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Tammy Lear 1. Name of Field Assignment: Anecdotal or Running Record 2. Name of Observer: Tammy Lear 3. First Name of Child: Elisabeth 4. Child's age on the date observed: 3 years old 5. Today's Date: 1/27/2012 6. Beginning time of observation: 9:30 7. Ending time of observation: 9:45 8. Others present (if applicable): Class of 14 with two teachers 9. Setting of observation: Meal time/ tooth brushing 10. Focus of Observation/ Type of Observation: Self care skills 11. Developmental Domain Focus: (If more than one domain is the focus, list in order of priority) 1. Social Emotional 2. Physical Development

Summary (see specific assignment for details): Raw Data From my data collected off the anecdotal record I can see that Elisabeth does in fact have strong self care skills. She was able to identify to the teacher that she was done with her meal by asking to clear. She was able to clear her spot, put her dishes away, find her tooth brush and brush her teeth all without any reminders from the teacher. Once she was done brushing her teeth, Elisabeth then proceeded to go to the circle area where she awaited the start of circle. Elisabeth clearly knew the routines of the classroom and was able to transition herself. I found this type of observation very helpful. I think anecdotal records make you take everything the child does and says in. I would say that the only down fall to this observation type is that is hard to write down everything the child is doing fast enough.

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