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26 JUNE 2018, WEEK 26


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Rapunzel, Rapunzel,


COMMITTED: Jeppe High School for Girls Headmistress Dina Goncalves by the school’s ‘Rapunzel Balcony’. By Heather Djunga Jeppe High School for Girls Headmistress Dina Goncalves waved to learners from the balcony of her office on the school’s premises – the same office which has housed Jeppe’s elite leaders since it opened its doors 99 years ago, shortly after the birth of the man who God would use to lead the nation to freedom. Nelson Mandela, late former South African president, would have been 100 years this year on 18 July, and the school will be celebrating its 100th year shortly after the Mandela centenary celebrations. On the school grounds just outside of the school building, from which Goncalves was waving to the learners, were over 2 000 scarves, crocheted by Jeppe High School learners, parents and staff and put on display for a formal handing over to the team from the 67 Blankets for Nelson Mandela Day initiative. The scarves were arranged in bails, or as Goncalves called

“To date, the staff, learners and parents from Jeppe High School for Girls have knitted an excess of 2 000 scarves towards the 67 Blankets for Nelson Mandela Day World Record attempt at creating a scarf of 27km!” them, ‘Chelsea buns’, to form the words ‘Jeppe 100’. Mr Kevin Tait, Trust Manager for the school’s Ruth First Memorial Trust, explained to tame TIMES that they called the balcony Goncalves was waving from ‘The Rapunzel Balcony’. In this context, it would seem more appropriate for Goncalves to let down her ‘scarf’ than her hair… since the scarves made by the school are collectively 4.5km in length! Jeppe High School former learner Carolyn Steyn, founder of the 67 Blankets for Nelson Mandela Day initiative, explained the 4.5km of scarf would go towards a World Record attempt of a 27km scarf, the longest scarf ever created.

She said the scarf would be assembled from Mandela’s capture sight during his birthday month. Goncalves and Tait explained that the Jeppe team strived to represent the same ideals Madiba embodied - aiming to promote equality, freedom and unity. It is not just their blazer which is ‘black and white’ but they carry these Rainbow Nation colours, the black and white, in

their hearts. Steyn arrived in the same black and white blazer she had worn as a learner, explaining this was a proud Jeppe moment and that Jeppe had ‘saved the day’ in helping them towards their World Record goal! A sign placed alongside the scarf display summed up the school’s victory well: ‘#WeDidIt!’

RECORD-BREAKING SCARF ATTEMPT: Carolyn Steyn, founder of the 67 Blankets for Nelson Mandela Day initiative, with Jeppe High School for Girls learners.



Your bin is a tool for crime

26 JUNE 2018

EDENVALE POLICE WARN PUBLIC TO SAFEGUARD USE OF RUBBISH BINS Edenvale Police have advised the public to only put their bins out on Collection Day and to make sure that the bin is back behind doors and out of sight that same day. They advise asking your neighbours to help if your routine makes this difficult. I don’t think I will easily forget the look of wonder in my son’s eyes when, watching a soccer match, I explained to him that he could choose which team he would support. As a team supporter, he could dress up in supporters’ clothes, paint his face in team colours, even act a little silly... all in the name of good sportsmanship. This team – ‘his team’ – would determine his entire perspective of the game. He asked questions about the different sides. Who usually won? Who ran the fastest? Who were the ones in red? All good questions for a five-year-old. If this was going to be his team, he wasn’t about to choose a bunch of losers. I read that people’s zeal to stand by a specific sports team has its origins in tribal warfare and conquest (or something to that effect). ‘This is my team’ translates to ‘this is my tribe’… which essentially means: ‘We conquer together’. I once went to a Cheetahs supporters’ party hosted by my brother and my sister-in-law (for my nephew’s 1st birthday). The pinyata was a Blue Bulls mascot and all the kids stood in a queue, each one having a turn to hit hard at it with a Cheetahs-branded club. This was all done with good humour but it was another example of how seriously sports supporters take their teams. Imagine if we took membership to every group (social, special interest, corporate) we belonged to as seriously. If you become more and more like the five people you choose to hang out with – as the stats say – whose values, ethics and vision are you adopting? The wonder in my son’s eyes when I told him he had a choice who to support reminded me of the precious and often overlooked gift of choice. God has given us the grace to choose. We get to choose who we will run with. You’ve heard it said that if you want to fly with the eagles, don’t surround yourself with chickens. Today – who is your tribe?

In the wrong hands, the bins can be used as a ladder to climb over the wall, a hiding place from which to ambush a person, or a means to transport stolen goods. They also attract vagrants to your house and indicate to people that you might be away.

Help to keep TAKE NOTE Little Eden warm

We found the following exciting events for you to attend in the Bedfordview/ Edenvale areas. Do you have an event you want readers to visit? SEND DETAILS THROUGH TO HEATHER.DJUNGA@TAMETIMES.CO.ZA

MARKET DAY FOR THE COMMUNITY Attend the monthly Fresh2UFarmers Market for a day of shopping and socialising in the great outdoors. Where: Franz Hoenig Haus premises, Modderfontein When: 30 June, from 9am to 2pm Details:

The staff and team from Little Eden have asked the community to open their hearts and help keep residents warm this winter through the donation of blankets, jerseys, scarves and other winter woollies. In addition, many of the residents are ‘chesty’ at this time of the year, meaning medication is essential. For this reason potential donors and sponsors are asked to assist in providing finances and medication towards this worthy cause. Details: 011 609 7246.

New car guard initiative to launch By Heather Djunga The Bedfordview Community Policing Forum (BCPF) will implement a new car guard initiative from 1 July, in which special numbered red vests will be given to guards who have been screened and identified as reliable and upstanding in the community. BCPF chairperson Gavin Henry explained that the idea had come about after the BCPF, in collaboration with local policing authorities, had identified a need to check and legitimise parking attendants. “There are too many cases of theft out of vehicles where they are present,” said Henry. “We have also had incidents reported to us where certain car guards have gotten drunk and assaulted each other.” He said the process of ‘legitimising’ the guards would first involve all of them being checked by the SAPS. “The ones with clean records will be issued a numbered red vest, with an ID card and picture. They will also sign a code of conduct agreement. We encourage the community to only support these attendants. Support remains purely voluntary. We are hoping that the vests will result in the guards taking pride in their status and helping those who need to, to clean up their act.” He said the programme would be implemented with guidance from Knysna CPF.

HOLIDAY FUN FOR THE KIDS The Edenvale Library will entertain children during the holidays with an exciting holiday programme. Where: Edenvale Library, van Riebeeck Ave, Edenvale (in the group activity room) When: 4 July (kids can make their own winter mittens), from 10am to 11.30am. Children must bring scissors and a clear Bostik glue. 6 July (screening of the movie Ferdinand). Details: Edenvale Library, 011 999 0368. CONSUMER ACTIVISTS MEET Join the monthly meeting of the Household Consumers’ League for tea, a guestspeaker presentation and networking opportunities. Where: James Sadie Library Auditorium, Hawley Road, Bedfordview When: On the second Wednesday of a month, from 9.30am Details: SHARPEN YOUR PUBLIC SPEAKING SKILLS The Village Toastmasters of Elma Park offer an excellent opportunity to socialise and learn the invaluable skill of public speaking. Where: Trinity Presbyterian Church,

Remember to send through your event details to

corner of St David and Koster roads, Elma Park When: On the third Tuesday of a month, from 7.30pm Details: 082 663 3528 GET FIT OUTDOORS The Modderfontein Conservation Society holds regular walks. Where: In the Modderfontein Reserve. When: Every Tuesday, from 8.30am – Walk in the Reserve (Contact Janet Brodrick, 072 679 6261) and every first Friday or Saturday – Bird Walk (contact Pat on 082 465 3683 or 083 326 6838) EDEN RADIO Catch up with local event and diary news on Eden Radio (Eden AM 1368). Listen to a live community news update from editor Heather Djunga, with Eden Radio’s Cheryl Lessing, at 9.30am on Wednesday mornings.

26 JUNE 2018



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1007 POOLS ACE POOLS EST 1998 Pump, Filters, Timers, Valves, etc. Clint 082 970 2220

26 JUNE , 2018

A stellar performance

Holy Rosary equestrian teams reach new heights

Stella Renwick, a Grade 6 learner from Assumption Convent Stella Renwick School, recently was awarded competed in the Central Gauteng Central Gauteng Acrobatics and placed colours! 3rd. As a result she was awarded Central Gauteng colours! She then went to inter-provincials and came 3rd again, thus qualifying for the South African Nationals. She also competed in the Nationals and made the Top 15.

We want to hear from you Do you want to share a learner’s success story with us. Send details to

Tennis achievers awarded

Holy Rosary High School recently awarded its end-of-season tennis trophies. TENNIS ACHIEVERS: Back: Olwethu Miya (Trophy for the Most Dedicated Junior), Alexia Lombardi (Trophy for the Most Improved Junior), and Simone dos Santos (Trophy for the Most Improved Senior). Front: Tyrah Cook (Best Junior Player Trophy), Jamie McKenzie (Player of the Season Trophy), Angelica Ciccone (Trophy for the Most Dedicated Senior), and Evagelia Nichas (Best Senior Player Trophy).

PHIOTOGRAPHED: The HRS Equestrian Team: Back: Tana Leigh Scott, Jade Phillips, Kate Metzer and Zandri du Toit. Front: Shelby Dos Santos and Grace Webber. Holy Rosary School’s High and Primary School equestrian teams recently rode at the 4th and Final Sanesa Interschools Qualifier held at Eaton Farms in Sun Valley. The teams for the Gauteng Finals will be announced at the end of June. The Primary School results were as follows: Grace Webber (Equitation: 9th, Working Hunter: 3rd, Show Jumping: 8th and 16th), and Shelby Dos Santos (Equitation: 5th, Working Hunter: 6th Show Jumping: 5th and 6th). The High School results were as follows: Tana Leigh Scott (Equitation: 1st, Show Jumping: 7th & 5th), Kate Metzer (Equitation: 5th, Show Jumping: 27th & 25th, Dressage: 14th & 13th, Prix Caprilli: 6th & 6th), Jade Phillips (Equitation: 7th, Show Jumping: 10th, Dressage: 2nd & 5th), and Zandri Du Toit (Show Jumping: 20th).

Police stand alongside community in crime prevention walk Members of the Edenvale Police and Edenvale Police Youth Desk stood side-by-side with residents at Saturday’s Walk Against Crime and Colour Run, held from the Edenvale Sports Grounds. The event was held to coincide with nationwide Youth Day celebrations. COMMITTED: Police officers and the Youth Desk team joined in the Youth Day celebrations, including the Colour Run and the Walk Against Crime event.

Tame Times Bedfordview & Edenvale Flipbook - 26.06.2018  
Tame Times Bedfordview & Edenvale Flipbook - 26.06.2018