suspect itt was buillt on goveernment ccontract. -R Robert A. Heinlein A llittle hum mor to brig ghten you ur day!

Ann attorney, an nxious to imp press the jud dge with the detail, askedd the folllowing line of questionss of a doctor who had reccently perforrmed an auttopsy. Q: Doctor, befo ore you perfformed the au utopsy, did you y check foor a pulse? A: No. Q: Did you cheeck for blood d pressure? A: No. Q: Did you cheeck for breatthing? A: No. Q: So, then it iss possible th hat the patien nt was alive when w you beegan the

Whaat if we could preevent just ONE  child from sufferingg from POLIO? 


How w much would th hat be worth? 

A: No.

Click below and d contact   Dennis or José to learn more.   

Q: How can yo ou be so suree, Doctor?

http://w o wship/P Polio/HelpEradicattePolio/Pages/ride e fault.asspx

s on my y desk in a jaar. A: Because hiss brain was sitting Q: But could th he patient haave still been n alive, neverrtheless? ossible that he h could havee been alive and practiciing law A: Yes, it is po mewhere. som

Birthday/A Anniversa ary


An nniversarie es

Evvelyn and Arrnaldo Fern nandez: Jan. 12

No b birthdays in n January

RE EMIND DER: Irrving is collectin c ng non-p perishab ble food d items aand un nused ceell phon nes for th he Crisiss Centerr.

Hiistoric Moments: M Firsts an nd other fun factss By S Susan Hanf Rotaary Internationall News -- 26 Jan nuary 2012

Did d you know tthat Rottary founderr Paul Harrris wasn’t th he first preesident of a R Rotary club? Thaat distinction n is acttually held by y Harrris’s friend Silvvester Schiele, who serrved as the firrst preesident of thee Rottary Club of Chiicago. Harris defferred his clu ub leadership duties unttil February 1907, wh hen he was ellected thirrd president of the Chiicago club. In h honor of Rotary Aw wareness Mon nth in Jan nuary, here’s a collection of faccts and d your firssts to expand kno owledge of R Rotary. thee new year offf to a good start by sharing a few of these at your r next club m eeting:



Clu ub firsts On 23 February y 1905, Paul P. Harris, Gu ustavus Loehrr, Silvester S chiele, and H Hiram E. Shorrey gathered d in Chicago ffor hat would beccome known n as the first R Rotary club m meeting. A seecond club w was formed in n San Francissco in 1908, a and wh soo on after, club bs began to pop up acrosss North Amerrica. On 1 August 1912, the Rotary Club of Lo ondon becam me the first cl ub chartered d outside of N North America. The Rotary Clu ub of Dublin, Ireland, had been organized earlier, b but didn’t recceive its charrter until 1 M May 1913. Pre esidential firsts Pau ul Harris wass elected as ffirst presiden nt of the National Associaation of Rotarry Clubs (wh hich later beccame Rotary International) iin 1910, and is the only president to h have served ttwo terms. her firsts: Can nadian E. Lesslie Pidgeon (1917‐18) w was the first R Rotary presid dent from ou utside the Un nited States, Oth Syd dney W. Pasccall (1931‐32 2) was the firrst from Greaat Britain, an d Maurice Du uperrey (193 37‐38) was tthe first from m con ntinental Eurrope. Learn m more about p past Rotary p presidents.

Fou undation firrsts In 1 1929, The Ro otary Foundaation gave itss first gift, US S$500, to thee International Society forr Crippled Ch hildren (laterr Easster Seals), w which was fou unded in 192 21 by Rotariaan Edgar F. A Allen, of the R Rotary Club o of Elyria, Ohiio, USA. Read d mo ore about Alleen and Easteer Seals. Pau ul Harris Felllow recognition was established in 19 957 to show appreciation n for contribu utions, and to encourage sub bstantial onees, to what waas then the F Foundation’s only prograam: Rotary Fo oundation Feellowships fo or Advanced Stu udy, the precu ursor to Amb bassadorial S Scholarships. Today, the rrecognition aacknowledgees individualls who contriibute, or w who have contributions m made in theirr name, $1,000 to The Rootary Foundaation. Learn m more about d donor reccognition. Con nvention faccts Ediinburgh, Scottland, hosted d the first con nvention outtside North A America in Ju une 1921. Rottary’s first co onvention in Asia was helld in Tokyo in 1961. Amoong the recorrd‐setting 23 3,366 paid an nd unpaid reggistrants wass the emperor of Japan. Thee largest con nvention to date, based on n the numberr of paid regiistrants, wass the Rotary ccentennial co onvention, he eld in Chiicago in 2005 5.

Our 2011-2 2 012 Diistrict Conference Cruisee T There arre still cabins av vailable! Over 3 300 Rota arians an nd famillies will be atttending!! What a great opportu o unity for Rotary Fellows ship!

Distric ct Confference e Cruise e

Tampa to o Cozu umel April 19 9-23, 201 12

Call K Kimberlly McInnis AAA Trravel 813-6 681-5761 1 ext. 22 234 to b book your cabin n

Weekly Newsletter Jan 31 2012  

Weekly Newsletter Jan 31 2012

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