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DIALOGO 1. Tamara tamara come 2. Hello friends what do you do? 3. What happened? (MARGOTH) 4. I am sad because today I had anexam and I didn`t study my parents are angry and I don`t know like explain them 5. Please I wait you at four o`clock (MARGOTH) 6. Ok I`ll be there after going to leave work in the house my friend 7. Hi tamy do you come (NANCY) 8. No I am going to cook the lunch for my brothers now and then I got to your house 9. Surprise 10. Wou it is wonderful thanks friends for all this I feel happy thanks you remaided my birthday 11. Happy birdbath tammy (MARGOT Y NANCY ) 12. It is a special far for me I am surprise because I don`t know that 13. My mother prepared the entrĂŠe



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