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Global whisky honours township lounge Charity Moyo

Famous and successful Ekurhuleni business man leasing a White House Lounge in Spruitview, Bafana Nkosi was recently selected as one of seven businessmen who were memorialised by iconic global whisky brand Glenmorangie. Nkosi is among the seven bar owners in the Gauteng area that embodied the ‘unnecessarily well made’ spirit were selected for this prestigious honour. The nominees were presented with a bespoke portrait shot at the prestigious Rand Club, by renowned photographer Tim Hulme. Nkosi, who is also a qualified medical practitioner, is committed to always improving the experience and lives of the community. He said they cater for middle and up class people, bringing style

to the township. “It is not about drinking alcohol but it is a place where people network and we also host private occasions. It is an honour that our lounge was identified with other bars around Gauteng province by Glenmorangie. There are few brands decorations around the township and this is a challenge to other brands to do the same. We are going to maintain the standard by bringing people from other areas to our lounge,” said Nkosi. Sean Olivier, Glenmorangie Marketing Manager said, “These one of a kind portraits are acknowledgement that the bar owners have elevated their businesses above the competition, and a celebration of their respected standing in the community. We have been offered the opportunity to work with outstanding en-

trepreneurs on this project that embodies the spirit of Glenmorangie.” The Village Café, also popularly known as the White House Lounge in Spruitview was established by Bafana Nkosi who, like most young men, aspired to be a top businessman in his community. The White House Lounge was recently revamped, transforming into the premier night spot in Ekurhuleni. It is a spot which brings friends together to enjoy good company, share business stories and enjoy the smooth taste of Glenmorangie single malt whisky. Bafana Nkosi, honoured with a portrait by Glenmorangie single malt scotch whisky at his White House lounge.*Photo taken by Happy Khumalo.

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29 May 2014

tame TIMES

th Inauguration of the 5 Children’s charter to be observed by all democratic president of South Africa As the nation celebrates the Child Protection week from 1 -8 June, child abuse is still a major challenge facing the country. The following are some of children’s rights that should be acknowledged:

Section 28 of the Bill of Rights, entitled “Children”, says: 1. Every child has the right to a. a name and a nationality from birth; b. family care or parental care, or to appropriate alternative care when removed from the family environment; c. basic nutrition, shelter, basic health care services and social services; d. be protected from maltreatment, neglect, abuse or degradation; e. be protected from exploitative labour practices f. not be required or permitted to perform work or provide services that i.are inappropriate for a person of that child’s age; or ii. place at risk the child’s well-being, education, physical or mental health or spiritual, moral or social development; g. not be detained except as a measure of last resort, in which case, in addition to the rights a child enjoys under sections 12 and 35, the child may be detained only for the shortest appropriate period of time, and has the right to be i. kept separately from detained persons over the age of 18 years; and ii. is treated in a manner, and kept in conditions, that take account of the child’s age; h. have a legal practitioner assigned to the child by the state, and at state expense, in civil proceedings affecting the child, if substantial injustice would otherwise result; and i. not be used directly in armed conflict, and to be protected in times of armed conflict. 2. A child’s best interests are of paramount importance in every matter concerning the child. 3. In this section ‘child’ means a person under the age of 18 years.

Moses Gama, Director of Tsohang Youth Project based in Katlehong with Mzwandile Masina originally from Nhlapho section in Katlehong, who was appointed by President Jacob Zuma as the Deputy Minister of Trade and Industry and Sifiso Ncwane ( Gospel Singer). They were among people who attended the inauguration of Jacob Zuma as the fifth president of the Republic of South Africa at Union Building in Pretoria.

This was a busy fortnight with many activities happening around the country. The nation witnessed the inauguration of his excellence President Jacob Zuma for the second Charity Moyo term in office as the president of the country. He also elected his cabinet ministers of which some were welcomed and others criticised by many, but what matters is that are they going to deliver the required services to country. tame TIMES would like to congratulate Mzwandile Masina, former African National Congress Youth League President, originally from Nhlapho section in Katlehong of being appointed as the Deputy Minister of Trade and Industry. Let’s hope he won’t forget where he comes from and the people who made him to what he is today. As the nation celebrates the child protection week from 1-8 June we are praying for the children who are abducted in Nigeria to be released. We have also published some of the children’s rights and the tips on how the parents can take care of their children. In our sports section, there is Chris Jese who is appealing for funds to help him in participating in the comrade’s marathon. For more entertaining news stories continue reading your favourite newspaper every fortnight. Cheers for now.

Fashion exchange event a success Senior citizens shown compassion Lebo Mosolodi The Chris Hani Crossing Mall hosted a Fashion Exchange event recently in their bid to assert that they are a one stop centre for latest fashion trends in Kathorus. Speaking to tame TIMES, the mall marketing manager, Lebo Matlala said, “Shoppers had

the opportunity to exchange clothes amongst themselves. It was for the first time we hosted such a great event in our mall. We had more than 100 entries but only allowed 65 participants. There were several shops in the mall which took part in the event,” The event managed to help in promoting mall’s lifestyle trading hours, products and services.

Charity Moyo In an attempt to show love and support for the elderly people, Vosloorus Youth Crime Prevention Desk hosted a belated Mother’s Day celebration for the elderly at Vosloorus Old Age Home. Senior citizens enjoyed a slice of cake, fruits, sweets and snacks. They were also given gifts such as winter gloves and woollen hats. Nancy Nkwane Motaung (98), said, “The party was very exciting and it shows that they are people who care about us. It was very nice meeting people and they should continue visiting us. We are mothers and fathers and they should not dump us, as they

will also grow old like us.” George Ramashala, Centre Manager for Vosloorus Old Age Home, said “We are happy that the community is participating in the welfare of the elderly people. We have some elderly people who are dumped by their families at the centre. The party shows that there are people who care about them.” He added that they need the community to help them top raise funds to install pavement at the centre. Xoliswa Nene, chairperson of Vosloorus Youth Crime Prevention Desk, said “The occasion was part of celebrating the Mother’s Day with elderly people. We wanted to show them love and remind them that they are being appreciated by us.”

The elderly, the members of Vosloorus Youth Crime Prevention Desk and Community Policing Forum are celebrating the Mother’s Day.

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Learners urged to pursue Radio duet continue to shine engineering careers Lebo Mosolodi

Charity Moyo Maths Centre in partnership with Joy Global, EOH and Department of Education hosted a Maps and Mirrors 2014 at Fumana High School recently. The event was a career exhibition targeting grade 8 to 11 doing Maths , Science and Technology from 14 schools around Kathorus namely; Katlehong Technical High School , Fumana High School , Landulwazi Secondary School , Vosloorus Comprehensive School, Buhlebuzile Secondary School, Ekurhuleni School for the Deaf, Kwa Dukathole Secondary School, Lethukuthula Secondary School, Mpilisweni Secondary School, Mpontsheng Secondary School , Ponego Secondary School , ThokoThaba Secondary School, Thuto-Pele Secondary School and Ezibeleni School of

A representative from Joy Global is demonstrating to the learners on the vehicles used in the engineering sector.

the disabled. Experts in the field of engineering, Science, Mathematics and former top matric students in Kathorus were the main speakers on the event. The aim was to encourage learners to consider careers in engineering and artisans. The grade 8 and 9 learners were motivated to choose Mathematics, Science and Technology subjects in order to pursue careers in engineering. They were urged to close the gap of lack of engineering in the country and reflection of career opportunities in the industry. There were also technical exhibitions from the event sponsors showcasing their field of work. The approximate number of 600 learners attended the career exhibition and they were given goodie bags with information regarding the learner ship and bursaries that are available in the engineering sector.

Kasie FM duet Milo Morewane (29) and Mamphore Mohoje (25) are the brains behind the success of the Browsing Around Show aired by Kasie FM between 9am-12 pm weekdays. According to the show producer Morewane, the show tackles issues related to lifestyle, community development, relationships and gospel music. “We also discuss health issues and experts are invited as guest speakers. We play 60 percent or more African music on our show. My major role is to do Kasie FM radio duet dazzles the airwaves. research for the show.” Mohoje a show presenter cited that other on air,” said Mohoje. the success of the show is attributed to their The couple’s goal is to make sure that their good working relationship. However, she said show leaves a benchmark which would be there are occasions where they disagree on emulated by future generations. Morewane the show content but they compromised for said he enjoys working together because of the success of it. “We believe that opposites their awesome partnership. They urged the attract, which makes it easy to work together. youth to work hard in improving their academOur different characters complement each ic qualifications.

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29 May 2014

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Record breaking criminals sentenced Charity Moyo

Justice has final taken its course after two house breaking criminals operating around Vosloorus; Thato Mashabani (24) and Thabiso Mokabo (25) have been intensely sentenced to imprisonment by Vosloorus Court recently. Mashabeni was sentenced to 33 years imprisonment for housebreaking with intention to cause bodily harm, robbery with aggravated circumstance and robbery with intention to cause bodily harm. His accomplice, Mokabo was sentenced to 54 years imprisonment for housebreaking with intention to cause bodily harm, robbery with Sergeant Lesiba Kekana, Vosloorus Detective Unit aggravated circumstance and is proud that his investigation bared positive fruits. robbery with intention to cause *Photo: by Happy Khumalo. bodily harm, pointing with a away. The community who witnessed the firearm and possession of ammunition. He scene stopped a Katlehong police vehicle was also found with previous convictions of which was passing by. They informed the robbery, house breaking and theft. police who made a chase and arrested the Sergeant Lesiba Kekana, Vosloorus two suspects. The police seized the firearm Detective Unit, said according to the victim from the suspect. Pearl Gumede (20), it was around 9:00 am The suspects appeared at Vosloorus court on when she was sleeping alone in the house at 12 September and the case was postponed Suthu section in Vosloorus on 11 September for official bail application. They appeared 2013. She heard some noise and decided to for the second time on 20 September and wake up and check. She was approached the bail was denied. Suspects remained in by two unknown males who demanded the custody till the trail on 22 April 2014 and were money and keys of the safe. The victim found guilty. The trail; was postponed to 12 screamed for help and the neighbours heard May for sentencing. and they called the metro police who were “Hope the message is sent to the community nearby. that crime like this will not be tolerated by The metro police arrived and they were over the court. House breaking and robbery is a powered by the suspect. The suspect took serious offence,” said Sergeant Kekana. the police firearm, boarded a taxi and ran

Brutal goat slaughtering left Lebo Mosolodi owner perplex

Elliot Maseko (74) an aspiring vegetable and stock farmer from Palm Ridge woke up to the shock of his life when 10 of his goats were found scattered on the farm, brutally slaughtered by thugs. The savage deed was the third incident to take place in Maseko’s makeshift farm situated not far away from his house in Palm Ridge. “The first incident of a similar kind happened on the same farm on 7 May 2009. When we woke up in that fateful morning we found 12 goats brutally killed by thugs. As if that was enough, in the same month again 6 goats were viciously killed. This time 10 of my goats were recently killed. In total, I have lost 28 goats to brutal killings,” said Maseko. He believes that these annoying incidents are not an act of poverty or unemployment but jealousy. Maseko said it would have been better if they had stolen the goats instead of Elliot Maseko is slicing one of the goats recently killed by thieves. brutally killing them. community to help to identify the culprits Palm Ridge Community Executive Member, Jonas Masalesa cited that the involved. The case was officially opened at community is disturbed by the brutal Eden Park Police station and the police are slaughtering of the 10 goats. He urged the still investigating.

29 May 2014

Arrests: Help find missing persons Vosloorus Arrests: Annelize Gilbert, a 27 years-old female went missing on the 11th May, 2014. She is 1, 6 metres tall, weighs 55-60 kg, with brown eyes, light brown hair ( to chin ) and is slender. She was last seen Annelize Gilbert is wearing denim missing. jeans with white dots and a blouse or shirt. It is believed that she lives at 7 Guava Street in Alrapark and left her home to visit her mother at 50 Gazelle Drive in Alrapark. She also left her mother’s place and did not arrive back at her home. Anyone with information regarding her whereabouts should contact Nigel Police Station, Sergeant Koekemoer at 011 814 6517 \076 203 0524 or report to the nearest police station. Lethokuhle Mazibuko, a 30 year-old black female went missing on 4 May. She has a medium body with dark brown eyes, short black hair and average height. It is alleged that she Lethokuhle Mazibuko was last seen on is missing. 4 May when she was going with her mother and two aunts to KwaZulu-Natal (KZN). She went missing at Doornfontein Shoprite. She was wearing a white dress with red and black flowers, grey jacket, and brown shoes and carrying a green bag. Mazibuko is mentally handicapped. Anyone with information regarding Mazibuko’s whereabouts should contact Honeydew Police Station at 082 815 3990\ 011 801 8601 \ 072 214 7439.

Vosloorus crime in Brief A 42 –year-old man was shot with seven bullets and killed two days before his birthday next to Engen garage at Mc Botha Street in Vosloorus recently. It is alleged that the victim was getting inside his car when an unknown person shot him seven times through the window of the car and he died instantly.

Vosloorus weekly crime successes The following crime arrests were made by Vosloorus Police Station from 20- 26 May: Shoplifting:...................................... 3 Possession of dagga:.................... 19 Malicious damage to property and Assault common:.................... 4 Common assault:........................... 1 Theft:................................................ 3 Malicious damage to property:..... 3 Assault with intentions to cause grievous bodily harm:......... 6 Failing to display liquor license:... 8 Possession of drugs:..................... 3 Fraud:.............................................. 1 Contempt of court:......................... 1 Assault on police:........................... 1 Drunk in public:.............................. 32 Walking on foot on the freeway:.................................... 9 SAPS CRIME STOP : 08600 10111 SAPS EMERGENCY LINE : 10111 SAPS Vosloorus : 011 724 1004/5  CSC Commander : 0762052043 Vosloorus Sector Vehicls: Sector 1 : 0716756916 or 0716756917 Sector 2 : 0716756918 or 0716756919 Sector 3 : 0716756920 or 0716756921 Sector 4 : 0716756922 or 0716756925 Sector 5 : 0716756923 or 0716756924

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29 May - 11 June 2014

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29 May 2014

29 May 2014

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Queen of bling

Happy Khumalo

Fighting human trafficking through acting Lebo Mosolodi

Maboni Methula is passionate about transforming old cars and giving them a new and appealing look, which leaves most conservative cars fanatics puzzled. This talented lady has demystified the stigma that the pimping cars trade is only reserved for men. That earned her respect and envy by township folks when she cruises along the township roads with her stylish old Honda Ballade. What is your car? White Honda Ballade 1997 model Tell us why you love your car? It is comfortable and effecient on fuel consumption. I spend about R800 a month, I only drive around the township What special features does your car have? 17inch mag sound system I haven’t upgraded my engine it is still standard. How long have you been owning your car?

I had the car for 4 years now, I haven’t experienced any huge problems in all these years and it is a very reliable car Would you allow anyone to drive your car? No. What is your dream car? I like the new S3 sport, love the interior and the sound of the powerful engine Have you travelled any long distance with your car? I been to Kwa-Zulu Natal and I didn’t experience any problems with the car Do you have any traffic fines? Yes I do , most of them are for driving without putting a seat belt. Any driving tips you would like to give to fellow motorists? People must drive careful ,refrain from drinking and driving. They should be on the lookout of other vehicles on the road.


GERMISTON DORPSBEPLANNING SKEMA No 2, 1999 STIGING VAN ‘N KROEG Ingevolge die Germistonse Dorpsbeplanning Skema No 2,1999 word hiermee bekend gemaak dat ek/ons, die ondergetekende van voornemens is om by Ekurhuleni Metropolitaanse Municipaliteit (Germiston) aansoek te doen om toestemming tot die daarstelling van ‘n KROEG (Tlokasi Pub & Grill) geleë , 89 Khumalo Valley Mbambela Crest, Katlehong Besonderehede van hierdie aansoek kan gedurende

gewone werksure by ondervermelde adres geinspekteer word. Enige iemand wat beswaar wil aanteken teen goedkeuring van hierdie aansoek moet skriftelik aan die Hoof van die Departement: Stad Beplaaning, Posbus145, Germiston, 1400 en die aansoeker sodanige beswaar tesame met die redes daarvoor, op sy laaste op 25 Junie 2014 skriftelik aan die ondergetekend voorlê Naam van Applikant: Selina Malitla Sebiloane Adres van Applikant: 89 Khumalo Valley Mbambela Crest, Katlehong

GERMISTON TOWN PLANNING SCHEME NO 2, 1999 ESTABLISHMENT OF TAVERN In Terms of the Germiston Town Planning Scheme No 2, 1999. Notice is hereby given that I/we, the undersigned, intend to apply to Ekurhuleni Metropolitan Municipality (Germiston) for permission to establish A Tavern Tlokasi Pub & Grill Situated at 89 Khumalo Valley Mbambela Crest, Katlehong Particulars of this application may be inspected during normal office hours at the undermentioned address.

Any person wishing to object to the approval of this application must lodge such objection, together with grounds thereof, in writing to the Head of Department: City Planning, P O Box 145, Germiston, 1400 and the applicant not later than 25-June-14 Name of Applicant: Selina Malitla Sebiloane Address: 89 Khumalo Valley Mbambela Crest, Katlehong

Acting is not just glamour or acquiring social status for Zandile Mxhonyiwe, but it is a passion and a means of creating awareness of human trafficking. Speaking to tame TIMES while shooting her latest film Hotel Desperation, she said the film is about exposing child trafficking which is rife in the continent. “In this film I am playing a character called Pontsho who was unsuspectingly lured into prostitution through internet. The theme is to remind people to double check when seeking employment opportunities on social networking sites. They might not know whether the site is a prostitution scheme or genuine work opportunity,” said Mxhonyiwe. The movie is being shot in various parts of Ekurhuleni, Free State and Durban. It is an inspirational and educational movie for ladies and reminds them on how they should behave. Some of

the projects that Mxhonyiwe featured in includes, Spoilt breed and Condemned films both broadcasted on Etv channel. She started taking acting classes at the age of four and gained enormous experience over the past years. “My goal is to feature in the big movies alongside the reputable actors including Jennifer Hudson and Denzel Washington. I want to grow bigger in my chosen line of work and be a role model that other youngsters could strive to emulate. Acting is the only profession that I would not mind to do it for free because it is something I am proud to do,” concluded Mxhonyiwe.

The sky is the limit for new acting sensation, Zandile Mxhonyiwe. *Photo by Happy Khumalo.

Deliverance from demons of unemployment and poverty by the spirit of co-operatives The population growth and ongoing strikes that potentially lead to retrenchments could add on the number of the unemployment stats. The real question we should be asking ourselves is; what are the prospects of finding decent employment in South Africa, given the inability of the economy to create new jobs? What is the basis of believing that the economy will turn the corner soon, change the downward spiral and stop shedding of jobs? People have a duty to continuously seek creative means to enhance their prospects of mainstream economic participation and Co-operative enterprising comes to mind. In the South African context, the co-operatives are a legal form of business, governed by the

Co-operatives Act, No. 14 of 2005. The Act provides for the formation and registration of co-operatives. Furthermore; it recognises the co-operative values of self-help, selfreliance, self-responsibility, democracy, and equality and social responsibility. Increased co-operative movements can play a major role in the economic and social development of the Republic of South Africa, in particular by creating employment, generating income, facilitating broad-based black economic empowerment and eradicating poverty; A follow up editorial will look deeper into the characteristics of the co-operatives; the principles of the co-operatives, the benefits of conducting businesses a co-operative way, how to go about establishing a co-operative and where to find assistance. More is coming, just keep watching this space...make sure that every time you have a copy of your companion, the tame TIMES. The column is contributed Bheki Phakathi from Nkwali Business Solution based in Spruitview. The company provides nongeneric based solutions in the development of co-operatives, a catalyst to job creation in South Africa .It actively participates in the development of sustainable SocioEconomic Programmes and services for start up Bheki Phakathi on a co-operatives mission to empower the and those in establishment of co-operoperation. atives. tives.

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29 May 2014

Send all your sporting news to

Ekurhuleni Kiddies Games 2014 Amy-Mae Campbell

Over 1000 children from crèches throughout part in the 2014 Games, and 35 of these crèches made Ekurhuleni recently participated in the 2014 it through to the Metro finals on 16 May. The children, Ekurhuleni Kiddies Regional Games held in Reiger who are all between 5 and 6-years-old, took part on three Park at Boksburg. The Kiddies Games is an annual different levels: area games, regional games and metro event, which forms part of the Ekurhuleni Department games. A few of the sport activities completed in the of Sport and Recreation’s Early Childhood Games include: cycling, ball dribbling, ball kicking, ball Development Programme, with the overall aim of hopping, among other ball activities, as well as balancing encouraging youngsters to participate in sport, and and ring throwing. All the creches that participate in the Metro finals received to keep them healthy. “This is a very important programme for us as a medals and certificates of participation. The top scoring Department, because the Early Childhood Development children won equipment prizes, to enable them to carry Programme teaches them [the children] co-ordination. on participating in sport at home. They are not playing for championships at this particular moment; they are just recreating. We expect that as time goes on, some are going to be influenced by this and go to sport, others will play sport, others will be coaches, and others will be trainers. From this programme we may identify talent,” said Cllr Zeni Tshongweni, Ekurhuleni MMC for Sport, Recreation, Arts and Culture. According to the Ekurhuleni Director of Sport and Recreation, Atwell Sijadu, the initiative also aims to encourage mass participation in sport from a young age. Since the programme started in 2003, it has grown significantly: over 400 preschools from different regions in Ekurhuleni took A few of the children who participated in the Games.

Help athlete realise his Lebo Mosolodi dream

Chris Jase (40) has been preparing for the 2014 Comrades Marathon for some while, but his efforts could soon fade away due to lack of sponsorship. The father of three boys who is based in Katlehong was upbeat that he will spring some surprises owing to his readiness for the race to take place on 1 June at KwaZulu-Natal. Speaking to tame TIMES, Jase said they were disappointed to learn that this year their athletic club would not sponsor their travelling and accommodation fee as usual. “However, that should not stand before my dream of winning or salvaging some pride in the Comrade Marathon. I am dedicated to run the 90 kilometres downhill race from Pietermaritzburg to Durban. I am asking for help in raising R1400 for transportation and accommodation funds. Transport departs this Saturday from Johannesburg to Durban,” explained Jase. He promised to dish out a five star performance especially in the veterans category. Jase has partaken in the Two Ocean, City too City, Soweto and Sarens Edenvale Marathon. “I have won the Orlando Athletics Marathon 10 and 21 kilometres races four times and Vodacom Marathon 42 kilometres. I also won Protea Glen 10 Kilometres and Jack Kipson 42 kilometres in veteran’s category,” explained Jase. People who would like to help Chris Jase could deposit any amount of cash at Standard Bank Account No 024716774 or phoned him at 071 5155420.

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Vos wk 22