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J & J's Tours P.O. Box 155 Lewisville,NC 27A23

Septemb er 6, zOLz

Hello, Our compony, J & J's Tours, is offering a holidoy trip to Bethlehem, PA, o city settled by the Morovions on land purchosedby them in1746. Our trip highlights history of this city ond mony of the troditions of the Morovion Church, os well qs the importonceof thesteel industry. We will visit theCentrql Morqviqn Church, built in 1806, ond will tqke port in their Love Feast ond will attend their Christmos Putz. Among other events and ottroctions, we will hove the opportunity to visit The Morovion Book Shop, which is the oldest continuously operoting book store in the world.

I hove enclosed

a flyer with detoils of this trip. Would you pleose moke this informqtion ovoiloble to your church. We would love to hove you go with us, ond we f eel thot you will enjoy the qctivities qnd will be inspired ond informed os well.

If you hove ony guestions or need odditionol

information, please f eel free to coll me of 336-

945-9391 or 336 -8t6-6401. Thonk you very much. Regords,


Non Johnson J & J's Tours

336-945-9391 Enclosure


look forwqrd to heoring from you.

Buck and Nan

) & )'s TOURS Johnson P.O. Box 155, Lewisville, NC 27023


336-9+5-9391 or 33G'81



BETHLEHEAA December 6-8,2412

Let:us go unio Bethlehem...for some holidoy celebrotion ond inspirotion. There we will discover the ornozin! story of Bethlehem, from its humble beginnings os o Morovion seftlement in the wilderness of Penn3 Woods. to its rise to prominence during fhe fndustrial Revolution and fhe height of Bethlehem steel. Also, we will celebrote the birth of Christ in /lAorovion tradition, will shop one of the unigue shops on Moin Sfreet ond the world-fomous Christkindlmorkt, will see the city ot night, ond nore.

The tour includes:

. . . . . . . . .

'Bethlehem by Night Tour," with costumed steP-on guide The filtn'Bethlehem, the Christmos City,'the story of Bethlehem Shopping qt Christkindlenqrkt, feoturiry hundreds of hondmode works by fhe notion s finest ortison3 Al llAusicfest Cafâ‚Ź, in the stote-of-the-ort Artsquest, we will enjoy o hot lunch ond the show 'Christmas !944." aheorf-warming musicql thqt tells fhe stora of a Bethlehern resident who worked ot Bethlehem Steel while her husbond wos owoy ot wqr Shop on historic i\Acin Street with q'must-do" visit to The Moroviqn Book Shop, fhe oldesf continuously operoting bookstore in the world Visit the AAorovion Arluseum Aftend Centrol Moravion Church Putz End our visit to Bethlehem with worship qt the [rve Feost of Centrol Moroviqn Church, while we are in owe of the simplicity ond grondeur' of fhe 1806 church sonctuory Dinners ot Applebee's ond Bethlehen Brew Works

Tour olso includes motor cooch, hotel accommodotions with breokfost eoch morning, one lunch, ond two dinners. Pricc pcr psrson: Dorblc:


$418.00 Trlph: $393.OO Qpad: $381.0O sirglc:

Trovel insuFance is ovoihble ot the followitg rotes: Double: $21.00 Triple: $20.00 Quod: $19.00


Single: $26.00

60ll todoy fo resewe your spot on this entertaining, inforrnative, ond insPiring friP, guoronteed fo put you in the Christmos spiritl

Buck ond Non


TOURS P.O. Box !5s,leJiri,'il: NC 270?3 www.


'Cots' ot Wohlfohrt Hous,

336-945-9391 or 336-816-6401

Andrew Lloyd Webber's tnusicol bosed on T.5. Eliot's collection

of poems obout

felines. $84.00

ilO. Ten shows,5 dinners, ? lunches. Includes Presleys, Ook Ridge Boys, Todd Oliverond His Tolking Dogs, Joey Riley, Doug Gabriel,Yakov Smirnoff, Tribute to Red Skeleton, Three Red-Neck Tenors, 9orboro Foirchild,ond Price Is Right-Live. Double: $913.00



Oct. ?0t

New Rlvcr 6oryl9

Bridg Doy. Seethe BASE jumpers, ride to the bottorn of the gorge, enjoy the

numerous orfs ond

crofts vendors qnd food vendors. $109.00

Nov. 13-15:

Pig?on Forye. Includes o stop ct Smoky llAountoin Knife Works, Dixie Stompede, Country Tonite, dinner oi Applewood Farmhouse Restouronf, Blockwoods Voriety Breokfost Show. Titonic /Vluseum, shopping. Double:

$s57.00 Nov.29:

"Cotrrfe/ Chr.istmos Celebrqtion'at Wohlfohrt Hqus, a great holidoy show feoturing songs we know ond love by country




artists and ending with o breath-toking Notivity. $84.00

Christmas with Elvis. At Finch Auditorium in Thomosville. Enjq,Stephen Freemon's Elvis show ond Brothers Redeemed Quontet with tribute to Stomps Quorfet ond bock up to Stephen. $7?.OA Christmos in Bethlehem. Leorn obouf this city settled by lrioravions in early1800's, celeb,rateChrisftnos in ll/\oravian trodition, shop Christkindhmqrkt, enjoy'Christmos L944,'ond tl/\ORE. Double: $418.00

2013 Feb,24-Mor.9: Ponomo ConollSarthern Caribbaon Sunforer Cruisc. Feb.24-Mor.9. Soiling on Hollond Americo's Zuidendam. Stops in Holf ll/toon Coy, Bohomas; Oranjestad, Arubq; Curocoo, Antilles; Ponomc Canol; Colon, Panomo; Puerto Limon, Costo

Rico. Outside Double: $2779.AO


'Wicked", the musicql of two girls who meet in the lond of Qzolnd how they grow to become the Wicked Witch of the West ond Olindo the 6ood. fncludes lunch ond plqy. $149.00

Aug. t7t

"Lion Kilâ‚Ź' Experienc e otpof the best-loved musicols with its breothtqking specto cle of onimols ond the pulsoting rhythtns of the Africon Pridelonds in the unforgettoble score by Elton John ond Tim Rice. Includes lunch ond plcry. $144.00

Coll us

ot 336-945-9391 or 336-81 6-64Ot

Christmas In Bethlehem Trip  

Christmas In Bethlehem December 6-8, 2012

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