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Football and Sun Life Hand by hand through History

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While there are many points of references between different ball games that were developed from the third century BC., the modern game of football has its origins in the England. The “official� history of football is cited from 1863, the year in which The Football Association (FA) was established. This is the oldest football association in the world that directs all professional clubs in England and was instrumental in the formulation of rules of modern football. Since then football has enjoyed steady growth to become the most popular sport in the world with over 270 million people involved. The sport has expanded to reach all corners of the world.

Very few companies in the world have nearly 150 years of existence comparable to the best known and practiced sport in the world. Our parent company, The Sun Insurance Company of Montreal was established in 1865. Since then, just like football, we have evolved and grown to become a leading international financial services organization. Today, we are a success story. Through our operations, subsidiaries and joint ventures, we are proud to serve millions of people in Canada, USA, England, Hong Kong, Philippines, China, Indonesia, India, Vietnam, Malaysia, and Bermuda. In big cities and small towns, from Montreal to Manila, Sun Life like football is there.

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Football and Investing – Similar philosophies

Luiz Scolari Team: Brasil Value:

Alejandro Sabella Team: Argentina Value:

José Pékerman Team: Colombia Value:

Team: Ecuador Value:

Team: Chile Value:

YOU Own portfolio and heirs Value: INVALUABLE!

Team: Uruguay Value:

Regardless of your passion for soccer, let’s take a business approach and assume you are the manager of a soccer team. One of the first things in your mind would be to develop a fairly simple coaching philosophy for the team focusing on maximizing your wins or your return on investments, known in business. No coach enters a season without a coaching philosophy, which simply understood as a set of standards you set for yourself and your team and is the foundation of your values and beliefs to take your team where you want to go in the future. A thoughtful coaching philosophy keeps you on the right track as you negotiate your way through the season and difficult times (yes, unavoidable loses). This would be especially important if the team you are managing is one of the 32 attending Brazil 2014 where the average value of the teams is €182.06 million. In the same way, it is important to develop an investing philosophy for you, your family, and heirs to live up to it for many upcoming seasons. We believe the value of the portfolio you are managing is much higher than €21 or even €509 million because it’s link to your future and the future of your heirs. We are here to help you enhance the coaching philosophy for your investments that will keep you on the right track for generations to come. Our philosophy is to protect, grow, and transfer your wealth generation after generations.

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Choosing a Formation – Different strategies, different outcomes

A soccer formation is the way a team lines up its defense, midfield, and forward line at the beginning of the match. Technically speaking, there could be dozens of formations formed due to the mathematical possibilities and new ways coaches are trying to devise to play the game. Soccer is a fluid game where a midfielder may become a forward for a part of the game and then return to his or her original position. Or, likewise, a forward can come back to defend. When talking about formations, defenders are listed first, then midfielders, and forwards last. For example, a 4-4-2 formation has four defenders, four midfielders, and two forwards. Goalkeepers are not counted because they are the one position that has not changed over the years and is always needed. Similarly to a football formation, in investing is important to select the asset allocation model you are comfortable with and can best help you achieve your financial goals. Let’s think of your Fixed Income products as your defenders, Large Cap products as your midfielders, and small caps as yours forwards. Cash would be your goalkeeper; we are not including it in this formation because reserves are always needed for safety and emergencies. Now, let’s determine the appropriate formation of your financial portfolio. Let’s play together for a winning strategy!

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5-4-1: Defense in Mind This is a particularly defensive formation, with an isolated forward and a packed defense. The sole forward must be extremely good and have incredible support from his team for this formation to produce scores. It is intended to prevent scoring form the opposite team. However, today's game is won (or lost) in the midfield, which is why the 3-5-2 formation is popular. A team that doesn't have its midfield operating at peak efficiency suffers in ball possession and scoring chances. These are our defensive strategies – Asset Allocation models Our Conservative Asset Allocation model is designed for those who have a need for a predictable flow of income returns or have a relatively short investment horizon. Your tolerance for volatility is low and your primary goal is capital preservation. Our Moderate Conservative Asset Allocation model is designed for those who seek a regular flow of income returns and stability, while generating some capital growth over time. Your tolerance for volatility is moderate and your primary goal is capital preservation with some growth.

Did you know?

A similar formation, 3–6– 1, is commonly used by the Greek National team.

4-2-4: Offensive hunting at your doors The 4-2-4 formation is the most offensive-minded in modern times. The 1958 world champions of Brazil, with 17-year-old Pelé, made this strategy famous and made it work. To take advantage of this formation, the team must have talented and skillful midfielders and forwards to strike early and hold the ball for long periods of time because the pressure is on the midfield and defense big time when the opposition possesses the ball. These are our offensive strategies – Asset Allocation models. Our Moderate Aggressive Asset Allocation model is designed for those who can tolerate relatively high volatility. You realize that, over time, equity markets usually outperform other investments. However, you’re not comfortable having all your investments in equities. You’re looking for long-term capital growth with some income return. Our Aggressive Asset Allocation model is designed for those who can tolerate volatility and significant fluctuations in the value of your investment because you realize that, historically, equities perform better than other types of investments. You are looking for long-term capital growth and are less concerned with shorter-term volatility.

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The 1958 world champions of Brazil, with 17-year-old Pelé, made this strategy famous and made it work.

Securing your assets while increasing your ROI Five separate items are specified for professional players to wear while in the field: shirt, shorts, socks, footwear and shin guards. These rules are set for consistency and protection of the players. But is that enough protection when you need to secure not only your most valuable players, but your team’s performance game after game? A study of twenty-six professional soccer clubs from 10 countries were followed prospectively during 9 seasons (2001-2002 to 2009-2010). All matches, and injuries occurring in these matches, were registered by the team's medical staff. An injury was registered if it resulted in player absence from training or matches. A total of 2738 injuries during 6010 matches were registered. That’s a rate of 45.56%.

Did you know?

Shin guards were first used in football in 1874 and were adapted from cricket. They were initially ridiculed and rejected.

With so much risk at stake managing your valuable portfolio, we offer ways to secure your investment from market risk. We don’t call them shin guards or gloves; we call it Secured Wealth Transfer (SWT) options. Let’s learn more.

Performance vs. Consistency – How to decide for one or the other? Widely recognized as the best player in the world and rated by some commentators, coaches and players as the greatest footballer of all time, Lionel Messi is the first football player in history to win four Ballon d’Or (2009, 2010, 2011, 2012), among many other Incredible awards and records. However, in 2013 the Argentine footballer suffered four separate muscle injuries. His last injury took him off the field for eight weeks recovering missing 10 games. There is no doubt that he is an asset for his team. Messi has netted 46 goals for his club and country this season, just over half his record of 91 the season before. With so much at stake with such a valuable asset, how can you protect it? Imagine there was an option such as Maximum Anniversary Value (MAV) that as the manager of the team you would use in one of your football stars, would you take it? We have created a graph that represents how MAV would work in Messi’s football career. See below 80


70 60 50


40 20 0

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30 10


17 7




Penalty kicks: Guessing or over 4% chances of winning Time is the most difficult obstacle a goalkeeper faces in trying to stop a penalty shot. On average, it only takes 400 milliseconds for the soccer ball to spring off the shooter's cleat and into the corner of the net. The goalkeeper needs 730 milliseconds to reach the corner of the net. Doing the simple math, it is not possible for a goalkeeper to wait for the ball to be shot, dive to the corner of the goal, and stop the ball. Guessing the direction the ball will be kicked is only one part of the equation to stopping a penalty shot. The other one is also guessing the shot's height. But with so much at stake, is it safe to depend on so much guessing and not count with some assurance? We don’t “guess” when it comes to your financial portfolio in hopes that markets will go our way. With our optional Secured 4% Roll-Up program your investment is protected and continuously growing, even with down markets. Our Secured 4% Roll-Up option provides each investment into the account accumulated at a rate of 4% annually from the date of investment, adjusted for withdrawals.

Did you know?

Contrary to what many belief, goalkeepers are not required to wear gloves. At UEFA Euro 2004, Portuguese goalkeeper Ricardo took off his gloves off for the quarter-final penalty shoot-out

Don’t wait, start taking advantage of an unprecedented 4% guaranteed Wealth Transfer Benefit.

Limiting losses while counting on unlimited wins In order to limit its losses and increase the chances of winning a team could add additional goalkeepers to prevent scoring. However, as you know, this is not permitted in professional football.

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Dreaming of Victory. Fulfilling the dream TOGETHER.

It is not easy for a football team to become World Cup champions. This is an arduous victory with a qualifying process involving 200 national teams and the finals on every four years in which 32 teams participate during a close period of one month. Historically, only 75 different teams have participated over the final phase of the World Cup, but only 12 teams have reached the final of the tournament, and of those only 8 countries have raised their victory. Count on the history of our parent company, our financial strength, and expertise to win and meet your financial goals. Whether you have long or short-term goals for your wealth, Sun Life Financial International (Bermuda) offers solutions for your needs. Our investment solutions are here to help you effectively grow, transfer, and preserve your intergenerational wealth. With offices in 24 countries serving millions of customers, we help people achieve financial peace of mind by providing sound financial solutions throughout their lifetimes. Count on us to help you Grow, Protect, and Transfer your wealth generation after generation We are Sun Life Financial International (Bermuda)

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