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History of nail color ď‚— In 6000 BC, Cleopatra dyied her nails by using flowers in order to get to Western Paradise.

ď‚— The Tang Dynasty dyed nails by garden balsam to show dignity.

Modern life ď‚— A research shows that over 87% women will use nail colors.

Sweetie Lollipop Series •For just ¥ 100~ ¥ 250 & with HIGH quality •Suitable for all ages •Special packing design •Unique color change function •Easy buy Easy pay ( online or multiple stores) •A variety of warm colors to choose

Packing design Cute & Colorful

Easy to carry

COLOR CHANGE • 1. light blue→ light orange→ light blue • 2. light green→ peach→ light green • 3. lavender→ light purple→ lavender • 4. pink→ light orange→ light yellow

Advertising strategy ‧TV Commercial ‧Magazine ‧Internet ‧Direct Mail Advertising(DM) ‧Trial product

Problem solving  Harmless to nails. Nail saver (5 ml for free by each product)

 Easy to remove  Smell like different flavors of lollipop according to the color

 10~15 minutes to dry  Nontoxic

Sweety Color  

Change your color, change your mood

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