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Toddler: bound and gagged

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Laurelle Williams

Laurelle Williams

CHILD ABUSE: The 21 month old toddler bound and gagged with masking tape. *Images sourced from Daily Sun.

“My anger doesn’t solve anything. I am disappointed and can’t sleep at night knowing this has happened to my daughter. I am a man and need to be strong.” This is what Sergio Lage told tame TIMES. Lage is the father of the 21 month old toddler who was bound and gagged with masking tape and left in the bathroom for three hours of Petite Bumper Day Care Centre in Rossettenville, allegedly in order for the owner, Lebeeba Truter, to watch television. The video went viral last Tuesday after it was leaked to Daily Sun. The video shows the little girl crying while she squirms around on the floor trying to get free. She also gets stuck between the bath and toilet. Captain Mofokeng, Gauteng SAPS spokesperson said, “The owner, who is 50 years of age, has been formally charged with assault and child abuse. She appeared in the Johannesburg Magistrate Court on Thursday. The SAPS would like to thank the community members who assisted the police in the investigation.”

Dr Mokoena, Head of Communications for Social Development told tame TIMES that the little girl is doing fine and that the day care centre was closed down the day the video went viral. “The Department of Social Development strongly condemns this incident. We urge any person to report any child abuse so we can take drastic measures to stop the abuse. We need to protect our children as they are the future,” Dr Mokoena said. Lage explained his daughter had been at the day care centre since last year and her mother stays in Natal. When tame TIMES asked if he saw a difference in his child, he replied, “She would cry a lot during night, I didn’t think anything of it but it makes sense now.” “I was told by another parent that this lady ties the children up but I couldn’t believe it as she is an old lady and I need to see something before I can believe it. This lady needs to get at least 10 years in jail. I don’t believe only my child was hurt but other children as well.” It has been reported that Petite Bumper Day Care Centre was unregistered and had 13 children in their care. The day care centre operated from Truter’s lounge, an empty room with two teddy bears in and the veranda where the children, aged between two and four, played. Share your thoughts on this article. E-mail

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15 April 2014

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them to flourish and develop properly. We will then also be able to accommodate and help more babies. Sometimes we have to turn babies away and refer them to other homes because we are full.” DOH is aiming to raise R5million. “This will hopefully cover the property purchase and buying beds and cots etc. We have seen a few that we like but can’t do anything until we have the money needed. When we reach our target we will have a look again and see what is available,” Pretorius added. The special piggy banks SAVING TIME: Carmen Pretoruis with the piggy banks. TODDLER LOVE:DOH toddlers. are made out of wood and Perspex and come in an sixty babies at the moment; eighteen in Laurelle Williams assortment of animals: rhino, elephant, pig, Berea, thirty at baby house 1 (15 Barbara bear, monkey, owl, lion and a tortoise is in the Ave) and twelve at baby house 2 (8 Copelia). process of being made. The added bonus it By buying an adorable piggy bank and The babies’ ages range from just a few days that it is a fellow Glenvista resident who makes collecting money in it, you will be helping old to about two years. them so it is a full circle of support. He makes Door of Hope Children’s Mission reach The children’s village will be where they them as a hobby to make extra money. One their goal of purchasing a property for a will house the toddlers, who are waiting animal piggy bank is R200 and you order it by children’s village. They have named this for adoption, and those children who are e-mail or phoning. You can collect at DOH’s initiative the Piggy Bank Project. classified as unadoptable due to various office or they can drop off if in JHB south. Door of Hope (DOH) currently have three ailments and conditions. “We are encouraging SME’s, corporates, homes for the abandoned babies they take Due to limited spaced DOH are unable families and individuals to get involved. SME’s care of: two in Glenvista and one in Berea. The to house all the toddlers that need to be can buy one to put in their reception area children’s mission can accommodated at the main house. The where staff and clients can drop their spare care adoption process is taking longer because of change into it. Facades Hair Salon, Paul for the new childcare act, so the babies are with James Hair, The Nail Studio at Comaro and DOH for a longer period of time; therefore Sotheby’s Realty already have one.” they have more toddlers now than before. “Families have bought so they save as a Carmen Pretorius, DOH’s project family at home for us. Corporates can buy a manager said, “As soon as a baby turns few and have inter-department competition to 12 months we would like to move them to see who can raise the most. Schools can also another environment where they can be get involved by taking it on as a term project. nurtured, loved and cared for and where They can have a competition between the we can focus on their early childhood classes and will win a DOH prize,” Pretorius development. These toddlers need a said. different setting and skilled staff. We want Contact Carmen Pretorius on 082 680 0492 or e-mail to order your piggy bank.

30 Benefitting from Something

by Laurelle Williams

eating pizza

I was very excited to find out that Pizza Del Forno Glenanda, has started a loyalty programme. This consists of a pizza fanatic card where you can earn dough (1 dough is R1) on all your purchases. Now being a working single woman, a pizzeria is a very good friend of mine and now the added bonus is that the good friend is not only going to fill my tummy, but take some pressure off my purse. The only downside is I don’t reside in Glenanda, I stay in Meyersdal and the Meyersdal franchise doesn’t have this amazing offer. It is exclusive to the Glenanda franchise. This is where I have to applaud Pizza Del Forno Glenanda owners, Nick and Mari De Ponte, for going that extra mile for customers and on their innovative thinking. Advertising a brand nowadays isn’t only about adverts on all different media platforms, there are so many new ways to make your brand the number one choice. In a discussion, I heard that a certain tea brand has partnered with a church and at all the church meetings they have branding up and sponsor tea for the church service. Since that their sales have increased. I can’t verify this but it makes sense. Now with Pizza Del Forno- even though I know I have one five minutes away from my home, I will rather go to the Glenanda franchise as I know I will be gaining something extra back, other than a full tummy from their chicken strips pasta or chicken mayonnaise pizza (these are my favourites), which is money in the pocket. Yes, everyone will say but you are wasting that saved dough on petrol. Yes, I am but a consumer likes to know that they are thought of and put first. The Glenanda branch will be my first choice as I know they have put my needs before theirs.


Learners at R650 Pick-up & Drop-off GUARANTEED PASSES! TEL: 011 869 7362 WHATSAPP/CELL: 082 839 0521

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15 April 2014

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Brave locals save City of Joburg: the day proposed tariffs Amy-Mae Campbell

On 7 April local car guards at a shopping centre along Comaro Road were caught off-guard when a car in the parking lot spontaneously caught fire. Locals rushed to the driver’s aid and managed to put out the fire. Witnesses informed tame TIMES that no-one was hurt. According to Daddy Mumba, a car guard who was on the scene, the driver was on his way back to his car, a BMW 325 old series model, from the gym. He got into the car and as he started it, the guard saw flames shoot out from the front, bottom part of the car bonnet. He tried to signal to the man to get out of the vehicle, but before the man could comprehend what was happening, the whole front part of the vehicle was engulfed in flames. Allan Burbidge, owner of one of the shops in the centre, and Gavin Johnson, a shop assistant, noticed the commotion and rushed to the driver’s aid with fire extinguishers. The driver launched out of the car, and the two men managed to put out the fire: “We broke the window to get to the keys of the BMW, because we had to get to the boot to dis-

connect the battery. If flames go near the boot, then you have a problem. We got that under control first,” said Burbidge. The driver managed to open the bonnet of the vehicle before exiting the car, which prevented the flames from spreading further into the car. According to Burbidge, the vehicle was luckily not a complete write-off, but the front part, including the wheels, would definitely need to be replaced. The driver had already left the scene when tame TIMES got there, but according to witnesses, the driver was not hurt and his vehicle had been safely towed away. The cause of the fire is still unknown, but witnesses suspect that it was an electric fault inside the car that triggered it.

HELPFUL CAR GUARDS: Felix Mbondo and Daddy Mumba with the burnt air filter that was removed from the vehicle to prevent the fire from igniting again.

*Complied by D F Hunt (Shadow MMC on the Environment and Infrastructure Services). Proposed Tariffs were tabled at the Council meeting on 27 March 2014 for implementation on 1 July 2014 for comment and objections by the public. Objections may be lodged by e-mail with or or in writing to The City Manager, P O Box 1049. Johannesburg, 1000. City Power tariffs are subject to approval by the National Electricity Regulator but seem to fall within their guidelines. There is a rider for water and sanitation that input costs from Rand Water still need to be confirmed so they could either increase or decrease on that account In summary the proposals are as follows: The property rates are increased by 5% for most categories; however some categories e.g. business, the proposals reflect a reduction in the base rate giving an effective reduction of 2%; Tariffs for refuse are up by 6% for residents and 8% for commercial and industrial; Water is increased by from 5,8% for the lowest block of the inclined block tariff to 10,5% in the highest consumption block;   5,8%; 7,5% ; 8,9% ; 9,5% ; 10.0% ; 10.5%> 40 kl are the steps. For sanitation the increase is 8, 9%; Electricity is increased by an aggregated amount of 7.36% for conventionally metered properties (CPs aggregation), and 7, 45% for pre-paid; but actual increase is dependant on the inclined block, increasing with increasing consumption. The inclined blocks for pre-paid go from 6.54 % for up to 500kWh; 6.65% for up to1000kWh; 7.56% for up to 2000kWh, 9.85 up to 300o kWh and 11.01% for higher. For conventional metered properties the increases are -4, 1% for up to 500kWh; 7.17% for up to 1000kWh; 12.66 % for up to 2000kWh, 16.04% up to 3000 kWh and 20.23% for higher. The fixed charges go up by  4.74% for the single phase 60Amp connection and 7.54% for the 80 Amp connection . Three phase charges are higher.  

The reason for the negative in the first block is that the lifeline tariff has been abolished and consolidated into the overall tariff. This seems to be expedient rather than logical. We in the DA take the view that increases should not be higher than the inflation over the past year; even for ,higher consumption brackets in that, although we support the principle of paying more for higher consumption as an incentive to consume less, there is an adequate differential in the Inclined Block Tariff already in place. That means with inflation at the headline rate of 5 % over the last year that 1) all the water increases are too high, 2) the Pikitup increases are too high, and 3) the electricity increases are above inflation on aggregate by about 2 to 3% but in the higher brackets by considerably more 4) It is only the property rates that are within the limit. Why? Because we are losing 34% of our water through aging infrastructure and poor response time to pipe bursts and water that is simply not paid for; electricity is worse due to theft of cable and electricity itself: the losses are running at some 30%; because roads are not being looked after: residents pay out huge sums for damages to their vehicles which is never recoverable; because service delivery is abysmal. At this rate, the tariffs will have to increase at an exponential rate to keep up with the rising losses. For more information please contact Denis F Hunt on 083 800 2144 or

SCENE OF VEHICLE FIRE:The parking bay where the vehicle was ablaze.





- Limited availability Applications close 9 May 2014

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15 April 2014

It is not just about pizza Labuschagne’s organs

FRANCHISE OF THE YEAR WINNERS: Mari and Nick De Ponte. Pizza Del Forno Glenanda won the Pizza Del Forno Franchise of the Year award last year December. This accolade comes after being in business for only six months- a great achievement for owners Nick and Mari De Ponte. Twenty five Pizza Del Forno franchises were assessed for the annual competition. The growth, cleanliness and the operations of the shops were assessed and the Glenanda franchise came out on top. The hard working restauranteurs won a

seven day cruise to Italy, Croatia, Greece and Turkey that they will enjoy in the following week and were awarded a certificate that proudly hangs in the restaurant. When tame TIMES asked Mari what she enjoys about having a restaurant, she replied, “It is fun and something different and because I enjoy it, it is easy. We have established a good relationship with our customers and hopefully our business will grow and we will win more awards.” No wonder Pizza Del Forno Glenanda is winning awards such as this as the De Ponte’s are coming up with innovative ideas to build their brand which is also beneficial to their valued clients. As from the 1 April Pizza Del Forno Glenanda have a loyalty programme for clients in the form of a pizza fanatic card. Every time you purchase a pizza you will earn dough, 1 dough equals R1. This allows you to accumulate money and use that money at Pizza Del Forno Glenanda at any time of the year. You won’t only receive dough from your purchases but also by liking their facebook page and promoting the brand on social media. This is not the only added value, in July Pizza Del Forno Glenanda patrons will be able to download an app to make ordering as simple as pressing a few buttons in the form of mobile ordering. The De Ponte’s are really going the extra mile to accommodate their customers showing that it is not just about pizza.

082 044 1741



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Lusito Land


save five lives

FOREVER AN ANGEL: Lydia Labuschagne. * Photo sourced from Facebook. On 31 March the death of Lydia Labuschagne struck all at Waterstone College, as well as everyone who knew her, however last week proved that even after her death she continued to change people’s lives. Labuschagne’s organs were donated to Israeli patients and saved five lives. The ex- Waterstone College educator was in Israel as a tourist and died from a severe sesame allergy after eating fish seasoned with tehina in a Jerusalem restaurant. She was aware she was allergic to sesame however did not know the tehina sauce was sesame-based. Labuschagne was rushed to Shaare Zedek Medical Centre after she suffered a severe allergic reaction. She remained in the intensive care unit, unconscious and in critical condition where she later succumbed to severe anaphylaxis and lost all brain activity.

Waterstone College helped raised money for Labuschagne’s family to visit her while she was in hospital. Her family was by her side when she passed away. They made the decision for her organs to be donated. One of the patients whose life was forever changed was a 33-year-old mother of three. Her liver collapsed two weeks before and her life was on the line, however she now has a second chance thanks to the donation of Labuschagne’s liver. Labuschagne has been praised for her Christian faith and living in the likeness of Jesus Christ and often compared to an angel. She was inspirational and had an empowering influence on the children she taught. tame TIMES send their sincere condolences to the Labuschagne family. *Information taken from The Times of Israel.

Cell C: Powerful vision for girl children The phenomenal success of Cell C’s Take a Girl Child to Work Day® campaign, which takes place for the 12th time since its launch in 2003, has prompted the mobile network operator to launch a pilot mentorship programme called Girl Child Institute of Mentorship (GCIM). GCIM, under the patronage of Cheryl Carolus, involves a network of 35 leading business women and Cell C female executives, who will pledge their time and support to high achieving Grade 12 female learners. Cell C has partnered with the Adopt-A-School Foundation to assist in finding these learners from across South Africa. The mentorship programme will also extend to the bursary students on Cell C’s Girl Child Bursary programme. It will add depth and longevity to the Take a Girl Child to Work Day® programme. Instead of the girls experiencing a day in the business world, they will now be in a 12-month programme under the guidance of a mentor. Cell C has a powerful vision.  It believes strong, smart, young girls with leadership qualities will one day produce a future where women will be vibrant contributors to the economy and leading job creators for South Africans. Jose Dos Santos, acting CEO of Cell C said, “We believe that we can do so much more for young people in this country. Take a Girl Child to Work Day® has exceeded all our expectations. We are humbled by the support we receive from Corporate South Africa, Government and Civil Society. However, we believe that we can take it to a new level and have a meaningful impact on more young women through the launch of this institute.” Cell C’s long term vision, once it has piloted the programme, is for the Institute of Mentorship to create opportunities for successful and inspirational women leaders in SA, to join the movement and volunteer their time and skills and make their own contribution to young female learners in this country.

WOMEN LEADERS: Cheryl Carolus and Suzette van der Merwe. *Pic by Henry Brink. The idea of an institute was borne out of businesswoman and former politician Cheryl Carolus’s vision to ensure that women not only pay it forward in the workplace but reach out to children who have the potential to be someone and achieve great things. The Cell C Take a Girl Child to Work Day® campaign celebrates its 12th anniversary this year and will take place on 29 May, utilising the theme: “Dream, Believe, Achieve”. Cell C Take a Girl Child to Work Day® is targeted at Grade 10 to 12 South African girl learners, giving them the opportunity to visit a place of work and to experience, first-hand, the “world of work” and the various career opportunities available in the industry and within the public service sectors. More than 50 000 young people are expected to benefit this year as hundreds of companies around the country participate in this ground-breaking project.

tame TIMES

15 April 2014

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Sweet Potatoes

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tame TIMES

D&D Tactical-swift response Debbie Crichton, a Glenvista resident, writes: With regards to last week’s front page article I would like to say well done to D&D Tactical for their swift response. As always they are first on the scene and very professional. With so many incidents in our area one cannot blame them for acting the way they did. We unfortunately had an incident and ever since have had excellent service from D&D. No one was injured or abused and people should commend them on their swift response.

Where there is smoke, there is fire Jittetjie tog, hierdie Pistorius-saak is omtrent boeiend. Gysie rol al sy oë wanneer ek die tv-kontrole by hom vat, want hy weet presies watter kanaal ek gaan kies. Daar is nou al soveel nuwe fasette van die saak geopenbaar gedurende Pistorius se kruisondervraging, maar hai wee jy, ek weet wraggies nie wie of wat om te glo nie. Ek wil nie teveel tyd spandeer om te spekuleer oor waar moontlike leemtes of waarhede in die saak sit nie, want wie is ons om te sê wat nie eers daar was nie? Ek wil eerder gesels oor die kwessie van vuurwapens. Dit is vir my verregaande dat mense vandag sommer so gemaklik met jag-vuurwapens kan rondloop. Ek begryp dat ons in ‘n land woon waar die ruwe werklikheid van roof en misdaad altyd dreig, maar as die wette en regulasies rondom vuurwapens nie streng is nie, dan maak mense makliker duur ongelukke. Ek glo as niemand vuurwapens besit het nie, sou daar nie soveel skietmoorde gewees het nie; hetsy nou per ongeluk, of doelbewus. Maar hoe maak ‘n mens nou? Besit ‘n mens geen vuurwapens nie, dan kan jy jouself dalk nie verdedig indien daar ernstige gevaar is nie. En as ‘n mens ‘n vuurwapen wel besit, kan dit weer te maklik misbruik word. Tip: Hierdie week wil ek ‘n vraag vra: Is dit beter om streng rëels rakende vuurwapenbesit in plek te stel, of nie? Is dit net ‘n kwessie van verantwoordelike gebruik daarvan? Of is die nagevolge van vuurwapenmisbruik bloot net te ernstig om kanse te vat?

Jan Pretorius writes: With regards to the front page article from last week, I think the Afrikaans saying “waar daar ‘n rookie is daar n vuurtjie” is so true in this situation. People don’t just fabricate these allegations. Isn’t it convenient to have a secure place to hide in the area after committing a crime? They should have searched the premises also.

Thank you tame TIMES Citizen Journalist - Susan Wright writes: The entire Wright family would like to thank tame TIMES for sponsoring our youngest son Alexander to the tune of 5 months school fees. Having twins in Matric this year, the budget was bound to be tight and this generous gesture has certainly eased things quite a bit. Alexander was rather overwhelmed at the birthday function, but after seeing his name and photo in print, he is relishing every moment of his 15 minutes of fame. Our twins

Do you have a story to tell? Then we want you to write for us! Go to and click on the link”Tell your story”.

tame TIMES requires the service of an Experienced

JOURNALIST Job description:

Primary responsibilities will be to collect and write suitable, high quality and industry related articles for a community newspaper.

Requirements: • Qualification in Journalism • Experience • computer literate • Excellent written and spoken communication skills • Social media literate • Interest in digital media • Eye for detail (subbing skills) • Good research skills

were also pupils at Kenton Primary and the family has a long history with the school going back some 25 years. I consider it to be the best school in the area (I am somewhat biased) and Mrs Young , the principal who joined us at the tame TIMES birthday party is one of the most fantastic people that I know. Thank you tame TIMES, Waltons, all the sponsors and Alexander for arriving early and being the best April Fool’s joke ever.

• Passionate about news • Driver’s licence and own vehicle mandatory • Inquiring/curious • Must know the area – preferably stay in the area. • check for accuracy of facts and correct spelling and grammar • no clock-watchers

Please send CV to or Fax 086 241 5648.

15 April 2014

Some growth requires separation By Nieto Hernandez History will be kind to me for I intend to write it - Winston Churchill Is there any value in history? Does remembering benefit us equally? These questions probably seem random I know, but that is only because you are not yet in my mind-space. Just to give a little background on what got me considering these questions, in the previous week as South Africans we remembered the death of Chris Hani in 1993 and we also remembered the 43 people who tragically passed away eleven years ago in what we today know as the Ellis Park tragedy. Now to get the obvious answers out of the way, remembering definitely affects us positively when one considers that just by remembering we can make sure such happenings never happen again. So we buy our tickets in time, arrive at the stadium ahead of time and we stay away if we do not have tickets for games. Is that just about correct? This is easy when dealing with the second issue, but when we remember Hani and many others who lost their lives fighting for the South Africa we now call home then things become slightly shifty. When Churchill said history would be kind to him, he indirectly revealed a trait of mankind. We will tell the story but only from a viewpoint which highlights points which make us look better or better yet in a manner which forces the receiver of the story to view us in a positive light. I don’t particularly have a problem with this, if nothing else this mannerism encourages everyone to tell their story. What I do have a problem with is the shortage of an openminded story receiver, South Africa remains divided precisely because of this. I was driving somewhere during the week when I noticed one election poster which read “the SACP says Do it for Hani - Vote ANC,” and this got me thinking. What good will an ANC vote do for the memory of Chris Hani? Then the answer came to me - History favours those in power. In my opinion progress will only come as a result of free thinking, sometimes remembering only keeps us bogged down the past we have to be growing away from. Let’s chat, let us in on your opinion at or send a tweet to @NietoVoice

15 April 2014

tame TIMES Destiny in God - 12th International Creative Arts Worship Conference - 1 – 5 July 2014 Hosted By Dr’s HL & PN Bester With Local Teachers: Dr H.L. Bester and Pastor W. Du Plessis With International Teachers: Bishop C. Hardy, Pastor Gorden Merk, Wesley Brainard, Rabbi Y’Israel Ben Avraham, Pastor Freddie Moore

Horticultural Society- 23 April 23 April- 09:30- a talk by Paul Vonk on Gardening with Bulbs and Annual Seedlings at The Floreum, Johannesburg Botanic Gardens, Olifants Road, Emmarentia. Phone 082 951 1432. 29th Ghandi walk- 18 May This 29th Gandhi Walk is dedicated to the memory of MADIBA and will take place in Lenasia. The 10km commences at 9:00 and the 5km walk at 9:15.The first 3000 walkers to complete the walk will receive a free T shirt. Winners in each category will be presented with trophies. Miss .SA. , Miss India S.A and Miss Earth S.A. will be gracing the walk, and will be seated in open cars and will ride with the walkers. As customary in the previous Gandhi Walks free health tests for blood pressure, blood sugar and cholesterol will be administered by Lenmed Private Hospital. Free HIV testing will be administered by MAP. Contact Mahendra Modi on 083 288 4178.     Angels dinner dance-31 May Enjoy a delicious meal and dance to the sounds of Jazzy vibes and DJ Eudene. This winter wonderland event is a fundraiser for Angels Baby Sanctuary. Time: 18:30 for 19:00 Venue: Crown Gardens, Recreations Centre Dress: Smart Cost: R350 per couple Contact: 011 434 4227/ 081 049 6228

For more information contact: Office 011 827 5046 Brigitte 084 456 1587 Natashia: 082 946 2321 E-mail: KNRA events Mid-week walk- 16 April Organised walk for those with some extra time Time: 08:00 Venue: Entr. Precinct, Peggy Vera Road, Kibler Park Bird walk- 19 April Time: 07:00 Venue: Entr. Precinct, Peggy Vera Road, Kibler Park What to bring: Binoculars! RSVP: It will be appreciated if you could RSVP via sms to 083 267 3494 if you will be coming. Just type in: “bw” (birdwalk) followed by the number of people attending. Saturday stroll- 26 April This is the chill event of the month. It’s about making friends, getting a bit of exercise and taking a break from the ferris wheel. Time: 08:00 Venue: Entr. Precinct, Peggy Vera Road, Kibler Park


Ward 54 special votes Clr Sergio dos Santos (Ward 54) will be assisting residents that will require applying for a Special Vote. Should you qualify or know of someone that qualifies for a special vote please contact Clr dos Santos and he will assist with the application collection and submission to the IEC. If you require the special vote application form please contact Clr dos Santos or alternatively contact Laurelle Williams at tame TIMES. What is a special vote? By law, a voter may apply for a special vote if he/she: • can’t travel to the voting station because he/she is physically infirm, disabled or pregnant; or • Can’t vote at the voting station on Election Day. Special votes are administered on Monday 5 and Tuesday 6 May, between 8:00 and 17:00. On both days, special votes will take place in one of two ways: • a home visit for anyone who is unable to visit the voting station and who has applied for a home visit, or • A vote at the voting station at which the voter is registered to vote for individuals who applied for a Special Vote at the station. It is important to note that only voters who have applied for special votes during the 7 – 16 April window periods will be allowed to vote on 5 / 6 May.

Please note the following: • If the voter can vote on Election Day, 7 May, in the country and in his province, but not at the voting station where he is registered, he will simply complete a form on Election Day at the VD where he wants to vote, and then be able to cast both a national and a provincial ballot. This is not a Special Vote and needs no prior application. • If the voter can vote on Election Day, 7 May, in the country but outside of his province, he fills in a form on Election Day, at the VD where he wants to vote, applying to vote in a VD other than where he is registered and casts a national ballot only. This is not a Special Vote and needs no prior application. • If the voter needs a special vote and re quires a home visit on 5 or 6 May because he/she is physically infirm, disabled or pregnant, the voter must apply for a Special Vote between 7 and 17 April, at the MEO’s office where intending to vote, not at the registered office. This may be for a vote outside of the registered VD. As above, if the voter is in the province where he is registered he will get both ballots, but if outside of his province he gets a national ballot only. • If the voter needs a special vote at the voting station on 5 or 6 May, the voter must apply for a Special Vote between 7 and 16 April at the office of the local MEO where registered to vote. NB A voter may only vote at his registered VD. He will cast both a national and a provincial ballot. Clr Sergio dos Santos details: sergio. or 082 394 4053.

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Takkie Tax season

Tekkie Tax is a national fundraising campaign for a proud group of welfare organisations in SA, who came together to form a bigger campaign. The campaign was built around the belief that; together we can achieve more than our individual efforts combined. This year Tekkie Tax day will be on Friday, 30 May 2014. Members of the public are encouraged to get a Tekkie Tax sticker for a R10 donation. There are 5 different stickers, each representing a beneficiary sector; Animals, Basic Family Care, Children, Disability and Education. Depending on where your heart lies, you can choose which of the 5 sectors you would like to support when buying your sticker/s. Supporters of the campaign will show their support by wearing the stickers and their tekkies on Friday, 30 May 2014. Special shoelaces called “Tekkie Tags” are also available to for supporters who want to go the extra mile and make sure tekkies are proud to be seen in public. • Choose your beneficiary. There are 5 different sectors of welfare organisations to choose from. Decide which one (or more) lies closest to your heart and obtain a sticker which represents that group – R10 donation per sticker.

Visit our website for the detailed list of beneficiaries in each sector. • Wear your sticker on your t-shirt, wedding gown or your designer suit – whatever you will be wearing on Friday, 30 May – and display the mini sticker on your cellphone for the rest of the year. Only then will you have permission to wear your tekkies! • Get a packet of special shoelaces. Walk the extra mile and spunk up your tekkies with a funky pair of shoelaces. Only R30 a packet (including your sticker of choice). • Pay your tax with a smile Give your R10 sticker donation and/or obtain a set of Tekkie Tags for just R30 (including the sticker of your choice) and show off your tekkies on Friday, 30 May 2014. For more information on the campaign and where stickers can be purchased contact Janene De Beer on 0711302863 or or fax 0866789644.

Behind the zoo scene

Johannesburg City Parks and Joburg Zoo offers the public the rare opportunity to be part of a hands-on experience with some of the animals at the zoo. Anyone who has always wanted to know what goes on behind the scenes at the Johannesburg Zoo, has a chance to do so. The public is encouraged to tag along to usually out-of-bounds places in the city’s main animal reserve. The tours are being offered to the public, where they can act as temporary zookeepers, learning more about how the zoo functions and how it meets the needs of its residents. Called the Behind the Scenes Tour, it is a guided walking visit that lasts for approximately one-and-a-half hours. It stops at places that are usually off-limits to the public, such as the kitchen, hospital and two night rooms.

All the food for the animals is prepared in the kitchen. Visitors get a rare look into the lives of veterinary nurses, who look after the zoo’s animals – there are more than 2 000 animals from over 320 species. In the hospital they are able to meet – and touch – the animals, both local and exotic. Questions are also answered and advice given on diets and husbandry of exotic species. Husbandry refers to the care of animals, including their housing and enrichment. Advice is given about what to do when an injured animal or bird is found.

For more information or bookings, contact Lebo Moalusi on 011 646 2000 (Ext 216) or send an e-mail to lebomoalusi@ The Behind the Scenes Tour costs R85 per person and booking is essential.

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Community effort in apprehending suspect

* Photo Supplied. TEAM EFFORT: Inspector Magogodi, Inspector Sempe, CPF Patroller Steven, Michelle Pelser, Inspector Kotsedi, Inspector Williams and CPF patroller Keeran. A house robber was apprehended in the late afternoon on 9 April in the veld on the corner of Main Service Road and Gordon Road, Kibler Park. He was found with the laptop that was stolen from a house in Branksome Heights. Two suspects are still at large after they tied the elderly resident up and robbed his home. CPF Mondeor received a call from a sector 3 patroller informing them a domestic worker is watching three males carrying TV ‘s and bags through the nature reserve from Branksome Heights. SAPS sector 3 van and Sgt Olifant were alerted to respond. Michelle Pelser and another CPF patroller started searching for them, using the de-

scription provided. The suspects were seen in the reserve and crossed over Main Service Road into open vacant land. Gauteng Traffic Police as well as Mondeor SAPS arrived and proceeded with the search. With the sharp eye of Pelser, realising that the suspects used the tunnel, one suspect was apprehended. A major search by JMPD, SAPS, SAPS K9 unit, Gauteng Traffic Dept, Sector 2 and 3 patrollers continued for a number of hours, but unfortunately the two other suspects were not caught. Pelser said, “I would like to thank everyone involved. Working as a team had a positive outcome. Well done to all involved.”

EFF member arrested for fraud

15 April 2014

Opening a case/ Weekly Arrests: docket with SAPS Mondeor Arrests: *Information supplied by Mondeor CPF SAPS. A community member can open a case/ docket in the area that the incident happened or in the area they stay. If you have any concerns please ask for the person in charge of the CSC (Client Service Centre). You may also report your case at any police station; the case will be referred to the police station in the area where the incident took place. For example if you travelling home and an incident occurs, you can report the case when you get home and report it to the police station in your area. • Report your case by opening a docket, a statement must be taken from the complainant (which is yourself) always try to report the case in 24 hours. • The cell number you give is where the case number will be sent to within 24 hours. (Make sure your cell phone number is in working order). • You will receive a SMS later with the investigating officer in charge of your case. • The investigator will contact you, if you have not heard from the IO (Investigating Officer) you are welcome to call the officer. • When calling the IO for an update on your case please quote your case number. Please remember the IO has a lot of other cases and cannot remember each and every case number. Reporting incidents in a form of a docket are very important as SAPS cannot focus on certain hotspots if they do not know of it, policing is planned by reported crime. Crime patterns /trends are important. We are finding a lot of residents do not report incidents/crime because they do not have insurance or they are not claiming from their insurance company .Please report all crime even if you are not claiming. It is important to our area and is your duty as a resident to report all incidents. If you have any queries or need assistance, please contact Michelle Pelser 084 292 9144.

The following arrests were made by Mondeor SAPS between 2 to 10 April: Shoplifting:...................................... 19 Assault common:........................... 4 Fraud:.............................................. 4 Attempted murder:......................... 1 Possession of dagga:.................... 2 Drinking in public:.......................... 4 Assault GBH:.................................. 2 Driving under the influence of liquor:.......................................... 5 Possession of suspected motor vehicle:................................. 1 Malicious damage of property:..... 1 Theft:................................................ 1 Houserobbery:................................ 1 House breaking and theft:............. 1 Extortion and corruption:.............. 1 Child abuse:.................................... 1

Booysens Arrests:

A total of 68 arrests were made by Booysens SAPS from 31 March to 6 April. The following arrests were included: Assault common:........................... 7 Assault with the intent to do grievous bodily harm:.................... 4 Drug related incidents:.................. 34 Malicious damage to property:..... 4 Shoplifting:...................................... 6 Theft general:.................................. 4 Armed robbery:.............................. 2

Surviving a hi-jacking *Supplied by Mondeor SAPS CPF. Regardless of the sort of crime and the criminal’s intentions, the situation is an explosive one in which you both have one thing in mind: survival. Hi-jacking involves planning and the criminals are likely to have more experience in such situations, thus more control over you and themselves. A hi-jacking is usually over in a matter of seconds or minutes but it is one of the most frightening experiences one can go through. Try your utmost to stay calm. Listen to the hijackers and do as they tell you and you will have a greater chance of surviving.

Mondeor SAPS convictions • House robberyMarnewick Avenue Three house robbery suspects, aged between 25 to 31 years old, were sentencd to 21 years imprisonment in the Johannesburg Regional Court on 9 April. The house robbery occurred in Marnewick Avenue, Glenanda on 9 November 2011. The suspects were found hiding in the ceiling when they heard the police sirens. The suspects were arrested and the case was assigned to W/O Mostert for further in-

We view this as nothing but the abuse of state machinery and power... ~ Patrick Sindane

vestigation. Well done to W/O Mostert for the conviction. • House robberyBudack Avenue A 31-year-old house robbery suspect was convicted to 17 years imprisonment by the Johannesburg Magistrate Court on 25 March. The house robbery occurred in Budack Avenue, Glenvista on 24 December 2007. The case was assigned to W/O Klaasen for further investigation and he attained a successful conviction.

Section 21 company update ARRESTED: Wiekus Kotze was arrested for fraud last week. Last week the EFF announced that member, Wiekus Kotze, had been arrested for fraud in Alberton. Economic Freedom Fighters’ Gauteng spokesperson Patrick Sindane said that members of the party would support Kotze when he appeared in the Palm Ridge Magistrates’ Court later on Thurday. “We view this as nothing but the abuse of state machinery and power by certain individuals to settle political scores,” he said. Wiekus Kotze told tame TIMES on Friday that he was arrested under false accusations and that the case was dismissed on Thursday

afternoon. “I was at an elections debate on RSG radio on Wednesday morning where I discussed the ANC. The debate ended at 09:00, and at 11:00 I was arrested, I have my suspicions about that,” Wiekus said. “We are in the elections term now and political parties are competing.” Captain Mofokeng, Gauteng SAPS spokesperson however confirmed that Kotze was arrested on Wednesday for fraud and appeared in Palm Ridge Court on Friday. Wiekus Kotze was not available to confirm his court appearance or give further comments.

A tame TIMES reader has drawn the attention to the fact that Section 21 Companies, which were catered for in the old 1973 Companies Act have been replaced by Non Profit Companies in the Companies Act 71 of 2008, which came into operation on 1 May 2011. Furthermore, the old Memorandum and Articles of Association documents have now been combined into a single document called the Memorandum of Incorporation, commonly referred to as an company’s MOI The situation, briefly, is as follows: • Section 21 Companies no longer exist as such. • The Memorandum and Articles of a company no longer exist as such.

• Both of the above were catered for in the old 1973 Companies Act. • The new Companies Act 71 of 2008, which came into operation on 1st May 2011, (among many, many other issues) replaced both the above. This new Act is a major piece of legislation with far reaching ramifications in the business world. • The new Companies Act, instead, introduced the new concept of a Non Profit Company, thus replacing old Section 21 companies. • The new Companies Act, instead, introduced a single document called the Memorandum of Incorporation (MOI), thus replacing the old Memorandum and Articles.

15 2014 07 April August 2012

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Deterioration: Klipriver Drive

The south loses a jewel

*Article supplied by SOJO.

Laurelle Williams

SOJO in conjunction with Booysens SAPS, Environmental Health and PIKITUP recently did an inspection of three hot spot areas along Klipriver Drive which have been plagued with continuous dumping over the past ten years. These areas are not the only spots where dumping is happening, as unsightly heaps can be seen all along the 12km stretch from M1 Booysens off ramp up until and beyond Swartkoppies Road which crosses Klipriver Drive. At the Aspen intersection a multimillion rand shopping centre (Mall of the South) is currently being built. This investment will bring new visitors to our beautiful southern hillsides so the question is why are we not protecting our open spaces and walkways? Are we not proud southerners? The team spoke to the residents where the dumping is occurring over the walls facing Klipriver Drive. The houses in Jackson Street, West Turffontein appear to have a recycling business and the unwanted remains get dumped. Booysens SAPS indicated these homes are under NPA (National Prosecuting Authority) investigation due to criminal activities, drugs, robberies and domestic violence taking place. The homes do not have any form of facilities such as water and electricity. There are toddlers running in the streets unsupervised. Why has council not intervened here before? Warnings were issued and follow up action will take place. The council flats, Nola Courts, in Chrisville has a precast wall with a gap where the residents dump all their household refuce onto the walkway. The residents claimed they do not have means to dispose their rubbish,

DISGRACE: The sights along Klipriver Drive.

as there is only one skip servicing all the flats in that area. They complained about huge rats scrambling in the rubbish and fear when they need to pass the rubbish heap to get to their destination. Do these people realise their dumping is the cause of the rats? A meeting will be arranged withl the residents of Nola Courts with the Ward Councillor and Environmental Health to understand their challenges and work on an educational plan that will be sustainable. Failing to achieve ownership responsibility and accountability behaviour, serious actions will be taken to have the area restored. On the corner of Booysens Road and Nelson Road is a recycling business, and on the walkway, there are people sleeping and drinking alcohol on the pavement outside the old FNB Bank building, the grass is overgrown and the filth continues to pile up due to no service delivery in this very small cul-de-sac street. SOJO has reported these illegal activities, by law infringements and lack of service delivery but there has been no change. Furthermore there is a recruiting business next to a SOJO member that do not provide refuse facilities for their casual staff and every month end, during stock day, the street looks like a mini landfill. During the inspection, business residents complained about the unruly behaviour of people living and running their businesses on the pavements and the state of Nelson Road. PIKITUP and Environmental Health issued warnings but further investigations need to take place with Social Department and JMPD. For more information, contact Nicky Vakaloudis, CEO of SOJO Business & Tourism on 011 493 7880,, 082 481 8746. Clement Peter Kourie (69) better known as Clem, sadly passed away on 7 April. He not only leaves behind his wife Pat, children Bev, Jenny and Brian and five grandchildren but a legacy of protecting the jewel of the souththe Klipriviersberg Nature Reserve. According to his daughter Bev, her father always had a deep love of nature and a huge interest in South African history and Highveld indigenous plants. “He was struck by the natural beauty REST IN PEACE:Clem Kourie with his first of the south and the three grandchildren. nature reserve (he referred to it as the jewel of the south). He was intrigued by its history, archaeology, and conserving it became his life-long passion and mission,” Bev said. Kourie was an active member of the Klipriviersberg Nature Reserve Association (KNRA) for over 30 years. He was part of the Mondeor Koppies Association established in 1981 and renamed the Klipriviersberg Nature Reserve Association in 1984. He served continuously on the Executive committee of the KNRA up to his death. He was an office bearer for most of this period in the capacity as Treasurer and later as Chairman (2005 to 2012). He gave great financial and administrative structure to the KNRA with him being a qualified Chartered Accountant. This showed in aspects such as the registration of the KNRA as NGO and NPO, the improvement and re-writing of the KNRA constitution, and the establishment of the KNRA business plan. Kourie spearheaded numerous critical initiatives in the reserve such as: establishing an effective liaison between KNRA and the City of Johannesburg and Johannesburg City Park; led the successful campaign against the establishment of the Police Communications Mast in the Reserve; successfully championed the campaign to move the Petronet multipurpose liquid fuel pipeline so that it had minimal impact on the KNR and expanded the boundaries of the KNR, with the specific aim of including key areas of natural vegetation into the conservation area. During his tenure the Reserve expanded from 450 hectares to 680 hectares. Kourie was also a strong motivator of the preliminary initiative of establishing a Conservancy in the southern areas of Johannesburg in June 2008. He initially served as the Vice Chairman of the Interim Committee of the Klipriviersberg Conservancy when it was established in November 2008 and was the primary author of the constitution for the Conservancy which then became the Klipriviersberg Sustainability Association in August 2011. “He was a faithful and loyal committee member providing invaluable wisdom, guidance and support in the leadership and development of KlipSA from its initial inception,” Andrew Barker said. Kourie will be remembered for being a man of honour, a devoted family man with uncompromising integrity, impeccable work ethic, a hard worker and passionate about his beliefs, notably the importance of environmental conservation. tame TIMES would like to send their sincere condolences to the Kourie family.

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Rocking the South Amy-Mae Campbell @Amzymaeq

The DJ in the Park music concert had Johannesburg South locals partying up a storm on Saturday 12 April, where many top South African DJs performed together in the South for the first time. DJ in the Park is by far the biggest outdoor music concert to take place in the South, and it has now set the trend and standard for more such concerts to follow. The event was held in Linmeyer, right in the heart of the South, at the local Southern Suburbs Sports and Recreation Centre. From 10:00 in the morning a line-up of respected celebrity DJs, such as Lady Lea and Euphonik, took to the stage to get the party started. DJ Fresh and DJ Milkshake from 5 FM, Vin Deysel and Locnville, to name a few, almost had fans climbing over the security gates to get on

stage. Locnville introduced an edge by combining a dramatic in sync performance with the music. The brothers got up on a smoky stage with dark hoods pulled far over their faces, which had the crowd screaming with anticipation. Their dramatic entrance had fans’ expectations soaring; and with their signature chest-vibrating bass and electrodubstep mix club tracks, they fully lived up to it. DJ Fresh created a feel-good vibe with tunes such as: “I like to move it”, “Changes in my life”, “Cool and deadly” and “Spin my world around”, to which the whole crowd sang along. DJ Milkshake had all the gangsters bobbing with Snoop Dog’s “Pop it like it’s hot” and sealed the deal with “Happy.” DJ in the Park event organisers plan on hosting more concerts like this in the South, so if you missed this one, be sure to look out for the next one.

DJ Fresh

Tribute to the Bee Gees

15 April 2014

11 days of action-packed family fun South Africa’s biggest consumer show, Rand Show, is gearing up for another bumper entertainment extravaganza. Get ready for 11 action-packed days of family fun because it’s showtime. Masses of performers are gathering to bring 11 days of magic, excitement and fun to the stages, arenas and halls of this year’s Rand Show. There are stunt-car drivers flying in from Italy, and a winter wonderland of snow with South Africa’s longest-ever indoor ice toboggan slide being trucked up from Cape Town. The world’s most recognisable science geek – the Naked Scientist – has already booked his ticket out of London, while South Africa’s strongest men are getting pumped for a qualifier of epic proportions. Some of Mzansi’s best-loved artists and groups are tuning up for their stage appearances, and the military is going through its paces to ensure its tactical displays leave audiences gasping, while some of SA’s top chefs are sharpening their knives for displays of culinary flare in the SA Chefs Theatre. And lining up behind them are magicians, gymnasts, animal trainers, funfairride operators all coming together to create a world of entertainment choice, with something to excite and delight every member of the family

THE RAND SHOW DATES: From Friday 18 April to Monday 28 April, SHOW HOURS: Gates open daily at 9:00. Ticketing booths into the showground’s close at 18:00, although the show closes at 19:00. VENUE: Johannesburg Expo Centre, Rand Show Road, Nasrec. (GPS – S26°14.810’ E27°68.695’) TICKETS: R100 for adults, R50 for pensioners over 65, R50 for teens aged 13-16, R20 for kids aged 6 to 12, and FREE for children under six. Tickets are available at the gate or through Computicket. (There is no surcharge on Computicket tickets.) VALUE: Tickets give visitors free entry to the majority of the Rand Show’s top attractions. TOP ATTRACTIONS: The Naked Scientist; SNOW Time, the Rand Show’s winter wonderland of snow; The Pit Bull International Xtreme Motor Show; SA’s Strongest Man Qualifier; Theuns Jordaan, Swing City, Dozi and Tokyo Groove, plus many more in concert on the Showtime Stage; the SA Chefs Theatre; tactical military displays and exhibits; the Animal Kingdom with bird and snake shows and more; and playtime for kids in Tumble Town.

TRIBUTE TRIO: Paul Buckby, Mark Richardson and Luciano Zuppa.

Amy-Mae Campbell @Amzymaeq

Bee Gees admirers can relive the energetic pop trio from 4 to 26 April at the Odeon Showbar at Emperors Palace. Local performers: Mark Richardson, Luciano Zuppa and Paul Buckby have collaborated to replicate the greatest Bee Gees hits for The Bee Gees Tribute Show. Bee Gees brothers Barry, Robin, and Maurice Gibb rocked the 1960s and early 1970s, and dominated the disco music era in the late 1970s. They topped the music charts with greatest hits, such as “Stayin’ Alive”, “Night Fever”, and their beautifully harmonised ballads “Massachusetts” and “I started a joke”, to name a few. The Bee Gees Tribute Show covers a whole range of their greatest hits from both the earlier days, as well as the upbeat and flashy disco era. The intimate showbar ensures that audience members form part of the interactive show; the singers frequently dance in between tables and they are not shy to pull you up onto your feet to disco rock with them. Bee Gees fans can look forward to a very colourful, energetic and glittery evening filled with beautiful showgirls and disco balls. A few of the audience favourites so far include:

“Tragedy”, “More than a woman”, “How deep is your love”, “Stayin’ Alive” and “You should be dancing”. The tribute trio accurately imitated the famous high-pitched vibrato lead vocals, as well as the three-part tight harmonies and the Barry Gibb’s signature falsetto notes reminiscent of the late 1970s and 1980s. According to an article on the Emperors Palace website called “ ‘Night fever’with the month long Bee Gees Tribute Show”, Paul Buckby said they decided to take on the Bee Gees not as an attempt to replace them, but to celebrate their talent and legacy: “Barry Gibb once said that the Bee Gees would like to be remembered for their music long after they had gone. So we are ot trying to fill the shoes of the Bee Gees; we’re just lifting our hats.” The Bee Gees Tribute Show will run until 26 April at the Odeon Showbar at Emperors Palace. Performances take place every Friday and Saturday night at 20:00. Tickets cost R80 per person and can be purchased at the door; Winners Circle members qualify for discounts. Groups can pre-book booths accommodating up to five people for R400. Book your tickets through Emperors Palace Box Office on 011 928 1297/1213, or at and www.

Get ready for The Amazing Spider-Man 2 We’ve always known that Spider-Man’s most important battle has been within himself: the struggle between the ordinary obligations of Peter Parker and the extraordinary responsibilities of SpiderMan. But in The Amazing Spider-Man 2, Peter Parker finds that a greater conflict lies ahead. It’s great to be Spider-Man (Andrew Garfield). For Peter Parker, there’s no feeling quite like swinging between skyscrapers, embracing being the hero, and spending time

with Gwen (Emma Stone). But being SpiderMan comes at a price: only Spider-Man can protect his fellow New Yorkers from the formidable villains that threaten the city.  With the emergence of Electro (Jamie Foxx), Peter must confront a foe far more powerful than he. And as his old friend, Harry Osborn (Dane DeHaan), returns, Peter comes to realise that all of his enemies have one thing in common: OsCorp. Release date in SA:  25 April

15 April 2014

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The Red Velvetier This week’s hot

You Tube videos * By Michael Cost

been through a tough year with the death of her boyfriend on screen and off, Cory Monteith, and this song is an inspirational song matched with a well filmed video. It is a much match as the song has already reached SA radios written by SIA and might reach the top of the charts.

WEDDING EXPO OVERALL CAKE WINNER:Cristopher Lanzetti and his Rapture cake.

Juanita Etsebeth 011 862 8500 Cristopher Lanzetti (21) is a cake designer from Glenvista, who has recently won ‘The Cake Challenge’ at Africa’s biggest bridal event The Wedding Expo, decided to enter his cake ‘Rapture’ into the novice category of The Cake Challenge. He had to design an out of the box, autumn themed wedding cake which won him best overall cake as well as best decorated cake. During his high school career he worked at Little Italy with an Italian chef who taught him the basics of baking and cooking. He matriculated in 2012, with top marks and an award for consumer studies and visual art in Gauteng. Lanzetti decided to go to Pistoia in Tuscany, Italy where he did a three month internship at the top pastry shop in Tuscany. He learned about making specialized pastries at Elite Pastry, but soon lost interest due to the fact that it was too main-stream. He travelled to Florence, Pisa, Germany, Austria, Lichtenstein and Switzerland, where he learned about the different cakes and baking styles that the world had to offer. His travels fuelled his passion for baking and he decided to return home to pursue his dream of cake design, décor and specialty cakes. Back in SA, his mother accompanied him to various baking and decorating courses. He ended up at The Cake Genie, after being offered a three month internship by the

owner, Deon Swarts and his wife Carol. They gave him the opportunity to either extend his internship or leave on his own. He continued to work there for one year in a permanent position but his calling came and he decided it was time to start his own business, and so The Red Velvetier was born in May 2013. Lanzetti sees himself as a cake designer and sugar artist. A sugar artist makes art using sugary icings and pastes. He can sculpt and form any figure, character, flower or drapery using only icing. He specializes in fondant or plastic icing meaning that his creation takes hours to complete due to the fact that they are all hand-made. According to Lanzetti, the art of cake design entails the combination of artistic talent and cake. A cake designer uses various cakes, fillings and flavours to fulfill the client’s needs. By using his knowledge of chocolate work, royal icing including icing work, flood work, lace work, extension, floating extension, string work, flowers, sugar paste work, painting and airbrushing techniques, he is able to customize and match the expectations of every client. His favorite cake is, as his name suggests, the Red Velvet cake, but he enjoys a rich chocolate cake with caramel filling. According to him he makes the best deep red moist sponge, filled with a soft, smooth cream cheese filling. For more info visit www.theredvelvetier.

Matthew Mole – Take Yours, I’ll Take Mine (Parody) After watching the original video of Matthew Mole’s hit single where he films in various locations in Johannesburg. I felt compelled to recreate the video in those locations but add more comedy into it. If you want to see me play a guitar with a pineapple on my head in the Rosebank Mall Men’s Toilet then you must watch it. Cannonball – Lea Michele 8,496,439 views Are you a fan of Glee? If you are this is for you and even if your not. Lea Michele has

Instruments You Can Play on the Toilet – Derick Watts and the Sunday Blues 51,610 views This is a great SA comedy video that will keep you laughing the whole way. It is a clever illustration of the possibilities of having fun while doing something not so fun. Once watching this you will definitely not view going to the toilet the same way again. Photoshop has Gone Too Far – College Humor 20,664,331 views This hilarious video is a time lapse video of what the potentials Photoshop has to edit a model and make her appear to look unrealistic however, you will never guess what the before picture actually is. I have personally been following College Humor for a while and they are a certain Subscribe for daily comedy videos. YouTube: Michael Cost (


How it works... 1 Dough = 1 Rand Earn Dough back when you purchase the following items: 4 Dough Large Pizza, Pasta, Grills 2 Dough Medium Pizza, Starters, Salads, All Time Favourites, Kiddies Corner, Desserts, Bottle Wine 1 Dough Speciality Coffees, Cold Beverages, Hot Beverages, Alcoholic Drinks 20 Dough We will reward you with 20 Dough upon registering for the PIZZA FANATIC CARD. 50 Dough Get 50 Dough on your Birthday, Simply sit down at our table and enjoy your Birthday. Double your Dough Earn double Dough on Mondays. 5 Dough Refer a friend and get them to sign up and we will give you 5 Dough.

Pizza Del Forno Shop 4 Glenanda Village Shopping Centre Cnr Voster & Glen Avenue, Glenanda Tel: 011 432 6119 | 011 432 5063

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Breaking breaststroke records was this talent that saw her Waterstone College winning three gold medals Erin Graham(13) at the Level 2 Regional’s joined Perfect Stroke in 2013 for the 50, 100 and Swimming as a four 200m breaststroke events. year old who was She achieved a Level 3 hesitant to put her head time in 100m breaststroke under water. With much at the age of 11. patience, Coach Abi In 2013, Graham was the Williams coaxed her into Victrix Ludorum winner believing in herself and it at SACSSA in the 13 has paid off, as Graham and under category. She recently became the 3rd achieved a gold medal in fastest swimmer in her 100m breaststroke at the age group and stroke in CGA Open Winter Gala, the country. and gold in the 50m and Graham quickly moved a bronze in the 100m through the learn to swim breaststroke events at the programme and began CGA Junior Shortcourse training at the Marian Champs in July. This led to College 25m pool where her selection to compete in she was taught the correct techniques and began STAR SWIMMER: Erin Graham. the Highveld Interprovincial gala, where she was third in developing her strength and stamina. She started racing in junior 100m breaststroke. galas, winning ribbons and learning all about In September at the Seagulls Winter correct gala procedures, that would prepare Shortcourse Champs in Durban, she was awarded the bronze in 50m breaststroke her for the CGA galas that lay ahead. When head coach, Wesley Williams, saw and the silver in 100m breaststroke. The she was ready, she began competing in culminating event of 2013 was the CGA Level 0 galas, working her way to the top champs in December where she qualified at the Level 0 Champs, achieving many for the finals of all 8 events in which she Level 1 times at the age of 9. Level 1 proved was entered, and won the 50 and 100m tougher, and although she achieved Level 2 breaststroke trophies. times by age 10, it was only at the Level 1 Graham qualified to swim at the Level 3 Regional’s that she finally made her debut on National Age Group Champs in Cape Town the podium, achieving a bronze medal in 50m in March this year. After qualifying first in the 50m breaststroke heats, she swam a breaststroke. Graham’s talent in breaststroke was noticed personal best time of 36.45 to clinch the and nurtured. She was taught the same bronze medal. She achieved a fourth place breaststroke technique that the top swimmers in the 100m breaststroke and swam personal swim, and she gained strength and speed. It bests in the 50 and 100m freestyle events.

15 April 2014

Brilliant Boccia results

Laurelle Williams Samuel Tshilanga (17), a Frances Vorwerg learner, competed in the South African Games for the Physically Disabled which were held in Stellenbosch, Cape Town from 31 March to 3 April. Thsilanga was part of the Gauteng Boccia team and proudly came home with a bronze and silver medal and wore them constantly around his neck the next two days. Tshilanga, who has cerebral palsy, competed in the individual BC 1 event where he received bronze and in the team BC1& 2 event where the team received silver. He has been playing Boccia for the past six years and told tame TIMES, through an IPAD PROUD MOMENTS:Maria Van Zyl, Samuel Thsilanga that helps him communicate, and Bafana Nyoni. that he likes playing Boccia very proud. It is also heart warming to see because he wins medals. how Boccia not only develops his skill in the Maria Van Zyl, an occupational therapist game but as a person as well. It holistically at Frances Vorwerg, who accompanied develops him.” Tshilanga to the tournament said, “Samuel Bafana Nyoni, a Frances Vowerg facilitator, amazes us everyday with his hard work and who is more like a best friend to all the motivation. He proves that a disability doesn’t Frances Vorwerg learners, said that Samuel hold a person back. There are many things takes the game of Boccia very seriously that with his disability he shouldn’t be able to with the utmost concentration but enjoys it do yet he manages to do them. It makes us immensely.

Create an egg bunny With perky pink ears and just enough fuzz to make him plausible, this little table-hopper stands ready to greet every brunch guest. What you’ll need :Eggs, a Pushpin, an egg carton, scissors, pipe cleaners, glue stick, small pom-poms, googly eyes and a marker


doelgerigte leerders!

• Die skool waar jy op jou naam geken en gegroet word. • Die skool wat nie ‘n plafon op jou ontwikkeling plaas nie. • Die skool waar jy binne ‘n gesonde dissiplinestelsel jou potensiaal kan najaag. • Die skool wat jou ‘n mengelmoes van kultuur-en sportgeleenthede bied. • Die skool wat jou kleuter-wees, kind-wees en tiener-wees ‘n hupstoot gee. • Die skool wat jou Christenskap as waardesisteem erken en help uitleef.

4 Pilare waarop ons skool rus • • • •

Belydenis dat Jesus Christus ons Saligmaker is deur ‘n liefde vir alle kinders te openbaar en ‘n gesonde dissipline in die skool te vestig. Akademiese kundigheid is deel van ons etos. Buitemuurse aktiwiteite word met uitnemendheid beoefen. Professionaliteit is deel van ons optrede. VERSKEIE BUSROETES VANUIT DIE OOS-RAND SOWEL AS BRYANSTON

En g e ls e as 1 n Af r ik a Lae r- ste Ta a l b a n s y en H o ërs k o ol H oërs ko o l b ied v pa ra lla n 2 wêre die be ste e lmed lde me t iu mo n de r r ig .

Leeuwenhof Akademie Afrikaanse Privaatskool H.v. Geldenhuisweg en Antonstraat Bedfordview Tel: (011) 622 1806 Faks: (011) 622 1679

MM/April 2014

Die skool waar die eendersheid van onderwys met 'n absolute andersheid aangepak word!

100%-mat riekslaagsyf er met 98,5%-un iversiteitst oelating

How to make it : 1) Although a hard-boiled egg could work here, a blown egg produces a less top-heavy critter. Shake the egg to break the yoke. Use a pushpin to pierce a hole at both ends of the egg and blow (don’t inhale!) the insides out. 2) Cut a cup from an egg carton, trim it to make four legs, and cut out the bottom. 3) Cut two ears from the egg carton and hold them in place with the pipe cleaner, wrapping it around the middle of the egg. 4) Place the egg on the four-legged stand, threading the pipe cleaner ends down

through the centre hole and then wrapping them around the rear legs. 5) Glue a pom-pom nose and tail over the pierced holes in the egg. Glue two googly eyes above the nose and draw a mouth below it. *Sourced from

Shot-put star

tame TIMES readership – per month

Wayne Booysen from Randeor School came first and won gold for the u/18 shot-put at the South African Athletics Championships that were held in Polokwane on 5 April. All the superstars of LSEN schools competed however Booysen’s came out on top.

In an advert pertaining to tame TIMES, and in tame TIMES 5th year birthday editions, reference was made to tame TIMES having ‘over 3million readers” and “almost 3million readers are reached through out Ekurhuleni, City of Johannesburg, Limpopo, North West and the Northern part of Gauteng”. This statement should have been qualified by referring to the relevant time period applicable i.e. “per month”. The tame team wishes to apologise should this have caused any misconception or confusion. Taking the exponential growth of tame TIMES into consideration, and the rollout of the tame Times titles which is planned, we wish one day to advise you, our readers and advertisers, that through your continuous support and loyalty,  we are indeed reaching millions per week.


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15 April 2014

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be in charge of catering and housekeeping as well.

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15 April 2014

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Fun day bowling Get your culture on

BOWLING FRIENDS: Turffontein Bowling Club members with friends from Churrascos Pub. The Turffontein Bowling Club invited the opportunity for them to learn how it works in Churrascos Pub over for a fun day of a casual atmosphere. Everyone at the fun day; pros, amateurs, old grandparents and bowling on 30 March. According to Joppie van der Westhuizen, grandchildren alike, had fun and the club one of the Bowling Club members, the club looks forward to more members joining their has a very good relationship with the pub team. and they planned the fun day to introduce the sport to potential club members at the pub. Anyone who is interested in joining the Many of the visitors from Churrascos have Turffontein Bowling Club can call 011 683 never played the game before, and it was an 5215 for more information.

First lady Dolores van der Linde is the first female member of the Turffontein Bowling Club to be awarded senior provincial colours for bowling. The Johannesburg Bowling Association recently awarded Dolores her senior provincial singles colours, and she will now be moving on to the South African Nationals in May; representing Gauteng. Dolores has been bowling for about 20 years, and she has been selected to compete on a national level every year since: “I enjoy the competition. It is a very levelling game; one day you are up there, the next day you fall flat. It’s very competitive,” said Dolores. According to Dolores, it is difficult to qualify for national leagues from local bowling clubs, as the competition is very fierce. She is therefore very proud to represent Turffontein Bowling Club up there with the champions. FEMALE BOWLER: Dolores van der Linde.


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Turffontein Racecourse will be a mecca of multiculturalism on Saturday 26 April when it plays host to the third and final leg of the prestigious SASCOC Triple Crown as well as the much anticipated annual Intercontinental Village Day. Race goers should be prepared to have their taste buds do some of the racing from continent to continent that is - as the traditional foods of a variety of countries will be sold at trackside stalls throughout the day. Each country will be represented through an array of colourful crafts, costumes and live on-stage entertainment making for a hugely festive day at the races. Live entertainment from the traditions of South Africa, Portugal, China and Scotland and more will be performed on stage between races and is sure to get everyone that’s trackside up on their feet. It’s a fun filled day for all including the little ones with not only the atmosphere of all the trackside stalls and music, but a mechanical bull, slides, a rock wall and a jumping castle

all at their fingertips to ensure it’s a fun day out for all. Phumelela Gaming’s National Marketing Manager, Michael Varney commented, “It is thrilling to see the growth of the crowd attendance over the first two legs of the Triple Crown and this is due to the full race day experience we aim to achieve for all ages and fortunately it seems to be working”. Race goers will only enjoy the finest SA racing has to offer with the running of the R1.5 million SA Derby the feature race, among a race card stacked with top quality fields. A total of R150 000 will be donated by Phumelela Gaming to the various charities which have been selected to partake on the day. So get ready for an exciting day at Johannesburg’s premier racing destination and prepare for a day of great racing, food, entertainment and culture! Gates open at 11:00, entry and parking is free.


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15 April 2014




Fighting to the top

43 HOWARD AVE TEL: 011 422 2995

Amy-Mae Campbell

FIGHTING TO THE TOP: Sbusiso Zingange not backing down against his opponent, Nkosinathi Ntshangase. Amateur lightweight boxer Sbusiso Zingange from Boksburg dominated the Balance Rhythm Dedication Boxing Promotions tournament on Thursday 10 April at Gold Reef City Casino. Zingange fought relentlessly to achieve the highest amateur boxer score at the tournament; an impressive 60 to 53 win. This was Zingange’s fifth tournament fight, and so far he is unbeatable. As soon as Zingange and his competitor, Nkosinathi Ntshangase, locked horns in the boxing ring, all the spectators were circling the crate with anticipation. Zingange struggled through the first three rounds, and his opponent, who already had fourteen fights under his belt, seemed to have the upper hand. Zingange, VICTORY: Sbusiso Zingange and his proud boxing coach. however, surprised everyone when

Cape Epic accomplished Meyersdal resident Russell Tandy(31) and Aspen Nature Estate resident Graeme Stanton(33) recently took part in the Absa Cape Epic and achieved their goal of finishing the 718km Mountain Bike race even though Tandy popped his shoulder 10km into the last day. They placed 407th with a time of 52 odd hours. Local and international mountain bikers tackled the demanding eightday adventure through South Africa’s Western Cape region. The race started at Meerendal Wine Estate in Durbanville, with a time-trial prologue, and finished

at Lourensford Wine Estate in Somerset West. Both cyclists, Tandy and Stanton, had nine months of intensive training and competed in smaller stage races to prepare for the race The Absa Cape Epic must be completed by both members of a two-person team. The route changes every year, leading aspiring amateur and professional mountain bikers from around the world through roughly 800km of unspoilt scenery and 15 000m of accumulated climbing, over some of the most magnificent mountain passes in South Africa.

EPIC RACERS: Russell Tandy and Graeme Stanton.

he dropped Ntshange unexpectedly in the fourth round, after which the last two were spent merely improving his winning score. “The first two rounds were difficult. I pushed and pushed. After four rounds I saw that this was my fight,” the proud victor said. Zingange intends to continue his winning streak all the way to nationals. Boxing South Africa CEO, Lousa Mcha, also attended the tournament and expressed his delight to see the support for future champions, such as Zingange, in the making: “The fights were evenly matched. It’s a good sign to see a lot of boys on their way up. This is a good opportunity for people to come and appreciate boxing. I hope BRD will carry on doing what they do,” Mcha said.


R99 99


The 2014 Indian IPL

It is that time of the year again, when we are entertained with the Indian T20 Premier League, which involves all of the big hitting batsmen in the game from around the world. I say big hitting batsmen, as this is what has made this tournament the success it is. The tournament will start in Dubai tomorrow and end in India on the 1st of June due to the elections in India. Since it’s inception in 2008, it must be said that the batsmen have far out weighed the bowlers, in terms of results. The hitting of boundaries wether they are four’s or sixes is what has brought the Iikes of the Chennai Super Kings and KKR in the past as the the eventual winners. The IPL is pretty much a hit and a miss if you are a bowler, as you need the luck that goes with this format in hoping that the batsmen miss hit a few. The ICC sanctioned festival of cricket brings together the best of the best when the teams try and set the highest run rates possible. The Overseas players that represent the individual franchises play a huge and responsible role when it comes to the bragging rights in India with the locals. The Chennai Super Kings are two time winners of this title, with Indian skipper MS Dhoni, Dwayne Bravo, Brendon McCullum and our own FAF DuPlessis, would seem to have the balance and experience to win a third title. However, there are a couple of other teams that will surely come close. Gary Kirsten is the new Delhi Daredevils coach and has the services of Quinton De Kock, JP Duminy and Kevin Pietersen who will hopefully challenge Dhoni and co. Other contenders for the title should come from Mumbai Indians who have ‘Mr Cricket’ in Michael Hussey, Rohit Sharma and Lasith Malinga, as well as the Royal Challengers Bangalore boasting the brilliant Virat Kohli, AB De Villiers and Chris Gayle. It should be a fantastic spectacle of cricket in it’s own right. My bet is that Dhoni and his Super Kings will grab a third title.

Jhb wk 16  

Jhb wk 16

Jhb wk 16  

Jhb wk 16