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Young Brackendowns resident murdered

Monica Supra


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mall pal’s origin

place. Rapport reported over the weekend that Ridgway’s marriage ended a few months ago and he moved into a guest house. On Tuesday evening around 20:00, he went to his former neighbour’s house where he allegedly waited for Robertson and his two friends in Robertson’s garden. Robertson was shot in the head and his friend Calvin Main’s leg was injured. The third friend, Jonathan de Freitas wasn’t injured. Robertson was taken to the Brackendowns Police Station from where he was taken to hospital per ambulance. Robertson was shot in his left temple and remained in a coma since the incident, but passed away on Saturday, two days before his 20th birthday. Ridgway apparently tried to flee, but fell into the pool where he was arrested by the police. He allegedly tried to shoot himself, but the firearm was soaked and he was unsuccessful. He appeared briefly at the Palm Ridge Court last week on a charge of attempted murder, but would appear this week to apply for bail. Peter Robertson passed away two days before his 20th Birthday after being shot by his According to Rapport, the police found a former neighbour. suicide note and sketches of Robertson’s A case of attempted murder against an Robertson (19) with a .357 Magnum- house on Ridgway’s laptop. elderly man from Brackendowns was revolver in his house in Boegoeberg Street, Robertson matriculated at Bracken High changed to one of murder when the Brackendowns. They were former neighbours. School last year. 19-year-old he shot in the head, on Tuesday According to reports, the relationship between Our sincerest condolences go out to the last week, passed away over the weekend. Ridgway and various other neighbours had family and friends of Peter during this Dave Ridgway (66) allegedly shot Peter been sour for months before the tragedy took difficult time.

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03 December 2013

tame TIMES

Matrix celebrates 13 years

New Committee for Heritage Society

Ndu Ngwenya

Matrix Warehouse hosted a cocktail evening at their Alberton outlet on Wednesday evening. The aim of the event was to give management the opportunity to thank staff and clients for making it possible for the Matrix Warehouse Group to continue to thrive and even open new stores in the midst of an economically difficult period such as 2013 was. “Over the past 13 years we have managed to build a resilient and diverse business, helping our clients by supplying affordable quality products,” said Matrix Warehouse’s MD, Jan Boshoff. Boshoff added that while other companies were retrenching staff, Matrix as a group captured opportunities opening new stores, as a result increasing investment in human capital. Matrix Warehouse gave all attending patrons an early gift; see www.tametimes. for photos of the cocktail evening.

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musings {A note from the Editor}

The Alberton Heritage Society’s AGM was held on 16 November. The newly elected Committee are, from left to right: Anell Meyer, Yvonne Grobler, BeverleyAnn Small (Chair-person), Susara Eastes, Nick van Zyl, Jan Otte, Alice de Kock, Sue Burt, Miemie Sutherland, Daan Grobler. Absent on photo: Peggy Geddes, Sophie van Wyk.


1. Debtors / Creditors Clerk Min 5 years experience 2. Food distribution Telesales ladies Min 2 years experience 3. Professional Cook /Chef Monday to Friday Back: Dennis Camps, Jan Boshoff, Deon de Wet. Front: Justin Lowe, Cornelia and Valosia.


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I can’t believe that it’s December already, the last month of 2013! It is true what they say, time does fly when you’re having fun. Unfortunately, December didn’t start off in a good way for everyone. Our sincerest condolences go out to the Robertson family, who sadly lost their son Peter, a mere two days before his 20th birthday. We hope that you will find comfort during this difficult time. The tame TIMES Golf Day was a huge success and you can see photos of the event on page 15. Marais Viljoen’s u/16 netball team returned from Malaysia last week and we were there to welcome them back with their silver medals they won at the junior world tournament. Despite all the ruction over the last few months, E-toll is officially a reality now. It’s still a very controversial subject, as you will see on page 3. Turn to page 12 to see how you can keep yourself and your property safe with tips from the SAPS, as well as a message from the Brackendowns Station Commander. We wish our readers a blessed week. Be good, if you’re not, send your photos to

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03 December 2013

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tame TIMES

Non-Gauteng residents to pay e-toll if they use roads

Don’t believe the hype

*Issued by SANRAL.

The South African National Roads Agency (SANRAL) welcomes the announcement by the Minister of Transport that tolling on the Gauteng Freeway Improvement Project (GFIP) begins today. People who do not live in Gauteng do not have to pay for the upgrading of the highways in that province. However, if they travel on the tolled Gauteng roads, they will have to either obtain an e-tag and register it or get a day-pass. The application of the user-pays principle is authorised by law and has been carefully considered in the construction of the Gauteng Freeway Improvement Project (GFIP) and in many other instances, as a matter of policy by the National Treasury, in collaboration with other departments and agencies of state. “There were a few funding methods the Government considered in funding the GFIP. One was the much touted fuel levy, which was found to be unfair and unsustainable in the long run. “The fuel levy is a nationally raised tax that is not paid to SANRAL but accrues to the national fiscus. The money that SANRAL does receive from the national fiscus is used to maintain, operate, and upgrade the nontolled national roads in South Africa. “It would be inequitable to expect all road users in the country to pay for heightened levels of road services in Gauteng while they do not enjoy the benefit of similar roads in their provinces. “After careful consideration Government decided to use the other funding model, which is what the users of the inner Gauteng

highways will have to pay. “The user-pay model is sustainable over the long term and fairer - if you do not use the upgraded highways, you do not pay,” explains the communications manager of the South African National Road Agency (SANRAL), Vusi Mona. However, the user-pay principle kicks in for all who use the tolled roads, even those who do not live in Gauteng but have to travel through the province or have business within it. This is best done by either paying toll fees at an e-toll Customer Service Centre within seven days of using the roads or obtaining a day-pass. A day-pass cannot be bought at a retailer but through three other easy options, says Mona: Via the e-toll website - Going to a conveniently located e-toll Customer Service Centres - in some shopping malls and along the highway itself Phoning the e-toll call centre at 0800 SANRAL (726 725). For those motorists who will be visiting Gauteng for extended periods, especially in the anticipation of the upcoming holidays, SANRAL would like to encourage you to obtain an e-tag and register an e-toll account.  This is the tag enables you to pay the lowest possible e-tag toll tariff.  Should you not have an e-tag or be registered, the higher standard toll tariff will apply. If you are not a Gauteng resident, the e-tolls will not affect you in any way except for the occasion that you do have to use them, says Mona. “Also, the tolled roads are only 201km in a province that has a road network of more than 3000 km and there are plenty of alternative roads in Gauteng,” he says. For further detail on the available payment options and day pass rates please visit the e-toll website on 


e Privat and ss Busine er ut Comp rt Suppo

3 page website for

R499* 011 869 1533

terms and conditions apply

Outa chairman Wayne Duvenage The figure Sanral had provided on the number of e-tags which had been sold was a ploy to create the impression that people were flocking to purchase them, said Outa chairman Wayne Duvenage. “Sanral have yet to confirm how many actual individual road users have purchased an e-tag, which we suspect is a much smaller proportion of total e-tag sales,” he said in a statement. He said the figure provided by Sanral, that 700 000 e-tags were sold, included large fleet operators, banks, car rental companies, government fleets, and leasing companies. “We simply don’t believe their rhetoric in this space,” he said. On Tuesday morning, Sapa made enquiries about the number of e-tags sold to individuals, the number sold to government departments, and the number sold to companies. By 16:00, Sanral had not responded. Duvenage said the information given by

Sanral was incorrect as its website calculator gave different figures. “They have misled the public before and we are convinced they are doing this again to create false impressions of acceptance of their system. The simple truth is the public are not taking this lying down.” Outa has said it will soon release details of its strategy on empowering society, including providing motorists with knowledge about their rights, and legal advice. Duvenage said Outa would provide legal counsel and a legal team to the first person summonsed for non-payment of e-toll bills. “This first case will be the test case,” he said. “Until then, Outa urges the public to exercise civil courage and know that it is not only their right, but their duty to resist and reject a law which has been implemented in a manner that works against the best interests of the people.” - Sapa

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tame TIMES

Mall Pal’s origin

tame TIMES’ week 37 issue, distributed on September 10, featured a notice by the Brackendowns Police Station in which Colonel Arikum (station commander) wanted to find the person who had donated Mall Pal (a Teddy bear dressed in a police uniform) to the police station. During the past week we were informed that Recal Pillay (10) was the person who donated the teddy bear. Recal told tame TIMES that she had received Mall Pal when she was younger, and when she had outgrown the toy she thought it would be a nice gesture to donate it to her local police station, since she is dressed as an officer. The police station, as a sign of appreciation, awarded Recal with the ‘best-friend award’ in recognition of her outstanding commitment to the police station.

*Information supplied by SANBS.

It’s almost holiday time - a time dedicated to family, friends and generally spreading love and gifts. It’s a time marked by celebrations, shopping, and holiday fun by the beach or just lazing around with friends soaking in the summer sun. While some people enjoy the gift of life, unfortunately others are faced with illnesses that prevent them from enjoying time with family. “There are thousands of people who rely on blood transfusions daily, not to mention the many women who lose blood during child birth or victims of trauma accidents. The SANBS needs to collect 3000 units of blood every day, and without it many people could lose their loved ones. With statics revealing that less than 1% of our 50+ million population donate blood every year, there’s a real threat of hospitals experiencing blood

Parlotones endorses HIV/ AIDS immunity project The 1st of December marked the 25th anniversary of World Aids Day. People around the world come together to remember and mourn those who succumbed to the epidemic. Over the past 25 years, more than 25 million lives have been lost globally to HIV/AIDS, but remarkable strides have also been made in halting the disease’s progression. World AIDS Day, which was embraced by the World Health Organisation to raise awareness and support, is an opportunity to take stock of the epidemic’s scope and the everyday impact of the virus. What better way to do this than by reminding ourselves of the often alarming numbers involved. The stories of people who have lived with HIV/AIDS, or who have suffered a loss at its

Don’t let the holidays get in the way of life shortages during the holidays,” said Vanessa Raju of the SANBS. In their latest campaign, the SANBS urges people “Don’t Let Holidays get in the way of Life.” This is a plea to everyone who can, to take time during the holiday season to donate lifesaving blood. While spending time with your family, spare a thought for those who may miss out on this should there not be adequate blood available for patients. All it takes is 30 minutes of your time to donate blood and it won’t cost you a cent. Give the best gift, give the gift of life.

03 December 2013

hands, will always have a unique influence. A group of scientists in San Francisco in the US are developing an HIV vaccine that is a first of its kind. In another first, the immunity project is linking up with the entertainment world for support and to encourage raising funds. The South African band Parlotones will be endorsing the Immunity project. The Immunity Project vaccine is the first to be developed that doesn’t contain any living or non-living virus, giving it the potential to be among the safest vaccines ever developed. The ultimate goal of the Immunity Project is to distribute a safe and effective HIV vaccine world-wide for free. For further information on the immunity project go to

Vote for the tame TIMES face of the year How to vote Visit the tame TIMES facebook page to see all our entrants, and like your favourite. The more likes, the better the chance of them winning, so get your family and friends to log on as well!

NG Church South Crest Christmas Breakfast

How to find the nearest donor centre Phone 0800 11 9031 | | | Twitter @theSANBS | Send your postal code to 31454.

ELDERLY FOLK FESTIVE FUN: The senior citizens enjoy their breakfast. NG Church South Crest held a Christmas breakfast on 26 November at the church, where they invited the residents of SAVF Kinross to join the senior citizens. The 14 Kinross residents enjoyed the meal and all the banter that went with it. Each received a personalised handmade Christmas card made by our Reverend Riekie

Wilken, for they are very precious to her. This breakfast took place in their newly commissioned Multi Denominational Chapel that will be available to rent in 2014 for all and any occasion. They were transported to the church by members of the congregation and returned home by them as well.

03 December 2013

tame TIMES

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Myheadvoice: ChristianseatChristians

That time of the week again. I must admit, with the news of Kenny Kunene’s political party, which was launched in Cape Town on the weekend, I had to fight the urge to comment about the political butterfly. What I did however decide to share a thought on is the way in which, given an opportunity, Christians will turn on Christians claiming to defend a so called freedom of expression. I myself do not listen to Gareth Cliff’s morning show (actually I listen to nothing he says) because I find him shallow and obnoxious, but I was interested in the discussions on social networks addressing (mostly ridiculing) a listener for speaking up against what she believed was a watering down of the meaning of Christmas by replacing Christ with Cliff. At first glance nothing seems wrong with the Cliffmas Carols, but my judgment changed after spending a little more time actually thinking about it. Firstly, Gareth as a self-confessed atheist, should have no business messing with occasions observed by Christians. Secondly, as a country that allows for freedom of religion, I believe one’s right

should not infringe or act in a way that could seem as disrespectful to another’s. The above though is not my biggest problem, my problem is with the Christians who failed to defend their so-called beliefs, siding with a guy who can hardly back up an argument without resorting to childish antics of making fun of the challenging view. What this incident made me realise is that the line will continue to be pushed because Christians continue to allow themselves to be desensitised by the systematic disrespect aimed at discrediting Christianity. I used to ask myself why malls, airports and other public facilities have Muslim prayer rooms, I now think I have an answer. We would never see Muslims ignore even the smallest of questionable slip-up. I never write from a know-it-all point of view, I again open myself up for correction here (on the point I’m making though, my mind is pretty much made up on Cliff). Let’s chat. Share your views with me at voice@ or tweet us @tametimes.


Remax Finest Movember Remax Finest in Brackenhurst Alberton had a Movember month drive. Their beneficiaries are SPCA Alberton and Optim-Ed Special Needs Division.

03 December 2013

tame TIMES

“We would like to thank all our sponsors for contributing to this great cause and by matching Remax Finest’s contributions.”

Thank you Juan NG Church South Crest writes:

Herewith a short letter of thanks to Hazelpark Pick n Pay and in particular the manager Juan. What a pleasure it is to shop at our local store; he is always ready with a smile and makes the shopping experience that much more enjoyable. He is always in the aisles and will help get things down for us older generation. It came to my attention that Juan bought flowers and visited one of his regular shoppers, a blind lady, which unfortunately landed in hospital. This goes to show what we have in our neighbourhood store as far as managers go. Have you heard of any other local store managers doing the same? We also want to thank Hazelpark Pick n Pay for the gifts of food and cleaning materials that they donate to our “Food Cupboard”, for less fortunate people that we administer from our church.

What a lovely gesture Anna Jordaan writes: On 22 November, the Crown Gardens Seniors Club held their Christmas Lunch at Mike’s Kitchen in Alberton. A very kind gentleman paid a large portion of our bill.  A very big thank you to Hermanus and Erna from Security X-Perts in Brackenhurst for this lovely gesture. This just goes to show that there are still very good people in our community.  We wish them all the best and God Bless. From all of us Old Fogies at the Crown Gardens Seniors Club.

Onthou julle daardie advertensie van een of ander vulstasie, waar die man so injaag en die vrou omtrent uit die motor val, booor alles spring, haar skoene verloor en almal uit die pad haas sodat sy met spoed die badkamer kan bereik? Ek lag myself byna dood elke keer wanneer ek dit sien, Gysie kyk my skeef aan, want dit lyk vir hom heeltemal te bekend! Hier aan die einde van die jaar voel alles vir my so. Mense jaag om betyds klaar te kry vir die Kers-seisoen, sodat jy rustig en met vrede kan ontspan vir ‘n week of twee. Dan wonder ek of dit die moeite werd is om alles te probeer indruk in so ‘n kort tyd. Is dit nie dalk maar beter om liewer meer gereeld ‘n breuk te vat en rustig voort te gaan nie? Ek dink soms dat dit jou eie keuse is om ‘n gejaagde lewe te lei. Ek kyk na die mense op Travel Channel en wonder waar kry hulle in die klein verlate areas tyd om heeldag goed te doen wat vir my lyk soos absolute tydmors. Dan besef ek, daardie mense jaag nie geld na nie, hulle werk nie teen deadlines nie, hulle geniet net wat hulle doen, teen die pas waarteen hulle dit doen. Tip: begin dinge stadiger vat voor Kersfees, dan sal jy werklik kan ontspan.


Merry Christmas to Ward 39 Michael Kriek, the councillor for Ward 39, has the following Christmas message for the residents in his ward: “Christmas is about family. It is a time when we get to be together, share meals together, relax together and remember how important we are to each other. I send everyone my best wishes and say a Merry Christmas from my family to yours.”

Ek ontvang in die week ‘n boodskap via WhatsApp wat my sommer baie breed laat glimlag het. Nie oor die inhoud ‘n grappie was nie, maar oor dit van ‘n 5-jarige seuntjie af gekom het. Hy het gesê, “Die regte superheros is nie hier op aarde nie, want hier op aarde wil Jesus hê ons moet die superheros wees.” Eldin Davel (5 jaar) Wow! Ek dink hy verstaan die boodskap van liefde baie goed. Ons leef nogal in ‘n tyd waarin die fantasie en opwinding wat deur Marvel se superheros gebring word ‘n wonderlike alternatief vir die lewe se korrupsie bring. Die feit is egter dat sulke superheros nie ‘n antwoord of oplossing is nie, maar liefde is wel. Dit is ‘n alternatief vir die vergelding en bitterheid wat misdaad, korrupsie en onreg agterlaat. Dit is ‘n alternatief vir die harde hond-eethond wêreld waarin mense net nog ‘n stukkie in die legkaart geword het. So, Eldin verstaan dit en ek hoop jy ook. Wees ‘n superhero vir Jesus.

03 December 2013

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tame TIMES Board

CPF Meeting - 3 December

The New Redruth/Alberante Sector 1B CPF meeting will be held on Tuesday, 3 December, at 18:30 at the NG church in Fore Street, New Redruth (opposite the Boma). For further information please contact Mark Venter at 082 927 0170.

Christmas Market @ Lido Hotel – 6 December Time: 17:00 - 22:00 Venue: Banqueting Hall – Good Food – Live Music Where: Enter at Shell Garage, Eikenhof, Jhb Road R82 Free Entrance. 082 349 9924 David House orphanage fund raiser - 7 December The Raevans will be playing with their live duet guitar and vocals at 13:30-16:30 at Lady Marmalade’s Tearoom, Rietvlei Zoo Farm. They will be running a raffle for a Christmas hamper - courtesy of Brackencity

Florist, Lady Marmalade’s and The Raevans. Tickets priced at R20 and all proceeds will go to David House Orphanage in Rosettenville. For information please call 079 500 5686. Alberton Toastmasters Club Alberton Toastmasters will be holding their last meeting of the year on Thursday, 5 December. It will be an evening to remember. Contact Wendy Losper (VP Membership) at or 083 655 1916. RIGHT: Wendy Losper and Brian Gordon Davis (President) receiving the Best Evaluators Award

03 December 2013

03 December 2013

Wrapped in the spirit of Christmas Alberton City Shopping Centre has selected two non-profit organisations to provide a gift-wrapping service to shoppers during the Christmas period – the Avril Elizabeth Home and Educare Foundation. The Avril Elizabeth Home cares for 147 permanent residents and provides daycare to 23. Aged between 4 and 72, all residents and daycare attendees are intellectually disabled, many with physical disabilities. The main building houses children and persons with severe handicaps. There are also five cottages, each with house parents who provide care to people whose handicaps are less severe. The Educare Foundation is an educational

tame TIMES

organisation that provides essential school equipment to underprivileged and vulnerable children in all communities. They provide a support structure to less fortunate families. Through their Create a Job initiative, they also focus on providing employment to single mothers. Members of Alberton and surrounds are invited to make use of this opportunity and support the initiative. Stations will be conveniently positioned in the Game Court (Avril Elizabeth Home) and the upper and lower Woolworths Courts (Educare Foundation). For a small donation, gifts will be wrapped and all proceeds will go to these charities.

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Festive convenience at Alberton City Alberton City Shopping Centre is hosting a children’s entertainment area daily from 16 to 24 December, 11:00 to 16:00. The entertainment area will be set up in the Upper Woolworths Court and the activities include face painting, movies, Sony PlayStation gaming, reading and colouring in. Parents are invited to make use of the children’s entertainment area, which is fully supervised, while they go about their festive shopping. There is no cost for parents to drop off their kids for a few hours. From 11 to 15 December, Alberton City will be hosting a gift fair to showcase their wide range of gifting ideas. This initiative forms part of the centre’s

festive theme for 2013 – Christmas in the City – which is currently being promoted in the centre, as well as local newspapers and magazines. Alberton City’s extended trading hours will commence on 17 December and normal hours will resume on 24 December, with optional trading applicable on certain public holidays. Further details and a full list of the centre’s extended shopping hours are available on Alberton City’s Facebook page. With the choice and convenience of 120 stores, covered parking, baby changing facilities, extended trading hours and the children’s entertainment area, Alberton City is the perfect place to do all your Christmas shopping.

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tame TIMES Alberton, Bedfordview, Germiston South and Joburg South.

03 December 2013 tame TIMES distribution

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03 December 2013

Marais Viljoen bring 2013 Sansui Summer Cup in pictures silwer huistoe Laurelle Williams

Monica Supra

The Sansui Summer Cup is Johannesburg’s premier equestrian and fashion affair and it took place on Saturday at Turffontein Race Course. Below are pictures that captured the colour and feel of the day. For full story please visit

Die o/16 span van Hoërskool Marais Viljoen het op 28 November teruggekeer vanaf Malaysië en is met groot opgewondenheid verwelkom. Die span is genooi om aan ‘n internasionale jeugtoernooi te gaan deelneem nadat hulle as die tweede-beste span in Suid-Afrika aangewys is vroeër vanjaar. In Malaysië het hulle algeheel 2de geëindig nadat hulle met slegs drie punte teen die tuisspan verloor het. Die meisies het tydens die finale wedstryd geveg tot die eindfluitjie geblaas het en het met ‘n waardige telling van 31-28 van die baan afgestap. Dit was die span se 50ste en finale wedstryd vir die jaar. Hulle het deelgeneem teen top spanne van ondermeer China en Australië. Afrigter Yolandi Danhauser het gesê dat die span van die begin af alles gegee het en dat hulle dit baie geniet het. Nasché Blume, die spankaptein, het vertel dat die ervaring daar heeltemal anders was as die netbal in Suid-Afrika. “Jy leer ken jou plaaslike kompetisie, wat dit makliker maak

hier.” Die res van die toer was gevul met inkopies, nuwe ervarings en baie pret. Ouers en ander belangstellendes was op hoogte gehou via ‘n groep op Facebook, waar daar daagliks foto’s en nuus opgelaai is. Welkom terug aan die span en baie geluk met jul uitmuntende prestasie.

Deep in the Woods a spectacular success Ilze Moore In the first event of its kind, Deep in the Woods definitely left its mark on electronic music lovers. Organiser Mark Sham’s hard work and dedication in creating an event that everyone in the South could be proud of definitely paid off. With numerous competing events happening on the same day, the event was well attended. Upon walking through the gates you were guaranteed to see someone you know as locals all swarmed to celebrate the talent that the South has to offer. Set in the South’s hidden gem, Rietvlei Zoo Farm, festival goers enjoyed the beauty of the natural wetlands, large willow and oak trees and beautiful green gardens accompanied by the mixes of local DJs. The setup of Deep in the Woods was spectacular – with one main stage and a big area leaving lots of room to fully appreciate the incredible tracks the DJs were pumping from the decks. The main stage was surrounded by an array of food and drink tents and intimate spots for relaxing under the trees for a more chilled atmosphere.DJs such as Vin GrooVin, Electric Mafia, Dirty Pogo, House Knights (HK), HouseHold Funk, Ricardo Da Costa, Craig Massiv and Ridiculousnes had fans dancing to electro tunes from midday till midnight and left

them wanting more. The South needs more successful events of this kind. I am excited to see what Sham will cook up for the next event.

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03 December 2013

Before and after

Last week tame TIMES reported on the accident at the intersection between Pieter Uys Street and Van Rensburg Avenue. As stated in the report, tame TIMES observed and was also told by residents that the poor state of the signage at the intersection caused a few similar accidents. We are happy to report that upon a random drive past the intersection we noted the road now had the appropriate markings, however the stop sign remained unchanged. Thanks to Clr Bruna Haipel for forwarding the concern to Ekurhuleni.

alberton CPF

GOING AWAY? FOLLOW THESE SIMPLE STEPS If you go on holiday see to it that someone empties your post box, cancel the deliveries of the newspaper, report it to the CPF patrollers, and inform your neighbours, and request them to be on the lookout of suspicious people walking around in the area. Remove valuable or attractive items from view through windows. You may also persuade a friend to keep your lawn neatly mowed and perhaps park a car in your driveway. Do not close curtains or blinds during the day, as they are a dead giveaway. See to it that your garage door is fitted with a strong lock. Before you leave close all windows, lock all external doors and remove all keys from locks. Don’t publicise your holiday plans. If in doubt about the safety of an area, phone the police and


CPF for advice. Never leave smaller valuable items as jewellery, watches, portable radios, clothing, cameras or purses on an inside ledge or within arm’s length of open windows, not even if you have burglar bars. A dark house is a signal that you are out. Use a timer for your lights, and put on a radio to give your apartment an occupied sound. Sliding glass doors offer access if they are not properly secured. To prevent the door lifted off the track, drill a hole through the sliding door frame and the fixed frame, insert a pin or a safety catch. Ensure that you test your alarm at least 10 times before you depart on holiday. Don’t wait till the day before, in case the alarm needs repairing.

Safety tips from Alberton SAPS After

Holiday wishes from your Station Commander

On behalf of the management of Brackendowns SAPS, I would like to thank the community and the executive committee of the Brackendowns CPF for their support and hard-work in combatting crime. Your contribution has not gone unnoticed. As we approach the festive season, we’ve noticed an increase in housebreakings. I would like to assure the community that my members are working tirelessly to bring

perpetrators to book. Please do not leave your valuable items in your car or in plain sight. If you’re going away this festive season, please tell your neighbours and your security company to be your eyes and ears while you are enjoying your time off. December party hosts, please ask your security company or appoint a car guard to watch vehicles that will be parked in the streets while you’re enjoying yourself. Please report any suspicious activities or vehicles driving around your areas. Below are the cell phone numbers for patrol vehicles, please save the number relevant to your area. Sector 1: 071 675 7340 or 071 675 6878 Sector 2: 071 675 6880 or 071 675 6881 Sector 3: 071 675 6882 or 071 675 6883 In conclusion, I would like to wish residents a crime-free festive season, a merry Christmas and a happy new year. Col Veshani Arikum (Station Commander: Brackendowns)

In malls: Make sure your car is locked. Do not park next to a vehicle with occupants. Do not leave valuable property lying around in car, e.g. cellphone, laptops, CD holders. Do not allow anyone to wash your car while shopping. Make sure you park where most people park their cars. Do not expose valuables in your boot by opening it while there are strangers around. Make sure when you lock your car with a remote that it is locked. In the street: Do not allow anyone to stop you. Do not allow any car to follow you for a while without changing direction. Always lock your car door when approaching an intersection.

Always be observant when approaching an intersection for people standing around or strange movements before stopping (especially at night) In the driveway: House next to a corner, first drive past before entering. Call your partner/kids to open the gate for you. Do not allow strangers to sit next to your yard. Always observe your gate before reaching or approaching it. When in your driveway, switch off engine and lock the door. When working late at night call someone when leaving work to open the gate. At home: Don’t leave valuables in car at night. When visiting friends park in the yard to avoid hijacking. Make sure all gates and doors are locked at all times, to avoid house robberies. Pedestrians: Always walk with someone at night. Avoid walking with money in your pockets. Make sure your cell phone is safe. Avoid followers and be observant.

03 14 December May 2013 2013

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tame TIMES tame

Brackenhurst Primary Hoërskool Dinamika groet lends a helping hand twee personeellede Come on Alberton, we need to raise as much money as we can and let’s see if anyone can raise over R13 000. Brackenhurst Primary School in Alberton surpassed generosity in the 5 cent campaign. When tame TIMES visited the school teachers, Melody Pheiffer and Nici Bambardella were still busy taking donations from learners in the hall with beautifully decorated containers. Brackenhurst Primary donated a whopping R12 923,25 in the campaign for the Alberton SPCA, together with loads of food for cats

and dogs. Vanja Ingold from the SPCA said they are very grateful to the staff, parents and learners for their generosity and support. Brackenhurst Primary are the highest donors so far with Kenton Primary coming in second – their money is still being counted. Pleased with the outcome, Ingold encourages local donators, “Come on Alberton, we need to raise as much money as we can and let’s see if anyone can raise over R13 000.”

Na 20 jaar (1 Junie 1994 tot 31 Januarie 2014) groet Hoërskool Dinamika vir Ina Rautenbach. Ina het in die skool se media- en internetsentrums gewerk. Ina is egter veel meer as net die “biblioteektannie”, sy was vir elkeen ‘n steunpilaar. Ina het met groot liefde vir elkeen en almal ‘n glimlag en ondersteuning gebied, gehelp en die regte pad aangewys. Ons is baie hartseer dat Ina aftree, maar gun haar die rus. Hoërskool Dinamika groet ‘n spesiale Namie, ons geliefde tannie Ina, en dank God dat ons die eer het om vir Ina te ken. Vir 21 jaar (6 Oktober 1993 tot 31

Januarie 2014), en voor dit by Hoërskool Palmietfontein, was Louna Conradie ‘n rots in die administrasiekantoor van die skool. Louna weet waar alles is, hou boek van alles, en kan alles doen. Louna het die skool se administrasie seepglad laat loop. Louna se werk was foutloos. Sy het verder ook tyd gehad om die noodhulp tot groot hoogtes aan te voer. Louna, sonder jou gaan ons letterlik en figuurlik waarskynlik ‘n hele paar nerf-af knieë opdoen. Baie dankie dat jy altyd daar was vir elkeen van ons. Hoërskool Dinamika groet ‘n besondere Namie, ons geliefde tannie Louna!

Proteaspeelster besoek Dinamika

Hoërskool Dinamika het die voorreg gehad om deur Chrisna Botha besoek te word as deel van die skool se voorbereiding vir volgende jaar se netball seisoen. Chrisna, die Protea-span se doel, het Dinamika en Orion se spelers gehelp met ‘n doelvaardighede. Sy het die afrigters en spelers se talente opgeskerp met die beste tegnieke en vaardighede. Van links na regs: Marita Godsil (Netbalorganiseerder), Danielle Pienaar, Chrisna Bootha (Proteaspeler), Leanie Nolan (van Orion) en Samantha Slatter. Voor: Elzaan Moolman (Orion Leerder).

Sparrows Eisteddfod success Sparrows Private School achieved two golds and one silver in the Alberton Eisteddfod in 2013. Although only three students entered, great achievements were achieved. Thato Lesole (grade 8) received silver with 72% in the English Set Poetry Section, Lauren Jordaan (grade 8) received gold with 88% in the English Set Poetry Section and Refilwe Lesibu (grade 12) received gold with 82% in the English Set Poetry Section.

Lauren Jordaan (grade 8)

Refilwe Lesibu (grade 12) Thato Lesole (grade 8)

Sparrows matrics help the community

The matric students of Sparrows Private School participated in their LO Community Project by painting Miracle Day Care Centre, run by Tracy, in Jackson’s Drift Informal Settlement. A lot of fun was had while painting and spending time with the children there while their parents were out looking for work. The matrics were in charge of getting the whole school involved by asking for donations of paint, nappies, baby supplies, stationery and food.

Louna Conradie.

Ina Rautenbach.

Alberante BMW entertains Alberante BMW made sure of great entertainment at the tame TIMES Golf Day with their chipping competition. They also gave away gift vouchers worth R16 000, as well as four tickets for Advanced Driving lessons. Alberante BMW also used the opportunity to introduce their latest promotion. If a customer

purchases a vehicle, registration will only take place in January 2014. Everyone will also receive a free set of tailor-made golf clubs by SpeedBlade worth R10 000. SpeedBlade is the latest pioneering sports equipment on the market. Terms and conditions apply.

03 December 2013

Ster-Kinekor expands experience in Gauteng Jacqui Jurisch 011 862 8500

Ster-Kinekor, the leading cinema chain in South Africa, has opened one of the most sophisticated and digitally enhanced cinema experiences at the new Cradlestone Mall in Krugersdorp. The centre opened its doors on 20 November. The eight theatre complex boasts the latest in digital projector technology, higher quality surround sound and three 3D screens. The most exciting development is the two Cine Prestige cinemas. These extraordinary cinemas optimise the film viewing experience, as audiences relax in large comfortable chairs in an exclusive cinema environment. Each chair has its own personal space and reclines for the ultimate movie watching experience. Each cinema in the Prestige lounge can accommodate 65 movie goers in one screening. Added to the experience is the exclusive VIP lounge area, where delicious platters can be ordered and enjoyed inside the lounge. There are no long queues to

wait for popcorn or drinks, and there is a small snack bar that accommodates to every person’s needs. “We are very proud of our new Cradlestone development as we continue to bring the very best in cinema entertainment to South Africans. We are confident that when people experience our new cinemas at Cradlestone Mall, they will be impressed with the scale and sophistication of the new complex,” Doug Place, Marketing Executive of SterKinekor said. In the opening weeks, movie lovers will be spoilt for choice. Included in the release schedule for the new cinemas are the following blockbuster films: As Jy Sing, Captain Phillips, Thor: The Dark World (3D), Justin and the Knights of Valour (3D) and the locally-produced animated film, Khumba. Ster-Kinekor has launched a new app, available to any smart phone. With this app movie lovers will have all the information about any movie at the touch of a button. To book the Cine Prestige experience, book your tickets online and have your cinema experience altered.

03 December 2013

tame TIMES

tame TIMES Gholfdag Die Gholfdag is aangebied ten bate van die NG Gemeente Alberton-Suid, wat dan die fondse wat ingesamel is aanwend vir die onderskeie gemeenskapsprojekte wat deur die kerk bestuur word.

Die tame TIMES Gholfdag was vanjaar weereens ‘n reuse sukses. Die Gholfdag is aangebied ten bate van die NG Gemeente Alberton-Suid, wat dan die fondse wat ingesamel is aanwend vir die onderskeie gemeenskapsprojekte wat deur die kerk bestuur word. Ds Corneil Du Plessis van die gemeente het by die prysuitdeling die deelnemers, borge, asook tame TIMES bedank vir die ondersteuning. “Ons staan vir daardie mense wat nie vir hulself kan praat nie, die wat nie vir hulself kan sorg nie,” het hy verduidelik. “Die deelname was iets besonders en daarom kan almal weet dat die Here elkeen se bydrae op ‘n besondere manier gaan gebruik.” Van die projekte van Alberton-Suid sluit in twee laerskole in die Suide van Johannesburg, waar daar vir elke kind daagliks twee warm maaltye verskaf word. Daar word ook tydens die

Baie dankie aan al ons borge vir u ondersteuning!

vakansie vir elkeen ‘n kospakkie opgemaak om huistoe te neem. Die gemeente werk met ongeveer 230 Vigs-geaffekteerde gesinne tot so vêr as Kliprivier. Daar was baie pryse te wen, nie net vir die gholfdeelnemers nie, maar ook vir almal wat deelgeneem het aan gelukstrekkings waar fantastiese pryse uitgeloot is. ‘n Besondere woord van dank is aan Mike Moss van tame TIMES oorgedra, sonder wie die dag nie so glad sou verloop het nie. Die uiteindelike wenners van die Gholfdag, Frans Van Tonder en Piet De Lange het weggestap met pryse geborg deur Computer Ghoere en verskeie ander geskenkbewyse. Daar was ook pryse vir ‘longest drive’ vir spelers bo- en onder die ouderdom van 50, en Wim Smalle (77) het van die jonger manne op hul neuse laat neerkyk toe hy met dié louere weggestap het.

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tame TIMES

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1001 Building

03 December 2013

5002 LOANS


& materials


BEST DEBT FINANCE LOANS SAME DAY PAYOUT Apply via fax or email Tel 011Â 869 5553 or bestdebtalberton@gmail. com

ABLE CLEANERS Able 2 clean 5 rooms from R 149 Lounge suites from R129 Free stain remover / Deo 074 651 9748

To advertise call 011 862 8500 or visit us at



TOWNhouse /cluster



Gardening & Rubble removal

Carpets, lounge suites, spot removal, FREE deo Owner supervision OPEN DECEMBER Tinus 082 765 8392

7008 SALES


To advertise call 011 862 8500 or visit us at


Career Opportunity 25 Reps / Man. Needed to start Imm. Own Car Ess, No Exp, Full training, App Set by Co. R12000 to Start / Comm / Inc / Med / Petrol inc. Call: 011 609 2119 OR Sms Name, Area, Age 076 806 4140



1024 storage

To advertise call 011 862 8500 or visit us at

7016 DOMESTIC EMPLOYMENT WANTEd Alina Sleep Out Full Time 060 389 5012 Busisiwe Sleep In Full Time 073 666 5376 Rose Sleep Out Full / Part Time 072 489 8170

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tame TIMES




call one of our sales consultants


011 862 8500 F: 086 611 2154

tame TIMES Distribution: YOU CAN NOW ALSO BOOK YOUR ADVERTS IN THE FOLLOWING PAPERS. Alberton: 35 000 JHB South: 24 500 Bedfordview & Germiston: 12 000 Boksburg: 40 000 Katlehong: 15 000 Thokoza: 19 000 Vosloorus: 21 000 Rustenburg: 10 500 Brits: 10 500 Call 011 862 8500


011 862 8500 F:086 730 9573


011 862 8500 nomsa.kathorus@

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Resilience gymnasts rake in the medals

03 December 2013

Champion Boxing awards evening Champion boxing had their annual awards evening to honour the performance of their athletes. The awards featured five categories, which all in all produced nine winners. The evening also marked the beginning of the holidays for the club, however fitness training will continue to ensure new boxers are fit and ready to pick up the fundamentals when normal operations resume on 6 January 2014. List of categories and winners Boxer of the year: J Sam - Best fight of the year: (shared) J Sam and S Venter Most promising boxer: (shared) L Mngomezulu and R Jacobs Best Beginner: (shared) S Pierdica and D Pierdica Best up and coming: (shared) P Sam and C Magoai.

Perfect Stroke Novice Gala Results from the Alberton Swimming Club Front: Roche Klein. 1st Row: Ayanda Njomose, Prishaylen Govender, Kishreya Govender. 2nd Row: Kamo Kawa, Kianaah Naidoo, Callen Leeuw, Linda Nsizwane. On Beam: Kaylee Smith, Adrian Knoetze, Lebohang Twala, Katlego Masako, Claudia Spyrides. Absent: Cleo Mvambu. Gymnasts of Resilience Gymnastics Club (Artistic gymnastics levels 1-3 girls and boys) have been extremely successful this year during the various competitions held over the last 3 months. A friendly competition was held in June where their gymnasts obtained great results. Kianaah, Callen, Cleo and Katlego received 1st overall, Kaylee 2nd overall, Claudia and Adrian 3rd overall places in their respective sections. All 14 gymnasts took part in the Central Gauteng Regionals and all gymnasts advanced to the North Zone Competitions. The best performance of the competition came from Callen Leeuw, who finished 7th overall from a group of 46 gymnasts in her section. The majority of their gymnasts took top 10 positions in tough competitions that consisted of big groups in each section.

At the North Zone, all gymnasts walked away with excellent results, each receiving either gold or silver medals for their overall averages. They will be awarded Half Provincial Colours. “We, as coaches, are extremely proud of all our gymnasts and their results, and we would like to thank coaches and gymnasts for all their hard dedicated work over the past few months. A big thank you to all our parents for the support to their children and our club.” Artistic Gymnastics classes are from Mondays-Thursdays and on Saturdays. The club also offers Rhythmic Gymnastics classes on Wednesdays and Saturdays. For any further information about the club, which is situated in Robertsham, you can contact Roxanne van Herwaarde (owner/ Head Coach): 083 696 6301 or Tracy van Herwaarde (Coach/Admin): 079 677 1200.

Front row: Ethan van Dyk (4yrs) -1st in kickboard, Aliyah Pretorius (5yrs) - 2nd in Kickboard and Freestyle, Deanne Swannepoel - 3rd in kickboard, Brayden van Dyk (6yrs) - 3rd in Freestyle and Breaststroke. Back row: Esti van der Westhuizen (9yrs) - 2nd in Freestyle and 3rd in backstroke, Andrew Mills (10yrs) - 2nd Freestyle and 1st in breaststroke, Samantha Swanepoel (10yrs) - 1st in freestyle, backstroke and breaststroke.

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tame TIMES

Alberton SPCA: a huge thank you to Brackenhurst Primary To all those history buffs out there, does anyone know when Alberton SPCA first opened? We have been trying to work it out and if anyone knows please e-mail Vanja Ingold on albertonspca@yahoo. Firstly, a huge thank you to Brackenhurst Primary who donated R12 923,25 in our 5 cent campaign, together with a load of food. We are very grateful to the staff, parents and learners for their generosity and support. Brackenhurst Primary are the highest donors so far with Kenton Primary coming in second – their money is still being counted! Come on Alberton, we need to raise as much money as we can and let’s see if anyone can raise over R13 000. Our SPCA stand is once again at Bracken City outside Pick n Pay and, as always, our Tree of Light is fast filling up. We are also at Alberton City outside Woolworths. We are selling all sorts of things, from calendars to candles to dog leads to designer jewellery. Come along and see what we have and support your local SPCA. December is always a very busy month at the SPCA and so we would be grateful for any donations of dog or cat food. You can either drop off at the SPCA in Lincoln Road or at the stands in the two shopping centres. Thank you. Our furry friends really need your help. Christmas tends to be a traumatic time for pets. If you are going away ensure you make provision for your pets, either by booking them into kennels or arranging for someone to stay with them. The majority of kennels are already filling up or are fully booked, so make enquiries sooner rather than later. Remember your pets need to be vaccinated before they can be accepted at a boarding facility. Having someone stay in your home is ideal, as it means your pets do not have the unsettling experience of being moved away from their familiar surroundings and also your house is occupied while you are away. If you prefer to have someone just come in and feed your pets, ensure a second person checks that it’s happening. Do not, under any circumstances, leave water and chunks out and hope your pets will be fine. They do not know how to ration food and drink, plus water needs changing regularly. If you are leaving your pets under someone else’s care then ensure they have the following information: detailed instructions about feeding, your contact details, your vet’s details, as well as recent photos in case the pets go missing. Ideally, ensure your pets are micro-chipped as when they arrive at a shelter or a vet they will be scanned and identified. It’s a small price to pay to ensure the return of a beloved pet. Alberton SPCA offers micro-chipping at R250 per animal, although if done at adoption we only charge R200. Christmas food and decorations are not suitable for pets. Do not feed alcohol, chocolate, nuts or Christmas cake to your pets as these foods are all highly toxic and can cause a serious reaction, even death. In addition, bones are not advised. If you want to buy your pets a Christmas gift or two, go for catnip toys for cats and rawhide bones and toys for dogs. They will love them. To really spoil your dogs, take them for a walk and it’ll help you burn off those excess calories too. Some things we hope you won’t do: Please do not buy a puppy or kitten for your child unless they understand the full

implication of caring for the pet and will continue to care for it as it grows up. Remember, a dog is for life, not just for Christmas.

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03 December 2013

Celtic makes it rain in Orlando Patrick Monyobo 011 862 8500

Bloemfontein Celtic beat Orlando Pirates 3-2 on Saturday night in an ABSA Premiership clash at the Orlando Stadium. Vuyani Ntanga, Thabo Nthethe and Musa Nyatama each scored a penalty for Celtic. Pirates’ goals came from dexterous footwork of Lennox Bacela and Andile Jali penalty. Celtic had Pirates on the back foot from the opening minutes as Vuyani Ntanga tried to score from a free kick, but his shot

went high and wide. Soccer fans knew that they were in for a cracker of a game. The rest of the first half saw numerous attempts at goal, starting with Pirates player Daine Klate who tried his luck from a free kick in a dangerous position. His attempt hit the wall and was deflected out for a corner. Klate’s attempt was followed shortly by Andile Jali when he tried a long range effort, but it flew over the goal. Musa Nyatama had a chance to give Celtic the lead, but his

shot from the edge of the area went wide to the right in the 22nd minute. Ntanga had a good chance in the 26th minute when he ran into the box, but his shot went straight to Meyiwa. With emotions running high, fans were on the edge of their seats waiting in anticipation for the first goal. Finally in the 38th minute Celtic managed to score a goal when Ayanda Gcaba failed to clear a cross, Vuyani Ntanga latched on to the ball and drilled in a sublime goal just outside the area to make it 1-0, giving Senzo Meyiwa no chance. Going into the break the score remained 1-0 to the visitors. In the second-half heavy rain began to pour down at the Orlando Stadium, but it did not deter the Pirates. Pirates Lennox Bacela finally equalised as he scored from a tight angle against his former team in the 56th minute to make it 1-1. Celtic was awarded a penalty in the 88th minute when Mbongeni Gumede brought down Trevor Lamola. Shortly afterwards Nyatama stepped up and made no mistake as he sent Meyiwa the wrong way, and Celtic led 3-1. In the 90th minute substitute Mpho Makola nearly raised a point for Pirates, but Tingyemb saved. Pirates were awarded a penalty in the 91st minute when substitute Collins Mbesuma was brought down by Nthethe. Andile Jali scored, ending the final score at 3-2.

Tame times alb 2 dec 2013  

Tame times alb 2 dec 2013

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