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School raid: dagga found



CHEERS: Mr SA John Owens and Marijke Hansen enjoying their welcome cocktails at Calistos Portuguese Restaurant.

Laurelle Williams @laurellewilliam

Thursday, 6 March will be a night 27-yearold Marijke Hansen will never forget. Thanks to this magical evening, Hansen will have the boasting rights to say that she has been on a date with John Owens, Mr SA 2013. The Mulbarton resident was the lucky winner of the tame TIMES Month of Love competition, where ladies over the age of 21 had to share their worst date as well as their best pick-up line in order to enter the competition. The qualified teacher saw the competition and thought, why not? “Just the fact that I could win a date with a good looking man, and have a nice evening with great food and a great chat, made me enter,” Hansen said.

The two were treated to welcome cocktails at Calisto’s Portuguese Restaurant, where John presented the special lady with beautiful flowers from On Time Arrangements. They were picked up by a limousine, courtesy of Supreme Limos, and sipped on champagne as they were driven to Thaba Ya Batswana, where they had a scrumptious dinner at Kraal Kombuis. After dinner they once again experienced the luxury of being driven in a limousine, taking them back to Calisto’s where they said their farewells. Hansen looked absolutely beautiful. She told tame TIMES that she went for her hair on Tuesday, but the power outages on Thursday did scare her. “My learners even told me I shouldn’t be at work and should be home preparing for the date.” Like any date there were nerves and







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excitement all in one. “I had butterflies but as soon as John started talking they went away. He made me feel at ease and was a true gentleman. He definitely met my expectations.” Hansen was excited and even asked tame TIMES to take photos with her phone so she could put them on Facebook, adding: “I’m going to be famous.” “I just want to thank all the sponsors and especially tame TIMES for my wonderful evening. John is a very nice guy,” Hansen said. tame TIMES would like to thank Thaba Ya Batswana, Calisto’s Portuguese Restaurant, Supreme Limos and On Time Arrangements and, of course, Mr SA John Owens. For more photos of the date please visit and the tame TIMES Facebook page.

Bribery by bake bean thief


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11 March 2014

30 Colours of support Today






20°/ 17°

220 / 160

190 / 150

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210 / 160

220 / 160

Something by Laurelle Williams

Laurelle Williams CANSA Shavathon is one of South-Africa’s most popular cancer charity initiatives. This year CANSA proudly hosted its 11th national Shavathon event to show solidarity with those affected by cancer. tame TIMES visited the Shavathon events on 1 March at Rietvlei Zoo Farm and The Glen Shopping Centre, where many patrons joined in the colour fun and supported the worthy cause. Seeff employees volunteered and hosted the Rietvlei Shavathon and FNB head office employees volunteered at The Glen Shopping Centre.

Winter goodies from New Beginning Club Lerato Educational Centre was blessed by New Beginnings Club as they donated 480 scarves and beanies to the learners. Aileen Johnson from New Beginnings Club, who meets with other elderly ladies from the South once a week at Kliprivier Recreational Centre, presented Sister Mary from Lerato Educational Centre with the winter goodies. These ladies worked hard to knit these goodies for all the children. Johnson ran a competition with the ladies and presented the top five with prizes donated by Sinzinani Spa, Children of Africa books and hampers from Mogi. Eight of the pupils sang songs of thanks to the kind-hearted women. Lerato Educational Centre is very grateful for the kindness shown by the New Beginnings Club. WOOLY CARE: Aileen Johnson with all Beanies and scarves.

WINNERS: Four of the winners with Lerato Educational Centre learners.

Love thy neighbour Last week was another interesting week in the community of the South. Three learners of Glenvista High were arrested for possession of dagga during a school raid (pg 3) and two pensioners are allegedly assaulting each other over a parking space at an old age home (pg 3). Now both are of great concern as both show moral decay in some form. I was present when one boy was searched and dagga was found in his possession. The minute we walked in the class another boy immediately looked at him. As the police searched the learners I watched the other boy with interest. How I perceived it is that boy knew the suspect had the dagga on him. When he was caught the other boy was laughing, which infuriated me. I made my anger known to the laughing boy. As we went to the other classrooms I watched the suspect start to crumble. As the minutes passed by he realised the full impact of the situation. He started asking me, “Mam, what is going to happen to me?” He was close to tears and I started feeling sorry for him. One minute I was disappointed with the stupidity and bad choices of this boy and the next I wanted to comfort him, telling everything would be okay. But, unfortunately, it wouldn’t. He will now have a criminal record. In terms of the pensioners fighting, it is hard as each has their own version and I doubt we will ever know the truth. One would think, though, that at their age they would know not to resort to violence when in conflict. What came to mind is a colleague who writes for the Kathorus paper who also recently did an article on neighbours fighting. It was published in tame TIMES Kathorus as well as Daily Sun. The end result, the ward councillor and SAPS went to the two neighbours and they are now smoking a peace pipe. I pray this will also be the result of this situation. I don’t have a real conclusion for this. I can preach all I want by saying love thy neighbour, but it will most likely fall on deaf ears. But I do call on the community to try and practise this; it is everyone’s responsibility to keep the community safe, whether it be youth experimenting with drugs or pensioners fighting. We need parents, children, neighbours, ward councillors and SAPS to take a stand and find what the source of the problem is and work it out in a friendly manner, just like the Kathorus incident. Do we really want to read stories like this every week? On my side, I am tired of all the negativity.

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11 March 2014

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School raid: dagga found Pensioners fight over

parking space

BODY SEARCH: A Mondeor SAPS officer searches one of the learners. Please note this is not one of the learners that were arrested. Glenvista High School asked Mondeor SAPS to do a school raid and, with the permission of the Gauteng Department of Education, the raid took place last Wednesday and proved to be productive. Three young boys were found in possession of dagga with the youngest being in grade 8. All three boys were arrested and taken to Mondeor Police Station. Mondeor SAPS officers searched learners, looking for dangerous weapons, cigarettes and drugs. There were eight officers in total; two officers were each assigned with a teacher whom took them to four random classes to search. The officers explained why they were there and gave the learners a chance to declare any of the illegal items before they searched them. Items such as cigarettes and knives were declared. tame TIMES was present when the officer found a packet of dagga in one of the learner’s tie. The learner claimed that it was not his; it was a grade 10 learner’s who allegedly sells dagga at school. The other learners were found by another group of officers. A full strip search was done on one of the boys, where several

rolled dagga cigarettes and packets of dagga were found. It was claimed that this dagga was bought the day before near Panorama. Phumla Sekhonyane, Gauteng Department of Education’s spokesperson said, “As part of our school safety strategy, routine searches and testing are conducted at schools. In this case three learners in Grade 8, 9 and 10 were found to be in possession of drugs. They were taken to SAPS and parents were informed as per our procedure. The learners have been issued with letters of suspension. The matter has already been referred to the SGB, which deals with all matters to do with learner discipline.” Glenvista High School Governering Body’s chairman Prince Maluleke told tame TIMES, “In terms of the school disciplinary code the learners will be suspended pending a disciplinary hearing.” Cst Elizabeth Mnguni, Mondeor SAPS spokesperson explained that it was found out that one of the boys already had a record of being in possession of dagga. “We ask parents to please take responsibility for their children,” Cst Mnguni said. The three boys will appear in court.

Load-shedding is here According to Andrew Etzinger from Eskom the heavy rains is a major factor that is affecting Eskom’s coal supplies, which is the cause of the commencement of loadshedding on 6 March. A call to business and ordinary citizens has been made by the power utility to observe their power saving advice so that power demand can be lowered, especially during peak hours. City Power has embarked on load-shedding, as per the load-shedding schedule, due to the emergency request from Eskom to manage national electricity supply constraints. “We ask all our customers to use electricity sparingly by switching off non essential appliances and equipment during peak hours,” said Louis Pieterse, City Power’s Director of Engineering Operations. Customers are urged to switch off appliances and equipment during outages to avoid damages during the power restoration.

BLOCK 4-Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday- 10:00 till 14:00 Alan Manor, Aspen Hills, Bassonia, Bassonia Rock, Forest Hill, Glenanda East of Glen Road, Glenesk, Glenvista, Haddon, Kliprieversberg, La Rochelle, Liefde en Vrede, Linmeyer, Meredale, Moffatview, Mondeor, Mulbarton, Oakdene, Regents Park, Rewlatch, Ridgeway South, Rossettenville &Ext, Southgate, Suideroord, The Hill &Ext, Towerby, Townsview, Tulisa Park, Turf Club and Turffontein.

City Power apologises for the inconvenience and will keep the customers updated on the situation through its website www.citypower. and twitter: @CityPowerjhb 

BLOCK 6-Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday- 14:00 till 18:00 Alvida, Comptonville, Crown Mines, Kibler Park, Naturena, Patlynn, Ris Park, Selby and Wemmer Pan

BLOCK 5-Monday, Wednesday and Friday- 14:00 till 18:00 Booysens, Booysens Reserve, Chrisville, Crown Gardens, Gillview, Glenanda west of Glen Road, Mondeor, Nasrec, Ormonde, Rueven, Ridgeway North, Robertsham, Southdale, West Turffontein and Winchester Hills.

A situation at a government old age home in Reuven has become volatile and violent, all because of a parking space. One resident, *Martha, claims that the parking in question belongs to her; while another resident, *Fred, says there are no allocated parkings. This confusion about the parking led to Booysens SAPS having to go to the old age home on 28 February to break up an alleged assault. Fred’s version Fred, who has been living at the old age home for seven years, claims that a younger woman in her forties is living with Martha. This is illegal as only senior citizens are allowed to live there, with a strict rule that no family members can stay with the pensioners. He claims that a charity organisation came to the home and fixed up the house. Two weeks afterwards the younger woman moved in. Fred and other residents claim that they believe the charity organisation has some under-handed deal for the younger woman to stay there. Since then, Martha and the younger woman has claimed that a certain parking space is theirs. The first incident occurred on 4 February, where Fred came home with a friend and his friend parked in this parking space. The younger woman came home with her son and allegedly jumped on the car, damaging it. Martha was not present. The second incident occurred two weeks ago when Fred claims he was moving a tree stump and rubbish that was in the garden on to the pavement and some of it fell into the parking space. He claims he was watering his garden when a bunch of tow truck drivers, alleged to be relatives of Martha, came to beat him up. Martha joined in and started throwing bricks at his flat. He ran to his flat, got pepper spray

Laurelle Williams

and defended himself by spraying them. Fred’s fence and cat box was damaged and he wants them to fix it. Two cases of assault have been opened by Martha’s family against Fred. Fred claims he tried to open a case of assault after the last incident, but the police wouldn’t let him as there are impending cases against him. Martha’s version (told by her daughter) Martha claims that Fred sits in his garden chair every day staring at Martha’s house and this makes her feel unsafe. Martha alleges that Fred hit her on the Friday in question and that is why she called her family to protect her. It is claimed that the younger woman is a relative who stays over only on occasion, but has recently stopped due to the tension. Martha claims that the parking lot has been hers for 11 years. The family confirms that they have opened two cases of assault against Fred. Other comments tame TIMES have spoken to the area manager of the home who confirmed there are no allocated parkings but communal parking. There is a rule that no family is allowed to stay with the pensioners and has been informed that the younger woman just visits and doesn’t stay there. “I told both parties that it is not right that people can just come in (tow truck drivers) and beat up an old man. They need to sort it out in a better way, by talking about it in a civilised manner,” the manager said. The charity organisation was contacted and denied that the younger woman staying with Martha is a friend of hers or is staying there due to the charity’s influence. She confirmed that the house was painted but added another six residents’ houses were also upgraded. *Not their real names.

Drug dealer shoots cop with state gun Last Tuesday, a SAPS Tactical Response Team (TRT) officer was shot with his own state-issued gun by a foreign national, alleged to be a drug dealer, on the corner of Fourth and Johannesburg Road, La Rochelle. The shooter and an accomplice were arrested. The officer is in critical condition at hospital. The suspects, aged 36 and 39 years old, have been charged with attempted murder and possession of drugs respectively and will appear in court. “The drugs will still be sent for testing, however it is believed to be rocks,” Captain Tsekiso Mofokeng, a

provincial SAPS communication officer told tame TIMES. “The police were patrolling the area when they spotted a suspicious vehicle with three occupants inside. It is alleged that the police stopped to investigate. They searched the occupants; one of the suspects refused to be searched and attempted to grab the officer’s firearm. During the fight a shot was fired, injuring the police officer on the upper part of his body. The suspects were arrested on the scene and investigation still continues,” Captain Mofokeng said.

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Rand Water launches deployment project

tame TIMES

GE partners with Al Gore

Amy-Mae Campbell

Minister of Water and Environmental Affairs: Edna Molewa. The Rand Water Academy aims to improve the quality of municipal services in the water and sanitation sector by providing unemployed graduates with specialised skills that are in demand. The Academy’s first official bursary and graduation ceremony was held on 28 February, where each graduate was deployed to a specific municipality for further

practical training. The Rand Water Academy was established in 2012 and runs a three-year vocational program offered to young, qualified and unemployed graduates in the fields of science, engineering and technical. The program is divided into two 18-month courses: the first consists of a theoretical course, which is completed at the Academy, and in the second course the graduates are distributed to various municipalities for practical training. During the second part of the program, graduates have the opportunity to acquire work experience that is needed to enter the job market. According to the Board Chairperson at Rand Water, Adv Mosotho Petlane, real practical experience out in the field is vital for good service delivery. “We want graduates who can hit the ground running,” Petlane said. Edna Molewa, Minister of Water and Environmental Affairs, attended the graduation ceremony and proudly handed over the graduates to their respective municipalities. Molewa hopes that the municipalities will permanently absorb the graduates, or if they end up working in the private sector, she is thrilled to have contributed to the overall skill pool in South Africa. “Grab these opportunities and make use of them,” Molewa said to the graduates.

11 March 2014

Generation Earth (GE) has joined forces as a local partner with former US Vice President candidate Al Gore’s Climate Reality Project to bring climate change education to African shores. The Climate Reality Leadership Corps Africa Training, which will take place in Johannesburg from 12-14 March, follows on the heel of similar trainings across the globe. The training in Africa aims to arm trainees with everything they need to be the best climate messengers in their community. Various experts will address best practices in communicating major impacts of climate change specific to Africa, the cost of these impacts, and the potential for growing the African market to adopt sustainable initiatives and alternative energy solutions. The training will bring a special focus to the issues that make the African continent particularly vulnerable to the high cost of carbon pollution. Specifically, Climate Reality Leaders will explore how climate change affects water availability, agricultural yields,

and human conflict and displacement. They will explore alternatives and low-cost energy solutions that are already reducing the continent’s reliance on fossil fuels and increasing resilience to the impacts of climate change. The speakers at the conference include Wanjira Maathai, Green Belt Movement activist and project leader at the Wangari Maathai Institute; South African-born Executive Director of Greenpeace International, Kumi Naidoo; Johan van den Berg, CEO of the South Africa Wind Energy Association; Ikal Angelei and Jonathan Deal, Goldman Environmental Prize recipients; and Evans Wadongo, Executive Director and Chairman of Sustainable Development for all, based in Kenya. Other international speakers include Maggie L Fox, President and CEO of The Climate Reality Project as well as Climate Reality Project Founder, Nobel Laureate and former US Vice President Al Gore. GE founders, Ella Bella and Catherine Constantinides were selected mid-last year to represent South Africa at the Global Climate Reality Leadership Corps training in Istanbul, Turkey. It was at this training that a commitment was made by both parties to work together to mobilize African environmental activists and bring them together at the Africa-focused climate change training. GE head office has worked closely with their various youth councils both in South Africa and across the continent to ensure a competent and dynamic youth contingent will be among the almost 1000 trainees in Johannesburg this month.

Defining what a green building is

READY TO BE AT SERVICE: Rand Water Academy graduates with municipality representatives, Rand Water Board members and Minister of Water and Environmental Affairs.

Five-year-old wins R10 000

P r i y a n k a Govender (5) won the Figures National Face of the Year competition on 2 March and brought home a whopping R10 000. The B a s s o n i a resident now proudly wears the Figures Face of the Year sash. N i r e s h n e e G o v e n d e r, Priyanka’s mother said, “I already knew that my daughter is the NATURAL BEAUTIES: Khanysile Maseko, Priyanka Govender and most beautiful Mellae Faber. girl in the world. focused on naturally beautiful faces so Well, in my eyes. But at Emperors palace make-up, tons of jewelry and thousand rand the judges, from top advertising agencies, designer dresses were not allowed. “This is confirmed that fact for her. Judges were not a toddlers and tiara type event, thanks looking for natural beauties inside and out.” to the carefully designed competition rules,” Govender explained that the competition Govender said.

The monthly meeting of the Green Business Platform took place last Friday morning at Thaba Ya Batswana. Chilufya Lombe, director of Solid Green Consulting and guest speaker, helped the attendees understand what makes a building green and spoke about the development of green buildings and greening existing buildings in South Africa. Lombe explained that the Green Building Council South Africa (GBCSA) was established in 2008 and it is a third party ruling system that was adapted from Australia in order to rate green buildings. He went on to explain that many factors come into play when making a building greener, such as site selection (it is better to build a new building near other buildings rather than in open space as that can effect the environment.), water and energy efficiency, materials and healthy spaces that assists with the health of the occupants. It was said that Solid Green Consulting tries to get into the building process as early as possible when the master planning is done,

as it becomes harder if the building is halfway through and then the decision to make it green comes about. Solid Green Consulting looks at responsible building management and development, focusing on the opportunities to improve cost-saving through modifications to existing buildings and designing and building new ones. It will provide an overview of the GBCSA standards and guidelines and will touch on what implications the standards have had on the local construction industry. First star rated green buildings - First 5 star (2011) Aurecon Century City - First 6 star building (2011) Vodacom Innovation Centre - Public Builings - National English Literacy Museum, targeting a 5 Star Green Star - Government Buildings - Department of Environmental Affairs - 6 Star Design Rating To view Lombe’s full presentation please visit

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11 March 2014

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Avocados for

4 R10

Avocado Boxes

14.99each Pineapples for

3 R10 19.99each


1 x Pocket of Potatoes 7 kg 1 x Box of Avocados 1 x Carry Pocket of Onions 1 x Value Bag of Carrots 5 kg 1 x Carry Pocket of Butternuts 3 x Tomato Thriftpacks


Assorted Choice Biscuits Box 1.2 kg

Box of Grapes: Black or White

R100 BIG DEAL 13.99

Baby Potato Thriftpacks

49.99 each

Pickling Onions

7.50each UHT Long Life Milk 6x1 L

49.99 each

Coke 2 L

Omo Auto 2 kg





John Dory Whole Fish

Mozambique Clams

Carapau (Maasbankers)

16.99 per kg 24.99 per kg

Large Whole Hake

49.99 per kg

9.99 per kg

Chicken Fillets

32.99 per kg

14.99 per kg

Large Hake Fillets

59.99 per kg


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Dos Santos responds: Is Joburg Ten Plus program working? Clr Sergio dos Santos writes:

Hierdie week het ek besluit om bietjie na te dink oor wat ek beteken vir die mense rondom my. Ek en Gysie het die voorreg gehad om verlede naweek die eksSpringbokspeler Jannes Labuschagne te ontmoet. Ons het my kleinseun se rugby-wedstryd by die skool bygewoon en Jannes was die gasspreker vir die dag. Jannes het voorwaar die interessantste lewensverhaal. In 2002, toe die Bokke op toer was, het hulle ‘n toetswedstryd teen Engeland gespeel. Van die ouer generasie sal seker nog onthou dat Jannes in hierdie wedstryd ‘n rooi kaart gekry het vir sy laat tekkel op Johnny Wilkinson. Ek onthou nog hoe geskok die toeskouers was toe die skeidsregter die rooi kaart gee, want dit was beslis nie blote vuilspel nie. Gysie, wat altyd voor op die wa is, het so ewe besluit om Jannes uit te vra oor die rooi kaart. Ek wou eers my kop in die naaste blompot indruk, so skaam het ek gekry! Maar Jannes het toe die mooiste storie vertel wat alles in perspektief gesit het. Hy beweer dat hy ‘n paar weke voor die wedstryd drome gehad het van ‘n rugbywedstryd waar hy ‘n baie erge besering opdoen. Later het hy dieselfde droom gehad, maar dié keer het hy gedroom dat hy sy nek breek. Hy glo vas dat hierdie droom ‘n waarskuwing was van die Here af en hy is oortuig dat die rooi kaart, hoewel dit vernederend en onregverdig gevoel het, met ‘n doel gebeur het. Van toe af het Jannes sy hele lewe aan God toegewy en in voltydse bediening gegaan. Hy het die volgende gesê: • “Wees passievol oor alles wat jy aanpak. • Moet nie net leef vir geld of sukses nie, maar rig jou lewe aan ‘n groter doel as jou eie lewe en behoeftes. • “Wees bereid om opofferings te maak vir ‘n groter doel. • “Glo dat ‘n groter Mag in beheer is van jou lewe en doen alles tot eer van jou God.” • As jy deel van ‘n span is, luister na jou spanmaats en sien die groter visie van die span in geheel en nie net jou eie begeertes nie. Gysie is veral diep aangeraak deur hierdie boodskap en ons wil saam nou ‘n punt daarvan maak om ‘n groter rol in die gemeenskap te speel deur mense te help en nie selfsugtig te leef nie. Ek wil graag onthou word as ‘n vrou wat ‘n verskil gemaak het. Ek wil ‘n ryk geestelike nalatenis hê, en minder bekommer oor ‘n groot erfporsie waarmee my kinders kan spog. Tip: Leef jy net vir jou eie behoeftes en begeertes? Of glo jy dat elkeen van ons deel is van ‘n groter span? Maak ‘n punt daarvan om doelbewus en voluit te leef en hou jou oë oop vir geleenthede waar jy werklik ‘n verskil kan maak.

I am taken aback by the comments of Mr Kgagudi as he is clearly misinformed and trying to mislead the residents. It is correct that I sent out a press release stating I will attend and that I would publicly ask why I was not invited or consulted. I took a decision that I would not attend because, up until the Friday, I did not receive any official invitation. I must take my hat off to the officials who were most concerned that this “launch” was initiated by the Mayoral spouse without my consultation, even though she was requested to contact me, which she did not. I was contacted on 10 February by a senior official asking if the Mayor’s spouse contacted me about this ‘launch’. On 11 February there was an invitation in another community newspaper by the ANC Ward 54 Mzala branch, inviting residents to attend, which clearly shows that the ANC knew about this long before I did and it is further proof that this was a politically driven event. I have the original agenda that did not have my name as any of the speakers, but I am told that on the day I was to open the meeting. Let me clarify yet again, I was not even told about that. On 13 February I was called by officials to meet them at the site. I did attend and I was hesitant to give any comment as this was not my event and I had not had any official invite. I did, however, give some input that the area should be cleaned up and grass had to be cut. As the duly elected Ward councillor I should be the first person to be engaged when events like these take place within the ward. I would love to know where Mr Kgagudi got all his information, because he states that I did not attend because “[I] went on to mobilise members of the community not to attend by claiming that he was not invited nor consulted”. I did not go out and mobilise any community

members not to attend such a meeting. If you are referring to my letter, nowhere do I request residents not to attend. Mr Kgagudi claims that it was ‘huge’. Again, please don’t mislead the residents. I had residents who attended the meeting and a fellow colleague and they all say that there were more JMPD officers and officials than actual residents. There is no known ‘Mayoral Spousal Office’ in the City of Johannesburg and if there is, when did this take place? Nothing of the sort has ever come across council. Maybe Mr Kgagudi can answer this? I do agree with you, and I do represent the interests of all my residents, and I will be asking questions in council. The Joburg Ten Plus was launched by the Mayor in Kliptown in July 2012. We had two failed attempts in Region F due to the lack of planning from the office of MMC of Safety. Then a combined launch took place in 2013 at the Klipriviersberg Recreational Centre, where stakeholders were invited. Is the Joburg Ten Plus program working? No it is not! There is no clear evidence even in the Section 79 committee that this program is in effect throughout the city. A clear example of this is the Inner City clean sweep that took place in October/November 2013, where officers allocated to the South (Region F2) were deployed to the inner city for this operation. The Southern suburbs took the brunt of lack of officers, which hindered by-law enforcement and operations. If this program was such a huge successm as the Mayor makes it out to be, then why are we councillors not seeing this? Why have our requests to meet these 10 officers in our wards fallen onto deaf ears? I am committed to serve my community regardless of what political party anyone supports.

Berg doesn’t even have a plot Manny de Freitas MP writes: I read the letter ‘Zille and DA lost the plot’ by Clr Izak Berg published recently with interest. His letter unambiguously demonstrates why his so-called Independent Ratepayers Association of SA remains a one man show with a laptop and nothing else. The very fact that Clr Berg has written a letter about the DA jobs march, which took place earlier last month, means that the objective of the march has been achieved. If the march never happened most South Africans wouldn’t know about the unacceptable ANC manifesto objective of creating 6 million ‘job opportunities’. The only thing that the ANC wants to do in dealing with job creation. Thank you Clr Berg, the letter confirms this. In addition, Izak Berg is clearly another

mouth-piece of the ANC, his letter repeating the ANC’s line - that the DA should not march on the ANC. Neither the ANC, nor Berg will dictate on how the DA wishes to highlight the issues of the day. The reality is that the DA does fill up stadiums; it has done it on previous occasions and did it at our manifesto launch on Sunday, 23 February in Polokwane. The question is, Clr Berg, can your Independent Ratepayers Association of SA even fill up a lift? I doubt it. What Berg seems to miss is that we were also defending our Constitution, that of the right to expression, even if a majority party dislikes it. When we start seeing this changing then we know we are on dangerous grounds. When we start seeing this, Clr Izak Berg will then not be allowed to even write the bad letter he wrote in the first place.

Lack of staff and backlog allows grass to grow longer Frustrated resident writes: We live in Mount Pellan Drive, Glenvista ext 5, along the river, and were hoping that we could get the attention of the ward official in that area to have the grass along the river cut. There is a complex on Mount Pellan Drive, Victorian Place, and the grass on the corner is absolutely out of control.  We have been in contact with the ward official via e-mail on numerous occasions, but our efforts have been in vain.  We have also been in contact with City Parks on numerous

occasions, only to be told on 26 February that it can simply not be done due to lack of staff and a huge backlog. We, in the meantime, are stuck with vagrants sleeping in the long grass, which is a security risk and has more rubbish piling up daily. We have even requested the police to help but they can only do so much. tame TIMES has requested comment from Clr Paul Smit and City Parks.

11 March 2014

Honestly the approaching honesty


By Nieto Hernandez

“If you tell the truth you don’t have to remember anything” - Mark Twain As the trial against Oscar slowly unwraps, I wonder if I’m the only one who is growing more and more confused, even with my own opinions. Honesty is the best policy. I know you’ve heard that a million times, but I think I’ve learnt something new over the past week; if honesty is not the only policy, then it’s not worth much and should be totally discarded. It is not just about the people who receive the lies, or let’s say dishonesty, it’s also about the dishonest party. I can’t formulate a clear thought as to how someone can tell a dishonest story and find it easy to move on with their life, aloof to the consequences. Now I know what I’m about to say will contradict what I’ve already said, but please indulge me. We all tell the occasional fib, I’m very guilty when it comes to traffic officers. If you are a traffic officer and you pull me over, chances are I will lie to you. I find that easy to do because I don’t expect that I will have to deal with the same officer pulling me over for the same offence. It’s wrong, but that’s not the type of lie I will have to remember and constantly defend with other lies. There are things that are better to come clean about. Ok, even better with all things. Honesty and its philosophies should not be compartmentalised to suit situations, nor should there be levels to honesty. It was Mark Twain who said, “If you tell the truth you don’t have to remember anything.” I think that sums up everything that I have learnt in the week. If one can learn to approach every situation with honesty, then not only do you relieve the recipient, but yourself too. Think about it, if you were a liar on trial (and I’m not implying Oscar is a liar), and it dragged on and on, you would have to remember what every witness said, then remember what you initially said and after all that try to forge a way out without contradicting yourself. It must be exhausting. My advice, and trust me this will pierce me first, tell the truth even if it causes you a dry throat and a shaky voice. It will only serve you better. Let’s chat, share your views at voice@ or send me a tweet @nietovoice.

Rubbish dumping in KNR Mr Corrie Louw writes: People, households and others are just carrying on dumping their rubbish, against all the rules of conservation and common decency, in the Klipriviersberg Nature Reserve. What is wrong with our people? Is this being done due to a general don’t care attitude, laziness to dispose of rubbish in the normal way, a lack of education or total disregard of conservation? Or is it being done on purpose? Do we have to police all and sundry 24/7? Imagine someone dropping filthy, ugly or monstrous looking heaps of waste over your fence into your yard over and over. This is being done to KNR, many a time right next to notices prohibiting exactly that. Should we now first have to catch a few transgressors, prosecute, take them with full fanfare in newspapers to court and get them to pay heavy fines?

11 March 2014

tame TIMES

Pop Up Cinema - 14 March Outdoor Movie Entertainment presents The Lion King. Pop Up Cinema takes you back to when the movie was only part of the attraction. Bring your blankets and pillows, your family and friends (and a little nostalgia) and relive the magic of your drive-in days with a movie in a picture-perfect picnic park. Venue: Rietvlei Zoo Farm & Lifestyle Centre Time: Gates open at 17:30, movie starts at 19:30 Cost: R75-Adults, R40-children, under 3 years old free Tickets: Can be bought online via credit card or via EFT details on www. Autumn flower show 29& 30 March The Johannesburg South Garden Club is holding its annual Autumn Flower Show on Saturday 29 and Sunday 30 March at Tulip Garden Centre, Rifle Range Road, Haddon from 10:00 to 16:00 each day. The show is an open show so members of the public are encouraged to bring along their exhibits. There will be a small charge for entries. The placement of exhibits will take place on

Friday afternoon from 14:00 until 16:00, and Saturday morning until 9:00. Judging will follow and the show will be open to the public from approximately 11:30. On Sunday the show will be open from 09:00 to 16.00. Entrance to the Autumn Flower Show is free. For further information phone Maud Pickup on 082 854 9212. Horticultural Society 12 & 26 March 12 March, at 19:30, a talk by Gina Shoemaker on Recycling kitchen and garden waste with Bokashi and Worm farms, at the Roosevelt Park Recreation Centre, Preller Drive, Roosevelt Park. Phone 082 951 1432. 26 March, at 09:30, a talk by Daniella Alexander on Vegetable Garden Project at REEA Foundation at The Floreum, Johannesburg Botanic Gardens, Olifants Road, Emmarentia. Phone 082 951 1432 Sustainability for the Mind13 March Hrvoje Butkovic, an academic philosopher, life coach and sustainability enthusiast, will present on the psychological tools we need to start making changes. He will be addressing three questions: What causes someone to take interest in social or environmental problems? What translates that interest into action? What sustains that action over a lengthy period of time? Time:  19:00 for 19:30 (Note the different time for this meeting only) Venue: Entrance Precinct, Peggy Vera

Road, Kibler Park Price: R30 (includes tea, coffee and light snacks) RSVP essential: (only 50 seats available) Angels Baby Sanctuary Pamper Day - 29 March Angels Baby Sanctuary, a home for abandoned babies, will be hosting another Pamper Day from 9:00. Choose a package for R400, which includes three treatments and a delicious lunch, or single treatment at R150 per treatment. Pamper yourself or a friend and for a great cause to support Angels Baby Sanctuary. The pamper day is held at 34 Tafelberg Avenue, Oakdene. For bookings call Anne on 081 049 6228. KNRA events Bird walk - 15 March Time: 07:00 Venue: Entr. Precinct, Peggy Vera Road, Kibler Park What to bring: Binoculars RSVP: It will be appreciated if you could RSVP via sms to 083 267 3494 if you will be coming. Just type in: “bw” (birdwalk) followed by the number of people attending. Mid-week walk - 19 March Organised walk for those with some extra time Time: 08:00 Venue: Entr. Precinct, Peggy Vera Road, Kibler Park

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Turffontein Development Corridor public meeting 24 March The second public meeting aimed at further engaging the public in the formulation of a strategic area framework for the Turffontein Development Corridor will be held on 24 March at Eureka House, 96 Marlborough Road, Springfield from 18:00 to 20:30. Interested and affected parties are invited to attend to provide input on economic intensification, residential densification, provision of cycling routes and pedestrian walkways, and provision of social and recreational facilities within the corridor. The affected areas are Booysens, Forest Hill, Glenesk, Haddon, Kenilworth, La Rochelle, Lindberg Park, Linmeyer New Central, Oakdene, Ophirton, Park Central, Prolecon, Regency, Regents Park, Reuven, Rewlatch, Rosettenville, Selby South, Springfields, Stafford, The Hill, Townsview, Trojan, Turffontein, Village Deep, Village main, Wemmer, and West Turffontein. The draft document will be available for perusal on from 10 March. For enquiries contact: Angeline Ramahlo at 011 407 6894 (angelineram@joburg. )

Razzle dazzle for Casual Day

Stephanie Conradie



DATE: 29 MARCH Die Hoerskool Fakkel, Entrance in Gantner Street, Forest Hill. Assembly @ 8h00 – walk starts @ 9h00

Includes goody bag

leader Celeste Vinassa said, “To celebrate Casual Day’s 20th birthday we are inspiring South Africans to dress up, not down. We hope that organisations and corporations will start planning their campaign soon as it takes the entire year for the Casual Day ‘train’ to roll out. “The theme is Bring out the Bling and the colour for the year is Dazzle Blue, a dramatic colour relating to the world of the theatre. So our message to you is to rustle up a little razzle dazzle. Casual Day is all about fantasy and dressing up in things you can find around the house. Be creative with glitter, fabric, shiny paper, sequins or just wear your sticker and a posh casual attitude.”

On Friday 7 March Casual Day hosted their annual award ceremony, giving praise to the companies and sponsors that make Casual Day possible each year. This fundraising project that has seen the South African public open its hearts to persons with disabilities started in 1995 and is celebrating their 20th anniversary year in 2014. In 2013, Casual Day raised R23.5 million nationally helping South Africans with disabilities, and the target they set for themselves for 2014 is to raise R27.5 million. The National Council for Persons with Physical Disabilities in SA (NCPPDSA) in Edenvale are not only the owners of Casual Day, but For more information on how to participate they also raised R202 428 for Casual Day and in Casual Day go to were placed 5th in the top ten organisations that raised the most donations in Gauteng. Casual Day Project Team Chairman and Executive Committee member of the National Council for Persons with Physical Disabilities in South Africa, Mac Mia, explained, “Casual Day was not built by one individual, it is a collective effort of which we can all be proud. Casual Day was built, one sticker at a time, by everyone who participated over the last 19 years.” He extended his thanks to South Africans for their love and support towards this project. At the event the theme for 2014 was announced – Bring DRESSED UP: Members of the Casual Day team with Abel, the out the Bling. Project Casual Day mascot.

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11 March 2014

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Bribery by bake bean thief

Thieves steal family pet

Weekly Arrests:

Booysens Arrests: A total of 43 arrests were made between 24 February till 2 March, including arrests for: Theft general:.................................. 6 Fraud:.............................................. 4 Possession of copper cable:......... 2 Possession of drugs:..................... 7

Mondeor Arrests:

STOLEN: Rascal was stolen during a housebreaking.

STOLEN FOOD:The stolen baked beans. A male was arrested on 25 February in South Hills for possession of stolen goods. The suspects attempted to bribe the police with R4000 to release him and the goods, however this did not work. Members from Crime intelligence (Germiston) received information about a suspect in possession of suspected stolen goods. The officers proceeded to the address and

Detective Sergeant Rangwanasha from Booysens SAPS is appealing to the community for any information concerning a housebreaking that took place on 16 March at 02:16 in Villa Egoli Complex. Among the items stolen is a TV and the family searched the place. pet. During the search, the officers identified If anyone has any information concerning several cases of baked beans. The suspect this matter, please contact him on 082 859 did not supply an answer as to how he came 5538 or 011 433 5340 (o/h). to be in possession of the canned goods. He was arrested for possession of suspected stolen goods and taken to Moffatview SAPS. The value of the stolen goods estimated at R200 000.

90-year-old man injured A collision involving a taxi and a Toyota Corolla occurred on 4 March on the corners of Garden and Church, Turffontein, leaving a 90-year-old man with serious injuries. ER24 paramedics arrived on scene to find the 90-year-old gentleman still seated in the driver’s seat of his Toyota Corolla, bleeding profusely from a laceration sustained to his

head. He was treated for his bleeding head injury and extricated out of his vehicle. Upon further assessment there were no further injuries found. He was transported by ER24 paramedics to Mulbarton Hospital for further care. The incident will be investigated by the relevant authorities.

Preventing hijacking DO’S • Always travel with the car doors locked. • Keep all windows closed or, at most, not open more than would allow a hand to fit through. • Leave enough room between your car and the one in front to avoid being boxed in. Make sure you can see where the tyres of the other car make contact with the road. • Remain in your car if it is hit from behind. Inspect any damage only once you are sure it is not a hijack attempt. • Attract the attention of other motorists or pedestrians if you think you are in danger. You can use the hooter, flash your lights, put your emergency lights on or shout. Be aware of anybody who approaches your car or is loitering near traffic lights, stop streets, parking areas or your driveway. • Constantly monitor what vehicles are travelling behind, ahead and next to you. More than one vehicle could be involved and they could be setting a trap to stop you. If you are suspicious of vehicles around you take (responsible) action to get out of the situation.

* Information supplied by Mondeor CPF.

Wet roads causes accidents

A single vehicle lost control and rolled off Old Vereeniging Road, next to Constantia Road, in Mondeor during the heavy rains experienced on 5 March. Upon arrival ER24 paramedics found the vehicle had rolled over the barrier and landed at the bottom of the embankmen. The driver was ejected from the vehicle. The male driver sustained moderate injuries to his head and back. ER24 paramedics treated the gentleman for his injuries and transported him to Chris Hani Baragwaneth Hospital for further assessment.

• If you suspect that you are being followed, you should ideally drive to the nearest police station. If this is not possible, drive to another safe place but don’t go home. • If approached by a suspicious-looking person, especially at night or in lonely areas, drive off quickly from a stop street or intersection, always heeding traffic danger, skipping a stop sign or red light remains an offence and the onus is on you to prove that your action was LONESTAR VEHICLE: The vehicle that in self-defence. went over the barrier and landed in the • At unusual or unexpected roadblocks, embankment. keep windows closed and doors locked and ask for the police or traffic officer’s identity card. Show your identity document to them through the window. Trust works both ways. Booysens SAPS The same goes for being stopped by traffic officers at speed traps. 011 433 5200 • On long journeys only stop overnight Mondeor SAPS at safe places. Parking next to the road 011 433 5400 or in a parking area overnight is not safe. Report any suspicious looking strangers Moffatview SAPS and vehicles to the police. Give a description 011 405 1546 of the occupants and their vehicle.

emergency numbers

Police station

The following arrests were made by Mondeor SAPS from 27 February to 4 March: Shoplifting:...................................... 9 Driving under the influence:.......... 4 Possession of dagga:.................... 7 Assault common:........................... 1 Theft:................................................ 1 Drinking in public:.......................... 13 Possession of dangerous weapon:........................................... 1 Kidnapping:..................................... 1 Attempted rape:.............................. 1 Attempted murder:......................... 1 Malicious damage to property:..... 1 Theft of electrical cables:.............. 2 Fraud:.............................................. 2 Contravening the publication act:............................... 5 Sexual offence, suspected to be living on the proceeds of immorality:.................................. 6

Moffatview Arrests:

A total of 35 arrests were made by Moffatview SAPS from 24 February to 2 March: Assault common:........................... 4 Assault common under domestic violence:......................... 1 Assault GBH:.................................. 3 Assault GBH under domestic violence:.......................................... 1 Attempted murder:......................... 1 Contempt of court:......................... 1 Dealing in liquor without a license:......................................... 1 Fraud:.............................................. 3 Housebreaking and theft:.............. 1 Fraud:.............................................. 3 Illegal immigrant:............................ 1 Possession of dagga/drugs:......... 7 Possession of stolen m/v:............. 1 Possession of suspected stolen goods:.................................. 3 Shoplifting:...................................... 3 Theft:................................................ 4

Domestic Watch meetings Send your domestic workers to attend. Various lessons are done with them to help you protect your home. The lessons are once a month for an hour. R30 Donation fee per person. Sector 2 - Swartgoud Road, Suideroord Date: 11 March Time:10:00 to 11:00 Contact Michelle: 084 292 9144 Sector 3 - Kiblerpark Recreation Club Date:12 March Time: 10:00 to 11:00 Contact Carrie: 083 785 8303   Sector 1-Jungle Rumble, Panorama Shopping Centre  Date: 18 March Time: 10:00 to 11:00 Contact Sarah: 083 256 3453   Sector 1 - South Vet Biggersburg Road, Glenvista Date: 18 March Time: 14:00 to 15:00 Contact Sarah: 083 256 3453

11 07 March August2014 2012

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11 March 2014

A man never without his gun Living on

the budget

Ndu Ngwenya The trial of Oscar Pistorious has had many glued to their screens as the search for the true happenings of 14 February 2013 continues. The first week has been filled with controversy, ranging from the unforgivable hiring of incompetent translators, media contravening the directives of the court and a witness’ ill health leading to the court’s early adjournment. Oscar has pleaded not guilty to all four counts that he was charged with, including the murder of Reeva Steenkamp. Although Pistorious pleaded not guilty, he does not deny that he fired the four bullets that resulted in the death of his then girlfriend. Throughout the first week of the trial, Pistorious’ legal team tried the witnesses’ versions of the happenings as presented in their statements. Advocate Barry Roux questioned witnesses aggressively, leaving no doubt to the reason why he is nicknamed Pit bull.

Ndu Ngwenya

Oscar listens to testimony in the Pretoria High Court Towards the end of the week, the prosecution team led by Gerry Nel gained some ground as the witnesses began to remain firm in their testimonies. One witness described Pistorious

barry roux

Gerrie Nel:

Roux has spent 31 years defending high-profile and occasionally controversial clients, including Roger Kebble and an Apartheid-era police chief, acquiring a tough reputation along the way.

Before this case, he was best know for the prosecution of former police chieft and ex-Interpol president Jackie Sekebi. Gerrie Nel wil argue that Oscar planned to shoot Reeva.

Mark Van Aart

kenny Oldwage

Van Aardt replaced Hilton Botha as Investigating Officer. He worked with “Super-Cop” Piet Byleveld in cracking the murder cases of Leigh Mathews and Sheldean Human.

Vineshkumar Moonoo

Riah Phiyega described Moonoo as the “ top detective in the South African Police Force”. He has been a detective for 29 years.

Andrea Johnson

According to EWN, Andrea Johnson is South Africa’s first ever junior advocate to secure a life sentence. She began as a career prosecutor in Johannesburg District Courts.

Image 1

as a man who never went anywhere without his gun. Oscar’s spokesperson confirmed on Friday (7 March) afternoon that Oscar will be testifying in the case.

Oldwage ensured that Oscar’s brother was cleared of a charge of culpable homicide after a collision that killed a motorcyclist.

The Witnesses Michell Burger Estelle Van der Merwe Kevin Lerina Charl Johnson Johan Stipp Samantha Taylor

Reggie Permual

Perumal worked on the murder case of socialite Rajive Narandas and the death of former South African cricketer Tertius Bosch.

Stuart Higgins

Stuart Higgins is a British public relations consultant and former newspaper editor. He has an impressive list of clients, including Manchester United and British Airways.

Tax relaxation for retirees A typical scenario for most South Africans who reach retirement age is facing the common question: Do you deposit pension money into an annuity fund, or do you take a lump-sum to pay off any remaining long term debt? While many people follow the lump-sum route, the one backlash is the high amount of tax one would pay on such a transaction. The budget speech had good news for pensioners, as the relaxation offers the pensioner a big saving compared to the previous structure. For example, a pensioner will enjoy a saving of R44 500 on a R1m withdrawal under the new tax structure. Feeling the tank? Filling up a 60 litre tank with 95 octane petrol today will cost you R405.60, more than it cost only six years ago. Add the impending 12c per litre Road Accident Fund levy (effective as of 2 April 2014) then price to fill up will be R853.80. This calls for some fuel saving considerations; we have thought of a few little changes to help make a little difference. 1. Carpool with friends/colleagues: This could afford you a sizable saving. Firstly you would automatically save from sharing petrol costs, then secondly you would save because this will prevent spontaneous trips. 2. Shop online: In terms of petrol savings shopping online will offer you a 100% saving. Another benefit of shopping online is another saving on the ‘spontaneous’ 3. Reduce weight: Why travel around with a boot full of shoes and handbags if you are not a shoe and handbag sales person? 4. Check tyre pressure regularly: It will take a few minutes out of your travelling time, but it will also keep you away from the filling station a little longer. Also, the added benefit of properly inflated tyres will prolong the lifespan of your tyre, which translates to a saving in the pocket.

A representation of the scene in Oscar Pistorius’ house, according to press reports. Reeva Steenkamp was allegedly in the bathroom with the door locked. She was wounded after four shots were allegedly fired. According to information given by the defence, the door was broken down with a cricket bat. Image 2

* please note: tame TIMES is in no way stating that the above images are factual representations of what took place, and are based solely on the information gathered from news and media outlets. Images one and two obtained from:

How will the government spend the budget? The South African government, through various means, will aim to secure a 2014/15 budget of R1.25trn to provide for the following expenses: Education = R254bn Housing and community amenities = R143bn Health = R146bn Social protection = R144bn Public order and Safety = R116bn

11 March 2014

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Dancing moves showed off

President High School held their grade 8 play Music Mash Up on 28 February and 1 March. This two part show displayed each grade 8 class performing a dancing routine to two songs. All learners gave it their all with the star dancers shining as bright as they could and making their mark for their high school career.

Travelling bookshop The Travelling Bookshop visited Marist Brothers Linmeyer from 25 till 27 February. Primary and High School learners, as well as teachers and parents, were spoilt for choice when it came to the selection of books to choose from. As part of the school’s outreach programme, a portion of the funds raised was used to purchase library books for the children from Rosettenville Central Primary School.

Head boy scores 130 not out Mondeor High School’s head boy, Kern le Roux (17) and the first cricket team made their school proud recently when they played against The Hill High School and won. Le Roux was responsible for scoring 130 of the 226 runs that won them the match. Le Roux was the opening batman and scored 130 runs off 79 balls, not out. The end score for the 20 over game was Mondeor High 226/3 and Hill High School 179/9. Le Roux was chosen as the cricket first team captain last year. Not only is the opening batman, but he’s also the wicket keeper. His great cricket skill has rewarded him with the team scroll for cricket. The head boy not only excels in cricket but in hockey as well. He plays striker and has half school colours for hockey. Le Roux hopes to be awarded a sports bursary. SPORTS ACHIEVER: Kern le Roux.

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Ash Wednesday celebrated Marist Brothers Linmeyer learners, parents and teachers celebrated Ash Wednesday on 5 March. Ash Wednesday marks the beginning of the season of Lent, which prepares believers for Christ’s resurrection on Easter Sunday.

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11 March 2014

Another VW Vivo 1100kg prawns sold given away Mr Strydom could not believe his luck when he was randomly chosen as the car winner in the Sensational Winnings promotion that runs until 28 March at Gold Reef City. The promotion has since awarded over R650 000 in cash and two cars and is hosted every Wednesday, and mid-month and month-end Saturday. The next car bonus jackpot is set for Saturday 29 March. 

What would you do if you were told you won a VW Vivo and you did nothing but play a slot machine? Be speechless?  That is what The Hill resident, Jacobus Strydom (right) was when he was handed the keys by Gold Reef Slots Manager Nicky Coen (left). Photo by Diana Minnie.

Coming to SA: Reggae legends UB40

After the announcement that UB40, featuring Ali Campbell, are going to tour South Africa at the beginning of April, reggae and music fans from all corners of the country are thrilled at the prospect of hearing classics such as Red Red Wine and Kingston Town live. Now even more reason to secure tickets and get excited - Seed Experiences is proud to announce that a top local line-up has been confirmed to perform alongside the reggae legends.

Johannesburg line-up: UB40, Mango Groove, Freshlyground, Michael Lowman Date: 5 April Gates open: 11:30 Concert starts: 12:00 Duration: 6 hours Tickets: General Admission: R395 VIP: R1495 For more information visit www.

One thousand one hundred kilograms of queen prawns were sold at the Joburg Prawn Festival held at Turffontein Racecourse despite poor weather. Amongst the variety of activity on course, racegoers were thrilled by the spectacular VW Polo Vivo giveaways at the first leg of the SASCOC Triple Crown and Wilgerbosdrfit Triple Tiara. “The combination of top South African racing, the Johannesburg Prawn Festival and the car promotion is a definite winner,” commented Phumelela Marketing Exec, Clyde Basel. “We are aware that a day at the races needs to thrill a variety of ages and today’s combination worked, obviously wet weather is not in the favour of an outdoor event such as this, but overall we were most satisfied with the day.” Turnovers for the Turffontein race meeting from a SAFTOTE perspective grew by a very

pleasing 17% year on year. “This was great to see. We put on an exciting betting menu and TAB is impressed with the increase,” said Betting Director Vee Moodley. Racegoers certainly enjoyed the value of the day spent at Turffontein Racecourse. The prices of the delicious prawns couldn’t be beaten and live entertainment for the kids as well as their parents was top notch. Organisers did not charge an entry fee. The giving didn’t stop there, as 10 lucky finalists were drawn to win one of the three VW Polo Vivo’s that are being given away at each leg of the Triple Crown. The next two legs of the Triple Crown run at Turffontein on 29 March and Saturday 26 April, and promise to offer as much excitement as the first leg did. There are two more cars up for grabs and entry is free.

Queen at Prepare for the Parklife the ballet

After two sold out seasons in Cape Town in 2012, receiving rave reviews from public and media alike, Sean Bovim’s long awaited Queen at the Ballet will soon be on its way to Johannesburg, for a limited season at the Joburg Theatre from 26  March to 13 April. Queen at the Ballet captures the story of the great pretender, Freddie Mercury, told through the medium of dance. Set to over 20 of his greatest hits, viewers are taken on a journey through the fascinating life of one of the world’s greatest singers.  Shows run from Wednesdays to Saturdays at 20:00 and Sundays at 15:00. Tickets range from R100 – R280 and are on sale by visiting www.joburgtheatre. com, or by calling the theatre’s direct ticketing line on 0861670670.

Breakout Management and DStv in association with 94.7 Highveld Stereo are excited to announce the International headliners and line-up for the next Parklife Festival on 21 March. Donavon Frankenreiter, KT Tunstall and Frank Turner will be headlining Parklife Festival joined by an incredible line-up of top local acts: Jack Parow, Gangs of Ballet, Al Bairre, The Plastics, ShortStraw, The Kiffness, Monark, The December Streets, Newtown Knife Gang, Wrestlerish, Laurie Levine & Josie Field, and with more being announced via the Parklife Facebook page. Venue: Marks Park, Judith Rd, Emmarentia, Johannesburg Gates open: 9:00 Ticket Prices: (Children Under 6yrs old Free) Child ages 6 - 12: R195 Tickets: R395/person Facebook: ParklifeSA Twitter at @ParklifeSA

11 May March 2014 14 2013


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11 March 2014

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11 March 2014

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tame TIMES

tame TIMES delivers success The tame TIMES Golden Lions Sevens Rugby tournament was hosted at the A Square Forklift Alberton Rugby Club. The tournament, which saw 24 senior teams and 20 u/21 teams pitted

against each other, took place over three days starting on Friday 28 February and ending on Sunday 2 March. Despite the wet weather, supporters came out in their hundreds to witness this first for Alberton Rugby Club. At the end the tournament was declared a major success. The festivities

kicked off on Friday evening with entertainment by three live bands at the club’s brand new lapa. So whilst the weather was cold, the music, friendship and anticipation kept fans warm through the night. Matches began bright and early on Saturday. The preliminary stages of the tournament kicked off under the friendly atmosphere provided by the market stalls, the bright banners of sponsors and more live entertainment. The games ended at 17:00 on Saturday, but the day’s festivities went on through the night in the lapa. Speaking to tame TIMES, Mark Assante (Co-owner of the club house) expressed his gratitude to all participants, fans and

sponsors who made the event possible. “The weekend was a major success, and I would really love to thank the public for coming out regardless of the weather. Thanks to all the teams, who showcased a high level of sportsmanship, and to our sponsors,” said Assante. As a result of the high standard set by the Alberton club, the Golden Lions have confirmed that Alberton Rugby Club will host the 2015 and 2016 tournament. tame TIMES also announced that they will continue the partnership and be a sponsor of the tournament.

1. Nevelle Jardine (Golden Lions Deputy President) 2. Brian Blignaut (tame TIMES Director), Karin Blignaut (tame TIMES COO), and Manie Reyneke (Club President)

68th Jackie Gibson Marathon – 30 March The Johannesburg Harriers Athletic Club( JHAC) will be hosting its 68th Jackie Gibson Marathon and second Allan Ferguson HalfMarathon on Sunday 30 March. The 2014 race will start at 06:00 and finish at Rietvlei Zoo Farm. The course will meander through the suburb of Liefde en Vrede and head towards Aspen Estate Nature Reserve. From here runners will head south onto Klipriver Road and turn right into Swartkoppies Road for a few kilometres. The route turns right into Peggy Vera Road, past Thaba Ya Batswana and the Rand Water Board head office and right onto Klipriver Road. The route passes the Panorama Shopping Centre and onto the bridge at Aspen Estate. Runners then head back through Liefde en Vrede and finish at Rietvlei Zoo Farm. The marathon route repeats this new and exciting course for a second lap, which includes a part of Gordon Road in Kibler Park and back into Impala Road. Residents of these areas are urged to be on the lookout for runners on this day and to please be patient and understanding as JHAC promote the South’s own marathon and half marathon. For more information please visit jhac1904. or e-mail

UJ emerge victorious

Ndu Ngwenya

played on Sunday were as follows: Senior Results: (BOWL) Germiston Simmer 7 – 17 Pirates. (PLATE) Raiders 14 – 10 Alberton. (CUP) UJ 25 – 5 Randfontein. Junior Results: (BOWL) Roodepoort 21 – 14 Alberton. (PLATE) Jabulani 0 – 10 Khoza. (CUP) UJ 43 – 17 Raiders. Congratulations to all the winners.

The University of Johannesburg’s (UJ) senior sevens rugby team were crowned the ultimate winners of the tame TIMES Golden Lions Sevens Rugby Tournament. The tournament took place over three days, which culminated on Sunday 2 March with a final match between UJ and Randfontein. The wet weather made playing conditions quite difficult throughout the two days of the tournament, but this in no way took away from the quality displayed by the players on the field. A lot of ankle injuries were recorded; however the dedication from the medics and emergency services limited the seriousness of the injuries. Fans were definitely rewarded for braving the weather. The UJ team, captained by Morné Laubsher, provided a high level of sportsmanship, approaching all their games as a final, much to the excitement of hundreds if coffee hugging fans. Laubsher, who led the team from the front, was eventually named the player of the tournament in a prize-giving ceremony held after Sunday’s final game. THE SPOILS OF VICTORY: The winning UJ team with their medals. Results from the other final games

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tame TIMES

11 March 2014


BENONI: 43 HOWARD AVE TEL: 011 422 2995

8Lb 15Lb 600m 99

From R29

Leeus honger vir ‘n wen The future of OFF THE PITCH

the Proteas

Amy Campbell

Die Leeus het die afgelope Saterdag op Kingspark gesukkel om kop bo water te hou in die aggressiewe haaitenk. Die Haaie het hulle geleenthede goed benut en die wedstryd gewen met ‘n eindtelling van 37-23, en ‘n bonuspunt in die sak. Die Haaie sit nou gemaklik bo-aan die Superrugby-punteleer en die Leeus is sewende. Die Haaie het teen halftyd reeds twee drieë gedruk en met 23-9 voorgeloop. Die Leeus, wat in die eerste helfte slegs met strafskoppe hulle nege punte aangeteken het, het gesorg dat hulle in die tweede helfte hard terugbaklei en twee drieë binne vyf minute gedruk. Leeus skrumskakel Faf de Klerk het die eerste drie gedruk toe die Leeus naby die doellyn gedryf het en hy ‘n vinnige gaping langsaan ‘n losskrum kon vat tot by die doellyn. Buitesenter Deon van Rensburg het kort daarna die Leeus se tweede drie gedruk en die rooitrui-ondersteuners nuwe hoop gegee. Die Haaie het aanhou dryf en gesorg dat hulle voordeel trek uit die Leeus se foute. Willem Alberts het ‘n steekskoppie van Elton Jantjies afgestorm en die bal vir Marcell Coetzee aangegee en Odwa Ndungane het toe die wenspan se derde drie gedruk. Die Leeus het nie tou opgegooi nie en amper ‘n derde drie hierna gedruk, maar Francois Steyn het die bal doodgedruk. Francois Steyn en Marnitz Boshoff se skopwerk was uitstekend en albei het hulle doelskoppe almal oorgeskop. Die Haaie het tot die bitter einde aangeval en die laaste drie in die 80ste minuut gedruk. Die Leeus se superrugby kaptein, Warren Whitely, het ná die wedstryd aan Super Sport gesê dat hy teleurgesteld is dat sy span nie ten minste ‘n punt uit die wedstryd kon kry nie, maar dat hulle sal aanhou baklei solank as wat hulle nog in die superrugbytoernooi is. Die Leeus, nadat hulle die Stormers twee weke terug op Ellis Park geklop het, het bewys dat hulle nie onderskat moet word nie. Die Leeus sal Saterdag op hul tuisgronde met die Blues afreken en, volgens die kaptein, is hulle honger vir nog ‘n wen.

Leeus honger vir ‘n wen: Die Haai flank Willem Alberts word deur ‘n Leeu getekkel. Bron:

Union Tigers pre-season training The Union Tigers will begin their pre-season training on 15 March from 09:00 – 11:00, at the Union Rugby Club in Wemmer Pan. All parents are encouraged to bring their children, aged 6 to18 years, down to the club for training and registration. There are still openings for coaches in certain age groups. Should you be interested in coaching or require any further information, please contact Gerrit on 082 340 9807, Buks on 082 941 6040 or e-mail Joan van Staden at All boys and girls are welcome.

The South African public have been spoiled for the last couple of seasons in watching the Proteas carve their way into the number one team in test cricket. By Craig Norris Coach Domingo and his management team now have their work cut out with the retirement of Boucher, Kallis and, after this past week, the Proteas skipper Graeme Smith. I felt that the timing of Graeme Smith’s decision to inform the cricketing public was ill-timed. It has been a roller-coaster ride for the last two years for the Proteas team and fans, to say the least, as we have seen our boys dominate in the test arena. I have a problem with the fact that Smith chose to announce his retirement from test cricket halfway through a test match. My honest opinion is that it did affect the outcome of the three match Test Series against the Aussies. The focus of the individual players in the Proteas team would certainly have been disturbed by this announcement. Smith could have, and should have, made this public after the third test match. I still believe that South Africa and Australia are consistently the two best cricketing nations in world cricket across all formats of the game, regardless of all the stats in world cricket. However, Domingo and his management team now need to find the players that will need to step up to the plate and fill the void that these greats have left.

Jhb wk 11  
Jhb wk 11  

Jhb wk 11