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Brand Tammy Sanderson Digital Marketing Strategy WM401 | Date: 04/11/2011

Methodology  Performed brand name search on Google, Yahoo, and Bing.  Conducted a survey using Survey Monkey. Surveyed friends and co-workers.  Telephone interviews with family.  Researched brand name on Facebook and Linked In.  My own passions

Findings: Audience  Strengths: Knowledge on health, relationships and business.  Attitude: Positive, outgoing and fun  Team player  Team leader  Goal setter  Filmmaker  Writer My strengths compliment the field of Multimedia. To strengthen the core I believe honeing my writing skills will be key.

Findings: Market  Brand Tammy Sanderson was found on Google, Bing and Yahoo after the third page.  Brand name has a lot of competition, however, not in the same field.  My brand, Tammy Sanderson, is listed as a filmmaker and writer.  My competition has many Facebook friends, and more activity on LinkedIn. Summary: To position myself ahead of my competition, I can develop a strategy through Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Findings: Business Multi Media Director  A strong need for social media experience.  A demand for Businesses to develop their presence on the web.  Currently there is a greater need for creative multimedia producers in Washington and California than in Oregon. Because the web has become our storefront, our way of life, there will be a big demand for Multimedia production. Again by honing in on my writing skills it will give me a sustainable

advantage in the job market.

Theme: Multi Media Producer        

Organized/Project planner Team Player Team Leader Business knowledge Writer Goal setter Filmmaker Advisor

Strategy for Brand Tammy Sanderson

Brand Objectives  To get a job as a MultiMedia Creative Director

Marketing Objective 

Develop my presence in the business community as a Multimedia Producer.

Digital Marketing Objectives  Get Certification as a Multimedia Producer at PSU 1.Take classes at PSU Professional program 2.Goal to be certified by Spring 2012 3.Take additional writing classes

 Develop a portfolio 1.Take Portfolio development classes in the Fall. 2.Purchase Adobe software

 Create business cards and order business cards

 Intern for an agency 1.Develop resume for agency 2.Connect with those on LinkedIn that already work for an agency. 3.Intern at Angel Vision

 LinkedIn 1.Revamp my qualifications and experience. 2.Connect with others in the MutiMedia Program

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Brand U  

Branding is where it all begins. You want to found? You have to be unique.