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The New School for Social Research ​hello my name is Clint long and I am a senior at Texas A&M universitycommerce and this is my capstone to video presentation The Bachelor of Applied Arts inside this program at Texas A&M university-commerce has meant the world to me after I completed my associates degree at Tyler Junior College I didn't know what I wanted to do after however after further research I found out that I wanted to go to a school in the Texas A&M University System once I narrowed that choice down I began to research each University in the system and I stumbled across this program this program was appealing to me because it was a competency based program and I could work at my own pace but also get it done as quick as I wanted to I could also apply certain courses in certain certificates that I've done it telogen your college to this program I've always wanted to grow more in my organization but I didn't have the degree to do so this program has made that a possibility for me in this presentation I will be showcasing four areas of reflection those areas of reflection will be who I was at the beginning of this program what I learned as I was completing each course who I am now as a leader and where do I go now as my leadership skills have evolved my leadership journey began many years ago when I started my first official job my senior year of high school I was working for Berkshire grocery company as a courtesy clerk better known as a sacker I grew with the company and held many various roles within the company during my eleven eleven years there during my journey I learned leadership skills from great leaders and I also learned leadership skills from some not so great leaders I can honestly say I learned more from the bad leaders because I knew that when I was on leadership role one day I didn't want to be like them I didn't want to treat people the way they treated people and I didn't want to make decisions like the way they made decisions after all of those years in the retail grocery industry I was still lacking a certain something to give me an edge I was lacking credibility I was missing an undergraduate degree from a prestigious university like Texas A&M university-commerce that need brought me to the Bachelor of Applied Arts and Sciences in the organizational leadership degree at Texas A&M university-commerce at the start of this program I can honestly say that I felt like I was a confident leader but I lacked that academic credibility I knew the business lingo from a retail grocery experience standpoint but having the knowledge and verbage from an academic standpoint is something I lacked thankfully this program offered the knowledge and credibility that I needed to succeed let's talk about the courses that gave me that credibility to succeed I will be talking about six of the ten classes needed for the applied major coursework while I can't include everything I learned from this entire program in this speech I will highlight the things that impacted me the most during this program the first class I will be talking about is the issues and organizational leadership this course offered me an overview of issues related to an organizational leadership including the definition of organizations theories of leadership and the characteristics in which behaviors of leaders as well as varying context under which leaders must perform during my time in this class I learned a lot about my personal leadership style I learned that there are a lot of leadership styles and you may not be nailed down to a single one my personal leadership style includes a little bit of a democratic leadership a coaching and mentoring style of leadership analysis fair approach to leadership I also knew that communication was very important but I didn't realize how much I wasn't doing it in my current role another thing that I had that had a huge impact on me during this course is how important culture was to an organization throughout my professional career the culture of an organization was always a huge topic unfortunately it was a topic that was all talk and no action when you have a great culture you care about the people you leave and they also care about you you could have core values and a mission statement will help which help shape the culture but if you as a leader don't care and if you think of the people you lead is just a number on a page your business is destined for failure the next courses I will be discussing is data-driven decision making courses these courses were a two-term course and the first thing I learned from these courses was how data-driven decisionmaking was very important in making decisions with everyday business while there are many emotions in everyday business you can't argue with the facts in numbers as long as there is research to back it up as we begin to analyze the data in both of the projects it really helped me put aside my personal bias which helped me grow as a leader and start to make decisions that affect not only me but others and the overall success of the organization the next courses were behavior ethics and leadership just like the last course this was a two-term course that examined ethics in the workplace environment the biggest thing I learned from the first course is how so many different ethical theories can be applied to the same situations whether it's cants categorical imperative or utilitarianism everyone thinks differently and what I think is not universal thought I also learned a lot about not being an ethical leader because of Ford Motor

Company I feel that most of the time people's intentions are right but their actions don't reflect those intentions due to certain influences in their life or during that time I think this is the case with Ford Motor Company I honestly feel that they behave the way they did because they thought they were doing the right thing for their organization at that time in regards to Ghosts'n and the Nissan case I learned a lot regarding organizational behavior leadership practices needed to implement change it is one thing to experience these type of situations in the workplace but it is also another that put the educational lingo to it I learned that there are several types of power you can use when lamenting change and whatever power you choose comes with consequences both good and bad I learned that cultural changes are a real thing for the most part we don't ever experience the change that Gosset did I also learned a lot about change management I never realized they were actual processes for change management or their that there were different types of change the different types of change that I learned about our planned change unplanned change evolutionary change and revolutionary change I always knew that there was change that had resistance but how to plan and execute that change will be very beneficial to me in my career I can honestly see myself reflecting back on how I learned about change and power in my career and how to apply it those two things will be crucial to how effective I am as a leader in the future leadership theory was my next course this was also a two-term course that this course focused on the leadership role with principles and practice of management of organizations I was able to perform a SWOT analysis and also a process improvement plan they both taught me a lot about how and what leaders are thinking about as they are leading organizations into the future oftentimes as mid and low level employees we don't realize why certain decisions are made by executives and leaders in the c-suite they are continually thinking about the big picture and being forward thinkers so that our organizations may thrive into the future for my SWOT analysis I chose an online clothing company I completed a SWOT analysis several years ago in my early college years but I didn't remember a whole lot so this was a great opportunity for me to expand my knowledge the best part of this company was I was able to tour their warehouse and spend a few days in each department so it made it easier for me to identify their strengths weaknesses opportunities and threats also since I was a fresh set of eyes for them I was able to help the leaders of the company identify some of these areas as I was there I realize how much it would help me complete my process improvement plan I feel like they complemented one another the process improvement plan was very detailed compared to my SWOT analysis the SWOT analysis essentially laid out my process improvement plan for me both projects also require that I know about every piece of an organization and what it looks like from both a leadership standpoint and a mid and low-level standpoint because if I can speak to it personally then i can be relatable with employees in the real world in real situations once I get to a certain level in my organization both of these tools will help me tremendously since I've completed them both in depth my next course was leading change throughout my professional career I've always been told to be a change agent and make sure that I'm fostering change and said in the example what I didn't know is how much there was to change management I was always told here is the change now go execute it and hold others accountable my change management plan was about the same online clothing company that I had visited and toured while I learned throughout the course is how much each level of an organization is affected by change and if every eye is not dotted and every T is not crossed then it can hurt the overall change needed for the organization essentially you have to know how much each change will affect every stakeholder I realize how important communication is and if one communication is not carried out effectively across the organization as a whole that it can affect buy-in throughout the organization and create resistance another thing I learned is how each generation accepts change let's say you had an IT change in your organization a millennial may be great with the change because they were born with an iPad in their lap and a smart phone to their ear with Millennials a newspaper is an iPad that doesn't work when it comes to the baby boomer generation they weren't born with all of the technology we have today so you really have to be patient and consider how a change will affect them and how each step of a change process will affect all stakeholders no matter what their age or what generation they're from my capstone course will be the final course I will be discussing like other courses this was a two-term course and I felt like the capstone included pieces of all of the other major applied courses enrolled them into one so essentially it was like a final exam for my capstone project I chose Brookshire crusher company and I interviewed the vice president of training and change management while I did work for Berkshire grocery company for several years I had no idea how much of a great experience this would be for me I really got to dig deep into the company and conduct a full strategic case analysis of the company and the grocery industry while I was there in the retail environment I only looked at things between the four walls I served in but once I was able to interview the leader and research the industry and the organization it really put things into perspective for me and helped me carve my recommendations for the organization the research was so in depth that I feel like I was hired as a professional consultant for the company which is the very cool feeling doing a case analysis like this will help me going forward because I will be able to reflect and use the tools

I learned and apply it to other companies in industries that I decided to serve him the best thing about this program was that not only was I able to gain academic knowledge I was able to identify who I was as a leader before the program how I grew as a leader during the program and who I am now as a leader because of this program the leader I am today is one that is self aware I'm a leader that likes to have fun but I also like to get the job done at the same time I'm one that firmly believes that if you care for people and they care for you and you listen to them everything else will fall into place I'm a leader that now knows that my personal beliefs are not universal and that I have to be open minded while discussing topics with others in the workplace this is something that I will truly work on and continue to be self-aware about another great thing about completing this program is applying everything asking myself where do I go from here where I go from here is up to me while that does sound cliche it is very very true the worst thing I can do is to walk away from this program and forget all the material that I learned and not apply it to my leadership journey my leadership journey will continue because of this program this program has recently helped me secure a better career with a fantastic company which is very exciting I was able to speak to certain topics in interviews and discussions with employees of my new company because I study them in depth in this program this program has helped me create a new path in my leadership journey in order to continue my leadership journey I wanted to continue being a student whether that is continuing my secondary education or being a student of the industry I am in and I have to remember that learning never stops I have to remember that education is something that is not handed to me but it is something that I have to go get as I conclude my presentation I would like to thank all of my professors and the support staff of this fantastic program at Texas A&M university-commerce it seemed like every time I had a question or I picked up the phone or email with a concern they were quick to respond and they had a servant's heart while doing so while I won't get to tell them personally how much they mean to me hopefully they know that every time someone graduates from this program they had a big hand in it thank you Swedish Institute of Massage Therapy.