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Volume 03, 15 May 2014, Week 20

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Newly built toilets restore people’s dignity

Charity Moyo Zonkizizwe residents will no longer have to experience the stench and flies of the septic tank toilet system after the City of Ekurhuleni completed the construction of 912 brick and mortar toilets structures in the area. The new toilet structures have a washing basin and all plumbing work including water and sewer connections. They also accommodate people with disabilities. The construction project amounted to R17 million and created 143 jobs in the fields of bricklaying, plumbing, general work and community liaison officers. Thandi Molefe from zone 4 in Zonkizizwe was the project beneficiary for the launch of the sanitations. “I am happy that I will no longer experience the flies coming inside my house and the smell of the sewer. It was also difficult to

do the laundry, we used dishes and pouring dirty water inside the toilets, now it is easy because we have washing basins. The new built toilets are comfortable and healthy,” said Molefe. Mondli Gungubele, Executive Mayor of Ekurhuleni said, “We are also on a mission to get rid of chemical toilets because they are expensive to run and not dignified. We want to create a sense of selfrespect and create an environment where the self-worth of our people is retained. People should maintain the toilets by keeping them clean and avoid flushing plastics, nappies and oil to prevent blockages.” Teboho Letsoha, ward councillor said “We are excited, our dignity has been restored and it is up to standard.” Education and awareness will be conducted in Zonkizizwe on how to use the toilets, sewer system and complaints, storm water inMondli Gungubele officially unveiled the newly built toilets in zone 4 at Zonkizizwe. *Photo by Happy Khumalo gress and hygiene.

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15 May 2014

tame TIMES

New Tamaho clinic officially opened Charity Moyo Mondli Gungubele, executive Mayor of Ekurhuleni officially opened the state of the art facility, Tamaho clinic, at corner Sokele and Matsose Streets in Nhlapho section at Katlehong recently. The new clinic was built as a replacement of the old Tamaho container clinic situated at Mandela section. The old clinic was small and only rendered primary health care services. The new clinic’s construction amounted to R17 404 005, and containts 16 consulting rooms and an expanded waiting area built on the site. It also created 42 local temporary jobs during the period of construction. Mondli Gungubele, Mayor of Ekurhuleni said, “We are celebrating the success of rendering services to the community of Ekurhuleni. We have eight community health centres in the region that render 24-hour services seven days a week and seven of these facilities have a midwife obstetric unit. We have five new clinics in the region that are in the process of being opened and Tamaho is also included on the list. Tamaho new clinic has nine permanent employees and once the full

staff compliment is available, the following primary health care services will be rendered: child health services, expanded programme on immunisation, maternal health services, women’s health services, HIV \AIDS, sexually transmitted infections and tuberculosis control programme, management of Acute and Chronic diseases, HIV Counselling and testing and wellness services for HIV and antiretroviral therapy.” Mojabeng Sinah Dlomo, PR Councillor said, “There was a need for the clinic, the old Tamaho clinic was a four room building and

could not service the whole community. As a result the residents flocked to Katlehong North clinic causing a backlog in the north clinic. This new clinic is a relief to the residents, which is within walking distance from their respective homes. We will no longer travel to Emabhodweni to access health care services. The clinic is a community investment and we have a duty to secure the facility.” The operational hours of the new Tamaho clinic will be from Monday to Friday between 08:00 to 16:00. It is anticipated that the clinic will serve the Tamaho population of 15 000 and part of the Katlehong North population.

The new Tamaho clinic that was unveiled.

Legal NOTICE GERMISTON DORPSBEPLANNING SKEMA No 2, 1999 STIGING VAN ‘N KROEG Ingevolge die Germistonse Dorpsbeplanning Skema No 2,1999 word hiermee bekend gemaak dat ek/ons, die ondergetekende van voornemens is om by Ekurhuleni Metropolitaanse Municipaliteit (Germiston) aansoek te doen om toestemming tot die daarstelling van ‘n KROEG (Tlokasi Pub & Grill) geleë , 89 Khumalo Valley Mbambela Crest, Katlehong Besonderehede van hierdie aansoek kan gedurende

gewone werksure by ondervermelde adres geinspekteer word. Enige iemand wat beswaar wil aanteken teen goedkeuring van hierdie aansoek moet skriftelik aan die Hoof van die Departement: Stad Beplaaning, Posbus145, Germiston, 1400 en die aansoeker sodanige beswaar tesame met die redes daarvoor, op sy laaste op 25 Junie 2014 skriftelik aan die ondergetekend voorlê Naam van Applikant: Selina Malitla Sebiloane Adres van Applikant: 89 Khumalo Valley Mbambela Crest, Katlehong

GERMISTON TOWN PLANNING SCHEME NO 2, 1999 ESTABLISHMENT OF TAVERN In Terms of the Germiston Town Planning Scheme No 2, 1999. Notice is hereby given that I/we, the undersigned, intend to apply to Ekurhuleni Metropolitan Municipality (Germiston) for permission to establish A Tavern Tlokasi Pub & Grill Situated at 89 Khumalo Valley Mbambela Crest, Katlehong Particulars of this application may be inspected during normal office hours at the undermentioned address.

Any person wishing to object to the approval of this application must lodge such objection, together with grounds thereof, in writing to the Head of Department: City Planning, P O Box 145, Germiston, 1400 and the applicant not later than 25-June-14 Name of Applicant: Selina Malitla Sebiloane Address: 89 Khumalo Valley Mbambela Crest, Katlehong

We have come to the end of the 2014 national elections which mark the country’s celebration of 20 years of democracy. This was a milestone for South Africa’s Charity Moyo young democracy. The election presented a great opportunity for the born frees to cast their vote for the first time. The citizens of the country continued to put their faith in the African National Congress (ANC) to lead the country again. We would like to take this opportunity to congratulate the country for making a mark and the political parties that made it through to the elections. Halala! ANC for again winning the elections, however they have a big task ahead of them in making sure that they deliver all the services that are a concern to the citizens. Immediately before the elections, we witnessed the municipality delivering services to the community namely ; a new Tamaho clinic was officially opened and a drive-through motor vehicle license facility was also unveiled in Katlehong , 912 brick and mortar toilets structures were launched in Zonkizizwe. The elections are over now and the results are out, the citizens are eagerly waiting to see the parliamentary and provincial leaders that the political parties are going to nominate. Enough with politics , lastly I would like to applaud Mamelodi Sundowns for repaying the investment done by Patrice Motsepe by winning the Premier Soccer League after seven years. Well done Pisto Mosimane, the coach for uplifting the spirit of your fans. Cheers for now.

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ACDP lends a hand to woman with disabilities Charity Moyo African Christian Democratic Party (ACDP) lived up to the biblical version which says ‘blessed is a hand that gives rather than receives’ when they donated garden equipment and seeds to a wheel chair bound Jennet Mathebula from Sunrise in Zonkizizwe. Mathebula from stand number 7052 in Sunrise used to prepare her vegetable garden with Lydia Meshoe, the first lady of ACDP a household knife and hands over the garden tools and seeds fork. They gave her to Jennet Mathebula from Sunrise in proper garden tools, seeds and money to buy Zonkizizwe. seedlings. “I am grateful to ACDP; they helped me with the garden tools and it is the first time receiving such gifts. I also encourage other disabled women not to stay at home doing nothing but to do food gardening,” said Mathebula. Lydia Meshoe, the first lady of ACDP said, “We are women of destiny and our main emphasises is on empowering the underprivileged women in our country. We are concentrating on skills development, encouraging establishment of firms, not welfare, and it is a way of alleviating poverty. Mathebula was using wrong garden tools because she could not afford to buy the proper garden tools and we have come to her rescue”.

Drive-through motor vehicle licensing facility unveiled Charity Moyo

Kathorus motorists will no longer have to drive to nearby suburbs to renew their motor vehicle licenses. Mondli Gungubele, Executive Mayor of Ekurhuleni, officially opened a drive –through motor vehicle licensing facility in Katlehong 1 Customer Care Centre recently. The other two drive-through motor vehicle licensing facilities were opened in Duduza Customer Care Centre and Kwa Thema Customer Care Centre. They will be providing motor vehicle license disc renewal and inquiries. Speaking to tame TIMES, Mondli Gungubele; Executive Mayor of Ekurhuleni said, “According to the ANC manifesto of 2011 we are to build service infrastructure and broaden access to it, and we are implementing that mandate. This facility is also part of bringing services closer to the communities, and to promote social empowerment. It can serve many people in any space of time, reduces transport cost and it is accessible to the community.” Themba Rampai, Councillor Ward 51 said, “The new facility is a big step forward for the community and making a difference by bringing services closer to people. It is a big relief to people, taking into consideration the financial constraints of travelling to nearby suburbs to renew a motor vehicle license.” Meanwhile, Teboho Ncheki, Katlehong Customer Care Centre Manager said, “It is exciting for the community to renew their motor vehicles license at their door steps. The system is quick, efficient, innovative, and user friendly as it accepts card payments.”

Mondli Gungubele; Executive Mayor of Ekurhuleni cutting the ribbon of the new drive-through motor vehicle licensing facility in Katlehong.

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15 May 2014

Child thief locked up School honours feeding In a recent episode which left the residents of Katlehong in shock, and their tongues wagging, a 4 day old baby boy was snatched at Letsoho Mall after his mother asked a stranger female (27) to hold him while she was preparing to pay for the goods inside the shop. Katlehong Police Station Spokesperson Captain Mega Ndobe said, “The incident triggered a widespread search which lasted for about four days. The police finally got a tip off regarding the whereabouts of the suspect and child. Police acted swiftly and managed to arrest a suspect who was in possession of

a missing child,” said Ndobe. He said the mother of the child managed to identify her boy and police finally handed over the child to the biological parents. Ndobe said the suspect already appeared at Palm Ridge Court facing charges of child theft. The case was deferred for further investigation. “People should refrain from trusting strangers with their children to avoid such a scenario. They should rather get assistance from the family or a friend. It is by luck that the missing child was finally returned to his parents without any harm,” concluded Ndobe.

scheme members of staff

Gladys Mashego, Maureen Radebe, Kenneth Sibisi (principal), Thembi Mandonsela, Beatrice Nkuna and Emmah Moloi are showing off their certificates. Manzini Primary School in Zonkizizwe acknowledged the schools feeding scheme members of staff, by awarding them certificates at the end of their work contract. Relebohile Mawayi, Gladys Mashego, Maureen Radebe, Thembi Mandonsela, Beatrice Nkuna and Emmah Moloi were awarded certificates of acknowledgement for working at the school feeding scheme for a year. Speaking to tame TIMES, Thembi Mandonsela said, “I started working at the school feeding scheme with no experience of cooking. I have learnt how to cook for children and to take care of them. We appreciate the support and recognition we received from the school. The certificate that has been awarded to me is a key to open other employment gates. I will use it to seek for employment in the catering field.” Kenneth

Sibisi, the principal of Manzini Primary School said, “We appreciate their contributions to the school feeding scheme. Their contract ended on 1 April 2014, they started working on 31 March 2013 as volunteers in the school feeding scheme an initiative by the Department of Education. It was part of creating short term employment for the community by the department. They were cooking and serving meals to 1136 learners and we did not receive any complaints regarding their services. We have awarded them with certificates to acknowledge their efforts and good work while working at the school. They will use the certificates as reference for seeking employment in other schools and in the catering industry. It will also help them in opening their own catering companies and I wish them all the best in their future endeavours.”

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Crime fighter: Mokone is no more Charity Moyo

Phenias Mokone (44) the secretary general of Zonkizizwe Community Policing Forum (CPF) died on 20 April after a short illness. He was residing in Zone 1 at Zonkizizwe and his memorial service was held at Zonkizizwe Community hall on 24 April. Mokone has been a member of Zonkizizwe CPF from 2007. He played a significant role in fighting crime in the area. Speaking to tame TIMES in grief, Sergeant Rufus Tema, Communications Officer of Zonkizizwe Police Station said, “Mokone was deeply involved in the planning and execution of crime prevention strategies. He was responsible for the formation of the Men As Safety Promoter in Zonkizizwe with the help of the department of Community Safety. He also mentored the youth crime desk at the station. He has left a big gap and we will continue with what he has taught us. May his soul rest in peace.” Patrick Celigana, chairperson of Zonkizizwe CPF said, “He was doing all the work at the office and we don’t know how we are going to cope without him. He was committed to working with the community and we are grieving with his family.” His friends and colleagues described him as a responsible, extraordinary man who was passionate about community safety.

15 May 2014

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Help find Simon Mphikeleli Khumalo Simon Mphikeleli Khumalo (63) from stand number 8658 Unit F Thokoza went missing from his home on 13 April 2014 around 11:15 am. According to his wife Anna Khumalo, her missing husband has mental challenges and he was used to going out alone and coming back home. Khumalo said they have opened a case of a missing person in Thokoza Police Station. She said they have checked for him at local hospitals and the government mortuary but they did not find him. They are appealing to people who have seen him or who have knowledge of his whereabouts to report to the nearest police station or contact her on 079 211 4770 \079 186 0898.

Simon Mphikeleli Khumalo is missing.

Missing: Boitumelo Brightness Bhengu

Stalwart crime fighter Phenias Mokone has passed on. He was also a member of the South African Communist Party and a local executive member of the African National Congress (ANC) local branch. He left behind his two children and his parent’s. Mokone was laid to rest at his rural home in Bushbuckridge at Mpumalanga on 26 April.

Boitumelo Brightness Bhengu (24) from Thokoza was reported missing by her mother at Germiston police station on 17 April 2014. She alleges that she last saw her daughter during December 2013 and since then has not heard from her. Her daughter used to work at a tavern in Germiston but left during November 2013. Anyone with information regarding her whereabouts can contact, Lieutenant Colonel Andy Pieke from Germiston Police Station at 011 871 5037 or the National Missing Persons Bureau at 08600 10111. Boitumelo Brightness Bhengu is missing.

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14 May - 29 May 2014

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15 May 2014

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Barker wallops neighbours 4-1 Football thriller recently took place at Madondo Football Ground between Thokoza based Barker Football Club and the visiting Mavington Football Club. The game was marred by missed chances by the Katlehong based team which contributed severely to their downfall. The winning team owner, Bandile Nkwanyana was impressed with his team’s overall performance. “We managed to score two quick goals in the first half. However, we should have been one goal upfront within the first five minute of the first half but our striking force missed great scoring chances. On the day the overall performance of my team was fantastic but we should work hard on our finishing touches.” Barker FC owner was amazed the manner his team continue with their great form in the beginning of the second half. They again scored another two quick goals which placed the score line at 4-0 in their favour. Towards the dying minutes of the second half Mavington FC came back strongly, and their efforts were rewarded when they scored the only consolation goal. The game ended 4-1 in favour of Barker FC. “We managed to create several scoring chances and we hit the posts three times in succession. Our defence and striking force let us down. We should sharpen our striking force and tighten our defence department. The team will go back to the drawing board so that we could get back to our winning ways again,” concluded Mavington FC owner, Sandile Molwane.

Lebo Mosolodi

Mavington FC (in black and white kit) launched an attack against the home team Barker FC (in white, black and blue kit) at Madondo Soccer Grounds in Thokoza.

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