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Imps signs three year contract Laurelle Williams

In 2012, Impey earned his first World Tour win, made his Grand Tour debut at the Giro d’Italia and solidified his position as one of the world’s best lead-out riders. Daryl Impey signed with ORICAGreenEdge cycling again last week. The contract is a three year deal. The first South African to wear the yellow jersey has flourished during his two year tenure with the Australian outfit. In 2012, Impey earned his first World Tour win, made his Grand Tour debut at the Giro d’Italia and solidified his position as one of the world’s best lead-out riders. His strength in the sprint train inspired his selection to the team’s 2012 Tour de France squad. Impey’s breakthrough season was followed by a second hugely successful year that

included stage victories at Bayern-Rundfahrt and Vuelta ai Pais Vasco and a starring role in the team’s stunning performance during the first week of the Tour. Impey led out Simon Gerrans for the win on stage 3 and played a crucial role in the team’s time trial win in Nice that put Gerrans in yellow. What most South Africans recall is when Impey benefitted from a touching display of team spirit when Gerrans slipped back to pass along the yellow jersey to Impey. While the ex-Glenvista resident has made huge stride over the last two years, Sport Director Matt White is convinced that the best is yet to come from their protégé.

TOUR TRIUMPH: (Left) Daryl Impey has signed a three year contract.

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Riding for a Cause In an effort to raise funds for Lambano Sanctuary, over 30 cyclists from around Johannesburg are taking to their bicycles on 17 November for the 94.7 cycle challenge. This is the third year that Lambano is part of the ride for a cause initiative. Last year riders managed to raise an incredible R87 000. They hope to raise more funds this year to help the home continue to change the lives of children living with HIV/ AIDS at the Lambano Hospice. “It is a great cause. Being here and seeing the great work that is being done has touched me more than I thought it would. Riding for a Cause is getting bigger and bigger every year and it’s great to be a part of it,” a rider

12 November 2013

tame TIMES

commented at a meet and greet at Lambano on 8 November. Lambino Hospice was founded in May 2001 by Melanie Prinsloo and Leon van den Berg. Melanie identified a great need for a familybased home for babies with HIV/AIDS in South Africa. In 2001 she visited all the children’s homes in the Gauteng Province and found that most of them are for abandoned babies with the view of adoption; but when the babies test HIV-positive, most of the existing homes are not equipped to keep the babies for the long term. Since its conception, Lambano Sanctuary has grown immensely, housing 30 children in 4 different homes.

Ekurhuleni honours excellence These are award winners at the recent Ekurhuleni Health District’s Dinaledi Service Excellence Awards.

Collision leaves passenger critical

Timeto man-out? ByNietoHernandez

Following a collision in Germiston, two passengers sustained multiple injuries and another is in a critical condition. ER 24 paramedics stationed at a petrol station near Webber Road noticed a vehicle overturning. When they arrived at the scene, they found two people who were ejected from the vehicle while a third was still trapped inside. They quickly called for additional assistance and attended to the injured. One of the patients that were ejected from the vehicle sustained critical injuries and had to be placed on life support before he could be rushed off to a nearby hospital. The other sustained multiple injuries and was stabilised on the scene before being transported to hospital. A man, believed to be the driver, was found inside the vehicle. He sustained only minor injuries and indicated to paramedics that he did not want to be transported to hospital by ambulance. The incident was handed over to the local metro police department.

Group Project Overall Winners - Establishment of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) speech therapy clinic, Tambo Memorial Hospital

Overall Individual Winner - Michelle Hellyar (Occupational Health Therapist, Tambo Memorial Hospital)

October was breast cancer awareness month and as tame TIMES we dedicated all of October’s editions to all things pink. In November (or Movember) we shift our focus to the brothers, as we raise awareness on another common yet hidden cancer. Prostate cancer is rated the second highest killing cancer that affects men. Men’s health statistics estimated, in 2010, a diagnosis rate of 217 730 and 32 050 deaths resulting from those diagnoses. As if that was not shocking enough, 1 in 24 South African men will at some point in their lives receive a prostate cancer diagnosis. Reading up about the cancer, I found that there are no known causes of prostate cancer. This immediately led my thoughts to the secretive nature of men. Many women have out of frustration expressed their deep desire for real communication with their male partners; that, ladies, is not what I want to talk about. Men to men talk, that’s something I have had at the back of my mind for some time now. A few months ago a very close friend of mine experienced a tragedy and as a result he immediately went into a worrying isolation mode. This confused me and sometimes even frustrated me because I didn’t know how to reach my friend. I’m yet to find a way, but since then I have been more sensitive to the way I myself vocalise my thoughts and feelings during my prickly situations. So far I’ve noticed it’s easier for me to rant about politics, sports and other outside aligned topics. As soon as things begin to point inward, Nieto retracts and becomes inexpressive and that is the very behaviour that made me worry when I saw it in my friend. I must mention, by the way, I’m writing this not because I have any answers, all I have is more questions. What is the purpose of male friendships? What is the value of male to male friendships? Why does it seem we are friends during the summers and strangers in the winters of our lives? Are there any benefits we derive from our secretive state of existence? Perhaps some of our male readers may have some answers, or at least ideas. Please share if you do guys. The closest I’ve gotten to making sense of men’s failure to man-out, is the way we are socialised; the men don’t cry generation, who reserve their feelings for interactions with cars, gadgets and extreme sports. My biggest question and perhaps criticism this week is, are there any benefits to this macho stance? Can men engage with their emotional centres without being considered soft? Let’s chat, share your views via e-mail: or tweet us @ tametimes.

Floating Trophy Best Performing MOU - Phillip Moyo

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12 November 2013

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tame TIMES

New financial centre for Modderfontein

Wagner and Harwood: Guilty

“It will become the future capital for the whole of Africa”.

Laurelle Williams

In one of the largest commercial property deals in the continent, Chinese developers, Shangai Zendai Property, have bought 1 600 hectares of land from chemicals and explosives company, AECI Group. The Chinese firm had committed to investing about R80bn over 10 to 15 years to turn the area into a business and tourism hub.  It is planned that the area should become a new financial centre consisting of 35 000 houses, a training centre, sports stadium and a theme park and is believed to provide an estimate of 22 000 jobs. However, not everyone is delighted about the future developments. Concerned residents find themselves debating whether these developments will be beneficial to the tranquil lifestyle that they have bought into. One of the main concerns raised by residents is that they weren’t fully aware of how big the developments are going to be. In addition residents are concerned about how it will affect the environment surrounding the wetlands, even though the area where the wetlands are situated is not part of the sale agreement. Other grievances include worries that the current infrastructure, ie roads and sewerage systems, cannot handle the great extent to which these developments will take place. Clr Darren Bergman empathises with the

residents, and believes that a community forum needs to be put in place where their grievances can be heard to ensure a win-win situation for all involved. “It is one thing not selling the wetlands, but we need to ensure that the natural channels of the wetlands are protected,” Bergman added. However, bearing in mind the communities’ grievances, Bergman is excited about the new developments. “I am excited about the new developments. One needs to bear in mind that in a Johannesburg context it is important for direct foreign investments. The Chinese consulate has the technology and their buildings go up much faster. I have no doubt that their influence will be beneficial.” Similarly, Gauteng Premier Nomvula Mokoyane welcomed the billion rand deal with the Chinese firm to turn property in Modderfontein into a business hub. “We are extremely excited by the news of this investment, which has been long in the making,” Mokoyane said. Mokonyane added, “We are thankful that Shanghai Zendai chose to bring its business to Gauteng and assure the investors that we, as the Gauteng provincial government, will continue to work with them to ensure that their vision of building a major business and tourism hub becomes a reality.”

There was conflicting emotions in court 13 of the South Gauteng High Court, sitting in Palm Ridge Magistrate’s Court, on 7 November when Judge Borchers gave judgement to the four accused of the murder of Kirsty Theologo and attempted murder of Bronwyn Grammer. Harvey Isha was acquitted on all three counts (count 1 - assault (GBH), count 2 - murder, count 3 - attempted murder). Courtney Daniels was found guilty of common assault, but was acquitted on count 2 and 3. Lindon Wagner and Robin Harwood were found guilty of murder and attempted murder. Borchers went straight into Daniels’s sentencing, while Harwood and Wagner’s sentencing will be continuing in February next year. Grammer and Theologo were doused with petrol and set alight on a hill in Linmeyer on 21 October 2011, in what has been described as a satanic sacrifice. Lester Moody and Jeremy King pleaded guilty, turned state witnesses and are already serving their 17 years imprisonment sentence, with five years suspended. Borchers sentenced Daniels to six months imprisonment with five years suspended, which means that if she is found guilty of assaulting a person within the next five years she will automatically go to prison for six months. While delivering Daniels’ sentence, Borchers said she took into account that this is Daniels’ first time offense, and at the age of 16 she would have been easily influenced by older boys - especially if they invited her to smoke dagga and to drink. Her reason

for the assault charge was due to Daniels putting brake fluid into the two victims’ drinks. Borchers said, “I don’t know if you are using drugs now, but I hope you stay away from drugs and finish school.” Adding that Daniels has a chance of setting her life straight. Leisha Du Toit, Theologo’s cousin sat bewildered in court after Daniels’ sentence was heard. “Two years of fighting and then to see her (Daniels) just walk away. I can’t believe that. She goes home to her family all happy and I go home and get reminded of how this has broken my family.” Sylvia Theologo, Kirsty’s mother was relatively accepting of the judgement. “The judge knows what she is doing, she looked at all the evidence and this is what she came to. There is nothing I can do.” She did add that she is still broken up by the events. Both Harwood and Wagner cried into their mothers’ chest after the judgement. tame TIMES spoke to Harvey Isha and his defence lawyer, Chris Pillay, after the hearing. “Justice was served today. The two accused planned a pre-meditated murder and then tried to implicate Harvey,” Pillay said, satisfied with the ruling. Judge Borchers said she was impressed by Isha’s demeanour and found him to be truthful. Isha stood in elated shock with his girlfriend when tame TIMES asked him if he would like to comment. “I would just like to say thank you to Mr Pillay. It is unreal. I am happy.” His girlfriend led him away, saying, “Let’s go home so you can see your child.” For more detailed articles on the Theologo trial please visit

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Jozi South Half Marathon raises hefty donation

Despite the bleak weather on the day of the Jozi South Half Marathon it was a definite success, raising an incredible R22 640 for CANSA. Entry fees for the 4km Fun Run and R10 from each 21km and 10 km were all donated to CANSA for research, education and support for all people affected by cancer. The official handover of the cheque took place at Gold Reef City on the 5 October. A delighted Charles Eybers from Brotherhood Athletics club said, “It is truly a worthy cause and great pleasure to be associated with it.” “We have learnt a lot over the past two years.

I am pleased to be able to help make a great contribution into the community,” Charles added. General Manager for Gold Reef City, Mike Page believes that the donations to CANSA will make a real difference and when the event continues over the years to come it will keep growing from strength to strength. In addition to the donations from the race, the Ultimate Day Spa also handed over their October donations. The Ultimate Day Spa donated R5 to the Jozi South Marathon from each treatment they did over the month of October.


The primary motive of profit “Therefore I tell you, do not be anxious about your life, what you will eat or what you will drink, nor about your body, what you will put on. Is not life more than food, and the body more than clothing?... But seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things will be added to you.” This text from Matthew 6:25 – 33 can be difficult to understand if we don’t understand the context, which is mainly about coveting – a worry about looking good and eating as well as others. The idea that we are to “seek first the kingdom of God” can often be a confusing one, because questions around what this kingdom is will arise. The bottom line is this: Coveting is, at its core, about people; and the kingdom of God

12 November 2013

tame TIMES

is, at its core, about people – not concepts, politics or economics. Jesus is showing that in all matters of money, including those of running businesses, it is people that matter to God and it is people that ought to matter to us. Love is the primary motive in business, not profit, and all profit is a means to the goal of loving people. That’s worth thinking long and hard about.

All the best Ashanti Ashanti Mbanga, Miss Earth South Africa 2013, leaves for Manila, Philippines on Friday to represent South Africa at the international Miss Earth competition, which takes place on 7 December. Media got a glimpse of her spectacular designer dresses as well as her vision for access to clean water for all, which she will present at the competition. This year’s international Miss Earth theme follows the official United Nations theme of Water Co-operation. The 24-year-old Transport Economics Major will represent SA amongst delegates from around the world during November and December. She arrives in Manila in November and will spend three weeks in South East Asia, travelling throughout the Philippines visiting schools and communities, promoting environmental campaigns and programmes and meeting with dignitaries and environmental bodies across the region. Their key focus is Water Co-operation and what each Ambassador can do to continue promoting the responsible use of this scarce natural resource once they return home. Mbanga’s true light shone when she gave a very heartfelt speech at the media farewell. She explained that her father passed away in April while she was completing her degree, a very trying time. She went on to say that when she went to Gold Reef City in a taxi for the first Miss Earth auditions, it was raining and she was soaking. She thought this couldn’t be, but look at where she is now. “When one door closes another door opens,” Mbanga said. Her humble speech just shows another great quality she has as a role model. The towering beauty will showcase a one-ofa-kind national costume, a custom-designed piece created by Sonwabile Ndamase from Vukani Range Creations. Ndamase is best known for creating the brightly coloured, patterned “Madiba shirts” made famous by Nelson Mandela. Delegates at the international Miss Earth were also required to present an “Eco-Dress,” which was to be made from responsibly sourced, sustainable and/or recycled materials. Mbanga will showcase a design created by Redhill School learner, Suzanne Bell. The piece, which came about as part of a project in conjunction with the school’s Generation

Earth council, is made from recycled Archie Comics and scrap material using a technique called “napkin podge”. Mbanga will sport items from Crystal Forum and Swarovski and all her pre-departure beauty needs have seen to by Camelot International, Villa d’Est and Bijan Boutique Hairdressing. She will travel with a range of beauty products from Esse as well as a full set luggage, kindly donated by Samsonite SA. “Being crowned as Miss Earth South Africa has given me great purpose and has been the most significant event in my life that I will treasure forever. I will always be blessed to continue working with the Miss Earth organisation and I will continue to serve my community and country. There is no greater service,” Ashanti said. Mbanga goes forward with great commitment and knowledge of the environmental need. She understands her responsibility and the power that she has to make a difference, to educate and to be a voice for the green movement. Mbanga is passionate about devising efficient and effective ways of moving people and freight while reducing the effect of the transport and logistics industries on the environment. She hopes to one-day effect genuine positive change from the position of Transport Minister. Ashanti Mbanga in her national costume. *Photo taken by Ndu Ngwenya.

Making an impact at the end of the year Stop Hunger Now Southern Africa and IMPACT are ending their year off in an incredible way. They are attempting to pack 200 000 meals in 12 hours at their Germiston Warehouse. The team of packers will be split into into five shifts of 2 hours each. Between 06:00 and 18:00, 40 000 meals will be packaged by 150 volunteers per shift. These volunteers will form a human production line to decant the ingredients (of rice, soya, dehydrated vegetable and a sachet which contains 23 essential vitamins and minerals) into meal bags. The meal bag provides six adult size portions and can feed up to 10 children. The meal bag costs R16,50 with each meal costing only R2,75. You can make a difference by participating in the Stop Hunger Now Southern Africa event. The lives of 1300 hungry little children will be changed by ensuring that they receive a cooked meal daily. The period over December is known as the ‘Season for Giving’ – you can give the gift of food security, for an entire year, to the children

receiving the meals packaged. Barry Mey, CEO of Stop Hunger Now Southern Africa said, “Just imagine 200 000 empty tummies being satisfied. That’s 1300 children’s food security for the whole year of 2014! What a way to end 2013, and most think 13 is an unlucky number!” The Stop Hunger Now Southern Africa meals that are packaged will be distributed to early childhood development centres (day care centres or crèches) in Alexandra, Daveyton, Diepsloot, Germiston, Katlehong, Makause, Orange Farm, Rabie Ridge, Soweto and Tembisa. Established in the USA in 1998 by Dr Ray Buchanan, Stop Hunger Now is an international organisation that coordinates the distribution of food and other life-saving aid worldwide. In response to the dire need in Southern Africa, Stop Hunger Now Southern Africa, a Section 21 company, was founded in Johannesburg in September 2009. Visit information on how to get involved.


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12 November 2013

SPCA – Germiston/Bedfordview – Closing the gap between Church and Government is dangerous Bikini Car wash fun day It’s that time of year again and we are looking forward to another successful fundraiser. SPCA would hereby like you to join us and take a stall. Organisers will do their very best not to duplicate stalls and to give you the best site possible. The event will be held at the Bedfordview Primary School parking grounds on 30 November from 9:00-17:00. The SPCA will be selling cold drinks,

sweets and crisps, so these items can unfortunately not be sold by another vendor. If you would like to book a stall contact Liezle on 071 332 4865 or

Please note that unfortunately no tables will be available to stallholders and you should provide your own. Should you need shade, please bring a gazebo or umbrella as there is limited shade.

Half of new Germiston Hospital unused serve all 300 beds. There are 18 Intensive Care Unit (ICU) beds, four of which are in use as High Care and the others are unused. No date is given for when all the beds will Statement from DA Gauteng Health be in use. According to Papo, it will be “as and when spokesperson, both financial and human resources are Jack Bloom sufficiently available”. The building of a half-empty hospital shows poor planning. All hospitals on the East Rand are under pressure, so it is disappointing that so 150 out of 300 beds in the newly built many beds at this hospital are unused. Bertha Gxowa Hospital in Germiston Many seriously ill patients die because of are unused because of staff and budget a lack of ICU beds, but 14 ICU beds at constraints. Bertha Gxowa lie empty. This is revealed by Gauteng Health MEC Hope Papo in a written reply to my These beds are needed, and efforts questions in the Gauteng Legislature. should be made to get the staff and This hospital has only 622 staff instead budget so that this hospital runs at full of the 1065 staff that would be needed to capacity.

Manny de Frietas writes:

About a month ago Jacob (not the son of Isaac and grandson of Abraham in the Old Testament) Zuma addressed the Presbyterian Synod in Giyani. Why a political leader would be invited to address a religious synod is beyond me. Increasingly Zuma has been bringing Church and State closer and closer. This is not even my analysis; Zuma at that same Synod said that God had made a connection between government and the Church. The President’s irresponsible statements continue to flabbergast me. A few years ago he arrogantly stated that the ANC would rule until Jesus comes. If this is true lets pray that it’s really soon. I would wager a bet that Zuma has never read

tame TIMES Board East Rand Stereo AGM East Rand Stereo (Ekurhuleni FM) Annual General Meeting, 21 November 2013 @ 19:00. Cinnamon Circle, 7 Circle Street, Strubenvale, Springs. Call 083 9100 939 for more info. Meals on Wheels annual cook off - 21 November Meals on Wheels are having another Mandela Day and they aim to prepare a hot cooked meal for 10 000 underprivileged individuals. They are looking for 10 teams of six people each. Teams will be competing against each other and the two best teams will win awesome prizes. If you would like to enter a team, please contact Michelle Wohlberg at:

the Constitution, not even once. The Constitution is clear that it does not recognise any connection between the Government and the Church and guarantees the freedom of religion, belief and opinion. In Zuma’s world, he doesn’t understand that there are even people that don’t believe or even care if Jesus comes. Someone should provide him the breaking news that there are people who don’t believe in, or even know, Jesus and that it’s acceptable as we all have the freedom to believe, or not believe, in whatever we like. History has shown us over and over again the danger of mixing religion, any religion, with government. It never turns out well, but then I doubt that Zuma’s ever read any book, let alone a history book. Venue: Gillooys Farm Time: 8:00 till 16:00 Tennis season in full swing Des Ward will be holding Junior Tennis Round Robins from 5 to 6 December and 9 to 12 December 2013. A Round Robin will also be held from 6 January – 9 January 2014. The Junior Tennis Round Robins will be held at Shanahan Park, Elma Park, Edenvale. The age groups for boys and girls are from 8 to 14 years. For further information contact Des Ward, Cell: 082 748 0641. comedy & Belly dancing night 30 November Mystical Belly Dancing School is hosting a Belly Dancing and Comedy Nite show, which includes one of SA’s best stand up comedians Conrad Koch and his puppets, including Chester Missing. Proceeds will be going to charity. Tickets: R100 per person Date: 30 November | Time: 18:00 Place: Crown Gardens Recreational Hall. Food and Drinks on sale. For more information please contact 082 400 1811.

tame TIMES

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12 November 2013

Italtile welcomes the community Post early and be rewarded The official opening of Italtile The Glen took place this weekend. Fanfare, spot prizes and a good welcoming consisting of delicious ice-cream and frothy cappuccino’s were the order of both days. Stella Cronje from Germiston was the lucky winner of the grand prize worth R25 000. The grand prize consisted of a Kos Faraway round basin, a Bianca 1m x 1m frameless shower enclosure and a 1m x 2,7m Douglas Jones mosaic fade. Cronje got to choose the type of mosaic from the Italtile Firenze Series. Cronje told tame TIMES that she didn’t expect it, showing her goosebumps. ”I have just completed my bathroom but will be able to use this in my second bathroom,” Cronje said. Over 2000 tame TIMES readers entered the Italtile competition. Fifty readers were drawn and stood a chance to win this superb prize. Italtile had a giving heart on Sunday as they

added a second and third prize as well: a Tivoli Morelli sink mixer and a Salerno Round Shower Head. The grand celebration started last Thursday evening already, with a VIP exclusive cocktail evening where industry specific people were invited. Brian McKechnie, an associate at Activate Architects, and a representative of Gauteng Institute for Architecture (GIFA), was the guest speaker and gave away the trend secret that orange will be the next big colour in 2014. Sergio Galli, Managing Director of Italtile told the esteemed guests that they aim to service the whole of the Vaal Triangle, not only the south of Johannesburg. The South African award-winning chart-topping singer/ songwriter, Daniel Baron entertained all the Italtile patrons on Saturday morning while they shopped until they dropped with all the great specials that were on offer. Baron even posed in some of the baths for tame TIMES.

The South African Post Office urges customers who want to mail Christmas parcels to consider doing so now and reap some rewards. Speed Services, the SA Post Office’s courier arm, can deliver items weighing 1kg or less, overnight for only R69 from 11 November to 20 December 2013. The following are the latest times to mail parcels to ensure delivery before Christmas: Registered items can be insured against non-delivery, but not damage. “This is due to the fact that we do not have control over the contents of a package, or the packaging material used and cannot accept responsibility for possible breakage,” Janras Kotsi, head of Mail Business said. Tips: • Parcels must be packaged securely, as they are transported in bulk. • If your mail item does not fill the container,

All air mail items

fill it with packaging material like shredded paper or polystyrene to act as a shock absorber. • Make sure the items you are sending are legal in the country of destination. In most countries, plant and animal material cannot be imported. The following items may not be posted: • Illegal items such as drugs, explosives and arms. • Items that could leak and damage other packages, such as liquids. • Items that may explode or catch fire during air transport, such as aerosols or flammable liquids. • No live animals may be posted. All international and Speed Services items are x-rayed and scanned to make sure the content is legal and safe. For the cost of posting items please visit

All countries

Surface mail destination

R25 000 Italtile winner: Lauren Adams, Stella Cronje and Francois Kruger.

Post your item on or before 11 December 2013

Post your item on or before

Tristan da Cunha, Ascension, St Helena

22 November 2013

Australia, North and South America, Asia, Europe and UK, Middle East

25 November 2013

The Seychelles, Comoros, Mauritius, Réunion

25 November 2013

Botswana, Lesotho, Mozambique, Namibia and Zimbabwe

13 December 2013

All other countries

22 November 2013

12 November 2013

tame TIMES

Holy Rosary claim Holy Rosary awards at SANESA dancers leaving Holy Rosary pupils walked away with numerous awards after attending the SANESA (South African National School’s Equestrian Association) awards evening, for the Ekurhuleni Region. Holy Rosary High School was awarded second place at the SANESA Ekurhuleni Awards Evening in Category B, which consists of between 2-4 riders, held on 17 September.  They also received the Outstanding Achievement in Various Disciplines award for Dressage and Performance Riding. Holy Rosary Primary School came second in their Category D, which consists of between 9 to 12 riders.  Although only four girls competed in all four shows, the school still managed to accumulate an astounding 10 185 points for the year.  Holy Rosary was also awarded the Outstanding Achievements in Various Disciplines Award for Working Riding, Showjumping, Equitation and Working Hunter.

Holy Rosary Primary School pupils Tana Leigh Scott, LeighAnne Scott (Chef d’equipe), Zandri Du Toit and Daniella Ribeiro, with their awards received at the SANESA Awards.

their mark

The Bailatino dance studio in Bedfordview is leaving their mark and raking in the medals. The dancers from Holy Rosary School received 6 gold, 3 silver, 2 bronze and one 5th placing between them. Since the studio’s inception in April 2013, dance teachers Claudia and Robyn have moved from Nelspruit, opened a studio that currently runs from the Bedfordview Scouts Hall, and are now making their mark at the Solo Dance Latina competitions. The competitions cover 13 dance routines in three categories, namely: Solo Classic: Contemporary, Jazz, Ballet, and Spanish. Solo Latin: Cha-cha, Samba. Jive, Paso-doblé, Salsa, and Rumba Solo Energy: Bhangra, Hip-hop, Slowstyle and Energy.

The Bailatino Dancers from Holy Rosary School

Page 7

Community engagement for Holy Rosary pupils Grade 11 Holy Rosary pupils joined teenagers from all around Johannesburg at William Hills Secondary in Benoni, to do community service. The initiative is part of the CokeRockCorps, which brings the youth together to help the community. Their task was to build a soccer field for the school since they do not have any sporting facilities. Grade 11 learner Gabi Salgado said, “We had the most amazing experience, and made a lot of new friends from different schools and backgrounds.” As reward for their valiant efforts the volunteers got a surprise visit from Liquideep, who also got dirty helping them lay grass. At the end of the four hours everyone was dirty from head to toe, but were filled with excitement when they received tickets to an exclusive concert that only the volunteers could attend. “We would like to thank CokeRockCorps for this wonderful opportunity. It was a truly fantastic day, and not only did we work hard and have a lot of fun, but it also made us realise how privileged we are to go to an amazing school such as Holy Rosary,” said the participating pupils.

Community engagement participants from Holy Rosary.

tame TIMES

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Holy Rosary breaks swimming records Holy Rosary Primary School’s Eastern’s team swam at the Boksburg Pool in the Inter-Primary A relay gala on Tuesday, 29 October.   Holy Rosary Primary School came 2nd in the girls section and came first with St Benedict’s in the combined section. Three records were broken in the following events: 10-year-old 

Girls medley relay (Sinead Meyer, Rachael Brown, Jenna Cameron Gun and Caitlin Driver), 12-year-old Girls Medley Relay (Emma Boake, Kirsten Davies, Sianne Downes and Jade Alves), and 12-year-old Freestyle Relay (Emma Boake, Kirsten Davies, Sianne Downes and Jade Alves).

12 November 2013

Bennies take top spots St Benedict’s College took the top spot at the Gauteng Schools rowing championship. The contest was closely contested between St John’s and St Benedict’s on the Saturday, which made for very exciting racing on Sunday. St Benedict’s raced well on the Sunday and pulled out a convincing victory at the closing

of the regatta. St Benedict’s finished with 441 points in first place and St John’s College finished in second place with 389 points. Well done to all the Bennies athletes on an outstanding performance.

Holy Rosary rowers awarded

SWIMMERS: Holy Rosary Swimmers who excelled at the Inter-Primary A relay gala.

Kyla Pullen won silver in u/15 sculls; Kallen Carrick and Courtney Kan won silver in u/16 doubles; Tyler Venske and Robyn Knowles won bronze in u/16 doubles; Teal Alves and Hannah Kempe won bronze in u/19 pairs; Kallen Carrick won silver in u/16 sculls; India Burridge and Lenore Blanshard won bronze in u/15 doubles; Kyla Pullen, India Burridge, Lenore Blanshard, Adriana Tasovac, and cox Gaby Martin won silver in u/15 quads; Natalie Russell and Lauren Soll won silver in u/19 doubles; and Kallen Carrick, Tyler Venske, Robyn Knowles, Courtney Kan, and cox Savannah Stewart won silver in u/16 quads.

12 November 2013

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Classic Car

show 09:00am

Lanbton Gables: Find us at: Cnr 3rd Ave & Webber Rd Lambton

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12 November 2013

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12 November 2013

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Mighty Women conference Royal Zulu Warrior: the fastest The 2013 Emperors Palace Charity Mile took place at Turffontein Race Course on 2 November, and what a beautiful day it was. With perfect weather, celebrities signed autographs and, most importantly, 16 charities walked away as winners. However, at the end of the day the true warrior was the hero - Royal Zulu Warrior and jockey Karl Zechner won R100 000 for Maphanzela Primary Aftercare Centre. Celebrity Gerry Eldson was elated and screamed with joy once she saw Royal Zulu

We believe that our speakers will touch each person’s heart through the working of the Holy Spirit

Bookings and registrations can be done on or through iTicket on We have an information line 071 912 2554 for any queries on the Mighty Women Conference. Our speakers are Hettie Brittz, Antoinet Viviers and Erika Richards. Our vision is to reach women that are broken - through divorce, destructive or abusive relationships, death of loved ones, financial burdens and general workplace pressure. We believe that our speakers will touch each

15 – 17 November 2013

person’s heart through the working of the Holy Spirit and we invite all women to join us for this very special weekend. Girls from the age of 12 are welcome. This is the first Mighty Women Conference to be held in Johannesburg and we plan to make this an annual event. Note the event is held under the covenant and guidance of Shalom Ministries, Angus Buchan and Mighty Men Conference South Africa.

Warrior crossing the finish line. Her African dress, which she only decided to wear that day, certainly brought luck on the day. The Peermont Emperors Palace Charity Mile brings together top racehorses and celebrities in aid of 16 charities who each received a share of the R550 000 pool. The celebrities included South Brian Mitchell and his beautiful wife Juanita, as well as Mondeor actress Fiona Nay, James Dalton, Mathew and Sonia Booth and Jason Goliath, to name but a few.

The results were as follows: 1. Gerry Elsdon - ROYAL ZULU WARRIOR - Maphanzela Primary Aftercare 2. SphumLile Radebe - GLORIOUS JET - Thembakazi Primary Aftercare 3. Kerry McGregor - KILLUA CASTLE - Animal Anti-Cruelty League 4. Matthew Booth - WHITELINE FEVER - Jongimfundo Primary Aftercare 5. Fiona Nay - YORKER - Reahile Primary Aftercare Centre 6. Sonia Booth - CHERRY ON THE TOP - Jabulani Khakibos Kids 7. Amor Vittone - WYLIE HALL - Highveld Horse Care Unit 8. Jacques Terre’Blanche - LOVE STRUCK - San Michele 9. Alex Caige - HERE COMES BILLY - Umkhathize Primary Aftercare 10. Amanda Du Pont - MOON OF RANGOON - Welamlambo Primary Aftercare 11. Jason Goliath - POTALA PALACE - Peermont School Support Programme 12. Chané de Kock - TELLINA - Nageng Primary Aftercare Centre 13. Brian Mitchell - CELTIC FIRE - Peermont Education Trust – Lesedi 14. James Dalton - WAGNER - Star Schools 15. Darren Scott - LINK MAN - Khangezile Primary Aftercare 16. Neil Andrews - WAR HORSE - Fortune Kunene Primary Aftercare

R100 000 R 70 000 R 50 000 R 40 000 R 30 000 R 29 000 R 28 000 R 27 000 R 26 000 R 25 000 R 25 000 R 20 000 R 20,000 R 20 000 R 20 000 R 20,000

Getting into the swing of things Mini Tennis is a unique way of teaching the little ones the joys of tennis.

R395 per person, including accommodation, all meals (16 and 17 November) and registrations. Venue: Beula Park Conference Center Mount Zion Prayer Mountain Meadowdale Germiston

The basic objective of Mini Tennis is to adapt the game of tennis to suit the abilities of the young child (4-8 years).

The courts are smaller, the rackets shorter and the balls are made of foam. The child can therefore experience success quickly and have fun while learning. Mini Tennis also serves as an introductory stage to traditional tennis. The child can learn the complexities of the game with confidence, making the experience more rewarding for the child. Des Ward will be hosting Mini Tennis Clinics from 5-10 December 2013 and 9-14 January 2014. Contact Des Ward for more information. Cell: 082 748 0641 or

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Ahly kings of Africa

12 November 2013

Le Clos bags another gold South Africa’s Chad Le Clos was on fire at the seventh leg of the FINA Swimming World Cup 2013. Le Clos reinforced the South African lead of the third cluster and of the overall ranking of the competition with his three wins in the men’s 50m and 200m butterfly, and the 400m IM. Kosuke Hagino made the day for the Japanese fans with a new World CuptheWorld record in the men’s 200m IM, touching in 1:51.50, faster than the time recorded (1:51.55) by Darian Townsend (RSA) in November 2009. Chad Le Clos trailed close behind to claim a second place.   The FINA Swimming World Cup will conclude in Beijing (CHN), on November 13-14. Provisional leaders of the third Cluster after the 7th meet: MEN 1. Chad Le Clos (RSA) - 179 pts 2. Vladimir Morozov (RUS) - 105 pts 3. Daniel Gyurta (HUN) - 81 pts WOMEN 1. Katinka Hosszu (HUN) - 180 pts 2. Alicia Coutts (AUS) - 87 pts 3. Yulia Efimova (RUS) - 86 pts

Defender: Rooi Mahamutsa controls ahead of Egyptian striker; Ahmed Abdelzaher.

Ndu Ngwenya Al-Ahly extended on their record, becoming 8 time champions of African football on Sunday night by beating South African side, Orlando Pirates. The Pirates, who had been carrying the hopes of not only South Africa but those of the entire SADEC region, drew their home leg of the two legged CAF Champions League last week at the Orlando Stadium, taking them to Egypt slightly disadvantaged by Ahly’s away goal. Pirates’ dream of adding a second star to their Skull-and-Bones logo came to an end in Cairo, as they were beaten 2-0 at the Arab Contractors Stadium in the second leg of the final. The Cairo result meant that Ahly won 3-1 on aggregate. Pirates were the second South African side to fall at the hands of Al-Ahly. In 2001, Mamelodi Sundowns also had a chance to become African

Champions but were outdone by the Egyptian giants. According to many football analysts, Pirates were the clear underdogs heading into the match. However, during the game the Pirates displayed a valiant fighting spirit, which saw them earn themselves at least three clearcut chances, but the finishing touches of their strikers left much to be desired. Chances missed by Segolela and Bacela will leave many Pirates fans and South Africans believing the Sea-robbers caused a disappointment of historical note. Al-Ahly enjoyed most of the possession in the first half, but none of that was converted to goals. Pirates had the best chance of the half in the 20th minute; but Ahly’s goalkeeper, Sherif Fkramy, got the better of Segolela’s attempt. At halftime the sides were deadlocked at 0-0. Al-Ahly broke the deadlock early in the second half through an Aboutrika shot, which deflected off some defender beating Senzo Meyiwa. Ahmed Abdel-Zaher doubled the Egyptians lead in the 79th minute, sealing the fate of both Al-Ahly and Orlando Pirates.

Provisional leaders of the World Cup after the 7th meet: MEN 1. Chad Le Clos (RSA) - 511 pts 2. Vladimir Morozov (RUS) - 345 pts 3. Robert Hurley (AUS) - 252 pts WOMEN 1. Katinka Hosszu (HUN) - 759 pts 2. Alia Atkinson (JAM) - 255 pts 3. Mireia Belmonte (ESP) - 238 pts


Tame times bedfordview 13 nov 2013  

Tame times bedfordview 13 nov 2013

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