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Boksburg saves Barbels INSIDE

Volume 01, 4 December 2013, Week 49

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Saturday morning saw the aftermath of the storms Johannesburg experienced, which unfortunately left hundreds of fish out of the water and on the embankments. CPF Impala Park noticed the problem and called out to the community to help gather the fish to help save the environment. Many community members, including children, helped to get the stranded fish into the buckets. Some of the children even went with the adults to the middle dam (behind the NG Church) where the washed-out fish were relocated to. In total there were more than 100 fish, mostly catfish (or barbels as they are better known as). “The dam behind the NG Church does not flow to any other dam in the area, which means that the re-located fish are safe in this dam and won’t be taken by the stream again,” CPF representative Denise Curry said. tame TIMES would like to say well done to all involved.

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The Hawks have smashed a massive drug distribution syndicate in Kempton Park seizing narcotics worth R75 million. Officers pounced on a storage facility on Wednesday morning (27 November) and arrested two Tanzanian nationals who were allegedly distributing the drugs. The narcotics included 25kg of heroine, 15kg of cocaine and 15kg of tik. Hawks spokesman Paul Ramaloko described this as one of the biggest successes in recent history. He said officials are now “closing in on the big shots”.

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4 December 2013

tame TIMES

Time out with Mr and Miss Damelin By Jacqui Jurisch

That time of the week again. I must admit, with the news of Kenny Kunene’s political party, which was launched in Cape Town on the weekend, I had to fight the urge to comment about the political butterfly. What I did however decide to share a thought on is the way in which, given an opportunity, Christians will turn on Christians claiming to defend a so called freedom of expression. I myself do not listen to Gareth Cliff’s morning show (actually I listen to nothing he says) because I find him shallow and obnoxious, but I was interested in the discussions on social networks addressing (mostly ridiculing) a listener for speaking up against what she believed was a watering down of the meaning of Christmas by replacing Christ with Cliff. At first glance nothing seems wrong with the Cliffmas Carols, but my judgment changed after spending a little more time actually thinking about it. Firstly, Gareth as a self-confessed atheist, should have no business messing with occasions observed by Christians. Secondly, as a country that allows for freedom of religion, I believe one’s right should not infringe or act in a way that could seem as disrespectful to another’s. The above though is not my biggest problem, my problem is with the Christians who failed to defend their so-called beliefs, siding with a guy who can hardly back up an argument without resorting to childish antics of making fun of the challenging view. What this incident made me realise is that the line will continue to be pushed because Christians continue to allow themselves to be desensitised by the systematic disrespect aimed at discrediting Christianity. I used to ask myself why malls, airports and other public facilities have Muslim prayer rooms, I now think I have an answer. We would never see Muslims ignore even the smallest of questionable slip-up. I never write from a know-itall point of view, I again open myself up for correction here (on the point I’m making though, my mind is pretty much made up on Cliff). Let’s chat. Share your views with me at voice@ or tweet us @tametimes.

tame TIMES sat with Joelene Campbell (Miss Damelin) and Kevin Kaasjager (Mr Damelin) to get to know hear about their experiences and what it means to have their titles. 1. What were your greatest experiences? Joelene: The first walk was very nerveracking, but it got easier towards the end of the show. Kevin: The last part of the show was very fun, especially when I got to stand next to Joelene and have our pictures taken. 2. Who supplied your beautiful dress Joelene? I was given the guidelines for what they wanted us to wear and supplied my own dress for the evening. 3. What prizes did you enjoy the most? Joelene: I loved all of them Kevin: The BMW package from Auto Alpina, they treated me like a celebrity, they even gave me extra prizes beyond the R1000 package that I was supposed to get. 4. Do you think you can live up to the

reputation of Mr and Miss Damelin: Joelene: Definitely, of course we will 5. What do you think it means to be an ambassador for the title? Joelene: To carry the Damelin name and take the responsibility. Kevin: We have a job to do with St Francis, they are our charity and we will always help them. 6. What advice do you have for anyone that wants to enter Mr and Miss Damelin in the future? Joelene: Just do it, it’s for charity, go for it. Kevin: It builds your confidence and it is a lot of fun. 7. What are your future plans? Joelene: I am going to finish my Mechanical Engineering course and enter Miss South Africa in 2015, because entries are closed for next year. Kevin: I finish my Sound Engineering course next year and I have also entered Mr South Africa.

Don’t believe the hype The figure Sanral had provided on the number of e-tags which had been sold was a ploy to create the impression that people were flocking to purchase them, said Outa chairman Wayne Duvenage. “Sanral have yet to confirm how many actual individual road users have purchased an e-tag, which we suspect is a much smaller proportion of total e-tag sales,” he said in a statement. He said the figure provided by Sanral, that 700 000 e-tags were sold, included large fleet operators, banks, car rental companies, government fleets, and leasing companies. “We simply don’t believe their rhetoric in this space,” he said. Last Tuesday morning, Sapa made enquiries about the number of e-tags sold to individuals, the number sold to government departments, and the number sold to companies. By 16:00, Sanral had not responded. Duvenage said the information given by Sanral was incorrect as its website calculator gave different figures.

We at tame TIMES would like to wish Joelene and Kevin all the best for their studies and their future dreams of entering Mr and Miss South Africa. tame TIMES apologises for the incorrect information in week 46 on Mr and Miss Damelin. We apologise for any inconvenience caused.

“They have misled the public before and we are convinced they are doing this again to create false impressions of acceptance of their system. The simple truth is the public are not taking this lying down.” Outa has said it will soon release details of its strategy on empowering society, including providing motorists with knowledge about their rights, and legal advice. Duvenage said Outa would provide legal counsel and a legal team to the first person summonsed for non-payment of e-toll bills. “This first case will be the test case,” he said. “Until then, Outa urges the public to exercise civil courage and know that it is not only their right, but their duty to resist and reject a law which has been implemented in a manner that works against the best interests of the people.” - Sapa

I’ve missed more than 9000 shots in my career. I’ve lost almost 300 games. 26 times, I’ve been trusted to take the game winning shot and missed. I’ve failed over and over and over again in my life. And that is why I succeed. - Michael Jordan

Editor’s Note

With Movember behind us, we can finally look forward to Christmas! My favourite thing about Christmas, apart from all the decorations and carols, is giving. There is something special about Christmas time, when people get together and help out in their communities, and most of all, spend quality time with their families. In other news, talking about the weather is an awkward situation conversation filler, but really, let’s talk about this weather for a moment. Hailstones the size of tennis balls? Our prayers go out to the families who were affected by the storms. We do have a local hero thanks to this out of the ordinary weather. Our very own rescue team headed out to Tacloban to help after typhoon Haiyan. Read more about Allistair Lithgow on page 3. Enjoy the holiday season!

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EAST RAND STEREO wins two awards at this year’s PMR AFRICA AWARDS for the second consecutive year.

The Golden Arrow Award “Excellent”- First overall Community Radio Station in Ekurhuleni for General Entertainment and Music. The Diamond Arrow Award “Outstanding”- First overall Community Radio Station in Ekurhuleni for News and Current Affairs. Last year the station won “Outstanding”- First overall (News and Current affairs) and “Outstanding”- First overall (general entertainment and music), moving from “Outstanding” in general entertainment and Music last year to winning it in the “Excellent” category this year. The purpose of these awards is to identify Leaders and Achievers in the Ekurhuleni Region, to create an opportunity for companies and institutions whereby a team or division may be recognized for all their hard work and to share the award with personnel and staff. These awards have been surveyed and rated by a random provincial sample of 100 respondents comprising of CEO’s ,MD’s, business owners, company directors, managers and senior government officials based in Ekurhuleni Metropolitan Area. Pedro Fernando & Sadiyya Akhalwaya, PMR Africa

Chantal Thurlby

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tame TIMES Boksburg Editor

4 December 2013

Public still resistant

Transport Minister Dipou Peters announced that the the launch of the e-tolling system, which occurred on 3 December. Sanral’s own statistics show that the majority of Gauteng motorists are yet to purchase e-tags. Sanral has released a figure of 1.4-million unsold e-tags, meaning over the past three years only 679 100 e-tags have been sold. tame TIMES conducted a survey on its Facebook page regarding the e-tags and toll roads; see the results on questions asked below.

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tame TIMES

Non-Gauteng residents to pay e-toll if they use roads *Issued by SANRAL. The South African National Roads Agency (SANRAL) welcomes the announcement by the Minister of Transport that tolling on the Gauteng Freeway Improvement Project (GFIP) begins today (3 December). People who do not live in Gauteng do not have to pay for the upgrading of the highways in that province. However, if they travel on the tolled Gauteng roads, they will have to either obtain an e-tag and register it or get a day-pass. The application of the user-pays principle is authorised by law and has been carefully considered in the construction of the Gauteng Freeway Improvement Project (GFIP) and in many other instances, as a matter of policy by the National Treasury, in collaboration with other departments and agencies of state. “There were a few funding methods the Government considered in funding the GFIP. One was the much touted fuel levy, which was found to be unfair and unsustainable in the long run. “The fuel levy is a nationally raised tax that is not paid to SANRAL but accrues to the national fiscus. The money that SANRAL does receive from the national

fiscus is used to maintain, operate, and upgrade the non-tolled national roads in South Africa. “It would be inequitable to expect all road users in the country to pay for heightened levels of road services in Gauteng while they do not enjoy the benefit of similar roads in their provinces. After careful consideration Government decided to use the other funding model, which is what the users of the inner Gauteng highways will have to pay. “The user-pay model is sustainable over the long term and fairer - if you do not use the upgraded highways, you do not pay,” explains the communications manager of the South African National Road Agency (SANRAL), Vusi Mona. However, the user-pay principle kicks in for all who use the tolled roads, even those who do not live in Gauteng but have to travel through the province or have business within it. This is best done by either paying toll fees at an e-toll Customer Service Centre within seven days of using the roads or obtaining a day-pass. A daypass cannot be bought at a retailer but through three other easy options, says Mona:

• Via the e-toll website - www.sanral. • Going to a conveniently located e-toll Customer Service Centres - in some shopping malls and along the highway itself • Phoning the e-toll call centre at 0800 SANRAL (726 725). For those motorists who will be visiting Gauteng for extended periods, especially in the anticipation of the upcoming holidays, SANRAL would like to encourage you to obtain an e-tag and register an e-toll account. This is the tag enables you to pay the lowest possible e-tag toll tariff. Should you not have an e-tag or be registered, the higher standard toll tariff will apply. If you are not a Gauteng resident, the e-tolls will not affect you in any way except for the occasion that you do have to use them, says Mona. “Also, the tolled roads are only 201km in a province that has a road network of more than 3000 km and there are plenty of alternative roads in Gauteng,” he says. For further detail on the available payment options and day pass rates please visit the e-toll website on www.

Benoni flight paramedic helps typhoon struck Tacloban South African rescue officials from Rescue SA were deployed to Tacloban in the Philippines on 16 November to assist in an emergency mission to help disaster affected areas. Allistair Lithgow, a Benoni resident, husband, stepfather and Flight Paramedic, was one of the responding rescue workers. Our guys returned on 27 November at OR Tambo International. The airport buzzed with anticipation and emotion. There was a beautiful array of large standing balloons and banners welcoming our heroes home. All present were saying that they couldn’t wait to hold their loved ones in their arms. The anxious crowd consisted of friends and family, Ekurhuleni officials, City of Joburg, ER24 and Rescue South Africa. Jill Lithgow, wife of Allistair Lithgow, said prior to her husband arriving back in South Africa, “This is the second time he has been deployed, however this time round it feels like it has been hollow because, for some reason, there was less communication. I am filled with excitement for the homecoming. I am looking forward to seeing all of them, to be able to touch all of them, just have a cup of coffee together and hold his hand. Both my boys are also just as excited.” Whist holding their breath upon the flight number showing ‘landed’ on the abnormally large board, the arrival gates opened up and in came a running father to hug his emotional wife and sobbing child.

The emotional setup was heart-warming. With so many happy faces, holding on tight and tears of absolute joy and love, it was apparent that the representatives truly sacrificed for and did South Africa proud. Constantio Vingo, ambassador from the Philippines, spoke to local media. “First off I would like to thank Rescue SA and the Department of International Relations of South Africa for helping us out and extending us assistance, for being one of the first to respond to our call during this trying time. What has happened is something very tragic. This is the first time we have experienced a typhoon of this magnitude, it was so strong that it caused massive devastation in the areas affected. It affected the lives of millions of people and very sadly left thousands dead.” Peter Van der Spuy, a representatives of ER24, shared his thoughts on returning home, “It is very good to be home and I am proud of the ER24 staff members. There was a lot of work and a lot of devastation, it was long days and long nights, very difficult circumstances but we definitely met the challenge, achieved a lot and our mission was a great success.” Reunited, everyone joined in and very proudly sang the South African anthem. The song was so powerful that even bystanders joined in. Well done to all involved and thank you for making South Africans so proud. We salute you.

In the wake of Haiyan A summary of the aftermath of typhoon Haiyan: • International relief efforts are beginning after Haiyan caused devastation in parts of the Philippines, with initial – and very rough – estimates predicting that 10 000 people could have died. • The area known to have been especially badly affected was the coastal city of Tacloban, which is littered with bodies and where the majority of buildings have been destroyed. However, initial reports are emerging of devastation elsewhere on Leyte Island, on the northern tip of Cebu, and on Samar. • Survivors have talked of people being swept away by a huge storm surge. Many thousands are now homeless, with no access

to shelter, food or clean water. Some people have taken to ransacking shops and homes in desperation, and the government has considered imposing martial law. • Aid has begun to arrive, although agencies say the operation has been greatly hampered by blocked roads and ports and airports being out of action. US Marines have been flown from Japan to help with logistics, while David Cameron has pledged £6m on behalf of the British and the EU has promised €3m. • The typhoon is making landfall in northern Vietnam. While the winds have weakened somewhat, hundreds of thousands of people have been evacuated amid fears the heavy rain could cause landslides.

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4 December 2013

tame TIMES

By the South African National Blood Service (SANBS). It’s almost holiday time; a time dedicated to family, friends and generally spreading love and gifts. It’s a time marked by celebrations, shopping, and holiday fun by the beach or just lazing around with friends soaking in the summer sun. While some people enjoy the gift of life, unfortunately others are faced with illnesses that prevent them from enjoying time with family. “There are thousands of people who rely on blood transfusions daily, not to mention the many women who lose blood during child birth or victims of trauma accidents. The SANBS needs to collect 3000 units of blood every day, and without it many people could lose their loved ones. With statics revealing that less than 1% of our 50+ million population donate blood every year, there’s a real threat of hospitals experiencing blood shortages during the holidays,” said Vanessa Raju of the SANBS. In their latest campaign, the SANBS urges people, “Don’t Let Holidays get in the way of Life.” This simply means that while December is a

No violence against women and children

great time to unwind and reflect on the year that has been, it is also a time to give one of the greatest gifts, the juice that keeps every heart beating, regardless of race, creed, gender or age. This is a plea to everyone who can, to take time during the holiday season to donate lifesaving blood. While spending time with your family, spare a thought for those who may miss out on this should there not be adequate blood available for patients. All it takes is 30 minutes of your time to donate blood and it won’t cost you a cent. Give the best gift, give the gift of life.

East Rand Stereo and Far East Rand Hospital’s ‘Women Warriors Unite’ - 16 Days of No Violence Against Women and Children campaign.

How to find the nearest donor centre Phone 0800 11 9031 | | | Twitter @theSANBS | Send your postal code to 31454.

Over 16 days, from 25 November to 10 December, South Africans are challenged to declare a pact of no violence against women and children.

About the SANBS SANBS is a non-profit organisation which provides an essential service within South Africa. It is rated amongst the best in the world in the provision of blood and blood products, as well as in relation to the research and training provided. SANBS operates across all of South Africa, with the exclusion of the Western Cape.

But the ultimate challenge of the 16 Days of Activism for No Violence against Women and Children campaign is to make the pact a permanent reality. This year marks the 13th year that South Africa is taking part in the global campaign. Under the guidance of Retha Potgieter, station manager at East Rand Stereo, and Jacobie Botha, social worker at Far East Rand Hospital, a great group of women were led in a march from the hospital grounds to the main gate, where they demonstrated against the violence perpetrated against women and children.

Contact: SANBS Communications Manager Vanessa Raju: 011 761 9300, 071 602 7241

Under the theme Women Warriors Unite, the women wore purple headbands around their heads to symbolise women warriors coming together and taking a stand. Prior to the march, the women were addressed by head of the Rape and Trauma Unit at the FERH, Sister Alexander. She explained the process of how a victim of sexual assault is assisted when they arrive at the hospital and the process that follows thereafter as they assist the victim through this traumatising ordeal. Mothers and children from Batesta Home in Actonville, Benoni, an NGO that takes care of women and children that are survivors of abuse, also joined in the march and made their voices heard. The Women Warriors came together and stood united against the abuse of women and children by saying enough is enough.

VOEG ’N NUWE SMAAKSENSASIE BY JOU KERSFEESTAFEL Jy ken reeds Checkers se beroemde, eksklusiewe, sappige en veelsydige Turducken – ’n heerlike rojale braaistuk van kalkoen, eend en hoender. Nou het Checkers nog ’n nuwe braaistuk bekendgestel wat onderskryf word deur die SA Sjefsvereniging – die 4-Bird Roast. Soos Turducken is dit ’n smaakervaring van kalkoen en sappige en geursame eend, saam met smaaklike hoender – maar met die eksotiese toevoeging van kwartel. En dit is alles saamgerol in een sensasionele nuwe braaistuk. Vir ’n ekstra tikkie Kersfeesgeur is dit ook beskikbaar met ’n feestelike vulsel van bosbessie, appel en gebraaide ui.

Die Turducken en die 4-Bird Roast is albei perfek vir braai in die Weber, so jy hoef nie ’n pragtige somersdag in die kombuis deur te bring nie. As jy jou 4-Bird Roast selfs meer indrukwekkend wil maak, kan jy dit opkikker met ’n watertandlekker Soet Appelliefie-en-Soetrissiesous van die Giggling Gourmet, Jenny Morris. Kry dié resep en vele meer op – perfek vir jou Kersfees-feesmaal. Dis hoekom Kersfees beter is by Checkers!


Resep deur Jenny Morris Vir die 4-Bird Roast benodig jy: • • • • •

1 x 4-Bird Roast; ongeveer 2,3 kg Sout en witpeper na smaak 2 t. komyn; gerooster en fyngemaal 1 t. koljander; gerooster en fyngemaal 2 e. olie

Haal die braaistuk uit die oond, verwyder die foelie en bedek dit met die helfte van die sous. Rooster vir ’n verdere 20 min. teen 200 – 220 ºC tot ’n ligte goudbruin. Probeer om nie die totale gaarmaaktyd van 40 min. vir elke 1 kg te oorskry nie. Haal uit die oond en bedien met die oorblywende sous.

Vir die sous benodig jy: • • • • • • • • •

1 e. sonneblom- of olyfolie 2 e. vars gemmer; gekap 1 knoffelhuisie; gekap 200 g appelliefiekonfyt ½ koppie soetrissiesous 1 e. vars roosmarynnaalde 1 e. wit balsemieke asyn 1 e. lemoenskil ½ t. sesamolie

Voorverhit die oond tot 180 ºC. Bedek die vleis goed met die olie, meng die kruiemengsel deeglik saam en vryf dan oor die vleis. Plaas in die voorverhitte oond en rooster tot goudbruin vir ongeveer 25 min. Draai om en rooster vir ’n verdere 25 min. Draai die vleis toe in foelie en rooster vir nog 25 min. Om die sous te maak, verhit 1 e. olie in ’n pot, voeg die gemmer en knoffel by en kook dan vir ongeveer 30 sek. terwyl jy heeltyd roer. Voeg die appelliefiekonfyt, soetrissiesous, gekapte roosmaryn, balsemieke asyn, lemoenskil en sesamolie by en kook stadig vir ongeveer 12 min. of totdat dit begin helder lyk.

ninety9cents 1002897/A

Don’t let the holidays get in the way of LIFE

Jenny Morris

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tame TIMES

4 December 2013

LEMONGRASS FIRE: Your favourite VENICE IN BENONI family restaurant not off the menu Road closed due to floods in front of Lakeside Mall

Cornell Kruger General Manager of Lemongrass writes: Dear friends and customers of Lemongrass, It comes with great sadness to inform you that a section of our beautiful restaurant was destroyed by fire in the early hours of Saturday morning, a few days short of its fifteenth birthday. The fire started in our main dining area and has gutted some of our prized antiques, beautiful artworks, Oregon floors and wonderful pressed ceilings. Thankfully no one was hurt in the blaze and neither were our two restaurant cats, Bali (Bob) and Thai. It was due to the quick response of our CMS patrolmen and the Benoni Fire Station that we managed to save most of the building. Our heartfelt thanks goes out to both of them. We are awaiting an investigation to determine the cause of the fire and will know more details after that as to when we may begin the process of rebuilding. Until then, Lemongrass will remain closed. In the meantime, please continue your support of our sister restaurant Tajine, next door to Lemongrass. We will be serving our normal Moroccan menu as well as select items from the Lemongrass menu. All customers who have pre-booked tables and functions in December will be contacted and will be accommodated at Tajine (please contact Cornell on 082 510 5227 if you have

not yet been contacted). Please bear with us during this emotional and trying time. After fifteen years in business, this restaurant has become like a home to many, both customers and staff. We will endeavour to restore the restaurant to its former glory so that we can continue to share the Lemongrass spirit with our loyal friends and customers for many more years to come. We will be keeping everyone updated on both Facebook (LemongrassBenoni) and Twitter (@LemongrassZA), please follow us there to keep track of the repairs. Ask us questions and get notifications of when the “grand old lady” will reopen. Thank you all from Ivonne Taylor, Cornell Kruger, Christian Bouwer and Hannalie Haaksman as well as the rest of our Lemongrass staff. Please contact Tajine on 011 421 6650 for any queries. Warm regards.

Parlotones endorses HIV/AIDS immunity project

The 1st of December marked the 25th anniversary of World Aids Day. People around the world come together to remember and mourn those who succumbed to the epidemic. Over the past 25 years, more than 25 million lives have been lost globally to HIV/AIDS, but remarkable strides have also been made in halting the disease’s progression. World AIDS Day, which was embraced by the World Health Organisation to raise awareness and support, is an opportunity to take stock of the epidemic’s scope and the everyday impact of the virus. What better way to do this than by reminding ourselves of the often alarming numbers involved. The stories of people who have lived with HIV/AIDS, or who have suffered a loss at its hands, will always have a unique influence.

A group of scientists in San Francisco in the US are developing an HIV vaccine that is a first of its kind. In another first, the immunity project is linking up with the entertainment world for support and to encourage fundraising. The South African band Parlotones will be endorsing the Immunity project. The Immunity Project vaccine is the first to be developed that doesn’t contain any living or non-living virus, giving it the potential to be among the safest vaccines ever developed. The ultimate goal of the Immunity Project is to distribute a safe and effective HIV vaccine world-wide for free. For further information on the immunity project to

Onthou julle daardie advertensie van een of ander vulstasie, waar die man so injaag en die vrou omtrent uit die motor val, bo-oor alles spring, haar skoene verloor en almal uit die pad haas sodat sy met spoed die badkamer kan bereik? Ek lag myself byna dood elke keer wanneer ek dit sien, Gysie kyk my skeef aan, want dit lyk vir hom heeltemal te bekend! Hier aan die einde van die jaar voel alles vir my so. Mense jaag om betyds klaar te kry vir die Kers-seisoen, sodat jy rustig en met vrede kan ontspan vir ‘n week of twee. Dan wonder ek of dit die moeite werd is om alles te probeer indruk in so ‘n kort tyd. Is dit nie dalk maar beter om liewer meer gereeld ‘n breuk te vat en rustig voort te gaan nie? Ek dink soms dat dit jou eie keuse is om ‘n gejaagde lewe te lei. Ek kyk na die mense op Travel Channel en wonder waar kry hulle in die klein verlate areas tyd om heeldag goed te doen wat vir my lyk soos absolute tydmors. Dan besef ek, daardie mense jaag nie geld na nie, hulle werk nie teen deadlines nie, hulle geniet net wat hulle doen, teen die pas waarteen hulle dit doen. Tip: begin dinge stadiger vat voor Kersfees, dan sal jy werklik kan ontspan.

4 December 2013


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tame TIMES


e for usy... nic “Very b pe to bring . ho clients.. cials for the e s more p ing festive ur d c publi ger ” - Mana n o s sea

“Needed a new Checkers in the mall” - Customer

Illegal Dumping Illegal dumping escalating into a massive problem Illegal dumping has been a hot topic in recent months, particularly in Boksburg and surrounding areas. After extensive research tame TIMES discovered what appears to be the main reason for the escalation, our law enforcement actually turning a harmful blind eye to the ignorance of the people involved in this illegal matter. In the past few editions we have been discussing the illegal dumping site west of Atlasville, between Brentwood Park Road and Atlas Road. The property actually stretches north from the intersection of Atlas Road and Finch Road all the way south along the western side of Brentwood Park Road, behind the EMM electrical substation,

Clearwater Estates and Park Haven, to where the wetland starts at the corner of Brentwood Park Road and Venus Road. The surrounding residents are experiencing an increased amount of rodents, plus there are now numerous vagrants setting up dwellings throughout this area. After watching the area, taking photos, getting registrations and diligently determined to make this stop, one resident managed to take hundreds of photos this past weekend. In doing so the resident witnessed a police vehicle stopping at one of the problematic dumping sites, exchanging sign boards with the illegal dumpers and then showing them the thumbs up sign, climbing into their vehicle and driving away from the wrongdoers without reprimand and without any consequences to their actions. “They are now building shacks there, with the rubbish that has been dumped. Crime will now increase and that does not make me feel safe,” said one resident. When the council (Ekurhuleni) was phoned to get them out to the site, the person on the line told residents that they have to take photos and then only will they do something. Hundreds of photos have been taken and sent yet still no response. A CMS vehicle also showed up at the dump site but turned a blind eye to it as well. CPF groups and councillors have appealed to the community to take pictures and number plates should they witness anything. This seems like another one of those issues that cannot be resolved with the likes of our normal authority, as ignorance seems to be the only method they apply as means to protect us. The question remains: What are the police and/or security companies going to do about this? Or do we all have to wait for something hectic to happen, such as a murder or rubble falling and injuring a small child?




TO WORSHIP Byron Cage | Rebecca Malope | Soweto Gospel Choir S’fiso Ncwane | Lesego | Heinz Winkler | Keke | Melanie Khaya Mthethwa | Kholeka Kuzodlula | Solly Mahlangu Jabu Hlongwane with Joyous and many more

7th & 8th Dec 2013 | Germiston Lake Tickets available from Computicket @ 1-Day Pass R180.00 2-Day Pass R290.00 PROUDLY HOSTED BY

Gates open at 11:00 am Hospitality packages available: and 011 074 0740

City of Ekurhuleni


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tame TIMES

Boksburg officers linked to Krejcir

By Chantal Thurlby and Ilze Moore Controversial businessman Radovan Krejcir and Desai Luphondo were arrested on 22 November regarding charges of kidnapping and assault with intent to cause grievous bodily harm. According to reports, two police officers accused of kidnapping and assault are being held at the Boksburg prison. The officers are part of the East Rand Organised Crime Unit, which falls under the Hawks. They appeared in the Palm Ridge Magistrate’s Court, Alberton on charges of kidnapping and assault, but their bail application was postponed to Monday, 2 December. According to a media report the two will appear in court alongside their alleged boss, Radovan Krejcir, on charges stemming from the alleged

kidnapping and attempted murder of an East Rand businessman in June. Apparently they are not the only policemen working for Krejcir, and eight others are set to also be investigated. It is alleged that the kidnapping and attempted murder case is only one in many other crimes investigated and that those currently being charged are juniors, but some senior officials are also set to be investigated and questioned. Visit the tame TIMES website, www.tametimes., for further developments on the Krejcir case. RADOVAN KREJCIR: According to reports from IOL, Krejcir was preparing to flee to Argentina. IOL stated Krejcir intended on going to Lanseria Airport to travel to Windhoek and then to Buenos Aires, Argentina. All eyes were on the Alberton Magistrate’s Court when Czech fugitive Radovan Krejcir and an associate, Desai Luphondo, were said to appear on charges of kidnapping and assault. It is not known where Krejcir is being held. The South Gauteng High Court ruled that Czech fugitive Radovan Krejcir be taken to a private hospital to receive urgent medical treatment. Krejcir alleges that he was assaulted following his arrest. Lawyers contacted the court late on 24 November, stating if Krejcir was not admitted

Car on fire on Barry Marais Road, Boksburg

Eight months later, finally a circle Actionville residents are finally able to use the newly constructed circle at the intersection of Styx and Reading Roads. The project took eight months to complete. Gauteng MEC for Transport, Ismail Vadi and Ekurhuleni Transport MMC, Thumbu Mahlangu cut the ribbon and officially declared the circle open last Monday. MEC Vadi apologised for the fact that the job took so long to complete and inconvenienced so many. “We understand it inconvenienced you, but in the process of constructing it we had to deal with other unplanned issues that we came across, such as electrical cables and pipes running underground and big

stones that we had to move away,” said Vadi. Vadi spoke to the many taxi operators present at the opening and pleaded for disciplined, decent and respectful driving around the beautiful new circle. MMC Mahlangu also apologised to all who were disheartened by the prolonged road works. “We understand that it affected business in terms of goods transportation, but it’s all over now and we hope the traffic congestion will get better now,” said Mahlangu. Ward 29 councillor Imtiaaz Loonat, who was present at the opening also, apologised for the delay before saying how it is now a “beautiful” road. “All that pain has now paid off,” he said.

into hospital he could suffer from organ failure. Security was of the highest order at the Palm Ridge Magistrate’s Court. The court was cleared and journalists were forced to sit outside while Krejcir appeared. The National Prosecuting Authority (NPA) stated that the building needed to be evacuated and barricaded by armed forces because of an unspecified security threat. Krejcir’s case was then been postponed till 2 December for formal bail application. Recently the fugitive’s Money Point shop was bombed. Two of Krejcir associates, Ronny Bvuma and Jan Charvat, were killed in the blast. The fugitive has survived an attempt on his life earlier this year, when a remote controlled shotgun opened fire on him in August. Another two associates, Veselin Laganin and Sam Issa were killed on separate occasions in October. Krejcir has been in the headlines in recent weeks after several of his associates were killed in separate incidents in Bedfordview. Krejcir is fighting to avoid extradition to his home country, where he has been charged in absentia on a number of counts, including tax fraud and other charges. Judge Ramarumo Monama on Monday reserved his judgment.


PREVENTING CRIME AT HOME • Ensure that there is a set of keys in your door at night for quick exit, in case there is a fire in your home. • When out of your home and with little children, always keep your children in your full view and under your control, to prevent them from getting lost or kidnapped. • Ensure that the plug to your alarm system is properly plugged in when going on holiday, to prevent battery failure in your absence. • Test your home alarm system to ensure that your security company is receiving a signal when your alarm is activated. • Arrange with your security company to patrol your property if you are going away from home on holiday. • Obtain the number of your sector policing vehicle for quick police response in the case of an emergency. • Alert your sector police, and neighbours, if you notice any strange vehicles or activity in the neighbourhood/street. Try to get the registration number and circulate to neighbours to keep a vigilant eye out. • Ensure that your property has sufficient security measures in place to delay the commission of a crime on your property, enough time to allow your security company to respond. • Invest in beams around your property as an early warning system of an intruder whether you are in your house or out. • Try to use debit or credit cards when making your festive season purchases, instead of carrying cash, or withdrawing cash at ATMs’ in full view of criminals. • Keep vehicle windows closed when approaching a robot, and be vigilant at all times, especially at night. • Do not wear jewellery when going out shopping, rather leave it at home in a safe. • Always check that your vehicle’s doors are locked before walking away from the vehicle. • Make sure your valuables are stored out of sight before driving off.

4 December 2013

4 December 2013

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tame TIMES

Derde en sesde in Suid-Afrika St Dominic’s Christmas Market in Alpha-wiskunde

Some of the stalls inside the school hall.

By Jacqui Jurisch

Alpha Wiskunde (V.l.n.r.): Michael Belling, Pieter Grobbelaar, Ciska van den Dool, Nelita Coetzer (onderwyser), Charmaine Buys, Marike Kanfer, Landré Herman Tydens die afgelope Novembereksamen en aktuariële en handelsrigtings te studeer, het twee leerders uit Hoërskool Oosterlig word deeglik voorberei vir verdere studie. onderskeidelik die derde en sesde plek in Die ander presteerders tydens die afgelope Suid-Afrika behaal. Marike Kanfer het 98% eksamen is: en Landré Herman het 97% behaal. Ses Pieter Grobbelaar (88% - Hoërskool Dr EG Boksburg-leerders het uitslae bo 80% behaal. Jansen) Alpha-wiskunde (voorheen Addisionele Charmaine Buys (86% - Hoërskool Oosterlig) Wiskunde genoem) is ‘n buite-kurrikulêre Michael Belling (85% - Hoërskool Dr EG vak wat aangebied word aan leerders met Jansen) ‘n besondere belangstelling in wiskunde. Ciska van den Dool (80% - Hoërskool Dr EG Alpha-wiskunde wil die sprong tussen Jansen) skoolwiskunde en universiteitswiskunde Vir meer inligting skakel Nelita Coetzer (084 verklein. Leerders wat beoog om in 589 2345) of besoek die webwerf by www. studierigtings soos ingenieurswese, toegepaste wiskunde, rekenaarwetenskap

St Dominic’s School for Girls hosted their annual Christmas Market in the school hall on Friday, 29 November. The hall was full of different stands that sold a variety of Christmas gifts, from porcelain sculptures to homemade cushion covers. The children that were at the school were treated to a play area and the front of the hall was open for them to run around and play. There was a food court outside the hall that featured boerewors rolls, pancakes and

slushies. There was a festive cheer throughout the event that got the crowd and shoppers into the Christmas spirit. A lot of excitement sparked as the kids were throwing crackers and pranking one another and their parents. Three young girls were walking around selling stuffed bears for a charity and received donations from almost everyone. The photo booth was a great success, there were different hats and an outfit to try on to make the photo’s more festive.

Three young girls, selling their Teddies for Charity

Everyone enjoyed the food

Evening of elegance SUNWARD MATRIC BEAUTIES: Anthony, Burton, Jamie, Mowava, Kirov and Andre.

Kayla and Martin. Sunward Park High School hosted their night to remember, their matric dance farewell, on Saturday 30 November. The ‘Vegas themed’ night was held on the school field. The young women and men were dressed to impress and made a remarkable entrance with extravagant cars and show-stopping dresses. With eager moms and dads, sisters and brothers, grannies and grandpas, the first couple, Jamie Maclou and Burton Varda, stepped out of a white BMW. Varda opened the door to show off his beautiful date Jamie, the crowds cheered and applauded. More vehicles pulled up to the

Megan and her date Greg. arrival area; a white classic Bentley pulled up and Martin and his date Kayla stepped out to make her mark. Kirov and Mowava stood by the arrival entrance, her navy blue dress was a crowd stopper. The grade 11 students helped set up the venue and were the welcome hosts and waiters for the evening. The décor was magnificent and the theme was applied to the minutest of details. Overall the night was a great success. They definitely made memories, celebrating the end of their high school careers dancing the night away and had fun taking photos in the photo booth. tame TIMES wishes the Sunward Park matrics a prosperous future. By Jacqui Jurisch

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4 December 2013





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*Terms and conditions apply. Offer calculated on a E 200 Avantgarde with LED Headlamps. At a prime rate of 8.5% over 36 months, deposit of 11%, total retail price of R592 000 and Gauranteed Future Value of 63%. Offer subject to stock availability. Price excludes Initiation and Monthly Service Fees. Prices include VAT.

Standard with the new PremiumDrive Maintenance Plan. Finance Provided by Mercedes-Benz Finance and *Insurance, a division of Mercedes-Benz Financial Services South Africa (Pty) Ltd., an Authorised Financial Services Provider (Licence no. 18 604) and Credit Provider (Licence nr. NCRCP80).*Underwritten by either Regent Insurance Company Ltd. (FSB. 25 511) or Alexander Forbes Insurance Company Ltd. (Licence nr. 30414). Vehicle specifications may vary for the South African Market. Participating Dealers only.

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MM/Feb 2013

Afrikaanse Privaatskool

4 December 2013

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WIN 1 SODASTREAM SOURCE ELEMENT VALUED AT R999. Not only does it makes DIY carbonation sexy; it’s also the new kitchen must have. This nifty gadget stylishly turns ordinary tap water into sparkling water in seconds, and with over 20 flavours to choose from it’s perfect for any occasion, be it a family movie night, fun parties or sundowners.

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4 December 2013




Celtic makes it rain in Orlando

43 HOWARD AVE TEL: 011 422 2995

E X4



Yellow Yorker conquers

Patrick Monyobo 011 862 8500

Bloemfontein Celtic beat Orlando Pirates 3-2 on Saturday night in an ABSA Premiership clash at the Orlando Stadium. Vuyani Ntanga, Thabo Nthethe and Musa Nyatama each scored a penalty for Celtic. Pirates’ goals came from dexterous footwork of Lennox Bacela and Andile Jali penalty. Celtic had Pirates on the back foot from the opening minutes as Vuyani Ntanga tried to score from a free kick, but his shot went high and wide. Soccer fans knew that they were in for a cracker of a game. The rest of the first half saw numerous attempts at goal, starting with Pirates player Daine Klate who tried his luck from a free kick in a dangerous position. His attempt hit the wall and was deflected out for a corner.

Klate’s attempt was followed shortly by Andile Jali when he tried a long range effort, but it flew over the goal. Musa Nyatama had a chance to give Celtic the lead, but his shot from the edge of the area went wide to the right in the 22nd minute. Ntanga had a good chance in the 26th minute when he ran into the box, but his shot went straight to Meyiwa. With emotions running high, fans were on the edge of their seats waiting in anticipation for the first goal. Finally in the 38th minute Celtic managed to score a goal when Ayanda Gcaba failed to clear a cross, Vuyani Ntanga latched on to the ball and drilled in a sublime goal just outside the area to make it 1-0, giving Senzo Meyiwa no chance. Going into the break the score remained 1-0 to the visitors.

In the second-half heavy rain began to pour down at the Orlando Stadium, but it did not deter the Pirates. Pirates Lennox Bacela finally equalised as he scored from a tight angle against his former team in the 56th minute to make it 1-1. Celtic was awarded a penalty in the 88th minute when Mbongeni Gumede brought down Trevor Lamola. Shortly afterwards Nyatama stepped up and made no mistake as he sent Meyiwa the wrong way, and Celtic led 3-1. In the 90th minute substitute Mpho Makola nearly raised a point for Pirates, but Tingyemb saved. Pirates were awarded a penalty in the 91st minute when substitute Collins Mbesuma was brought down by Nthethe. Andile Jali scored, ending the final score at 3-2.

Boksburg Athletics Club BOKSBURG ATHLETIC CLUB “AMILA” BLITZ RESULTS 2km 1. Johan Els (BOKS) 11:00, 2. Eugene Els (NC) 11:00, 3. Charmaine Enever (NC) 13:00, 4. Skye Olivant (BOKS) 13:00, 5. Madelein Oberholzer (NC) 18:57. 4km 1. Wynand Strydom (BOKS) 15:08, 2. Eugene van der Westhuizen (NED) 15:38, 3. Tristan Bellingan (MAD) 16:03, 4. Daniella Meyer (BOKS) (JNR) 16:10, 5. Adam Meyer (BOKS) (JNR) 16:30 , 6. Michelle Meyer (BOKS) 16:38, 7. Niall Hogan (MAD) 17:02, 8. Bryce Hennessy (MAD) 17:16, 8. Gavin Payne (MAD) 17:35, 10. Nic Lockyer (MAD) 18:12, 11. Taryn Retief (BOKS) 18:18, 12. Milton Bartholomew (NC) 18:31, 13. Kirstin Ferrie (MAD) 18:51, 14. Donovan Stevens (NC) 19:48, 15. Victor Ferreira (NC) 19:48, 16. Andrew Tesselaar (SP) 20:01, 17. Johan Venter (BOKS) 20:22, 18. Marlene Venter (BOKS) 20:23, 19. Ockie Schoeman (MAD) 20:24, 20. Surita Botha (SP) 22:04, 21. Johan Dunn (BOKS) 22:42,

22. Michelle Dunn (NC) 22:42, 23. Shaun Bartram (BOKS) 23:14, 24. Amore van Baalen (BOKS) 23:20, 25. AN Other 23:20, 26. Jenny Rogers (BOKS) 24:08, 27. Mark Gertzen (SP) 25:09, 28 Jade Albrecht (NC) 28:06, 29. Dirk Jansen (BOKS) 28:06, 30. Gavin Kingston (SP) 28:07. 8km 1. Samuel Mmbengeni (MAD) 27:29, 2 Luke Meyer (BOKS) (P.B.) (JNR) 28:36, 3. Ryan Gibson (SP) 28:37, 4. Tshepo Mahlatsi (MAD) 29:42, 5. Armand Bosman (MrPrice) 29:58, 6. Gawie Louw (BOKS) (JNR) 29:58, 7. Justin Winn (MAD) 31:37, 8. Herman Steyn (NC) 31:47, 9. Rudolf Oberholzer (BOKS) 32:39, 10. Dionne Krieger (BOKS) (JNR) 34:09, 11. Thabo Modise (BOKS) 34:09, 12. Gregg Peebles (BOKS) 35:24, 13. Nick Bester (NC) 35:24, 14. Mark Humphreys (BOKS) 35:24, 15. Theunis Holl (BOKS) 35:24, 16. Jannie Heath (BOKS) 37:21, 17. Bronwyn Strydom (BOKS) 39:15.

Bright colours were the must-have on Saturday at the Sansui Summer Cup, hosted by Gauteng and held at Turffontein Race Course. The brighter, the better - the bolder, the braver. Fashionistas, both men and women, dressed to the nines to conquer this year’s theme ‘Colour to Conquer’. With the picturesque weather of clear, blue skies, the variation of colours stood out magnificently. However it seems yellow was the brightest and fastest colour. Jockey Anton Marcus, kitted out in yellow, with his horse Yorker won the 2013 Sansui Summer Cup; making owners B Kantor, M J Jooste, F E J Lewis, I Jooste and trainer Geoff Woodruff very happy. Trainer Woodruff also trained the 2nd and 3rd placed horses, Master Sabina and Tellina. Another fast sportsman who won the celebrity dash was racing driver Gennaro Bonefede. Goes to show his legs are just quick at picking up speed as his racing car. Twenty-four other celebrities also took part in the dash, but it was actress Annie Malan who definitely deserves the award for the most eager. Other celebrities included Jen-Su and Elton Jantjies, however both didn’t run. The beautiful Tamerin Jardine, Shashi Naidoo, Gerry Eldson and Khanyi Mbau, to name a few, also attended. Thanks to all the celebrities, Rainbows and Smiles charity received R120 000. The Mo-Kini sprint is always entertaining to watch, not only for the hottest men but for the hilarious costumes they run in. Fashion show extravagance and music and colour galore marked the day, but most of all fun was had in abundance at the 2013 Sansui Summer Cup. For more photos of the Sansui Summer Cup please visit www.

6 Turf Road Off Main Reef Road Anderbolt, Boksburg P.O. BOX 5272 Boksburg North 1461 Tel: (011) 892 4606 Reg.No.:2005/026151/07 Tel: (011) 892 2936 Fax: (011) 892 2508 ALL BOARDS CUT TO SIZE, EDGED, DRILLED AND DELIVERED TO FACILITIES


Tame times bok 2 dec 2013  

Tame times bok 2 dec 2013

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