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Forms for Trademark Registration in India When a person starts a new business he has to make it stand out amongst other and similar offerings. His uniqueness can be showcased by a logo, name, signature or symbol called the “trademark.” T he trademark has to be registered by a legal process using a trademark registration form in India according to the Trade Marks Act, 1999. Fraudsters create similar but sub-standard products at less cost formaking huge profits. To prevent this and to guarantee the origin of the product, trademark registration is a must. T his benefits both the trader and the consumer. Trademarks can be names or surnames; a new word whichmay not be related to product or its quality; letters/numerals or combinations; symbols; monograms; colours and words; shape of product or 3-D signs. To apply for trademark registration forms are available according to the purpose. T he Schedules of the Trade Marks Rules, 2002 prescribes certain forms namely - T M-1, T M-2 T M-22, T M-37, T M-45, T M-51, T M-52, T M-53, T M-61, T M-64, T M-65, T M-66 and T M-68. T he First schedule also prescribes the different procedural forms and fees required for all trademark-related transactions. T he application form can be signed by the agent of the applicant also. Some of the procedural trademark registration forms in India are: For filing new applications – T he prescribed forms for this purpose according to the nature of application are T M-1, T M-2, T M-3, T M-8, T M-51 and so on. For filing a Notice of Opposition to oppose an application published in the Trade Marks Journal the

applicant needs From T M-5. T he trademarks registration has to be renewed after 10 years. For renewal of registered trademark, Form T M-12 is required. In case of surcharge for belated renewal, Form T M-10 is needed. In case a removed mark has to be restored, Form T M-13 is used. If there is a need to rectify a registered trademark, Form T M-26. Legal Certificate application is done with Form T M-46. For requesting official search for trademark, Form T M-54. To get preliminary advice from the Registrar to check about the registrability of a mark, Form T M-55. For copyright search request and issuance of certificate, Form T M-60. T he documents required for registration that an applicant has to submit includes proofs to show that the business is a proprietorship concern, partnership concern or company concern. In case the proposed mark is in use in another country, due evidence has to be provided. A standard size label of proposed trade mark is also submitted. Continue Reading this article for more details about Trademark Registration Form India. Did you find this story inte re sting? Be the first to like or comme nt. Say something...


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Forms for Trademark Registration in India