2020-2021 Guide for Academics and Student Life

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S TU D E N T CO N D UC T AN D D I SC I P L I NE recognizes guidelines for appropriate behavior. Honest communication, courteous and respectful interactions with all members of the community, and responsible actions are behaviors valued at Tampa Preparatory School. Inappropriate behavior, either verbal or physical, that disregards the self-esteem of others is unacceptable, including unwelcome physical advances, unwarranted verbal remarks, profanity, and derogatory or discriminatory comments. Providing a safe and secure environment for all our students and our staff is a primary goal of the School. No set of policies and procedures, however, can or should replace trust, goodwill, and the judgments of reasonable people. It is expected that parents will notify the School if they have reasonable cause to believe that a student has been the victim of discrimination or sexual harassment. Upper School students who are suspected of breaking a major school rule will be called before the Dean of Students who will gather all relevant information, including a statement from the student, if he or she so desires. If it is determined that there has been a violation, the student will usually appear before the Conduct Review Board; however, the school reserves the right to resolve disciplinary matters in whatever manner it deems appropriate. The Conduct Review Board may then recommend to the Head of School and to the Head of the Upper School/Middle School the appropriate disciplinary action to be taken. The parents of the student will be notified. Since violation of the Honor Code or the breaking of a major school rule is a very serious offense, there is no warning for the first offense. Each case is treated individually and the penalty is assessed according to the circumstances of the individual case. Out of respect for the privacy and the sensitivity of some of the issues that accompany student conduct and discipline, the School may not publicly discuss or share the discipline decisions of the school. There may be times when a matter needs to be discussed. At those times, the information may be presented in conceptual terms to preserve the privacy of the student(s) involved.

CONCERN FOR STUDENTS The School continues to be concerned about the development of the whole child, and offers educational programs, discussion opportunities, and access to counseling in order to encourage wise behavior choices, provide a basis for decision-making and serve as a forum for the possible consequences of irresponsible behavior. While the School holds all students accountable for any and all actions that occur during the school day or during a school-sponsored activity or event, the School cannot be responsible for students 24 hours a day and relies 40 | GUIDE FOR ACADEMICS AND STUDENT LIFE

on parents to set appropriate guidelines and codes of behavior for their children. The School does reserve the right to discipline the students for off campus activities. Parents are expected to monitor parties and the other activities in which they allow their children to participate. A positive and constructive working relationship between the School, the student and/or the student’s parents/guardian is essential to the accomplishment of the School’s mission. The School accordingly reserves the right to terminate or not renew a student’s enrollment contract if the School reasonably concludes that the actions of a student or a parent or guardian make such a positive and constructive relationship impossible, or otherwise seriously interfere with the School’s accomplishment of its purposes. There will be no response from Tampa Preparatory School to unsigned letters or anonymous phone calls.

CONDUCT REVIEW BOARD The Conduct Review Board, comprised of students, faculty, and administrators, advises the administration regarding Upper School disciplinary matters. The Board meets as necessary to respond to student infractions of major disciplinary violations. In the administration’s discretion, certain matters may not be referred to the Conduct Review Board. Family members or other outside parties are not permitted to attend meetings of the CRB.

CONDUCT POLICIES ANIMAL POLICY Due to concerns about the health, safety, and welfare of people in the School community, no animals are allowed on School property or at School-related events without the express, written permission of the Head of School. This means that animals may not be brought onto School property for any reason (even if the animal remains in a vehicle or on a leash), including drop off, pick up, parties, games, and activities, and may not be brought to School-related events on or off campus. BOOK BAGS Fire Department regulations require that book bags may not be left in the hallways, but must be carried to class or placed in lockers or book cubbies. Book bags left in the hall may be picked up. To prevent theft, we strongly advise all students to either place their valuables in their locked locker or simply leave them at home. CLEANLINESS AND LITTER All students are expected to eat in the Student Center or in the courtyard. Receptacles are provided in hallways, classrooms and the patio areas for disposal of litter and trash. Please help keep your campus clean by using the marked receptacles and cleaning your place at the lunch tables. Students may not eat inside any buildings unless