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Ideas that came out of the discussions included:

What Happened at the Intersynodal Gathering? On the way home from the Southern Province’s Intersynodal Gathering held April 27-28, one person exclaimed, “I wouldn’t have missed it for the world.” When asked what he took home from the event, another person mentioned the sense of solidarity with those from other congregations in situations similar to those of his own church. One person explained she learned that our churches need to let go of some of our traditions. Another person in the conversation partially disagreed saying that we just need to adjust some of our traditions to fit our current culture more effectively. Some wished for more specificity in the discussion topics and ideas. Many were delighted by the worship led by those from Moravian Seminary, by the ideas, albeit broad, that were developed and by the sense of encouragement felt by their brief time together. It should be noted that the Friedland Congregation did an incredible job of hosting this event attended by more than 200 people from 8 of our 10 fellowships and 50 of our 56 congregations. Friedland was a most welcoming and generous host in every way.


development of curricula that cover Moravian liturgies and history

meetings with RCCs and congregations by representatives of the PEC and/or BCM on the new structure

development of methods for better communication

local leadership training

asset mapping leadership

efforts toward evangelism

resources for local ministry

spiritual formation

stronger relationships with the Florida District RCC

Part of the purpose of the Intersynodal Gathering was to examine our success in implementing the structure adopted by the Special Synod of 2009. Betsy Bombick of the PEC summarized the responses to a survey done in March when she said, “We’ve made progress, but we aren’t there yet.” The PEC will be studying the responses to that survey and the discussion summaries submitted at the Intersynodal Gathering to help shape the next steps in our provincial life.

(This insert is one in a series prepared by the Provincial Elders’ Conference about the organization and strategic direction of the Southern Province.)

What Happened at The Inter-Synodal Gathering  
What Happened at The Inter-Synodal Gathering  

What Happened at The Inter-Synodal Gathering