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Piston Pins Manuf acturers in India by Tamima Ahmad

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Pist on Pins Manuf act urers in India by TAMIMA AHMAD


Article Posted: 04/13/2013 Article Views: 44


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Pist on Pins Manuf act urers in India

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Piston pins are used in internal combustion engines where they connect the piston to the connecting rod. The piston pin is

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and piston or crosshead.

The piston pin manufacturers, suppliers and exporters make sure that the pins are highly durable to withstand extremely high temperatures that are present in engines as they cannot be suitably lubricated owing to their position. Also they have to be small and light to fit into the piston diameter so that the weight is also maintained.

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Such design factors for lightness and compactness makes the diameter of the piston pin less but at the same time it should be capable of withstanding heavy shear and bending loads. The materials and methods used in making the piston pins calls for high sophistication. These small mechanical parts found in internal combustion engines are highly engineered to serve the purpose. Grindtech Piston Pins satisfy all technical specifications and are manufactured using high quality Alloy Steel (16MnCr5, 17Cr3, SCM415, SAE8620 etc.) of fine microstructure. Perfect dimensions are ensured by manufacturing the piston pins using sophisticated machinery. Client requirements of dimensions like roundness- within 2 microns, concentricity of maximum 0.3mm, surface fnish- 0.1Ra Max are adhered to diligently to ensure optimum quality. Further the pins are hardened and tempered keeping the hardness between 58HRC to 64HRC and case depth between 0.5mm to 1mm. Grindtech piston pins comply with Grindtech piston design and that of other piston pin suppliers and exporters.

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Grindtech Pistons are made using high quality aluminum alloys as per International standards and they feature minimum friction and non- expansion in the engines. The pistons have a diameter of 25mm to 250mm according to which the piston pins are designed. The high quality materials used include Aluminum LM- 13, graded cast Iron while the coatings are made by anodiz ing, graphite coating, tin coating and phosphating. Grindtech products including pistons and piston pins are used widely in engines that form the core of automobiles like cars, trucks, tractors, LCV’s and two and three wheelers. They are used in air brake compressors, industrial/diesel engines, generators, marine engines, air/gas compressors, refrigerators, forklifts and heavy earthmovers, brush cutters etc. All engine parts made by Grindtech are subjected to intensive tests to maintain accuracy in weight, dimensions and raw materials besides quality testing for efficiency and non- expansion at elevated temperatures.

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Cylinder Piston Ring

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Piston Pins Manufacturers in India  

Such design factors for lightness and compactness makes the diameter of the piston pin less but at the same time it should be capable of wit...