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Volume 04, 8 October 2013, Week 41

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SA athlete shows his support

Monica Supra CANSA Alberton started October in true giving spirit when the organisation, along with Hair Associates, gave 50 lucky ladies the opportunity to have a pink strand put in their hair for Breast Cancer Awareness Month. The giving spirit spread when Remax Properties decided to contribute to the cause.

“I did not even ask for a sponsorship for CANSA, but my friend Anita just said ‘let me give them something,’ and she sponsored a massive R10 000 on the day,” said Marina Schultz, who organised the event with Community Mobiliser of the Eastern Gauteng Region for CANSA, Silvia Craucamp. Marina is the owner of Breast Assured and sells mastectomy accessories in Randhart. South African bronze medallist Johan Cronje

tame TIMES goes PINK for Breast Cancer awareness month When life kicks you, let it kick you forward. tame TIMES supports Breast Cancer Awareness month in October.

also attended the event to show his support towards CANSA. Johan, who stunned South Africans with his tenacious bronze medal run at the IAAF World Championships in Moscow, says that he supports the fight against cancer a hundred percent. “I don’t think that I will shave my hair this year, it’s getting a bit on the thin side, but I might spray it pink,” he laughed. Johan came all the way from Bloemfontein to attend the

morning and to hand out some autographs. The 1500 meter event is one that takes grit and determination, just like the fight against cancer. The proceeds of the hair extentions were donated to CANSA Alberton by Yvette Whatts, owner of Hair Associates. tame TIMES would like to congratulate the dynamic team of organisers on hosting a lovely and successful event.

tame TIMES

8 October 2013

Miss Junior Teen SA prepares for toy run Laurelle Williams

My head Voice: By Nieto Hernandez

Taking responsibility is the better way

Do not look where you fell, but where you slipped – African Proverb

Ever felt how infuriating it is when someone, either an individual or organisation, chooses to insult your intelligence by denying knowledge of something that could not exist without any one’s hand actively participating in its creation? Perhaps that’s a vague way to deliver the question, but I’m sure we have all experienced this. It’s beyond lying, it’s infuriating because this form of denial undermines one’s ability to look at the facts and come up to an accurate conclusion. The intention may have not been to land the plane illegally at Waterkloof, but it happened and it’s just not logical to imagine that the planes landing was unauthorised by anyone. Will the person who gave the green light please stand up. Before I come across as one-sided, I must say: just because a crime happens at a specific centre, it does not necessarily make that

centre a bad centre. Just because a Glenvista High student harasses a teacher, it doesn’t make Glenvista High a bad school, and an illegally issued passport does not mean the entire Home Affairs Department is bad. All it means is that we are not there yet, and here is what my vague question seeks to address. We do not need to apply a bureaucratic approach to the solving of such issues. What we need is frankness and some responsibility. A couple of weeks ago I made reference to a JF Kennedy quote, where he advises about a dedicated effort towards problems - the time to repair the roof is while the sun shines not when we’re drenched in the waters of the impending rain. The problem I find with the current order, and unfortunately it’s best observed through government, is that there is hardly any problem solving done by implementation of proactive systems to prevent problems. What we currently call problem solving is actually just a grown up version of pin the tail. So often we either find the donkey, or that which looks like the donkey, we pin the tail and think we have solved the problem when in fact we have just created a gap for the actual problem to fester. As an example I’ll use our police ministry with their recurring donkeys. Would anyone agree with me that we have a capacity problem, or is there a problem with the deployment? What criteria are being used? These are the kinds of questions I feel will actually serve us better on the road to authentic problem solving. In the case of the Gupta plane landing, please quote me on this one - currently it seems Bruce Koloane is the donkey that tail will be pinned on. Even if it the donkey was ultimately to become Zuma and he was recalled as President, the problem will persist (the donkeys will remain with us) if the problematic eye of the needle is not addressed - and that’s the gospel according to Nieto. Share your views on this or any of the previous week’s topics with me. I appreciate that this is just my opinion and there are plenty more out there. Let’s have a chat, e-mail me at voice@tametimes., alternatively tweet us @tametimes.

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musings {A note from the Editor}

Kristen Martin, Miss Junior Teen South Africa 2013 is preparing for her next project - a Christmas toy run. The Sir John Adamson learner aims to collect over 3000 toys and teddies and to distribute to various government hospitals, hospices and the Bikers Toy Run the end of this year. Chris Hani Baragwaneth, South Rand, Helen Joseph, Rehema Moosa and Charlotte Maxeke hospitals will be the beneficiary government hospitals. The project will run from 14 October to 29 November and toys will be collected once a week on a Friday or on request. Sir John Adamson and Dalmondeor Primary are already on board but all schools, businesses and individuals are welcome to join in. tame TIMES asked Martin what she ascribes as the cause of troubled youth. Martin said, “Peer pressure. You get to high school and you want to be in the ‘cool’ group so you land up doing what they want you to do. Sadly you only realise when it is too late, like when you fail or something bad happens. The youth tend to be followers instead of leaders.” If you would like to assist with Martin’s toy run, please contact Veronique on 082 734 2709.

JHB South 24 500

I can’t believe how time has flown by. We are approaching mid-October and the Christmas decorations are slowly starting to fill the stores in anticipation of the coming Festive Season. We’re all looking at the matric farewell photos with nostalgia and are stunned at how it only felt like yesterday when we were getting ready for our own farewells. Page 14 and 15 shows off some of the photos we received from you. We might not be celebrating the end of our school careers anymore, nor are we ready to celebrate Christmas yet; but we are celebrating life before, during and after breast cancer this month. We are celebrating the fact that the days where people had the perception that those two words equaled a death sentence are long gone. tame TIMES focusses on explaining the government shutdown in the USA last week to our readers on page 12 and 13. On the topic of education, you will find educational (and inspirational) stories all through the newspaper this week. Lastly, we are celebrating the birthdays of quite a few of our staff members and their families this week. Excluding 4 members of our editorial staff having birthdays this weekend, our COO’s son, Brian Blignaut as well as his grandmother have also added a new year to each of their lives. My special wish goes to Eunice Mokoena, who turned 31 on Friday. Without her we would attempt to do our work in utter chaos. We are grateful to have someone who cleans up after us with a smile on her face, cracking a joke here and there. We wish you a lovely year sexy! Here we go again, looking forward to hear from our readers and to bring the community relevant news that you want to read. Remember to let us know about all of your events, articles and your totally random stories that your children think won’t be newsworthy – you never know when that story can make someone’s day!

Bedfordview: 12 000 Kathorus: 55 000

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tame tameTIMES TIMES

Meet tame TIMES Face of the week

Reading Starz

Earlier this month, Hlubi Mboya, Grethe Fox, Ntsiki Mazwai and Thato Tholo gathered at READ’s head office for the Annual Reading Starz Workshops. These leaders in the entertainment industry held separate workshops to help selected learners to master their particular fields. Only 25 learners were selected from an overwhelming number of entries to a Readathon competition held at the beginning of the year. The challenges were three-pronged: 1) Write a script that would earn a place in the Drama and Script-writing Workshop held by Grethe Fox and Hlubi Mboya. 2) Submit a poem that would stand a chance to join Ntsiki Mazwai in her workshopPoetry and Writing 3) Create a television advertisement link good enough to secure a spot in Thato Tholo’s workshop, TV Presenting and Public Speaking Workshop.

Kay-Lee Jordan De Vries

HOW TO ENTER: Send your photo Attach your name, age, and contact details. Get your friends and family to ‘like’ the page and vote! CATEGORY FOR OCTOBER 2013: GIRLS 10-12 YEARS.

A fourth workshop gave everyone a chance to learn how to run a successful book club. This was hosted by Katherine Alexander from READ Educational Trust who shared her vast knowledge on book clubs, which includes how to combat challenges facing book clubs in disadvantaged communities.

HOW IT WORKS: There will be a different category announced each month in which you can enter. The weekly entry photos will be placed on the tame TIMES Facebook page. The photo with the most ‘likes’ will be the Face of the Week and be published in the tame TIMES. The Face of the Week winner will receive a voucher for 1 month free modelling training from Figures Alberton. All photos featured on the tame TIMES Facebook page during the month, will be taken into account when the Face of the Month is chosen. The photo with the most ‘likes’ will be Face of the Month. The Face of the Month will be featured on the Figures Alberton website and also receive a voucher for a 4-month course at Figures Alberton worth R1500.

Fire Agent


Supply and service of fire extinguishers, hose reels, hydrants and speciaized fire equipment and spares Installation and services of smoke detection and gas suppresssion systems Fire investigation services, fire training, fire doors, fire walls, sprinkler system repairs and safety equipment SABS Approved Email: Tel: 011 733 4997

8 October 2013

Left: Hlubi Mboya with a few of the lucky participants.


The Santa Shoebox Project kicked off on 1 September, with the goal to collect 100 000 gifts this year for underprivileged children across the country and Namibia. This inspiring non-profit organisation has been collecting ‘Santa Shoeboxes’ for thousands of children from vulnerable social backgrounds for the past seven years. Last year the target of 100 000 shoeboxes was reached, and this year they are planning to repeat this achievement. The gifts will be dispatched to more than 1000 children’s homes, orphanages and other child care institutions across the country, in time to make many little hearts happy over the festive season. With ‘Reaching the Rural Child’ as this year’s theme, the Santa Shoebox Project offers people from all walks of life the chance to participate in a profoundly valuable and personal experience, which enriches both the lives of those doing the giving and those on the receiving end. This year, the project will focus on increasing support to caregiving facilities in small towns and farming communities. The aim this year is to take on more orphanages in all areas, and to allocate a percentage of Santa Shoeboxes collected at the large city centres to facilities in the rural areas. Join in on the spirit of the festive season early this year and register on-line at www. By clicking on the

“Pledge a Box” button, donors may choose the name of a child or children they’d like to give their Santa Shoeboxes to. Age appropriate gift boxes then have to be filled according to the guidelines provided on the website, which include some practical necessities such as toothpaste and a toothbrush, face cloth and soap, as well as sweets, educational supplies, a toy and an item of clothing. The gift-wrapped Santa Shoeboxes need to be dropped off at central distribution points across the country between 18 October and 2 November (details and directions provided on the website).

DROP-OFF: JHB-South - Kibler Park CONTACT: Celia Els/Karen Landi/Margie /Lesley NUMBER: 083 453 6326 / 082 905 7441 / 082 417 3649 / 082 454 7903 ADDRESS: Kliprivier Recreation Centre, Corner Peggy Vera and Sunningdale Roads, Kibler Park DATE: 25, 26, 27 October TIME: Fri 08:00-18:00, Sat 08:00-18:00, Sun 09:00-14:00 E-mail enquiries: Follow on @SantaShoebox

tame TIMES

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Residents demand school cleans up Extract from a reader’s letter

I reside in Jakobus Street, Florentia, Alberton. Every morning learners from Alberton Hoërskool use the street, front yards and driveways of residents as their personal cigarette butts dumpsite/ashtrays. We, as residents, have asked the students on various occasions to refrain from doing this and to leave, but to no avail. We phoned the school and complained many times. Every time the school uses the same excuse, “We know about the problem, Jakobus Street is a big problem. We receive phone calls every second day,” and so it goes on.

We as residents of Jakobus Street now demand that Alberton Hoërskool pro-actively do something about the behaviour of their leaners by, for example, sending a member of their staff/student council to walk up the street at random intervals and sort the problem out. People in the neighbourhood do not want to cause trouble or create criminals of leaners by reporting this to the police, but we want our neighbourhood cleaned of cigarette butts, cans, chips packets, coffee cups and tissues, etc.

Stukkie mooi in die wêreld Johan en Adrie Nothnagel skryf:

Ons getuienis van ‘n stukkie mooi in hierdie lelike wêreld: Sondagoggend die 21ste Julie, stuur die Here vir ons ‘n engel. Iemand wat ons nie werklik geken het nie, maar wat baie duidelik saam met ons aan die Jesusfamilie behoort. In daardie tyd het ons net donker en hartseer beleef asook baie lelike aanvalle van mense. Al’s Home Cooked Meals is mense wat voorbereide etes aan mense verskaf wat ‘n wonderlike hulp en geleentheid vir baie mense bied. Die etes word baie keurig en smaakvol voorberei. Hulle het vir ons gratis etes kom aanbied vir twee volle weke elke aand. Ons was sprakeloos en kon net die Here dankie sê daarvoor. Daar is werklik nog mense wat die Here in hulle lewe uitleef net soos ons dit ook elke dag behoort te doen. Dit was ongelooflik om sulke liefde en warm harte te ervaar na al die lelike en negatiewe dinge wat ons as gesin in hierdie tyd beleef het.

Baie dankie vir ieder en elk wat ons wel in hierdie tye in liefde omvou en steeds dra. Besonderse dankie aan Anton en Alet van Al’s Home Cooked Meals, ons het dit werklik opreg waardeer. Op die 1ste Augustus het Jeanette van Serve-U-Pools ‘n besoek aan ons gebring om vir ons te kom sê dat daar wel reëlings gemaak was vir die nasien van ons swembad vir September. Hulle het ook hulle diens gratis vir ons kom aanbied vir die onderhoud van die swembad vir 3 maande. Ons kon dit amper nie glo nie, maar dit was wel ‘n werklikheid. Hulle was bekommerd oor die swembad se toestand, wat ons in daardie tyd nie eers aan gedink het nie. Mag julle net die seën van die Here in julle werk beleef, want julle is ook werklik omgee-mense. Ons verseker julle dat ons dit baie waardeer, aangesien my man baie weg van die huis af werk sal dit beslis baie help.

Thank you

8 October 2013

Tony and Ina de Freitas write: Thank you to the Peense family (Richard, Magda and Charmaine). Just to say thank you so much for feeding Herbie and Lucy and watering our garden whilst out of town. Charmaine, you are a special star. Charmaine and Magda, who go an extra mile with the CPF – thanks so much for the hours of night rest you give up for us as a community to be safe. God’s richest blessings for both you and the CPF to be safe.

Public transport on Ekurhuleni’s agenda As part of Public Transport Month activities, the City of Ekurhuleni launched a month-long campaign to test all trucks with a gross vehicle mass of 3500kg and more. The free vehicle assessment campaign is open until October 31 at Nigel, Boksburg and Kempton Park Testing Centres. Other Public Transport Month activities will include taxis and buses, all in a bid to curb fatal road accidents as a result of vehicle un-roadworthiness. Metro’s spokesperson Sam Modiba says, “Ensuring that we have roadworthy vehicles on our roads is fundamental for us as a City because we have a high volume of heavy vehicles driving in and out of our City as a result of the large industries that we have in our municipal area. We also encourage public operators to continue on a regular basis to test their vehicles even beyond the campaign.” Modiba encourages all public transport operators to book appointments and visit the City’s designated testing stations in order to seize the opportunity to be informed about the roadworthy status of their vehicles, on order for corrective measures to be taken to prevent deadly accidents. “For the purpose of efficiency and due consideration of the time it takes to assess these vehicles, all the vehicles to be tested must be pre-booked,” Modiba said.

‘n Troue is wraggies ‘n aangename ding. Buiten vir die moeite wat gedoen word en die mense wat hul prag-pakkies agter uit die kas krap om seker te maak hulle lyk op hul beste, is die seremonie een van die wonderlikste goed wat twee mense met hul vriende en familie kan deel. Twee individue word een gesin met ‘n leeftyd van goeie herinneringe wat voorlê. Die mooiste woorde word gedeel en vir mekaar gesê en alles word haarfyn beplan. Daardie eerste dans as Meneer en Mevrou, en toesprake wat almal ‘n traan laat pik, is egter slegs die begin van alles. Dit word so baie gesê en geskryf as raad – vandag is die eerste dag van die res van jul lewens. Om dit te onthou en toe te pas is wel ‘n ander storie! Maar jare later sit ek en ou Gysie net soos ons dit altyd voorgestel het en vier elke huweliksherdenking, met die wete dat dit waaraan ons elke dag hard werk absoluut die moeite werd is! Tip: Moet nooit dit troue groter maak as die huwelik nie.

Sien julle volgende week Spesiale Verjaarsdae

City of Ekurhuleni set to demolish illegal buildings The City of Ekurhuleni writes:

In order to ensure that buildings and structures in Ekurhuleni comply to the National Building Regulations and Building Standards Act (Act No. 103 of 1977), as amended, it is necessary that illegal buildings and structures be demolished as per court orders issued by South Gauteng High court and in terms of the provisions of the National Building Regulations and Building Standards Act 103, 1977, as amended. City Planning Department of Ekurhuleni Metropolitan Municipality is mandated to ensure compliance to the National Building Regulation and Building Standards Act (Act No. 103 of 1977). Section 4 of the Act provides for the approval of the construction of buildings and structures by a municipality. The Municipality is also mandated to ensure that buildings constructed are in compliance with the provisions of the Act, and any deviations and illegal construction should be monitored and rectified. The department conducts inspections on a daily basis and when irregularities and illegal building work with constructed building are detected, prescribed contravention notices are issued to the owners with instructions to rectify the situation. If property owners do not comply with contravention notices issued, legal proceedings are instituted against them,

which result in a court order to rectify and/ or alternatively demolish the illegal building structure. As soon as Metro is in possession of the necessary court orders to act against contraveners, the municipality together with the local sheriff of the Court must demolish illegal structures and recover demolition cost from the property owner through available avenues. The metro has at present 18 court orders for demolitions, which will be expected to be finalised not later than 30 June 2014. In order to create a healthy and safe environment for communities within Ekurhuleni, compliance to the provisions of the National Building Regulations and Building Standards Act 103, 1977, as amended, is a priority. Members of the public may report any illegal structures to Baby-Girl Chuena on 011 999 4571.

Assessment of young children Development during early childhood can be seen as crucial to the further development of the child into adolescence and adulthood. The sooner a child is assessed, the sooner an intervention can be implemented to assist the child in certain shortcomings. It is important to do a comprehensive developmental assessment of a child in physical, cognitive, social and emotional developmental levels, as problems in one or more of the different levels can influence another. If poor performance on one or more levels are identified and addressed, the other levels might also be positively influenced by the intervention on the levels that indicated shortcomings. Next week more on the different types of measures. For more information please contact the centre on 082 495 8401.

Baie geluk aan my beautiful Mams met haar 76ste verjaarsdag en aan my seun Brian Jean met sy 28ste. Mag dit ‘n jaar vol vrede, vreugde en voorspoed wees.

8 October 2013

tame TIMES

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tame TIMES

Fake cops a danger tame TIMES to community Ilze Moore

Bedfordview has experienced two hijackings by men posing as police officers. In the one incident, the perpetrators’ car had a blue light. The first incident took place on the N3 after the Gilloolys/Linksfield off-ramp, and the other on the corner of Kraft and North Reef Road. In both cases, the owners of the vehicles were first driven to, and dropped off, at far and unknown destinations. According to Bedfordview SAPS spokesperson Sgt Nthlabathi, “The complainant was driving along the N3 Bedfordview. While driving he was stopped by the vehicle, they asked him for his driver’s license when one suddenly took out a firearm and pointed it at them asking for their

belongings.” The Bedfordview police are investigating a case of robbery with a firearm and no one has been arrested. In the second incident the victim was driving on the N3 Highway in Edenvale. The driver pulled out from the road and parked on the side of the road when he was approached by three black males. They pretended to be police officers, were not armed and searched him. They took 1800 US dollars. No arrests have been made. Lt Col Hutchons advises civilians that a police officer should always have a police ID and nametag on the left of their chest. “If you feel that you are being conned by criminals you have the right to ask if you can meet them at the nearest police station.”


8 October 2013 Wear your cause on your arm Angelica Aurel is a local jewelry designer who is on a mission to create awareness surrounding the endangerment of rhinos in South Africa. She is manufacturing Rhino Bracelets that she sells for R50 – donating some of those funds to a Wildlands Conservation Trust. Angelica matriculated from Marais Viljoen in 2009 and went on to study jewelry design and manufacture at the University of Johannesburg. “I created formulated this idea in effort to assist in saving the rhinos, as it is a matter of urgency that us as South Africans should stand together and try to stop poaching.”

Alberton Victim Support Unit comedy & Belly dancing night 30 November Mystical Belly Dancing School is hosting a Belly Dancing and Comedy Nite show, which includes one of SA’s best stand up comedians Conrad Koch and his puppets, including Chester Missing. Proceeds will be going to charity. Tickets: R100 per person Date: 30 November | Time: 18:00 Place: Crown Gardens Recreational Hall. Food and Drinks on sale. For more information please contact 082 400 1811. Vastrap met Afrikaans Groeptafels beskikbaar - geniet genot – 082 349 9924

The Alberton SAPS victim support team has recently completed 3 months training with 9 new volunteers. Volunteers are residents from the community that offer up their time and skills at the Alberton SAPS Victim Support Centre. “All 30 volunteers have received training from the Department of Safety and Security and receive ongoing training in all areas of counselling and debriefing. We have a Victim Support Centre, which is a separate environment within the Alberton police station as it is more conducive to providing support to the victim. We offer victim support 24/7 as well as support on scenes. Our response time is approximately 20 minutes. The Alberton Victim Support also has a HPCSA registered BLS Medic on our team to assist where medical assistance is required. So far in 2013, the volunteers have interacted with over 900 community members, covering

defusing, debriefing, counselling, and followup calls.” The Alberton Victim Support team also participates regularly in community events to promote awareness within the area by giving out handouts, and they also give talks within the community on drug awareness, domestic violence, rape and child abuse. The centre has been operating for 8 years and has been ranked the best operating centre in the province. The Alberton Victim Support team are a motivated, committed, trained and a wellorganised group of volunteers that strive together in making a difference. Victims of crime who feel they need further support or counselling can contact them for a free of charge session on: 083 923 1967 or 083 923 1978 to make an appointment.

Holiday tennis at Bracken Tennis Club Team Harrison Tennis Academy will be hosting a tennis tournament in the school holidays for all players ages 5 to 18, beginners to advanced. Dates: 25, 26 and 29 September Venue: Bracken Tennis Club Times: 7:30 to 12:00 Cost per singles player: R150 Cost per doubles player: R100 per player All entries close on 20 September. For more info contact Paola: 082 216 9606 Broken Wings kuieroggend Kalossie Saal, H/V Eerste Laan en Hendrik Potgieter Straat. 5 Oktober 09:30 vir 10:00. Tema: kleur. Koste: R80 (Verversings ingesluit) Sanger: Johan Swanepoel Kontak Persone: Kantoor: 011 869 3415 Marietjie Stols: 083 749 9199 Sheryl Swanepoel: 072 998 7767 Alberton Junior Hockey Invitation Are you born between 2007 and 2009 and want to be a hockey player? We are looking for boys and girls who would like to learn to play hockey – no equipment needed. For further information, please contact Bev van Zyl on 082 443 8829 or Alberton Toastmasters Club For better thinking, listening and speaking skills, contact Wendy Losper – VP Membership at 083 655 1916 or

CPF Meeting All residents and business owners in Alberton North are invited to attend the monthly Community Policing forum (CPF) meeting to be held at the 3C Church on the corner of Martinus Oosthuizen and Piet Retief Streets on Tuesday 15 October at 19:00. Everybody is welcome to come and meet the residents who are keeping your area safe. Please contact Jackie De Meillon for further information at 082 555 5922. Glenvista Grandslam IV - 20 October The tennis section of Glenvista Country Club is holding a fundraiser golf day:  Venue: Glenvista Country Club, Glenvista  Time: Afternoon field, starting from 11:00  Competition: Alliance 2 to count.  All 4 to count on mystery holes  Entrance fee: R1 300 per four ball, which includes green fees, dinner and prizes  How to enter: Contact Darryl Cowan e-mail or 083 288 5517 Sponsors: This is a great opportunity for any business, large or small, to market themselves in the Southern Suburbs.  Sponsorship of a hole will only cost R500 and any interested parties should contact Darryl Cowan on the above e-mail address or cell phone.  Anyone kind enough to donate prizes should similarly make contact as above.

Send all your fascinating stories or interesting notices to:

8 October 2013

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tame TIMES

Tragedy on the tracks SA Braai Team set to give competitors a grilling

The young boy was airlifed to Charlotte Maxeke Hospital. October started tragically, when a 12-yearold boy was knocked down by a train in Germiston. The ER24 Paramedics were called to the train station on Lake Avenue where they found the injured young child. The boy has a broken leg and suffered severe injuries to his head, neck and back and was subsequently airlifted to Charlotte Maxeke

Hospital. “It is not clear what happened; all we know is that he was standing on the platform on his way home from school when the accident occurred,” said Vanessa Jackson, crisis communicator for ER24. According to reports from ER24 the young man’s aunt was present when the incident happened.

Braai-Boy and Borris pose with the Gravy-Train in their tame TIMES aprons. tame TIMES would like to wish Braai-Boy, Borris and the rest of team Braai-B-Que all the best as they prepare to take on the rest of the world in a BBQ competition to be held in various States in America during October and November. As a gesture of goodwill and support, tame TIMES made the team aprons

and presented them to the team on Thursday 3 October. All the best boys! Follow the team’s progress at, like the Facebook page: www.faceook/BraaiBQue, or follow on Twitter @BraaiBQue.

Upcoming Attractions: Parker’s Comedy | Every Friday & Saturday See the best SA comics for only R90!

The Soil Reflections Tour | 25 Oct The Soil is back from Tour to Edinburgh

99% Xhosa Comedy | 26 Oct 100% Comedy in 99% Xhosa

Mr. South Africa 2013 | 7 Nov A glamorous star-studded black carpet event!

Buckled | 1-2 Nov Final Johannesburg season!

Pardon Me | 8-9 Nov Eugene Khoza’s 3rd brand-new one man show


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8 October 2013

How safe is radiation?


The most common form of cancer among women is breast cancer, with about one in nine South African women likely to suffer the disease, which is no respecter of boundaries. Women of all races and all classes are susceptible.

But the good news is that caught early, breast cancer is one of the most treatable forms of the disease and is far from a death sentence. Among the warning signs are: - A mass or lump, which may feel as small as a pea; - A change in the size, shape, or contour of the breast; - A lump or thickening in or near the breast or in the underarm that persists through the menstrual cycle; - A blood-stained or clear fluid discharge from the nipple; - A change in the feel or appearance of the skin on the breast or nipple (dimpled, puckered, scaly, or inflamed); - Redness of the skin on the breast or nipple; - An area that is distinctly different from any other area on either breast; and - A marble-like hardened area under the skin. Among the treatments for breast cancer are chemotherapy, radiation and surgery, which could involve either removing only the lump or else a complete mastectomy. This is where the support group Reach for Recovery comes in. About Reach for Recovery An international organisation, Reach for Recovery was started in South Africa in 1967, and there are 20 branches

in South Africa. Chairperson of the JHB Branch, Beulah Jankelowitz, explains that Reach for Recovery is a support group for breast cancer patients that provides emotional and physical support. All the counsellors are trained breast cancer survivors, who are able to understand the feelings of the newly-diagnosed patient. “We are approached by doctors and often by the patients themselves, and when we hear someone is about to have surgery, we visit them either at home or in the hospital,” she said. “We explain what is going to happen, and what they can expect. We provide pretty floral bags for them to carry their drains, and very soft cushions to put under their arms so they can be more comfortable. “While we can’t provide medical advice, we are available to answer questions both during and after their treatment,” she said.

Reach for Recovery is once again the designated beneficiary for the SPAR Women’s 10km Challenge and 5km Fun Run at Wanderers on 13 October, with a portion of all entry fees going to the support group. Many members of Reach for Recovery will be taking part in the challenge and fun run, wearing their distinctive pink t-shirts. Do your bit to fight the scourge of cancer by taking part in the SPAR Joburg Challenge. The first 15 000 entrants will receive a free race t-shirt, and the first 15 000 to finish the race will receive a medal and a goodie bag and perhaps you will be the one to win the lucky draw for a brand new Nissan Micra.



Often patients are very concerned when they hear that they need to undergo radiation therapy. Questions are raised as to whether or not radiation is safe. Radiation rules Radiation science needs to follow strict legislation that governs issues concerning radiation exposure to patients and personnel. A set of guidelines regarding the installation and use of equipment, quality assurance checks, and exposure levels to which patients and radiation personnel and other staff may be exposed has to be adhered to. Radiation and sterility Pregnancy is contraindicated for most forms of radiological exposure, except ultrasound and MRI scans. Radiation exposure from diagnostic procedures is far lower than compared to therapeutic x-rays used for cancer treatment. Sterility from radiation exposure is only seen in patients receiving high doses of radiotherapy for cancer treatment with exposure to ovaries and testes, if these are in the area being treated. Radiation personnel are required by law to wear dosimeters measuring their monthly/annual exposure and to don protective shielding garments when directly exposed to x-rays. Individuals with unregulated long-term exposure to low dose radiation may develop cancers, especially in sensitive organs such as the thyroid gland. Whole body high energy radiation exposure may be fatal, as seen in a nuclear fallout. However, exposure to radiation as part of the diagnosis and management of medical conditions is safe, effective and vital in providing the information required for doctors to make diagnosis and treat patients correctly. Ultimately patients have an important role to play in providing information that will enable medical practitioners to direct their efforts towards those investigations that will provide the best answers.

8 October 2013

If your dog is fat, you are not getting enough exercise

When I drive around Alberton I often see stray dogs running in the street – please everyone ensure your dogs cannot get out of your property. The other day a stray dog was in front of our gate, but as I went outside the dog ran off and straight into a car. Thankfully the dog got up and ran off. The driver stopped and we both felt the dog could not have been badly injured as it ran off at speed. Having said that, it could have internal injuries, but despite driving around the neighbourhood I have been unable to find the dog. Please educate your domestic staff, your children and visitors that gates must be closed at all times and not to let your dogs out in the street. Ensure when you leave the house that all your dogs are accounted for. If your dog is roaming the street, it is an offence and could result in a serious accident if a driver swerved to miss the dog and ended up crashing the car or knocking someone down. If this happened and it was discovered the dog was yours, you could be liable. If you do knock a dog or cat down and it’s still alive, please take it to your nearest vet. If you kill the dog or

cat, please get out and place the dog at the side of the road and call the Municipality for them to collect the carcass. This is something the SPCA does not do. Spring is here and the days are getting warmer. You may be thinking about the need to lose weight after winter. The best exercise is walking, and walking with a dog is even better. Walking has many benefits - it strengthens your heart, lowers disease risk, helps with weight loss, it can help prevent dementia and osteoporosis, it tones your body, increases your levels of Vitamin D, increases your energy levels and last but not least, improves your sense of wellbeing. Those benefits are just for you and it costs nothing. For a dog, the benefits of regular walks are also numerous. Walking provides an outlet for their energy, aids with training, fulfils a dog’s natural roaming and exploring instincts, provides physical and mental stimulation as well as social interaction, provides exposure to a wide variety of “worldly” things and creates a more confident and stable dog. Dogs are social beings that crave our attention, so walking with them provides your attention and interaction with them. Regular walking can lengthen and improve the quality of life for your dog, but best of all you will have a walking buddy and a reason to get out, get moving, enjoy fresh air and get yourself healthy and fit - all for nothing! Now you are probably thinking “is it safe?” At Rietvlei Zoo Farm you can walk your dogs at the Dukelinds Dog Park - please phone Lindsay Seller on 076 309 0341 for more information. Jackson Dam in Brackenhurst allows dog walking and there are some wide verges in the suburbs where you can also walk your dogs. I admit it can be a bit scary walking your dogs past houses where there are other dogs, in case those get out, but you can always load your dogs into the car and go elsewhere. Wherever you walk, please take a plastic bag or two so you can pick up after your dog. We walk our dogs every other day and they love it. They love to check their ‘wee mails’ and check out the neighbourhood. An added benefit is we’ve got to know our neighbours. As we walk past we get to greet lots of different people. So take up the challenge today – walk your dog regularly and you’ll be surprised at how good it feels. Alberton SPCA does have some leads and collars available, but otherwise any good pet store or supermarket has a range. Happy walking!


Awareness for women

The following tips were received from the police: If a robber asks for your handbag, do not hand it to him. Toss it away from you - he is probably more interested in your handbag than you and he will go for the handbag. Run like mad in the other direction. If you are ever thrown into the boot of a car, kick out the back tail lights and stick your arm through the hole and start waving. The driver won’t see you but everybody else will. This has saved lives. Women have a tendency to get into their cars after shopping, eating, working, etc, and just sit (doing their cheque book, or making a list). Don’t do this. A predator could be watching you, and this is the perfect opportunity for him to get in on the passenger side and attack you. As soon as you get into your car, lock the doors and leave. A few notes about getting into your car in a car park: A.) Be aware - look around you, look into your car, at the passenger side floor, and check the back seat. B.) If you are parked next to a big van, enter your car from the passenger door. Most attackers surprise their victims by pulling them into their vans while the women are attempting to get into their cars. C.) Look at the car parked on the driver’s side of your vehicle, and the passenger side. If a male is sitting alone in the seat nearest your car, you may want to walk back into the shop, or work, and get a guard/ policeman to walk you back out. It is always better to be safe than sorry. Always take the lift instead of the stairs. Stairwells are horrible places to be alone and the perfect crime spot. If the predator has a gun and you are not under his control, always run. The predator will only hit you (a running target) 4 in 100 times; and even then, it most likely will not be a vital organ. As women, we are naturally sympathetic - stop it. It may get you raped, or killed. Ted Bundy, the serial killer, was a good-looking, well-educated man, who always played on the sympathies of unsuspecting women. He walked with a cane, or a limp, and often asked ‘for help’ into his vehicle or with his vehicle, which is when he abducted his next victim.

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8 October 2013


The United States swayed into a dreaded government shutdown on 1 October for the first time in 17 years, triggering agency closures and hundreds of thousands of absences as Congress missed a deadline to pass a budget. Ten minutes before midnight, after a day of furious brinkmanship between President Barack Obama’s Democrats and rival Republicans, the White House ordered federal agencies to initiate their shutdown procedures in a deeply divided Washington. Lawmakers had hardly haggled over budgetary matters in the final frantic hours before the deadline - the end of the fiscal year. Instead, they argued over whether to link the budget pact with efforts to delay Obama’s healthcare law. According to Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, it was an unnecessary blow to America. As a mood of crisis enveloped Washington, no compromise emerged to head off the first such disaster since 1996. Instead, the Democratic-led Senate and Republican House of Representatives played a futile game, sending funding bills between them that were doomed to fail. Obama accused Republicans of holding America at ransom with their “extreme” political demands, while his opponents struck back at his party’s supposed arrogance. Around 800 000 government workers were expected to be sent home, government services were to be slashed and monuments such as the Statue of Liberty

and national parks would close. The crisis is rooted in an attempt by “Tea Party” Republicans in the House to make passage of a new government budget conditional on thwarting Obama’s signature health reform law. The Democratic-led Senate and the president have repeatedly rejected this strategy and urged Republicans to pass an extension to government funding to temporarily stave off the shutdown. In a deeper sense, the shutdown is the most serious crisis yet in a series of rolling ideological skirmishes between Democrat Obama and House Republicans over the size of the US government and its role in national life. On a day of accelerating brinkmanship, Republicans doubled down on their bid to gut Obamacare, as the healthcare law, the most sweeping social legislation in decades, is known. House lawmakers passed a bill that would delay the individual mandate, which forces all Americans to buy health insurance under the new law, for a year. But the Senate, which must also sign off on budget measures, immediately rejected the bill. Obama warned that a government shutdown could badly damage an economy which has endured a sluggish recovery from the worst recession in decades. “A shutdown will have a very real economic impact on real people, right away. Past shutdowns have disrupted the economy significantly,” Obama said.

Mandela is ‘fine’, according to Winnie Former president Nelson Mandela, who is receiving treatment at home after spending nearly three months in hospital, is ‘fine’, his ex-wife Winnie Madikizela-Mandela said on Sunday. “He is fine, the spirits of Africa, his ancestors, our ancestors are keeping him for all of us,” Madikizela-Mandela told the SABC. Mandela is receiving intensive care for a respiratory illness at his Johannesburg home, where he returned after being discharged on 1 September.

He had spent 86 days in a Pretoria hospital. The 95-year-old’s condition was described as critical but stable throughout his stay. In recent weeks, updates about Mandela’s health have appeared more positive, with his grandson saying last month that he was sitting up on his bed, doing “much better” and was not completely bed-ridden. The frail statesman has faced several health scares in recent years, amid lung problems that date back to his 27 years in jail.

Consultants Macroeconomic Advisors said it would slow growth, recorded at a 2.5% annual pace in the second quarter. A two-week shutdown would cut 0.3 percentage point off of gross domestic production. It would also have a painful personal impact on workers affected - leaving them to dip into savings or delay mortgage payments, monthly car loan bills and other spending. Polls show more Americans would blame Republicans for the shutdown than Democrats, leaving Boehner torn between his party’s wider political interests and a vocal section of his own party.

Stocks on Monday retreated as traders braced for the shutdown. The Dow Jones Industrial Average was down 128.57 points (0.84%) to 15 129.67

15 258.24



President Barack Obama says of the government shutdown: “The longer this goes on, the worse it will be.”


97% of NASA will be furloughed during the shutdown.


Space will go silent. The NASA social media staff behind @MarsCuriosity, a prolific and wildly popular account, have been furloughed. is also offline.



FRIDAY, OCT. 11: United Technologies, a major defense contractor, says it will be forced to furlough 4,000 workers at two of its companies, Pratt & Whitney and UTC Aerospace Systems. Sikorsky says it will furlough 1,000 more.


Twenty-four American war cemeteries, including the Normandy American Cemetery at the site of the D-Day invasion, will close. The cemeteries are operated by the American Battle Monuments Commission and are where nearly 125,000 U.S. soldiers who died abroad during battles are interred.

WEDNESDAY, OCT. 16: Federal courts could shut down. Administrators say the courts will stay open for roughly the first 10 business days of the shutdown, but they say they would have to reassess matters on Oct. 15.


Charges of on-the-job discrimination complaints will not be investigated. The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, which oversees these investigations, will record the charges and hold them until after the shutdown.


The Department of Transportation will not drug test its employees.

How much worse is still an open question. Nobody has been through this in 17 years, and federal agencies are scrambling to make adjustments. But more examples are emerging each day of the damage that a prolonged shutdown would wreak. Here are some examples of what would happen if the shutdown stretched days, weeks or even months.

This is how much the state of Arizona is losing because of national park closures. (Including the Grand Canyon)

Whales will be on their own. The scientific advisory committee that monitors their safety will shutter all operations, save for a few members, appointed by the president, who will watch for emergencies.



No one will advise the government on “matters pertaining to the arts.” And yes, there is, in fact, an entire commission devoted to just that type of advice.






15 129.67

The Dow Jones Industrial Average, PreShutdown

The ripple effects of the


Only 15 people will care for the White House and the Obama family, down from their usual 90.


No one from the Office of the Pardon Attorney will be available should President Obama want to issue a presidential pardon. In an emergency, someone from that office could be recalled from furlough.








FOX News poll, 1-2 October 1-2 amongst registered voters

CBS News poll, 1-2 October, amongst US Adults

Obama’s approval steady throughout shutdown


Gallop tracking poll among all adults, samples overlap by one day


Fox news poll amonst registered voters

Gallup polls conducted among random national sample of roughly 1,500 adults per 3-day wave, margin of error plus or minus three points.

THURSDAY, OCT. 17: The Big One. The date at which the federal government exhausts its ability to borrow money, unless Congress raises the limit it can borrow — negotiations increasingly likely to be tied up with talks on the shutdown. After Oct. 17, the Treasury would have about $30 billion on hand, enough to cover only a few days. Predictions for the fallout in the financial markets are catastrophic. FRIDAY, NOV. 1: Already, as many as 19,000 children in 11 states have been left out of Head Start programs because grant money ran out Sept. 30. Sally Aman, a spokeswoman for the National Head Start Association, says she is unsure how many more children would be left out if the shutdown reaches Nov. 1, but local Head Start programs renew annual grants throughout the year, so thousands more would almost certainly be affected. ‘Each day that goes by’: That’s often how the danger increases for intelligence services, Director of National Intelligence James R. Clapper told Congress this week. About 70 percent of the intelligence services’ civilian workforce has been furloughed. “The danger here,” Clapper said, “will accumulate over time.” He cited information lost because he has fewer people to track targets. The above article originally appeared in

Anene Booysen murder trial to start The trial of the man accused of raping and killing teenager Anene Booysen is expected to begin in the Swellendam Circuit Court on Monday. Johannes Kana’s last court appearance was at the Western Cape High Court on 7 September, where the trial was postponed for four weeks. A total of 52 witnesses were expected to be called to testify. Prosecutor Maria Marshall said she had provided Kana’s lawyer Pieter du Toit with further particulars and would deliver the last statements to him. She had drafted a set of admissions for the defence to consider. Should the defence make certain admissions, the trial will likely to be shortened as fewer witnesses would have to be called. Du Toit said there was a possibility of two trials-withina-trial, one related to a statement Kana made and the other to a videotape of Kana pointing out scenes to police. Kana remained in custody. The 21-year-old allegedly raped and disemboweled 17-year-old Booysen between the night of Friday, February 1 and morning of February 2 this year, near Kleinbegin, Bredasdorp. She died at Tygerberg Hospital on the afternoon of 2 February.

8 October 2013

Matric farewell 2013

Evenings of extravagance Months of planning and dreaming became reality for most of Alberton’s matric students during the last month. The dresses where fabulous, cars were luxurious and the after-party outfits were picked out just as carefully as the dresses for the actual event of the Matric Farewell. The High School students went all out for

their special evening and the results were stunning. We will be publishing your photos for the remaining part of October. Send your photos to monica@tametimes.



Send your matric farewell photos to

8 October 2013

tame TIMES

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Evenings of extravagance Continued

Na aoop van 2013 se krieketseisoen, het Dinamika se o/15 krieketspan daarin geslaag om die SuidOos Rand Liga te wen. Uit hierdie span is daar 5 spelers gekies vir die Suid-Oos Rand Span wat in September in die Gauteng Krieket week deelgeneem het.

Dinamika se o/15 krieketspan

Suid-Oos Rand Spelers: Ruan Coetzee, Oliver Hart, Reino Niemandt, Jahn Hart en Duane Le Grange


Dinamika krieket se beste

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Classifieds tame TIMES

8 October 2013

Free delivery every Tuesday - Alberton & New JHB South GARAGE DOOR SPECIALIST


Supply, Installation, Repairs and Services to all types of domestic garage doors.

FREE QUOTES Roan 073 745 6392 084 507 5928

WE SPECIALIZE IN ALL PLUMBING FROM MAINTENANCE TO CONSTRUCTION PLUMBING Geysers, Toilet-pans & eastern, Basins, Tubs, Sink, Drain laying, Water piping, Blockeges, Burst pipes and Leakages.


DUBE 071 195 4097

Automation with battery back-up.


IMPROVEMENTS For all your building alterations, general maintenance, painting, roof sealing, plumbing, doors, carpentry & boundary walls.


Call Stan: 081 208 8042 Office: 011 024 7643

www. eastrandmaintenance




Building, Roofing, Painting and General Maintenance Contact Carel: 072 397 6958


ABSOLUTE BUILDERS & HANDYMAN Tiling, paving, painting, etc. All roof work / repairs and waterproofing. Building alterations, renovations. Mandi 082 856 8596 Angus 076 438 9631

All Electrical Services Angus 076 438 9631


ABSOLUTE PLUMBERS All plumbing done Mandi 082 856 8596 Angus 076 438 9631




20 Years exp.




083 760 9284


Re-Enamelling BathRe-EnamellingNN-41

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011 026 2366 ALL HRS 082 869 6272 ALL HRS


Only JHB South + Alberton Areas

Why replace that old sturdy bath just because the colour is outdated or the surface is worn out? At just a fraction of the cost of replacement, we can make your bath look new again.


We cut & remove any tree trimming. SUPERVISION Fully insured.


083 417 8155 082 553 3384

1027 DRESS MAKING SEAMSTRESS Button Replacements, tears repaired. Alteration to fit of clothing, trouser measured and professionally adjusted, curtains, linen rectification. Quinette Swart 073 130 9791



BUSINESS 5002 LOANS LOANS SAME DAY PAYOUT Apply via fax or e-mail Tel 011 869 5553 or bestdebtalberton@

3005 FLATS

073 077 4113 John: 072 666 9859 Angel: 011 868 1718


Mick Matthews

From Beginner to Pro. Mondeor

1021 CATERING HIRING & CATERING YOUR ONE STOP FUNCTION CO-ORDINATOR Sovereign Caterers & Party Hire Contact Wilma 011 867 7266 011 867 6060 email: wbone@

CASH PAID FOR YOUR OLD WATCHES Omega, Lemania, Longines, Heuer, Zenith, etc. Tel: André 083 632 5447


For your old Gold & Diamond Jewellery.

Call Nick: 082 414 9821

Available in Alberton

082 854 7269


OFFICE: (011) 867 6918 CELL: 083 752 0033

BASSONIA Huge upmarket 1 bed cottage Suit executive person. Great view, pool very secure, open plan, close to shopping centre and highway. R4 500 pm neg - Avail. Imm. 082 404 1777 or 011 683 7448

Self Storage Units

To advertise call 011 862 8500 or visit us at


Gold, Diamond, Silver & Numismatic Accredited Specialists.



MGA RUBBLE REMOVALS AND GARDEN CLEAN - UPS COMPOST AVAILABLE 1-3 ton rubble loads R400 p/l Garden refuse & trees R300 per load (4mx1.8m trailer) Furniture Removals done - Andy 072 652 0827

The Gold Connextion


Cash Paid, We collect.

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POOL MAINTENANCE *Weekly *Pump repairs *New Installations *Filter Sand changes Ulrich 079 880 5811

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Buy all furniture, Fridges, TVs, Linen Antiques USED CARS & TOOLS

Well-known guitarist and songwriter from BALLYOO and HEDGEHOPPERS.


-Buy and Sell -Open on Sundays -Repairs -Rentals -Second hand and New -Sekelbos Braaihout Beskikbaar


082 777 4375


Jacqueline Mall

Used Furniture Best Price Paid

We cut any tree big or small. Trimming and stump removals Fully insured Owner supervision

ABSOLUTE POOLS All new pools & repairs Mandi 082 856 8596 Angus 076 438 9631




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For all plumbing requirements; drainage and burst pipes; new installations and alterations, leaking taps, burst geysers


Repairs done on your premises if possible

Contact Conrand

PAUL PRETORIUS 082 763 3612

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FOREST – 3 –

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Dishwashers, Fridges, Tumble Dryers, Washing Machines etc.





Peter: 071 585 3165

For all your repairs and maintenance


ABSOLUTE STEEL Burglar Proofing Palisade fencing & Gates Mandi 082 856 8596 Angus 076 438 9631




ELECTRICAL Mandi 082 856 8596





East Rand Maintenance







Manager: Tessa Arthur Tel: 011 862 8500 Fax: 086 611 2154

MOTORING 6007 WANTED 2nd HAND CARS • We buy & pawn cars for cash. • Best price paid. • Trade-in accepted on your accidentdamaged vehicle.

Gavin 083 708 6050

VACANCIES 7008 SALES BORED TO DEATH 25 Reps / Man. Needed to start Imm. Own Car Ess, No Exp, Full training, App Set by Co. R12000 to Start / Comm / Inc / Med / Petrol inc. Call: 011 609 2119 OR Sms Name, Area, Age 076 806 4140



Page 14 2013 13October November 2012 8

8000 LEGAL

Woolworth Cleaner 078 486 5488 Sithole Boiler Maker / Welding 073 518 9894 Ernest Gardening 072 767 3408

7016 DOMESTIC EMPLOYMENT WANTEd Gloria, Sleep In / Out Full Time 061 027 2719 Engelina, Sleep Out Full / Part Time 076 333 4964 Refs Avail Sarah, Sleep Out Part / Full Time 078 761 3308 Lucy, Sleep Out Part / Full Time 073 664 4773 Cynthia, Sleep Out Part / Full Time 079 608 5883 Memory, Sleep In / Out Full Time 078 785 8536 Sarah, Sleep In / Out Full Time 073 415 2420 Gloria, Sleep In / Out Part / Full Time 073 088 1562 Dimakatso, Sleep Out Full / Time 079 047 8319

NOTICE ZS CORRIE - Lessor And MS RAKHOMO - Lessee I the Lessor of Flat 4, Clearwater Mansions NRR, Alberton, hereby notify Mokete Shadrack Rakhomo, with identity number 650118 5366 08 6, that I have removed all items in the aforementioned premises (inventoried by the letting agents and witnesses) and have placed it in storage, since he absconded July 2013.




77 PADSTOW STREET RACEVIEW ALBERTON 1449 PO BOX 1816 ALBERTON 1450 TEL: 011 869 6130 FAX: 011 907 5618


Lose weight the fun way Destress & relax

Jessica 082 400 1811

Builds self-confidence and improves motor teacher. co-ordination in children Certified: B.D.A.S.A Affiliated to

Small Classes

The Belly Dancing Association of S.A.

ALLFUN BOUNCING CASTLES Antoinette 082 569 0940 / Raymond 079 523 6563

We offer jumping castles, tables and chairs, p/packs, cakes and cupcakes. We deliver.

For All Your Rentals or Sales Requirements

Please Contact us

WILMA 071 1368 465 KARIN 083 661 8080 OFFICE : LINDIWE (011) 869-6130 (011) 869-6132 (011) 907-3714 e-mail:

LANDLORDS……. WE WANT YOUR PROPERTY tame TIMES Distribution: Alberton: 35 000 JHB South: 24 500 Bedfordview & Germiston: 12 000 Boksburg: 40 000 Katlehong: 15 000 Thokoza: 19 000 Vosloorus: 21 000

Joyce, Sleep Out Full Time 073 734 4308 Christina, Sleep Out Part Time 072 195 9402 Neliswa, Sleep Out Full Time 072 767 3408 Precious, Sleep Out Part Time 073 741 5538 Tue / Thurs / Sat

tame TIMES requires the service of an Experienced

Sales Executive: Daveyton Area Skills, Knowledge & Attributes:

• Ability to work independently. • Energetic, creative thinker. • Professionalism, tenacity and drive. • Excellent presentation and communication skills. • Strong face to face sales skills and cold canvassing skills

Please send CV to or Fax 086 241 5648. If you are not contacted by the 15th of October, please consider your application as unsuccessful.

tame TIMES requires the service of an Experienced

Journalist for Boksburg Area Job description:

Primary responsibilities will be to collect and write suitable, high quality and industry related articles for a community newspaper. The main focus would be in the Boksburg Area.

Requirements: Qualification in Journalism Experience Computer Literate Excellent written and spoken communication skills • Social media literate • Interest in digital media • Eye for detail (subbing skills) • Good research skills

* Transport provided. * After school supervised homework. * The school is licensed and registered with the Gauteng Health Departments. * In house church: Pastor Bob & Ester for all your spiritual needs.

Ladies & Children

Contact Christina 011 683 7448 / 082 404 1777 076 733 1595 24 De Villiers Street, Turffontein.

Gloria, Sleep Out Part / Full Time 084 697 4338

• Sales • Administration and processing of advertisements.

LITTLE FEET NURSERY SCHOOL * Only qualified teachers highly trained in Education and First Aid. * A unique pre-school syllabus. * A Christian environment. * 30 years in the community. * Extra murals available. * Open from 06h00 – 18h00.

(SGD) E MEYER Exection Creditor’s Attorney BLAKES MAPHANGA INC Ref: SA116/0003/E MEYER/mkr Tel: 011 907 1522 Fax: 011 907 2081


• Kiddies Parties • Party Packs • Platters • Jumping Castles • Sponge & Ice Cream Cakes • Helium Balloons • Kiddies Tables, Chairs, Linen, etc.


Should Mokete Shadrack Rakhomo not come forward within 60 (sixty) days to pay the outstanding rental amounts, transport, loading and storage costs to the letting agents, the matter will be handed over to my legal representatives for further action. DATED at ALBERTON this 3rd day of OCTOBER 2013.

• Experience as an Advertising Sales Executive, sales on features a prerequisite. • Proven track record of meeting sales targets. • Valid code 08 drivers license and own transport.




• • • •

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tame TIMES

Passionate about news Driver’s licence and own vehicle mandatory Inquiring/curious Must know the area – preferably stay in the area. • Check for accuracy of facts and correct spelling and grammar • No Clock-watchers • • • •

Please send CV to or Fax 086 241 5648. If you are not contacted by the 15th of October, please consider your application as unsuccessful.




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H2O celebrating 15 years of partying

tame TIMES

8 October 2013

Paul Cruice Enduro

Ilze Moore

Hosted by Run Walk for Life Mondeor with three races on offer: 3rd Paul Cruice 3 hour Enduro Circuit Relay, 4KM Fun Run/Walk and 8km Fun Run/Walk. Venue: Klipriviersberg Recreation Centre, Peggy Vera Road, Kibler Park. Starting time: 08:00 Entry fee: R200 per team of 4 (limited to 100 seats), Fun Run R40 per adult, scholars - R30. Contact Mike Forshaw for more information and payment details at 082 922 2655.

15 years down the line and H2O is one of the biggest electronic music festivals to hit Johannesburg. The music festival had 15 000 dance enthusiasts swarming to Wild Waters in Boksburg to embrace the mind-blowing sounds of South Africa’s biggest DJ’s for a day filled with electronic fun. As a first timer, I found myself dancing from midday till midnight, mesmerized by the incredible talent that the South African DJ’s put on display for the H2O party goers across no less than 10 dance arenas. Spotted in the 15 000 strong crowd, another self-confessed first timer was Idols judge Unathi Msengana, who from the looks of

things was having as much fun. A standout collaborative performance by DJ Roger Goode and Sterra on percussion (percussionist) revealed the beauty of house music and its ability to transcend the barriers of formal music and to bring together elements that ordinarily would not coexist. With rumours of the international dance festival Tomorrow World making its way to South African shores in 2015, the 15 Year Anniversary seemed to provide only a taster of what electronic music lovers can experience at the next H2O with the well-known international and Tomorrowland DJ Hardwell.

Alberton Swimming Club training season started

Come join in on the fun and free gala for all swimmers of all ages every Wednesday, starting on 9 October at 18:30 at the Wally Bosworth Pool in Second Avenue, Florentia. Food and refreshments will be available. For more information contact Karen on 082 506 9939 or Melissa on 076 383 2540.

Alberton swimming results

Alberton Swimming Club participated in the Central Gauteng Aquatics Level 0 held at the Wahoo pool in Sunninghill on 29 September. Back: (Left) Wikus Kirsch, 11 years old 50m Butterfly – 2nd place 50m Free – 3rd place (Right) Shaunee Booyjens, 15 years old 50m Butterfly – 2nd place 50m Breast – 2nd place 50m Back – 2nd place 50m Free – 2nd place Front: (Left) Nathania Fourie, 7 years old 50m Breast – 1st place 50m Back – 2nd place 50m Free – 1st place (Right) Dominque Fourie 10 years old, did not place, but improved with her times.

Alberton Athletics Road time trials The Alberton Athletics Club is currently holding 2km, 4km and 8km road running time trials at the clubhouse on Tuesday evenings at 18:00. These are open to anyone of any speed. Results of our time trials held on Tuesday 1 October 2013 4km Ladies: Barbara Luckemeyer 18.36, Lynn Dunn 20.04, Tarryn Honeyman 20.04, Judy Van Dyk 20.23, Chantall De Olivera 22.15, Lieze Mackenzie 23.27, Carlien Coetzer 26.09, Angel Vermeulen 28.00, Sokkie Msiza 29.10, Caren Van Vuuren 29.22, Candice Roy 30.00.

4km Men: Vernon Le Roux 14.15, Glyn Rynhoud 15.22, Niel Cillie 15.24, Richard Mountjoy 15.38, Avril Barkhuizen 15.45, Andries Venter 16.14, Sipwe Mathauw 16.45, Werner Dunn 20.04, Mike Roller 20.54, Warren George 21.54, Duncan Haddon 24.08, Brandon Hengherr 24.08. 8km Men: Miles Le Roux 38.18, Alan Bezuidenhout 45.18. More information on these and other club programs visit:

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Lions lose to WP

The MTN Golden Lions left themselves too much to do in order to rise against the Western Province in their Absa Currie Cup clash, coach Johan Ackermann has said. “It’s been the case this entire season,” Ackermann said after his team lost 36-23 to Western Province at a chilly and windy Newlands on Saturday. “We have had to come from behind to try win at the end, something which we have to fix. We began all right, but when WP got momentum and started building up points, and especially that try before halftime, it took the wind out of our sails.” The bonus-point win boosted Province to the top of the Currie Cup log, just one pointy ahead of the Sharks. Province outscored their Joburg counterparts by four tries to two, with a halftime score of 18-9 in favour of the home side. The Lions head man was in two minds as to whether they should have taken the penalties in the 22 instead of kicking for touch and going for five points, but credited Province’s defence of their line as outstanding. Ackermann believed the game was a lot closer than the score suggested. “One or two things that we did wrong, if we rectified that it could have gone either way.”

He praised his relatively inexperienced charges for confronting what was essentially a Super Rugby team. Meanwhile, Province coach Allister Coetzee was pleased with having managed to score four tries. “It’s a very good result for us. This is a good Lions team, and they punish any team if you’re inaccurate or concede penalties,” Coetzee said. Coetzee called for more consistency from his players. “When we have the ball and when we are direct and run with intent, we’re really a good team. I’d just like to see that for a full 80 minutes, and that’s what we’re striving for.” WP captain Deon Fourie claimed part of the responsibility for their slow start. “Not very happy with the first 10 minutes. I think I conceded both early penalties, which put us on the back foot. But the guys came back nicely. The frustrating thing is that the guys know how good we are if we play like we’re supposed to. Because when we do, we’re almost unstoppable.” Both the captain and coach said apart from the scrums, there were many elements that Province would be working on in the coming week, especially as they head to Durban next weekend to take on the Sharks.

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FREE BASS SEMINAR Saturday 12 October 2013 9:00 - 12:00 - Instore

Epic, no other word could describe the events of the final match in the 2013 Rugby Championship between the Springboks and the All Blacks. Ellis Park Stadium, infused with the excitement of a 1995 World Cup Final re-match, was literally buzzing with excitement; rivers of green jerseys hustling into this SA Rugby Garden of Eden. The excitement and ’95 World Cup throwbacks were further bolstered by massive fireworks displays and a Boeing doing three booming fly-bys over the stadium. The pre-match proceedings were rounded off with anthems and a version of the Maori Haka, only reserved for opponents the All Blacks have the highest

respect for. The stage was fantastically set for the intense 80 minute battle that was about to take place. Supporters were treated to one of the toughest, most physical encounters of the year. The Springboks drew first blood by converting an early penalty, but the All Blacks were first to score a try. It took little time for Habana to rake in two quick tries, breaking the record for most tries in a single Rugby Championship competition, and putting the Boks in the lead. However, the Kiwi’s weren’t dissuaded from their game plan and answered back with two tries of their own before halftime. Early in the second half the All Blacks received the first of two yellow cards, with the Boks

capitalising with a try. A fourth bonus-point try was scored by captain Jean de Villiers not long after, making it seem like the Boks could pull off the victory. Another try from the Kiwi’s, and a bonus-point of their own, unfortunately put the championship beyond the reach of the Springboks. However, it was a try scored while the All Blacks only had 14 men on the field that put the final nail in the Bok coffin. A truly epic battle between two worthy opponents unfortunately ended in dismay for the home team, but they leave happy about some great performances and achievements throughout the competition and confident that they’ve grown and improved for future clashes to end differently.

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By Jéan de Witt



Epic Bok battle ends in loss

8 October 2013

By Craig Norris

Which team will bring the Heat to Sharjar? Greetings to all readers and welcome to the new cricket season. The picture of a simmering desert is the backdrop for what awaits the Proteas in their next mission against the Pakistanis. The Proteas have had a barren fixture schedule recently, much like the background in Sharjah. The test series in the UAE is certainly going to be a tough task for Graeme Smith and his men. Smith, himself back from recent surgery, will feel rather strange when he takes guard, as he has not played in a test match for a long while now. It is going to be very difficult for the fast bowlers as the heat in UAE is regularly above the 40 degree Celsius mark. Steyn and co will need to take in at least five litres of water a day to stay hydrated. I see Imran Tahir gets a lifeline thrown at him, which probably means that he will play in both test matches and partner Robin Peterson. I would definitely play two spinners and three quicks. The spinners can bowl long spells, and in turn give Steyn, Morkel and Philander much needed rests between their bowling stints. The Pakistan threat will come from Captain Misba-al Haq and Younis Khan with the bat, and the much improved and accomplished spin bowler Saeed Ajmal with the ball. Abdul Rehman is a spin bowler not to be ignored, as the wickets are very spin friendly. The Proteas will need to be at their very best as they have not played a test for a few months. The Pakistanis however toured Zimbabwe last month and got in much needed game time. Younis Khan scored heavily against the Zimbabwe attack and recorded a double century at the Harare Sports Club. The Proteas must try and bat first and must aim to score no less than 500 runs in the first innings and ensure that they do not have to bat twice against the spinners, as it is definitely going to turn from day one. A battle from both teams will be to see that they can take control of the game by scoring heavily in their 1st innings. Coach Russell Domingo gets a taste of test cricket for the first time in charge. Question for the week: Which former Pakistan leg-spinner recently coached the England spin bowlers?

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Tame times alberton 8 oct 2013