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So word hulle onthou Op Sondag 27 April is twee lieflike tieners van Alberton in ‘n tragiese motorongeluk op die N17 snelweg oorlede, en nog twee ernstig beseer. Chanel Lombaard en Reynard Burger was saam met hul twee vriende, Lizahn Venter en Gustav Lewis, in ‘n motorongeluk nadat die voertuig waarin hulle gery het se band gebars het ,en hulle beheer van die motor verloor het. Beide Chanel en Reynard het in 2013 aan die Hoërskool Marais Viljoen matrikuleer. Reynard het die Saterdag, ‘n dag voor die ongeluk, sy 19de verjaarsdag gevier en het

Minister urges to collect smart ID


Chanel Lombaard en Reynard Burger.

Stephanie Conradie

Tel: 011 862 8500 Fax: 011 869 7335

baie drome en ideale vir die toekoms gehad. Sy familie en vriende onthou hom as ‘n unieke mens wat baie mense se harte aangeraak het en ‘n blywende impak gelaat het. Die ongelukstoneel is nou versier met blomme en Hulle onthou hom ook as ‘n gelukkige, mooi boodskappe van vriende en familie liefdevolle, nederige en lojale persoon, asook vir die goeie sportman gesê hulle koester die liefdevolle herinneringe wat hy was. “Ons wil graag almal wat ons die laaste ruk ondersteun, en bygestaan van hul dogter: “Ons is net baie dankbaar vir het, bedank. Ons gesin en familie waardeer dit die liefdevolle dinge wat sy op soveel mense opreg,” het Mnr. Louret Burger, Reynard se pa, se harte kon skryf,” het Ella gesê. Reynard en Chanel se begrafnisse, hierdie gesê. Chanel het tydelik by die Alberview Laerskool afgelope naweek, het as bewys gedien dat se naskoolsentrum gewerk en het beplan om hulle baie mense se lewens aangeraak het. haar onderwysstudies deur Unisa te voltooi. Gustav Lewis en Lizahn Venter het die ongeluk Haar ouers, Ella en Abraham Lombaard, het oorleef, en albei sterk nog aan in die hospitaal.


New EFC Welterweight champ


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Delight Your Passenger

As part of its social responsibility program, Boksburg based Ratile Research took part in its own debut initiative Delight Your Passenger™ during the Easter Safety Drive, joining several other transport sector and road safety stakeholders reminding road users, particularly the minibus taxi and bus drivers to adhere to road safety rules, behaviour and conduct that will ensure safety of the passengers. Since the start of the Easter week, the team from Ratile Research, adorned in t-shirts spread the core messages relating to safety and mutual respect between passengers and

Now to exercise thevote One of the penalties for refusing to participate in politics is that you end up being governed by your inferiors - Plato. Over the past five years the ANC has been engaged in several campaigns to clean up the public image of its president. In all it’s efforts I believe that the ruling party has consciously or unconsciously compromised its own identity and ultimately lost it. It is very difficult to, without referencing or making mention of previous victories, state the ruling party’s core stance and this leads me to the following questions - Has the ANC lost its identity in the process of saving Zuma’s and do we still have an ANC? Opposition campaigns have latched on to this failure to weigh up issues and prioritize. Many have gone to the point of stating that Jacob Zuma has become larger than the ANC. Leading up to the elections on Wednesday I can certainly say the ANC will emerge victorious and that is all well, but I question if

drivers. The team distributed key holders in and around Johannesburg and Ekurhuleni taxi ranks as well as key roadside points (N3 Total Petroport). The key holder messages serve as a reminder of road safety behaviour and conduct. The Delight Your Passenger™ Initiative aims to encourage social participation across all levels in building a positive image of the public transport sector, advocating improvement of the overall commuter travel experience by addressing customer service levels, advocating for safer and reliable alternatives to private car use. we can afford another five years where we are constantly unsure about the direction our ship is sailing in? There are many questions to consider, and all can only be answered by the ANC... Supposing it still exists under all the clout. Can the country afford another five years of an identity-less ruling party? The conduct of public affairs for personal gains seems to be the one thing which is the obvious current identity of the former liberation movement. I have heard many arguments about this, but I maintain that we cannot be content with victories of the past whilst we all agree this nation is yet to reach its full potential. One positive that the ANC has managed to pull off is the ability to control the political environment in the country, this is the same control which will see them emerge victorious after the 7 May polls. There are three critical areas which will see ANC retain power as far as I’m concerned. One; many people believe that voting will change nothing and thus abstain from voting. Two; fears have over the years been cemented in the minds of the voting constituency, and these fears still result in defensive voting patterns as opposed to (progressive) votes informed by policy and the political party’s will to serve the indignant. Three; the opposition has also fallen into the trend of Identitylessness - opposition parties

weather Delivery on Wednesday to all households and businesses in Boksburg. Published by Tame Communications Corner Michelle Avenue and 37 Sangiro Close, Randhart. PO Box 17699, Randhart, 1457. Tel: 011 862 8500, Fax: 011 869 7335 Editor: Amy-Mae Campbell: Sub-editor: Rudi Geldenhuis

7 May 2014

The campaign contributes to social discourse in various ways, particularly on raising awareness about customer/ passenger service quality, issues of Ubuntu and mutual respectful interactions during the transportation of the commuters. Of importance, the campaign together with the industry stakeholders will become the voice of the passengers during peak and off peak season, country-wide, consequently contributing to reducing the number of fatalities in our road networks. The obvious first level benefit to the taxi industry in particular, will be increasing reliable and safe public transport, delightful service provision, and consequently improving the image of the sector. Ratile Research is compiling a book titled Delight Your Passenger™ that highlights the daily commuter experiences, key issues around improvement of the commuter services levels. Ratile Research will also facilitate an award ceremony within the public transport sector aiming to magnify the positive contributions made by the public commuter transport service providers over the past decades The ceremony will celebrate and recognize the transport service providers who provide a service to the millions of commuters on a daily basis nationwide, linking business services and; goods with the market fostering economic growth locally and internationally. are very vocal about what the ANC is doing and forget to tell us what they are about, and by so doing miss out on a major opportunity to present what they offer. As mentioned in many previous discussions, I don’t write because I have answers, but I write to find out from you what possible solutions could be forged. One problematic solution which was presented to the voter some few weeks back was that voters should consider foregoing the elections. I personally don’t understand how protesting by refusing to vote will positively affect the state of things, in my mind all this would achieve would be to give more power to the undesired. The way I understand democracy is that the people are periodically given the opportunity to choose their leaders through a vote. Votes are tallied and the party with the most votes leads until the next voting period, so in essence abstaining from voting in protest is like shooting yourself in the foot because you will end up governed by someone you had no say in choosing. A better option would be to give the vote to another party, in that way the protest better reaches the objective by diluting the power of the party you are not content with. Another key to Wednesday’s election is the youth vote, while many members of the pre 1994 generations may still vote on the bases of the defensive vote or a vote influenced by sentiment, the post 1994 voters introduce a

fresh variant to this election. The born-free vote has been a subject of many discussions, and rightfully so because this segment of the population will give us insight into the future voting trends in the country. It is interesting how history repeats itself, there are one very significant similarities between the 1994 generation and the youth of 1967; both were presented with circumstances which placed them right on the threshold of change. We know what action the 76 generation took, now we wait to see whether the 94 generation has what it takes to stand. Wednesday may seem like an end, but in reality it is a beginning and I’m interested more in the attitude of the constituency after the election. For me an ideal situation would be one where the people of South Africa remain sensitive to the political environment, I don’t believe that regressing into politically carefree state of existence will be to the benefit of the country, we need to constantly demand responsibility and accountability from those we delegate the task of leadership to. Voters need to realize that the power is theirs and that our leaders are only stewards responsible for executing the will of the people. Let’s chat, share your opinion on any of the raised ideas, also let us know of your voting experience. Email voice@ or tweet @nietovoice.

Amy-Mae Campbell

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7 May 2014

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Minister urges to collect smart ID Minister of Home Affairs, Naledi Pandor visited suburban communities in Ekurhuleni as part of the ANC Suburban Task Team program. The Minister has made an appeal to members of the public who have applied for temporary ID documents as well as Smart ID cards to collect their uncollected cards at the designated Home Affairs offices across the metro. Mr Moses Makwakwa, Regional Chairman of the ANC advised people that have lost their ID documents that they will not be able to vote on the 7th. For this reason, and to support voters, Home Affairs have increased their office hours and also prioritized issuance of first time ID’s. Since the roll-out of the Smart ID cards in February 2014 a total of 100 000 smart ID card applications have been received and processed. Of the 100 000 smart ID cards processed

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only 58 715 have been collected with 41 285 uncollected smart ID’s in Home Affairs offices around the country. Minister Pandor said “We encourage those who have not collected their IDs to do so as a priority. Similarly we advise all citizens who have applied for the new Smart ID cards to visit offices of application to collect them.” Neil Diamond of the ANC Suburban Task Team thanked the Minister for visiting Ekurhuleni and informed the community that it only takes 10 days to process an ID with the new application and delivery system. “We can give support to ensure all registered voters have valid ID documents on 7 May 2014” Diamond concluded. Neil Diamond (ANC Task Team Head), Minister Naledi Pandor (Minister of Home Affairs) and Moses Makwakwa (ANC Regional Chair).

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7 May 2014

tame TIMES

Two arrested for possession of narcotics estead Dam While patrolling around Hom Equestrian on Monday 28 April, EMPD n drinking in Unit members spotted a ma man, who public. They confronted the isted arrest. It became aggressive and res r and above was later discovered that ove or, he was being intoxicated from liqu force was high on drugs. The necessary

t. Two packets used to subdue the suspec icle. of Cat were found in his veh rged with cha and sted arre The man was narcotics of sion ses pos lic, drinking in pub was registered and resisting arrest. His case eared in the at Benoni police station. He app Tuesday 29 Benoni Magistrate’s Court on April 2014.

Speedsters arrested On Thursday 24 April six speedsters were arrested on R23 between Rangeview and Athlone Roads. The speed limit on these roads is 80km/h. The highest recorded speed was 135km/h by a driver in a VW Sedan; the remainder of the arrestees clocked speeds of between 133 and 118km/h. Another six risk-takers were nabbed on Friday, 25 April, on Main Reef between

Hot Rod Tracks and Rockway road which is a 60km/h zone. The highest speed was registered by a driver in a Honda Sedan caught doing 112km/h. The rest were caught doing speeds of between 103 and 96km/h. All the arrested speedsters are out on bail of R1 000. They are expected to appear in the Brakpan Magistrate’s Court to face charges of reckless and negligent driving.

Scam artist caught

On 27 April a 38-year-old man was caught red handed. He was busy stealing screws off garden lights outside a house in Allouette Street, Impala Park. He was stopped by Boksburg North SAPS and Community Patroller Sector 1. Upon questioning, he produced an electric drill that he “borrowed” from a resident in Beechkraft Avenue, Impala Park.

The complainant was informed and he opened a case of theft under false pretences. “The community must be on the lookout for this man. He pretends to be a new neighbour in the area, and targets elderly people. He then asks to borrow electric drills, then never to return it. He sells it then for money,” warns Lieutenant Juanita Coetzer. The suspect appeared in the Boksburg Magistrate’s Court on 29 April 2014.

Dagga peddlars nabbed in Brakpan The confiscated goods and Later on that same day, the Equestrian Unit members arrested a 28-year-old man in Wordsworth Street for possession of narcotics worth about R150. He was also charged at Benoni police station and appeared in the Benoni Magistrate’s Court on the same day as the first suspect.

EMPD Equestrian Unit members arrested a thirty-year-old male suspect in Brakpan for possession and dealing in Dagga.

one of the suspects.

the vehicle and managed to corner it in Prince George Street. Upon searching the vehicle, metro police found three packets of Dagga, seventy-eight small empty plastic bags and R1, 200 in cash. All three items, including the cash, were confiscated. It is suspected that the cash was proceeds from Dagga sales. The suspect has been charged with possession and dealing in Dagga. He appeared in the Brakpan Magistrate’s Court on Tuesday 29 April 2014.

EMPD Equestrian Unit members were conducting a side road check in Brakpan CBD on Monday 28 April. While on patrol, they noticed one vehicle making a U-turn; presumably to evade Boksburg SAPS arr e the roadblock. Metro s te d8 suspects between 2 and 5 M police officers pursued ay for the foll owing crim e s : Common robbery – 1 Possessio n of drugs –2 Possessio n of car b On 12 and 14 April 2014, two reaking implemen separate crimes were committed ts- 1 Assault (g at different companies in rievous b odily harm ) Jet Park. Boksburg North 1 Common assault – 1 police detectives have been Drunk dri ving - 2 investigating two of the armed

Boksburg SAPS arre sts

Security guards arrested

One of the suspects that was arrested.

Illegal mining from three shafts uncovered in Brakpan

The By-Laws Unit of EMPD, on the morning of Friday 25 April, uncovered three shafts from which illegal mining activities are suspected to be taking place. The discovery was made in Brakpan near a dumpsite off Main Reef road. When the metro police officers approached the place, several men took off and disappeared into the nearby very bushy and swampy area around the shafts. The three shafts uncovered were cleverly concealed with shacks. The police could not pursue the suspects as the area the suspects escaped into is too sandy, slippery and marshy. Two floating generators, massive hoses, bottles containing mercury and nitric acid, five 20ltr containers with some special kind of soil were confiscated. Three shacks in which the equipment was kept were demolished. All the confiscated materials and equipment were handed in at Brakpan police station. Plans aimed at completely closing these dangerous shafts by authorities are The site where the suspected illegal mining is taking place underway.

robberies that took place. They found that the guards that were on duty at the time of the robberies used false names and identity documents to obtain work

as security guards. They arrested three security guards on two cases of fraud. Their papers and qualifications were all false. Boksburg North SAPS will soon be hosting a public meeting to discuss the issue. As soon as the date has been announced, tame TIMES will communicate it to the community.

Emergency police numbers Boksburg SAPS: 112 Commissioner Street, Boksburg 011 841 6800 Boksburg North SAPS: 37 Vierde Street, Boksburg North 011 898 3000 Boksburg Metro Police Station: Tienie Jansen Building, Adderly Street, Boksburg 011 899 4114 Reiger Park SAPS: Cnr Arthur Hobbs Road & Goedehoop Avenue, Reiger Park 011 916 7000

7 May 2014 Huigend hert daar is omtrent nie n tydskrif of koerant wat jy oopmaak waar mens nie vertel word wat om te eet en wat om nie te eet nie. Daars druppels en pille, daars rome en inspuitings wat jou daardie perfekte 18 jarige lyf belowe. Hulle vergeet dat as gravitasie en hormone klaar is met ‘n vrou se lyf dan is die “Kry jou bikinilyf in 2 weke” ‘n saak van onmoontlikheid. Gysie lees toe vir my in die oggendkoerant van Tim Noakes en sy wonder dieet. Hyself is al aan die verkeerde kant van 50 en tog het hy 25kg afgeskud – Niks se gekaloriee tel nie of weeg tot op die laaste desimale gram nie – niks duur poeiers en melkskommels wat soos Polifilla proe nie (die storie oor hoe ek weet hoe Poliffilla proe is ‘n storie vir ‘n ander dag) – net gewone kos sonder al die koolhidrate en suiker verduidelik Gysie vir my nadat hy die boek deurgelees het. Oor die jare saam met ons gestoei met die skaal is dit die eerste keer wat hy so opgewonde raak. Wat dan nou van die lae vet en Lae GI diet van die dieetkundiges – maar Gysie se oe blink want daar is die skaaptjoppies en biltong en room en lekker volroom melk op Tim Noakes se dieet– en ek wonder wat eet mens as jy nie mag brood of rys of aartappels eet nie? Waaraan kou jy as jy die blokkiesraaisel invul of die ou twee blokkies sjokolade na aandete? Maar Gysie is ‘n man met ‘n missie – Ons kry ‘n Paleo kookboek . Die koskaste word gestroop van alles wat ons nie mag eet nie. Ons gaan koop kruideniersware met ‘n lysie uit die kookboek en ek voel sommer weer senuweeagtig oor die nuwe kokery wat op my wag. Laat ons sien of alles so maklik en wonderlik is as wat die Dokter belowe – miskien sal ons wel Kersfees op Plett se strand onder die sambreel kan uitkruip in ons nuutgevonde lank verborge Bikini en Speedo (spaar my dit) lywe.

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NOTICEBOARD Donations please

Benoni SPCA asks community members who have second-hand leashes, blankets or toys that are lying around, to consider donating to their branch. New donations are also welcome and will be very much appreciated. Address: 3 Klein Street, Lakefield Contact details: 011 894 2814, or

St catherine’s founders day invitation to all past pupils and parents DATE : 16TH May 2014 TIME : 09H30 – 12H30 PLACE : 31 PIERCY AVE, PARKHILL GARDENS, GERMISTON Please contact marketing@stcatherines. – should you wish to attend. Phone : 011 827 4102

Getting down on dance floor Reiger Park Secondary School held their matric farewell at Summerplace on 25 April. Due to the excited parents and friends, who were like paparazzi taking photos, the night’s festivities got off to a late start. The hall was elegantly decorated portraying a Hollywood movie. All learners looked beautiful and handsome in their formal attire which was topped with exceptionally good behaviour and discipline. Ms. Jansen was the Programme Director. The opening and welcoming were done by the Chairperson of the School Governing Body, Mr Bottman. The Keynote Speaker for the banquet was Dr. R. Patel, the CEO of Merseta. Head boy and girl, Obed Mashabathaka and Genenieve van Staden delivered speeches directed to their peers. The

message of the Principal, Mr. G. Fisch inspired the learners, “We all have dreams of who we would like to be or what we would like to do. Dreams however reside in fantasy - goal setting draws dreams into reality. Recognise that somewhere in your make-up there lies sleeping the embryo of achievement which, if aroused and put into action, will carry you to heights such as you may never have hoped to attain. Matric class for 2014 energise your inspirations into positive actions”. The highlight of the evening as many of Rieger Park secondary School events was getting down on the dance floor. Everybody truly enjoyed the good spread of music, from house to lang arm. Now the school look forward to working hard to achieve a good matric pass rate.

Solidariteit Helpende Hand Ouma-en-Oupa projek Solidariteit Helpende Hand se Ouma-en-Oupa projek skop in die volgende paar weke af met ondere andere die Toontoffel-projek asook bederfdae vir bejaardes. Solidariteit vra dat die Boksburg-gemeenskap ook hul breinaalde regkry vir die projek. Helpende Hand se Alberton-tak het reeds hul Toontoffel-pakkies bestel, wat aan bejaardes uitgedeel gaan word om te brei, en dit sal sorg vir lekker warm voete hierdie winter. Die Toontoffel-pakkies bestaan uit wol, breinaalde en ʼn patroon om die toontoffels te brei. Sou enige belangstellendes, jonk en oud, ook graag wil brei en/of wol skenk, kan hulle vir Alida Reed skakel by 074 323 0150. Michelle Burger, nasionale projekorganiseerder van die Ouma-en-Oupa projek sê dat breisessies ook gebruik kan word om tieners of ander jongmense te leer hoe om te brei. “Die jongmense leer dan weer die oumas en oupas om te SMS of iets soortgelyks,” sê sy.

Caption caption caption caption caption caption caption caption caption

Runners’ safety - early morning runs *Boksburg Athletics Club writes: Please members be aware when you are out training on your own early in the morning. Ladies please ensure you do not go out running on your own. Groups have been set up within the club so please ensure you run with a group. Please see below about an incident that happened to one of our runners: “Please take note that I was accosted this morning by 2 black persons (one with a gun) in the street opposite the mine and la campana. Obviously they were looking for a person on their own to rob. As soon as they checked through my pockets etc and established I had no money they walked off into the veld. They were not even bothered about my watch, the only word which came out of his filthy mouth was money. I proceeded to carry on running after 5 minutes of waiting and passed you guys about ten minutes later. I also passed Armand after this. I did not want to alarm you as by then they had disappeared Please could you make sure everyone is aware of this as it is getting darker and with the mist this morning it was actually very dangerous.”

Caption caption caption caption caption caption caption caption caption

Caption caption caption caption caption caption caption caption

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7 May 2014

Where do I vote

National Orders for stalwarts

Ruth First was one of the stalwarts who were bestowed with the Order of Luthuli for their contribution to democracy, peace and human rights. On the 20 anniversary of a democratic South Africa, the Ahmed Kathrada Foundation congratulated the 54 individuals who have received National Orders from the Presidency. The fact that today, South Africa can celebrate the successes of people for their contribution to society, and not on the basis of race, should in itself be celebrated. The Foundation particularly recognised the accolades bestowed

on struggle veterans for their contribution to a democratic, nonracist and non-sexist state. Former Robben Island prisoner, Ahmed Kathrada, who serves on the Advisory Council on National Orders, was especially happy that the list of recipients in the political component cut across a wide spectrum of people, with diversity in ideology, gender and race. Kathrada, who has always been of the opinion that the unsung heroines

and heroes of the struggle should be recognised, believes that today’s event has contributed towards that. “It is our hope that the sacrifices of these individuals is not only recognised through the National Orders, but that their life stories can be captured in more detail, and retold to young people,” Kathrada said. “We hope that youth from across the country, take the stalwarts who were honoured today as role models. If it were not for these and other individuals, South Africa may not have been marking its 20th anniversary of freedom,” he added. Some of the recipients included: Order of Mendi: Shirish Nanabhai, Reggie Vandeyar and Indres Naidoo Order of Luthuli: Abdulhay Jassat, Ruth First, Wolfie Kodesh, Popo Molefe and Zephania Mothopeng Order of Mapungubwe: Ismail Mohamed Order of the Companions of OR Tambo: Alfre Woodard and Gwendolen Carter.

Please remember that you must be a registered voter in South Africa in order to vote. To confirm that your name is on the voters’ roll and to find out which voting station you’re registered at, please check your voter registration status online or SMS your ID number to 32810. You need to vote at the voting station where you’re registered to vote. However, if you’re outside your voting district on Election Day you may vote at another voting station in South Africa. If you’re outside the province where you’re registered, you’ll only be able to vote in the national election and not the provincial election, and you’ll be asked to complete a form (VEC 4) at the voting station.

Shembe calls on churches co-operation Inkosi Phakama Shembe calls on Gauteng Shembe members to vote ACDP. On 26 April, at Fundisizwe Hall in Johannesburg, Bishop Phakama Shembe of the Nazareth Baptist Church in Gauteng announced that Shembe Church members wanted a permanent cooperation with the ACDP. He called on all members to vote for the ACDP on 7 May, so that they could – with ACDP MPs as trustworthy representatives of their needs – have a say in Parliament. “Together with the ACDP”, he said.”Christian voters need a political party they can trust to act in their best interests. They do not deserve to be misled by politicians who “arrive only when it is voting time and then change the rules of the Most High.” The Bishop also called on Nazareth Baptist Church members in other provinces, as well as the Zionists, the Apostolics and followers of Tata Modise to vote ACDP on 7 May.

Bishop Phakama Shembe told his congregation that the Church wanted to deal with pressing social problems such as unemployment and poverty.

fact box

Registered parties 2014 The total number of registered parties participating in the 2014 elections is 200 parties The number of parties which are registered nationally is 152 while the remaining 48 are registered provincially – Gauteng is represented by 7 provincially registered political parties.

7 May 2014

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Should ex-pats be allowed to vote? There was a lot of activity on social media last Wednesday with South Africans who live in South Africa viewing their opinions on whether ex-pats should be allowed to vote in the elections. Some SA Citizens feel if they have run away they shouldn’t be allowed to vote but if they are on holiday they should. Another said they most ex-pats who are negative about South African wouldn’t care to vote and most probably didn’t. Ex- pats also had their say saying they have family in SA and vote in hopes to make it a better country for their family to stay in while others vote in hopes to come back to South Africa. Other interesting point that was brought up was if convicts should be allowed to vote. Share your thoughts with




DoÊyouÊthinkÊconvictsÊshouldÊbeÊallowedÊtoÊvote? POLL 2




50% 50% YES NO


Proud to cast my vote Ashleigh Jackman has been living in London for 11 years I set off early to vote and make my mark at 7:00. The doors had just opened and I was surprised to see a cue of hundreds of eager South Africans already there. In typical SA style we took the 2 and half hours in the queue to catch up with friends and make new ones. Once inside the South Africa house the process was pretty slick and quick. The officials being mostly friendly and helpful. South Africa will always be home. I visit family a couple of times a year and often spend most of my holidays in South Africa. I was so proud to cast my vote and play my part in South Africa’s future.

PROUDLY SOUTH AFRICAN: The colours of the SA flag being worn proudly.

Voting is a birth right tame TIMES spoke to ex-pats living abroad and asked them about their voting experience and why they think they should be able to vote. Andrew Preston has been in the United Kingdom for almost 12 years. Voting experience My wife and I arrived shortly after 7:00. There was a tube strike on so we walked part of the way. A number of our friends chose to cycle in. We joined the queue in Trafalgar Square. The majority of people seemed happy to wait to be able to vote. The officials were friendly and were in good spirits. I did find it a bit odd that so many checks were done before I could actually vote. I found it a lot easier voting in the UK and EU elections. The whole process took about 2 and half hours. I had reports of friends taking up to 3 and half hours. Overall I was very happy to have the opportunity to vote and have my say in how SA is governed - I feel a part of process. Why do you think as an ex-pat you should be able to vote? I consider voting a birth right that all South African citizens should have. Any talk of limiting voting rights to those that only live in SA is rather short sighted. There are numerous examples of people that still contribute to SA even though they don’t live there. I worked for a start-up company in SA while I was based in London. The company now employs over 100 people. Should I not have some say? On a related note around voting abroad, I read some reports that in the UK over 250K people were eligible to vote but only around 10K registered to do so online. This is rather disappointing. Why can’t there be postal votes or electronic voting to encourage

The queue Andrew Preston stood in at Trafalgar Square to cast his vote. higher rates of voting participation. Would you come back to South Africa? My wife and I are considering coming back to SA for family reasons this year. The level of crime and opportunities for work still concern us. We hope that the new government does more to stop crime and crack down on corruption.

Ex-pats make their mark The first votes in the 2014 national elections were cast on 30 April as voters abroad voted at South African missions around the world. Some 406 South Africans who successfully registered to vote at the South African High Commission in Auckland, New Zealand were the first to vote when polling opens at 7:00 on 30 April which is 21:00 in South African time. They were followed by more than 26 000 voters who applied successfully to cast their ballots at 116 missions around the world over the next 33 hours. The final votes were cast in Los Angeles where polls closed at 6:00 South African time on 1 May. All voting stations in 123 cities were reported ready for voting in the national elections having received all materials and training. Once completed, the ballots from each voting station were collected in secure, sealed bags and transported to Pretoria where they will be counted for inclusion in the national results. The city with the largest number of voters is London where 9 863 voters applied to cast their votes. The city

with the smallest number is Bissau, Guinea Bissau where just a single voter applied. Responding to concerns that South Africans abroad had not been adequately informed of the process to apply for overseas votes, Chief Electoral Officer Mosotho Moepya said the Electoral Commission had worked closely with the Department of International Relations and Cooperation (DIRCO) in promoting overseas voting among eligible voters.“Electoral prescripts provide that all registered voters who are registered in voting districts in the Republic as well as those registered against the international segment of the voters’ roll must notify the Chief Electoral Officer of their intention to vote at the mission at which they intend voting within 15 days of the proclamation of the election. This period ended on the 12 March 2014,” Mr Moepya explained. The Electoral Commission had in conjunction with DIRCO run a dedicated communication campaign aimed at registered citizens who are ordinarily resident outside of the Republic.

The top 10 largest overseas voting stations are: • London •  Dubai •  Canberra •  Kinshasa •  The Hague •  New York •  Doha •  Dublin •  Khartoum

(9 863) (1 539) (1 243) (773) (667) (604) (557) (466) (458)

See next week for tame times’ election day result coverage

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7 May 2014

Thismonthat GrandDesignsLive EmperorsPalace

Russian Ballet The Crown of Russia Ballet at Emperors Palace is the perfect entry to the world of ballet with its dynamic showcase of the classic and contemporary take on the refined art form; seasoned ballet supporters will know from the line-up and quality of the Russian Ballet Company that this is one of the productions not to be missed. Venue: Theatre of Marcellus, Emperors Palace Dates: 07 to 11 May 2014

My Boetie Se Sussie Se Ou Ray Cooney’s come laugh a minute show is back with the hilarious “My Boetie Se Sussie Se Ou” show. Come laugh together over the antics of John Smit and his two families, that are blissfully unaware of each other’s existence. Venue: Theatre of Marcellus, Emperors Palace Dates: 12 May to 1 June 2014 Kings and Queens of Comedy It’s a Nationalized Comedy Royal Flush! The Blu Blood, Kings and Queens of Comedy is South Africa’s leading comedy brand and is set to take the Nation by storm. The masses have called for the royal court of The Kings & Queens of

Comedy to take a national tour this 2014. With a royal flush of SA comedy giants, featuring Riaad Moosa, Marc Lottering, Darren Simpson, Darren Maule, Anele Mdoda, just to name a few, it is guaranteed to be a show of hysterically proportions! Venue: Centre Court, Emperors Palace Dates: 30 and 31 May 2014

Really Good Weekends Join Micasa as they set the tone for a day of chilled-vibes and Afro-pop diva, Unathi, as spoils the crowd with her sultry voice at Really Good Weekends. Really Good Weekends is a monthly music and lifestyle event series aimed at mature, urban music enthusiasts, where music lovers can enjoy top live local performances by award winning bands in a comfortable, safe and relaxed environment. Bring your chair and your umbrellas and gather some friends for great fun! Bookings essential! Venue: Garden of Vespasian D’oreale Grande Hotel-Emperors Palace Dates: 25 May 2014 Time: 12:00 For More information, ticket prices & Bookings please contact Emperors Palace on 011 928 1297/1213 or Computicket on 0861 915 8000.

Wherewordsfailmusicspeaks The Alter Fan Cam is a new brand that Darryl Putter and ZukhumNan Emmanuel launched that brings life to live music events. The duo aims like to show people what the music has with visuals. Alter Fan Cam visits music events by choice or by request and video record at songs song, take pictures and enjoy the show as any fan would. The equipment used is minimal, one good camera and lens. They record the songs in one take, moving between the crowd and stage. “We get up close and personal, the camera is hand-held which only adds to the authenticity. The idea is to give the fans perspective on a gig, for two reasons, the fan watching can relive the moments and the band can show its fans the experience they’re in for. We even dance with the camera or get knocked around by the moshers. We try to re-frame the shot as quickly as the eye see’s new or interesting things. The result is a rather

simply made, yet effective video,” Putter said. The Alter Fan Cam is accessible to anyoneevent organisers, fans, advertisers but the bands get first choice. Previews are posted which features clips from each band after which bands can request full recordings and photos included. Their most recent work is compilation pieces of events such as LCNVL and Break the Silence 3. Other good examples are videos for Ultra Fest South Africa, Haezer, WEAREONE, Among the Clouds and Bought By Blood. Alter Fan Cam also offers full set recordings, live music videos, music videos, lyric videos, interview videos, announcement videos, documentaries, band photography and editing services. You can view the Alter Fan Cam on For more information Darryl Putter Photography  on 074 062 7383 or

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Grand Designs Live brought to you by DionWired, the most extensive, inspirational and downright fabulous home and garden show, returns to the Coca-Cola Dome from 23 to 25 May. Now in its fifth year, it’s become an annual pilgrimage where home lovers can browse through the absolute best innovations on offer in the home and garden worlds.

Grand Designs Live Home & Garden Show has developed into an all-encompassing experience where visitors can enjoy the delights of many different areas and specialist stands. This year sees the return of some of the most popular of these, as well as some very special additions.

Time: 10:00 – 18:00 on Friday 23May 09:00 – 18:00 on Saturday 24May 09:00 – 17:00 on Sunday 25 May Price: R85 (Pensioners and Students: R60, children under 12 are free) Contact: 011 835 1565 Visit

Spider-Man amazes at Truly one of the most anticipated movies of 2014. We were last introduced to Spider-Man in 2012 with the reboot The Amazing Spider Man. We now have The Amazing Spider-Man 2: The Rise of Electro. Starring Andrew Garfield who plays nerdy sarcastic Peter Parker and Emma Stone as Gwen Stacy the original love interest of Spider-Man. The story continues with Peter Parker as he juggles his personal life along with his super hero life. We are introduced to a number of new characters such as Electro played by surprisingly by Jamie Foxx, as well as Paul Giamati as Rhino. We were introduced to Harry Osbourne played by James Franco in Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man; we now have Dane De Haan previously seen in Chronicle. With a number of great actors

and special effects that is a feast for the eyes The Amazing SpiderMan 2: The Rise of Electro delivers much more than its predecessor. Also if you read the comics you will be ok, but for those who haven’t, surprise at the end! Oh and if you are a Marvel Fan, be sure to stay tuned through to the credits. Make sure you see this one at your nearest Ster-Kinekor.

7 May 2014

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Mafikizolo sealed their comeback in triumphant style at the 20th Annual South African Music Awards – winning five awards at the main ceremony on Monday (28 April 2014) to add to their three trophies at the industry awards earlier on the same day. This brought the popular Afro-pop duo’s total haul to an incredible eight awards at SAMA 20.

was songstress, who was crowned Female Artist of the Year for Phendula, which was also named the Best Selling Album of last year. It was an exceptional night on which South African music was the big winner, and the countdown has already begun to SAMA 21 – when the awards truly come of age. Some of the other awards collected on the night:

They scooped an armful of trophies for Album of the Year, Duo or Group of the Year, Best Pop Album, Best Collaboration, Best Selling Ringback Tone, Best Selling Full-track Download and Best Selling Mobile Music Download of the Year and in the most hotly contested category of the night - the Kia Record of the Year, The star-studded event at the Sun City Superbowl marked 20 years of the SAMAs – held, fittingly, on the Freedom Day public holiday commemorating the country’s 20th anniversary of democracy – and saw the beautiful and talented people of Mzansi coming out to play in their glad rags, to celebrate SA music’s finest. Zahara bagged a brace of awards

Best Selling Album Zahara Phendula

Phone 011 862 8500

MafikizolocleanupatSAMA20 Afro-pop duo, Mafikizolo, collected a total eight awards at SAMA 20.

Lifetime Achievement Awards Ladysmith Black Mambazo Phuzekhemisi Best Alternative Album Nakhane Touré  Brave Confusion Best Live DVD Zonke  Give and Take Live  Remix of the Year Oskido  Tsa Ma Ndebele Highest Airplay of the Year 2013 DJ Kent ft. The Arrows    Spin My World Around.

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Shaun Jacobs also added his name to the list of winners with the award for the Best Adult Contemporary Album.

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7 May 2014

7 May 2014

tame TIMES Kaizer Mabuza (source: The boxing tribune).

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Not backing down Kaizer Mabuza.

Former South African International Boxing Organisation welterweight champion, Kaizer Mabuza, recently fought for the World Boxing Council belt in Russia. Mabuza’s competitor, current World Boxing Council champion from Russia, David Avanesyan, managed to defend his title and won by one point. Mabuza said that he had never seen Avanesyan fight before, which made it difficult to know what to expect in the boxing ring. Mabuza dominated 8 out of the 12 rounds, but in the end, Avanesyan reclaimed his World Boxing Council title in a very close fight. “My first four rounds were controlled fighting. I did my best to come back after that. Twelve rounds are hectic. When you are in there, it feels like 22 hours. I learnt to finish off. Next time I will prepare for knockout. It is all on points, so it is not easy to make it,” Mabuza explained. Even though Mabuza lost the fight, the Russians were very impressed with his boxing technique and invited Mabuza to come and fight against more of their top Russian boxers. “I will work hard and fight for another belt,” Mabuza said.

One of the soccer players in action.

Juventus Easter Soccer Tournament Bonus points for angling club ladies The Juventus Football Club in Reiger Park held their annual Juventus Easter Tournament over the Easter weekend at the Clements Soccer Stadium. The finals were played on Monday 21 April. There were two main sections: the Gold and Platinum. The Bronco Football Club won the Gold section and the Siyabonga Football Club won the Platinum

section. Each year a different club hosts the Easter Soccer Tournament to raise funds for the sport in communities. This year Juventus hosted the tournament and a total of 32 teams participated, some of which travelled from as far as Kwazulu Natal. According to the Juventus General Manager, Jonathan Schoema, the aim of the tournament is to uplift the community: “Sport unifies people from different regions. It gets the kids off the street and we give back to them,” Schoema said. The winners all walked away with prize money and the junior soccer teams also received medals and lucky packets for participating in the tournament.

Front: Dunay van Eck (visitor – winner), Megan Viljoen (Miggie winner), Jaydine Bezuidenhout (Minnie – second place) Hennie Bezuidenhout (Miggie second place), Jordan Do O Faustino (Minnie winner). Back: Madelein Cordier (doubles winner), Jurrie Nel (Special prize), Karen Nel (Ladies winner) Rowan Coetzer, Warren Cheek (Senior Winner), Duncan van Riel (Jackpot), Walter Dellebra (Veterans winner) The Visarend Angling Club hosted their April competition at Morgenson, Vaal Dam, and ended with great results. Three of the Angling Club ladies earned bonus points; Adri du Toit with a Barber of 11.6kg; Jenny Lennox with a Barber of 6,8kg and Stella with a Grass Carp of 4,4kg. Jan du Preez also earned bonus points with a Barber of 8,2kg.

One of the junior football teams.

The winners include: Seniors winner: Warren Cheek

Ladies winner: Karen Nel Veterans’ winner: Walter Dellerba Minnie winner: Jordan Do o Faustino Miggie winner: Megan Viljoen Special prize: Jurrie Nel Pool-pot: Warren Cheek Jack pot: Duncan van Riel Their May competition will be held at Jackie Leonard on 10 and 11 May. For more info contact Jurrie Nel on 076 712 5662, all visitors are welcome.

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7 May 2014

New EFC Welterweight champ Laurelle Williams Extreme Fighting Championship (EFC) 29 smashed Carnival City last Thursday with the eleven bouts on the fight card however it was the much anticipated clash between Welterweight Champion Dino Bagattin and contender Henry Fadipe that had the crowd roaring. The short lived fight ended when the 22-yearold Nigerian born Fadipe, who fights out of Ireland, knocked out Bagattin in the first round, winning both countries(Ireland and Nigeria) their first ever EFC AFRICA championship belt. Fadipe made his way to the title shot in less than a year. At only 21-years-old, he crossed the continent to face the might of Tumelo Maphuta. He delivered a split draw after knocking Maphuta down repeatedly. He went on to demolish Martin ‘The Punisher’ van Staden with punches and an ankle lock in the first round. After that he laid Michiel Opperman out cold with two elbows clubbed straight to the jaw. Bagattin got a taste of Fadipe’s punch when he was dropped by Fadipe’s straight right. Morne Prinsloo was taken out on a stretcher after Mark Hulme pounded him however Hulme was disqualified due to illegal strikes and Prinsloo was announced the winner. The Ricky Misholas vs Dewald Botes bout as well as the Wade Groth vs. Alexandra Cheboub bout proved to be entertaining. The heavyweight Misholas won by a technical knock-out (TKO) and so did lightweight Gross. HERCULEEZ: Henry Fadipe roars after his win. *Photo taken by The Smith vs Opperman bout was highly EFCAFRICA. contested with both being champions and it showed in the fight. Smith bled through most (armbar) 0:31 into round 1. of the fight with a cut on his eye and was the clear crowd Gordon Roodman defeated Pupanga Tresor via favourite however it was Opperman who won in the end submission (armbar) 2:29 into round 2. by points in a split decision. Ricky Misholas defeated Dewald Botes via TKO 4:28 into Brendon Katz was pinned under Barend Nienaber most round 2. of his fight and was clearly disappointed when Nienaber Morne Prinsloo defeated Mark Hulme via DQ (illegal won. Nienaber went on to say that was his game plan to strikes) 1:49 into round 1. keep Katz on the floor as he knew he was a striker. Francois Groenewald defeated Leo Gloss via TKO 3:32 Henry Fadipe won the knock out of the night award for into round 1. his stone cold KO of the former champion, Dino Bagattin, Gareth Buirski defeated Peter Nyide via TKO 4:36 into and Michiel Opperman and Jeremy Smith won the fight round 1. of the night award for their sensational three round Wade Groth defeated Alexander Cheboub via TKO 4:06 bouts. In addition Wade Groth and Alexander Cheboub into round 2. won performance bonuses for their supreme back and Michiel Opperman defeated Jeremy Smith via split forth clash. decision. EFC AFRICA 29 full results: Tyson Chelin defeated Mbulelo Swekile via unanimous decision. Saxon Delafield defeated Pietie Coxen via submission

Barend Nienaber defeated Brendon Katz via unanimous decision. Henry Fadipe defeated Dino Bagattin via KO 3:09 into round 1

PERFORMANCE BONUSES: Wade Groth and Alexander Cheboub were awarded for their supreme back and forth clash.

Bok wk 19  

Bok wk 19