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Kick-ass B2B Tech Targeting B2B tech marketers need a range of tools in their toolkit. When it comes to targeting, the more you know about your prospects and the technology they rely on, the better. Marketers know that high-consideration technology purchases at medium and large enterprises often involve multiple stakeholders. Beyond having the correct contacts, knowing their technology environment is key. In the highly competitive world of technology marketing and sales, the ability to target prospects based on customer’s installed technology environment can give you a distinctive edge. Read on for tips towards being a kick-ass B2B tech marketer.

Define your goal and your buyer — know the pain points your content hits, and how you’re going to measure success.

Don't be a one shot wonder— design many touches and go multi-channel as budgets allow.

Align content to buyer—make sure your message and offer matters to the recipient and where they are in the buying cycle.

Roadblocks to Success



of marketers only segment by geography, industy, and title

Be polite—keep messages short and sweet and ALWAYS say thank you when they respond.

Keep score—rate and rank your responses prior to sending them to sales and be sure to measure your program success during and after the program.

How To Be a Kick-Ass B2B Marketer

Ensure properly aligned targeting and reduce program costs by as much as 3.6 X “Realizing the Value of Email Marketing” Relevancy Group, 2010

Message to enough contacts

Data Gaps

per company. The size and complexity of buying teams are

B2B Magazine Survey, 2012


don’t know how to effectively segment the data they have

simply need to better leverage the data they have

increasing: on average, 4-5 people are involved in



Untargeted program Targeted program

don’t have enough data on users to leverage effective segmentation

Simple Segmentation B2B Magazine Survey, 2012

Get their attention via relevant subject lines, creative use of outside envelopes, and eye-catching banner ads.

influencing the vendor short list and final purchase decision. “Buyer Experience Study” IDC, 2011

Design multi-touch campaigns that focus on

Message to target influencers equally,

each stage in the buyer’s

as no one influencer has more than

journey. The B2B tech

30% of the total power through the

buying cycle has increased

Lack the Knack

Make the Time

B2B Magazine Survey, 2012

purchase process.

more than 20% over the

“Buyer Experience Study” IDC, 2011

last three years.

The Association of Online Publishers

“Buyer Experience Study” IDC, 2011

A History of Tech Install Data


The biggest challenge for tech marketers is often obtaining key technology install data about prospects and ensuring its accuracy. Knowing the technology environment of a prospect can be a key competitive advantage, but good information is hard to find.

Call centers

Data modeling

Big data

Historically, this data was aggregated by

Many companies built modeled data

TechProspex employs today’s sophisticated

large call centers with hundreds of callers that surveyed companies to obtain their installed technology

that attempted to predict the technologies a company uses based on other “like companies”. Modeled data

big data technology to curate and map companies and the various technologies they use from hundreds of millions of published

information. However, this methodology

met resistance from the marketplace due

documents. Phone surveys are completed

quickly became cost prohibitive.

to questionable accuracy.

to statistically validate accuracy of these mappings, the outcome of which results in 90%+ accuracy.

Your best decision makers at companies with installed-tech criteria.

Target your list by job function, industry, SIC code, company size, location, and technology-install data.

Choose from:

1200+ 800+ selectable technologies

85+ 75+ in


ex: IBM SPSS, Oracle suite, PeopleSoft,

ex: Analytics & Monitoring, Asset

Symantec, NetApp, VMware, Microsoft

Management, Communication

Access, Hyperion, IBM, Kronos, Omniture,

Technologies, CRM, Data Archiving, Data

Solaris, AutoCAD, and more.

Management & Storage, and many more.

Mapped to verified contacts from NetProspex Records include: Name, title, direct phone, email address, URL, address, industry / SIC code, revenue range and social media profiles.

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Check out this infographic for cool tips towards being a kick-ass B2B tech marketer.