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Secrets of Wealth

Special Seminar Special Guest Speaker:

Learn How to Be Truly Wealthy

Tomoshige Kimura/Yale MBA Limited Appearance! Regional Director of Don’t Miss this Event! Happy Science North America Direct Disciple of World Teacher Ryuho Okawa Mr. Kimura has led a prominent career in international banking and corporate finance. A graduate of the Yale School of Management, Mr. Kimura achieved great distinction as an avant-garde strategist for a myriad of Japanese Multinational organizations. He is now a bodhisattva angel incarnate and an advanced priest. In his past life, he was the famous wealthy merchant who donated land to the original Buddha in ancient India. He will bless your life with his enlightenment, wisdom, and love. Please be sure not to miss this life-changing event. In this seminar, you will learn the greatest principles of how to attract wealth into your life! The truth taught in this seminar emanates higher and goes much deeper than any other seminar on wealth. You will learn how to use the power of your mind, the power of your true self to greatly improve the quality of your life from now on, plus secrets no one else knows. BUT YOU MUST ATTEND FIRST, TO BEGIN ON YOUR PATH OF GENUINE WEALTH.

Date & Time: Sunday July 21, 2pm-3:30pm Location: Hilton Hotel Tampa Airport Westshore 2225 N Lois Ave, Tampa, FL 33607 (off the I-275 between N Boy Scout Blvd & W Spruce St near W Laurel St) Free Admission & Free Book. This seminar has a $150 value. Suggested $10+ voluntary donation RSVP by tel or email: 813.914.7771 / quan@happy-science.org walk-ins welcome a 501(c)(3) non-profit event 2 july 2013 • Tampa Bay Wellness



Anne Hermann, MD

Primary Care

Double board certified in Internal Medicine & Nutrition

Board Certified Internal Medicine Physician, Licensed Acupuncture Physicians, Licensed Massage Therapists, and Holistic Aestheticians • Saliva Hormone Testing • Natural Thyroid management • Gluten Sensitivity Testing • Vitamin Testing • Menopause Treatments • Natural Pain Management • Fertility Treatments • Weight Loss

Food Sensitivity Testing

Anti-Aging Cosmetic Procedures

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tampa location

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St. Anthony Out Patient Center

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opportunity to eliminate cells which are fermenting sugar anerobically, halt metastasis and restore healthy aerobic function.

Throat cancer was killing me. How

Lose weight, reduce pain, and cure your cancer with proven methods used in Europe and Mexico. NT TEM IE T







The Ozone then penetrates the blood, lymph and fat. By allowing Ozone in, and toxins out, via the sweating process that is induced, Transdermal Ozone Therapy is one of the most powerful methods of detoxifying and oxygenating the body in existence. This accounts for the effect that heat stress has in killing cancer. Both heat stress and Ozone kill cancer so this treatment offers the best

Call the Sentient Temple Healing Center for your appointment and evaluation.


4 july 2013 • Tampa Bay Wellness

Afte r


That was a year ago. I followed the same protocol we prescribe for our patients, and now the cancer is gone. I contribute our success to a total life style change and Ozone therapy. Because injectable Ozone therapy is illegal in this country, we modified the program used in other countries to allow us to use it here at the Sentient Temple Healing Center. We have this therapy available here now

for only $25 a treatment. The benefits of Ozone Transdermal Therapy is miraculous. Transdermal Ozone, also known as Hyperthermic Ozone and Transcutaneous Ozone Therapy, is a method in which Ozone is introduced into the body via the skin while sitting in a hot steam cabinet. As the pores of the skin open as a result of being surrounded by the warm steam, Ozone enters the body transdermally (i.e. via the skin).


could this happen to me? I eat 90% organic. I consume no sugar. I have an active life style. I am doing everything right. Of course, 50 years of smoking cigars might have a great deal to do with it. Yes, I quit 15 years ago, but the damage had already been done. The slow build up of symptoms didn’t alert me to my situation until I had achieved a stage four squamous cell carcinoma at the base of my tongue. The tumor was so aggressive it grew out of the side of my throat.





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6 july 2013 • Tampa Bay Wellness

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Diatomaceous Earth helps improve digestion and promotes regular bowel movements.

Diatomaceous Earth also has been shown to have a major positive health function in the human body ; it naturally assists the removal of waste and parasites in the intestinal tract. Diatomaceous Earth increases immune system efficiency as well as transporting nutrients to cells faster. Silica is critical to the health of our hair, skin, teeth, nails, heart, liver and lungs. Diatomaceous Earth which can be absorbed through the blood stream can reduce cholesterol. It can also help suppress your appetite which naturally aids in weight management. Silica helps balance the body PH naturally. PH balance ranges from 1-14, PH range 7 is considered the healthiest.

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Reducing High Pain Levels….. holistically!


t Lumina Healing Center they have taken holistic pain reduction to the next level. They have incorporated two powerful therapies for pain therapy: Laser(painless and non toxic) and Acupuncture resulting in much quicker pain reduction with lasting effects. Oscar Hernandez, Acupuncture Physician is the first in the bay area to provide these two full therapies all in one session for $65. He says “the sum of these therapies are much more powerful. Even after one treatment, many people(feeling high pain levels) see a pain reduction. Our philosophy is to heal you without hurting your

pocket”. Lasers are gaining more popularity among Veterinarians and Clinicians because is highly effective for pain/inflammation and is nontoxic and healing takes place at the cellular level. In the last 7 years the FDA has approved laser therapy, now opening the door to its legitimacy in the mainstream Medical community. Other therapies performed: Acupuncture, E-Static and Magnetic for pain/inflammation, Full Herbal supplements pharmacy, Vitamin shots ($25) and 1hr massage for $35 For more information, visit www. GoLumina.com or call (727)898-5900.

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Written in her last of 10 years in Asia, it’s a paradigm changer, What if There’s Nothing Wrong? from Hay House’s Balboa Press, available on


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By Angela Eward-Mangione

Skin Care Intelligence:


Boost Your “Skin Care IQ” and Improve Your Health

ccording to The History of Dermatology and the Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine, many of the earliest medical texts were dermatological, and dermatological diseases were the easiest to diagnose. In “Touching: The Human Significance of Skin,” Ashley Montago points out that skin is our first functioning perceptual system; skin responds to stimuli in an eight-week-old embryo less than an inch long. But how much does the average person know about their skin in the twenty-first century? What you don’t know, including the degree to which skin relates to vitality and wellness, may pleasantly surprise you. As Nancy Snyderman, M.D., author of “Medical Myths that Can Kill You,” points out, the skin “is a vital way station of the immune system, filled with specialized white cells that trigger a full-scale immunologic response.” Healthy skin is crucial to strong immunity, Dr. Laurie Steelsmith, co-author of Natural Choices for Women’s Health, says. And, since the skin is the body’s largest organ, “it’s no wonder that the health and vitality of your entire body resonates in your skin.” Naturally, then, for many, a desire for better skin care is connected to a wish to look good. Looking our best comes with many benefits, including confidence and compliments. But the downside to our culture’s conflation of health and beauty is its connection to product-driven versus behavior-driven choices. Instead of viewing the skin as an organ that works cooperatively with other organs, we view it as something to shop for, whether by purchasing sunscreen to cover it, makeup to enhance it, or moisturizer to nourish it. Granted, we need particular products—especially healthy ones—to take good care of our skin, but the foundation of good skin care starts with the brain, by boosting our skin care IQ, learning to separate fact from fiction, and understanding how the choices we make for our skin affect our whole body.

Developing a Behavior-Based Routine Give Your Skin a Wakeup Call Good skin care starts with the decisions you make from the moment you wake up. In Revive Your Morning Beauty Routine, Linda Formichelli and Laura J. Martin, M.D. point out that a simple wash-and-go routine isn’t sufficient to start the day. 12 july 2013 • Tampa Bay Wellness

According to Formichelli, it’s important to set up a daily regiment that “fights off free radicals, protects skin from the sun’s rays, and brings moisture to dehydrated skin.” Formichelli recommends beginning each day with exercise, exfoliation, moisturizer, and hydration. Cosmetic dermatologist Marianna Blyumin, M.D. says that “exercise lowers stress hormones, the physiological stress indicators that cause damage to all of your body -- including your skin.” Lower stress hormones aren’t the only benefits you can reap from morning exercise, though. As Steelsmith notes, sweating is the skin’s natural way of cleansing. After you’ve finished exercising is the perfect time to start

drinking your H20. “When you’re dehydrated, your skin begins to look dull and dry,” Blyumin explains. “So it’s important to hydrate the skin from the inside.” Here’s an added benefit of hydration: according to Snyderman, drinking plenty of water addresses the fact that as we age our skin gets thinner and drier. In “Healthy Aging: A Lifelong Guide to your Physical and Spiritual Well-Being,” Andrew Weil, M.D. also confirms that drinking plenty of water helps to maintain skin health. Consider extending your morning shower time in order to cleanse and, if necessary, to exfoliate. While cleansing your skin, avoid excessive use of soaps; Weil points out that this, along www.tampabaywellness.com

feature with extraneous use of skin irritants, should be avoided. According to Blyumin, exfoliating can get rid of damaged skin. But how many times per week and month you should exfoliate depends on your skin type. An article from The Huffington Post explains that if after applying face cream you notice dry, flaky skin appear, those patchy spots could be a sign that you’ve skipped a critical step—exfoliation. Watch for flaky spots during your nightly routine, and address them by exfoliating. Next, apply a light moisturizer. Moisturizers with antioxidants such as green tea, soy, coenzyme Q10, or vitamins A, C, and E counteract free radicals that age your skin and can contribute to skin cancer, Blyumin advises. As Steelsmith explains, moisturizers, cleansers, and toners are absorbed directly into the body, so think of t he m a s “n u t r i e n t s ”: “the best nutrients you c a n put on the skin, like the ones you put in your mout h, a re t hose t hat nourish you naturally.” Apply ing s u n protection is a must. According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), it is advisable to generously apply approximately one ounce of sunscreen to all exposed skin 15 minutes prior to going outside. If you work indoors and will be exposed to outdoor light, consider protecting yourself as well. The EPA also states that sunscreen should have a Sun Protection Factor (SPF) of at least 30. Sunscreen should provide broadspectrum protection from both ultraviolet A (UVA) and ultraviolet B (UVB) rays, and it should be reapplied every two hours (even on cloudy days) and after swimming or sweating. But not all sunscreens are alike. The two main types are physical and chemical, explains Dr. Doris Day, clinical assistant

professor of dermatology at New York University Medical Center and contributor to a New York Times Consults blog. According to Day, “the ideal sunscreen would be a physical block using titanium dioxide and zinc oxide.” The compounds in physical blocks are not absorbed into the skin, so they are nonirritating and nonallergenic, and they do not produce or aggravate acne. These blocks are too chalky or opaque for daily use, but mineral powders containing these substances can be reapplied at regular intervals to provide continued protection, Day notes. If you decide to use an all natural sunscreen, check out the Environmental Working Group’s (EWG) 2013 Guide to Sunscreens. The Guide includes a list of 184 sunscreens, some of which are natural and organic, that meet EWG criteria. When deciding whether or not to use all natural products, use Day’s advice as a guide post. Physical blocks, whether all natural or not, prove most effective in protecting you from the sun. Finally, add makeup to your morning routine with caution. Some makeup may contain ingredients that are hazardous to your skin—and to your overall health. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration reports that Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHAs), which are often used as ingredients in cosmetic and drug products applied to the skin, cause exfoliation, or shedding of the surface skin. The FDA has received some reports of adverse events related to AHAs. Results of studies on the safety of AHAs, published in a 2003 issue of Photodermatology, Photoimmunology and Photomedicine confirmed previous studies that correlate the application of AHAs to the skin and increased UV sensitivity. Fragrances and preservatives, the main ingredients in cosmetics, may also cause skin and health problems.

According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Service’s Office on Women’s Health, fragrances are t he mos t c om mon c au s e of sk i n problems. Preservatives come in second. According to the HHS, some examples of preservatives are: • Paraben • Imidazolidinyl urea • Quaternium-15 • DMDM hydantoin • Phenoxyethanol • Formaldehyde Additionally, HHS reports that the ingredients below cannot be used, or their use is limited, in cosmetics. These ingredients may cause cancer or other serious health problems. • Bithionol • Mercury compounds • Vinyl chloride • Halogenated salicyanilides • Zirconium complexes in aerosol sprays • Chloroform • Methylene chloride • Chlorofluorocarbon propellants • Hexachlorophene When avoiding these ingredients, double check deodorants as well. These and other various ingredients may cause allergic responses. Avoid products that cause you to experience adverse reactions, and see a health care practitioner to learn more about what may be causing you to react to certain fragrances or products. In the meantime, if you’re looking for an alternative type of deodorant, Lisha Simester, author of “The Natural Health Bible,” suggests the use of mineral deodorants, which last for six months and are less expensive in the long run.

Offer your Skin a Mid-Day Tune up The whole body needs rejuvenation throughout the day; the skin is no exception. Incorporating a few habits into your afternoon schedule can tune up your skin and leave you refreshed and ready to take on the rest of the day. First, consider a healthy lunch with plenty of vegetables and an adequate Continued on page 14


Tampa Bay Wellness • july 2013 13

amount of essential fatty acids. Natural skin health starts with good nutrition, especially intake of adequate amounts of essential fatty acids, Weil explains. Good nutrition a lso helps your body on multiple levels. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), both Omega-6 and Omega-3 polyunsaturated fats provide essentially fatty acids that our bodies need. Even more, “most of the fat that you eat should come from unsaturated sources: poly unsaturated fats a nd monounsaturated fats. In general, nuts, vegetable oils, and fish are sources of unsaturated fats,” the CDC advises. The table below provides examples of specific types of unsaturated fats.

squamous cell cancers are strongly related to long-term UV exposure, but whether sunscreen can help prevent melanoma is unknown, they say. These facts make choosing a quiet place indoors to eat lunch a wise decision. If swimming in an outdoor pool or at the beach in the afternoon, use extra caution. According to the EPA, water and sand reflect the damaging rays of the sun, which can increase your chance of sunburn. Say Good Night to your Skin A day of good skin care ends with the choices you make just before you head for

Monounsaturated Fat Sources Omega-6 Polyunsaturated Fat Sources Omega-3 Polyunsaturated Fat Sources Nuts Vegetable oils Canola oil Olive oil High oleic safflower oil Sunflower oil Avocado Corn oil Safflower oil Soybean oil Canola oil Walnuts Flaxseed Fish: trout, herring, and salmon Source: CDC For t ho s e w ho c a n’t o bt a i n appropriate amounts of essential fatty acids from their diet, Weil recommends supplementation. Plan to enjoy lunch in either the shade or the indoors; the indoors is preferable. The Mayo Clinic reports that one way to avoid the damaging effects of UV rays is to plan outdoor activities for less sunnier times of the day. They advise to seek shade when outside, since this reduces the potential for sun damage; be aware, however, that “even shaded areas can contain UV rays bent by the atmosphere.” Additionally, the EWG warns that sunscreen does not undoubtedly prevent all types of skin cancer. Studies suggest that basal and 14 july 2013 • Tampa Bay Wellness

Evenings also offer additional time for the application of homemade toners or skin treatments. Consider the following of Steelsmith’s recipes; both include all natural ingredients: Recipe for Homemade skin toner: Aloe vera Juice Hazel Water Directions: Mix equal parts. Apply. Recipe for Homemade Acne Treatment:

Honey Directions: Apply honey to the face. Leave on for fifteen minutes and rinse. Bonus benefit! Honey has antibacterial qualities, Steelsmith says. Finally, getting an adequate amount of sleep is good for your skin and your immune system. “During sleep, your i m mu ne system relea ses protei ns called cytokines, some of which help promote sleep. Certain cytokines need to increase when you have an infection or inflammation, or when you’re under stress. Sleep deprivation may decrease production of these protective cytokines. Long-term lack of sleep also increases your risk of obesity, diabetes, and heart and blood vessel (cardiovascular) disease,” The Mayo Clinic explains. How much sleep do you need? The Mayo Clinic recommends seven to eight hours of good sleep for adults, nine to 10 hours for teenagers, and 10 or more hours for school-aged children, per day.

bed. Women should begin their nightly skincare routine by removing makeup. According to HHS, sleeping while wearing mascara may cause itching, bloodshot eyes, infections, or eye scratches. When bathing or showering in the evening, ensure adequate cleansing of the skin. Steelsmith recommends brushing the body with a loofah sponge.

Conclusion Decisions about how much we sleep, what we eat, and what we put on our skin affect our whole body and overall health and wellness. Luckily, boosting our “Skin care IQ” is easier now than it was when the earliest dermatological texts were produced. As time has progressed, we have learned more about the skin, as well as the extent to which our body’s organs and systems are connected. Good skin care starts within the brain. By making wise choices about diet, exercise, hygiene, and sleep today, we can expect to see the radiation of those decisions on our skin in the not-too-distant future. www.tampabaywellness.com



D - SUN & Fitness

elcome to Florida in July - an op- ing illnesses, specifically) (textbook). portune time to grab some exercise To determine your vitamin D3 levels, ask in the sun, and get a little vitamin your doctor to run a basic blood panel. ReD……right? The concept of “exercising in search is evolving on this right now, but ‘good’ the sun”, or “Beach Bootcamps” certainly levels range from 30-50ng/mL. If your levels sounds romantic and lovely, but in reality fall below this, two strategies would be: can be miserable, hot, and frustrating. Let’s 1. Supplement with 2,000IU or so daily until be honest. Here in Florida, we have a little levels rise (clear this with your doctor first). more humidity to deal with than our Califor- 2. Begin getting some sun exposure, lay off nia friends on Venice Beach. the sunscreen. 10-15 minutes of whole body In this article, I’ll outline a little bit about sun exposure daily will go a long way. Shortgetting Vitamin D from the sun, when to con- term whole body sun exposure has been resider exercising in it vs. hitting the barbells ported to provide the equivalent of 10,000 indoors. - 20,000 IU/day of D3.

Let’s talk about D, baby. You and me.

To understand the importance of vitamin D, let’s cover some basics first. There are 2 main forms of vitamin D, namely vitamin D3 and vitamin D2. D3 is called “Cholecalciferol” and D2 is called “Ergocalciferol”. D3 comes from the conversion of 7-dehydroxycholesterol (pronounced “7-de-hydroxy-cholesterol”) to previtamin D3 via UV radiation from the sun. Then, previtamin D3 is converted into vitamin D3. Next step, which is quite amazing, is that the vitamin D3 is carried off to the liver, to form 25-hydroxyvitamin D3 (basically the inactive form). 25-hydroxyvitamin D3 is then “activated” by the kidneys to product the active form of D3, which is called “1,25-dihydroxyvitamin D3”. To recap: Step 1: you get previtamin D3 from the sun, which is then turned into vitamin D3. Step 2: D3 gets taken to the liver where it’s changed into 25-hydroxyvitamin D3. Step 3: In order to activate it though, the kidneys then need to turn it into 1,25 dihydroxyvitamin D3. If you aren’t getting any sun exposure, nor taking Vitamin D3 supplements, you may be deficient. Deficiencies can also develop if you have impaired absorption from digestive diseases such as GERD, IBS, or Chron’s, kidney or liver disease. Deficiency symptoms include the development of autoimmune diseases (insulin-dependent diabetes and MS are a couple examples), osteoporosis, rickets, high fracture rates, and in children, illness (wheezwww.tampabaywellness.com

Ashleigh Gass MS, CSCS, CISSN, MES, *CCN www.brilliantfitnessandnutrition.com 310-666-0065 ag@brilliantfitnessandnutrition.com

Sun and Exercising in it.

Now that we’ve established the importance of vitamin D3, let’s address exercising in the sun. I’d recommend that you do your aerobic work outdoors (this can include your bike rides, runs, sprints, interval training, paddling, etc.) and lift indoors. Believe me, there is nothing fun about getting your barbell work on in the sand. Early morning sessions or late afternoon sessions will save you from the intense heat and humidity of mid-day. Stay hydrated, and add a Branched Chain Amino Acid (BCAA) blend into your water (I use Beverly Internationals Glutamine Select). BCAA’s help the body build new proteins and make water taste much better. During exercise, we need more water in order to quickly remove wastes and heat from the body. We also need more water to deliver nutrients to working muscles (PN). During exercise, consuming about 1 cup every 15 minutes or so should suffice. To sum, enjoy exercising in the sun away from peak heat hours, and get your lift on indoors! Till next time, Ashleigh References: 1. Vieth R. Vitamin D Supplementation, 25-hydroxyvitamin D concentrations, and safely. Am J Clin Nutrition. 1999;69(5):842-856. 2. Hollis BW. Circulating 25-hydroxyvitamin D levels indicative of vitamin D sufficiency: implications for establishing a new effective dietary intake recommendation for vitamin D. J Nutr. Feb 2005;135(2):317-322. 3. Precision Nutrition “All About Dehydration” http://www.precisionnutrition. com/all-about-dehydration. 4. Chris Kresser: RHR: Surprising New Vitamin D Research. June 2013. 5. Lord & Bralley: Laboratory Evaluations For Integrative and Functional Medicine.

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By: Dr. Mary Riggin, LAc, DAc, DOM and Dr. Kim Marie, LAc, DAc, DOM

vital body

Lies Exposed!

Common Diet Myths Revealed


Part 2

ast month, we introduced you to the idea that many of things we have been taught about food are incorrect. This month, we will explore Myth #1 of the 7 Diet Myths.

ings, make you feel more hungry, and cause you to eat more!***

etables; and roots (carrots and potatoes, et.al.) and leaves (spinach, lettuce, kale, et.al.).

* In Defense of Food by Michael Pollan ** “The Dirty Dozen List”on CNN.com *** The 7 Principles of Fat Burning by Eric Berg

*http://www.cnn.com/2010/HEALTH/06/01/dirty.dozen. produce.pesticide/index.html

Myth #1 Calorie counting works!

So you end up eating even more lowerquality calories than before, reducing your health and leaving you even more hungry! Check out this article from CNN* on the dirtiest 12 produce items. Every year, the Environmental Working Group**, a non-profit organization, tests the most popular produce items and lists the ones with the most and least chemical residuals. Apples and celery are usually at the top of the list with 67 pesticide residues. You can’t wash it off, or peel it off or soak it off – it’s part of the cell structure of the tree or the plant! The pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, and other chemicals are sprayed on the plants and trees. Then those chemicals are washed off the plants and trees into the soil by rain and irrigation water; where they are soaked up by the roots, along with the water and nutrients in the soil. Therefore, these pesticides and other toxic chemicals become part of every cell in the plants and trees – including fruits and veg-

Fact #2: If you eat too little and get hungry, your adrenal glands (the glands that sit on top of your kidneys and help you manage stress) will interpret your hunger as stress. This causes cortisol (an adrenal hormone triggered by stress) to be released. Cortisol uses your body to convert muscles in your thighs and buttocks into sugar, and dump it into your blood. Then insulin removes the sugar from your blood, converts it to fat, and stores it on your belly. This can be a root cause of BELLY FAT! Cortisol, your adrenal glands, and their connection to stubborn belly fat, will be discussed in much more detail in the booklet and audio training “12 Easy Ways to Burn Fat.” Calorie counting is not a sustainable answer to the weight issues we face. As we said earlier, if this worked, we would all be thin. Haven’t you tried this method before – many times? Next month we will reveal Myth #3. Good Eating and Good Health to YOU!

It’s simple: if you eat fewer calories than you burn, you will lose weight because a “calorie is a calorie.”

Reality #1: Focusing on merely reducing calories can lead to weight gain! If this method worked, we would all be THIN! At any given time, over 50% of Americans are on a diet because they are trying to lose weight. The problem is that not all calories are the same. Here are the facts:

Fact #1: Calorie counting does not address the quality of the food.* If food chemicals have been added; if the food source, like corn or soy or potatoes, have been grown with genetically modified seeds; if the pesticides used in the commercial farming are excessive like apples, celery and salad greens; over time, this can create problems.** Many food additives and chemicals will actually cause food crav-


Dr. Kim Marie and Dr. Mary Riggin co-created the booklet “Lies Exposed: 7 Diet Myths Revealed” as a result of their purpose to help as many people as possible achieve a higher level of health and wellness in their lives. Over the course of many years, working with thousands of people as licensed acupuncturists and doctors of acupuncture practicing full-scope Oriental Medicine in the Tampa Bay area, the concept of using food as medicine has become more important in order to achieve optimal results in the clinic. Dr. Riggin is Founder and Director of Healing Touch Oriental Medicine with 2 locations in Pinellas County. They are free lance writers, popular speakers, and co-host “Food is the First Medicine Radio Show”. Read more about the doctors at: www.FoodisMedicine.org or www.HealingTouchOM.com

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A Brief Sunscreen SOS

is also associated with photo-allergic reactions, which bring up the topic of sunscreens actually contributing to a rise in skin cancers. Sensitivity to oxybenzone has been linked to contact eczema and allergies. Another study had individuals apply a sunscreen that contained 4% oxybenzone and urine secretions 5 days later were found to contain oxybenzone. Friend Opinion: Most agree it would take over 30 years if applied via sunscreen to get to the amount tested in the previously mentioned studies. Oxybenzone is one of the few FDA approved ingredients that provides effective broad spectrum protection from UV radiation. The following organizations approve oxybenzone as a safe ingredient for sunscreen – FDA, U.S. National Toxicology Program, Cosmetic Ingredient Review, all ASEAN governments, Health Canada, European Union, Skin Cancer Foundation’s Photobiology Committee and the American Academy of Dermatology. Neutral Opinion (taking into consideration the “greater risk” and having other options available): The fact is oxybenzone is classified as a chemical. I choose to stick to minerals BUT if my only option was a sunscreen with oxybenzone or no sunscreen, the risks and dangers of the sun (UV light is now a known carcinogen) outweigh my significant worries about oxybenzone. One blistering, sunburn in childhood or adolescence more than doubles a person’s chances of developing melanoma later in life. Five or more sunburns at any age double your risk for melanoma, the most serious form of skin cancer, as well. Non Controversial Opinion: Your sunscreen BFF is zinc oxide! Zinc oxide is a mineral (natural ingredient) that is used in a wide variety of products including products used for the treatment of skin irritation. It blocks broad spectrum UVA, UVB, and even UVC rays. Zinc oxide is not absorbed into the skin (it sits on the skin’s surface); it is nonirritating, non-allergenic and non-comedogenic. Facts the Environmental Working Group and FDA agree on: • Broad spectrum is important. It means the product protects against both UVB rays that cause sunburns and also UVA radiation that causes premature skin damage and aging. • Toss the spray cans! All ingredients (even mineral/natural) related to UV protection should avoid being inhaled. • Sunscreens should be applied a minimum of 15 minutes prior to UV exposure and reapplied every 2 hours. Oxybenzone, also known as benzophenone-3, • Reapply after swimming, excessive sweating or salsa dancing. is a common UV filter. It is classified as a “chemical” sunscreen agent (synthetic sun- • Ditch the suffix on the following two terms, “waterproof” and “sweatproof”. “Resistant” is blocking agent). more accurate and resistance is typically proFoe Opinion: Studies indicate large amounts vided for 40 minutes or 80 minutes. fed to animals interacted with hormones. It his time of year, when you walk into many national retail chains, you will find display racks front and center full of choices for sunscreens. Gels, sprays, lotions, balms, sticks and wipes are various types you can choose. Which sunscreen you select should depend on you and your lifestyle, but are you educated on natural SPF protection? Like other skin care and cosmetic products, the great debate over safe and unsafe ingredients presents itself. Chemical ingredients in sunscreens are less expensive to produce than mineral ingredients and are considered synthetic sun-blocking agents. Of course, other chemicals can be found in sunscreens that do not relate to UV protection. Mineral sunscreens (usually zinc oxide and titanium dioxide) are natural and typically less irritating to the skin. Mineral sunscreens are more whitening to the skin, so not everyone likes it (wouldn’t “look as good”… especially in South Beach). The two most common controversial ingredients related to sunscreen are retinyl palminate and oxybenzone. Both retinyl palmitate and oxybenzone have been deemed potentially toxic by the Environmental Working Group (the nation’s leading environmental health research and advocacy organization). Retinyl Palmitate is derived from Vitamin A and is usually added to help reduce signs of aging (skin conditioning agent). Foe Opinion: Studies show that when retinyl palmitate is exposed to UV light, retinol compounds break down and produce toxic free radicals that can damage DNA and cause gene mutations, a precursor to cancer. Recently available data from an FDA study indicate that retinyl palmitate, when applied to the skin in the presence of sunlight, may speed the development of skin tumors and lesions. FDA also raised a concern that extensive, daily skin application of vitamin A creams may build up in the woman’s body enough that the level of Vitamin A may be toxic to a developing fetus. Friend Opinion: Ironically, for over 30 years Vitamin A derivatives have been used to treat skin cancer as well as acne. Most argue that the amounts used to conduct tests (usually on lab rats) are much higher doses than what a human would ever be exposed to. Neutral Opinion (pushing the toxicity debate aside): “Extra, extra”! Is this ingredient essential in a sunscreen? NO. Retinyl Palmitate is not a UV filter, so it is not essential. Let’s keep it simple and eliminate the “extra”.


• Most people under-apply, at least 1-ounce for your whole body provides adequate protection and your face alone needs a nickel sized amount. • Do not forget important body parts such as lips and ears. Bald heads are a priority too! • Your treadmill may collect dust, but don’t let your sunscreen. Typically sunscreens expire after one year. Remember, the sun dehydrates your skin so finding safe and natural moisturizing ingredients within a sunscreen can increase skin hydration. When you ask yourself what is essential in a sunscreen (eliminate the “extra” ingredients) and use that answer to make your decision on what to buy, you will find yourself declaring, MINERAL SUNSCREENS OVER CHEMICAL SUNSCREENS! Join me next month to discuss other protective measures and behaviors to consider and participate in to avoid excessive UV-exposure. My top 5 sunscreen picks: • NoBurn Sportscreen, SPF 30: Manufactured by a local FL dermatologist. Probably the only U.S. sunscreen you will find that contains 18% micronized zinc oxide, which is mostly only found in Australia. Once 14% zinc oxide is reached it aids in prohibiting bacteria growth. The micronized zinc oxide will not absorb past the skins surface (unlike the debate about nano-particles) but allow the sunscreen to vanish, dry and feel non-greasy. • Alba Botanica Natural Very Emollient Mineral Sunscreen, Fragrance Free, SPF 30 • Sunology Natural Sunscreen Crème for Face/ Kids or Lotion for Body, SPF 50 • Eminence Tropical Vanilla Sun Cream SPF 32: Extremely moisturizing with natural ingredients such as shea butter and vanilla. After 7 days of use, when compared to not using sunscreen and using other brands, a study showed a 250% increase in skin moisture levels. • Aveeno Baby Natural Protection Face Stick, SPF 50

By: Tara Matheny Owner of You Glow Spray Tan

2607 W Azeele St, Tampa, FL Phone:(813) 876-4569

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Natural Remedies for Sunburn


hen it comes to sunburn, prevention is the best medicine. However, if you are like me, you don’t really want to use commercial sunscreen products containing harmful chemicals. Luckily, there are some natural options for preventing and treating sunburn. Natural oils that protect skin from the sun include coconut oil, sesame seed oil, and grapeseed oil to name a few (most are about SPF 4). In addition, there are certain foods you can consume to nudge your body to provide its own sun protection. Some of these foods include egg yolks, green or black tea, kale, yams, salmon, and blueberries. If you are exposed to the sun without protection and find yourself with a case of sunburn, below are helpful natural remedies to give you relief.

Aloe Vera

Applying the gel of an aloe vera plant can take the sting and redness out of sunburn. Simply slit open one of the broad leaves and apply the gel directly to the burn. Apply five to six times per day for several days. Baking Soda Adding a few heaping tablespoons of baking soda to a tub of cool water makes a sunburn-soothing remedy. Limit soaking time to 15 to 20 minutes to avoid drying out your skin. Allow skin to air dry.

Coconut Oil

Coconut oil can be used as a light sunscreen, and also soothes and heals already established burns.


A scoop of 1/2 to 1 cup oatmeal added to a cool bath will soothe sunburn. Air-dry your body to keep the oatmeal on your skin. You can also wrap dry oatmeal in cheesecloth or gauze. Run cool water through it. Discard the oatmeal and soak compresses in the liquid. Apply every 2 to 4 hours.


The potato is a wonderful pain reliever. Take two washed potatoes, cut them into small chunks, and place them in a blender or food processor. Blend or process until the potatoes are in liquid form. Add water if they look dry. Pat the burned areas with the pulverized potatoes (wrap with cheesecloth or gauze to help keep it in place). Wait until the potatoes dry, then take a cool shower. Continue applying several times a day for a few days until the pain is relieved.


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Honey can speed healing and minimize pain. It has been used for centuries as a wound healer, so applying to any areas that may have blisters (or open blisters) can also help prevent infection.


Apply cool (not cold) milk using gauze or clean cloth to create a protective protein film and reduce heat. Repeat every 2 to 4 hours.


Vinegar alleviates pain, itching and inflammation. Add one part vinegar to one part water in a spray bottle and spray directly to the sunburn. It may sting at first, but after a few seconds, provides sunburn relief. You can also add vinegar to a cool bath.


Milk or Yogurt

Always Just 95


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By Deserie Valero

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Summer Detoxification:

Intestines and Heart


he Summer Solstice kicks off the beginning of the season on the longest day of the year, which falls on June 21st. Summer, and all of its fiery element, sets the stage for energy, vitality, growth and maturing. Flowers bloom and fruits and vegetables become plentiful. It is a season packed with activities. In this season we will nourish and detoxify the heart and small intestines. With every pulse, your heart helps pump vital nutrients to every sector of the body, working in tandem with the liver, the regulator of circulation. The heart controls the circulation so that the detoxification process can move effectively. This four-chambered muscle pumps approximately 3,000 gallons of blood daily to the lungs, where it absorbs oxygen. Your heart can keep going and going as long as it has enough oxygen.

A number of factors can endanger your heart’s functions. Emotions play an important role. Every time you become tense, the rate and rhythm of your heart are affected, which disturbs the flow of blood and oxygen. This causes blood vessels in your wrists, ankles and head to constrict. When blood vessels in your head constrict, migraine headaches occur. Escalated levels of a potentially toxic amino acid called homocysteine can become so dangerous to your cardiovascular system that it actually equals the dangers of smoking. Homocysteine is the metabolic byproduct of methionine breakdown, an amino acid found in animal protein. It is usually converted to the nontoxic amino acid cysteine, but this process can operate properly only if vitamins B12, B6 and folic acid are readily available. Having low amounts of these vitamins, consuming too much animal protein, and drinking a lot of coffee all can aggravate normal functions and cause homocysteine levels to climb. This results in forgetfulness, cloudy thinking and Alzheimer’s-like symptoms. When the fire of your heart becomes out of balance because impaired kidneys are not keeping it cooled, your heart produces hot flashes, night sweats and palpitations. You then become irritable and experience insomnia. It’s important to drink a lot of water and eat cooling fruits and vegetables, especially during the summer. I take Hawthorne berry tincture to balance my heart. Summer is also the time to focus on your small intestine, another important organ of the detox process. The vital nutrients that your body needs to detox depend on how available they are through your small intestine. The small intestine digests and absorbs nutrients then ships them off to the bloodstream, where they are carried to the liver. If your intestinal lining becomes coated with mucus, nutrient absorption is greatly diminished, which zaps your immune system functions and opens the door to food allergies. Your digestive system needs the enzyme ptyalin (saliva); hydrochloric acid (HCL) and pancreatic enzymes. HCL helps metabolize protein, minerals, calcium and iron. When HCL is missing, protein can’t be broken down properly into amino acids. The non-metabolized proteins begin to decay and enter the bloodstream, resulting in a toxic dump. Low HCL levels can cause anemia and arthritis as well. Low HCL levels can happen to anyone at any age. The main triggers are emotional stress and diet. www.tampabaywellness.com

Try not to eat when too upset or quarrel during meals. Also chew your food thoroughly and don’t drink, especially carbonated beverages, during a meal. When HCL production is low you have a slow-moving bowel, also known as constipation. I take an HCL supplement after my meals. I do not recommend antacids as these are taking away your natural acid. Instead supply your body with enzymes and amino acids. Papaya tablets are an easy enzyme to take. If you’d like to also take probiotics, do so during a meal and never with your enzymes. Enjoy your summer and take good care of your body each season. Read more about the organs to detoxify for each season in my Air & Detox E-book at www.wheelsoflight.org. Rev. Maggie Batt is a local holistic healer, energy practitioner, yogi and earth momma. -------------------------------------------------------------------

By Rev. Maggie Batt Maggie offers a guided meditation to discover your primary soulmate. See more on her website at www.wheelsoflight.org. -----------------------------------------------------------------


The BRIDGE is a non-profit organization that promotes eco-centric living, social justice, personal development, creativity and the vibrant interplay between these interdependent aspects of life.

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Natural Remedies

The Goal of Ayurvedic Treatment O

ne aspect of the ayurvedic treatment is to emphasize prevention. Prevention means creating and maintaining the three humors or doshas, Vata, Pitta, and Kapha. The science of Ayurvedic prevention is known as swastha vritta, swa is self, stha is established, swastha means established in the self or a person who is established in their body constitution. The tridoshas are the three energies governing all the function of the body. While modern medicine is based on the structure of the body. Ayurveda is based on the energies behind that structure made of the 5 elements ether, air, fire, water and earth. Vata is made of air and ether, the energy of action transportation and movement. It is dry, rough, light, cold, subtle and mobile. Pitta is made of fire and water the energy of transformation, conversion, and digestion. It is only sharp, hot, light moving liquid, and has an acidic smell. Kapha is make of water and earth, the energy of construction and lubrication. It is moist cold, heavy, dull, oily, soft, sticky and static. Vata gets aggravated in the fall and early part of winter, eating too much dry, bitter, pungent, astringent, light, cold, stale, or processed food. Drinking too cold drinks or food. exposure to cold, wind and dark, listening to loud noise, bright light too much TV, erratic work or lifestyle schedule, fasting, and wrong dieting, less sleep or interrupted sleep, excessive exercise, running, stating up late, holding natural urges, extreme fear, anxiety, insecurity, worry, excessive bleeding, excessive cleansing. Pitta gets aggravated by the following: in summer eating very sour, salty, pungent, food. Too much yogurt, sour juices, junk food, smoking and alcohol, hallucinogenic or excessive medicinal drugs, outdoor activities in the afternoon, exposure to sun, anger irritability, sexual indulgence, excessive competition and intellectual stimulation. Kapha is aggravated in late winter, spring and rainy season also by the following eating too much sweet, sour or salty food, junk food such as candies, ice cream, desserts donuts, oily fried food, red meat excessive milk and cheese products, excessive eating and drinking, excessive sleep, lack of exercise or physical activity. All natural things are comprised of the five elements space, air, fire, water and earth. For example fruits, vegetables, grains, plants, herbs, animals and humans are comprised of different 20 july 2013 • Tampa Bay Wellness

combination of the five elements which is why herbs can be digested by the body while synthetic medicine cannot. The five elements are known as panchamahabhutas, the opposite qualities are used in treatment with the goal of maintaining or restoring the balance of vata, pitta, and kapha. For example to loose weight (heaviness is the quality of earth element) we use light foods (popcorn is predominately comprised of air element). In light-headedness we use grounding heavy foods such as particular nuts and seeds or root vegetables. In Pitta aggravation (heat) we use bitter and astringent herbs (cooling) and cooling foods such as salads fruits and grains. The human body is a mirror of out physical surrounding, the space we inhabit the air we breath the water we drink, the heat of the sun and the earth underneath our feet are each an example of the physiological structure outside our bodies which are reflected in our own elemental composition. Human physiology can be summarized into three categories 1. governing energies doshas, vata, pitta, kapha 2. Organ and structures (dhatu) and 3 waste (mala). Body constitution is called Prakriti in Ayurveda, which is the proportion of dosha at the time of conception. The most important factor in Ayurveda is the determination of ones individual Prakriti and treatment plan are dependent on the specific Prakriti of the individual being treated. The individual whose doshas, agni (metabolism) dhatus (tissues) are in balance who eliminates waste regularly, whose thinking is clear, sensory organs are sharp and mind is peaceful is called a healthy person. Once the basic body constitution and the imbalances identified, the goal is to achieve maintain and preserve health also prevent disease. These are based on Ahara (diet) and vihara (life style changes). Our action must be right, regular and routine. Each individual can follow a daily routine with special consideration for vata, pitta, and kapha depending on our body constitution and imbalances. We can prevent formation of many diseases in the future. Ayurvedic herbology is the science of herbs with their guna (properties) and qualities and Karmas (actions), in which aid in the maintenance of health and alleviating disease. All herbs are panchabhoutic meaning they contain different combinations of all five elements. The herbs are identified with rasa (taste) which is the sensa-

tion that the tongue experiences. Each dosha is increased or decrease by certain rasas so their balance is dependent on the consumption of various rasas through diet and 1 or more herbs. Ayurveda recognizes six tastes sweet, sour, salty, pungent, astringent, and bitter. Vata will be aggravated by pungent , astringent, or bitter tastes and pacified by sweet, salt, and sour taste. Pitta is aggregated by pungent sour, salt, and pacified by sweet, astringent and bitter. Kapha is aggravated by sweet, salt and sour taste and pacified by pungent, astringent and bitter taste. Basic treatment protocol will include 1. diet foods and drinks by tastes and qualities, guidelines about eating 2. lifestyle changes, daily and seasonal routine, exercise, yoga, and meditation 3. Shodahana is internal treatment 4. Shamana herbs to balance the doshas. The goal of ayurveda is to keep the healthy healthier and eradicate the imbalances. The shodhana or internal treatments strengthen the fire (metabolism) rejuvenates and revitalizes the body, slows down aging, sharpens the senses, clears the mind and intellect. The treatment is customized or it is Prakriti specific so no side effects , herbs are natural, and they are special foods. So body can digest them like food. Whole herbs are used so passive ingredients in the herbs balance active ingredients. Herbal formulas are the mixture of herbs, which act synergistically improving the efficacy and reducing the undesirable effect. In chronic disease, the dhatus (tissues) become weak which might cause the recurrence of disease. In these circumstances rasayana treatment is given to strengthen the dhatus and increase immunity.

Jayam Krishna Iyer, M.D. is a Board Certified Medical Doctor specializing in Pain Management in her private practice since 1984. Dr. Krishna Iyer’s credentials include Board Certification in Anesthesiology, Pain Management, Medical Acupuncture, Homeopathy and Critical Care. Creative Health Center 1012 Druid Road East Clearwater, Florida 33756 Call (727) 443-4242


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Higher Self

By Marcella Zinner



reams are one of the most intriguing and confusing aspects of the human experience. Dreaming can be described as images and imagery, thoughts, sounds, voices, and subjective sensations experienced when we sleep. Are our dreams real? imagined? our sub-conscious,? or just meaningless night time images? Dreams can appear to be very real whether we understand them or not. Sometimes we wake up scared, sometimes mad and sometimes sad, sometimes very confused. Then we usually rationalize that it was just a dream. Dreams are not just weird nighttime experiences-they are very real and very telling of our deepest feelings and emotions. Our dream world helps us process these feelings and emotions. Dreams are also messages of wisdom, insights, and guidance. When asleep, we access the lowest brain wave functioning thus receiving guidance from the Universal consciousness. It is like turning down interference on a radio or TV. In the dream state, we open our minds to many different levels of our own unconscious mind. It is our storehouse. It houses all of our wishes, hopes, and memories of past experiences. Our dreams can assist us with self-examination, release deep seated fears and emotions, and provide valuable, profound wisdom, guidance and insights.

Precognitive Dreams

Some very sensitive intuitive people experience pre-cognitive dreams. These are dreams that appear very life-like, usually very emotional, in which the dreamer has no prior information or knowledge about yet come true in the very near future. These dreams can be hard to determine whether they are a future event or the dreamers own deeply hidden experience. The best way to determine if the dream is a precognitivefuture event- is to record the details and the date of the dream. Following up by reviewing your recorded dreams every couple of weeks helps your dreams be much more understandable after a period of time.

Prophetic Dreams

Many believe that prophetic dreams or visions are messages from God or a higher 22 july 2013 • Tampa Bay Wellness

consciousness about the future. There are many prophetic dreams and visions which are detailed in the Bible. Prophetic dreams are insights about future. Usually they are couched or revealed in spiritual symbols that are relevant to the dreamer. Dreams of Guidance and wisdom Most of our dreams are our emotions and feelings that have been submerged into our subconscious. These dreams are our consciousness’s way of hiding that which we were unwilling or unable to deal with at the time of occurrence. These dreams come forth in symbols that are filled with seemingly random people, places, and activities. When these dreams are analyzed and interpreted properly, they are very meaningful and helpful. They offer us wisdom and guidance about ourselves and the situations in our lives. Many times these dreams come forward from a long ago past. That is because we are finally ready to deal with them and heal from them. Purposes for Dreams Dreams provide insights for living life more creatively and assist us in making important decisions. Dreams help us release hidden subconscious feelings and emotions that we were unable to process or understand.

DREAMTIME IS WHEN WE STAND IN THE PORTAL OF ENERGY AND ACCESS THE INNERMOST AND DEEPEST PART OF OUR SOUL. Dreams help us understand situations or people in either current time or in our past. Dreams help us connect spiritually with our loved ones who have passed on. From these examples we can clearly see how dreams are messages for us. Dreams teach us, guide us, heal us.


Dreams are mostly symbolic. They can be either universal or “archetypical”, which means a universal symbolic understanding. Or dreams can be individual-giving

meaning to our own individual situations, circumstances, desires and emotions. Dreams can also be literal. Dreaming about different rooms in a house may indicate unopened doors to our personality or unexplored opportunities. These are all messages from spirit to nudge us forward in our mental, emotional, and spiritual development. According Edgar Cayce, famous intuitive healer in the early 1930’s there are 4 types of dreams: 1. Nonsensical- when the body reacts to stresses such as a fever. A message from Spirit that the body is in need of healing. 2.Literal imagery- need to recognize the dreamers thoughts, feelings & emotions in order to pick out the literal contents. A message from Spirit how the dreamer is given information & guidance of the deeper emotional component along with the actual literal situation. 3. Symbolic- images that signify one’s personal circumstances. A message from Spirit to look within for answers of support and direction. 4. Visionary- focused insights for the dreamer to change direction or behavior for their future. A message from Spirit to lift your consciousness to the future. Even though your dreams may appear bizarre, weird, or confusing, try observing the patterns over a period of days. Pay attention to these symbols, remember your feelings and emotions as you recall your dream. Then look to your spiritual understanding to really understand the deepest message. With intent and desire, we can access guidance, insights, and encouragement from our dreams. Rev. Marcella Zinner, MMA, Cht., MTh, is a Professional Intuitive Counselor, Past Life Regression Therapist, Spiritual Educator, Certified Hypnotherapist and Panel Psychic for the Edgar Cayce Foundation. Marcella can be reached at 727-7858780 or mzinner@tampabay.rr.com Visit her web page at www. marcellaz.com www.tampabaywellness.com

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Changing Posture to “Acture” H

aving good “posture” is a known virtue. To Moshe Feldenkrais, D.SC. innovator of a learning system that works with the whole body/mind to change postural habits, the root of the word is ‘post’. “We are not posts”, he would say. “We are living, moving human beings.” He suggested the word be changed to ‘ACTURE’.

With an intention to connect with his Mom the child figures out a movement. A child is thinking and problem solving. A child repeats an action from the feedback he gets in his environment, such as in a smile from Mom or food or more comfort.

Dr. Feldenkrais hypothesized that the intentional movement that moves towards an intentional outcome begins the creation of an How often do you hear or tell yourself to ‘sit up straight’. What is straight? Shoulders “image of action” in the brain. (1972, Awareness Through Movement). Today, Neurosciback and chin down? More importantly to entists see this formation of activity in the Moshe Feldenkrais, why do we let habits run us? Can we become aware of our habits, qui- brain through their ability to view MRI’s and call it Brain Mapping. et them, and then, with attention to how we use our skeleton for support, make shifts for To Dr. Feldenkrais it is this ‘image of an acmore optimal ways of moving? tion’ held in our brains, that forms the child’s Over 70 years ago, Moshe Feldenkrais, ability to repeat an action. Each action adds to the map and prepares the child to discover D.Sc., a mechanical engineer, a physicist and a judo master, began to think about his move- the next new action. Once the brain map has ments in terms of the brain as a solution to improve his ability to use his crumbling knee. Through experimentation he discovered that if he moved his ribs or shoulders differently when he walked (areas not directly related to his knee), he could step with more comfort through his knees. He was also taller and lighter. But what was the exact action and what did he need to do in order for it to always be there? How could he create a permanent change in his patterns?

enough information, children figure out ways to roll over from their back onto their stomach effortlessly, recruiting every rib in the action as well as head, arms, legs and pelvis. Walking comes out of learning how to orient, reach, roll, sit, and stand. Eventually the child develops a full image of action that can be ‘fine tuned’ or lost – depending on what we do from then on. Imagine seeing someone reach for an apple. In a developing child you might see the eyes look, head turn, a shift of weight in the pelvis and then shifts of weight from one foot to the other which supports the arm to reach upward. There is a transfer of force through the skeleton – back, ribs, shoulder, arm, wrists and fingers. As we age, most of us stop using that whole action. It’s possible to reach with one’s arm

Creating an image for action Dr. Feldenkrais,wanted to know how patterns are first formed. He spent time watching infants learn to move. He saw that they eventually turned their random movements into an intentional action. A child will turn his head to orient to his mother coming into the room. 24 july 2013 • Tampa Bay Wellness


so why bother with the whole body? The arm alone is used to reach – or what’s left of it’s range of motion. Loss in ability to use our shoulders or back or knees has to do with loss of image of action of a whole body participating in the action. This full image of action is necessary in all our daily activities in order to function optimally and avoid the aches and pains associated with the aging process. Feldenkrais created a movement laboratory for re-learning called Awareness Through Movement where participants not only attend to basic movements—such as reaching in detail,-- but parts that interfere with that ability. Re-experiencing full body/mind action while reviewing basic movements such as reaching and rolling not only brings awareness and learning but begins the re-patterning. Once Feldenkrais began to make shifts in his ability to move his ribs in order to roll effortlessly from his back to his stomach and back to his back, he found, when he stood up, he felt taller. His weight was more balanced through his knees, and his attitude began to feel more forgiving. Softening his ribs while rolling made an impact on his whole system. As he stood up to walk, he had a new sense of self and, what he believed to be, a new image of action. The pressure was lighter through

his knee with each step in his walk, as his walk became lighter and lighter. He demonstrated that with the right information, his system could continue to improve. He called that learning.

one could visualize a new pattern, placing it in the ‘image of action’ area of the brain and then coax new pathways to be developed in the neuromuscular skeletal system through guidance and repetition. With this belief practitioners who have been trained in The Feldenkrais Method® have been able to support hundreds of people of all ages and abilities continue to learn, rehabilitate and grow through awareness -- sensing subtle changes in movement.

Dr. Feldenkrais was asked to help others either improve or regain their ability to function after overuse, a stroke or accident that damaged their structure or their brains or nervous system in some way. To him, if movement was the first entry into the area of the brain that forms the image (CEO of action), then Bonnie Kissam, M.A. in Dance and Edure-visiting these basic movements with varia- cation, LMT and Feldenkrais® Practitioner tions is a direct way to re-awaken places in since 1983, will be presenting two three hour mini seminars on Dynamic Balance this sumthe brain map or create new connections for areas that have been damaged. Heightening mer at LIVING ROOM awareness to the brain map is the best way YOGA, Friday eveto make a shift in a pattern for action. For nings from 6-9. July 12, Moving example, if a client just reaches with an arm, Feldenkrais would bring attention to from Posture to Acture the back’s involvement in an optimal reach -- August 9th All about Feet/Ankles. with an arm. Attention to one’s whole self can create a transformational shift. More imTo contact Bonnie: portantly it can revive curiosity and problem www.feldenkraisinsarasota.com, bonnie@ solving skills. feldenkraisinsarasota.com 941.587.4535. Dr. Feldenkrais, long before neuroscienFor registration contact Living Room Yoga, tists were willing to agree, believed strongly 16th Street North and 29th Ave , St Pete in the brain’s ability to make changes (neuro- (727) 826-4754 plasticity) if a nerve is damaged. He believed http://livingroomyoga.biz/yogastpetersburg/



very part of our body; cell, bone, tissue and molecule was born with a normal healthy frequency of vibration called “Chi or Energy”. During the early years of growing up, we build layers of imbalances and blockages of this vital Chi/Energy. This imbalance/blockage stops or limits our normal frequency to our mental, emotional, spiritual and physical levels of our well being. We literaly “get out of tune or sync” with our own natural and normal frequency. The Chi/Energy can be returned or restored by the use of powerful energetic tools or modalities such as ACUPUNCTURE-both needle or Acutron/ Electrical; CRYSTALS or STONES; SOUND (Tuning Forks, Mantras, Crystal Bowls, and Prayer); and your own SENSING SYSTEM CALLED CHAKRAS, which are energy vortexes within your own body.

If you want to learn more, call for an appointment.

(727) 449-9090

We will gladly assist you in restoring your Chi and Energy. www.tampabaywellness.com


u u u u


u u u u u

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horoscopes ARIES INEXPERIENCE…could be a factor as you move further into the summer. Seek to strengthen areas that you know are weak. If business companions don’t seem quite up to standards remedy the situation. Beginner’s luck needs to be strengthened now with deepening skills and acumen!


July - 2013

By Imsara

TAURUS If there were any conflicts arising in your external relationships it would be wise to return to your inner centre to pause and reflect. Communication is called for and you need to think more clearly about the issues that matter. Before you take outer action, make sure your perceptions are accurate and keep an open mind.


Recognizing how you nourish yourself and others is the keynote of this time. Avoid excited and opinionated outbursts as well as the drama. It is important to discipline yourself now and cultivate only productive and positive routines. If you feel discontent much of the time then you need to seriously review your attitudes.

You are in a position to be more supportive and this can bring success in ways not anticipated. Make sure you take the time to stay in good shape in mind and body and focus on what is positive and flowing in your life now. Often the key to remedy any negative situation is balance. Make that a priority in feeling, thinking and doing!



Moderation is a focus over the coming months. There is a need for balance and temperance as you deal with all affairs. By maintaining a careful inner attitude you will meet your responsibilities most successfully. Do not create resistance nor invite challenges.

Contemplating yet again is your ally. Really merge with some of your new ideas and seek to experience them, Grasp the deeper meanings of events as they unfold in your life. Take note of what has occurred in the past and adjust your sails to meet the new winds headed your way. You will be glad you did!

GEMINI Adapting is the keyword over the summer. There are many elements that you need to change now in your life. Last month a new beginning was birthed in the way you interface and conduct both your personal and professional affairs. Heed the signs!

LIBRA Goals will be reached through perseverance. By maintaining your cool and being true to your own nature all problems can be resolved. DO not take on any new ambitions at this point. Dal more with the realities of what IS rather than potentials or possibilities. It is time now to solidify.

AQUARIUS Some elements in your life are in a state of needing repair. These could be things that were passed on to you or just things that have been neglected. Before taking any action it is important to review the steps you took that allowed you to neglect these things, be they people, situations or possessions. Check for any issues of complacency and strive to repair it.

CANCER A returning to centre is called for now. The purpose is to regroup and review what your goals are over the next ten-year span of time. If you are older this is even more important. Let go of what is no longer appropriate or relevant. Carefully evaluate what you truly desire and your strategies to realize it!

SCORPIO Having a sincere attitude is important. Do not indulge in extremes of any sort. Foster communication by disengaging from your personal opinions. As you also gauge your reactions to what occurs you will find yourself making progress.

PISCES Family needs often obscure what you need. Actions will tend to speak louder than words over the coming months so be clear about what you are willing to do and what you are not. Then reinforce that with doing. Be certain that you are not carrying roles or burdens that have little to do with the core of your life. As you conduct yourself in a more mindful way you will notice a greater sense of freedom and inner peace!

Journey of the Heart to Egypt - October 12th to 26th 2013. The dream of your lifetime fulfilled. Limited to 16 spaces only. Contact Dr. Imsara for details. Imsara is an evolutionary astrologist, acupuncture physician, writer and speaker. She holds a Doctor of Oriental Medicine and a Master’s in Public Health. Imsara is offering a 26 july 2013 • Tampa Bay Wellness

series of exciting new classes both in St. Petersburg and at Om Gaia in Bradenton, Florida. Imsara also offers a unique set of services both in Oriental Medicine and energy

medicine by appt. Please visit me at the following website: www.imsara. com. Call for an appointment at: 727.821.83000


wellness calendar JUly 1-7

Independence Day Inversion Class with Eric Wheeler -- Thursday, July 4 | 10:00 am - 12:00 pm | $20 in advance | $25 day of | Go upside down this July 4th. Balancing on your head, hands and arms can change your perspective, increase your circulation, calm the mind, strengthen your core, and give you a natural high. Learning inversions is fun and there is a natural fear instinct that, when overcome in a safe way, will spice up your practice.Yogani Studios | 1112 W. Platt St. | 813.251.9668 | yogani.com.

JUly 8-14 Yin Yoga for Athletes -- Wednesday, July 10 | 6:00 8:00 pm | Sunday, July 28 | 4:30 - 6:30 pm | $25 | Use rest and visualization to allow the body to move past muscular stretching and into deeper connective tissue and joint flexibility. Leave feeling taller, moving through a better range of motion, and with the tools to maintain your flexibility. Yogani Studios | 1112 W. Platt St. | 813.251.9668 | yogani.com. Kathryn Budig Monthly Master Class | Backbends and Heart Openers -- Wednesday, July 10 | 6:00 - 8:00 pm | $45 | It’s easy to come onto your mat with preconceived notions of your body’s abilities, and this master class is here to

Learn Dream Signs, Symbols & Interpretations

Four Class Course Series

Meeting the 2nd Saturday of each month Beginning April 13th through July 13th, 2013 Presented by Rev.Marcella Zinner, MMA,Cht,MTh 1-3pm… $20 monthly… Limited Seating Raydiance Wellness Center 120 South Howard Ave., Tampa, FL 33606

727-785-8780 Info & Registration Join us for this fun series of interactive dream workshops. Bring your dream and we will go step by step to show you how to analyze and interpret your dreams. Your dream world is trying to help you, guide you and teach you. Every symbol provides a hidden message of importance offering you guidance and insights into your daily life. April 13 Dream Signs and Symbols May 11 Dream Interpretations June 8 Dream Mapping for Others July 13 Using Your Dreams for Manifesting Bio: Rev. Marcella Zinner, MMA, Cht., MTh, is a Professional Intuitive Counselor, Past Life Regression Therapist, Spiritual Educator, Certified Hypnotherapist and Panel Psychic for the Edgar Cayce Foundation. Marcella specializes in helping others heal emotional and karmic struggles blocks and fears. Marcella has studied at many national Intuitive Development centers including the famed Arthur Findley College for Psychic and Mediumship research in England. Marcella holds a Masters Degree in Theology and is currently a Doctoral candidate for Transpersonal Psychology and Theology at Holos University in Springfield Missouri. Marcella is the founder of Pathways to Awakening a Center for Spiritual and Intuitive Studies. Marcella can be reached at 727-785-8780 or mzinner@tampabay.rr.com . Visit her web page at www.marcellaz.com

PATHWAYS TO AWAKENING Center for Intuitive and Spiritual Studies www.tampabaywellness.com

help you lose that story and create your own. We’ll break down the different elements and body parts of a backbend and connect it with breath and emotional release. Kathryn will be joining us one Wednesday each month for special evening sessions! Upcoming dates are August 14 & September 4. Yogani Studios | 1112 W. Platt St. | 813.251.9668 | yogani.com. FREE “COOKING” CLASS: Super Smoothies! Raw Foods instructor Brad Myers will share all of his favorite smoothie secrets. Never make the same smoothie twice! Learn new recipes to make raw, interesting & healthy smoothies with things such as fruits, nut milks, chocolate, etc. Please join us Thursday, July 11th @ 6:30pm for Super Smoothies part 1 & July 20th @ 4:00pm for Super Smoothies part 2. Nature’s Food Patch, 1225 Cleveland St, Clearwater, FL 33755 more info @ www.naturesfoodpatch.com Yoga Teacher Training 200hr Certification starts July 12, 2013. If you have an interest in teaching or would like to dive deeper into your exploration of yoga, go to our website for information about our comprehensive and joyful programs. For more information call (813)961-3160 or find us online at www.lotuspondyoga.com The Lotus Pond Center for Yoga & Health 6201 Lynn rd. Tampa, FL 33625 Community Acupuncture and Reiki: Prevention and Care of Cancer Saturday, July 13 | 3:00 pm - 5:00 pm | $35 The focus of this workshop is to prevent cancer diseases, manage symptoms, improve treatment effectiveness, and increase immunity and wellness. Presented by Dr. Su and Dr. Thoa, Acupuncture Physicians with Certified Oncology Training from MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, Texas and Sahara Rodriguez, Massage therapist and Reiki Master. Bella Prana Yoga and Meditation, 1000 Kennedy Blvd. Tampa, FL. 33606 www.bellapranayoga.com 9 Hormones that Influence Weight Loss Guest Speaker: Dr. Mary Riggin, LAc, DAc, AP, DOM Saturday, July 13th at 11:00AM Earth Origins Market, US19 at Curlew Rd. Palm Harbor, FL Seating is limited to 15; please call to

Rev. Janet M. Reynolds Intuitive Counselor Certified Spirit Medium www.bluefeather.net janet@bluefeather.net 813-814-1601 Tampa Bay Wellness • july 2013 27

wellness calendar reserve your seat. (727) 669-6000 www. HealingTouchOM.com

JUly 15-21 F R E E C OO K I N G C L A S S : Marinated Vegetable Salads: Natural foods chef & author Debby Degraaff will be making umeboshi marinated chickpea salad, brown rice vinegar marinated cucumbers & onions and herb marinated string bean salad. Plus it’s all gluten free! Please join us Wednesday, July 17th @ 6:30pm. Nature’s Food Patch, 1225 Cleveland St, Clearwater, FL 33755 more info @ www. naturesfoodpatch.com Yogani Teacher Training Informational: Foundations for the Mindful Teacher with Annette Scott & Annie Okerlin -- Wednesday, July 17 | 7:30 - 8:30 pm | Join us for a free informational session. This 200 hour teacher training will provide a fullspectrum foundation approach to your practice and teaching with contributions coming from contemporary and traditional practitioners of yoga, philosophy, mindbody psychology, neurobiology, and anatomy. Full information available on our website: www.yogani.com Yogani Studios | 1112 W. Platt St. | 813.251.9668 | yogani.com. NLP Primer 2-Day – SATURDAY, JULY 20 No prerequisite for this fun, fastpaced, interactive class. Learn basic NLP principles, presuppositions & techniques

to use immediately for yourself & others. Patricia V. Scott, NLP Trainer. Register by 7/9: $225; $185 (Mbrs). After 7/9: $245. Limit 10 people. 7/20 & 21 (10am-6pm) @ UP Hypnosis Institute, 800 Tarpon Woods Blvd., Palm Harbor. 727-943-5003, 866537-7746, info@UPHypnosis.com, www. UPHypnosis.com Sound Healing Journey with Eluv -- Sunday, July 21 | 4:30 - 6:00 pm | $25 | This Journey of amazing healing sound will leave you rejuvenated, revitalized, clear minded and totally relaxed. Plus, it will increase your life force energy, purify your blood, and energize your lymphatic and circulatory system and every cell in your body. Sound Healing is an excellent way to realign, cleanse, refresh, relax, and increase positive Qi throughout the whole body. This is the savasana we all dream of experiencing! Yogani Studios | 1112 W. Platt St. | 813.251.9668 | yogani.com.

JUly 22-28 FREE SEMINAR: Thai Yoga Massage- Learn all about Thai yoga from Tres Armour, LMT, RYT, of Suncoast Thai Massage. Thai yoga massage is an ancient healing art that helps restore balance to the physical and energetic body. This type of yoga massage is performed on a futon style mat while wearing loose comfortable clothing. Saturday, July 27th @ 6:30 pm. Nature’s Food Patch, 1225 Cleveland St, Clearwater, FL 33755 more info @ www.naturesfoodpatch.com

Self-Hypnosis Training: Your Unlimited Mind - SATURDAY, JULY 27 Patricia V. Scott, Internationally Certified Trainer of Hypnosis, teaches how to discover untapped potentials, talents and abilities using the power of your Unlimited Mind. $45 prepaid, $55 same day, $35 UPHI Members (CD & materials included) 1-4 pm @ UP Hypnosis Institute, 800 Tarpon Woods Blvd., Palm Harbor. 727-943-5003, 866-537-7746, info@ UPHypnosis.com, www.UPHypnosis.com iRest/Yoga Nidra with Annie Okerlin -- Sunday, July 28 | 4:30 5:30 pm | Donation $10 Exalted Warrior Foundation | During your practice of iRest, you will be supported in a reclined position by bolsters and blankets as the facilitator takes you through a meditation that involves body sensing, intention setting, emotional awareness and the practice of finding an inner resource. No physical asana (postures) will be practiced. Yogani Studios | 1112 W. Platt St. | 813.251.9668 | yogani.com.

JUly 29-31 “ C ircle o f E x cellence ” Hypnosis & NLP Master Class W E D N E S D AY, J U LY 3 1 ( P u b l i c welcome) with Patricia V. Scott for educational purposes (3 ceu’s) to expand skills with techniques, scripts & practice with attendees. $30 (UPHI Associates); $35 (Members); $40 (others-be a practice client & enjoy experiencing HypnosisNLP). 6-9 pm @ UP Hypnosis Institute, 800 Tarpon Woods Blvd., Palm Harbor. 727-943-5003, info@UPHypnosis.com, www.UPHypnosis.com

Ongoing Y o ga f o r R eg u lar G u y s Mondays, 7:00-8:30pm, July 8-29, 2013 Tight hamstrings? Can’t reach your toes? Worried about embarrasing yourself in a regular yoga class? This introduction will teach you the basics and prepare you to comfortably step into any yoga class. John Reimer, RYT, leads this 4 week 28 july 2013 • Tampa Bay Wellness


The best six doctors anywhere And no one can deny it Are sunshine, water, rest, air exercise and diet. These six will gladly you attend If only you are willing Your mind they’ll ease Your will they’ll mend And charge you not a shilling.

wellness calendar series in a manner that acknowledges the unique challenges of men in yoga. The class provides a balanced combination of improved flexibility, focus, breathwork, and building core strength. $55, Call (813)961-3160 or find us online at www. lotuspondyoga.com The Lotus Pond Center for Yoga & Health 6201 Lynn rd. Tampa, FL 33625 esssential oils - Each Tuesday and Thursday of July (except July 4th) and including August 1st, we will be having a class...7 pm. Class locations vary and are in the Dover, Plant City and Valrico areas. Experience the history, science and incredible benefits of these essential oils that are regenerating, oxygenating, and have immune-strengthening properties Room is limited for these free classes so email/call today for a reservation. We will reply with specific location depending on date. email: beebeautifulLLC@gmail.com Bee Beautiful, LLC 813.957.2328

coming soon NLP Practitioner Training – SATURDAY, AUGUST 10 5 weekends (not consecutive) with international NLP trainer, Michael Watson Certify through prestigious Richard Bandler’s NLP Society. No prerequisite. Register early – Class size strictly limited. Training Location: UP Hypnosis Institute, 800 Tarpon Woods Blvd., Palm Harbor. 727-943-5003, 866-537-7746, info@ UPHypnosis.com, www.UPHypnosis.com

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August event in our August Issue

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~Nursery rhyme quoted by Wayne Fields, What the River Knows, 1990

Great Smiles Naturally!

Ray Behm DDS is Central Florida’s TRUE holistic dentist. Natural Dentistry

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What are the benefits of holistic dentistry?

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It addresses the relationship between the health of the mouth to the health of the body. Removal of toxic dental materials & hidden infections. Creation of proper dental structure to benefit the TMJ, neck, spine, and whole body using Las Vegas Institute’s Neuromuscular Dentistry expertise.

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the well tampa bay wellness resource directory Dentistry - Holistic

Acupuncture & More

Jonathan Bromboz, D.D.S.

Dawn Balusik, AP, DOM, LMT

Natural relief from Allergies, Infections, Headaches, Fatigue, Neck/Back/ Knee Pain, Endometriosis, Infertility, Menopause and more.

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Laser for PAIN

We combine ancient and modern therapies to achieve greater results because there’s NO one magic bullet! Therapies provided: Acupuncture, Laser, Magnetic, Herbal, E-Static, etc. Lumina Healing Center


Natural Dental Treatment

in a Friendly, Caring Environment Our patients call us “caring, kind, gentle and professional.” Natural dental care can give you a beautiful, healthy smile and the answer to unexplained health problems and pain. Call today to find out how we can help you.

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Certified Ayurvedic Practitioner and Yoga Instructor

Denise O’Dunn, LMT 58502 E-RYT500 Blending the ancient traditions of Ayurveda and Hatha Yoga




Life is Short, Live it Well! Looking for more satisfaction? Want-

ing to achieve the best in your personal relationships, professional or business goals? Try coaching with a certified coach. You will be amazed at the results! Call Coach Dianne M. Kipp, BSN, PCC, CTT - Coaching Courageous Living choices for over 8 years - Illuminating Possibilities & Moving you from Good to Great! Complimentary Personal Values Assessment & session available.

ur MindYour eYo A ak


Balance & Bliss


Energy Healing for Transformation Helping You move beyond limitations and tap into unlimited potential

Complementary/Integrative Healthcare

Healing Touch Oriental Medicine & Acupuncture Serving Tampa Bay Since 1996

Dr. Mary Riggin, LAc, DAc, DOM Clinic Founder & Director www.HealingTouchOM.com www.FoodisMedicine.org FREE Evaluation

727-669-6000 Hormone Balancing - NO Bio-identical Hormones!

Stubborn Weight - NO HCG! Allergies, Chronic Pain, Family Health, Difficult Cases

Office & Distance 813-789-5606 Tampa appts. available.


Myofascial Release Therapy Carolyn Puckett, MPT, MS Advanced Myofascial Release Practitioner & Physical Therapist • Eliminate Pain • Restore Motion • Release Blocked Energy • Restore Health Clearwater


www.alisonjkay.com 8903 Regents Park Dr #130 Tampa, Fl. 33647


www.IonMediSpa.com - KimMarie Patey, AP. Now Accepting Insurance - PPO (Health) PIP (Auto) Workers Comp Acupuncture Happy Hour on Tuesday 530-700 pm (RSVP) Acupuncture, Physical Therapy, Massage, Skin Care, Facial Rejuevanation

feldenkrais method® Plus

Improve Movement, Improve Abilities -Trust in your brain’s ability to change. Through touch and attention Bonnie guides all ages from infants to mature adults. Individual lessons or group classes are available.


SCHOOL - ALTERNATIVE MEDICINE Sentient Temple College of Alternative Medicine Drs Dennis and Fern Alexander, DMQ(China)



A healing/teaching facility using energy modalities, natural remedies and disease prevention. Specializing in Oncology, we have successfully treated extremely ill patients around the world.

Therapeutic massage

Wellness from Within LLC Deborah Karlan, LMT, CT Lic.# MM4487 Therapeutic Massage, Lymph Drainage, Colonics & CranioSacral Therapy

Bonnie Kissam, M.A., LMT,

Feldenkrais® Practitioner since 1983



Sarasota | St. Petersburg www.feldenkraisinsarasota.com


Anat Baniel’s Method with Children:



Herbal Therapy Training 2 Year Professional

Herbalists Training Program Acupuncture & Herbal Therapies 222 2nd St. N. St.Petersburg Fl 33701


www.acuherbals.com 30 july 2013 • Tampa Bay Wellness

Trained with the Foundation for Shamanic Studies



The Wellness Directory Call 813-501-4894

Anna Oliver, Shamanic Practitioner

Life Coach

727-481-1646 coach@diannekipp.com

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Shamanic Journeys

Do you need guidance on life issues, lessons or purpose? Work with your Spirit Guides & Angels • Soul Retrievals • Past Life Work • Space Clearing • Power Animal Retrievals • Spiritual Clearing

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mzinner@tampabay.rr.com www.marcellaz.com

Shamanic Practitioner

Alison J. Kay PhD Holistic

Dianne M. Kipp & Associates, LLC

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Rev. Marcella Zinner MMA, ChT.Th. M



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2903 Dr. MLK St. N. • St. Pete.


Dr Riggin

Emotional Healing • Business Readings Career Guidance • Relationship Issues Health Issues • Past Life Regression

Dr. Ray Behm, Natural Dentistry

Oscar Hernandez, AP

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Pathways To Awakening

Be pampered with a holistic approach to dentistry. Herbal teas, coffee, juice, muffins, hot neck wraps, lemonscented hot towels.

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We’d love to share this life changing water with you and your loved ones. Whether you’re a top-performing athlete or severely health challenged individual, you’ll be amazed!

727-560-8861 www.tampabaywellness.com

Yoga Outreach and At-Risk Certification August 10 - 11 | 12 - 8 pm | $249 for 16 hr training Sign up online: www.bellaprana.com/workshops

This workshop taught by Terri Cooper, founder of Yoga Gangsters, is for anyone who would like to provide outreach yoga programming at schools, hospitals, shelters, rehab facilities or through other nonprofit organizations.

Bella Prana Yoga & Meditation 1000 W. Kennedy Blvd, Tampa


 Therapy With Heart  HOLISTIC PSYCHOTHERAPY         

Breathwork / E.F.T. Energy Psychology EMDR / Mindfulness Rapid Trauma Resolution Abuse History / Grief / PTSD Anxiety / Depression Relationships / Couples Divorce / Life Transitions Women’s & Men’s Issues

Gentle Guidance Through the Healing Journey Transforming Into Self Discovery and

Celebrations of the Heart

Lois A. Miller, L.C.S.W., PA

238 E. Davis Blvd., Suite 302 Tampa, FL 33606

Professional teacher training at a beautiful 4 acre retreat in Florida.

200 Hour Teacher Training Program starting on July 20, 2013


(813) 258-3906 LIC # SW0001738



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We pamper you with complimentary herbal teas, coffee, juice, muffins, hot neck wraps, and lemon-scented hot towels. Call for an appointment now.

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Dr. Carlson D.D.S. The patient and any other persons responsible for payment has a right to refuse to pay, cancel payment or be reimbursed for payment for any other service, examination or treatment which is performed as a result of and within 72 hours of responding to the advertisement for the fee, discounted fee, reduced service, examination or treatment. Minimum fee only. Codes 1001, 0210


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