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Tips for Hostess Coaching

We challenge ourselves to do better! We compare one month to the next, one year to the next, and we strategize to improve. Being passionate about our goals and working to achieve them is crucial to our success. Just remember that complacency is not consistency. We should strive to keep moving forward every single day. If you are not having conversations and sharing how excited you are about Thirty-One, then you are not moving forward in your business. You have to interact with people - in person, by phone, and online ladies! Listen to them with an open heart and an open mind, then show them just how passionate you are about your life, your business, and Thirty-One!


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Despite obstacles you may face ACT with heart & desire. Join the Conversation!


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There is true value in leadership! I share this not to impress you, but to impress upon you just how valuable it is! Compare what could be made as a consultant versus as a leader! I chose leadership and you can too! Let me help you get there! Look at the potential impact leadership can make in your business! Consultant


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Did You See It? The exciting opportunity to be a part of a fabulous new 10-week training course? With just a one-hour commitment a week, you can take your business to the next level!

Check with me if you are interested or go to to join today! There are over 100 like-minded women on there who are all going to help each other reach their goals! I can’t wait to help you along the way! Congratulations!! Some of you ladies ROCKED the Olympic Booking Blitz! Woohoo! Great job getting those fall parties on the books! Have YOU had your Fall Launch Party?



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what’s the Celebrate Gives Month

Gives Round Up Update

Gives Month is just around the corner – it starts February 1st! And this year, we’re celebrating the impact we have made from donating $100 million in product and cash to support girls, women and families in our first 5 years! This is all thanks to our amazing Customers and Hostesses! Look for more details on Wednesday to help us kickoff the celebratory month with ways you can show your support.

Just in time for Gives Month, we have changed the Thirty-One Gives Round-Up options! Beginning Wednesday, February 1st, you and your Customers will have the option to roundup, select from a predetermined dollar amount, or add the amount you want!

[ bookings] think about it

planting seeds?

You’re at the party and during the full service checkout, the guests seems to be “on the fence” about booking a party. They didn’t say no, but they sure didn’t say yes! What do you do? You try to contact them a few days after the party - but get no response. You let them leave the party empty handed - no way to reach you! EEKS! Just like you come prepared with recruiting packets - come prepared with “Think About It” packets too! When your customer says they want a little time to make up their mind about hosting a party - now rather than saying, “I’ll follow up with you next week” you can put a “Think About It” packet in her hands!

knows you are not going to hound her to book a party. By giving her permission to say no, you take the pressure off her - and you just might get a First, she will have a few days yes rather than a no! to look over the packet and get questions ready for you Okay - so what’s in this magic to answer when you call. She “Think About It” packet? It is agrees to spend at least a few basically a Hostess packet! minutes with the information. You want them to book the party, by putting this into their Second, book a time to hands - when they say yes call her! This will lead her during the follow up call, they to be accountable for the have everything they need to appointment to talk to you! get started. She also has to agree to take your call for this one follow Brilliant, right? ◊ up. No obligation other than to just answer your call at the agreed time. these packets with everyone, but have decided to share it with her, but it comes with three pink rules!

Third, give her permission to say no up front! Ask her to give you five minutes even if she is not interested in booking a party. She will be As you hand her the packet, let more comfortable - and more her know that you don’t share likely to take your call - if she

PARTY IDEAS Mardi Gras Party Pink Lady Party 31 Gives Party Easter Party Spring Party Winter Warmer

[ time to party ] Your ultimate goal when booking a party is to book an in-home party - this gives your Hostess and her guests the ultimate Pink Glove experience! Remember, guests spends 26% more at in-home parties versus other types of party experiences. But, working with your Hostess to create the perfect party experience also means working with her schedule and her needs!



best party practices

If your Hostess wants to try out Thirty-One with something other than an in-home party, you should always be accommodating. Here are some pointers to help you help her create a unique and fantastic party experience. Should I take every product I have to a party? For an in-home party, your Enrollment Kit has everything you need to showcase product. You may want to take a few new or popular items as extras to showcase – but keep the display simple. For on-the-go parties, you’ll only want to take products from the chapter your Hostess decides to feature: Just For You, For Your Home, or For Your Family. How much time do I need to set up before the party? In-home party setup should be simple and quick – no more than 15 minutes. When you are

ready to go, be sure to ask the Hostess if there is anything you can do to help her get ready. On-the-Go parties should be entirely portable – you should be able to walk in and set up in under 5 minutes. Who should I share the opportunity with? Everyone! Plant opportunity seeds during the party and have a conversation with your Hostess and each of her guests during full-service checkout. Your hot prospects will likely be excited about and familiar with the product, but they could also be someone who loves the product but can’t afford to make a purchase. Joining your team could be the extra-income opportunity she has been looking for. Should I follow up with guests who did not make a purchase at the party? If you have their information, yes! Make sure to follow up with every guest – you never know who will be your next Customer, Hostess or team member. Follow-ups with these guests can be excellent opportunities to plant additional booking and opportunity seeds. Spending quality party time with your Hostess and her guests is the best way to book, sell and sponsor! ◊

[ sponsoring] Sales are incredibly important, but Building Your Team is where you really grow your business! Think of your business like rowing a boat. One ore is parties and sales, and the other ore is building your team. You must row with both ores to move forward, just like you must equally work both aspects of your business to move forward. Recruiting can be incredibly intimidating; however, if you change your way of thinking on Recruiting, you will see how fun and rewarding it will be, plus your efforts will be highly rewarded. Think of Recruiting as simply sharing. You have an incredible opportunity to share and you should share that gift with everyone you meet. Share The Opportunity With Everyone – Just like with Parties and Hostesses, you cannot prejudge for potential Recruits. You should share the opportunity with everyone you meet. When you see a waitress working hard to satisfy table after table of people - share with her a way to make more money, in less time, while having a lot more fun! When talking to other mothers at the park, share how she too can feel good about staying

home with her children, yet still make a substantial impact on the household income. The possibilities are endless. Remember, the easier you make this business, the easier you will recruit people to join your team. Being organized, prepared, and relaxed will show others how simple it is not only to start, but run their own business. Always follow up – When someone starts asking about the business and giving the “Green Light”, make sure to follow up with her within 24 hours. Like party leads, recruit leads go cold quickly. Recognizing a Green Light! Parties are the lifeline of your business – this is where you will be most likely to find your new clients, your next hostess, and your new team members. At your party you want to always be listening for Green Lights: comments, questions, or statements that are meant to ask for more information about the business. When someone is asking you those questions, they are someone you want to follow-up with and ask if they ever thought about doing what you do? ◊

GREEN LIGHT GO! making the most of


Examples of Green Lights • How much money do you make doing this? • How many parties do you do a week? • I need a fun job like yours. • How did you learn to do parties so well? • How did you get into doing this? • What does it cost to start? • How does your family feel about you doing this? • Where do you find parties?


importance of

[ business]

hostess packets

One of the most crucial aspects of your business is Hostess Coaching. Nothing is worse than letting something slip through the cracks when it comes to your hostess because you’re not organized. It is essential to have a system in place to keep all of their information organized.

As soon as you get home from a party (or the first thing the next morning): • Transfer all of the hostess information onto a simple 9x13 manila envelope (with the checklist attached). • Transfer the date and time of the party and the hostess coaching appointment into your calendar. • Schedule the follow up calls you need to make to your hostess and her guests into your follow up system.

One super simple way is to use envelopes. This simple envelope gives you a place to keep every single detail you need for each hostess and party. Whether you’re coaching in person or over the phone, everything your hostess gives you, from mailing lists and contact information All of this will take you less than 10 minutes to outside orders, goes into this envelope. and you’ll always know exactly what you’re doing with each hostess and when. Create a simple checklist with spaces for: • • • • • • •

Hostess name Phone number Party format or theme Party place, date and time Guest list and outside order forms Follow up dates Party closing info (order ship date, etc)

Simply tape this form to the front of each new hostess envelope you create - or better yet, print the info directly on it. With this checklist, you’ll never worry that anyone or anything is falling through the cracks.

Create a time on your weekly calendar to check each envelope and note where you are in the coaching process with each hostess so you can incorporate that into your weekly planning. This simple concept acts like a domino effect… the envelope keeps you on track, making it easier to follow up with your hostesses on time, securing their commitment to your party, which will potentially increase party attendance and ensure the overall success of your business. ◊

[ business] home office

leads & how to get them!




Home Office Leads are requests for a Thirty-One Consultant that come in through our website or by calling the Home Office. Receiving a Lead is an honor that comes with responsibility. You are eligible to receive Home Office Leads from the 15th of one month to the 15th of the next month.

Criteria to receive Home Office Leads: • Be a Senior Consultant level or above • Have $1,000+ in sales in the previous month • Have one personal recruit in the previous month • Have an active MyThirtyOne website

Your Lead is not guaranteed to be geographically near you. This opens up a new territory opportunity for you!

more hostess coaching// the guest list TOP 10 GROUPS YOUR HOSTESS CAN FIND GUESTS FOR HER PARTY

1. Family 2. Friends 3. Neighbors 4. Colleagues 5. Spouse’s Friends 6. Kid’s Friends Parents 7. Holiday Card List There are lots of ways to approach this! One 8. Hairstylist/Nail Technician simple way is to help her make a list of potential 9. Bank Teller 10. Favorite Waitress guests. You know the phone call - the one where you are talking your Hostess and she is starting to panic about her party guest list. She does not know who to invite so she is reaching out to you for help! What do you tell her?

They won’t all be her BFF, but that name should We all know that the more people who attend the party, the greater success the party will be. be at the top of her list! Help your Hostess by offering these suggestions Then, have her tap into a broad range of groups to her and have her list 4-5 people in each to gather a very unique list of guests for her category. Feel free to create a few new categories of your own! party!

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