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Alberton High School Message from the school to learners and staff: We worked tirelessly all year long, we may not have a lot of distinction but our learners did well. Our staff and learners at Alberton high should be proud of themselves.

Lisa Nunes: 7 distinctions; English HL, Afrikaans FAL, Mathematics, Life Orientation, Accounting, Life Science, Physical Science.

Joel Pitorius: 6 distinctions; Afrikaans, English, Mathematics Physical Science, Information Technology, Accounting.

“I am looking forward to my first year as a medicine student at Wits University, it will be harder for me but I will give it my best in my first year, I’m just happy I overcame the first hurdle� – Lisa Nunes.

“I really worked hard all year long and my hard work paid off. I’m happy it’s over now. This year I’ll be studying Mechanical Engineering at Pretoria University� – Joel Pitorius C








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Tame times alberton 14 jan 2014  
Tame times alberton 14 jan 2014  

Tame times alberton 14 jan 2014