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Chantal Thurlby

Missing Benoni pilot Clifton Pike has Port Alfred police asking local farmers on high alert and on the lookout for him. Port Alfred Police Station commander Col Lizette Zeelie said police have been searching for the pilot since last Wednesday afternoon. Zeelie said police, the farmers' association and the 43 Air School in Port Alfred are part of the search team and planes are conducting fly-overs in search of the missing pilot. Pike was reported missing at approximately 13:30. According to the pilot’s stepson, Brogan Shrimpton, Pike was flying from Margate to Port Alfred. Pike then departed from Port Alfred en route to Mossel Bay, but did not land. According to the Mossel Bay Advertiser, both Pike and another pilot, Rob du Plooy, left Port Alfred in separate aircrafts, where the weather forecast was marginal, but with an indication that it would lift once they reached St Francis.Du Plooy said they decided to split up to avoid bad weather. Just outside Alexandria, the weather changed to heavy cloud and mist. Du Plooy managed to divert to upper levels and towards the sea and made it into Port Elizabeth to land. Pike is believed to have been flying a Giles 202 aircraft. The missing man, and owner of Icon Bricks East Rand, was due to compete at the Western Cape Regional Aerobatics Championship to be held in Mossel Bay this past weekend, according to event organiser Hans Potgieter. PHOTO:

THE SEARCH IS ON: Clifton Pike.

Scooters Pizza fills the tummies of children in need

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winner of a Baron franchise

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Diesel thieves caught

Busted: the suspect that was Apprehended

Chantal Thurlby On 30 January, Dane Smuts and DustinLeigh de la Port, Impala Park CPF Patrollers, were doing their rountine patrol in Brentwood Park Road (Sector 1).

The patrollers noticed a Mercedes construction truck parked next to the road and a Toyota Cressida vehicle parked in front of it. Accorinf the two patrollers the four men were looking around suspiciously, as if they were keeping guard. This raised suspicion with the patrollers about what they were doing. Dane and Dustin called for back up. Upon arrival at the scene, the patrollers questioned the four suspects. The suspects responded that they were waiting for a mechanic because their truck had broken down. Upon further inspection, the CPF Patrollers noticed a 25L drum already filled with diesel and another 25L drum that was in the process of being filled.

These drums were hidden away underneath the truck. The CPF Patrollers realised that the suspects were draining diesel from the truck. The BN SAPS Sector Vehicle was called to the scene whilst the owner of the truck was being tracked through the truck’s registration details. The suspects attempted to flee the scene however the swift action of Brett Jacobs led to the apprehension of a suspect, the other three unfortunately got away. The suspect was arrested and was taken to tBoksburg North Police Station. The truck owner arrived at SAPS station shortly thereafter. Needless to say, he is extremely grateful to the CPF Sector 1 Patrollers. According to the owner, his trucks were using

*Photo supplied a huge amount of diesel, which was unexplainable until the source of the problem got exposed by the CPF Sector 1 Patrollers. He thanked all the CPF Sector 1 patrollers for their tireless efforts.

A lucky lady (must be 21-years or older) can win a dinner with Mr SA, John Owens, all you have to do is share your best pick-up line and your worst date ever on www.tametimes. See competition on page 5.

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Amy-Mae Campbell On the corner of North Rand Road and Trichardts Road in the Key Largo Shopping Centre in Boksburg, you will find a black and red restaurant named iL Gusto. It has been around for almost ten years and it is famous for its delicious Italian and Mediterranean food. Over the years it has also built up its reputation as one of the places where you can find one of the largest wine collections in the Boksburg area. The owner George Kounelakis At iL Gusto, ‘tastiness’ and and his business partner Costi presentation are two very Lambros, with George’s wife and important components for daughter a successful dish. Even the name “iL Gusto” means “the taste” in Italian and Greek, thus customers can expect food that will not only be filling, but delicious as well. Proud owner George Kounelakis is particularly satisfied with their rump steaks and their pasta. The Bistecca Pasta Di George Bistecca Gusto Fisione Gusto Fisione and the Pasta To book at Il Gustro call George on 011 894 7847 Di George part one, are two

East Rand Stereo doing it for Senior Citizens January is East Rand Stereo’s (ERS) Senior Citizens month and although ERS always try to do something for the Senior Citizens, this month was very special, as they visited Meals on Wheels. Meals on Wheels is a very special organisation, that buys food, and prepare and deliver warm, well cooked and balanced meals to people who can’t do it for themselves anymore. They even get dessert. East Rand Stereo visited the branch in Springs and was astonished to find a

sprightly 76-year-old lady running the branch. She does all the work, with the help of Annamarie, on a part time basis, and another lady. She has been working at Meals on Wheels for 24 years and she does all the shopping, cooking and delivering. She delivers 240 meals per week. East Rand Stereo staff helped to prepare the beans and dishing up of the food into the plates. During the delivery of the meals, DJ Mike went with ERS to visit the people. ERS took lots of photographs which you can find on Facebook. One eye-opening visit was from Cathy.

The course will silence any complaint about ‘not enough professionals being available’. The disconnection between graduates and the workplace is enormous. This year alone, thousands of South African graduates are expected to enter the job market. But only a few will be lucky enough to find an appropriate job. Those who struggle will do so for many reasons, but even the lucky ones will experience difficulty in adapting to the workplace. This is because few colleges and universities manage to adapt quickly enough to lecture to an ever-changing market and to release students that meet industry’s demands. The health and safety industry isn’t much different from other industries with talks

Delivery on Wednesday to all households and businesses in Boksburg. Published by Tame Communications Corner Michelle Avenue and 37 Sangiro Close, Randhart. PO Box 17699, Randhart, 1457. Tel: 011 862 8500, Fax: 011 869 7335 Editor: Chantal Thurlby Sub-editor: Eddie Kok

Liewe land, my dogter sê nou die dag vir my die eienaardigste ding:

“Ek gaan my seuntjie nie pakslae gee nie, ek gaan net vir hom sê - ‘Klasie, gaan ons woorde hê?’ met ‘n kwaai stemtoon, dan gaan ek hom só dissiplineer. Pak slae is wreed!” Pak slae is wreed? Ek is seker nog outyds, maar toe ek ‘n kind was, was daar omtrent net een manier van ‘n kind dissiplineer - ‘n lekker warm pak slae. “Drie van die bestes,” sou my pa sê. My ma het weer haar houe in lettergrepe verdeel en elke slag op ‘n lettergreep toegedien. Ek lag net in my mou as my dogter dit sê, want haar woorde is skaars koud dan kruip Klasie, wat nou een jaar oud is, na die koffietafel om die tafellappie af te trek. Dit vat beslis meer as streng woorde om sy klein pof handjies uit die moeilikheid te hou. In my kinderjare het die ouers dit selfs aan die onderwysers oorgelaat om hulle kinders te dissiplineer. Gysie het eendag op skool, in Elektries, in graad 10, probeer oplet hoe die meneer ‘n trein van ‘n som op die bord bereken en uitskryf. Dit was ‘n Vrydagmiddag en almal se konsentrasievermoë het al lankal leeggeloop. Net soos die meneer die laaste stap uitwerk en die bordkryt neersit, rol Gysie sy oë en mompel “Hoera”. Voor Gysie nog klaar kon afskryf, staan die meneer vlak voor hom en roep hom vorentoe vir ‘n pak. “Nee,”sê Gysie, wat nog altyd ‘n lekker gladdebek gehad het, “ek het gesê – o ja, meneer.” Maar hy kon die meneer nie flous nie. Die meneer het sommer nog met die belt behoorlik die witwaks uit arme ou Gysie geslaan, maar Gysie het definitief nooit weer disrespek getoon aan ‘n grootmens nie. Vandag is dit hoegenaamd nie meer aanvaarbaar nie. Veral nie meer deur onderwysers nie. As dit vandag gebeur het, so Gysie beslis ‘n saak kon maak teen die meneer. Ek het besluit om hieroor te gesels, aangesien ek ‘n klompie briewe ontvang het waar ouers die saak beredeneer. ‘n Getroue leser het ook verwys na die gesegde “Spare the rod and spoil the child.” Tip: Hierdie week stel ek ‘n vraag: Waar is die lyn tussen jou kind tug en mishandel? Was ons ouer generasie te wreed? Hoe stel julle voor moet ‘n ouer of onderwyser ‘n probleemkind dissiplineer?

completed the course, he or she will have the know-how and the experience required to perform the tasks. The course is also based on adult outcomes based education principles. This gives the candidate the opportunity to network in a typical group environment, thereby understanding and gaining knowledge of various industries, hearing different views and opinions and improving his or her own communication skills. Offering the full scope The Makrosafe Health and Safety Certificate course covers the full health and safety scope and includes aspects like legislation, functions of a Health and Safety Representative, principles of Health and Safety, risk assessment and implementation and evaluation of safety management programs. The course is divided into different chapters. Each chapter can be presented individually and at a different time. This makes it possible to spread the course over a longer period, instead of being lectured for to 10 days consecutively.

about ‘insufficient capacity or lack of trained professionals’ doing the rounds continuously. To answer the need, Makrosafe will introduce a new certificate course from February this year. The Makrosafe Health and Safety Certificate course has been specifically designed to provide training to those with even only a very basic level of understanding of health and safety. When the course was designed, the objective was to put together a programme that would appeal to and cater for a ‘lay-man-off-thestreet’ and train him up to an entry level understanding of health and safety. The student should also be able to apply the learning in a practical manner. The course aims to achieve this by embedding knowledge and focusing more on the practical aspects to ensure the student can do the job, rather than aiming at seeing how well a person can memorise information provided and regurgitate that information on an examination paper. Once a student has


dishes that form the epitome of this restaurant and its attention to taste and presentation. The Bistecca is 350g wet steak chargrilled and topped with a dab of sour cream, biltong shavings with seasonal avocado, served with a choice of veggies or crispy wedges. The steak is succulent and easy to enjoy, as there aren’t too many tendons and too little meat. The Pasta dish consists of soft fillet strips, Danish feta, olive oil, spring onions, jalapeno, chilli and garlic. Freshness is also an important factor at iL Gusto, and the waiter therefor grates the cheese at the table over the pasta. The service is very speedy and efficient. Customers can push a button on a little red lamp on the tables that signals to the waiters that someone is in need of service. The atmosphere is very classy and homey, with the warm feeling of a wine cellar inside. For a dining experience that you will never forget, choose iL Gusto. You won’t be disappointed!

Cathy is an angel in disguise, working for 24 years, 4 days a week, with no pay, preparing hot meals for people worse off than she is and she is fit and brave. She made all the staff take a second look at their lives. East Rand Stereo enjoyed working in their kitchen for the morning, and found the spirit of camaraderie uplifting. Cathy did an interview on the ERS Ekurhuleni Focus programme and she will always be seen as a real warrior. ERS said, “Cathy, we lift a glass in salute to you. Senior Citizen month – BA! If all our younger citizens could have the guts that these women have, South Africa would be a better place.”

Making offices a safer place

As from February 2014, Makrosafe will be offering a full Health and Safety Certificate course that has specifically been put together to cater for students with little or limited knowledge about health and safety principles.

5 February 2014

tame TIMES

The course content has been put together by a team of dedicated and experienced health and safety professionals, who are able to draw knowledge and information from the vast database Makrosafe has created since it joined the industry, many years ago. The course is fully recognised and accredited by the Health and Welfare SETA. The course also does not expire, as it is a skills program qualification, which does not require that refresher training for the particular unit standards have to be done. As accidents in the workplace occur every day, the South African industry can certainly do with more health and safety professionals. Since 2010, the government has already been calling on the business community to assist in creating another five million jobs in the coming years. If only a small percentage would attend the Makrosafe Health and Safety Certificate course, the call will be answered and the target will be met. More importantly, workplaces in South Africa would become a safer place.

Chantal Thurlby

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5 February 2014

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Decomposed body found in Boksburg North

SAPS: The vehicle that was on scene

Boksburg North SAPS improved During the past quarter Boksburg North SAPS has improved from a three star to a four star rating. This was accomplished through hard work and dedication. They give all the stations ratings according to their Performance Chart. The components at the station must get a percentage between 70% and 85% to achieve a 4 star rating. The aggregate is made by the achievements of the Support Service, Vispol and the Detectives. Boksburg North’s support service received a five star rating on its own. Boksburg North SAPS is also first in their cluster. This is a big achievement and shows that the staff are standing together and working hard.

DECEASED: This is where the man was found, shirt and belt next to him.

PEP store takes Thurlby a hit Chantal On Friday, West Wood Centre’s PEP was yet another target for criminals. According to Boksburg Cluster Chairperson Hermand Heunis, one female and four male suspects, of which two were armed, stole an undisclosed amount of money from the cashiers. The suspects had rifles and were driving a grey/black Mazda Sting 323. All suspects got away and investigations are still underway.

PEP STORE: Westwood Malls signage that was placed on their door.

Hits the jackpot

The Gauteng Flying Squad arrested a 34-year-old male for possession of 3 unlicensed assault rifles, a large quantity of ammunition, a bulletproof vest, a vehicle reported stolen in 2010, drugs, computers, identity documents and passports belonging to different people, in Benoni, Northmead following a National Investigation Unit crime drive operation on the night of 28 January. In an intelligence driven operation, the officers reacted swiftly following a lengthy

investigation of suspected illegal dealings at the house. During investigation the police recovered weapons and ammunition, these weapons are suspected to have been used in commission of serious and violent crimes in and around Gauteng. The suspect, who is currently in police custody, will appear in the Benoni Magistrate’s Court to face more than 20 charges, ranging from possession of unlicensed firearms, ammunition, and dealing in drugs, and possession of suspected stolen motor vehicle.

Cop serial rapist gets five life sentences and Chantal Thurlby an additional 284 years the crimes between 2011 and 2012 around Tembisa, Olifantsfontein, Ivory Park, Randburg and other areas. Dlamini said they started investigating two cases of rape, but they soon linked the policeman to other unsolved rape cases. “In some of the offences the policeman acted with civilian accomplices, he still has to answer to additional cases in Hammanskraal and Polokwane,” said Dlamini. “The IPID is satisfied with the sentence as it closes a painful chapter for the victims, some of whom were teenagers when they were raped,” said Dlamini.

Cocaine arrest at OR Tambo airport A foriegn national man was arrested at OR Tambo International Airport on 27 January with cocaine bullets worth about R250 000. The drugs were discovered in his stomach, according to the Hawks. The 41-year-old was arrested on arrival from Sao Paulo, in Brazil, at 08:00. He was en route to Kinshasa, in the Democratic Repub-

Chantal Thurlby

The decomposed body of a man, presumed to be in his late 40’s, was found in Boksburg North in a veld along Dayon Road last Thursday. The man’s decomposing body was first discovered by a G4S worker, who was asked by colleague to investigate a disturbing stench that appeared to rise from the veld that was just behind them. Upon inspection the worker, who found the man said it looked like the man could have just stood up. There were cardboard boxes around him and the deceased had only his pants on. According to officers on the scene the man could possibly have been killed during a robbery of some sort. A bystander who was also unfortunate enough to see the body had expressed his deep sadness and said that he doesn’t feel safe in South Africa anymore. Boksburg SAPS have got no leads and the body is still under examination.

National Investigation Unit:

A Randburg police constable convicted of rape, robbery and kidnapping was handed five life sentences and an additional 284 years by the South Gauteng High Court in Johannesburg, the Independent Police Investigative Directorate said on Sunday. Mokolo Karpos Molekoa (38) was sentenced on Friday. “He was convicted after standing trial for 47 charges ranging from 17 counts of rape, 13 counts of robbery and 17 counts of kidnapping,” IPID spokesperson Moses Dlamini said. Molekoa was acquitted on some of the charges. He allegedly committed

5 February 2014

lic of Congo, said Hawks spokesperson Paul Ramaloko. Police discovered the man had swallowed the cocaine when he was taken through an X-ray machine, Ramaloko said. 69 bullets of cocaine were seized. “We will keep him at the airport until he completes releasing all cocaine bullets from his digestive tract,” Ramaloko said.

Alert neighbours led cops to rescue young woman’s life

Anonymous reader says:

On 21 January at 08:15, Boksburg North complaint vehicles attended a complaint by the community of a possible suicide in progress. Constables Ralebipi, Swart, Nkuna and Mahapa arrived on the scene at a complex in Madely Road, Dayan Glen. They discovered that there was a vehicle idling in a closed garage. They jumped the wall to get access to the house and then they opened the garage from the inside. They removed the pipe from the exhaust of the vehicle and had to access the vehicle by breaking the small window. A young woman was lying unconscious behind the steering wheel. All the doors were opened and the young female was lifted from the vehicle and carried into the house. The officers wet her face and stayed with her until she was conscious or the ambulance had arrived. The Boksburg Fire Department personnel arrived on the scene and she was declared stable and transported to a hospital. Well done to these members for their good work.

I would like to raise my concerns, as these days our kids can do what they want and when you give them a hiding, like the Bible says, then you are the one in hot water. Kids can kill their families due to the fact that discipline is not implemented. Look at how kids speak to their parents and the parents can’t do anything about it. Court cases are even opened because the parents gave their child a hiding, like in the old days. Why can’t the law allow a parent to correct their children? In my opinion, it will make the world a better place and respect for mankind could be saved, perhaps? I am who I am because I got a good spanking when I was out of line. Schools need to teach respect and should stop teaching children about sex in schools and teach them about the Word of God and what the Bible teaches us. The right way of living. Only then, I think, this land will change and every person will repent and turn from their wicked ways.

The following arrests were made by Boksburg North SAPS during from 20 and 27 January: Arrests: Possession of illegal substances: 15 Shoplifting: 11 Intimidation: 1 Fraud: 6 Possession of illegal cigarettes: 1 packet Undocumented persons: 30 Possession of suspected


stolen property: 6 Theft: 14 Possession of counterfeit DVDs: 2 Domestic Violence: 2 Dealing in illegal substance: 1 Assault GBH: 1 MITP: 1 Other : 2 Dealing in counterfeit DVD’s: 2 Attempted business robbery: 1 NRTA: 2 Drunk in public: 2

Business robbery : 1 Driving under influence: 1 Seizures: Illegal substance: 19 Alcohol: 750ml Knives: 7 Cigarettes: 27 boxes Other: 21 Electrical equipment: 5 Ammunition: 106 Magazine: 3 Cables: 7 pieces Counterfeit DVDs : 50 Firearms : 7 Blood sample kit: 1

5 February 2014

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Investing in education

Scooters Pizza fills the tummies of

children in need

Angelo Kostoglou, the proud owner of Scooters Pizza Boksburg, Kempton Park and Bonaero Park, surprised the children of Phumzile Primary School with HAPPY: One of the a day filled children enjoying his with fun, free pizza tasty pizzas, refreshing cold drinks and toys. PROUD SMILES: Kgomotso Mtwazi from Magaliesburg State School and Sifiso Mbele from Esokwazi Secondary School receive a bursary check on behalf of the Gauteng 2013 matric top achievers. MEC Barbara Creecy and Gauteng Premier Ms Nomvula Mokonyane awarding them with the bursary cheque. Amy-Mae Campbell The Gauteng Department of Education (GDE) has allocated over R200 million towards tertiary education for learners from nofee paying schools. The GDE has awarded 1125 university bursaries and 1600 FET (Further Education and Training) bursaries to Gauteng’s matric 2013 top achievers from no-fee paying schools. The official award ceremony took place on 27 January at Turffontein Race Course. The aim of the Gauteng City Region Academy (GCRA) bursary scheme is to ensure that financial constraints do not hold learners from disadvantaged communities or households back from acquiring tertiary education. The GDE is proud to announce that over the last four years, they have been able to award bursaries directly to no-fee paying schools. “If we want to break inequality, we must invest in our learners. Our responsibility does not end with grade 12,” said Gauteng Premier Nomvula Mokonyane. The bursaries will fund the student’s degree or diploma for the whole duration of the course. However, it is up to the learner not to drop out or fail. The reality is that the GCRA

bursary scheme cannot fund everyone who has fared well in matric. Mokonyane therefore asks that each bursary recipient makes the most of the financial support they are getting, as there are many other learners who are also deserving. MEC Barbara Creecy and Premier Mokonyane call on the community, and especially the private sector, to invest in learners who are unable to enrol for tertiary education because of their financial situation. “If you assist someone, it will benefit South Africa immensely and change lives,” said Creecy. According to Mokonyane, the GDE has partnered with the private sector to finance deserving students, but she feels that the business sector could do more to invest in education. “The government cannot provide internships; this is where we need the private sector to come forward. We have a database of graduates who can fill their positions,” explained Creecy. Mokonyane emphasised that education is not merely a government issue, but a national and local community responsibility as well, “Ordinary citizens with the ability, put a child through university to give back for what you have received. It takes a village to raise a child.”

As a way of showing loyal customers that Scooters Pizza cares, Kostoglou joined forces with the St Nicolas of Japan Church’s outreach programme as they showed their appreciation to the community of Soshanguve. Kostoglou wanted to give the children a little hope for the school year ahead as Phumzile Primary School was damaged by the November 2013 hailstorms, leaving the students to learn in an unfit environment as the classroom roofs are still badly dilapidated. “Being the start of the new school year, students should be happy and excited to go back to school and to learn, but under these circumstances it is a little hard for

Phumzile Primary School’s pupils to be positive. Bringing a smile to these children’s faces was our objective but seeing their excitement, and being able to join in on a day filled with singing and dancing and happy children, made our involvement more than worth it,” states Kostoglou. Sean Lilley, Marketing Manager of Scooters Pizza, states that although the brand cannot make all the structural changes needed at the school, they can make a change in a child’s day. “As in many rural areas, the need for education upliftment is vast and some of the schools are in dire need of renovations and improvement. Even though we’re not physically revamping the school, Scooters Pizza is making a difference in uplifting the children’s spirit, one slice at a time. Our brand is known for its passion, energy, innovativeness and fun. The day spent with the children at Phumzile Primary School not only demonstrated our culture but may just have inspired a few future pizza entrepreneurs,” concludes Lilley. If you would like to get involved and help Scooters Pizza make a difference in someone’s life, contact the head office on 011 608 1999 and for more information on Scooters Pizza, please visit www.

The group of children and teachers that received the pizza

Top matrics receive mayoral bursaries

Chantal Thurlby

Executive Mayor of Ekurhuleni, Clr Mondli Gungubele awarded 230 top matric students with bursaries to the value of R5.7 million during the Mayoral Academic Excellence Awards at Emperors Palace in Kempton Park last week. The bursary recipients also received R500 worth of book vouchers. Speaking to the students, the mayor said bursaries were an investment into the lifetime future of council. “We are not doing you a favour by awarding you bursaries, we are doing ourselves a favour because we believe that education is a lifetime investment that can only serve to grow our city and country,” he said. One of the bursary recipients, currently registered with the University of Johannesburg to pursue a degree in the medical field, Homeopathy, expressed her gratitude to the mayor. “The bursary has assisted me a great deal because my family could not afford to pay for my university fees. I have always dreamed of becoming a doctor and it always seemed impossible because of my financial background, but I am really happy that it is finally happening. I am happy to be a resident of Ekurhuleni and words cannot describe my joy at what the municipality has done for me. I am living my dream,” Velenkosini Mabunda said.






Ekurhuleni’s best top three 2013 matric learners who received full bursaries and laptops are Lisa Nunes (Alberton), Sobantu Nyalunga (Watville) and Yashka Singh (Benoni). The trio attributed their success to hard work and sacrifice. The three had an opportunity to take the picture with Ekurhuleni Executive Mayor, Clr Mondli Gungubele.


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5 February 2014

Free delivery every Wednesday - Boksburg

SERVICES 1002 HOME IMPROVEMENT/DIY GARAGE DOOR SPECIALIST Supply, Installation, Repairs and Services to all types of domestic garage doors.

Automation with battery back-up.

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Manager: Tessa Arthur Tel: 011 862 8500 Fax: 086 611 2154

1006 Gardening

& Rubble removal

a beST b.W.Tree Felling Tree Felling Stump removal Fire wood Chipping Site Clearing 24 Hrs

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5002 LOANS BEST DEBT FINANCE LOANS SAME DAY PAYOUT Apply via fax or email Tel: 011 869 5553 or bestdebtalberton@

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Elephant hide By Leila Bailie writes: If you thought I was going to write about those fourlegged pachyderms that roam our wild life parks, you would be mistaken. I would be referring to the thick skins that the much maligned estate agents have to develop. I would like to dispel a couple of the myths surrounding this much maligned and unusual breed of worker. Myth one. It is an “easy peasy” way of making a quick buck. It would be interesting to find out how many people have tried this “easy peasy” money maker and quit within the first two months. Are you aware that you have to carry yourself financially for at least six months? If you are fortunate enough

to make a sale within the first month or two, it still takes six to eight weeks for a property to register (if all goes smoothly, and we are talking about life throwing us curve balls here). The agent only gets paid for the sale once the property is registered. Myth two. Estate agents are not human, you may therefore blame them for all your silly decisions, like over capitalizing in your area, insisting on putting your property on the market at an exorbitant price and therefore not getting any response from buyers. Agents are on call 24/7 and do not have families of their own. Myth three. All expenses are paid for by the agency employing the agent. No, you have to pay for your own grooming, car maintenance, fuel, telephone and extra marketing. So most of us are pretty smart financial jugglers, we make best friends with our bank managers so that handy overdraft can see us through tough times. For all that, it is an exciting career. Yes, we are now a

profession, having to pass NQF4 examinations and several others after that. How many people can say they meet new people every day? Who can say that for sure their day will turn out completely different to the one they planned? Who can claim that awesome high when a sale is finally concluded? Who can work their own hours every day? Having said all that, it is imperative that it is understood that, “The harder you work, the luckier you get”. Of course a Masters degree in Psychology is an enormous help, after all we are dealing with people here. However, if you do not have this, it will be taught to you the hard way. The good news is now and then the universe throws you a bone (or boon) in the form of awesome clients who are on this crazy property selling/buying journey with you, and not against you, and they make it all worthwhile. So for those of you out there taking that scary step into the property world, spare a thought and share a kind word for your not so thick skinned agent.

Go to

5 February 2014

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And the winner of Boksburg North Sandwich Baron franchise is… The long awaited, once in a lifetime business opportunity offered by Sandwich Baron through their ‘Win a Franchise’ competition has officially drawn to a close. In February 2013, Sandwich Baron, in association with the Franchise Association of Southern Africa (FASA). announced the competition to give one hardworking, driven and passionate entrepreneur the opportunity of owning and managing their own Sandwich Baron store. The competition ran from 9 – 11 May 2013, and to participate entrants needed to complete an entry form and submit it at the Sandwich Baron stand at the International Franchise Exhibition. After months of in-depth reviews and research into the entrants, the winner and soon to be Sandwich Baron family member, Scott Mitchley of Sandringham, Gauteng, was chosen. Mitchley, along with other hopeful applicants, entered the competition with high hopes and big dreams. Dreaming alone, however, was not the determining factor in selecting the cream of the crop. All entrants underwent various stages of review, where they had to present not only financial records and background information, but also a comprehensive business plan on how they intended to manage a Sandwich Baron store to ensure its success. For Sandwich Baron Managing Director, Sally J’Arlette-Joy, Mitchley is a phenomenal choice. “With 20 years’ experience in the food franchising industry, Scott is fully experienced to take a Sandwich Baron store to new heights. Within his career, he has worked in

all operations positions, making him equipped to handle the various tasks that are required of a franchisee.” “Following the impressive business plan that he submitted, which showed great potential, Scott firmly proved his worth upon his final review. We look forward to taking the next steps with him to successfully establish his store and to do the Sandwich Baron brand proud.” Mitchley wins the tasty prize of a brand new, fully constructed and equipped Sandwich Baron franchise outlet fitted with the essential fixtures and furniture that meets the Sandwich Baron’s minimum shop specifications. Also included is food stock to the value of R25 000 and one month’s training at the Sandwich Baron outlet in Alberton, Johannesburg. Being the proud owner will prove to be a delicious opportunity, as the business is supported by an enthusiastic head office team, a loyal franchise dynasty, and hungry consumers waiting to support the new store owner. “I am elated with the announcement as I know that, along with my co-winners, Liz Mitchley and Taina Lubner, who will be running the store with me, we have what it takes to make a success of the store. We are committed to being involved at the store as much as possible anf being hands on is the only way to go,” an excited Mitchley shares. J’Arlette-Joy concludes that the competition proved to be an outright success, “We had an overwhelming interest in the competition with many promising entrants. Over 500 people entered the competition, which indicates that there is considerable interest in Sandwich

Baron and that we offer a competitive and lucrative business model for emerging entrepreneurs.” Mitchley will be the brand new owner of Sandwich Baron Boksburg North as of March 2014 and looks forward to welcoming many customers to his store alongside Liz Mitchley and Taina Lubner. For more on Sandwich Baron and how you can own a franchise, visit www.sandwichbaron. com

Scott Mitchley, Winner of the brand new Sandwich Baron franchise.

Johnny Clegg at Emperors Chantal Thurlby Arguably one of South Africa’s most prolific musicians, Johnny Clegg will soon return to Emperors Palace’s Theatre of Marcellus, for two shows on 7 and 9 February. Clegg will wow fans with a rare, unplugged performance. This is a very intimate show and will include storytelling by Clegg, where he will share details about his life and personal views of the political history of South Africa and abroad. The show is a personal journey, which is uplifting, moving and also humorous at times. With more than seven million albums sold worldwide, Clegg has wowed audiences through his live performances, including appearances with Nelson Mandela. The singer-songwriter has not only won a number of national awards, but also international awards for his music and outspoken views about apartheid and migrant workers in the country. A dancer, anthropologist, academic, activist and French knight, Clegg has released two dozen albums, including the most recent, Human, in 2010. While all these tags are fitting, none of them can accurately describe the energetic, passionate artist, who has become one of South Africa’s greatest musical exports. Recently awarded three honorary doctorates, by Dartmouth College, CUNY and the University of the Witwatersrand, on Freedom Day in 2012, Clegg received the Presidential Ikhamanga Award as part of the National Orders ceremony. A National Order is the highest honour a South African citizen can receive for his/her contribution to the country.

Upcoming Attractions: Comedy Central Presents Sex | 21 & 22 February How deep is your love?

Naina - For Your Eyes Only | 23 February Presented by the Jankaar Indian Contemporary Dance School.

Young Ballet Stars of the World | 25 & 26 February Ballet like we like it.

Basket Mouth | 28 February The Nigerian world-wide sell-out comedy act.

Nik Rabinowitz in Stand Up | 1 March It’s so funny, its almost criminal!

99% Zulu Comedy | 7 & 8 March 100% Comedy in 99% Zulu.

Rules with complete offer available at | 011 248 5000


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5 February 2014 MIASLF-06






BENONI: 43 HOWARD AVE TEL: 011 422 2995

Tennis ace Sithole runner up at the Australian open 1

South African sports star Lucas Sithole reached both the quads singles and doubles finals at the Australian Open Grand Slam. Although his hopes of winning his second Grand Slam in six months did not materialise, Sithole did SA proud. Sithole was the first wheelchair tennis player from Africa to play in both the singles and doubles final of the Australian Open. Unathi Batyashe-Fillis, spokesperson for Airports Company South Africa, the game

sponsor of Wheelchair Tennis SA said, “Airports Company South Africa congratulates Lucas on an inspiring performance. The company is especially proud to see how its partnership with WTSA has developed and grown talent over the nine-year period since it started sponsoring the sport. WTSA is developing world-class players and has put South Africa on the global map of wheelchair sporting talent.” Coming into the finals, Wagner and Sithole had both won two out of the three round robin matches to secure their place in the quad’s

Photo credit: Australian Open wheelchair tennis quad finalist Lucas Sithole with Lulu Xingwana, Minister of Women, Children and People with Disabilities, at a press conference after his arrival from the Australian Open at OR Tambo International Airport on 27 January.




Lulu Xingwana, Minister of Women, Children and People with Disabilities (Left), and Fikile Mbalula, Minister of Sport and Recreation, with Australian Open wheelchair tennis quad finalist Lucas Sithole, at a press conference after his arrival from the Australian Open at OR Tambo International Airport on 27 January.

Slow-Mag Marathon set for April The 22nd Slow-Mag race will be taking place on 27 April at Benoni Northern Sports Club. The Slow-Mag Marathon is a Comrades qualifier and runners can take part in an Ultra (50km), Full (42.2km), Half (21.1km) Marathon, 10km and Family Fun Run (5km). Starting times are as follows:

final at the first Grand Slam of 2014. SA Sports Awards Coach of the Year 2013 Holger Losch said, “We are proud of Lucas for reaching his second Grand Slam final. It is another milestone achieved and the experience he gained is extremely valuable. Lucas had a very successful Australian tour, winning both the Apia Sydney International Open and the Melbourne Open earlier in January this year. We are excited to see what the year holds for our top South African aces Lucas Sithole, Kgothatso Montjane and Evans Maripa. I would also like to thank our game

06:30 for Ultra, Full and Half Marathon 06:40 for 10km and 5km Family Fun Run Venue: Benoni Northerns Sports Club, Albert Bekker Park, corner O’Reilly Merry and Brodigan Street, Northmead, Benoni. Pre-entries online or in store. Pre-entry closing date: 18th April. ONLINE:


sponsor Airports Company South Africa who, without their support, these achievements would not have been possible.” Airports Company South Africa is the official sponsor of Wheelchair Tennis South Africa.

Other resources worth a visit include:; or join our Facebook page and group: Wheelchair Tennis SA and follow us on Twitter: @WCTennis.


Australian Open wheelchair tennis quad finalist Lucas at a press conference after his arrival from the Australian Open at OR Tambo International Airport on 27 January. Picture: Reg Caldecott

IN-STORE: - The Sweat Shop, Dunkeld West Centre, Jan Smuts Ave: 011 325 2567/8 - The Bedford Runner, 2 Bedfordview Arcade, Van Buuren Rd: 011 450 1847 - Sportsmans Warehouse, Boksburg Value Mart: 011 823 3350 - Woodstock Cycles, Benoni, O’Reilly Merry Street: 011 849 1305 No postal or faxed entries.

Late entries will be taken at BNAC on Saturday 26 April from 10:00 to 17:00 and on the morning of the race from 4.30am. T-Shirts for pre-entries for the Ultra, Full and Half Marathons ONLY. Race info and Enquiries: Race office 076 839 6800, For route info, visit and click on ‘events’ or go to SlowMagSA

Maximise opportunity at FNB Varsity Cup of rugby and the teams and players, take the competition very seriously.” Ross’ words are echoed by former Springbok Captain Francois Pienaar, “The FNB Varsity Cup is such a valuable contribution to building a sustainable talent pipeline for our national and provincial teams.” “Ross’ rise to professional ranks is proof that the current formula of nurturing rugby talent is working. The fact that we have a former varsity player captaining one of the top teams in the country is testament to the success of talent development efforts,” Pienaar said. Reflecting on his first year of captaincy, Ross acknowledges that, “It was a massive honour and privilege to be

The FNB Varsity Cup kicked-off yesterday 3 February and runs until 7 April. Matches will be broadcasted on Supersport 1.

Days before the start of the 2014 FNB Varsity Cup, former Tuks player and Blue Bulls 2013 Currie Cup captain, Jono Ross, as well as former Springbok captain Francois Pienaar, encouraged young players to maximise this opportunity as it could be their key to professional stardom. Ross said, “South Africa is blessed with abundance of talent and the FNB Varsity Cup is an important platform to showcase one’s potential. Even though this remains a varsity competition, there is really high level

tasked with leading the Blue Bulls rugby team in the 2013 Currie Cup season. This was a huge moment not only in my career but in my life as well. Last season, we had a fairly young team and unfortunately didn’t make it to the play-off stage but we’ll once again be pushing for top honours during the 2014 season.” Over the years, South Africa has managed to remain one of the top three nations which continue to dominate world rugby. Since readmission into international competitions, the Springboks have managed to win two rugby world cups. “For the Springboks to remain competitive and claim the top spot in world rugby, sustainable talent development efforts such as the FNB Varsity Cup, are crucial,” Pienaar said.

MAKING THE MOST OF HIS OPPORTUNITIES: Jono Ross who seized his FNB Varsity Cup.

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