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Are you on-point?

! ! “No ! one influencer has more than 30% of the total ! buying power through the technology purchase

process.” –Forrester Read on for 5 ways to ensure you are targeting your programs across all of the appropriate influencers. ! !

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Ready… aim… We all know that technology purchases, especially at medium and large enterprises, often involve several stakeholders. Yet, often marketers will target one or two particular titles; for example, the CIO or line of business (LOB) professional, as the focus of their efforts to generate demand. A recent Forrester blog post indicated that no one influencer has more that 30% of the total power through the technology purchase process1, shedding light that this strategy may not be enough. What this research indicates is that, as a marketer, you must ensure that you are targeting your marketing programs across all of the appropriate influencers and that you don’t focus entirely on engaging just one or two influencers. But this means having the right data and – to avoid random email blasts - employing some precision marketing to ensure that your message is targeted at the right organizations. Marketers know that proper targeting can increase email marketing results 25% or more and help to reduce program costs, thus increasing ROI. In fact, studies have shown that untargeted programs increase costs by as much as 3.6 times the cost of targeted programs2. Below are five targeting strategies, relevant to technology marketers that will help to refine a targeted list to achieve optimal program results. Of course, you’ll want to fill your database with relevant contacts and ensure that you develop a multi-touch campaign with strong, relevant messaging for each audience. For persona-based marketing teams, this may mean that you are addressing buyers with different pain points, which will change your content strategy. !

Complimentary technology Does your technology rely on a certain hardware, operating system or technology to be present? If yes, build a list of companies that employ technology that your company’s solutions plug into. Perhaps you have a customer that’s used your products in a smart way alongside other technology. Use this as case study messaging for a campaign to companies with similar technology environments. 1 Is it Time for Customer Decision Management, Rob Brosnan, 2/27/2012 2 Relevancy Group, “Realizing the Value of Email Marketing” 2010!

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Competitive technology Ready to go right after the competition? Identify companies with installations of competitive products, especially older versions, to spread the word on your competitive advantage and displace your competition. !

Ready-to-upgrade Do you compete in a marketplace where competitive technologies are older or perhaps no longer being sold or supported? Identify buyers at companies with outdated technology in need of an upgrade and be sure to message your key differentiators, implementation support, and customer service.

Micro-targeting Get down to the nitty-gritty through advance querying across multiple technologies to identify the exact technology environment you wish to target. Combine categories of technology in your search and get extremely specific in your massaging as to why your technology provides benefits in this specific technology environment.

Category marketing Rather than targeting at a technology installation, query by similar technology categories to identify willingness to adopt a like technology, such as companies who adopt cloud-based solutions. This can be very helpful in identifying companies that have overcome resistance to moving into your technology category. You’ll want your messaging to highlight how your product has similarities (such as security, etc.) to other technologies they’ve adopted.

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Looking for data?


! With more than 800 selectable technologies, across 75 categories, mapped to the millions of companies and verified contacts in the NetProspex database, you can build highly targeted list that identify your best targets with unprecedented precision. TechProspex includes additional selectors, such industry, company size in revenue or employees, title, geographic locations, and more to allow you to refine your list to your specific needs.!

If you have custom needs, NetProspex custom solutions include: » » » » »

Timely technology updates, changes and triggers Targeting of technology down to model Identification of outliers, early adopters, emerging technologies and new releases Curation of technology information not currently in our data set List of companies using specific technology without contact information


! Click here to get started. About NetProspex Founded in 2006, NetProspex drives customer acquisition by partnering with B2B marketers to deliver targeted prospect lists, comprehensive data cleansing, and profiling analytics that help to uncover data insights and optimize lead generation results. Thousands of B2B organizations rely on NetProspex to acquire and maintain clean, accurate contact information to fuel high-performing marketing campaigns. Winner of two CODiE Awards from the SIIA, Best Lead Generation Solution and Best Solution

Integrating Content into Workflow, NetProspex maintains a deep database of millions of crowdsourced business contacts verified by CleneStep™ technology. The company was also voted a Best Place to Work in Boston by the Boston Business Journals. For more information, please visit

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5 Targeting Strategies for B2B Tech Marketers  

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