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Becoming the voice of Ekurhuleni Volume 03, 16 January 2014, Week 03

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Lethukuthula shines in Ekurhuleni South District Charity Moyo Lethukuthula Secondary School obtained the highest 2013 matric pass rate at the Ekurhuleni South District with a 99,4% pass mark. The no-fee paying school situated in the impoverished Twala section in Katlehong obtained access to 88 bachelors degrees, 75 diplomas and 16 higher certificates. It had a total number of 180 matric candidates; 179 pupils passed and only one learner failed. The school was awarded with a trophy and a certificate from the Gauteng Department of Education for obtaining third position in the best performing priority schools category in the Gauteng province. Tshepo Michael Mthembu is the top learner of the school with three distinctions and the following marks: Religious studies 100%, Mathematics 89%, Physical Science 88%, Life Science 78%, Geography 75%, English first additional language 74%, Life Orientation 70%, IsiZulu 70% and 67% in Mathematics paper 3. Speaking to tame TIMES, John Mnywabe, principal at Lethukuthula Secondary School

said they are very excited with the results and they envisage a 100% pass rate in 2014. “We had morning and afternoon classes for Grade 12 learners. “We also had evening studies for matrics supervised by parents to make sure that our learners study for the examinations. We are now celebrating the fruits of our hard work.” Nompumelelo Ntshangase, chairperson of the school governing board said, “Teamwork and parental involvement are the major factors that led to our school achieving great results. We worked together as parents and teachers to motivate the learners, identifying the challenges faced and resolving the matters. We congratulate our school for the good work done.” The school has a history of achieving top results. In 2010 it had a 98% pass mark, in 2011 they obtained 84%, 2012 the pass mark was 93,6% and in 2013 it increased by 5.8% to 99,4%. Lethukuthula Secondary School Lethukuthula Secondary School matrics, educators and the school governing board now targets a 100% pass mark for the 2014 member are celebrating their 2013 outstanding performance in the national senior matrics. certificate.

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16 January 2014

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Fast-tracking infrastructure development in Katlehong

Welcome 2014 Happy New Year to you all, I hope you enjoyed the holidays and are ready to start a new year. I guess it was an amazing holiday for everyone, as some had travelled to different places and had spent precious time with friends, family and relatives. As we begin the journey of 2014, some have started life in a positive way - especially those who have passed matric. Well done to the class of 2013 for the outstanding performance. The township schools have at last outperformed the suburbs and town schools, with Lethukuthula Secondary School in Katlehong being the best in the Ekurhuleni South District. I encourage those who have passed matric and did not get a place at a university to consider Further Education and Training Colleges for skills development and training experiences. Those who are experiencing financial challenges should also consider non-paying skills training centres and colleges and to apply for bursaries. Every year people have their New Year’s resolutions, but the question is do they stick to them. We have to try to be honest with ourselves and make the resolutions that we are able to live with. People have to make sure that they change the things they did wrong last year as part of their resolutions, in

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Charity Moyo

Charity Moyo, the editor of tame TIMES (Kathorus) order not to repeat the same mistakes. Lastly, we have three sections in our newspaper: motoring, divas and cooking. We would like to encourage interested readers who want to feature their cars, become tame TIMES divas or want to share their recipes to contact our editorial team. Let’s meet again in our next edition. You can also join me on tame TIMES KTV Facebook page / twitter: at @moyo_ charity / linkedin:\pub\ charity-moyo / Cheers for now.

As the country is preparing for the national elections, service delivery becomes a yardstick to measure performing and underperforming political candidates. Tebogo Maama, Ward 59 councillor in Katlehong set the ball rolling by constructing six tarred roads in Mnisi and Dikole section in Katlehong. The potholes, dust and rough roads are now a thing of the past to residents of Mnisi and Dikole section. According to Maama the roads were terrible with no tar. He said the construction in the two areas started on August last year and will be finished by early February this year. “There was a big outcry about the roads from the community members and the Integrated Development Plan has managed to construct six streets that will be completed by early February this year. In Mnisi and Dikole section the roads that have been upgraded are Maphosa and Nkebe Street. Pavement has also been installed along the Ramokonopi Clinic road to Customer Care Centre 2 in Katlehong along Sontonga Road,” said Maama. He said this road project has brought employment to the local residents, which include the youth, women and people with disabilities. Maama said they have also acquired skills in the industry of road

construction. “We envisage that by 2015/16 the whole of ward 59’s roads will be intact and in a required standard. It is a matter of the community to be patient as the constructors are busy upgrading the roads. It is an ongoing project and the municipality’s priority is to make sure that the roads are in good condition and those with a backlog will all be attended to,” he said.

Tebogo Maama, ward 59 councillor in Katlehong pointing towards Maphosa Street in Mnisi section, which has been recently constructed.

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Township schools pass rate on the rise Lebo Mosolodi

Refilwe Machaba is happy that the township school pas rate is on the rise. “Young people should stop using their poor background as a scapegoat to limit their progress in life, they should rather shift limitations so they become motivated to succeed in life,” said Refilwe Machaba. Born and raised in the impoverished Katlehong Township, he attended school at Katlehong Technical Secondary School with limited resources at his disposal. However, that didn’t deter the spirited youngster to obtain eight distinctions in

the 2013 National Senior Certificate. Machaba said it was unbelievable when the Department of Education officials announced him as the second top learner in the Ekurhuleni South District. “I obtained eight distinctions in Sesotho, English First Additional Language, Mathematics, Life Orientation, Electrical Technology, Life Science, Physical Science and Mathematics paper 3. I attribute my success to friends, teachers, the Kutlwanong Project and Liberty Life for helping me to achieve good results. I’m passionate about Mathematics, which is the reason I will be studying an Actuarial Science Degree at the Wits University,” said Machaba. He is excited that for the first time in the history of the Gauteng Education Department the matric pass rate of the township schools surpassed their peers from Model C schools in suburbs. Machaba said it proved that township school learners are gradually narrowing the gap and are becoming a force to be reckoned with academically. Machaba warned township children who are attending Model C schools that they are leaving behind the best education at their doorstep at no fee. “Learners who have failed shouldn’t give up but work hard on their studies and pass their supplementary examination in February. Matric learners of 2014 should start preparing for their final examination throughout the year,” concluded Machaba.

16 January 2014

Lesedi (light) lives up to his name Charity Moyo

2013 top matric student of Ekurhuleni South District. Born and bred in Tshongweni Section, Molaba obtained 8 distinctions. He has 99% in Mathematics, 97% in Geography, 96% Physical Science, 92% in Life Orientation, 88% Mathematics paper 3, 87% in Sesotho home language, 87% for Life Sciences, and 83% in English additional language. “I am over the moon because my dream of studying Actuarial Science at Wits University is becoming a reality. I would like to acknowledge the support l received from Kutlwanong Centre for Mathematics, Science and Technology for providing us with extra lesson in those subjects Fridays to Sundays,” said Molaba. Lehlohonolo Longwe is also one of the top ten learners at Alafang Secondary School and has obtained 100% in Mathematics. Longwe has 3 distinctions. He is also going to pursue a degree in Actuarial Science at the University of Pretoria. “I was very excited when l received a phone call from the office of the MEC of the Gauteng Department of Education, informing me that l am one of the best learners in Mathematics and are invited to Sci-Bono in Newton for celebrations. I was awarded with a R40 000 bursary, a certificate and a music system,” Lesedi Molaba is the 2013 number one matric student in the Ekurhuleni South said Longwe. Longwe’s message to his fellow matric District. learners who did not make it in 2013, “There Lesedi Molaba from Alafang Secondary is a difference between life and schooling. At School in Tshongweni section, Katlehong school they give us lessons before a test. In is over the moon for being crowned the life we get tested before lessons. Therefore it means matric was a test for us and we got the lessons. Those who did not pass matric should not be discouraged by the failure but use it as a stepping stone in setting their goals.” Alafang Secondary School’s pass rate decreased by 6.8% compared to last year. It had a 76,2% pass rate in 2012 and it obtained 69,4% in 2013. Speaking to tame TIMES, Joseph Semake, head of the department of mathematics at the school said, “We had two groups of learners; the ones who were dedicated to school work and the other ones who were not committed. We also tried to involve the parents. Some were cooperating while others did not. We have strategies in place to improve the results; firstly it is to get the parents involved in the education of their children. Secondly, we intend to implement more extra classes and work together as teachers to help the learners. We hope to improve the results in 2014.”

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16 January 2014

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Daughters becoming Boy killed by waste Father kills son victims of rape management truck Charity Moyo

Charity Moyo

A 56-year-old man from Tshongweni section in Katlehong was arrested for allegedly stabbing his 33-year-old son to death on New Year’s Day. According to Captain Mega Ndobe, communications officer of Katlehong Police Station, it is alleged that the father had an argument with his son that turned into a physical fight and he ended up taking the knife and stabbing the son. The son died on the scene and the father was arrested on the following day. The suspect appeared at the Palm Ridge court on 3 January and he was remanded in custody on 3 February. Captain Ndobe added that the dangerous weapons act of 2013, which came into effect on 2 January, entitles that anyone found in possession of dangerous weapons such as pangas, knives and sjamboks, will be arrested. He said it can also include anything that is believed to have caused an injury to someone, for instance a stone used as a weapon.

In a recent incident that shocked the community, a 46-year-old man from Mandela section in Katlehong was arrested for raping his 14-year-old daughter. The suspect was arrested on 2 January. In another incident, a 46-year-old man from Ramokonopi section in Katlehong was also arrested on 12 January for raping his biological daughter, aged 8. In another rape case, a 60-year-old man from Mnisi section in Katlehong was arrested for raping his neighbour’s 7-year-old daughter. The suspect appeared at Palm Ridge court on 10 January. Captain Mega Ndobe, communications officer of Katlehong Police Station said, “There is a major problem of cases reported of relatives, family members and parents raping their children only to find out that some cases are false. People should be aware that if the suspect is arrested for a false case and the investigations proves that, the complainant will also be arrested for perjury. The parents or guardians of the rape victim should make sure that the victim is telling the truth before identifying the suspect and reporting the matter to the police.”

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The boy lying underneath the waste management truck that hit him. Charity Moyo

A culpable homicide case has been opened against a waste management truck driver who hit and killed a 7-year-old boy at Kwanele section in Katlehong recently. Captain Mega Ndobe, communications officer of Katlehong Police Station said it is alleged that the children were playing in an open space at Kwanele section and that the driver was driving at a high speed, failed to stop and bumped the boy. “The driver hit the boy and broke his hips and legs. The boy died on the scene and the driver was not arrested until the prosecutor gives instructions to do so,” said Captain Ndobe. The police made the following arrests on the weekend of 10 to 12 January: Eden Park 14, Down Park 4, Vosloorus 24, Katlehong North 13 and Katlehong 32 arrests. The suspects arrested for crimes including rape, possession of a firearm and ammunition, murder, attempted murder, culpable homicide, house robbery, possession of drugs and dagga, hijacking of motor vehicles, selling of liquor without a license, fraud and contravention of the protection order.

16 January 2014

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Banana Loaf Recipe

Cooking is one way people express themselves. There is some form of satisfaction in creating something with your own hands. It is even more exceptional when it is baking, because we usually buy baked foods. In this section, for the New Year we’re sharing a banana loaf recipe, which is simple to prepare. During this rainy season, when the weather gets a bit chilly, you can make your own banana loaf and enjoy it alongside a cup of tea or coffee.



- Heat oven to 180 degrees Celsius - 225g self-raising flour - Grease and line the base of a 1kg loaf tin - 1/4 teaspoon of - Mix the flour, soda and salt together bicarbonate soda - Cream the butter and sugar until it is pale - A pinch of salt and fluffy - 75g butter - Add the eggs a little at a time alternatively with - 175g caster sugar the flour - 2 eggs which are beaten - Stir in the remaining flour and bananas - 450g of bananas weighed, - Put the mixture in the baking tin peeled and mashed - Bake for about 1½ hours - When done, take tin out of the oven and leave it to cool outside for about 15 minutes - Ready to be served - It can be served with custard or as it is, without any additions, and can be taken with tea or coffee

For those who want to share their cooking styles and recipes please don’t hesitate to contact Charity Moyo at 074 787 3166 / 011 862 8500 or e-mail:

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