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APRIL 21, 2016

Students Can Earn Up to $75 Per Semester Through JOM Honor Roll Incentives and Choctaw STAR Program
 Johnson O’Malley program students in grades 2nd-12th who are also tribal members of the Choctaw Nation have the opportunity to earn up to $75 each semester in the JOM Honor Roll Incentive program and the Choctaw STAR (Success Through Academic Recognition) program. 

Benefits of the STAR Program and the JOM Academic Incentive Program:
 Encourage academic success, improves academic standing, incentive to strive for goals, increases graduation rates, development of work ethic, increases retention, rewards and develops value for attendance, opportunity to continue education after high school. 

The Howe JOM committee chose to add academic incentives to the program last school year. Any JOM student in grades 2nd-12th with All A’s will receive a $25 Wal-mart gift card; all A’s & B’s the student will receive a $10 Wal-Mart gift card. 
 In addition to the JOM academic awards each semester, students who are also tribal members of the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma have the opportunity to earn similar incentives through the Choctaw STAR program. Incentive Awards include recognition each semester (twice per academic year). All A's - $25 Gift Card; A’s & B's or All B's - $10 Gift Card; Perfect Attendance - $25 Gift Card 
 Choctaw Tribal Membership application can be found 

Fall Semester awards will be made in early May. Spring semester recognitions can be picked up over the summer at a date yet to be determined.

 Reminder: $100 Choctaw Nation Student School & Activity Fund
 $100 grant to purchase school supplies and clothing for students possessing a Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma tribal membership ID. Application period ends June 1, 2016. Apply


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CHEROKEE ARTIST & STORYTELLER ROBERT LEWIS TO VISIT HOWE SCHOOLS ON MAY 17, 2016 Howe Public Schools is honored to welcome Cherokee Artist and Storyteller Robert Lewis to our school on May 17, 2016. Mr. Lewis is an award-winning Native storyteller, author, and artist of Cherokee, Navaho, and Apache descent. Robert works for the Cherokee Nation as a school and community specialist and conducts outreach classes and services in art, culture, and storytelling. Robert has appeared on local television and radio programs to share the wisdom and beauty of Native stories. As part of the Cherokee Nation cultural outreach program, he also travels the country to perform before a wide variety of Native, school, college, museum, festival, and art market audiences. He is the winner of the Dreamkeepers Perry Aunko Indigenous Language Preservation Award and the Cherokee National History Society Seven Star Tradition Bearer Award.


Howe Public Schools JOM Newsletter 2015-16  

Howe Public Schools JOM Newsletter 2015-16

Howe Public Schools JOM Newsletter 2015-16  

Howe Public Schools JOM Newsletter 2015-16