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Ravishing Floor and Wall Tiles -by Neil Jha

The most important decision while decorating a hose is the type of tiles used. The colour and texture of the tiles affects your mood and emotions, for example- Steve Jobs used to have white walls and floor as it helped him think straight. So, while choosing your tiles you must be very carefully about what is the energy you wish to be surrounded by. Tiles change your mood very drastically as blue tiles make you feel calm and green tiles make you feel peacefull. Another important decision while choosing your tiles is the size 0f each tile. Floor and wall tiles can be used in the entire house and not just in the bathroom and such a case where the tiles are used in the entire house, the house is very easy to clean. Tiles can be traced to ancient Greece, tiles can be made up of stone or many places tiles are used on the roof as well they are called as “roof tiles�. These floor and wall tiles can be used to make beautiful patterns as well. This form of art is evident in the Islamic todays worls tiles have become a necessity. And tiles of all different designs and fashion are available. The colour of the tile plays a very important role in the observer’s life. In contrast to a strong preference for similar colour combinations, some people like to accent

with a highly contrasting colour. A study on preference for colour in Nike, Inc. sneakers, people generally combined colours near each other on the colour wheel, such as blue and dark blue. However, fewer others preferred to have the Nike swoosh accentuated in a different, contrasting colour. Most of the people also used a relatively small number of colours when designing their ideal athletic shoe. This finding has relevance for companies that produce multi-coloured merchandise. Between stone and ceramic tiles for a busy place like a office or a house ceramic tiles are often considered superior. Ceramic surfaces have a relatively longer life if compared to most of the other materials used for floor and wall covering. And they are fire proof as well. As a result of not being fired at high temperatures, when concrete tiles are made, concrete tiles are less dense and more porous than other types of tiles. This is not a problem as long as they are properly sealed to protect them from water, staining, and mildew. If they are not treated with a sealant they should not be used outdoors, especially in wet areas or very cold areas, as they can crack. Without a sealing they will also be at risk for staining. So while buying your tile pay attention on which colour and which texture tile you want.

SUMMARY: Picking the correct tile is one of the most important decisions in interior design. Colour also plays a major

role as it will decide your mood and will adversely affect your emotional balance. Many great men in history like Steve Jobs paid attention on what colour is the room they are working in. Tiles can be traced back to ancient Greec and were originally only stone tiles. Ceramic tiles are considered to be the best type of tiles as they are fireproof and easy to make. Tiles should be chose based on the usage as ceramic tiles are most suited for places which are very busy. ABOUT THE AURTHOR: I am a student of Symbiosis Institute of technology and am doing design engineering. I love writing and architecture. I am presently staying in Pune but my house is in Vizag. Currently I am learning about ceramic wall tiles in designing homes.

Floor and wall tiles by neil jha