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APRIL 21, 2016

Howe JOM Newsletter

Jarron Green, PK

“Making an authentic cornhusk doll”

Howe 1st Annual JOM Cultural Day Howe Public Schools recently held its first annual JOM Cultural Day coordinated by Brandie Lovell, Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma Community Outreach Specialist for LeFlore County The day long event, also supported by the Choctaw Nation LeFlore County Youth Advisory Board (YAB), was held on Wednesday, March 23 on the (Continued on page 2) . . . 

Gracie Mattox, 5th

District 4 Little Miss Choctaw Princess performs the Lord’s Prayer in Choctaw Sign Language

Top three expenditure items for JOM FY16 Budget.







JOM Educational Support Supplies (Student Classroom Supplies FY16)

JOM Student Dues/ Registration Fee Reimbursements 

JOM Cap/Gown Reimbursements (Kdg, 8th Grade, 12th Grade)

(Driver’s Ed, 4H, ACT, FFA, FCCLA)


LeFlore Co Youth Advisory Board

Howe has 21 students who actively serve on the Choctaw Youth Advisory Board


APRIL 21, 2016

(Cultural Day continued . . . )

Howe Campus. All 152 PK-12th grade JOM students participated in the cultural activities throughout the day which included basket weaving, beading/jewelry, cornhusk dolls, information on healthy life styles, stick ball, cultural dancers, tribal information, and a taste of traditional food. Plans are already underway for the 2nd Annual event to be held in the Fall of 2016 at Howe Public Schools.

Howe High School Choctaw Language I Students Enter Video Contest

Teacher Ms. Leigh Ward with the School of Choctaw Language. The class meets via distance with their teacher front Durant utilizing videoconferencing equipment at both sites. Next year, Howe plans to offer Choctaw Language I and II.

Five students enrolled in the Howe High School Choctaw Language I Class entered the Native American Youth Language Fair Film & Video contest hosted by the Native American Language department of the Sam Noble Museum.

The student team comprised of Sara Fox, Jerry Huang, Kaleb Smith, Abigail Davidson and Adam Wilson, created an original Choctaw Language interpretation of “Goldilocks and The Three Bears.” The team created the video entitled “Pashi Lusa micha Nita Tuchina" using the iPad App Puppet Pals HD and edited in iMovie. The video script was spoken entirely in Choctaw. Although they did not place in the top 3 at the contest, they received much praise from their

YAB TEEN AWARENESS DAY APRIL 11, 2016 On Monday, April 11, members of the Howe Choctaw Youth Advisory Board sponsored a Teen Awareness day for Howe High School students. The goal of the event was to bring awareness to teens before the Junior/Senior Prom scheduled for April 23. Over seventeen presenters shared on the following topics: drinking and driving, distracted driving, suicide prevention, healthy relationships, and college and career readiness. The day began with a High School assembly and keynote speaker, Mr. Colby McGee, a Vocational Agriculture Teacher from Allen Public Schools whose father, while mowing his own yard, was killed by a drunk driver.



APRIL 21, 2016

Howe JOM Newsletter

Cultural Books

Check out the new Native Americanthemed books in the school library!

Howe Juniors, Lauren Ford and Morgan Hillebrand get a lesson in stickball from Dwayne Hornbuckle at the Howe JOM Cultural Day held on March 23, 2016 at Howe Public Schools. Dwayne is a Male Mentor/Stickball Coach for the Choctaw Nation Outreach Program.

NOTICE OF MEETING: Howe Public Schools will hold a Johnson O’Malley/Indian Education Committee meeting on Thursday, April 28 at 5:30 pm in the Technology Building at Howe Public Schools. The 2016-2017 JOM and Indian Education proposals will be addressed at these meetings. All parents of JOM and Indian Education students are invited to attend. For more information, please contact Tammy Parks at 918.658.2372 or at
 Current members of the Johnson O’Malley/Indian Education Parent Committee include: Jennifer Davidson, Chairperson; Holly Cooper, ViceChairperson; Lacey Mattox, Secretary; Bridget Woodral & Daisy Taylor, Members 
 Tribes represented by Howe JOM students: Choctaw,

Cherokee, Absentee Shawnee, Mississippi Choctaw, North Fork Mono Rancheria, Seminole, Chickasaw, Osage, Alaska Native.

Parent Survey:
 To help us better serve your student(s), please take a few minutes and complete the Indian Student Needs Assessment survey at 
 If you have a QR reader on your smart phone,
 you can access the survey by scanning the code!


$500 Donation Howe Public Schools recently received a $500 donation from the Choctaw Nation toward the development of an Outdoor Learning Space and Greenhouse currently in the planning stages.


APRIL 21, 2016

Students Can Earn Up to $75 Per Semester Through JOM Honor Roll Incentives and Choctaw STAR Program
 Johnson O’Malley program students in grades 2nd-12th who are also tribal members of the Choctaw Nation have the opportunity to earn up to $75 each semester in the JOM Honor Roll Incentive program and the Choctaw STAR (Success Through Academic Recognition) program. 

Benefits of the STAR Program and the JOM Academic Incentive Program:
 Encourage academic success, improves academic standing, incentive to strive for goals, increases graduation rates, development of work ethic, increases retention, rewards and develops value for attendance, opportunity to continue education after high school. 

The Howe JOM committee chose to add academic incentives to the program last school year. Any JOM student in grades 2nd-12th with All A’s will receive a $25 Wal-mart gift card; all A’s & B’s the student will receive a $10 Wal-Mart gift card. 
 In addition to the JOM academic awards each semester, students who are also tribal members of the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma have the opportunity to earn similar incentives through the Choctaw STAR program. Incentive Awards include recognition each semester (twice per academic year). All A's - $25 Gift Card; A’s & B's or All B's - $10 Gift Card; Perfect Attendance - $25 Gift Card 
 Choctaw Tribal Membership application can be found 

Fall Semester awards will be made in early May. Spring semester recognitions can be picked up over the summer at a date yet to be determined.

 Reminder: $100 Choctaw Nation Student School & Activity Fund
 $100 grant to purchase school supplies and clothing for students possessing a Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma tribal membership ID. Application period ends June 1, 2016. Apply


today at:

CHEROKEE ARTIST & STORYTELLER ROBERT LEWIS TO VISIT HOWE SCHOOLS ON MAY 17, 2016 Howe Public Schools is honored to welcome Cherokee Artist and Storyteller Robert Lewis to our school on May 17, 2016. Mr. Lewis is an award-winning Native storyteller, author, and artist of Cherokee, Navaho, and Apache descent. Robert works for the Cherokee Nation as a school and community specialist and conducts outreach classes and services in art, culture, and storytelling. Robert has appeared on local television and radio programs to share the wisdom and beauty of Native stories. As part of the Cherokee Nation cultural outreach program, he also travels the country to perform before a wide variety of Native, school, college, museum, festival, and art market audiences. He is the winner of the Dreamkeepers Perry Aunko Indigenous Language Preservation Award and the Cherokee National History Society Seven Star Tradition Bearer Award.



APRIL 21, 2016

Howe JOM Newsletter Summer School Weeks 1-2
 Camping Theme
 Book Titles

Kdg “Curious George Goes Camping”

Coming This Summer . . . Howe Elementary Summer Program

“Great Outdoor Adventure” expose students to opportunities they may not have otherwise. The summer session will include 24 days of learning.
 (Continued on pg. 6)
 Help your kids “explore the great outdoors” with these resources from PBS Kids: parents/outdoors

Howe Public Schools is proud to announce the Kindergarten - 3rd Grade Summer Program sponsored by the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma’s POSSE (Partnership Of Summer School Education) program. Howe Elementary will host the six week full-day program for identified students in need of additional support in Reading and Math. Selection of eligible students is based on benchmark scores or teacher recommendation.
 The basis for classroom learning/instruction is children’s books. Each book is studied for two weeks. The summer school has a blended approach offering both academic opportunities and enrichment activities. Field trips and other special events are designed around the theme for each year and help


1st Grade “P. J. Funnybunny Camps Out” 

3rd Grade “Henry and Mudge and the Starry Night”


APRIL 21, 2016

Howe Seniors Recognized at Annual Choctaw Nation Youth Advisory Board (YAB) Banquet

“Great Outdoor Adventure” Summer School Program 
 (Continued . . . ) Mornings are devoted to academic instruction in reading and math while the afternoon provides enrichment opportunities for students in art, music, physical education, computers, and science.  Morning instruction will be delivered in a small group setting with a maximum of 10 students per grouping.  

On Wednesday, April 21, the Choctaw Nation YAB members and leadership attended their Annual YAB Banquet at the Choctaw Nation Capitol at Tvshka Homma, OK. Three Howe High School Seniors were recognized for their service as members of the Youth Advisory Board. Howe Seniors pictured below are (LR): Jake Lovell; Brandi Lovell, Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma Community Outreach Specialist for LeFlore County; Hailey Loomis; and Emily Ford.

 Afternoons may consist of a larger grouping of students with a student/instructor ratio of up to twenty to one. Students will be given the option to enroll for morning or full day.  Students will be provided breakfast and lunch through the schools summer feeding program. View this great Summer School Video from the Choctaw Nation 2014 program:

 Howe Senior, Jake Lovell was awarded 1st Place in the 2016 Youth Advisory Board Member Scholarship competition and won a $1,000 scholarship. Photo from Wilburton Elementary School Summer Program

Howe JOM Student Count


JOM Students



(2010-11 total PK-12 enrollment 510) 

FY13 Funding $7,863
 (2011-12 total PK-12 enrollment 525) 



FY 14 Funding $7,020
 (2012-13 total PK-12 enrollment 508)






FY15 Funding $7,606 
 (2013-14 total PK-12 enrollment 531)

FY16 Funding $8,255


(2014-15 total PK-12 enrollment 571)

FY17 Funding $9,945

2015-16 (total PK-12 enrollment 588)









Howe Public Schools JOM Newsletter 2015-16  

Howe Public Schools JOM Newsletter 2015-16

Howe Public Schools JOM Newsletter 2015-16  

Howe Public Schools JOM Newsletter 2015-16