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Caitlin Boyle

Self-esteem booster Weight Control & The Brain yoga’s aid to quit smoking a new “rear” view stress & neurofeedback pearls of calmness

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2 JUNE 2010 • Tampa Bay Wellness

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FEATURES 12 interview WITH A SELF-ESTEEM BOOSTER Caitlyn Boyle & Operation Beautiful


MIND Wwight Control & The Brain

 Fitness 18 Yoga’s Aid to Quit Smoking 20 A New Rear View  nutrition 22 More Vegetables Pleae  SCIENCE 24 Stress & Neurofeeback 31

P u b l i s h e d

S i n c e

Spirit Pearls of Calmness

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Tampa Bay Wellness • JUNE 2010 5

Insurance industry will end rescission in May By CHRIS FRATES & JENNIFER HABERKORN


he health insurance industry has decided to end its practice of cancelling claims once a patient gets sick early, well before the new health care law would have required it, the industry’s chief spokesman said. “While many health plans already abide by the standards outlined in the new law, our community is committed to implementing the new standards in May 2010 to ensure that individuals and families will have greater peace of mind when purchasing coverage on their own,” AHIP president and chief executive Karen Ignagni said in a letter to top House Democrats. The decision to end rescission, as the practice is known, was made during a conference call of g on rin ati e f n of ve u w j No Re in Sk

chief executives organized by their trade group, America’s Health Insurance Plans, and represents the industry’s latest attempt to build political good will after the bruising health care fight. The decision came on the same day that WellPoint, under fire for reports that it had targeted breast cancer patients for rescission, announced it would end the practice. UnitedHealth also announced it had eliminated the practice, Congres-

sional Democrats and Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius had pressured companies to end the practice early. The overhaul plan will ban ; practice in September, except in cases of fraud or intentional misrepresentation, and subject it to a third party review. White House health reform czar Nancy-Ann DeParle said the administration will be watching to ensure the industry does indeed institute the ban.

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6 JUNE 2010 • Tampa Bay Wellness



wellness news Lecture on Toxic and Safe Materials Used in Dentistry Brittle Bones, Mental Fog? What does this have to do with Dental materials? Come to a lecture by Holistic Dentist Dr. Jonathan J. Bromboz, Tuesday, June 24th at 6:30 pm at Palm Harbor Natural Foods. Discussion includes Toxic and Safe Materials Used in Dentistry. How do toxic dental materials harm your bones? Find out what materials are toxic in dentistry and what to avoid. What does an electric battery have to do with dental materials and your health? Why is metal a problem in your mouth? Hear about the new non-metal dental implants that replace missing teeth. Call 727-712-3837 to reserve a seat. Dr. Jonathan J. Bromboz is an Accredited Member of the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology.

New Study Finds Large Amounts of Dangerous Chemical BPA in Canned Foods

A study was released by the National Work Group for Safe Markets showing that consumers are exposed to dangerous levels of bisphenol A (BPA) in canned foods. The study, No Silver Lining (, tested 50 fish, fruits, vegetables, soups, sodas, and other cans, of which 90% had detectable levels of BPA. Exposure to low doses of BPA have been linked to illnesses that are on the rise in the US, including breast and prostate cancer, diabetes and heart disease, infertility, developmental and reproductive harm, and obesity. “BPA in canned foods is just one of thousands of ways we are exposed to dangerous chemicals in everyday products,” said Andy Igrejas, national campaign director for Safer Chemicals, Healthy Families, a coalition of 200 environmental and public health groups working to change our federal chemicals policy. “It’s a perfect poster child supporting the need for reform. It remains ubiquitous even as the science on it has become alarming. ” Right now Congress is considering a new bill to overhaul the Toxic Substances Control Act, a law that has not been updated since 1976 and is widely understood to be a failure. The “Safe Chemicals Act” -- introduced by Senator Frank Lautenberg (D-NJ), Congressmen Henry Waxman (D-CA) and Bobby Rush (D-IL) on April 15 – would regulate tens of thousands of chemicals, including BPA, that are currently rampant in consumer products despite their known public health risks.

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Tampa Bay Wellness • JUNE 2010 7

Wider Breast-Feeding Could Save Babies’ Lives


ach year, more than 900 preventable child deaths occur in the United States because too few mothers follow breastfeeding recommendations, a new study has found.


Verifies Colleges

The Florida Department of Education under Dr. Eric Smith, Commissioner of Education, has notified the Sentient Temple College of Alternative Medicine and The National College of Medical Qigong that it has met the requirements of state law. The verification comes just after the Colleges have been nationally recognized and certified. The College of Alternative Medicine and The National College of Medical Qigong are able to award college credits and issue continuing education units. Scholarships and grants are accepted, and soon a list of grantors will be available to students to make it easier to apply. See their ads in this publication for upcoming courses, or go to their website at for further information. Call them at 727-323-2793 for any questions, or to sign up for classes. 8 JUNE 2010 • Tampa Bay Wellness

Child health problems associated with poor breast-feeding compliance cost the country $13 billion a year in direct health-care costs and indirect costs, such as missed time from work, according to the researchers at Cambridge Health Alliance in Massachusetts. Of the 911 deaths per year cited in the report, 95 percent were infants and resulted from sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS), lower respiratory tract infections (such as pneumonia), and necrotizing enterocolitis, which is a disease that occurs primarily in preterm infants.

“People shouldn’t blame mothers because they are often not supported well, even from the moment their babies are born,” study author Dr. Melissa Bartick, a hospitalist at Cambridge Health Alliance and an instructor in medicine at Harvard Medical School, said in a news release. The average U.S. hospital does a poor job of providing evidence-based care around infant feeding, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Other factors that make it difficult for mothers to follow breastfeeding recommendations include limited work, social and cultural support, as well as aggressive marketing of infant formula, Bartick said. For more information: The U.S. National Women’s Health Information Center has more about breast-feeding.

The study was published online April 5 in the journal Pediatrics. Nearly 75 percent of U.S. mothers start to breastfeed, but only 32 percent breast-feed exclusively at three months, and that drops to 12 percent by six months. At one year, only 22 percent of mothers are doing any breast-feeding, the study authors noted. The medical recommendation is to breast-feed exclusively for six months with some breastfeeding for at least the first year of life.

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Tampa Bay Wellness • JUNE 2010 9

wellness news Cesarean Delivery Rate 1995-2006 & Preliminary 2007 - 2008

Source: CDC/NCHS, National Vital Statistics System

This report presents body composition data from whole body DXA scans for persons 8 years of age and older who participated in the 1999–2004 NHANES. Measures for the total body and regions of the body include total mass, fat mass, percentage fat, lean soft tissue (excluding bone mineral content), and fat-free mass (including bone mineral content) (Tables 1–40). Measures of bone mineral content and bone mineral density are not included in this report. Results Females had higher percentage body fat and fat mass than males. After age 11 years, males had higher lean tissue and fat-free

10 JUNE 2010 • Tampa Bay Wellness

mass than females. Percentage body fat was lowest at ages 16–19 years among males and at ages 8–15 years among females. Among males, non-Hispanic white persons had greater fat mass than either Mexican American or non-Hispanic blacks. Among females, non-Hispanic black persons had greater fat mass than either Mexican American or non-Hispanic whites. Mexican-American males and females had less lean soft tissue than either non-Hispanic white or nonHispanic black males and females. Among both males and females, lean soft tissue and fat-free mass were lowest at ages 8–11 years.

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Tampa Bay Wellness • JUNE 2010 11

Caitlin Boyle

Interview with a Self-esteem Booster In her mission to end “Fat Talk” and

to post anonymous notes in public

eating, running, and overall healthy

foster positive body image, Caitlin

places for other women to find. In

living in her quest to prove that

Boyle created Operation Beautiful

her blog, Healthy Tipping Point, she

when women come together, they

— a movement that inspires women

records her adventures in healthy

are all beautiful.

12 JUNE 2010 • Tampa Bay Wellness

What is “Fat Talk” and why is it damaging? Fat Talk is negative self-talk. Women (and men) engage in Fat Talk with startling frequency. It’s very habitual, meaning we do it without realizing it. We may Fat Talk while bathing suit shopping (“I look so fat in this!”) or after we blow off a workout (“I am so lazy!”). Fat Talk triggers unhealthy behaviors. After all, putting yourself down creates reverse inertia in all aspects of your life. Fat Talk also allows us to hide our true emotions. Instead of admitting we feel sad, guilty, or lonely, women often pick apart their physical features. Fat Talk is damaging mentally, physically, and emotionally, and we must stop this behavior. We should be building ourselves up, not putting ourselves down.

How have you lived the “stop Fat Talk” message? I am a former Fat Talker. Throughout my teens and early twenties, I never believed I was good enough or deserving. I would put myself down and feel ashamed of my body just because it wasn’t “perfect.” Now, I realize that my body always was and is perfect because it allows me to do amazing things, like run, write, play, and dance. I stopped my own Fat Talk by repeating positive mantras, much like the ones that are written on Operation Beautiful notes.

What is Operation Beautiful and where did you get the idea to start it? Operation Beautiful is a Web site (and future book!) that features photographs of Post-It notes that women (and men!) have posted in public places. These notes feature positive messages for strangers to find and be inspired by, but the person who posts the note benefits, too. Operation Beautiful was created spontaneously. I take night classes at community college because I’m

Tampa Bay Wellness • JUNE 2010 13

Interview with a Self-esteem Booster

Caitlin Boyle

trying to make a career change, and I was having a bad day at school so I decided to post a positive note on the mirror. I posted the picture on my blog, Healthy Tipping Point, and asked my readers to participate — and the rest is history. Since June 2009, I’ve had thousands of people participate and have received notes from all over North America, Europe, Asia, and even Africa. It’s amazing.

How have you seen Operation Beautiful working? There are two ways Operation Beautiful notes impact people. When people post or find a note, they remark that it “made their day” and put a little pep in their step. However, for some people, finding a note (or the Web site) is like destiny. They believe that it’s the message they really needed to hear at that point, and that the universe put them in the right place at the right time to find it. I’ve heard from women going through divorce, eating disorder treatment, or just the horrors of high school; some of these women say the note changed their lives! It’s amazing. One little Post-It can have such a huge impact.

BIO Caitlin Boyle

Caitlin Boyle, the blogger behind Healthy Tipping Point and Operation Beautiful, began blogging in 2008. Caitlin had worked as a freelance writer and technical writer for seven years, but in September 2009, she resigned from her corporate job to write a book based on Operation Beautiful. The book will be published in August 2010 by Gotham Books.

Caitlin writes a daily food and fitness blog, Healthy Tipping Point, which chronicles how Caitlin balances her busy lifestyle with healthy eating and exercise. Readers relate to her “Everywomen” experiences and enjoy her 5K, 10K, and Half Marathon race recaps. Healthy Tipping Point receives more than 550,000 page views a month, including more than 17,500 unique 14 JUNE 2010 • Tampa Bay Wellness

What inspired you to start running and eating healthfully? My best friend Lauren sat me down and told me the blunt truth: either I needed to stop Fat Talking or I needed to do something about my health and eating habits. She asked me if I wanted to go running with her (she was training for a marathon at the time), and I agreed. I could only go a quarter of a mile at first, but I liked the challenge and stuck with it. Three months later, I ran my first 10K. Over the last four years, I’ve ran or biked in 18 races and am training for my first marathon. I’ve also lost 10 pounds and increased my strength and endurance. I was inspired to eat healthier by the book In Defense of Food by Michael Pollan — it’s a great resource for anyone who is looking to stop “dieting” and start living!

What is your fitness philosophy? My fitness philosophy is “do the best you can, given your current situation.” Too many women beat themselves up because they don’t have the time or energy to work out 5 days a week. But, if you can only squeeze in three workouts a week, you’re doing the best you can! Also, I think it’s important not to set yourself up to fail. Set small, achievable goals. I didn’t start my running career by saying, “I’m going to run a marathon!” Enjoy your successes, and dream big. Lastly, it’s never too late to get in shape. My mother is 64 years old and started to walk a 2-mile loop around her neighborhood once a day. Six months later, she completed an 8-hour hike up a mountain and walked a 5K!

What kinds of foods do you like to eat? I’m a vegetarian and focus on eating whole, natural foods. When I do eat processed foods, I try to choose

visitors a day. Caitlin utilizes her personal blog as a way to encourage other women to stay healthy and active and seeks to remind readers that there the “healthy ideal” looks different for every woman. Operation Beautiful originally began on Healthy Tipping Point. In June 2009, Caitlin was inspired to post a note that simply read “You Are Beautiful!” in a public restroom. She took a picture of her note and posted it on Healthy Tipping Point. The response from her readers was instantaneous, and Caitlin’s e-mail was flooded with photographs of notes posted all over the country. Within two days, Caitlin knew she had a phenomenon on her hands and launched Operation Beautiful. The site was noticed by a literary agent in July, and the rest is history. Caitlin is 26 years old and lives in Orlando, Florida with her husband and her two dogs. She is currently raising money for The Livestrong Foundation as she trains for her first Century bike

race (100 miles).  She enjoys running half marathons and participating in triathlons.   In August 2009, Caitlin served as a chairperson for a two-day Healthy Living Summit, which hosted more than 125 food and fitness bloggers. In addition to blogging, her other writing experience includes a five-year stint as a contributing columnist for The Wall Street Journal Classroom Edition. Caitlin attended the University of Pittsburgh and graduated with a BA in Non-Fiction Creative Writing.

things with a short, recognizable ingredient list. I eat lots of oatmeal, fruits, vegetables, whole grains, Greek yogurt, granola, tofu, beans, and casseroles. I also love ice cream!

What is the best thing about reachWhat is the ing your hardest thing goals? about getting started The best thing about reaching goals is getting to set new, bigger ones! on the path to healthy What are eating and your plans regular physi- for the fucal activity? ture?

I think the hardest thing about getting started is realizing that you don’t have to be perfect. I subscribe to the belief that if you are healthy 80 percent of the time, you are going to be fine. Don’t let one indulgent meal ruin your mood or eating for the rest of the week! Each meal or day is a new chance to be healthy. Also, don’t expect maintainable results overnight. It took me 6 months to lose 10 pounds, but I’ve kept it off for 3 and ½ years.

I’m currently working on Operation Beautiful: The Book, which will be published in August 2010 by Gotham Books. My fitness goals for the future include running my first marathon, completing a triathlon, and biking a Century, which is 100 miles. I also hope to begin a family with my wonderful husband soon! I hope my kid likes to sit in a jogging stroller! l

Tampa Bay Wellness • JUNE 2010 15

Mind How the Brain Works The brain resists when we try to make it do something that is inconsistent with the way it normally thinks. The brain is like a child. If we want to teach something new to a child, what is the most effective way to do it? Most would not say that threatening the child, abusively punishing her, or chastising her would work well. It also doesn’t work to give the child large and awesome tasks that will make him feel overwhelmed. Add inducing guilt and we have the perfect formula for the child to fail. Instead, by treating the child with compassion, patience, and praise we will help him focus on one small step at a time; we will have a child who is motivated and relaxed. This child will succeed. It’s the same with ourselves when we’re dealing with weight control.

Weight Control & the Brain


It’s a well-known fact that 90% of dieting attempts fail. Considering that over 64% of Americans are

overweight or obese and that we have a huge dieting industry giving Americans a myriad of choices about which diets to choose, it’s apparent that people are attempting to diet, but failing at it. This doesn’t make much sense, does it? It does make sense if we consider how the human brain thinks compared to how most diets are designed. It’s the key to why diets fail.

Why Most Diets Fail • Most diets are rigid, stipulating black and white rules of what we can and can’t eat. • Most diets eliminate some foods completely (usually our favorite foods). • Most diets cannot be easily followed for a lifetime. 16 JUNE 2010 • Tampa Bay Wellness

The brain responds better to small steps and feels overwhelmed by large goals. It’s easier to think about losing five pounds than a hundred pounds, for example. It will want to resist a plan that says it has to run three miles daily when one hasn’t been exercising at all, rather than one that asks that we go out and just walk a few minutes and gradually increase the distance. The brain will also tend to resist the thought of not being able to have its favorite foods at all instead of incorporating favorites into the plan.

By Lavinia Rodriguez, Ph.D.

ost people don’t stop to think about the relationship between weight control and the brain. One of the major reasons that diets fail is because there is a psychological side to this issue. It’s not about deep seated emotional issues. It’s about something we all share - the way our brains naturally think.

The brain doesn’t like rigidity especially when it comes to eating. It does like a flexible plan of eating which says things like, “I want to strive to gradually reduce my portions,” rather than, “I have to stick to my diet perfectly. I can’t eat anything that’s not on my diet.”

• Most diets don’t put enough focus on exercise which is the most fatburning behavior one can engage in. • Most diets give unrealistic expectations (such as impossible weight loss promises or suggesting one will achieve a perfect body)

The Brain as a Friend to Our Weight Loss Goals Most diets are designed so contrary to how the brain thinks that the brain will resist attempts to stay on the diet. That’s why staying on a diet gets harder the longer one is on it. Sooner or later the dieter quits, thinking the failure was his or her fault rather than the fault of the diet itself. The more flexible, positive, and patient we are with ourselves the more successful we will be. So we shouldn’t waste the brain with methods that will lead to failure, let’s use it in ways that it can succeed. To achieve permanent weight control, we should not forget what the brain likes. l Dr. Lavinia Rodriguez is a clinical psychologist with over 30 years experience working with people with eating and weight problems. She is the author of Mind Over Fat Matters: Conquering Psychological Barriers to Weight Management. Dr. Rodriguez is known for her inspiring workshops and for her skill in helping people to gain natural control of food and their lives.

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Tampa Bay Wellness • JUNE 2010 17

Fitness Emotional and psychological problems get one to start smoking. Yoga de-stresses one and has a direct impact on one’s mind gradually bringing about a stability in emotions. The habit of smoking takes birth in one’s thoughts which then result in the action of smoking. Yoga gradually with regular practice creates an awareness where in one keeps check of his thoughts. This way it helps one turn inwards and be aware of the desire to smoke once when it pops up. Hence a spontaneous attempt for the hand to reach for the cigar is checked. This consciousness also helps in getting to know the root cause for one to smoke. Yoga and Pranayama are very effective in handling the withdrawal symptoms owing to nicotine addiction. Last but not the least Yoga helps one to quit smoking without weight gain.

Yogic practices to quit smoking

Jala Neti, an effective cleansing technique helps one to give up smoking. It effectively works on the physical as well as the psychological levels. Smoking can be easily replaced by Pranayama or regulated breathing techniques which helps relax better than smoking.

Yoga’s aid to quit smoking W

ould you want to give up smoking without much hassle? The first step however is that one should sincerely develop the eagerness to get out of this habit, having in mind the importance of living a healthy life. The benefits of giving up smoking happens as soon as in 20 minutes from the time one has puffed his last cigar. It is said that one’s blood pressure and heart rate returns closer to normalcy. However a steadfast resolve to keep away from ciggies is what will return the bounty of blossoming health. Yoga is the ideal way to force out the habit of smoking 18 JUNE 2010 • Tampa Bay Wellness

Yoga provides the necessary confidence that forms the base for the will which is required to quit smoking cigarettes. It works wonders on the lungs that are smoked by regular puffs and increases the lung capacity. When one starts doing Yoga, one’s attention is directed towards one’s body. In due course what seemed as an effort to do the Yoga asanas, becomes a natural way of life. One then becomes conscious of his health with regular Yoga practices.

While all the asanas during Yoga sessions aid in giving up different aspects connected to smoking, Ustrasana (Camel pose), Dhanurasana (Bow pose) and back bending Yoga poses works wonders on giving up the habit. Back bending exercises which expands the lungs and open up the heart area are real boons. Savasana or the corpse pose relaxes the body and the mind. This pose prepares one for meditation which can effectively check thought patterns connected to smoking. Yoga hence turns out to be a holistic approach to quit smoking. l

Disclaimer Before practice, please consult your doctor in case you are suffering from ailments. It is recommended to practice under the guidance of experts.

Tampa Bay Wellness • JUNE 2010 19


A NEW REAR VIEW By Mark Verstegen & Pete Williams


spend a lot of time in airports and 90 percent of the people I see hustling to and from flights have dysfunctional movement patterns. Few manage to use their gluteus maximums muscles (rear ends) as nature intended, to propel their hips forward. This no doubt will come as a shock to those who work in the massive cottage industry devoted to helping women shape, tone, and otherwise sculpt their buttocks. It’s true, though. Most men and women I come across rarely activate their glutes. As a result, they never take full advantage of these tremendously powerful muscles that are built to go, not just for show. That’s because most of us spend much of our time sitting on our glutes, which causes the muscles opposite them – the hip flexors – to become short and stiff, which prevent the glutes from firing. This is partially a result of inactivity, but it’s also a reflection of our technology-based culture. We spend our days hunched over a computer, behind a steering wheel, and crammed into an increasingly smaller airplane seat. As a result, most people have lost the ability to use their core, this combination of shoulders, torso, and hips, to move in an efficient, powerful manner. Few manage to use their gluteus maximus muscles (rear ends) as nature intended, to propel their hips forward. Even most elite athletes who arrive at our Athletes’ Performance training centers have to learn how to activate their “glutes.” Show me someone with tight hip flexors and I’ll show you someone with a flat butt who has – or soon will have – back problems. Talk about adding insult to injury, or vice versa in this case. Years ago ours was an agriculture-based society where most people used their glutes constantly. 20 JUNE 2010 • Tampa Bay Wellness

These days we still develop proper, natural movement patterns as children. Unfortunately the demands of the corporate cubicle culture, coupled with physical inactivity, take them away without us realize it. That’s because the body is a phenomenal compensator. If there’s pain or immobility in one area, a different region will pick up the slack, which can produce pain since joints and muscles designed for one task suddenly are overloaded. When part of the body is out of alignment, it’s going to affect a different part, which affects another part, right up the line; thus what I call “the chain of pain.” As a result of this technology culture, you end up with back pain, a hunched-over posture, and, of course, a flat butt. Glute pain is rare, though ironically the term “pain in the butt” is part of our everyday vernacular. Since we spend so much time sitting on our glutes, the muscles opposite them – the hip flexors – become tight. The neuromuscular relationship of these opposing muscle groups is known as reciprocal inhibition, which means that when one muscle group contracts, the opposite muscle relaxes to allow for fluid movement. That’s a good thing. Unfortunately when one

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area tightens up, its corresponding muscle group tends to shut down, creating poor movement patterns, and that leads to injury. The small muscles of the hips are constantly under pressure. One in particular is the gluteus medius. If not activated, it will lead to lower-back problems, knee pain, and groin strain. It’s as if someone flipped the circuit break off, cutting off the power to these little muscles. Unless you reactivate your glutes, no buns-of-steel workout is going to make a difference. So take a moment right now and squeeze your left butt cheek, then your right. Imagine me making a pucker-up sound. Don’t worry; I’ve done this for some of the biggest names in sports. Congratulations. You now know how to activate your glutes. You’ll want to do this throughout your workouts but also in routine daily activities such as walking, working, and climbing stairs. There’s nothing more powerful and attractive than a properly working set of gluteus maximus muscles. Who knew, right? Whenever you stare at someone’s rear end, you’re really appreciating that person’s ability to develop the glutes through years

of properly executed movement patterns. If you can learn to properly move through the hips and activate and fire your glutes constantly, you’ll be well on your way to moving properly, giving your body stability, mobility, and a shot at a long-term, pain-free existence. l

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Mark Verstegen is founder of the Athletes’ Performance training centers and author of the Core Performance fitness book series (www.coreperformance. com) with Pete Williams (www., a Safety Harbor writer who hosts “The Fitness Buff Show” on BlogTalk Radio (www.

Tampa Bay Wellness • JUNE 2010 21



hy should you and your family love veggies and eat more of them? For starters, vegetables contain high amounts of water and are therefore hydrating. Vegetables contain necessary vitamins and minerals as well as important phytonutrients that provide support for proper function and protection to the cells in our bodies. Most American’s, kids most definitely included, are woefully shy of the proper intake of dietary fiber needed for proper bowel function and good health and vegetables are an excellent way to add more fiber to your diet. Besides all of these health reasons, vegetables are delicious! Remember, no one likes mushy veggies, so don’t overcook! Here are some easy tips to add more veggies to every meal of the day.

M re Vegetables Please! Easy Ways To Add More Veggies to Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

Breakfast In a bit of olive oil, sauté onions, peppers, zucchini and garlic for a few minutes and then add your eggs or tofu and spinach leaves for a healthier scramble.

Add cubed pumpkin or butternut squash to your morning hot cereal. Pureed pumpkin is fine as well. Sprinkle with nuts, seeds and cinnamon. Add a handful of leafy greens to your morning smoothie.

Cooked chopped kale, peppers and onions in some water in a saucepan and after it’s softened, crack an egg in the center. Cover to poach the egg until it is done to your liking. Add shredded zucchini to your next muffin recipe.

Add pureed pumpkin or other winter squash to your pancake batter in lieu of some of the fat. Less fat, more veggies! 22 JUNE 2010 • Tampa Bay Wellness


On your next sandwich or wrap, add some grated carrots and zucchini, sprouts and lettuce. All of them, not just one of them. Add pureed peas to your next guacamole recipe.

Steam the stems of the broccoli, puree and add to hummus or guacamole. Brocomoli! Add grated carrots and slices of cooked butternut squash to your next grilledcheese sandwich.

Add minced red peppers, celery, red onion and shredded carrots to your next tuna salad recipe. A big green salad for lunch is an easy way to add more veggies to your life. Go light on the high-fat salad dressing.

Add some spinach leaves to your homemade hummus or place store-bought hummus in your blender and add spinach leaves yourself.


Adults, Teens, Couples & Seniors

For a snack try sliced jicama with salsa. Also good is jicama rubbed with lime juice and sprinkled with chili powder.

EMDR Therapy

to overcome: • Stress • Depression

On Sundays and Wednesdays, you and your kids, if you have them, slice/chop carrots, celery, cauliflower, broccoli and any and

• Performance Anxiety • F  ather/Daughter Issues MH#0423 and More Psychotherapist


6550 1st Ave. North #D., St. Pete., Fl 33710

all other seasonal vegetables. If they’re easy to grab, you’ll eat them!

Phone Consults



Start your meal with veggie slices as an appetizer.  Try cutting the carrot sticks into little rounds instead of slices, red peppers into squares, etc. It’s a fun little change that kids especially like. Serve with your favorite dip if you like.

Try to have half of your dinner plate as veggies; some cooked, some raw. Marinara sauce used for pasta or pizza is an easy way to add more veggies….shredded zucchini, finely chopped broccoli, chopped spinach leaves, red peppers, onions and garlic. Yum!

Add peas, chopped broccoli, and grated carrots to your next macaroni and cheese recipe.

A meat loaf is an easy way to add more veggies to your life. Finely chop and add red pepper, onions, celery, carrots and any other favorite veggie.

Next time you make a pot roast or stew think: Veggies and Pot Roast, not Pot Roast and veggies. Ditto for stews-heavy on the veggies, light on the meat. Vegetables have a high nutrient to calorie ratio, just what we all need for optimum health and to maintain proper weight.   It’s not difficult to add more veggies to you and your families diet, just remember to think about veggies at every meal. Start today to incorporate more vegetables into your life, a handful at a time! l Tampa Bay Wellness • JUNE 2010 23

The Effects of Chronic Stress on the Body and the Benefits of Neurofeedback

By: Rebecca A. Hopkins B.Sc.


ummer time in Tampa means vacation from school, barbeques, and trips to the beach for many families. Traditionally considered a season of fun and relaxation, these days more and more households are feeling the stress of added child care costs and the expenses of family trips and hosting out of town visitors. As a result, Tampa Bay residents are feeling increased levels of anxiety and depression as they juggle these factors and many more. Regardless of the source, if symptoms of stress aren’t addressed then people commonly experience many physical side effects that can seriously undermine attempts to maintain a healthy physical state. Organisms experience two forms of response to a stimulus, “growth and repair” or “fight or flight”. When added negative stress is not properly managed, our brains release corticotrophin releasing hormone, a type of hormone, which ultimately sends our bodies into the “fight or flight” response. When our bodies are responding to stress, and therefore in “fight or flight”, we are unable to be in “growth and repair”. Over time, chronic stress and the buildup of the associated hormones inhibits the body from properly maintaining itself. Common symptoms of stress are anxiety attacks, appetite changes, irregular sleep patterns and high blood pressure. At first glance, 24 JUNE 2010 • Tampa Bay Wellness

most of us typically manage our issues by using over the counter or prescribed medication, or simply just ignoring them. When chronic stress is left improperly treated or ignored more severe problems can arise, including migraines, heart disease, unhealthy changes in weight, intestinal problems, and even an increase in physical signs such as wrinkles and age marks. Of course, poor stress management doesn’t just affect our physical bodies, our mental health is strongly impacted and can decrease cognitive functioning abilities and our ability to appropriately interact with others. The good news is that we don’t have to become slaves to the stress cycle. Many of us know when we are overstressed and our brain is able to regulate our bodies so that we counteract our levels of stress with outlets such as exercise, relaxation techniques and hobbies. In cases where chronic stress has gone untreated for a long enough time, we can fall into a pattern of physical and mental reactivity to stress that traps us in a “stress loop”, and can reinforce unhealthy mental and physical habits that keep us from being able to make the changes we need to become happier and more functional. Recently gaining increased popularity, neurofeedback has shown to be effective in retraining the brain to be able to manage the response to negative stimuli. Neurofeedback works by targeting the disregulation of the

brain, thus, people can experience positive changes in the health of their bodies, which are long lasting. Not only are anxiety and depression symptoms of chronic stress, they have distinct brain wave patterns that can be recorded and observed. CNS Wellness, a local clinic in the Tampa Bay area, has been using neurofeedback on those who suffer from anxiety and depression with exciting and measurable results. Their clients report changes in their mental health which have put them more in control over their bodies. Some of them, with the assistance from their doctor, reduce or completely eliminate their prescribed medications. Now that the beautiful summer weather is here, our children are out of school and the pools and beaches beckon for us, we can put our best body and mind forward and enjoy life! Rebecca A. Hopkins B.Sc. is the Biofeedback Specialist at CNS Wellness, located in Tampa, FL. She has a background focused in molecular biology and works under the supervision of Dr. William A. Lambos, chief cognitive neuroscientist. CNS Wellness provides state of the art assessment and treatment of a variety of brain-based conditions using neurotherapy. For more information, visit their website at

MH 9661

More than just “talk therapy” Fast Results Cutting Edge Therapies

Barbara Saber Willis, LMHC 3910 Northdale Blvd. Suite 208, Tampa, Florida


ADVERTISE 813-991-0323

“The more we understand and accept ourselves the better we are able to understand and accept that which happens in our world.” BSW In Hillsborough County - est. 1996

If You Want To.....

Still...the urges Still...your pain Still...your fears

Debbie Lane CHt Still...the best Academic Alliance In Dermatology

Associates & Affiliates In Dermatology

Loyalty to quality... Commitment to excellence 5210 Webb Road, Tampa, FL 33615 | Tel. 813-882-9986 4238 W. Kennedy Blvd., Tampa, FL 33609 | Tel. 813-879-6040


Certified in Medical Hypnosis (some conditions requirean Rx from a physician) International Hypnotist of the Year 2007 Debbie is known as Tampabay’s Hiccupnotist for her work with the Hiccup girl Tampa Bay Wellness • JUNE 2010 25

WELLNESS Calendar JUNE 1-7 EMBODYING THE FLOW: Micheline Berry Master Class Series (levels 2/3) Deepen your personal practice as a laboratory for exploring the creative healing potential of vinyasa flow SENIOR CITIZEN DISCOUNT DAY - 10% OFF everything in the store for seniors. Not including case priced items & those already discounted. Wednesday, June 2nd All day at Nature’s Food Patch, 1225 Cleveland St., Clearwater, FL 33755 more info www. CRYSTAL BOWL MEDITATION WITH ELUV (from WMNF Radio), Wed., June 2nd, 7-9pm. Let go and relax as you take a journey of sound while enjoying the powerful vibrations of singing Crystal Bowls and other instruments Raydiance Helio Spa & Wellness Center @ 120 S. Howard Ave. (813) 258-0458. www.RaydianceWellness. com. ($20 in advance; $25 at the door)

pre-requisites required. You will receive Ordination and Certification after completion of series. $750 each course. Discount for previous students and patients. The Sentient Temple College of Alternative Medicine. 727-3232793 Yin Yoga, June 6, 2:00-4:00 pm Students will learn about Yin Yoga and the benefits of this quiet, but powerful practice that encourages the body to open as each pose is held passively for several minutes. Your yoga will reach new heights as you become more grounded and peaceful through this ancient practice. $25. Yogani Studios, 1112 W. Platt, S. Tampa, (813)251-9668

JUNE 8-14 Balancing Hormones Naturally - Dr. Mary Riggin Wednesday, June 9, 2010, 6:30 PM, Palm Harbor Natural Foods - 30555 US Hwy 19 N, Palm Harbor, Learn about NEW natural solutions for hormone related health problems without the use of hormones or bio-identicals! Seating is limited – Please call (727) 669-6000 to register Micheline Berry Vinyasa Master Class Series (levels 2/3), June 11th 7:00 – 9:00 pm / June 12th 8:30 – 10:30 pm A master level class series that will open you to the creative healing potential of vinyasa flow yoga. $30 each or $50 for both Yogani Studios, 1112 W. Platt, S. Tampa, (813)251-9668

Illuminated Living Series: Part I Food Rules! June 5th, 2:00 – 4:30 pm - Class Details: A six part series designed to provide you with specific information and resources on how to live a rich and nourishing life. $40 per session each or register for all six for $210 ($35 each) Yogani Studios, 1112 W. Platt, S. Tampa, Phone: (813)251-9668 Yoga for Scoliosis Practice - June 5, 1-3pm. With Stacy Renz E-500 RYT. $35 if you register a week ahead. $45 by Thurs June 3. Living Room Yoga, 1608 29th Ave N, St. Pete, FL 33713. (727) 826-4754 Daoist Priest Class - June 5-6, Sat and Sun. Dao is about the natural order of things. It is an influence that reaches into every living and still object, and crosses the entire universe. First in a series of six. No 26 JUNE 2010 • Tampa Bay Wellness

Ashtanga from the Inside Out: Kino MacGregor Weekend Workshop. June 11th - 13th Kino MacGregor is one of a select group of people to receive the certification to teach Ashtanga Yoga by its founder Sri K. Pattabhi Jois in Mysore, India. $45 each or $195 for all 5 sessions Yogani Studios, 1112 W. Platt, S. Tampa, Call for Sched. & Times (813)251-9668

Home in Emptiness: Yeshua’s Original Aramaic Be-Attitudes - June 13, 12-2pm, by Dale Allen Hoffman, at Unity Truth Center 5844 Pine Hill Road, Port Richey, FL. A step-by-step process given by Jesus (Yeshua) in the original Beatitudes he called Rakhma, the indescribable love that flows forth from the center-point of one’s True Being. Medical Qigong for Stress Management with Galina Roofener, Sunday, June 13 DOM, 3 - 4pm, Donations Accepted. Come balance the flow of energy through your body with ancient Chinese mind-body exercises. Hip Expressions Belly Dance Studio, 1108 62nd Ave. N, St Pete, 33702. Call 727.459.8558, or, Making Herbal Products for Massage (Earn 3CEU) June 14th 6-9pm - Personalize your massage offerings by incorporating herbs. Receive a step-by-step workbook and samples to take home. Cost $60. Register at or call 727-384-HERB. Workshop to be held at Acupuncture & Herbal Therapies, 901 Central Ave, St Petersburg. Advance Registration Required.

JUNE 15-21 Wellness Sale Days! - Our “Vitamin Sale Days” are now called “Wellness Sale Days” because they now include all Body Care items in addition to Vitamins & Supplements! That’s 2 whole days to save on all of these items! Tuesday, June 15th & Wednesday June 16th 20% Off on all Supplements & BODY CARE! Not including those already discounted. Nature’s Food Patch, 1225 Cleveland St., Clearwater, FL 33755 more info www.naturesfoodpatch. com NADA Acupuncture & Sound Journey with ELUV & Dr. Mike Pagani, Wed., June 16th, 7-9pm. The alchemy of blending external vibration with our own internal rhythms is the key for a journey into a higher personal frequency. Raydiance Helio Spa & Wellness Center @ 120 S. Howard Ave. (813) 258-0458. ($45 in advance; $50 at the door) (Conducted on the 3rd Wednesday of each month).

ENERGY & HOLISTIC PSYCHOTHERAPY             

Gentle Guidance Through the Healing Journey Transforming Into Self Discovery and Celebrations of the Heart

Seemorg Matrix Work Emotional Freedom Technique E.M.D.R. – Eye Movement Energy Medicine Life Transitions Grief / Depression Panic / Anxiety Relationship / Couples Past Life Regression Women’s Issues Meditation Call (813) 258-3906 Lois A. Miller, L.C.S.W., PA Breath Work Rapid Trauma Resolution 238 E. Davis Blvd., Suite 302 - Tampa, FL 33606

Therapy With Heart

LIC # SW0001738


Eat to Create Health - Dr. Mary Riggin, Wednesday, June 16, 2010, 6:30 PM, Healing Touch Oriental Medicine. Take control of your health through lifestyle and food choices. Free for our active patients and their guests. $20 for the general public. Seating is limited – Please call (727) 669-6000 to register Drum Circle with Kevin “K.D.” Dennis, Fri., June 18th, 8pm. K.D. has plenty of instruments for everyone, and he leads the Circle with style and grace. New to Drum Circles; Class begins at 7:00 pm ($10, which includes Circle at 8p). Raydiance Helio Spa & Wellness Center @ 120 S. Howard Ave. (813) 258-0458. (Donations) (Conducted on the 3rd Friday of each month). Yoga Groove Join Roger McKeever Friday, June 18 from 7-9pm at the Lotus Pond (6201 Lynn Rd) for a flow of yoga movements that develop into a pulsation of dance and ecstatic motion to the rythms of world music. Cost $20 advance/$25 at the door. For more info or to register (813)961.3160 or visit Man on Purpose Presents: Man Up! Go Deeper with Money, Sex, Power and Spirit June 19th - 20th Are you living your life fully this moment? If not, then NOW is the time to rise to the challenge. Yogani Studios, 1112 W. Platt, S. Tampa, Call for Schedule & Times (813)251-9668 Using Herbs in Everyday Life with Emily Wenzel - June 19th. Learn ways to use herbs in everyday life such as a tea/infusion, compress, poultice, herbal oils, vinegar, harvesting, drying and the benefits of common herbs. Materials supplied for your take home herbal projects. 2:00-4:00pm, $30 before June 18th. Limited Space, please register. White Orchid Life Center 304 Monroe Street, Dunedin, (727) 474-3771 or

Anti-Aging Allergies | High Blood Pressure | Varicose Veins | Pain

Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine

“The Balance to Health is to Know Thyself...Understand the Dynamics of Your Body.”

Ascended Healthcare

727.642.6470 5301 Gulfport Boulevard, Gulfport, FL 33707

Join Celebrated Kirtan Chant Artist David Newman (Durga Das) and vocalist/ percussionist Mira for a sacred and soulful evening of call and response chanting and devotional music.

Dr. Demekisa S. Davis, D.O.M., N.M.D.

National Board Certified in Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine

Saturday, July 17 CD Release Party 7-8pm: FREE! Kirtan 8-10pm CD Signing after the Kirtan $20 in advance, $25 at the door

The Lotus Pond • 6201 Lynn Rd., Tampa, 33625 • 813-961-3160 Register at: Tampa Bay Wellness • JUNE 2010 27


Man Up & Go Deeper with Power Sun 6/20 1:30 PM - 4:30 PM - Man Up & Go Deeper with Spirit 5:30 PM - 9:00 PM. Stand present in your authentic self. Clarify and live your true life purpose with confidence and eliminate approval based behavior patterns. Live it. Give it. Own it. Call for pricing Yogani Studios, 1112 W. Platt, S. Tampa, (813) 251-9668 Herbal Skincare Workshop - June 21st 6-9 pm Learn a complete herbal skincare program for your skin type and how to make herbal skincare products that heal and revitalize the skin. Receive a step-bystep workbook and samples to take home. Cost $60. Register at www.HerbalWise. or call 727-384-HERB. 62nd St & 3rd Ave N, St Petersburg. Advance Registration Required.

store fat, which burn fat and how they’re stimulated. Seating is limited – Please call (727) 669-6000 to register

Herbal Medicine-Making Workshop – June 28th 6-9pm, a 3-hour handson workshop on making your own herbal medicine. Receive a step-by-step workbook and samples to take home. Cost $60. Register at or call 727384-HERB (4372). Workshop will be held at Acupuncture & Herbal Therapies, 901 Central Ave, St Petersburg. Advance Registration Required. HCG Information Night, Wed., June 30th, 6pm. Bring your friends at get information about the HCG Diet Protocol in our Q&A DiscussionRaydiance Helio Spa & Wellness Center @ 120 S. Howard Ave. (813) 2580458.

JUNE 22-30


Multidimensional Mind - June 25-27, Fri- Sun. The Sentient Temple’s signature course. Recession proof yourself. Harness the power of the mind to create the life you want. Includes Reiki I,II,III, Remote Viewing, and Shamanism. No pre-requisites required. Certification upon completion and Master Reiki Ascension. $500. Previous students, love donation. See ad in this publication. The Sentient Temple College of Alternative Medicine. 727-323-2793.


Teaching Children’s Yoga: Certified Teacher Training, June 25, 26th & 27th This training is interactive and educational. In addition to incorporating fun in teaching children’s yoga, we will also interweave the deeper spiritual side of yoga. See website for schedule $350 / $375 after June 21st Yogani Studios, 1112 W. Platt, S. Tampa, (813)251-9668 Yoga + Bands and Weights - June 26, 1-3pm. With Linn Sennott, E-200 RYT. $25 if you pay a week ahead. $30 by noon .June 24. Make your yoga practice more efficient with rapid gains in strength, tone, flexibility, and balance. Living Room Yoga, 1608 29th Ave N, St. Pete, FL 33713. www. (727) 826-4754 9 Hormones That Influence Weight Loss - Dr. Mary Riggin, Saturday, June 26, 2010, 10:30 AM, Palm Harbor Natural Foods - 30555 US Hwy 19 N, Palm Harbor. We all have 6 fat-burning hormones and 3 fat-storing hormones. If you’re trying to lose weight, this class will teach you which 28 JUNE 2010 • Tampa Bay Wellness

Wisdom Through Action - Work teaching for the 21st century in the tradition of G.I. Gurdjieff & P.D. Ouspensky. Now accepting students. Various Tampa and St. Pete locations. Sundays 1:00 PM – 2:30 PM or (888) 889-9588

FRIDAYS FREE Belly Dance Class, 6pm. FREE Intro to Social Dance, 7:15pm. Hip Expressions Belly Dance Studio, 1108 62nd Ave. N, St Pete, 33702. Call 727.459.8558, or,

SATURDAYS Reiki Yoga, Saturdays, 10:30am-12:00n, Open and balance your Chakras in this energetic class that combines Reiki energy work with Restorative Yoga. Raydiance Helio Spa & Wellness Center @ 120 S. Howard Ave. (813) 258-0458. ($10)

ALL MONTH LONG Yoga & Ayurveda 4 Week Series Join Certified Ayurvedic Practitioner Denise O’Dunn at the Lotus Pond (6201 Lynn Rd) Mondays June 7-28 from 6:30pm -8pm. During this series, you will come to understand the basics of Ayurveda while experiencing asana and pranayama according to their Doshic effects. Cost $75. For more info or to register (813)961.3160 or visit www.

MONDAYS Pre & Post Natal Yoga, Mondays, 7:15pm-8:30p, This yoga is designed for women during & after their pregnancy & focuses on a safe gentle flow of poses. Raydiance Helio Spa & Wellness Center @ 120 S. Howard Ave. (813) 258-0458. www. ($13) *A delicious cup of organic brewed tea is included after class. Power Yoga, Mondays, 6:00pm-7:00p, A strong yoga flow class geared towards students who have a regular practice. Get ready to take your practice to a new level creating heat & energy to balance & heal the body. Raydiance Helio Spa & Wellness Center @ 120 S. Howard Ave. (813) 2580458. ($13) *A delicious cup of organic brewed tea is included after class.

WEDNESDAYS Burn Fat Talk Radio - Dr. Mary Riggin & Dr. Kim Baptista, every Wednesday at 9 PM at, or Fridays at 11 PM on TanTalk 1340AM. Tune in every week to hear how a gradual series of small changes in your diet and lifestyle over time will not only melt away that stubborn fat but strengthen stamina and drastically improve your health!

COMING SOON Ananda Yoga Teacher Training August 2010 Training at Jai Dee Yoga and Wellness Studio. With LeShan Barrios, ERYT. Excellent for those who want to become Registered Yoga Teachers or who want to deepen your personal practice. Contact us for more information. 813-231-2300, 5803 N. Florida Ave, Tampa. Patricia McGivern, author of Angel Babies: Messages from Miscarried and Other Lost Babies will be giving a talk and doing a book signing at the Body, Mind, Spirit Expo ( at the Sheraton Airport, Tampa at 1 p.m. on Sunday, August 1.

Resession Proof Yourself The pièce de résistance of the Sentient Temple is normally taught once a year. In this course, you will learn Usui/Mayan Reiki, I, II, III and Mind Projection, a form of Remote Viewing.. This is our most powerful course and has brought success to hundreds of students. You will understand Shamanism and how to create the life you have always dreamed about. Bring REAL SUCCESS into your life in 3 days! Learn how to intuitively diagnose disease and dis-harmony in people here and in other parts of the world. You will be Certified as a Reiki Master and Ascended to status of Shaman with Certification. Now is the time for Multidimensional Mind to change your life for the better! FOREVER!

The Sentient Temple

Se Habla Español

Shamanic Multidimensional Mind Course $500

Class is limited! Reserve NOW!

June 25,26,27


Due to the overwhelming response of our recent Multi Dimensional Course, we are offering it again on June 25th, 26th & 27th. Read some of the testimonials from our past participants. The workshop was phenomenal! My Reiki is so much stronger and the meditation exercises have disciplined my mind extremely. Thanks again!!! Namaste` Chelsea, Tampa You are to be congratulated on the environment and power of the Sentient Temple, and the Shamanic training offered to assist in understanding that “I am another you.” Tom E. Sawyer, Utah, Govt. service as a senior advisor to three U.S. Presidents -- Nixon, Ford and Reagan. The weekend with Dr’s Dennis and Fern Alexander was life changing for me. I can only go forward with my life and newly learned powerful lessons I discovered. I am so proud of myself!!!! Anne Marie Dyer

The Multi-Dimensional Mind classes were an eye opener for me. Your classes revealed the truth behind the saying that there is so much untapped and unexplored power in the human mind. I am happy to recommend your classes to anyone who is interested in improving their life and the life of others around them. Kathryn L. Orlando Florida, Broker/Owner Regent International Realty, Inc.

I found your course to be the most powerful and touching course that I have ever taken! I truly felt blessed to be a part of your class! I am so grateful for all that you do and have done for me! I hope someday that I will be able to help as many people as you all do! All my thanks and love to each and everyone of you! Best wishes, Laurie Z Canada, Psyhic Advisor, Usui Reiki Master It was all I had hoped for. The workbook was really excellent, hats off to you for creating such an easy to follow format for instruction and meditations. As an abbreviated training of just 3 days, you pack so much into it, with space for reflection too! --John

I had no idea just how deep it was going to be. I was amazed at the things I was shown how to do. Overall, I LOVED the course! Will definitely want to take it again and passing the word to anyone who will listen! -- Carla It was wonderful spending time with like-minded folks last weekend (8/22). Thank you guys so much for all the knowledge you shared with us. I am still buzzing & sometimes I can feel my crown & 3rd eye just revving up... it’s a really great feeling & I just stop & sit still for a minute to connect with the feeling & allow my intuition to guide me as I tune in & listen. Audrey I wanted to thank you all for the transformational journey. I have been able to feel a huge increase in the level of energy flowing thru me while working on people with massage. - J

To read more testimonials, please visit our website at Tampa Bay Wellness • JUNE 2010 29

Tampa Bay Wellness Resource Directory acupressure/acupuncture

A Therapy Above Natural Medicine Center Dr. Sigal R.W. Dory DOM AP CIT FREE 30 min evaluation to findout how WE can help you! All ages, all problems. Start having a better quality of life today. Needle free treatments are used and available at our office!


Acupuncture & More

Dawn Balusik, AP, DOM, LMT Acupuncture, Herbs, Massage, Nutrition

Natural relief from Allergies, Infections, Headaches, Fatigue, Neck/ Back/Knee Pain, Endometriosis, Infertility, Menopause and more.

28469 US Hwy 19 N, #402, Clearwater. (MA36601).

(727) 475-4710

Acupuncture & More

Laser + Acupuncture = $65

• Neck, Back, Knees • Carpal Tunnel, TMJ • Arthritis, Bursitis • Menopausal Symp • Plantar Fasciitis • Sinus, Neuropathy

Lumina Healing Ctr. 2903 9th St N, St. Pete.

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Alternative medicine Healing Touch Oriental Medicine & Acupuncture Serving Tampa Bay Since 1996

Dr. Mary Riggin, LAc, Clinic Director • Dr. Kim Baptista, LAc, Weight Loss Director •

(727) 669-6000 Ancient medicine for health restoration with NO side effects! Hormone Balancing, Allergies, Digestion problems, Chronic Pain, Difficult Cases. Food as medicine, Chinese herbs, nutri-puncture, acupuncture/acupressure, tui-na bodywork, master certified muscle-testing, Listen to Burn Fat Talk Radio! Hosted by Dr. Mary and Dr. Kim, Wed 9pm to 10 pm (EST), online at or on Tampab v Bay’s TanTalk

1340 AM Friday at 11pm

Dr Mary


HERBAL WORKSHOPS & MORE HerbalWise - Herbal Workshops & Remedies

Learn herbal medicine-making, herbal pet care, herbal skincare, herbal products for massage therapy. Hand-blended Medicinal Teas, Custom Herb Formulas, Herbal Consultation and more.

727-384-HERB (4372)

Corner 62nd St & 3rd Ave N, St Petersburg

Coaching Looking for more personal, professional or business success? Try coaching. You’ll be amazed at your results. Complimentary sessions always available. Ask about Awesome Retreats! Coach Dianne M. Kipp, BSN Certified Life & Business Coach, Follow Your Heart Journeys 727-322-1561 or 727481-1646

30 JUNE 2010 • Tampa Bay Wellness

Colon Hydrotherapy

Inner Healings & Associates, Inc. Billie V. Odor, LMT, CT MM10840 MA12768 Specialist in LIBBE Open System

Certified Medical Hypnosis

Debbie Lane’s Wisdom Hypnosis Do you need relief from: ●Fibromyalgia ●Chronic

Certified LIBBE Instructor

The Most Respected Colon Hydrotherapy Center


Deborah Karlan, LMT, CT

Colonics & Massage Lymph Drainage & CranioSacral Therapy

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Wellness from Within LLC


Hypnosis Can Help You!

Brandon 813-657-6198



Natural Medicine A Therapy Above Natural Medicine Center

Offering: Acupuncture, Massage, Thermal Scanning, Hormone balancing, Diet and lifestyle consultation classes in Yoga & more as well as an Herbal Pharmacy.

Come and get your free evaluation today!

Dunedin/Safety Harbor

Dr. Dory DOM

www. A Therapy Above .com

727-799-6066 Dentistry - Holistic

Jonathan Bromboz, D.D.S.


Acupuncture; Chinese Herbs & World’s Most Advanced Supplements; Reliable Solutions to Complex Medical Symptoms.

Be pampered with a holistic approach to dentistry. Herbal teas, coffee, juice, muffins, hot neck wraps, lemon-scented hot towels.

* Holistic, Natural, and Peace Of Mind. * Treat & Bring Hope: All forms of Stubborn Pain & Stress; Allergies; Unhappiness/Anger; Cancer Symptoms; Any Complicated Health Symptoms.



Call 727-483-5618


Natural Dental Treatment

in a Friendly, Caring Environment Our patients call us “caring, kind, gentle and professional.” Natural dental care can give you a beautiful, healthy smile and the answer to unexplained health problems and pain. Call today to find out how we can help you.

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weight loSs

LOSE STUBBORN BELLY FAT Healing Touch Oriental Medicine • (727) 669-6000

“After 2 yrs I’m still shrinking!” - Dr. Mary Riggin, LAc.

Call to attend a FREE class!

Dr. Ray Behm, Natural Dentistry

Listen to Burn Fat Talk Radio! Hosted by Dr. Mary, Wed 9pm to 10 pm (EST), online at or on Tampa Bay’s TanTalk 1340 AM Friday at 11pm

727 446.6747

Dr Kim


WEIGHT LOSS - Hungry heart

It’s the software that creates your life, but you can rewrite the code whenever you need a different result. Know what decisions, perceptions and feelings your creating life with. See how Muscle Response Testing/Pendulum, EFT, and Psych-K can create quantum leaps in your life.  Virginia Dassler, 13445 Walsingham Road, Largo

Certified Hypnotherapist, Nutrition &

Are you creating your life, or is it creating you?

Andrea Crouch, C.Ht.

Wellness Consultant Member: UPHI, NGH, IACT

Learn how to stop stress eating and manage weight! Individual sessions and group workshops forming now. Call 1-877-HUNGRY


Herbal Therapy Training

2 Year Professional Herbalists Training Program Acupuncture & Herbal Therapies 901 Central Ave, St. Petersburg, FL 33705


7 ext.107

for dates and times.

Wellness center ReNew Life Wellness Center Health begins from the inside out

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& PEARLs Transmuting Transcending Anger of CALMNESS


y next door neighbour is in a habit of parking his car in front of my bungalow. Though it doesn’t cause us much inconvenience, but still we have asked their security guards to refrain from doing so. Still their visitors would sometimes park their car at the sore spot. We would in return park our cars protruding to cause a bit of annoyance to our neighbours. Gradually I realized it was becoming more of an ego issue, and if not reined had the potential for an absolutely unnecessary flare up. I noticed certain emails being exchanged between my colleague and a client. I agree client representative is a little insensitive in replying to emails and this in turn irritates my colleague. Finally i suggested to my colleague that though he has a point, it is not serious enough, what is more important for us is not being one up on him, but rather nurture a healthy client relationship. Holding on to our ego may only result in spoiling a client. Relationships, be it familial, social or business ones, need to be attended with right speech. Our conscious mind may forget after uttering harsh or sarcastic remark, but the receiver in majority of the cases is unlikely to forgive and forget. The recipient may wait for years and may be decades to return the dark compliment if an opportunity arises. I recall Mahatma Gandhi confessing in his writings, that he never had to regret any spoken or written word. Before any thought got the outward garb of speech, Mahatma would weigh it with his chisel of wisdom. Eastern philosophy, be it Gita, Yoga Sutra or esoteric Buddhist treatise -- suggest that each tremor of our thought, every expression, all spoken words leave a mark on our consciousness. This mark could be a healing one in the form of gentleness, compassion, kind and giving spirit or it could be a deep scar borne out of irritability, vengeance, anger, jealousy etc

Chaos to Calmness It is also a matter of conscious decision. Ones we decide to tame our temper (basically our ego) we can transcend to a higher and happier consciousness. Following suggestions may be put to the scrutiny of your experiment.


Intense physical exercise or vigorous sport where you sweat profusely for a reasonable period will have a calming effect on your nervous

system. Professional athletes have a low pulse rate comparable with those of advanced meditation practitioners.

2. If you know to swim, surrender yourself fully

to the spirit of water. See that while swimming there is no unnecessary tension in the head, neck and spine. It is not necessary to spend a long time in water, but whatever little time you give, let go of your body, mind and spirit to the moment. (It is we who choose to choose chaos or calmness)

3. Gently place your fingers on your heart, feel

it throbbing, and with tender will command it to calm down.

4. Moderation in diet: Eat light, focus more on

natural foods like fruits and nuts, dairy products and lightly cooked meals; cut down on heat producing foods in the body, such as caffeine and red meat, excess intake of chilli, ginger, onion and garlic. Our body and mind are interconnected; any food that calms the body will calm the mind and also foods that irritate or agitate the body have a corresponding effect on our mind. 5. Roger Federer or Tendulkar both have an exemplary behavioural track record but do we know of greater competitors? Being fiercely competitive in any field demands discipline, dedication and devotion. Emotional outburst in most cases is a sign of weakness or complex. Manage your

mind and emotions with moment by moment awareness and reflection.

6. Be with nature a little more and nature is not

only in deep forest or ocean side, but a small jar of fishes or indoor plants in your living room, trees in your locality, morning dew and air, chirping of the birds... Nature is a natural healer, but we have to invite it in our life, accept it, and acknowledge it. Even in the concrete jungle of modern life, nature manages to peep in, caress it and allow it to caress you. Only you have to keep your door open.


Visualize a Pink lotus, symbolizing tender love in your heart. Slowly allow let the lotus open up and spread all over your body. Nurture this lotus with your goodness and it will slowly spread to your mind. Feel the lotus petals harmonizing your nervous system all over the body. Once the lotus is ensconced in the brain allow the petals to spread tender love and compassion in your consciousness. “Holding on to anger is like grasping a hot coal with the intent of throwing it at someone else; you are the one who gets burned.” - Buddha For workshops on stress management, anger management, etc. contact the author at sudhir@

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– by Mystic Sudhir

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