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What is "ORAC"?

By Tracey Kern Tampa Bay Wellness • AUGUST 2011 1

Peter Hannouche (left) suffered from severe anxiety until Dr. William Lambos (right) helped cure Peter Hannouche (left) suffered from severe anxiety until Dr. William Lambos (right) helped cure him using state-of-the-art technology. Peter Hannouche (left) suffered from severe anxiety until Dr. William Lambos (right) helped cure him using state-of-the-art technology. him using state-of-the-art technology.

Peter Hannouche (left) suffered from severe anxiety until Dr. WilliamOF Lambos (right) helped cure THE FUTURE MENTAL HEALTH THE FUTURE HEALTH him OF usingMENTAL state-of-the-art technology. TAKE YOUR LIFE BACK WITH MEDICATION-FREE WELLNESS


Peter Hannouche (left) suffered from severe anxietyNot until William Lambossuffered (right) helped longDr. ago, Peter Hannouche designed cure to stimulate and re-train these Not long ago, Peter Hannouche him suffered to stimulate and anxiety. re-train His these from crippling panic attacks were areas. Twelve weeks later, a new set of maps usingdesigned state-of-the-art technology.

THE FUTURE OF MENTAL HEALTH THE FUTURE OF MENTAL Not long ago, Peter Hannouche suffered designed to HEALTH stimulate and re-train these


from crippling anxiety. His panic attacks were areas. Twelve weeks later,they a new maps struggling with showed his brain function had normalized, so severe left set himof drained, so severe they left him drained, struggling with showed his brain functionand hadtoonormalized, depression frustrated to function. and “it changed my life,” Peter says. “I’m a and toosuffered frustrated to function. “it changedplan—one my life,” Peter that says. “I’m a when “I’m old school,” Peter says, asked new person.” Not long ago, Peter depression Hannouche tingedge and treatment didn’t and re-train these areas. Twelve weeks “I’m old school,” Peter says, when asked new person.” why he waited so long to seek help. “I figured Peter was so impressed with his results from crippling anxiety. panic attacks CNSmuscle Wellness is a later, a new set of the maps showed brain whyHis he waited so long to seek help.involve “I figured a single Peter waspill. soI would impressed withmy hisway results through it, but it that he bought company and nowhis serves way throughgroup it, but it he bought got the company and now Iserves tomental a point when couldn’t being as director of growth and development at were so severe theyI would left muscle him my drained, of that psychologists, health and take function had normalized, and “it changed got to a point when I couldn’t take being suffered as director of growth and development at miserable anymore.” CNS, making it his personal and professional Not long ago, Peter designed to treat stimulate andlife,” re-train these struggling with depression too frus-Hannouche rehabilitation professionals who dismy Peter says. “I’m a new person.” miserable and anymore.” CNS, making it hisThen personal and professional he consulted Dr. William A. Lambos, mission to help people like him take back their anxiety. His panic attacks were areas. weeks newlives. set “This of maps Then he consulted Dr. William A. Lambos, mission toanxiety, help people likeTwelve himoftake back their later,ataCNS the director clinical assessment isn’t a quick fix or magic potion,” trated to function.from crippling orders such as depression, ADD, the director clinical at CNS lives. “This isn’tWellness, a quick fixwho orhis magic potion,” started Peter on a cuttinghenormalized, says, “but it targets the underlying source so severe theyofleft himassessment drained, struggling with showed brain function had migraines, autism, epilepsy and learning Peter was so impressed with his results Wellness, who started Peter on a cutting- he says, “but it targets underlying source edge the treatment plan—one that didn’t of the problem, instead of just medicating the Peter Hannouche (left)treatment suffered from severe anxiety until Dr. William Lambos (right) helped cure my depression and too frustrated to function. and “it changed life,” Peter says. “I’m a only side edge plan—one that didn’t of the problem, instead of just medicating the involve a single pill. CNS Wellness is a symptoms, and the effect isand joy.” now “I’m old school,” Peter says, when disorders that he bought the company Peter Hannouche (left) suffered from severe anxiety asked until Dr. William Lambos (right) helped cure with medication-free methods. him using state-of-the-art technology. him a using state-of-the-art involve single pill. technology. CNS Wellness a symptoms, the onlyperson.” side psychologists, effect is joy.” of mental health “I’m old school,” Peter says, iswhen askedand group new why he waited so long help. “Imental health serves grouptoofseek psychologists, and rehabilitation professionals who treat as director of growth and develwhy and he waited so long to seek help. “I figured Peter was so impressed with his results rehabilitation professionals who treat step in Peter’s disorders such aswas anxiety, depression, ADD, at CNS, making it his personal TAKE YOUR LIFE BACK WITH MEDICATION-FREE WELLNESS figured I would muscle my way through it, The first treatment brain opment disorders such as designed anxiety, ADD,these would muscle my way through it, but it migraines, that he bought the company and now serves Not longI ago, Peter Hannouche suffered to depression, stimulate and re-train autism, epilepsy and learning anxiety. His panic attacks were areas. Twelve weeks later, alearning new set of maps the process of measuring brain but it got tofrom a crippling point when I couldn’t take mapping, and professional mission to help people migraines, autism, epilepsy and disorders with medication-free methods. so severe they left himto drained, struggling with when showed his Ibrain function had normalized, got a point couldn’t take being as director of growth and development at disorders with medication-free methods. depression andago, too frustrated to function. and “it changed my life,” Peter says. “I’m first re-train step in Peter’s Not long Peter Hannouche suffered designed to stimulateThe and these being miserable anymore.” activity toa determine which areas oftreatment Pe- was likebrain him take back their lives. “This isn’t a “I’m old miserable school,” Peter says, when asked new person.” The first step in Peter’s treatment was brain anymore.” CNS, making it his personal and professional mapping, theset process of measuring brain fromwhy crippling anxiety. His panic attacks were Twelve a new of maps he waited so long to seek help. “I figured Peter was so impressed areas. with his results ter’s brain didweeks not later, match activity obfix or5201 magic potion,” heSte. says, the of measuring brain W. Kennedy Blvd. 615 “but it activity tothe determine which areaslike ofquick Peter’s I would muscle mymapping, way through it, but process it that he bought the company and now serves Then he consulted Dr. William A. atLambos, mission tonormalized, help people him take back their so severe left drained, with showed his 5201 brainW.function had Kennedy Blvd. Ste. 615 got to a they point when I him couldn’t take being struggling as director of growth and development Tampa, FL 33556 of the probactivity to determine which areas of Peter’s brain did not match the activity observed in Then he depression consulted Dr. William A. Lamserved in high-functioning brains. Based targets the underlying source miserable anymore.” CNS, making it his personal and professional 33556 and too frustrated toclinical function. and “it changed life,” Peter says. “I’mBased did A.not match thetoactivity observed in their director of assessment at CNSmyTampa, lives.FL “This isn’t aaquick or magic potion,” high-functioning brains. on hisfix findings, Then he the consultedbrain Dr. William Lambos, mission help people like him take back (813) 235-4270 bos, the director of clinical assessment at on his findings, Dr. Lambos customized lem, instead of just medicating the sympthe director of clinical assessment at says, CNS brains. lives. “This isn’t a on quick fix findings, or magic potion,” high-functioning Based his (813) 235-4270 “I’m old Wellness, school,” Peter when asked new person.” Dr. Lambos customized a series of sessions Peter on a cuttinghe says, “but it targets the underlying source Wellness, who started Peter on who a cutting- started he says, “but it targets the underlying source Dr.long Lambos customized series of sessions why edge he waited to “Iafigured Peterthewas impressed with his results treatment so plan—one thatseek didn’thelp. of the problem, instead of just medicating

TAKE YOURYOUR LIFE BACK WITH MEDICATION-FREE WELLNESS WITH MEDICATION-FREE WELLNESS from cripplingTAKE anxiety. His LIFE panicBACK attacks were areas. Twelve weeks later, a new set of maps Not long ago, Peter Hannouche suffered designed to stimulate and re-train these so severe they left him drained, struggling with showed his brain function had normalized, from crippling anxiety. His panic attacks were areas. Twelve weeks later, a new set of maps depression and too frustrated to function. and “it changed my life,” Peter says. “I’m a so severe they left him drained, struggling with showed his brain function had normalized, “I’m old school,” Peter says, when asked new person.” depression and too frustrated to function. and “it changed my life,” Peter says. “I’m a why he waited so long seek help. “I figured Peter was so impressed with his results THE FUTURE OFto MENTAL HEALTH “I’mTHE old school,” Peter OF says, MENTAL when asked HEALTH new person.” FUTURE I why would muscle way through but it that he was bought company and serves YOUR LIFE WITH MEDICATION-FREE WELLNESS heTAKE waited somy longBACK to seek help. “Iit,figured Peter so the impressed with hisnow results got to a point I couldn’t being as director ofthe growth andand development I would musclewhen my way throughtake it, but it that he bought company now serves at miserable CNS, making it his personal and professional got to a anymore.” point when I couldn’t take being as director of growth and development at Then he consulted Dr. William A. Lambos, mission to help people like him take back their miserable anymore.” CNS, making it his personal and professional CNS Wellness, Peter onassessment cut- a series of sessions designed to stimulate and thefix only side effect ispotion,” joy.” the director ofstarted clinical at CNS of lives. “This isn’t a quick or magic edge treatment plan—one didn’t the problem, instead oftoms, just medicating the Then hewho consulted Dr. aWilliam A.that mission help people like him take back their I would muscle my way through it, but it that heLambos, bought the company and nowto serves Insurance 12 Weeks To A Treating Autism, ADD, involve a I single pill. CNS Wellness a symptoms, and“but the only effect isthe joy.”underlying source Reimbursement Papers got to awho point when couldn’t take being as director ofisgrowth and Wellness, started on aInsurance cuttinghedevelopment says, itaside targets 12 Weeks To Aat Treating Autism, Peter ADD, Permanently Happier, Anxiety, Depression, the director of clinical assessment at CNS lives. “This isn’t quick fix or magic potion,” Reimbursement Papers Available Permanently Happier, Anxiety, Depression, Healthy You Migraines, & More miserable group anymore.” CNS,Available making it his personal andEpilepsy professional of psychologists, mental health Healthy You Migraines,plan—one & More edge treatment didn’t of the problem, instead just medicating Then hewho consulted Dr. Epilepsy William Peter A.professionals Lambos, mission to help people like him take back their it targets Wellness, started onthat a who cuttinghe says, “but theofunderlying sourcethe and rehabilitation treat the director of clinical assessment at CNS lives. “This isn’t a quick fix or magic potion,” disorderspill. such asCNS anxiety,Wellness depression, ADD, involve atreatment single is a the the only sidemedicating effect is joy.” edgeWellness, plan—one that didn’t ofsymptoms, the problem, instead of just the who started Peter on a (813) cuttinghe says, “but it targets underlying source and 235-4270 migraines, autism, epilepsy and learning edge atreatment plan—one that didn’t of the problem, just medicating the involve pill. CNS Wellness is instead a ofsymptoms, and the only side effect is joy.” group of single psychologists, mental health methods. involve a disorders single pill. with CNS medication-free Wellness is a symptoms, and the only side effect is joy.” groupofof psychologists, mental health group psychologists, mental health and rehabilitation professionals who treat The first step in Peter’s treatment was brain and rehabilitation professionals who treat mapping, the process of measuring brain and disorders rehabilitation professionals who treat disorders such anxiety, depression, ADD, 5201 W. Kennedy Blvd. Ste.CALL such asas anxiety, depression, ADD, 615 activity to determine which areas of Peter’s migraines, autism, epilepsy and learning disorders such as not anxiety, depression, ADD, Tampa, FL 33556 migraines, autism, epilepsy and observed learning Take your back! brain didlife match the activity in disorders with medication-free methods. The first high-functioning step in Peter’s treatment was brain migraines, autism, epilepsy and learning brains. Based on his findings, (813) 235-4270 disorders with medication-free methods. mapping, the process of measuring brain Dr. Lambos customized a series of sessions disorders with medication-free methods. 5201 W. Kennedy Blvd. Ste. 615 Twotostep Urban Centre, 4890 W.was Kennedy Blvd. Suite 295, Tampa, FL 33609 determine which areastreatment of Peter’s Theactivity first in Peter’s brain Tampa, FL 33556 brain did not match the activity observed in The first step in Peter’s treatment was brain mapping, the process measuring (813) brain high-functioning brains. Based onof his findings, 235-4270 Insurance Dr. Lambos customized aAutism, series of ofADD, sessions mapping, the process measuringReimbursement brain Treating 12 Weeks ToBlvd. A 5201 W. Permanently Kennedy Ste. 615 Papers activity to determine which areas of Peter’s Anxiety, Depression, Happier, 5201 W. Kennedy Blvd. Ste. 615 Available activity to determine which areas of Peter’s Migraines, Epilepsy & More observed in Healthy Tampa, FLYou33556 brain did the activity 2 AUGUST 2011 •not Tampamatch Bay Wellness Insurance 12 Weeks To A Treating Autism, ADD, Tampa, FL 33556 2 November 2009 • not Tampa Bay Wellness Reimbursement Papers brain did match the activity observed in Happier, Anxiety, Depression, Available high-functioning brains. his findings, Permanently (813) 235-4270 Healthy You Migraines, Epilepsy & More Based on involve a single pill. CNS Wellness is a symptoms, and the only side effect is joy.” group of psychologists, mental health and rehabilitation professionals who treat disorders such as anxiety, depression, ADD, migraines, autism, epilepsy and learning disorders with medication-free methods. The first step in Peter’s treatment was brain mapping, the process of measuring brain 5201 W. Kennedy Blvd. Ste. 615 activity to determine which areas of Peter’s Tampa, FL 33556 brain did not match the activity observed in high-functioning brains. Based on his findings, Dr. Lambos customized a series of sessions

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Tampa Bay Wellness • AUGUST 2011 3

4 AUGUST 2011 • Tampa Bay Wellness

Pico-Tesla reports promising results from pilot study of Magneceutical® Therapy for Fibromyalgia

Sick & Tired of Feeling

Sick & Tired?

CLEARWATER, Fla., April 13, 2011 —Pico-Tesla, The Magneceutical® Company, announced today that a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled pilot study of 13 patients who have fibromyalgia suggests promise for its Therapy designed to improve symptoms of Pain and Sleep in this patient population. The pilot study sought to determine whether the application of magnetic fields generated by Pico-Tesla’s patented Resonator™ system can be effective as an adjunctive therapy to oral medications in ameliorating the symptoms of fibromyalgia. “The results of this study suggest that Magneceutical® Therapy may improve the symptoms of Pain and Sleep in this patient population. This was a small study, but given the results, it certainly warrants a larger study, as this is a difficult disease and the current options for treatment are problematic,” said Miguel Trevino, M.D., Medical Director, Innovative Research of West Florida, Clearwater, Fla. Dr. Trevino is certified to practice medicine by the American Board of Internal Medicine. Innovative Research of West Florida is a leading Clinical Research Site. Fibromyalgia (pronounced fy-bro-my-AL-ja) is a common and complex chronic pain disorder that affects people physically, mentally and socially. Fibromyalgia, which has also been referred to as fibromyalgia syndrome, fibromyositis and fibrositis, is characterized by chronic widespread pain, multiple tender points, abnormal pain processing, sleep disturbances, fatigue and often psychological distress. For those with severe symptoms, fibromyalgia can be extremely debilitating and interfere with basic daily activities. (Source: National Fibromyalgia Association) Pico-Tesla’s Magneceutical® Therapy involves the use of an extremely low-level electromagnetic field (EMF) applied by a specially designed device—the Resonator™, invented by Dr. Jerry I. Jacobson, along with proprietary therapeutic protocols— intended to improve a number of the signs and symptoms of fibromyalgia and other disorders and diseases, including atrial fibrillation, Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease and osteoarthritis. Privately held Pico-Tesla Magnetic Therapies is an emerging medical technology company with operations at: 4700 140th Avenue North, Suite #101, Clearwater, FL 33762; and, 27780 Novi Road, Suite 100, Novi, MI 48377 (248) 773-8969. CAUTION: The Resonator™ device is an Investigational Device limited by federal (or United States) law to investigational use. The Resonator™ device is not for sale, nor is the Magneceutical™ Therapy generally available outside of Investigational Review Board (IRB)approved clinical studies.

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Magnetic Resonance Energy Field Therapy

Low Level Electromagnetic Field Relaxation Session This technology involves a non-invasive device called the MagnesphereTM that uses extremely low-level electromagnetic fields. “For seventeen years I have been living with constant muscle pain. My doctor gave me a name for it,” fibromyalgia” but no remedy. I tried pain medicine and steroid shots which came with side effects,but no real relief. After the first session with the MagnesphereTM, I felt an amazing, almost out of body feeling. I’m thankful for the opportunity to be a part of a “better tomorrow “ for those who are not enjoying life because of pain.” - TF of Clearwater, FL

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Tampa Bay Wellness • AUGUST 2011 5

Tampa Bay Wellness |August 2 011

ingredients add a pinch


12 OUR MODERN FOOD SUPPLY Can you trust it - By Linda Joy Rose FEATURES


Making a contribution to a better tomorrow!


P u b l is h e d

S i n c e

1 9 8 6

Natural Protoc0l for arthritis?

By Alina Piccone, LMT, CHC, CA


colon hydrotherapy myths

By billie odor, CPT, LMT, CT, CPT


dining out fearlessly

By ashley poptodorov


ad/hd drug free treatment

By rebecca a. hopkins


what is "orac"?

By tracey kern


organic sulphur benefits

By Dr. dennis alexander


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guided through a Yoga Nidra (yogic sleep) meditation that will Renew, Detox, Balance, Stimulate and TOTALLY RELAX your mind and body. Create a resolve in the mediation that will ingrain the nurturing aspects of the weekend workshop into your daily life.

Weekend Facilitators: Val Spies, owner/director of the Lotus Pond, Yoga Teacher E-RYT500, Creator/ Director of the Lotus Pond Teacher Training School, and the Yoga School of Knowledge Denise O'Dunn, Ayurveda practitioner/ consultant, Yoga Teacher, Massage Therapist, Creator/Director of the Balance and Bliss Academy of Ayurveda Nancy MacDonald, Yoga Teacher RYT500, E-RYT200, Meditation (Yoga Nidra) Teacher Chante Ishta, Co-founder of SisterSpirit, an all-women’s healing circle based on the traditions of Native America. Her CD, “It All Begins With A Prayer”, features traditional and original Native American songs, the Native American Flute and the Native hand drum, all sung and played by Chante Ishta. Register at, 813961-3160. For more information, contact Val Spies, The Lotus Pond, 6201 Lynn Rd., Tampa, 813-956-3506

Spirit-Mind-Body Fair at North Pinellas YMCA to Benefit Free YMCA Program for People Affected by Cancer

The North Pinellas YMCA will be holding a Spirit-Mind-Body Fair on Saturday, August 6th from 10 AM – 2 PM. Proceeds from sponsorships, vendor registration, “chance to win” tickets, and donations will benefit LIVESTRONGTM at the YMCA, which supports people affected by cancer. The program’s mission is to help survivors meet their personal health and well-being goals during treatment and beyond. The program at the North Pinellas branch started in 2009 with a meditation class, and in 2010 added a 12 week progressive program, limited to 5 participants for spe-

cialized attention with two classes a week. These fitness classes include low impact cardio intervals, light weights, resistance bands, mat exercise and stretching. They are designed to be motivating, encouraging, fun and non-competitive and the intensity level is tailored to specific needs. In addition, the classes are an opportunity for socializing and discussion among others facing similar challenges. Participation in the 12 week program is open to anyone in the community, not just YMCA members. We are very pleased to have helped our many graduates of this program and look forward to assisting others.

Admission to the Spirit-Mind-Body Fair is free and open to the public. Classes offered include Aqua Yoga, Intro Yoga, T’ai Chi, Meditation, and Pilates. Presentations will be made on Creating Healthy Spaces with Feng Shui, Bringing Out the Radiance in You, Florida Vegetable Gardening, Herbs and Nutrition, Saving Energy, & other mind-body practices. Sponsors and vendors whose products relate to wellness living, natural health care, & living green. Tickets can be purchased for the “Chance to Win” drawing. Free Goody Bags will be offered to the first 75 participants. For more information, please call 727.772.9622 and leave a message for the event’s volunteer coordinator, Kathy Douglas. Or contact Leslie Stallings at The North Pinellas branch is located at 4550 Village Center Drive Palm Harbor. As the leading non-profit for strengthening community, the Y is a cause-driven, charitable organization for youth development, healthy living and social responsibility. ●

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Tampa Bay Wellness • AUGUST 2011 11

Our Modern Food Supply – Can You Trust It?

By LindaJoy Rose, Ph.D.

An Interview by Lisa Wilson


ld MacDonald had a farm. And on that farm he had some chicks, cows and soybeans.

Sadly, Old MacDonald no longer owns his farm. He simply couldn’t compete with the mega corporations that control modern American farming. Oh, he tried... but his expenses were becoming astronomical to produce the high-quality organic livestock he raised and he simply couldn’t get the return he needed to eke out a living. So, Old MacDonald tried soybeans. Foreseeing the potential dangers inherent to genetically modified organisms, MacDonald chose to grow his crops organically. But seeds from his neighbor’s geneticallyengineered soybean fields blew over the fences and contaminated his crop. Then the conglomerate holding the patent on those GMO seeds, sued MacDonald for patent violations and bankrupted him. Finally, MacDonald had no choice but to sell the family farm that his family had owned and operated for more than 100 years. There are thousands of former farmers across the U.S. with stories like Old MacDonald. Consequently, farming, and the food we eat, isn’t what it used to be. Back then, most of our food was supplied by family farmers who took pride in bringing high quality foods to American tables. Today, our food supply is controlled by a handful of businesses, constantly seeking new ways to cut costs and increase their profits. Too often, that quest for profit leads to an over12 AUGUST 2011 • Tampa Bay Wellness

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This treatment does not cut healthy gums, and it zaps away infection. It’s gum treatment that is like Lasik for the eyes. Keep your teeth with Laser Assisted New Attachment Procedure.

processed, yet less nutritious food supply. When you shop in your local supermarket, just about every item you find on the shelves, refrigerator and freezer sections are manufactured by four or five mega-corporations. Considering how much income that generates for these monopolies, they have unimaginable resources for creating the most cutting edge marketing, advertising and promotional campaigns. A recent example is how big business is now trying to repackage high fructose corn syrup (HFCS) as “corn sugar” with television ads that claims “Sugar is sugar,” implying that there is no difference in how HFCS metabolizes in the body, compared to sugar. Table sugar has existed in Europe since it was exported from the West Indies in the 1600’s and made it’s debut in the U.S. in the late 1700’s. However, it was not until the 1970’s that we have seen an obesity epidemic in this country, which incidentally coincides with the introduction of HFCS into an astounding array of foodstuffs, from ketchup to jams to juices. Renaming and repackaging does not change that fact.

Another pitfall of our supermarket supply is the broad use of linoleic acid-based vegetable oils (soy, safflower and corn) in the preparation of the vast array of processed and prepared foods. These high omega-6 essential fatty acids (EFA) are consumed in the Standard American Diet (S.A.D.) at a ratio of approximately 20 times the omega-3 fatty acids, needed to balance their effect on the body. EFA’s running rampart through our system signal the immune system to release defensive compounds (cytekines and interleukins) causing inflammation. While inflammation is the body’s natural response to infection or perceived stress, when chronic it can lead to a number of serious medical conditions. Inflammation is often a precursor to disease.

Gums can re-attach to the teeth, reducing pocket depths. Kinder, gentler help is here at last!

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The patient and any other persons responsible for payment has a right to refuse to pay, cancel payment or be reimbursed for payment for any other service, examination or treatment which is performed as a result of and within 72 hours of responding to the advertisement for the fee, discounted fee, reduced service, examination or treatment. Minimum fee only. Codes 1001, 0210

According to Dr. David Kessler -- surgeon general in the President Bush (Sr.) administration and author of The End of Overeating -- over the past few decades, our food has been engineered to make it hyper-palatable – in other words, irresistible! Centers in our brains that are controlled by the pleasure principle (triggered by sweet, salty, fatty foods) are activated, making Continued on next page Tampa Bay Wellness • AUGUST 2011 13

Our Modern Food Supply us want more and more, in spite of a sense that they might not be the best food choices. The introduction of genetically modified organisms (GMO) into our food supply has been a tremendous boon to the corporations who hold the patents and who benefit from government subsidies, but the jury is still out on the long term effect of these chemically altered foods on our bodies. Jeffrey Smith, considered to be the foremost expert on the deleterious impact of GMO’s maintains that there will be human collateral damage in their wide use, including allergic reactions, reproductive disorders and the development of tumors, as they have seen in laboratory studies with animals. The most widespread use of GMO’s are in corn and soybean crops with perhaps as high as 80% of the processed and packaged items you find in the supermarket employing some kind of genetically modified organism. Some ubiquitous GMO’s that you may not be aware of: Zucchini and yellow squash, Hawaiian papayas

and sugar beets. Products that include “sugar” in their ingredients can very well be using a combination of cane sugar and sugar derived from the GMO beets. In spite of the alarming fact that we are not being protected from these special interest-driven corporations, there is a growing movement in this country: More people are seeking to make better and more-informed choices about what they eat; Individuals who are increasingly more aware of how easy it can be to be swept away by the clever packaging, convenience and competitive pricing of ready-made supermarket items, yet understand that these foods are not designed with the best interests of the consumer in mind A movement back to eating simpler, more natural, unmodified whole foods -- as nature intended – that are less burdensome and toxic to the body. The more consciousness you bring to your food choices, the more you protect yourself from the perils of our modern day food supply.

LindaJoy Rose, Ph.D. is a therapist, author and wellness chef. She teaches classes around Tampa Bay and the U.S. on raw foods, mind mastery and creating healthy lifestyle choices. She is the pioneer of the raw fusion movement, blending the incredible benefits of a raw foods lifestyle with the comfort and convenience of traditional mainstream meals. She is the author of Raw Fusion: Better Living Through Living Foods and Your Mind: The Owner’s Manual. Check our her websites: www.rawfusionliving. com and



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Taking Back Control with a Natural Protocol for

Rheumatoid Arthritis By Alina Piccone, BA, LMT, ICA, CHC


ast year, both my father and my mother’s brother were diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis, a debilitating autoimmune disorder where the immune system mistakenly attacks the tissues of the body, creating extensive inflammation, pain, fatigue, and a significant decrease in one’s quality of life. Their symptoms had doctors thinking everything from gout to Lyme’s Disease, but eventually the increasing pain and systemic effect of the disease led doctors to diagnose and prescribe the standard pharmaceutical protocol for RA, which is a cocktail of chemotherapy drugs such as Methotrexate or Humira and is designed to inhibit the overactive immune system. The side effects of either drug are astounding – severe toxicity of the liver, lungs, and kidneys, headaches, mouth sores, internal bleeding, hair loss, low white blood cell count, and extreme fatigue are all associated with Methotrexate. Side effects for Humira include severe upper respiratory infection, lupus-like symptoms post-treatment, thus indicating lasting immune system inhibition, and most frightening of all, central nervous system disorders such as multiple sclerosis. This is on top of the steroidal and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs prescribed to manage the inflammation and pain, which we know come with their own side effects. I don’t know about you, but one look at these side effects would send me running to find natural methods to combat RA…and that is exactly what I did to help my dad and uncle. After a few months on the drugs, they both experienced a decrease in the progression of the disease, but only slight changes in joint pain, and a new debilitating symptom – intense, overbearing fatigue. My uncle had been biking 20 miles at a clip several times a week at age 60 before he took the drugs designed to fight the disease, and, after taking them, he barely had the energy to get up in the morning. My father, at 58, was experiencing the same fatigue, and constant, unrelenting pain in the saddle joint of his left thumb, which stopped him from riding his Harley, his passion, because he could not squeeze the clutch handle without excruciating pain. Being a Licensed Massage Therapist, Certified health Counselor, and an Internationally Certified Aromatherapist, I had an idea of where to

start looking for natural methods to manage the disease. I learned that there are several factors that play a role in creating an environment where this disease can manifest. One is free radical damage. Free radicals are molecular combinations of oxygen and other atoms that “kidnap” electrons from healthy cells in our bodies. The removal of this electron causes oxidative damage where the robbed cells essentially rust. This causes degeneration of the body’s tissues, inflammation, and a state of acidosis. This is why anti-oxidants are so important in our diet. As we age, our body stops producing as many free-radical fighters and thus the oxidative damage will grow continually worse and lead to numerous “age-related” conditions. Acidosis was another factor I found to play a

a nutritional profile usually unheard of in fruit which includes 15% protein by weight, 17 trace elements, 4 major minerals including calcium and potassium, 6 essential fatty acids, 18 amino acids, the highest vitamin C content of any fruit or vegetable, as well as zeazanthin, polyphenols and beta carotene - all of which balance Ph in the body. The wolfberry even contains a natural antiinflammatory called beta-sitosterol! Second, therapeutic-grade essential oils. My uncle chose to use essential oils consistently in his daily life to replace other toxic household products, while my father used one oil specifically blended to decrease pain and heal tissue. It is called PanAway and is a blend of clove, helichrysum, wintergreen and peppermint essential oils. (Note that not all essential oils are medicinal quality –the oils I recommended to them are currently used in Beth Israel Medical Center in NYC and the Cleveland Clinic.) Third, daily supplementation of MSM (methyl sulfonyl methane). MSM is truly a miracle substance! It is a naturally occurring mineral derivative of sulfur and has an amazing ability to eliminate pain and inflammation – naturally. The form of MSM they took is called Sulfurzyme and it is a blend of MSM and dried wolfberry powder.

crucial role in RA. Acidosis is a condition where the body’s pH has become too acidic and leads to a very unhealthy internal state. Acidosis creates an environment for many diseases as well as autoimmune disorders. Diet plays a major role in this – the consumption of natural, whole, fresh foods helps to stabilize pH. So, after much research, I came up with a protocol of my own for my uncle and father: First, 4-6 ounces of NingXia Red daily. NingXia Red is an essential oil enhanced, wholefruit puree supplemental drink comprised mostly of Lycium Barbarum (a specific wolfberry fruit), which has amazing, clinically tested antioxidant powers. According to testing developed by Tufts University, the wolfberry has the highest levels of naturally occurring S-ORAC (Super-Oxide Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity) – thus it has an unsurpassed ability to fight free-radical damage in the body. This unique fruit boasts

As a result, my father is back on his motorcycle and my Uncle Bob, after exactly 8 weeks of a committed regimen of my recommendations, was able to wean completely off his medications! Both of their stories are amazing and I, along with my fiancé Robert, am on a personal mission to spread the word to other arthritis suffers. There is an answer and it is free of debilitating side effects! Alina Piccone, LMT, CHC, CA is co-owner of Essential Life Solutions, LLC. She and her partner, Robert Ridpath, LMT, CA, CNWC, have a passion for educating others about the benefits of using true, authentic, therapeutic-grade essential oils as natural alternatives to toxic pharmaceutics, body products, and home cleaning supplies. Please visit them at, call (813)-6449104, or email them at info@ To learn more about Young Living Essential Oils, visit Tampa Bay Wellness • AUGUST 2011 15

Identifying the Myths about

Colon Hydro Therapy

By Billie V. Odor How many different types of colon hydro therapy equipment are there? There are 2 types available for this therapy. The closed system has been around since the late 1930s. The open system was developed in the early 1990s. Both systems meet with all of the FDA’s requirements. To be on the safe side, you will want to ask the therapist a few questions. Is the equipment they are using classified by the FDA as a Class II Medical Device? Having a colonic in Florida? Your therapist must have their LMT # which will start with MA followed by 4 to 6 numbers. Ask to see the MM # this means the establishment has been inspected by the Dept of Health. In other states, if in doubt, ask to see their certification. Only professionally trained colon hydro therapist are to use these units. What is a speculum or a rectal nozzle? A speculum by definition is used to hold an orifice open. This specific speculum’s diameter is about the size of a nickel & used with the closed system. The open system requires a colon cleansing (rectal) nozzle with a bulb tip to be used. The rectal nozzle is ergonomically correct with a diameter of a # 2 pencil. Both instruments are generously lubed and only inserted into the straight and narrow of the lower rectum almost 2”. The length of an adult rectum is approx. 5 1/2” to 7” in its natural relaxed position. Are speculums or rectal nozzles ever used more than once? There was a time before disposables were available, we used stainless steel speculums. In today’s market, I would say absolutely not! Both the disposable speculum and the rectal nozzle are individually packaged for “one time use only.” Your therapist will open a new package in front of you. Does colon hydro therapy cure? I’m sorry to disappoint you. No! Colonics do not cure. Along with this, you are not all flushed out? Oh, by the way, this is not a weight loss 16 AUGUST 2011 • Tampa Bay Wellness

program either. If you do lose weight, it is feces weight. Colon Hydro Therapy is a process. This therapy is all about hydrating the feces directly. The procedure in itself is the “wick theory.” The colon always has feces in it. The body reabsorbs the minerals and water out of the colon by way of osmosis. This is how your colon forms its stool. The longer the feces are in the colon the drier it becomes. This is where the wick theory comes in. The feces absorb the water up the channel, your colon. The feces will start to soften; the colon’s peristalsis will move the feces along the colon eventually moving the feces out through the rectum. On the closed system, the peristalsis will push the feces out through the speculum. On the open system, when you feel the cramp, you give a little push to release the feces out around the rectal nozzle. Who is inserting the instrument? Do I need to worry about being punctured?

In Florida, your therapist is a Florida State Licensed Massage Therapist and a Florida State Certified Colon Hydro Therapist licensed to do the insertion for you. On the closed system your therapist will, most likely, do the insertion for you. On the open system, after receiving clear instructions from your therapist you will do your own insertion. It is not likely you will be punctured. After all you are the one inserting the rectal nozzle; you can feel where you are. If you try to inserted more than a 1 ½” you disconnect the rectal nozzle from its water source. I will be a new client, will I feel rushed? If at any time you feel the therapist is rushing you, please speak up. In the scheduled hour, 45 minutes is dedicated to the colonic session. Most therapists set a timer to make sure they do not cut your time short. As far as trying to rush a client, this is not likely to happen. No therapist is going to risk the safety of their client

or their livelihood for an appointment fee. Your therapist wants you to have a successful colonic as much if not more than you. Believe me, only your mother and the colon therapist are this concerned about your poop. Will the water go rushing in? Am I going to be in pain? To begin with the water pressure used in the closed system is about or less than 1psi. The pressure in an open system will be at the speed gravity can pull the water down; about 1 psi. Both types of equipment are fitted with temperature control and a “state of the art filtering system.” The therapist cannot blast the feces out. If the water goes in to fast, it will immediately come right back out. You won’t be able to hold the water in. The water has to go in slow so the feces will have a chance to absorb the water. The cramp or discomfort you feel, is your colon’s peristalsis. It feels like a cramp. This is the signal it is time to push the soften feces out through the rectum. Regardless of which system you have your colonic on, you the client, are controlling the therapy not the colonic equipment. You and your therapist will be communicating and working together throughout your session. Can a colonic really suck everything out of the colon? Never! Absolutely never is anything ever being sucked out of the colon! Nor has it ever been sucked out. The colonic equipment is not designed with the feature to vacuum. Both types of colonic equipment are “one way systems” designed to slowly put water in the colon. There are check valves in the units to keep the water from flowing back into its self. This one feature

in the unit proves the feces are never sucked out of the colon. When having a colonic sometimes all I see is clear water. Does that mean I am all cleaned out? You the client determine how long you hold the water in. Your colon is as long as you are tall, with that being said, there can be a lot of feces in the colon. If you only hold your sphincter muscle closed tight around the speculum/rectal nozzle long enough for a cup of water to go into the colon, how far do you think that 8ozs of water will be absorb by the feces up the colon? Think “wick theory.” If you keep seeing clear water coming back out, you might need to hold the water a little longer. Give the feces time to absorb the water. Yes, you will feel cramps and may be uncomfortable. This is an indication your colon is healthy. When you are on the open system wait for the cramp, and then give a little push. If you are on the closed system, tell your therapist to redirect the flow of the water. Whether, the colonic is on a closed system or an open system there should be dark muddy water come back out when the client releases. Will I lose all my good bacteria? NO. Not anymore than you lose when having a bowel movement. You kill off your friendly bacteria every time you drink a cup of coffee or a soda; the carbonation in the soda kills a good bit of your flora. Over the counter and prescription medications kill off flora. Stress is also a factor. A colonic uses only clean filter purified water. The colonic introduces water into the rectum via the speculum or rectal nozzle. The water is then absorbed by the feces. You only loose the bacteria found in the feces that are

moving out of the colon just like when you use the bathroom. You don’t lose your entire flora then, do you? Will I be dehydrated afterward? My friend said they were constipated the next day. Colon Hydro Therapy cannot dehydrate you. The word HYDRO means water. If anything, this is the quickest way to become hydrated. Colon Hydro Therapy cannot constipate. There could be several reasons why the client might not have a bowel movement the next day. A client suffering from long term chronic constipation is an indication of a sluggish bowel; all the more reason to have a colonic. Did you know there are over 1800 different over the counter medications and prescription drugs that cause constipation? Having a colonic might be the only way a person can get some relief. Colon hydro therapy is all about hydration, basically the “wick theory” in its purest form. I hope this article has cleared up any misunderstanding or myths you may have read or heard.● B i l l i e V. Od o r , C P T / L M T / C T CPT2011032704/MM10840/MA12768

Billie has spent 18 years as a Colon Hydro Therapist and Health Navigator. She is the founder & owner of Inner Healings & Assoc., Inc., Brandon, FL (813) 657-6198 www.innerhealingsandasssociates. com Her blog:

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us and we really didn’t have a lot of extra time--big mistake! When I started asking my girlfriends whether I should take any classes, I found those who did prepare (classes, books, prenatal yoga) had much better experiences. Another TV reporter friend of mine, sent me the DVD - The Business of Being Born - so I could at least understand my options and see why it’s important for parents to prepare beforehand. Initially, we didn’t really want to watch it (we thought it might be too graphic or boring) but my husband and I both agreed it was educational, eased our anxiety and well worth it.

Can relaxation & guided imagery really deliver a Medication Free birth?


’ve had a lot of mothers-to-be ask me about this, so I want to share my birth story. You may be thinking, “WHY would a first-time mom WANT to give birth without an epidural or any other pain medications?” Ouch! Right?

Hypnobirthing actually involves deep breathing techniques, relaxation and guided imagery. That’s when I made the on-air promise that I would take Hypnobirthing classes to see if the relaxation technique really worked for me.

I had several friends tell me, I was CRAZY to even attempt this, but the reality is I spent a lot of time trying to cut down on my exposure to everyday chemicals, especially while I was pregnant. I eat mainly fresh, organic whole foods, use stainless steel and glass water bottles and make sure my lotions, cosmetics and cleaning products contain ingredients I can pronounce.

I figured I had nothing to lose... if I needed pain medication or any emergencies popped up, I was at Bayfront Babyplace and would do whatever the doctor wanted me to do.

This was just another way I could try to avoid exposing my baby to a flood of synthetic chemicals. I am a bit of a granola girl at heart (I produce a website called Heather’s Natural Health) so I can admit, that I did like the idea of not having any pain medications, anesthetics or pitocin in my system or my baby’s body. When I was 7 months pregnant, I started looking into different types of birthing classes as part of a TV story. I interviewed half a dozen moms who told me how Hypnobirthing classes helped them relax before, during and after giving birth, to the point that many did NOT need any pain medications! As a former, investigative reporter, I was skeptical... I honestly couldn’t believe it! The name sounded a little strange to me. I pictured a hypnotist swinging a pendulum and putting me in a trance but 18 AUGUST 2011 • Tampa Bay Wellness

My husband supported me every step of the way and wanted to make sure I didn’t “suffer” at any point. That’s one of the reasons we decided to have a doula (which means mothering the mother) guide us through the process. While the doctor may be in and out of the room, a doula is ALWAYS at your side, making sure you are comfortable, coaching you and explaining what will happen next. I had an incredible Doula, Jane Parker. Jane is essentially a birth coach, but I found her to be more like my mom that day in the delivery room! I could NOT have done this without her encouragement, education and pure love. I also had a wonderful relationship with my OBGYN, Dr. Sheila Devanesan. We talked about my birth wishes but I trusted her to do what was best for my baby and me. This may surprise you... during my first few months of pregnancy, my husband and I initially decided NOT to take any childbirth classes. He’s in the healthcare field so we figured he would help guide

After hearing all of the positive, emotional and sweet birth stories from Hypnobirthing moms, we paid for several classes. I figured at the very least, I would learn a great relaxation technique. I carried my daughter for 41 weeks! Hypnobirthing techniques helped ease my anxiety and the training really worked for me! I read the book, listened to the CD every night for a few weeks and was able to block out all of the activity in the room by cranking up the guided imagery tracks on my I-pod. There is something sweet that happens right after you give birth and your baby naturally knows what to do (where to go for her first meal!) and your body responds. The nurses and doctors told me I looked like I was sleeping through most of my labor and delivery. I closed my eyes because it was easier for me to relax, listen to the CD and block out activity in the room. It was a very quiet, peaceful birth. (You can see video of my Hypnobirth at Type in keyword: Hypnobirth.) Here’s what I learned from this experience: • Relaxation is key to an easier labor and delivery. Other mammals relax when they give birth so the body can do what it is designed to do. When we tense up, it magnifies the pain and slows down the process. • I was able to use the Hypnobirthing technique because I had the guided imagery CD playing over and over in my iPod during my 6 hour labor/ delivery. Yes, it sounds kind of funny when you first hear it. I listened to it for weeks before birth and it really helped remind me how to breathe through the contractions. • Contractions are not a constant pain. They build up like a wave, hit a peak and then subside to the point I could “relax like a ragdoll” even toward the end of labor! • Because I did not have pitocin or any medications that “speed up the process or numbed my feeling” I found the rhythmic, wave-like contractions tolerable. I did yelp at the end when I gave birth to Kingsley (7 pounds, 9 ounces!) My husband says my eyes popped open and I looked like they might pop out of my Continued on next page.

head! Yes there were a few moments of pain, but they were tolerable and most importantly temporary.

be flexible and open. I knew at any moment I might have needed a C-section or medical intervention.

• Even though nurses may encourage you to “push, push, push” hypnobirthing encourages you to go with the flow of your body. Pushing may cause tearing... so as I followed my body at the end of the process... I would feel a “tsunami” contraction... followed by a minor contraction that barely registered! In between the big and small contractions, I had moments of calm! It’s as if your body takes time to recover and allows the baby to relax right before she appears.

Florida has the second highest c-section rate in the country. In fact, my first OBGYN told me to expect a C-section, so I was open to all options. We want healthy babies. A memorable birth experience is an added bonus.

*Here is my one disclaimer to all pregnant moms: This is a guilt-free story! I prepared myself to accept whatever happened during labor and delivery. If it didn’t work, I would be o.k. with the outcome. We can plan for exactly the kind of birth we would like to have, but in the end, it’s not up to us. We have to

Heather Van Nest is a community leader, Co-Anchor on 10-News and an avid health enthusiast Heather brings a wealth of knowledge and resources to our magazine, and to you. According to Heather, "Working in a newsroom gives me the opportunity to research the latest studies, see if there's any truth to the next

I am happy I took the Hypnobirthing classes and my birth experience turned out the way I had hoped. There were moments where we knew things could change (Kingsley was in the wrong position for most of my labor). I trusted my doctor to do what she thought was needed for the health of my baby.

health trend and connect you with some of the Bay area's top holistic medical doctors to answer your questions." We look forward to a long-term, healthy relationship with Heather. In addition to seeing her in Tampa Bay Wellness

Giving birth naturally, without any pain medications is like training for a marathon. I personally, would NEVER want to do it without all the prep work!

you may also visit her natural health blog at:


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As you browse the menu come up with questions as to how you can get your meal prepared to better suit you. Ask how, and with what the meal is prepared. Often times, with some tweeking you can take the dish from waistline wreckage to waistline wise in no time! Look for dishes that appeal to you and ask yourself... “How can I make this healthier for me?”

Dining Out fearlessly

By ashley poptodorov


like to think of myself as a laid back kinda gal. I don't believe in nitpicking and I believe relaxation is the best medicine. There isn't much that can get this southern girl in a tissy! One thing that can ruffle my feathers though, is not being able to get a healthy nutritious meal when dining out! With some patience and experimentation I have been able to find ways to make a once agonizing experience a rather pleasurable one. Consider this your “Guide to dining out fearlessly!” Think of yourself as an army of one, armed and ready to defeat any temptations that come your way! Every year Americans eat out more and more. In our fast paced world so many events are centered around dining out. From the casual lunch with a friend to buffet style business meetings and everything in between. Dining out is a very large part of the average American life. According to the National Restaurant Association in Washington DC the average American family eats out 4.2 times per week! It is also no surprise that obesity is a rising epidemic! It is not the restaurants that are adding to our waistlines! It is our poor choices! No longer does dining out have to wreck havoc on our health. Now more than ever, we need to make changes. Not only for ourselves, but for our children. We must put a stop to this life threatening trend.

20 AUGUST 2011 • Tampa Bay Wellness

First thing first, before I even browse the menu I get in good with the server! Be it a friendly smile or small compliment. I get them on “my side of the table.” Tell him/her exactly what you are looking to do. Eat healthy. With obesity levels on the rise, more restaurants are willing to accommodate. Keep in mind your server is there to make money and you are there to for what I hope is a healthy meal. If I get what I want, the server gets what they want. A nice tip. Sounds like a win/win combo to me! Now that you have the server in good with you and your intentions, kindly ask that they not bring the bread. The groans are so loud I can hear them from here! How important is this endeavor to you? OK then. Bread can pack upwards of 500 calories before you even get to your meal! Not to mention the saturated fat from the butter/ lard spreads they smother atop! Look at the positive, not only will you prevent your waistline from suffering, you will savor and enjoy your meal much more when it arrives. I am a firm believer that the smartest man is NOT the one with all of the answers but rather the one with all of the questions. To order wisely you have to “fear not” when it comes to asking questions. Please do not feel that you are putting others at a disposition, I find that the majority of restaurants are more than happy to oblige.

Let me give you an example. If your anything like me you need examples! The entree - Smothered chicken with mushroom sauce, served with a loaded baked potato and zucchini squash medley. Now, at first glance this may look OK. Its not. The sauces that “smother” anything often add up to a tremendous amount of fat and useless calories. I am not against carbohydrates in moderation and at the right times. So as long as it’s not too late, the potato is not a bad thing. The glob of butter, sour cream, and bacon bits that comes atop the baked potato... that's another story. Its “loaded” alright. With artery clogging toppings that we can all do without. A mistake that we all make when we see “vegetables” on a menu is to assume that they are healthy when in reality the preparation may make them anything but. Be sure to ask how the veggies are prepared. Plenty of restaurants pre pack their vegetables in baggies with butter sauce. Yep, I learned the hard way. Simply request your vegetables steamed with no butter. Need a zip? Ask for some seasonings. Ask for your chicken grilled and smothered in nothing! Instead, opt for grilled mushrooms and onions to top the chicken. You may have to reiterate no butter. Remember, the majority of restaurant goers do not have a lot of requests so this may be a bit new for whatever server you get. Do not be discouraged, patience is a virtue. The more you put into practice your new way of ordering, the easier it will get. For those of you who want to achieve even further results, hold the potato and double up on the veggies. While this is only one example, any meal can be adjusted in the same manor. One last thing to keep in mind when it comes to fares on a menu, watch for the salads! These are deceiving. These can pack as many calories and fat grams as some of the main entrees. Beware of the fatty dressings! Opt for oil and vinegar or squeezed lemon with light balsamic dressing. For the love of God, please hold the cheese and croutons! No, not in your hand! Avoid them all together. As a rule of thumb, just remember, skip the sauces. Skip the bread. Add extra seasonings and

grilled vegetables to compensate. You would be surprised how well grilled onions taste up a dish! The more you apply your “guide to fearless dining” the better you will become. You will look better, feel better, and for those of you with children, you will be leading by example! This may give our country a ray of hope in reducing the obesity epidemic.

Yoga Poses

By Ashley Thesier Yoga Loft

Bhujapidasana A pose that's fun to say and do!

Congratulations! You’ve made your adjustments and your ready to order. One thing I always notice at any restaurant are the portion sizes! Now more than ever we need portion control! When you place your order kindly ask that half of it be boxed for later. This will help to lessen your chances of overeating. There are studies that show a direct link between eating out and higher caloric intakes. As we all know, this can lead to weight gain. So many of us were raise with the mentality...:” Finish what's on your plate.” With the portions being presented in restaurants today, I strongly recommend against this! The last obstacle to being able to dine out fearlessly is to avoid the dessert trap! Yes, those pies and pastries practically beg you to eat them. Devour them even! Oh, my darlings, that comes with a price. This is sabotage. Instead, ask if there is any fresh fruit available. This is a sweet way to top off your meal without adding a whopping amount of calories and fat! For those of you who find pure joy and pleasure in food this may be a bit difficult at first. Trust me, your taste buds will adapt, so will your figure, and your waistline will thank you for it! With some hope left in the world, our children will follow our examples. Obesity levels will drop. People may be able to browse stores and malls by foot rather than by electric wheelchairs. It is a harsh reality, but there are many a pair of ankles out there that just cant handle the weight. We may one day be able to get back to the healthy, activity fueled country that so many of our parents and grandparents enjoyed. When romping around outside replaced video games and a sedentary lifestyle. It all starts with a choice. Next time you dine out, think of this and do so fearlessly!

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irst of all this asana is fun to say! Bhuja-pidasana translates to arm pressure pose. Personally, I enjoy Bhujapidasana over some of the more strenuous arm balancing postures and feel it is essential to master this particular pose before moving on to some of the more intense postures such as Astavakrasana or Parsva Bakasana (sideways crane). The arm pressure pose is instrumental in developing a greater awareness of the correlation between the pull or rounding of the sacrum and the lift of the crown of the head. There are always opposing forces within an asana, search for them, exploring how gravity and anti-gravity provide a sense of both stability and lightness. In this arm pressure pose there is a teeter totter effect that takes place between the hips lowering as the body weight shifts onto the hands, making the feet light while continuing to extend through the spine all the way from the sacrum to the crown. Begin in Tadasana, finding your center and connecting with your breath. Separate your feet about 1ft apart, folding all the way down into Uttanasana I (forward fold). Bending the knees deeply, bring your arms back between the legs, planting your palms beside the outside edges of the feet, fingertips facing forward. Lengthen through the spine and take several breaths here. Ground through the ball mounts of your hands, spreading the fingers as wide as you can and lean forward bringing the spine parallel to the floor. Walk the feet together as you maneuver the backs of the thighs to resting as high as possible on the upper arms, close to the tops of your shoulders just above the triceps. Slide your shoulder blades down

the spine while simultaneously extending all the way through the spine and crown. Begin inching the feet together even more, eventually crossing one foot over the other. Bring your awareness into the sacrum and hips while keeping the heart lifted. Take a breath or two here continuing to ground the palms into the Earth then in a very slow and controlled manner begin to raise the feet while contracting the abdomen and lifting the trunk of the body. The heart lifts and the hips lower, drawling the whole body up, while working to straighten the arms. Hang out, breath evenly and see if you can lighten up. Squeeze the legs into the arms; bring the upper arms into external rotation broadening through the chest and collar bones. Finding the isometric contraction between the legs squeezing toward each other and the arms spiraling into the backs of your knees, keep everything compact. As always, find your fullest expression of the pose then see where you can soften within it. All too often our yoga practice can become more about getting somewhere than being fully present in the moment or the asana. Follow your breath, watch it, become curious about what it is doing in every pose on and off the mat. Tap into the innate intelligence of the breath using the inhalation to help lift the body and the exhalation to ground and root. Namaste Ashley Thesier is the owner of The Yoga Loft in Tampa (813) 248-YOGA (9642) She began her study of yoga at Inside Out Yoga in Norfolk, Virginia and earned her 200 hour level yoga teacher training certificate in 2002. Tampa Bay Wellness • AUGUST 2011 21

measure brain waves, and the captured data is compared to a normative population, which aids in identifying areas of disregulation that may interfere with cognitive processing speed and with emotional and social functioning. A trained practitioner can see known markers for various brain-based disorders, such as AD/ HD. This data, along with other neuropsychological tests, also give the practitioner a basis on which to make an educated and accurate diagnosis, which results in more effective treatment protocols. CNS Wellness, a neurotherapy facility in the South Tampa area, has been successfully treating both children and adults, with deficits of attention. The practice is overseen by Dr. William A Lambos, a licensed, BCIA certified psychologist, who has post-doctoral training in neuropsychology. By making an accurate diagnosis, he is able to reduce, and in many cases, completely eliminate the need for prescription medications in cases of AD/HD, by using a variety of different gentle and noninvasive techniques that are aimed at changing the underlying brain mechanisms to improve function.

Effective Diagnosis & Treatment of AD/HD Without Medication By Rebecca A. Hopkins Williams


ttention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (AD/HD), much like autism, is diagnosed more frequently in males rather than females. The symptoms are often initially noticed when the child enters into a formal education setting, such as kindergarten or first grade. Teachers or day care providers can be the first to point out a child’s attention deficits, impulsivity, hyperactivity and stimulus seeking behaviors to parents. These behaviors ultimately result in poor grades and sometimes, social exclusion. Concerned parents will schedule the next available pediatrician appointment and begin a pharmaceutical regimen, hoping to help their child become a well functioning adult. In spite of good intention, many cases of ADHD are misdiagnosed and pharmaceuticals are prescribed as a first option before other effective approaches, such as behavior modification, are explored. Distressed parents

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are finding refuge from the onslaught of prescription medication stimulants in alternative, holistic outlets. Reducing consumption of overly processed and high fructose laden foods has resulted in beneficial effects observed not only in a child’s behavior, but also ultimately their overall health. Reward systems, when an appropriate reward has been established, have also shown to be constructive in modifying behavior which is typical of an attention disorder. Neurofeedback, a type of reward program, has proven to be very efficacious in keeping children off medication, while improving behavior and grades. The key to any successful program is proper assessment and diagnosis. Multi-modal neurotherapy has been growing in popularity, and is now available in the Tampa Bay area. This type of treatment uses quantitative electroencephalography (qEEG) as the initial step in assessment. Sensors are placed on the scalp to

The philosophy of CNS Wellness is to provide a comprehensive assessment of the individual and to deliver the most precise care. Interim and post-treatment brain maps are acquired to show the measureable results of neurotherapy (an example is shown below). Due to the efficacy if neurotherapy, it is not unusual for families to observe improvements in behavior and school performance, even before the EEG begins to change. As parents search for alternatives to stimulant medication, which has been shown to produce negative side effects, including addiction, neurotherapy will continue to gain support around the world. Like any treatment program, it is best to research your practitioner and find those who are both licensed and certified in their respective fields. For further information on the benefits of neurotherapy, please visit l Rebecca A. Hopkins Williams, B.Sc. is the Biofeedback Specialist at CNS Wellness, located in Tampa, FL. She has a background focused in molecular biology and works under the supervision of Dr. Lambos. CNS Wellness provides state of the art assessment and treatment of a variety of brainbased conditions using multimodal neurotherapy. Visit their website at

By Tracey Kern

What is "ORAC"?

And How Does it Work? Or, Not Work?


hat is ORAC and how does it work? And more importantly how does it affect all of us. ORAC (Oxygen Radical Capacity) as defined by the encyclopedia is a method of measuring the antioxidant capacity of different foods and supplements. This method was developed by scientists at the National Institutes of Health. The exact relationship between the ORAC value of a food and its health benefit has not been established, it is believed that foods with higher ratings on the ORAC scale will work more effectively to neutralize free radicals and the oxidative process of free radical damage.(Wikipedia, 2007) According to the official ORAC web site 138 years of research, done by the U.S. Agriculture Research Service (the in-house research of the U.S. Department of Agriculture), claims the importance of their work in helping to understand health benefits in relationship to product development and the science behind it. The web site goes on to state that it is their goal to introduce as much information as possible in "layman" terms for all to understand exactly what ORAC is and why it is important to all involved. The web site then explains that the information given will range from the simplest explanations to the most sophicated language on the topic. They go back and forth on research, how it was done giving different findings and explaining scientific procedures. In some portions of the reading it sounds like they are contradicting their own claims and stating that different forms of research they participated in were cumberson and not entirely effective yet using results from that research. Its not until the end of the section on understanding ORAC that they admit there is a problem in completely understanding how to use ORAC. When you really look at the official ORAC web site you never find a recommended daily allowance or guidelines on what food source or supplemants provide the highest rating of ORAC value. The main purpose of the official ORAC site seems to be about telling food manufactures how to qualify for or fufill the ORAC gold standard. So how does this really help the consumer?

In order to find ORAC food and supplement ratings you have to go to independent sources for ratings. One source simple listed on the internet as ORAC lists several food sources and gives their rating. This site listed cloves as the highest ORAC rated food. It went on to give daily recomendation as 31,446 umol TE/100g. If you click on to this to get a better explanaton it sends you directly to a web site for Seven Essentials, a product developed by the Center for Advanced Medicine. On this site you will find Dr. Willam Kellas, cofounder of the center. He tells you how his health never improved until he gave up on vitamins and turned to the actual food he consumes in the form of a pill. Another site that you can go to for information on ORAC ratings of food will lead you to Protandim. Protandim is a product that has been advertised on ABC and claims that not all antioxidants are equal. They state that conventional or consumable antioxidants from food and vitamins are simply not enough. They go on to recomend their supplement and claim that they can increase your glutathione levels, an imortant anti-aging factor by 300%(Protandim, 2006). It seems that everyone has jumped on to the ORAC band wagon, a simple google search for ORAC or anitoxidants gives you over 3,000 posibilities that lead far beyond food ratings and supplement. It seems that many companies are eager to include ORAC in their marketing programs. From a marketing stand point this is a very grey area, there are no regulations. Even the USDA, that has proudly spent 138 years researching the ORAC value system, cannot give a quantifiable guideline. As early as 1999 the USDA published charts showing a comparison of dried fruits to fresh fruits. The study showed prunes having an ORAC value six times higher that fresh plums. In actuality their ORAC values should have been very close based on dry weight or calories. In addition, the issue of label claims versus actual content are left to the integrity of the manufacture. When a label claims that a product has a value of 500 ORAC units per serving how can we prove this? Where

is the regulation for this kind of claim? The burden of proof is nowhere to be found without some kind of regulatory body. It seems that the ORAC gold standard is more about marketing than it is about measuring the antioxidant quality of foods and supplements. On the official ORAC site it addresses the problem of inconsistency and states that it won't be easy and that a concerted effort on the part of manufactures to promote ORAC values using consistent and simple language will help. This is from an organization that has been researching a standard for 138 years and cannot give one concrete explanation of how their standard works. The clearest and most concise recommendation the official ORAC site gives is that in advertising and marketing the "truthful and misleading" yard stick should rule the day when making antioxidant unit comparisons. (ORAC, 2009) In the end it’s a buyer beware situation. You are going to have to think for yourself, read some labels, maybe do some reasearch on your beloved computer, or simply trust that the government has your best interest in mind (???). Makes you think though, after 138 years and they still cant come up with a definition that will give you an absolute value ratting! Maybe we should check back with them in another 138 years so we are not rushing this important and worthy department of our government. References -Prior PhD, Ronald L & Cao PhD, Guohau (1999). Variability in Dietary Antioxidant Related Natural Product Supplements: The Need for Methods of Standardization. Journal of the American Nutraceutical Association, 2, 46-56. -About protandim. Retrieved July 12, 2009, from Life Advantage Web site: -An ORAC update. Retrieved July 12, 2009, from ORAC Official site Web site: -Antioxidant values of food sorted by ORAC values. Retrieved July 12, 2009, from the internet antioxidant database Web site: -Oxygen radical absorbance capacity. Retrieved July 12, 2009, from Wikipedia the free encyclopedia Web site: wiki/Main_Page


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SM, what we call Organic Sulfur, is actually methylsulfonylmethane. Not all MSM sulfur products are the same. The West Coast Organic Sulfur Study uses a unique type of MSM, which is referred to as Organic Sulfur. Organic Sulphur is supposed to be prominent in all living organisms; however, bio-available organic sulfur has been consistently overlooked or ignored as an essential and fundamental requirement for healthy body cells. Organic Sulfur is not a supplement, a vitamin or a nutrient. It is actually food. It is a crucial component of a healthy diet. Organic Sulfur: the Missing Link for Your Health As of 2010, the West Coast Organic Sulfur Study has been on-going in Canada for five years. The benefits listed below have been reported by people who participate in the study.

These are a few of the many amazing health benefits for those who regularly take bioavailable Organic Sulfur:

addictive substances and junk food. We have reports that the detoxifying phase of recovery appears to be shorter and less intense.

• Skin Conditions: especially acne, psoriasis, rosacea (red skin splotches), liver spots, and disorders associated with Lupus Erythematosus have been eliminated. With rosacea and acne, sometimes in as little as two weeks.

• Cancer and Chemotherapy: Study members undergoing cancer treatment who took 30 - 40 g of Organic Sulfur (15 - 20 g twice a day) had no nausea, diarrhea, or hair loss during chemotherapy. There was also a surprisingly noticeable reduction of cancer cell counts as reported by their oncologists.

• Allergies, Asthma, and Emphysema: some people with more serious conditions stopped depending on the bottled oxygen they had been toting around in spite of the fact that they continued smoking. (When combined with related EFT/energy work most mild and moderate cases reported 100% resolution for allergies and asthma.) • Addictions and Food Cravings: Detoxification and reduction of addictions cravings and food cravings seems to be accelerated and reduced when people are maintaining abstinence from


Sleep your way to health and vitality. Strengthen your immune system, relieve back pain, encourage circulation, and relax the nervous system while filling your body with positive energy.

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• Diabetics are noticeably helped because bio-cellular organic sulfur is essential for the production of insulin and sulfur-based amino

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Statistically the success rate of chemotherapy, surgery and radiation are not good.

Dr. Dennis Alexander, DMQ (China) an Oncologist has been sent to all corners of the world to treat cancer patients with alternative medicine.

• Lymphomas appear to consistently reduce in response to Organic Sulfur—both in the associated pain and in decreased size of tumors. When combined with EFT/body energy work, several cases of cervical, breast, and prostate cancer have been resolved without any medical involvement (sometimes in two weeks).


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acids, which are necessary for the metabolism of carbohydrates. • Arthritis: All types of arthritis and ankylosing spondylitis, with long-term use of Organic Sulfur, report much less pain and dramatically increased motility. West Coast Organic Sulfur Study participants reported the straightening of finger joints and the resolution of internal scar tissue around the joints. With additional body energy work (Emotional Freedom Techniques), using pH Catalyst Altered Water, and Organic

• Hep C / HIV: One person regenerated his liver to a healthy state after 25 years of Hepatitis C with only this specific Organic Sulfur (eighteen months of two table-spoons of organic sulfur twice a day). We believe there would be a noticeable positive shift in recovering from HIV with Organic Sulfur when combined with EFT/energy work, however there are too few study members at this time to report any information. • Kidney Stones: one study member reported passing small kidney stones with no pain at all, and only a very mild physical discomfort that lasted one or two minutes. • Open Heart Surgical Procedures: 54 cases of scheduled surgery were cancelled when the individual's EKG returned to normal. This happened within as little as six weeks of ingesting Organic Sulfur in a fairly high dose twice a day.

Sulfur several participants with mild to moderate arthritis reported 100% resolution within six months.

• High Blood Pressure: All study members, who participated over the long term, report high blood pressure returning to normal, the breakdown of calcium plaque in the arteries, and on their own decision, eventually going off all related medication. Cholesterol was noticeably reduced, as was hardening of the

arteries. • Sexual Response: Those female members of the study, who chose to discuss this, report an increase in vaginal lubrication during arousal. Male participants report stronger and more stable erections. The Sentient Temple Healing Center carries the same Organic Sulfur used in this study in stock now. It comes from the same source. 727-323-2793

Dr. Rev. Dennis Alexander, PhD, DMQ (China) is the founder of the Sentient Temple College of Alternative Medicine and the National College of Medical Qigong. He is the former Florida Director of the International Institute of Medical Qigong. Dennis received his Doctor of Medical Qigong (DMQ) from the International Institute of Medical Qigong in Palm Desert California and is also registered at the Overseas College of Medical Qigong, Henan University of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Beijing, China. Contact: 727-323-2793

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WELLNESS Calendar AUGUST 1-7 Transition to a Healthier You • Elizabeth Nelson, MA, Ed, Mondays, Aug. 1st - 29th 6:30pm • 5 Week Low Glycemic Lifestyle Course • $139 Course Materials Included • For More Info & to Register, Call 727.288.3817 or visit Yoga Teacher Training Info Meetings - Tampa- For students and teachers interested in learning more about our Yoga Alliance 200hr & 500hr Certification Programs. FREE! At the Lotus Pond (6201 Lynn Rd): 200hr. Wed Aug 3 6:00-6:30pm 500hr. At the Lotus Room (1101 W. Kennedy): 200hr. Thurs Aug 25 6:30-7:00pm. No registration Required. www.yogalotuspond. com for more info or call 813.961.3160. Children’s yoga starting on sunday, the 7th of August from 9:45-10:45AM with Victoria Hawkins,LCSW.Certified Radiant Child yoga instructor(for toddlerteenagers).This session includes yogic breathwork(pranayam)postures(asana) and concentration.Cost per month$35 and per session $10. New Community Yoga session on Wednesday’s from 6:307:30 PM starting on August 3rd.All levels welcome.Cost $5.Certified instructors. YogaShakti studio, 2625 Keystone Rd,Tarpon Springs,Fl-34688. Hot Yoga offered on thursday from 6:30-8:00PM.All levels welcome.Please check our website for details. or Call Anita Rao at 727-937-4744.

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Micheline Berry Master Class Rock the Shakti Live Music Master Class with Baye Kouyate & Friends , August 5th, Join Micheline Berry, Master Musicians and the Yogani kula for a special series of transformational, rockin’ live music yoga journeys that will ignite the catalytic creative energy of “shaktiprana” within you. 7:30 – 9:30pm, $30 each $50 for two or $60 for all three Yogani Studios, 1112 W. Platt, S. Tampa, (813)251-9668 Spirit-Mind-Body Fair: Saturday, August 6th from 10 AM – 2 PM. An introduction to the benefits of wellness with free Yoga, T’ai Chi, Pilates and Meditation classes, various speakers and vendors related to wellness, natural health care and living green. Proceeds from sponsors, vendors and “Chance to Win” tickets benefit the free YMCA program for people affected by cancer. 10a.m.-2p.m. Free. YMCA (North Pinellas), 4550 Village Center Drive, Palm Harbor. (727) 772-9622

Yoga Nidra with Annie Okerlin, August 7th - iRest During your practice of iRest, you will be supported in a reclined position by bolsters and blankets as the facilitator takes you through a meditation that involves body sensing, intention setting, emotional awareness and the practice of finding an inner resource. No physical asana (postures) will be practiced. 4:30 – 5:30 pm. $10 Fee is a donation to Exalted Warrior Foundation. Yogani Studios, 1112 W. Platt, S. Tampa, (813)251-9668

AUGUST 8-14 Annie Carpenter: Daily SmartFLOW Sadhana Master Class Series, August 10 - 14. Annie is one of the most respected and creative teachers in America, Annie leads teacher trainings and

Micheline Berry Master Class Series -Aug 6th–7th, Deepen your personal practice as a laboratory for exploring the creative healing potential of vinyasa flow yoga. Come join Micheline Berry and the 2011 teacher trainees in a Prana Flow Master Class. Level 2/3 practitioners recommended. July 8th 7:30 – 9:30pm, July 10th 7:00 – 9:00am July 1th 8:30 – 10:30a.m. $30 each $50 for two or $60 for all three. Yogani Studios, 1112 W. Platt, S. Tampa, (813)251-9668

E f f ecti v e N at u r al P est C o nt r o l

Your Green Alternative to Chemicals

Could This Be The Solution To Your

Headache Pain? Do you Have Any of These?

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another, feeling like you’re on a merry-go-round of drugs. All this is enough to make anyone want to scream!

• Cluster Headaches • Migraine Headaches • Tension Headaches • And More


iving with headaches is tough. Day after day of being miserable, irritable, and looking a lot older than you really are. Your friends and family may not understand what you’re going through. Add to that doctors’ visits, MRI’s and CT scans -- which can come back with “normal” results. And that’s not all… trying one medication after

How many years can your body handle taking one pill after another? Many of the pain medications available are quite addicting and can have drastic side effects. That’s no way to live, not when there could be an easy solution to your problem. I invite you to go to the website below or give us a call and receive our FREE report on headache pain.

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Hypnosis for Athletes! - Sat., August 13th 3pm-5pm @ Yoga Loft,2002 East 5th ave. #102 Ybor City. All athletic disciplines welcome! Clear mental baggage! Increase motivation and confidence! Get in “The Zone” on command! Fee:$35 call (813)248-9642 or

Annie Carpenter 5 DAY Smart FLOW Yoga Intensive: Intelligent, Intentional Yoga for the Rest of Your Life (Daily Master Classes & Weekend Sessions can be purchased separately). August 10 - 14 DAILY SADHANA Master Classes pranayama, asana and meditation Wednesday - Sunday 8:30 - 10:30 a.m. DAILY LABS (Full 5 Day Teacher Training Participants Only) See website detailed training hours. $695 for full 5 days - all offerings (40 hrs certified teacher training), $35 Daily 8:30 - 10:30 SmartFLOW Master Classes, $45 for Weekend Intensives. Yogani Studios (813)251-9668

Free Food Demo - Elixirs for Vitality & Long Life! w/Alison J. Kay, Holistic Life Coach PhD. Turn your smoothies into energy enhancing, stamina boosting, long-life elixirs that taste like mochas and chai lattes using super herbs & super foods while sipping free samples. Feeling low energy, drained and just can't get it back? This will! Saturday August 13th 3pm @ Nature's Food Patch, 1225 Cleveland St., Clearwater.

We are the National College of Medical Qigong and all of our degrees receive college credits. Aug. 12, 13. 14 - Medical Qigong Associate Degree Level 4Oct. 21,22,23 – Multidimensional Mind, Recession proof, yourself, get a job. Call today 727-323-2793

An Evening of Bharata Natyam - Tampa- Sat 8/13 6:30-8pm at the Lotus Pond (6201 Lynn Road) Jaan R. Freeman will be preforming a popular classical dance of India, Bharata Natyam. The art has 2 aspects: pure rhythmic abstract dance and expressive storytelling called Abhinaya. Sponsored in part by Dakshina Palli, Inc NYC. $20 in advance, $16 students & seniors with valid ID. For more information or to register visit for more info or call 813.961.3160.

Sound & Vibration: Energy Medicine & Sound Healing Workshop (12 CE’s for LMT’s) Aug. 13th-14th; Yoga Shakti, Tarpon; 828-333-0888; www.ceformassage. com Yin Yoga with Tiffany Cantrell, August 14th - Learn about Yin Yoga and the benefits of this quiet, but powerful practice that encourages the body to open as each pose is held passively for several minutes. This style of yoga will leave you feeling more at home in your body and more energized, open, powerful and graceful. Class is open to all levels. Your Yoga practice will reach new heights as you become more grounded and peaceful through this ancient practice. 2:00 - 4:00 pm. $25. Yogani Studios (813)251-9668

AUGUST 15-21 Natural Skincare Workshop, Monday, August 15th, 6-9pm St Pete. A handson learning experience where you learn to make herbal remedies for healthy, vibrant skin. Participants learn how to make a cleanser/exfoliator, a steam, a mask, a toner and a moisturizing cream. Receive a step-by-step workbook and samples to take home. Cost $60. or call 727-384-HERB. See website for more dates/locations. Tampa Bay Wellness • AUGUST 2011 27

WELLNESS Calendar Balancing Hormones Naturally, Dr. Mary Riggin, LAc, DAc, DOM, August 16, 2011 @ 6:30pm, Earth Origins - (formerlyPalm Harbor Natural Foods) - 30555 US Hwy 19 N, Palm Harbor. Learn about NEW natural solutions for hormone related health problems without the use of hormones or bio-identicals! call (727) 669-6000 to register Introduction to Home Remedies, Wednesday, August 17th, 2-3pm St Pete. Are you looking for natural alternatives to manage your health and home? Attend this introductory class on incorporating natural home remedies into your life. Cost $20. or call 727-384-HERB. See website for more dates/locations.

Prenatal/Postnatal Yoga Teacher Training & Certification, August 19 - 21, Are you a Yoga teacher, Yoga teacher in training, midwife, doula, bodyworker, pregnant or planning on getting pregnant? If so, then the Prenatal/Postnatal Yoga Teacher Training Intensive, may be for you. Take this weekend workshop, either to deepen your own practice and ability to help others or to expand your teaching knowledge. Friday: 3:00-6:30pm, Saturday 10:30am-2:30 and 4:30-8:30pm, Sunday 11:00am-2:30pm. $275. Yogani Studios (813)251-9668

Organic Wine & Cheese Tasting Bruce Heiman, Certified Sommelier, will be leading us in a wine education with a strong emphasis on Organic, Biodynamic, Sustainable & health benefits of wine. You will walk away with some new knowledge on wines, including cheese & food pairings. Please join us Thursday, Aug. 18th @ 6:30pm. Nature’s Food Patch, 1225 Cleveland St, Clearwater, FL 33755 more info @ www.

ENERGY & HOLISTIC PSYCHOTHERAPY             

Gentle Guidance Through the Healing Journey Transforming Into Self Discovery and Celebrations of the Heart

Seemorg Matrix Work Emotional Freedom Technique E.M.D.R. – Eye Movement Energy Medicine Life Transitions Grief / Depression Panic / Anxiety Relationship / Couples Past Life Regression Women’s Issues Meditation Call (813) 258-3906 Lois A. Miller, L.C.S.W., PA Breath Work Rapid Trauma Resolution 238 E. Davis Blvd., Suite 302 - Tampa, FL 33606

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Yoga for Scoliosis with Stacy Renz August 20, 1:00-3:00pm. $35 by August 13, $45 afterwards. Find relief from discomfort or pain from scoliosis and learn techniques to take to your regular yoga classes with Stacy Renz, Yoga Therapist and Occupational Therapist. Living Room Yoga, 1608 29th Ave. N, St. Pete, FL 33713. Register at or call (727) 8264754 today! Stephanie Keach’s Master Power Vinyasa/Flow Yoga Master Class Series, with Attention to Details, August 20 - 21- Spend some time relaxing your mind and restoring your body’s energies with Stephanie Keach and a Vinyasa Flow Master Class. We will be combining Power Vinyasa/Flow Yoga with deep meditation, alignment insights, partner Yoga, restorative poses, deep breathing practices, fun balances and back bends, all so that we can challenge and stimulate our edge. Saturday 8/20 | 8 - 10 a.m., Sunday 8/21 | 8 - 10 a.m., Yogani Studios (813)251-9668 Sadja~Om Tuning Fork & Vibrational Healing Workshop (15 CE’s for LMT’s) Aug. 20th-21st; Longhouse, Gulfport; 828-333-0888;

AUGUST 22-28 Detoxification: Anti-Aging & Weight Loss – Peter Glickman, The Master Cleanse Coach, will talk about the only method ever proven scientifically to extend life & avoid diseases: heart disease, diabetes, cancer & obesity with a simple, inexpensive program that can be done at home to lose 10 years in 10 days! FREE BOOK (While Supplies Last). Please join us Thursday, Aug. 25th @ 6:30pm. Seminar to be held at Lifework Yoga Studio next door to the Patch. Nature’s Food Patch, 1225 Cleveland St, Clearwater, FL 33755 more info @ Your Next Three Private Yoga Clients: A YogaBiz Coaching Workshop with Leah Fulford, August 27, (CEU Class) 1:305:30. $140 by 8/13; $165 afterwards. An empowering, effective and exciting workshop to guide you on your path to getting your next 3 private yoga clients! Includes 4-hour workshop + two follow-up hour coaching phone calls to make sure you stay on track! Register at or call (727) 826-4754. Living Room Yoga, 1608 29th Ave N, St. Pete FL 33713

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BECOME A LIFE COACH! Holistic approach to coaching excellence! 32hr comprehensive classroom training, Residence Inn Hotel , Oldsmar, Fl. Register now for AUGUST 27th CERTIFICATION all materials included! See website for details and schedule CALL: 727-687-5764 Live Crystal Singing Bowl Sound Journey with Eluv, August 28th - Join us for this special 1 hour Crystal Singing Bowl Sound Journey guided by Eluv, sound healer and host of WMNF, 88.5 “Ultrasounds” Thursday night radio show “Ultrasounds”. Wear comfortable clothing, and bring a yoga mat or similar to lay on and blanket or something warm to cover your body. Eye pillow or sleeping mask and water are also recommended. 4:30 – 6:00 pm. $20. Yogani Studios 1112 W. Platt, S. Tampa, (813)251-9668

AUGUST 29-31 Arthritis: Natural Solutions for Chronic Pain, Dr. Mary Riggin, LAc, DAc, DOM, Tuesday, August 30, 2011 @ 6:30pm. Earth Origins – (formerly-Palm Harbor Natural Foods) – 30555 US Hwy 19 N, Palm Harbor. Learn how to handle chronic pain naturally. Please call (727) 669-6000 to register


Full Health 101: Abundant Vitality, Joy & Longevity Class Series. Dr. Oz-esque and beyond. Taught by a Holistic Life Coach, PhD, India trained Yoga & Meditation teacher & ACE Personal Trainer who spent 10 years in Asia. Using most recent scientific studies & ancient wisdom: supplements, nutrition, meditation, chi gong, yoga and more. Wednesdays, ongoing, 7-8:30 pm starts August 24th. FMI call: The Wellness Retreat (727) 481-5291 or Alison J. Kay 727-239-1724. Yoga School of Knowledge at Lotus Pond - August 20-December 12 Fall Semester: Designed for students that want to deepen their “off the mat” or mental & spiritual knowledge of yoga, without pursuing the skills of a yoga teacher. CEU’s offered for yoga teachers. We offer a range of classes: Full Semester, Mondays only, Saturdays only, Weekend only to accommodate busy schedules! For more info or to register www. or call (813)961.3160

NEAR FUTURE The 2nd ANNUAL YOGA ASCENT MOUNTAIN RETREAT: Becoming the Mountain, September 7 - 11. The Mountain Yoga Experience is in Spruce Knob, located in the Monongahela National Forest in the

north central highlands of West Virginia, is the highest peak in the state. Price includes meals and accommodations. Airfare and rental cars are separate and at your discretion. A shuttle to and from the Pittsburgh International Airport is included in the retreat fee. Yogani Studios invites you to experience the practices of Yoga in their traditional context and to discover the harmony between Yoga practices and mountain adventure. $625 ($225 deposit - $400 balance due by August 25th) Info call Yogani Studios (813)251-9668 Labor Day Weekend Retreat for Women - Tampa- Sat 9/3, 9:30am-4pm and Sun 9/4 2pm-6pm at the Lotus Pond (6201 Lynn Rd) Feeling run down, scattered, unfocused or overwhelmed? Feel like you are running a marathon every day? You deserve a fun, relaxing, rejuvenating weekend of yoga, ayurveda, women’s drumming, yoga nidra and more! Cost: $195 for weekend/1 person, save and book with a friend: $370 for 2 people both days! Sat only, 1 person $150 (sun only not available). For details on events or to register visit or call (813)961.3160.

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Mastering the Birth of Your Child - Learn mind/body practices that will address your physical, mental and emotional needs during labor and delivery. Enhance communication with your womb child. The Center for Spiritual Living 4600 E Busch Blvd, Tampa 33617 1 pm to 4 pm. Suggest donations begin at $15.00 Refreshments served. Lois J Hall B.A.,CCE, CD(DONA), CLC, NCSF PersonalTrainer, Reiki II practioner RSVP Lois (813) 562-6221


New yoga, meditation and Chi Gong classes starting in downtown Palm Harbor at a brand new location with grand opening 7/31. Natural Healing Treatments (Energy Medicine) also. Meditation classes will vary between Buddhist traditional and Western Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction. FMI call: The Wellness Retreat (727) 481-5291 or Alison J. Kay, Holistic Life Coach, PhD 727-239-1724.


in our next calendar


“YOGA FOR YOUR ACHY BREAKY BACK” Are you suffering with chronic back pain, injuries, or arthritis? Then join us Mondays @4:30PM to stretch and strengthen your spine in this gentle, basic class. Jai Dee Yoga and Wellness Studio. 5803 N. Florida Ave. 813-2312300.

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Tampa Bay Wellness Resource Directory Acupuncture & More

CranioSomatic Therapy

Move Comfortably Again!

Dawn Balusik, AP, DOM, LMT

Enjoy long-term relief from neck & shoulder problems, headaches, back or leg pain, TMJ disorders & more. Unique FPI therapy improves muscle function from head to toe.

Acupuncture, Herbs, Massage, Nutrition (MA36601) Natural relief from Allergies, Infections, Headaches, Fatigue, Neck/ Back/Knee Pain, Endometriosis, Infertility, Menopause and more. Flo Barber • 813-933-9540

2431 Estancia Blvd., Ste A-2 Clearwater, FL 33761.

(727) 475-4710

LMT, Ph.D.(c) MA-25843



Dentistry - Holistic

Jonathan Bromboz, D.D.S.

HerbalWise - Herbal Workshops & Remedies

Be pampered with a holistic approach to dentistry. Herbal teas, coffee, juice, muffins, hot neck wraps, lemon-scented hot towels.

Learn herbal medicine-making, herbal pet care, herbal skincare, herbal products for massage therapy. Hand-blended Medicinal Teas, Custom Herb Formulas, Herbal Consultation and more.


727-384-HERB (4372)

Call 727-483-5618

Corner 62nd St & 3rd Ave N, St Petersburg



Natural Dental Treatment

Looking for more personal, professional or business success? results. Complimentary sessions always available. Ask about Awesome Retreats! Coach Dianne M. Kipp, BSN Certified Life & Business Coach, Follow Your Heart Journeys 727-322-1561 or 727481-1646

Colon Hydrotherapy

Inner Healings & Associates, Inc. Billie V. Odor, LMT, CT MM10840 MA12768 18 yrs as a Colon Hydro Therapist & Health Navigator

Colonics are all about hydration. Water in. Feces Out! Simple. Easy

Colonic Irrigation on an "open system" is like having an internal bath.

Brandon 813-657-6198 Complementary/Integrative Healthcare Serving Tampa Bay Since 1996

Dr. Mary Riggin, LAc, DAc, DOM Clinic Founder & Director FREE Evaluation


Dr Riggin

Hormone Balancing - NO Bio-identical Hormones! Stubborn Weight - NO HCG! Allergies, Chronic Pain, Family Health, Difficult Cases


Ignite Your Light

Create Balance, Clarity, Peace Rapid Resolution and Trauma Therapy, Cognitive Behavior Therapy, Frozen Grief, Clinical Hypnosis,Reiki,Meditation

Dr. Ray Behm, Natural Dentistry

727 446.6747


Essential Life Solutions, LLC Medicinal-Grade Essential Oils Alina Piccone & Robert Ridpath Internationally Certified Aromatherapists Young Living Consultants & Trainers ID#1100150


Workshops Seminars Free Consultations

Energy Healing for Transformation r MindYou You r ke

Helping You move beyond limitations and tap into unlimited potential

Alison J. Kay PhD Holistic Life Coach

727 239-1724 Herbal Therapy Training

2 Year Professional Herbalists Training Program

Laura Delle Donne-Schmidt, LMHC,CHt

Acupuncture & Herbal Therapies 901 Central Ave, St. Petersburg, FL 33705

Tampa, Fl 813.416.9577

North Star Counseling Services

Pathways To Awakening

Emotional Healing • Business Readings Career Guidance • Relationship Issues Health Issues • Past Life Regression 5771 Roosevelt Blvd, #300 Clearwater, FL 33760


Rev. Marcella Zinner MMA, ChT.Th. M

SCHOOL - ALTERNATIVE MEDICINE Sentient Temple College of Alternative Medicine Drs Dennis and Fern Alexander, DMQ(China)


A healing/teaching facility using energy modalities, natural remedies and disease prevention. Specializing in Oncology, we have successfully treated extremely ill patients around the world.

Therapeutic massage

Wellness from Within LLC Deborah Karlan, LMT, CT Lic.# MM4487 Therapeutic Massage, Lymph Drainage, Colonics & CranioSacral Therapy Clearwater


ly Al

Healing Touch Oriental Medicine & Acupuncture

Our patients call us “caring, kind, gentle and professional.” Natural dental care can give you a beautiful, healthy smile and the answer to unexplained health problems and pain. Call today to find out how we can help you.


Try coaching. You’ll be amazed at your

in a Friendly, Caring Environment



Weight Loss

Permanent Weight Loss 101 the 8 week college level course that gets you a life-time of results.

Go to to view a FREE online video and discover what we’re about!

Listen to Food is the First Medicine

Hosted by Dr. Mary Riggin & Dr. Kim Marie on Tan Talk 1340AM




$5 OFF

our already low price with this ad (New Customers - One per)

MASSAGE Looking for the best massage center in Tampa? Rejuvenate your body, mind, and spirit with a relaxing and healing massage at Relax! of Carrollwood. Our concept of massage therapy is simple:

* Skilled and caring massage therapists * Tampa’s best massage prices * Outstanding and attentive service * Comfortable and tranquil surroundings

Enjoy the same prices every time - these are NOT introductory rates and NO membership or contract is required. Do not pay more at a day spa or resort; get the same massage here for less. Some of our massage services include:

* One Hour Swedish Massage - Just

$39.95 * One Hour Deep Tissue Massage - Just $49.95 Relax! of Carrollwood

Carrollwood Center (just north of Busch and Linebaugh)

10025 N. Dale Mabry Highway Tampa, FL 33618


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We pamper you with complimentary herbal teas, coffee, juice, muffins, hot neck wraps, hot parrafin hand wax and lemon-scented hot towels. Call for an appointment now. The first 5 to schedule an appointment this month receive a

free gift.

Dr. Jonathan Bromboz is Member of International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology (IAOMT), Holistic Dental Association, Mercury Free Dentistry and the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry. Dr. Bromboz is Accredited by International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology for the proper replacement of mercury fillings.

Jonathan J. Bromboz, D.D.S., P.A.

The patient and any othr persons responsible for payment has a right to refuse to pay, cancel payment or be reimbursed for payment for any other service, examination or treatment which is performed as a result of and within 72 hours of responding to the advertisement for the fee, discounted fee, reduced service, examination or treatment. Minimum fee only. Codes 1001, 0210

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