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Bald move for CANSA Chantal Thurlby

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GOING BALD: Julia Van Dyk bravely shaves her head for CANSA Shavathon at East Rand Mall.








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5 March 2014

tame TIMES

Bald move for CANSA Continued from page 1 Saturday proved to be an unforgettable day for Julia Van Dyk who shaved her hair off for CANSA. Floods of CANSA supporters went to various locations all over South Africa to partake in this year’s Shavathon. tame TIMES saw this overwhelming support first hand at East Rand Mall.

VOLUNTEERS: CANSA volunteers who helped on Saturday.

According to Sharon Brits, CANSA’s East Rand coordinator and a cancer survivor, the response was unbelievable. “Last year we were also here but the turnout was nothing close to 2014’s,” said Brits. People of all ages went to show their support for CANSA and it was phenomenal that so many East Rand Mall patrons took part in such a meaningful and positive initiative. Shavathon allows any person to either spray their hair a certain colour or colours, apply colourful hair gels or shave their hair off altogether. The cost was R50 and all proceeds went towards the CANSA association.

NO W ASTA GE: All po nytails are ke pt for future use.

HAPPILY SUPPORTING CANSA: Julia Van Dyk getting her locks chopped off in preperation to shave her head.

Symbolic gesture of support CANSA Shavathon is one of South Africa’s best-loved events in support of a very worthy cause, namely showing solidarity with those affected by cancer. Losing one’s hair is a common side-effect of cancer therapy – so shaving your head has become a symbolic gesture of support for cancer survivors. Colouring your hair or paying a Bailout Fee have become options for those who prefer not to shave, or who can’t shave on the day. This was their 11th national CANSA Shavathon, independently managed by CANSA staff and volunteers. CANSA Shavathon was held in workplaces and organisations from 24 February to 28 February and on 1 March in shopping centres.




Do we really live in a horrible country? Is the neighbourhood really going to the dogs? Were the good old days really much better? These and a dozen more questions have plagued my mind in recent days; maybe it’s due to the upcoming elections or maybe I’m just tired of all the negative commentary. I’m under no illusion about the state of the



The cut hair (sh ort) is tied together and u sed for a net-type drape that is used to capture oil spillage in the ocean.


the time international opinions are built up by the things we say. It’s a classic marketing strategy that we as a community still need to understand and implement. If I own a company and employ twenty people, those twenty people are the first people I need to market the company to. Once that is achieved they will in turn market the company to those I need to make use of the services I offer. So really we perpetuate the views the world has of the country. The question then becomes, what image of the country do we want to send out? I certainly do not live in a in a negative place,

I’M UNDER NO ILLUSION ABOUT THE STATE OF THE COUNTRY, BUT I DO NOT BELIEVE WE LIVE IN A VICTORY-LESS COUNTRY. country, but I do not believe we live in a victory-less country. The problem, I believe, is the alignment of our perspective. Rather than celebrating kilometres upon kilometres of progress, we would rather go on about a pothole. On the flip side of this argument is the truth which I’m not denying, we cannot pretend that there are no problems. However, denying ourselves the opportunity to celebrate the advances creates an air of negativity. I get angry at international reports, which often focus on the challenges we still face. Only recently though I realised that most of

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How can you get involved with CANSA? Visit

Genadeland, ek en Gysie het ons byna boeglam geskrik verlede naweek! Ons was oppad na my tante se plaas op Walkerville vir haar dogter se verlowingspartytjie, maar Gysie, soos altyd, het die pad lelik byster geraak en heeltemal verdwaal. Naderhand word dit al donker en ons is nogsteeds tussen êrens en nêrens. Om alles te kroon kry ons toe ‘n pap wiel ook nog. My tante se man het al ‘n uur terug gery op soek na ons, maar my battery het intussen pap geword en Gysie s’n is weer by die huis vergeet. Ons is toe maar aan genade oorgelaat. Nee kyk, ek was lanklaas so benoud! Rondom ons ou skedonk van ‘n motor sien mens net verlate velde en plotte se liggies daar in die verte. So entjie voor ons, waar die karligte skyn, sien ek ‘n bordjie wat sê De Deur. “Gysie! Klim onmiddelik terug in die kar,” skree ek vir hom. Skielik voel ek ‘n yskoue rilling by my rugraat opkruip en my armhare staan penregop. My ouma het my nog lank gelede vertel van die sogenaamde ‘De Deur spook’. Die storie lui dat daar lank gelede ‘n boer en sy beeldskone dogter op een van die plotte in De Deur gewoon het. Die boer se vrou is lank gelede oorlede en hy was verskriklik geheg aan sy dogter en baie streng. Sy het eendag ‘n jong man in die dorp ontmoet en hy het die oomblik toe hy haar sien dadelik verlief op haar geraak. Hy het elke dag vir haar briewe gepos en kilometers op sy motorfiets afgelê om by haar te kuier. Haar pa het die verhouding nie goedgekeur nie, maar waar daar ‘n wil is, is daar ‘n weg. Die jong man het elke aand skelmpies vir sy nooi gaan kuier en soms het hulle saam uit die huis gesluip vir die aand. Een aand het die pa besluit dat hy die laaste lag sal hê; hy span toe flymskerp doringdraad oor die pad, skouerlengte, en wag vir die kêrel. ‘n Paar minute later kom die jong man met ‘n stinkspoed by die pad afgejaag en hy is onmiddelik onthoof. Baie mense vandag sê dat hulle ver in die donker soms motorfietsliggies sien flikker en verdwyn. Ander beweer dat hulle ‘n huilende jong vrou langs die pad sien loop, maar sodra mens wil stop om haar op te laai, verdwyn sy. Nee kyk, vir spoke het ek nie tyd nie! Ek sê net sela, want net toe ek paniekerig begin raak toe stop my tante se man agter ons. Ek was nog noot so verlig nie! Tip: Glo julle in spoke? Het julle enige interessante stories om te vertel wat julle nie kan verklaar nie? Stuur gerus ‘n e-pos en deel julle storie met ons. there is a lot to love and celebrate about this place. We do have challenges, but who doesn’t? The trick to our turn-around is a change in perspective. Let’s chat, share your views at voice@ or send me a tweet @nietovoice.

Chantal Thurlby

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5 March 2014

Train and car disaster

A man died when a train hit his car in Brakpan on Friday, Ekurhuleni Emergency services confirmed. “The vehicle caught fire and the driver died. The train operator managed to stop the train and reversed it by the time the car started to catch fire,” said spokesman William MohaleNtladi. The train crew managed to extinguish the fire. The Metrorail passenger train was travelling between Johannesburg and Springs after 8:40 when the accident occurred. “Just after it left the Brakpan train station the vehicle literally drove onto the railway line,” Mohale-Ntladi said. The identity of the deceased had not yet been established, as the body had been burnt beyond recognition. The passengers and crew of the train were not injured. “The accident did not occur at a level crossing but along an open piece of land”, said Mohale-Ntladi. The train was full at the time and alternative transport was arranged for the passengers.

Principal suspended The principal of Wordsworth High School in Benoni, Dr Annelize Horn, was suspended in relation to allegations of having made racial remarks to learners. The department instituted an investigation into the allegations. This has since been concluded and charges relating to misconduct have been served to Dr Horn. She will appear before the disciplinary committee in two weeks.

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Kidnapped toddler found in Windmill Park

CAUGHT: Officers with the recovered baby and the culprit who kidnapped her last week.

The father of a toddler, who was kidnapped in Bertrams on 21 February, sought the assistance of Ekurhuleni Metro Police officers from Vosloorus, after receiving information that his daughter could be in Villa Lisa. The EMPD Kathorus Crime Prevention Unit members located the kidnapped child in Windmill Park and arrested a young woman for child kidnapping. The arrest took place on 27 February.

Apparently the 22-year-old suspect is a girlfriend of the father, but not the biological mother. Apparently the biological mother dumped the baby with her father when she was only five months old. The suspect decided to disappear with the child while the father was taking a bath. Fortunately, friends of the woman provided information. They were puzzled that their friend had suddenly had a child as she had never been seen to be pregnant.

With the assistance of the metro police, the culprit, after being missed at her parents’ place in Villa Lisa, was found holed up with the toddler in Windmill Park and was arrested. Both the child and the kidnapper were handed over to Dawn Park police, who in turn, took them to Jeppe Police Station where the case of kidnapping was originally registered. The father has been happily reunited with his daughter.

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5 March 2014

tame TIMES

Angry protestors take to streets

Chantal Thurlby

scene told tame TIMES that the protest caused a massive problem and that he did not understand why the motorists were not obeying the simple rules of the road. PROBLEMS HEARD: Problems heard by the protestors included requests for better services from government, such as running water and electricity; and they want council to buy the land they occupy in order to build RDP (Reconstruction and Development Programme) houses.

Photo credit: It has been months since the residents of Comet, Boksburg were without sufficient electricity and water and by last Monday morning the angry community took to the streets in Rondebult Road to express their despair. The crowd, 1000 of them, barricaded roads with stones, tree branches and burning tyres. It is alleged that the protestors began their riot as early as 02:00 that morning and were not allowing residents, school children and workgoers through. Should anyone have tried to leave or pass through the protestors would then throw stones. According to reports the residents had had enough and were tired of the municipality making empty promise. Demonstrating was the only way to get their voices heard, as they have reached a point where they are willing to do anything to get what they need.

EMPD and SAPS were on scene and responded swiftly, closing off Rondebult Road whilst warning motorists about the ongoing protest. The police, at one stage, felt the protestors to be overpowering and fired rubber bullets and threw one smoke bomb in hopes to disperse the crowd. The crowd reacted and threw stones, bricks, bottles and other objects. During the confrontation a boy was injured on his forehead, where a deep gash was seen. It is unclear what hit him and he was taken to a nearby hospital where he was treated for his injury. tame TIMES EXPERIENCE: When tame TIMES went to the scene, angry drivers were hooting and one motorists drove through an area cordoned off by police tape, breaking the temporary barricade and enticing other dismayed drivers to follow the disobedient example. One official on

UPDATE: illegal miners A group of 30 illegal miners are thought to have been sabotaged by a rival gang, who sealed them in an abandoned shaft on 16 February in Benoni district east of Johannesburg. The rival gang is believed to have stolen their collected gold before sealing them in. Rescue officials reported that the miners were in the 200’s, but believed them to be less than that as that many have never been recorded at any given time before. “We will not rule it out but we are thinking as of now it is not possible, because it is human nature that when you are trapped you will move to the closest door to be rescued. Should it be factual that there are 200 people down there then that will be a record,” said Rogers Mamaila, Emergency Management Services senior district manager for Ekurhuleni. The illegal miners were freed on 16 February, by a crane that shifted a concrete slab from the entrance of the shaft. As the miners were released they were sent straight to the medical station and taken into custody by local police and EMPD. Rescue workers said that a concrete slab and some boulders appeared to have been moved into place recently. Werner Vermaak of ER24 said he heard from different people that the miners had been trapped on purpose, and added that it is not a new situation and rival gangs often close off mines. It has been confirmed that the miners were heard by a routine police patrol. “Upon

OUTCOME: The protest came to an end upon the arrival of the MMC for Community Safety, Mthuthuzeli Siboza. He listened to and address the residents’ needs and wants. The MMC promised residents that their issues would be attended to. The City of Ekurhuleni met leaders of Comet, who agreed that there should be a follow-up meeting with the community leaders to give all involved time to table all their issues. Siboza assured the people that the city will do all it can to ensure that their plight is attended to urgently. The groups met again at the Boksburg Civic Centre towards 17:00 the same day. “The issue here is basic services - water and electricity in the main. Unfortunately we cannot provide that as a city at the moment because the land is privately owned,” explained Zwele Dlamini, mayoral spokesperson for Ekurhuleni. The road, which is one of the main access roads to OR Tambo International Airport from Ekurhuleni, was re-opened at 13:45 on the day of the protest. No arrests were made.

Chantal Thurlby

further investigation they found the illegals trapped beneath several layers of boulders. The officials called for rescue services after discovery,” said Vermaak. The mine was sealed on 3 March. REASONS BEHIND ILLEGAL MINING: Illegal mining of abandoned shafts is extremely common in South Africa and has been dubbed Johannesburg’s second gold rush. The men, known as Zama-Zama, are typically from poorer African countries and often live underground in dangerous conditions. Fatal accidents are not infrequently heard of. The illegal diggers sometimes invade active mines. A 2008 study of the Gold Sector found that an estimated 305m dollars was lost each year as a result of illegal mining. The total of 25 men have been arrested. All the men are between the ages of 20 to 40 years old. They are all foreign nationals and 90% had no form of immigration papers or identification. REPORTED DEATHS SURROUNDING ILLEGAL MINING SINCE 2008: A total of 82 men, thought to have been illegally mining, died in an underground fire at a Harmony Gold Mine in 2008. The bodies of five illegals miners were found near a shaft in Roodepoort last Tuesday. The cause of death is still unknown. Another man was recovered last Sunday in Roodepoort too. The bodies of two illegal miners were

found in a separate mine shaft in Benoni two weeks ago. SOLUTION: The Hawk’s major General Shadrack Sibiya has reportedly said that 22 artisanal miners have given the police information that could possibly lead to the gangs they work for. “We are convinced that the information will lead us to the kingpins. We are going after the masterminds as we can’t allow this to continue,” said Sibiya. The punishment for illegal mining in South Africa is arrest, a large fine and a possible jail sentence.

Woman dies in truck accident On Wednesday a woman lost her life in a horrific collision between a car and two trucks in Kempton Park. The woman, who was driving alone, was declared dead on the scene. The accident happened at around 19:30 on Pomona Road. One of the truck drivers sustained serious injuries and was airlifted to a nearby hospital. The other trucker driver did not sustain any injuries. Details surrounding the accident have not been made clear.

Biker killed A delivery man was killed when he was hit by a light-duty truck on Great North Road in Brentwood Park in Benoni on 26 February in the morning. ER24 paramedics immediately assessed the man who was knocked off his motorbike in the collision. They found that he had already succumbed to multiple severe fractures and suspected internal injuries he sustained. He was declared dead on scene. It is not clear how the collision occurred but witnesses said the truck was apparently making a U-turn across two lanes when the motorbike drove into it. The exact circumstances leading to this collision are under investigation by local authorities.

Speedsters arrested On 24 February during a law enforcement operation on Main Reef Road, between Apex and a dumping site, a 60km/h zone, 10 motorists were arrested for exceeding the speed limit. The highest speedster registered 127km/h on a Suzuki motorcycle. The other nine drivers arrested registered speeds of between 102 and 113km/h. Thirty one drivers ended up behind bars for exceeding the speed limit between 18 February and 23 February. The drivers were arrested on the R554, R23, Geluksdal Roads and on the N17 freeway. All the arrested drivers were released after paying bail between R500 and R1000 and will be appearing soon in the Brakpan Magistrate’s Court for charges of reckless and negligent driving.

Prevent crime at home CPF Impala Park • Ensure that there is a set of keys in your door at night for quick exit. • Always keep your children in full view and under control to prevent them from getting kidnapped. • Store your firearms in a safe place. • Install the best security you can afford. • Be aware of persons loitering at the entrance. • Keep your gates locked. • Do not give a spare key to anyone that does not live on your property. • Get a watchdog to be present when you are unable to be.

5 March 2014

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tame TIMES

Ekurhuleni moves on to fixed refuse removal system Refuse collection is an essential service to which all citizens of Ekurhuleni have a right and it is crucial that such a service be rendered in the most efficient manner possible. The Ekurhuleni Metropolitan Municipality (EMM) has revised its waste removal operations and has, from 1 March, introduced the fixed refuse removal system. This means that each resident of the Metro will only have to know which day of the week their refuse will be collected and put their bins or bags out on that day. "As part of our business process re-engineering, the EMM's Waste Management Services Department has been considering ways to improve our operational efficiencies with the view of enhancing service delivery," Head of Department, Qaphile Gcwensa, said. "Introducing this fixed system is one of the results of the rationalisation exercise we have undertaken not only to improve productivity, but also to save operational costs." For a number of years the Municipality has been implementing a move-on system, which has proved to be inefficient. Now the collection day will remain constant for the year, eliminating confusion on refuse collection days. All ratepayers will still receive a colour-coded removal calendar which will reflect the same collection day for 52 weeks of the year. "Furthermore, waste collection services will be provided on all public holidays except 25 December and this will result in a consistent service all year around," added Gcwensa. Those areas whose cycle runs from January to December have already started operating on the fixed calendar, while those whose cycle runs from March to February will be changing over from next Monday. The calendars wil be available in due course on www.ekurhuleni. Residents are urged to ensure that their refuse is on the sidewalk as early as 07:00 on the collection day.

Brogan’s recovery is slowly getting better

RECOVERING: Brogan Mahony after his ordeal.

Chantal Thurlby The horrific story of Brogan Mohany, an ex-Boksburg resident who was brutally attacked on 14 December 2013 and left for dead on Commissioner Street, close to a well-known bank on his 26th birthday, is enough to shake anyone’s faith. Brogan’s incident has left him, according to his neurosurgeon, brain damaged and unable to walk or talk. Brogan was in Glynwood Hospital in Benoni. It is alleged that his extensive injuries were from being repeatedly hit on his head by a brick that was found on the scene. Brogan was found by paramedics at 3:00. He remained in a coma for four and a half weeks before waking up. Brogan is unable to give details about the incident due to his current condition. According to reports, Xavier Mahony, Brogan’s mother, said it is very difficult for the family to find any sort of understanding as there is no new information of the night. There is no way to interpret whether this was a fight, whether Brogan was attacked by strangers or whether a friend of his could have done it. The Mohany’s hope to get answers following police investigations or that someone will come forward with some information. The last person known to have been with Brogan was his cousin, who parted ways with him just after midnight. Since Brogan’s incident the Ballers Indoor Football Arena held a fundraiser to raise funds for Brogan’s lengthy recovery. The event was held in Elspark, Germiston. The event consisted of activities like a FIFA PlayStation 3 Tournament, Foosball, indoor football and various raffles. Brogan is now in a rehabilitation centre called Care at Midstream in Midrand, because he needs 24/7 attention. His breathing tubes have been removed and he is recovering, although his right side is slower in response to his left as a result from his injuries.

Investigations are still pending. More information will be available by the end of the week.

Open water pipes still concerning By Chantal Thurlby

CONCERN: Johan Hendricks points towards the open pipes that are causing a big problem for the residents.

HAZARDOUS: One concern is that the leftover rubble is a perfect hiding spot for criminals

The freeway runs directly behind this dangerous setup.

tame TIMES met up with Johan Hendricks to discuss the biggest struggle he is having in his ward 32(Parkdene, Parkrand, Voortrekker, Boksburg CBD, Libradene and Boksburg South). The issue goes all the way from Libradene to Thomas Pringle Road, which is opposite Boksburg Stadium. Piping, water leakages and rubble left over, this all creates a danger, not only for civilians that walk near the open piping, but for the residents that live in and around it. Johan and tame TIMES drove to Libradene Village, where they saw what the problem. When you drive through Libradene Village it is beautiful, neat and one can tell that the residents living there take pride in their land. As soon as you get to the end of the village, bright orange and yellow warning tape is seen. When you go closer a massive water pipe is seen, fully open, just waiting for someone to have an accident (the Village ends next to the N17) or damage the piping. After hearing the story about how many contractors have been hired to fix the problems, ie the leaks and the unfinished work, they drove down Douglas Smith back towards Trichardt Road, where on the corner, on an

extremely busy road, there was another daunting vision of how unsafe these exposed water pipes actually are. They drove down Tricharts towards Boksburg City Stadium and saw two more of these dangerous scenes. One of the pipes had school children playing around it. They ended in Thomas Pringle Road, opposite Boksburg City Stadium, and saw the worst of it. The grass was so overgrown over the open trenches that any unsuspecting person could easy fall and break a leg, and no one would be able to find them because it’s so untidy. Another thing that was seen was leakage from the pipes that are wasting away. Councillor Hendricks said he has tried many times to resolves this problems and is currently in liaison with Rand Water to get this fixed. So far all attempts have been unsuccessful. “This is a serious problem because, especially here opposite the Boksburg City Stadium, in this road, the crime is terrible. Break-ins during the daytime even. This is the perfect place to hide,” said Hendricks. tame TIMES will follow up with Hendricks to find out if there was any progress towards solving the isssue.

WASTAGE: The pipes overflow and leave this particular grass patch continously drenched.

The street that is always affected by the water pipes and the crime the long grass attracts.

DANGEROUS CONDITIONS: Libradene Villages’ open pipes that Clr Johan Hendricks has been battling to get closed to ensure the safety of residents.

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tame TIMES

5 March 2014

EG Jansen weereens Easterns kampioene

EG Jansen’s krieketspan. EG Jansen se krieketspan is vir die derde agtereenvolgende jaar die Easterns T20 kampioene. Hulle het hierdie jaar met Kempton in die finaal afgereken. EG Jansen het eerste gekolf en 130/9 gekry in 20 beurte, CJ v/d Walt het 45 daarvan aangeteken. Kempton kry 118/8 in 20 beurte, met Jacques Slabbert 3/19. EG Jansen wen met 12 lopies.

EG Jansen het verlede Woensdag na Witrivier in Nelspruit toe gegaan om die Mapumalanga wenners te speel. EG Jansen kolf eerste en maak 118/6, waarvan Micheal Weldon 39 maak. Uplands College kry toe net 88/9 in hulle 20 beurte, met Quinton v/d Schyff 3/9. EG Jansen wen dus maklik met 30 lopies. EG Jansen is teen Waterkloof opgespits in die finaal van die Titans streek.

Oosterlig en Hoërskool Alberton amper gereed vir Supertoernooi


doelgerigte leerders!

Hoërskool Alberton het op Sondag 23 Februarie rugby en hokkie opwarmingswedstryde op hulle velde gehou in voorbereiding vir die Supertoernooi. Die eerste rugbyspan se telling was 23 - 14 vir Oosterlig en die eerste-hokkiespan meisies het gelykop gespeel met die telling 0 elk.

o/15 rugby teen Oosterlig.

Leier Simposium: 10 Maart,18:00 100%-mat riekslaagsyf er met 98,5%-un iversiteitst oelating

• Die skool waar jy op jou naam geken en gegroet word. • Die skool wat nie ‘n plafon op jou ontwikkeling plaas nie. • Die skool waar jy binne ‘n gesonde dissiplinestelsel jou potensiaal kan najaag. • Die skool wat jou ‘n mengelmoes van kultuur-en sportgeleenthede bied. • Die skool wat jou kleuter-wees, kind-wees en tiener-wees ‘n hupstoot gee. • Die skool wat jou Christenskap as waardesisteem erken en help uitleef.

4 Pilare waarop ons skool rus • • • •

Belydenis dat Jesus Christus ons Saligmaker is deur ‘n liefde vir alle kinders te openbaar en ‘n gesonde dissipline in die skool te vestig. Akademiese kundigheid is deel van ons etos. Buitemuurse aktiwiteite word met uitnemendheid beoefen. Professionaliteit is deel van ons optrede. VERSKEIE BUSROETES VANUIT DIE OOS-RAND SOWEL AS BRYANSTON

Eerste span hokkie. Die meisies het gelykop gespeel. Die telling was 0 – 0.

En g e ls e a s 1 n Af r ik a Lae r- ste Ta a l b a n s y en H o ërs k o ol H oërs ko o l b ied v pa ra lla n 2 wêre die be ste e lmed lde me t iu mo n de r r ig .

Leeuwenhof Akademie Afrikaanse Privaatskool H.v. Geldenhuisweg en Antonstraat Bedfordview Tel: (011) 622 1806 Faks: (011) 622 1679

MM/Februarie 2014

Die skool waar die eendersheid van onderwys met 'n absolute andersheid aangepak word!

5 March 2014

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tame TIMES

Maimane’s election poster launch

State of the Nation Ndu Ngwenya President Zuma’s sixth State of the Nation Address shifted focus from the mandatory commentary and promises, to an approach that took a glance at Government’s successes over the past twenty years of a South Africa under a democratic dispensation. Some of the successes quoted in the 2014 State of the Nation include: • The successful nursing of the economy through the global recession • The highest employment statistic in the history of the country • Government has created 3.7 million job opportunities • Infrastructure successes including the Rea Vaya and the Gautrain, which transport no less than 1,2 million people monthly. 300 new heath care facilities and 10 new hospitals • Transformation in the judiciary with Black, Indian and Coloured judges making up 61% of all judges “As a country we have had many successes. South Africa is a much better place to live in now. We continue to face challenges, but life will continue to change for the better,” said Zuma in his address. There is no doubt that South Africa today is a far better place than it was before the days of democracy, but many critics of the 2014 speech hang desperately onto the fact that although things could look good in the rearview mirror, what the country needed to hear

was words giving hope and confidence in the Government’s commitment to propelling the country forward. Unemployment, poverty and inequality have been noted as threats to the country even by the President’s own admission. What the Parties had to say: DA: Zuma is piggybacking on others’ successes. FF Plus: It was a brag speech. The ANC misleads South Africans, hopefully voters will punish them. EFF: There was no clarity in the entire State of the Nation Address of whether Mr Zuma was giving account of the successes from 1994 or from 2009 when he assumed office as president of the Republic.

* Photo taken from

Direct from Parliament

Zuma has a bad story to tell

Mmusi Maimane, DA Premier Candidate for Gauteng, launched the party’s 2014 Gauteng Election poster on 24 February. Maimane put up the campaign’s first poster outside the Gauteng legislature ahead of the State of the Province Address, which he attended. DA election posters were placed across Gauteng this week.

Voting paper must be stamped at back An e-mail message did the rounds last week telling registered South African to double check that their voting paper is stamped at the back, otherwise their vote does not count. tame TIMES asked Clr Dennis Jane to clarify the issue. Below is his response: Each party appoints up to two agents whose responsibility it is to monitor IEC official’s activities in the polling station. Once the voter’s status has been verified, they move to the table where the ballot papers are issued. When working correctly, the official should only stamp the back of the ballot paper immediately prior to handing it to the voter. What sometimes happens is that the official will stamp a number of ballot papers and distribute them from the pile of stamped ballot papers. This action should be drawn to the presiding officer’s attention and stopped. In my experience, I cannot recall any missing stamps on ballot papers. Spoilt papers certainly, where there has been no party chosen, all chosen or marks where it was not possible to determine what party had in fact been voted for. When the counting of ballot papers commences only IEC officials are permitted

Manny De Freitas MP writes: The President’s State of The Nation Address dropped even lower this year from that of previous years. Zuma used the old communication tip: say something enough times and people will start believing it’s true. So throughout his address the phrase “we have a good story to tell” was rammed down our throats. Millions of South Africans remained unconvinced. President Zuma painted only a positive, selfservicing and fabricated story. The various instances that the President gave as proof of a good story does not counterweigh

the gigantic daily scandals we encounter; Nkandla and the toll roads are only two that jump to mind. Indeed, it’s true that new dams were built in Limpopo and KwaZulu-Natal provinces. However, this is neutralised in, for example, Mothutlung in the North West Province where water-supply has collapsed due to corruption and mismanagement. To add salt to this wound, three people died in a protest action in that community. The future doesn’t look bright; twelve new Future Education and Training (FET) colleges are planned. But although this is being planned, a growing number of university entrants are unable to cope with the demand of tertiary study thanks to the inferior education they receive at public schools. The bottom-line is that Mr Zuma’s story in nowhere as good as he claims.

Build up to elections 2014: see next week for more.

to handle them. After the ballot boxes are emptied on top of tables, all papers are placed face down. The first scrutiny is: do they have the official mark on the back. If yes, they are set aside. Ballots are placed face up and spoilt papers removed then sorted into party piles. The piles are counted (piles of 10 are created) and tallied. This number, together with spoilt ballots total, must be equal to the ballot papers issued during the day. All the while all the party agents have been observing the process and raising issues or agreeing to IEC officials’ actions. If the numbers do not tally, a recount may be demanded. This may only happen where there is a huge discrepancy between ballots issued and counted, or if the two leading parties’ numbers are so close that say the two missing ballots could swing it either way. All the political parties’ agents should be happy with the results and accept that there are two missing ballots (sometimes voters pocket the paper and forfeit their vote). All agents are required to sign a declaration that they are happy with the outcome at their polling station.


check that your voting paper is stamped at the back, otherwise the vote does not count.

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5 March 2014

Cake Boss on the East Rand Chantal Thurlby Imagine a cake that you have always dreamed of. Close your eyes and taste it. Got the cake? Taste the taste? Pick up your phone and dial 011 894 4760 to speak to South Africa’s very own Cake Boss, Paul Vieira, a French-born baker taking South Africa by storm. Visit them on North Rand Road and Atlas in Beyers Park to view their French style bakery. Enjoy a hot cup of coffee and a big slice of something sweet. Paul has his own bakery, reality TV show called Cake Dreams, which is very similar to the overseas version of Cake Boss; and has made cakes for many celebrities in South Africa. He even made a life size version of Nelson Mandela. Paul left his electrical engineering career to pursue his passion for designing and baking cakes. Paul and his wife Suzette own bakeries and confectionery stores in the East Rand, their most recent store is called Cake Extreme and is in Boksburg. They have another store in Commissioner Street, Benoni called Rainbow Treats, which has been in existence since 1999. Paul’s most honorary cakes are a Moulin Rouge cake for the popular TV program 7de Laan; the 95th Mandela Birthday Celebration cake for Sun International, which was

2.5 metres that fed 1600 people; and a giant castle cake that was 3.5m wide. Paul considers this last cake to be his top cake. Paul made a Carnival City cake, which was a bird’s eye view of Carnival City. Paul is planning to do a life size car for a car show in Boksburg next year. He is also planning to have an open day for his birthday on 23 May and would like to make a massive cake where the public can get a free taste of his artwork. TRIUMPHS TO DATE: He is the current world record holder for decorating 15 800 cupcakes in one day. The event was organised by Four Ways Mall to raise funds for children living with cancer. Paul has been appointed by SACA (South African Chefs’ Association) to present his cake decoration skills live in May 2014 at the Coca-Cola Dome. He will be exhibiting at the New East Rand wedding show and will be performing two live cake decorating shows. This event will be aired on two DSTV Channels.


ieira and r Paul V

his wife


Front of the Cake Extreme shop in Boksburg Bride and groom bust wedding cake

A bird’s eye view cake of Carnival City

Ceri Dupree to hit Emperors

Eighteen singers with big dreams are just a little closer to a life of stardom, after winning coveted golden tickets in the first-round of auditions for the historic tenth season of Idols.

This month marked the first time ever that Idols auditioned on Gauteng’s East Rand, at the Carnival City Casino and Entertainment World, but singers travelled from all corners of South Africa to try their luck. People such as Professor Bhengu (24) from New Germany in Durban, who is exchanging his career as an aircraft engineer for a life in show business now that he made it through to the next round of Idols. “I think this is a great start to our tenth season. I’m always astounded that the talent just keeps coming, year after year,” Idols judge Unathi Msengana remarked happily at the end of a long day of auditions.

BEHIND THE SCENES: Backstage at the first

Idols auditions of 2014.

“It was interesting to start the audition process in Johannesburg for the first time in years,” Gareth Cliff pointed out. “I think this is a good start. There are definitely some people that I am looking forward to seeing again.” Fellow judge Randall Abrahams concurred, “I just want everyone who goes through to Sun City to know that it won’t be a battle between bad people and good people,” he noted. “It is going to be a battle between good people and even better people.” Once again, Idols is a co-production between the two powerhouse pay-television channels M-Net and Mzansi Magic, which will simulcast all the episodes starting this July. The next auditions for Idols X will take place at Durban’s Playhouse Theater on 22 February, in Cape Town at the GrandWest Casino and Entertainment World on 9 March, and at the State Theatre in Pretoria on 22 March.

One of the best female impersonators is heading to Emperors Palace to share her personas of iconic entertainers such as Lady Gaga, Cher, Tina Turner, Shirley Bassey and Amy Winehouse, to name a few. This hilariously funny one (wo)man show will feature the greatest hits by some of music’s leading ladies. Whilst Ceri entertains audiences through her flamboyant dance and original stand-up comedy, audiences will be thrilled by a spectacular production not to be missed by theatre aficionado’s DATE : 5- 29 March TIME : 19:00 for 19:30 VENUE : Odeon Showbar adjacent to the casino floor TICKETS: R80 at door.

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5 March 2014

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New regulations for construction industry The decision by the Department of Labour to demand more and better trained health and safety officials on construction sites is not just reassuring for casual labourers employed on-site, it also opens up the market for trained officials.

more emphasis will be placed on the course content and assessment of trainees.” In anticipation of the need for more health and safety practitioners, Makrosafe has started to roll out its new certificate course. The course is offered nationwide.

The Department of Labour will enforce new and stricter regulations for the construction industry as off 1 May. “This means that the industry will be in need for more employees than ever,” Christopher Guy of Makrosafe said. Makrosafe is the trendsetter in the areas of education, implementation and administration of Health and Safety in South Africa. “For us training providers, this will mean that

Providing there is enough interest, Makrosafe will bring the course to that specific location instead of expecting students to travel to a training institution. Last week Guy travelled to Bloemfontein to teach matriculants at a local high school. “It is very exciting to see how kids at high school finally consider pursuing a job in the health and safety profession. But on the same token, it was frightening to hear

how many of them knew of people that were injured or even killed in work-related incidents. The focus is often on people killed or injured in crimes or traffic accidents. But the number of people involved in accidents at the workplace exceeds both,” Guy said. According to the Department of Labour, two labourers are killed on construction sites on average, each week. The new regulations are designed to reduce the number of accidents and casualties but also to formalise the industry. It certainly will place more emphasis on health and safety. Makrosafe has, therefore, broken up its course into six different modules. “Health and safety



boils down to complying with legislation. But it has a big investigative element. And, of course, there is a focus on responding to and treating injured people. These, and more aspects of the job, are discussed in the course.” The lecture in Bloemfontein last week was, in some way, a real eye-opener for Guy. “The course is supposed to cater for anybody with an interest in health and safety, regardless whether they have previous experience or training, or not. The scholars in Bloemfontein sometimes had completely different views or opinions than what we would have received from adults. Children look totally different at danger or what they perceive to be a workplace,” Guy explained.



A BEST B.W.TREE Felling Tree Felling Stump Removal Fire wood Chipping Site Clearing 24 Hrs


083 468 0590 To advertise visit us at

BANK DETAILS ABSA BANK IZAZI RETAILERS 141 ACCOUNT: 408 1663 241 BRANCH: 632 005 Fax through proof of payment before deadline



5 March 2014

Come rain or sunshine

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Chantal Thurlby Dunblane “March Hare” Mountain Bike Challenge was held in Kempton Park on 2 March, with the start and finish at Dunblane Lifestyle Estates.

tame TIMES took the FJ Cruiser through its paces at

De Wildt 4x4 Game Park. The short review is a huge smile and a thumbs-up.

Ndu Ngwenya

Although rain definitely dampened the day, the event still had about 500 starters, instead of the 800 hoped for though. The course was extremely muddy but most of the fanatics seemed to enjoy the challenge. The distances and times were: 10km inside the Estate at 08:00, 30km at 07:00, and 60km at 07:30. There were separate prizes for the ladies and men. For the 10km participants gifts went to those who acheved 1st, 2nd and 3rd; in the 30km trophies and medals; and in the 60 km 1st place took R1000, 2nd R500 and 3rd R200. All finishers received medals. Well done to all participants.

Most owners of 4x4 vehicles never get to experience the full capabilities of their vehicles. Some due to the sheer pace of modern life and others due to the lack of information about the availability of facilities where they can rough it out over the weekend. East Rand Toyota offers their customers and likeminded individuals the opportunity to experience the full capabilities of their 4x4’s, whether they are Totoya vehicles or any other make.

EARLY MORNING START: The cyclists at the start of the race.

tame TIMES had the pleasure of joining East Rand Toyota on one of their bi-

weekly 4x4 training days, which was hosted at DeWildt 4x4 Game Park in Magaliesburg. The training day, facilitated by Tony Yeo of East Rand Toyota, consisted of two sessions. The first was a theory session, which proved to be very important when we got behind the wheel for the practical session. Tony, who has now been sharing his 4x4 experiences for 21 years, explains that the majority of participants in the bi-weekly trainings, monthly trail drives and seven day 4x4 trips (every second month) usually use stock standard vehicles and appreciate the advice on

tires and other accessories. “Toyota is our brand, but we enjoy getting together with like-minded people around an off-road track,” said Tony. In our experience, the off-road track or training course is the great equalizer in the 4x4 world. On the outing at DeWildt, the Toyota FJ Cruiser we drove definitely proved to be a well-balanced 4x4 offering enough off-road features to make an amateur look professional. For more information and dates for upcoming events, contact Tony Teo at: 011 841 1700 or

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5 March 2014



BENONI: 43 HOWARD AVE TEL: 011 422 2995

Bittersweet cycling race WINNER: Metkel Eyob. Photo:

Chantal Thurlby What was supposed to be a 30th celebration of the race, currently known as the Carnival City Macsteel National Cycle Classic, turned out to be the most devastating in the history of the event. A cyclist was involved in a fatal accident. Despite the efforts of the ER24 medics, Road Rangers and other volunteers, they could not save her life. “Our sincere condolences to the family and friends, and heartfelt thanks to everyone involved during and after this event,” the organising team said. The event took place on 23 February and

was organised by members of the Rotary Club of Germiston, as well as Germiston Wheelers Cycle Club, with its main objective to raise funds for charities located within the greater Germiston area. Germiston Wheeler members spent hours on the route to ensure that potholes are filled, glass and rubbish is removed from the road, signs are installed, and it being generally safe for cyclists to use the section of road. The Rotarians attended to the permits, risk analysis, and sanctioning certificate from Cycling South Africa. Over 4000 cyclists entered the event, who had a choice of four distances (160km, 121km, 103km and 65km). The main event for the professionals often

ends in a bunch sprint, but over 160km tactics play an important role in the final outcome. After 64km, the racing really started and a few riders managed to get clear of the peloton. By the 139km mark, the breakaway group was only 5 strong, with David Maree (Team Abantu) puncturing shortly after. That left three Team Bonitas riders and one WCC Africa rider left to fight for the win, with Metkel Eyob (WCC Africa) outfoxing Hendrik Kruger, Clint Hendricks and Dylan Girdlestone (All Bonitas). “Congratulations to every cyclist that completed the event, as well as the sponsors, volunteers, marshals, medical staff, bike marshals, and supporters for helping to make the event the success that it was.”

From R99 00


The old vs the new I have had the honour of playing with and against some of the best cricketers in the world during my career as a cricket professional, and I could give you a number of players’ By Craig Norris names that would challenge the current crop of players. The likes of Clive Rice, Graeme Pollock, Sylvester Clarke and Jimmy Cook from the then “Mean Machine”, to name but a few, as well as the Chappell brother’s, Alan Border, Jeff Thompson, Dennis Lillee and Shane Warne from Australia. Today you have Graeme Smith, AB De Villiers, JP Duminy, Morné Morkel and Dale Steyn, as well as David Warner, Michael Clark, Mitchell Johnson and Shane Watson. Is it fair for me to compare these great players, whom are pretty much thirty years apart? Why not, as the basics of the game have not changed. The only thing you need to consider is that the only difference is that there is so much more money in the game now than the mid-eighties. Money aside, I would arguably say that the exAussie skipper, and now commentator, Alan Border and his fellow players would agree with me in saying that his fellow teammates, as well as Pollock and co, would certainly have stood up to the challenge of the modern game. The old saying of “You can’t buy experience in the supermarket” is so true. Been there, done that and worn the T-Shirt. In an ideal world, I would love to have seen Graeme Pollock smash Mitchell Johnson all over the park and park Warne in the stands.

Boksburg Athletic Club Time Trials 2km

1. Amore van Baalen (Jnr) (BOKS) 09:33; 2. Matthew Pienaar (NC) 11:02; 3. Chelzee West-Mace (NC) 14:05; 4. Tracy Jordaan (NC) 18:35; 5. Madelein Oberholzer (NC) 18:35; 6. Caitlin Jordaan (NC) 18:35.


1. Thabo Nkune (Toy) 14:02; 2. Tiaan Marais (Jnr)(BOKS) P.B. 16:45; 3. Michelle

Meyer (BOKS) 17:21; 4. David Hogan (NC) 17:40; 5. Bronwyn Strydom (BOKS) 17:50; 6. Sean Stevens (NC) 17:57; 7. Shaun Jordaan (BOKS) P.B. 19:33; 8. Adam Meyer (Jnr) (BOKS) 20:00; 9. Milton Bartholomew (BOKS) 20:48; 10. Cindy Ferreira (NC) 20:52.


Meyer (Jnr)(BOKS) P.B. 28:13; 3. Ryan Gibson (BOKS) 28:31; 4. Armand Bosman (NC) 28:31; 5. Gideon Joubert (SP) P.B. 29:00; 6. Daniella Meyer (Jnr) (BOKS) P.B. 33:20; 7. Nathan Visser (Jnr) (BOKS) P.B. 33:20; 8. Wayne McBowles (BOKS) 34:18; 9. Rudolf Oberholzer (BOKS) 34:18; 10. Elias Jelwane (SP) 34:57.

1. Theunis Holl (BOKS) 28:10; 2. Luke

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