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Mlll TIil PACK From the Editor Animals just make life more fun. That is what this issue is all about. We hope you enjoy the cover story, which includes some great shots of YOUR pets' silly antics. We also tell the story of Tuna in "Tails with a Happy Ending", a internet celebrity, and a few other famous faces in Pets in Media. Other features we put together for you include, a selection of warm and snuggly must-haves in Pet Shop, kitty tower building ideas in Little Paws and a useful Clip and Keep in Pet Wise. We also discuss a few things that really aren't humorous in Health and Nutrition. But, before you flip through another adventure with TAME, we wanted to share a few photos of our own 4-legged comedians. -� � �

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Small Animal Boarding in the St. Louis Area!

The House Rabbit Society of Missouri is now offering small animal boarding! We specialize in domestic rabbits, and also have experience with other small mammals such as guinea pigs, chinchillas and rodents. Space is limited, and open to members only (membership is only $25 per year!). Members receive many other benefits as well, like free nail trims and discounts on exclusive, high quality supplies for rabbits and small animals. Visit us at morabbit.org for full details!

While you’re visiting us online, be sure to check out Bunny 101 and our adoptable bunnies!

Special bunny services for our adopters and members.

morabbit.org ¡ 314-995-1457



little paws

Kitty Cat Kingdoms Playtime

Read Together! Cats love boxes! You love your cat!

with Pets

Combine that with the availability of boxes these days (thanks, Amazon!) and there is out, these are no stopping theIndoors two ofor you. great ways to spend free We’ve found cat towers and time some with super yourfun fur-buddies houses that can use for inspiration. If you andyou strengthen your bond.

want to be really precise and complicated, make sure to have an adult do the serious cutting and taping. Keep in mind, however, your cat isn’t likely to care how perfect your doors and windows are. You can also get creative by adding color with crayons and markers. Whatever you decide to make, just remember the point is to have fun…together!

Paint with Water!



A blog from a dog's point of view, covering pet lifestyle, pet issues, pet travel, reviews, rescues, giveaways, and Preston's adventures.





By Janet Roberts We asked our readers to tell us what their pets do to make them laugh. Try not to laugh at these submissions!

They lower stress levels and encourage physical activity. They love unconditionally and are loyal to a fault. They improve our social lives. But one of the biggest reasons pets hold such a special place in our hearts—they are simply so much fun to be around! Pets make us laugh when nobody else can, and provide meaning and purpose to our lives.

“My pet makes me laugh when they…”

With all their goofy looks and unpredictable antics, it’s no wonder we cherish our pets as our best friends. Whether it’s funny sleeping noises, zoomies, obnoxious barking or chasing their tail, they’ve always got somethin’ cookin’! We’re not sure if they mean to make us laugh, but they do. And we love them for it!

- John Lower

In fact, some pets have made it their “day jobs” to make people laugh. The Blueboys are two adorable staffordshire terriers that are Facebook sensations. Their page is hilariously crafted to match their goofy personalities, and the pictures and videos are circulated with one goal in mind: to make people laugh! We laugh at their love of sleeping, their love for pizza, and most adorably, their love for each other. The Blueboys: lip Facebook.com/darrenandphil

“…take a dip in the water bowl!”

“…yawn - then Angel looks like she’s possessed.” - Rennie Ellen Auiler “…make me think they are broken.” - Nanette Willis

“…when one dog is sleeping on the other dog while the kitten attempts to nurse the dog.” - Pam Proffitt-Rowland



Or how about Instagram sensation, Tuna (@TunaMeltsMyHeart)? Tuna is a chiweenee with the cutest underbite. His Instagram page is filled with pictures of him sleeping, dressing up, and close-ups of his adorable smile. And bonus, Tuna is a big ambassador for pet adoption, so he does good with his funny antics by spreading awareness about homeless pets! Learn more about Tuna on page 28.

Tuna: Instagram.com/tunameltsmyheart

Grumpy Cat: Facebook.com/TheOfficialGrumpyCat

Of the feline variety, Grumpy Cat has hit nearly every social media channel. Grumpy Cat (real name Tardar Sauce) is an adorable kitty with a permanent frown—which is hilarious. Her image is often portrayed on viral memes coupled with negative, cynical images and verbiage. While Grumpy Cat might have a permanent frown, her followers can’t help but smile at her adorable likeness.



These furry kids have become internet sensations, but our pets don’t have to be celebrities to make us laugh. In fact, their simple existence are what makes them so important in our lives.

“My pet makes me laugh when they…”

“...smile at me.” - Autumn Moore “practically sits on my face because he is afraid of the washing machine sounds.” - Rae Mangrum Campbell

“…roll off the couch and look confused!” - Melanie Riedel

“…when she asks me to scratch her belly.” - Leslie FullerBaker


“…when she sleeps like this with her bed reflecting in the mirror.” - Patricia Welch

Continued on page 16...


“My pet makes me laugh when they…”

“…are caught red handed!” - Devin Gentilesco

“…gets a boost.” - William Wake

“…my dog makes me laugh when he does his Snoop Dog imitation.” - Leah Scott

“…when he smiles.” - Rae Mangrum Campbell

“…he realizes we get to walk AT THE PARK!” - Katie Wiseman

“…takes his pig for a walk.” - Donnie Rodgers Jr.

“…when they find new ways to use a kennel.” - Brittany Fleming

“…when he shakes after he swims it’s hilarious.” - Mandi Fleming Fritz

“…when they all accompany me to the shower.” - Jill Henke

“What’s personal space?” - Dawn Blackwell

“...watch television like a human.” - Rachel Campbell

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Clip & Keep!

Infographic courtesy of www.petcoach.co/article/holiday-travelwith-your-pet-what-you-need-to-know



pet shop

Perfect Seasonal Selections for Pet Parents!

HOODED SWEATSHIRT What could possibly be warmer than snuggling up with your beloved pet? How about snuggling with them inside a paw-speckled sweatshirt? The one, designed by Meowingtons, is machine washable and the pet pouch is removable for additional cleaning too.

FINGERLESS GLOVES These stylish paw print gloves by BZfingers are adorable. They also come with a little pocket to fill with treats for your furry companion.

MUG COZY Mug cozies are a perfect way to wrap up your favorite brew. There are tons of options available online and in local pet shops, like these by KnittingGoleBag on Artfire that represent every kind of beloved pet.


SQUISHABLE PILLOW 15 squishy inches of Corgi snuggle power. Squishy HQ in New York has a full line of animals you will love to get your arms around.

BEDDING SET Snuggle down deep under the cover of your favorite breed. These, by Ottedesign, are available in several different types.


pet shop

BOOTS You can’t always be in slippers, but you don’t have to sacrifice style and comfort. These lined faux fur boots by the Animal Rescue Site,allow you to parade your love of furry friends with each step.

NECK WRAP DreamTime has designed a way to increase circulation and ease muscle tension in a way that pet parents are sure to love. The Hot Diggity Dog model comes with a washable, removable cover.

HATS The “Crazy Dog Lady” Beanie belongs in your collection of pet-lovers apparel. There are lots of colors in a one-size fits most option.

DRAFT BLOCK Miles Kimball has designed the cutest method to prevent chilly drafts. This block is in the shape of six different cats with detail on both sides.

PAJAMAS This time of year is all about wrapping yourself in comfort. PajamaGram lets you best pals join in the snugglefest with matching PJ sets. Too cute!

SLIPPERS Paw Print Slippers are fluffy and playful. Feel like you are walking on clouds while you enjoy the sweet “I Sleep with Dogs” message running the back!




NOT A LAUGHING MATTER Somethings are humorous . . . at first.

Overweight is unhealthy!

By Janet Roberts

A rolly-polly pet may look adorably funny, but pet obesity is an incredibly important issue that pet owners need to address. Pets with obesity are at increased risk for developing serious weight-related disorders such as diabetes, arthritis, high blood pressure, kidney disease, cancer, and more. We know how tempting it is to feed your dog table scraps, or cave into those “puppy dog eyes” begging for more food. Fight that temptation and ensure your pet is on a healthy diet with regular vet visits to ensure a long, happy, healthy life! Be careful of sharing too much “human” food as well. Our pets have a hard time processing many foods that humans love, and some might even be toxic. Grapes, nuts, chocolate, onions, and alcohol are among the many people foods that can cause negative reactions if ingested by dogs and cats. Even if people foods aren’t toxic, they might not provide the proper nutrition pets need to thrive. Remember, they aren’t humans! We consider our pets to be our babies. They truly are a member of the family. We buy them clothes, toys, beds, and more. But don’t forget--they aren’t human. It’s easy to fall into the trap of treating our pets like human children. But, humanizing our pets and failing to recognize these differences can get us into real trouble. Your pet’s behavior, emotions and perceptions are very different than your own. Among other things, how we communicate is quite different. We use words and eye contact to connect with one another, raise our voices to get our point across, hug to show affection, and tease each other. These are perfectly acceptable behaviors to humans, but for dogs, they can mean something else entirely. For example, hugs are unnatural and



HEALTH & NUTRITION very uncomfortable for some animals. Also, dogs, for example, often avoid direct eye contact and teasing can cause frustration and anxiety. Our pets can’t speak with us, and they have their own language. Read up about dog and cat body language and behavior for a crash course on how to tell what your pet is really saying. Neglecting training can result in bad habits! Some behaviors pets exhibit are funny. In the beginning. Stealing food or jumping all over you in excitement, when you walk in the door, may seem harmless. However, when bad manners go unchecked, they can lead to negative or even dangerous consequences. Many unwanted behaviors stem from bad manners and a lack of training. For example, barking. Barking is a very normal dog behavior, but excessive and uncontrollable barking is not. One common reaction in these situations is to yell over the noise, which may actually reinforce the behavior and encourage the dog to bark more. Some trainers suggest that dogs exhibiting this behavior need distraction and desensitization. Once you learn what is causing the barking, such as excitement or stress, you can work to address the barking by rewarding quiet behavior or redirecting to an acceptable behavior. Trust us, your neighbors will thank you. Jumping. Heartfelt videos circulate the internet showing happy and excited dogs jumping up to greet their owners. While this might seem adorable and cute, dogs can cause some real harm if they jump up at an inappropriate time or on a vulnerable visitor. Instead of encouraging jumpy greetings with loud noises and laughter, a good idea might be to teach your dog to avoid jumping by ignoring them as you enter the room. Train and reward him to sit, instead of jump. Make sure your pup is relaxed before receiving your attention. With consistency and patience, greetings with your dog will become a much more positive and safer experience.



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tails with happy endings

By Janet Roberts

Tuna is an adorably funny little dog with a true rags to riches story. This pup has overcome all odds and shows us what it means to persevere and spread joy to everyone we meet! His look, his presence, everything that is him, brings warmth and laughter. But his life wasn’t always so warm and fuzzy. Tuna’s Happy Tail is his to share, all thanks to his foster mom who just couldn’t let him go. In his younger days, Tuna was a homeless chiweenie that was abandoned on the side of a road in San Diego. A rescue found Tuna, and had him at a local farmer’s market. At this point, fate intervened @TunaMelts MyHeart and introduced Tuna to the love of his life, Courtney Dasher. Courtney originally intended to foster Tuna, but in the end she adopted him and he became a member of her family. She created his infamous Instagram and Facebook pages, and started to share Tuna’s story through photos, which quickly went viral and he became an internet sensation. His likeness has appeared on television, he has his own website, and his photos have even been made into a book, Tuna Melts My Heart: The Underdog With The Overbite.



tails with happy endings “Tuna” is a very fitting name for such a cute little dude, but that wasn’t always the case. Originally, his mom called him Mr. Burns after the famous Simpsons character. She later called him “Tooney,” because his look resembled that of a cartoon. And eventually, she chose the name Tuna—the perfect fit, if you ask us!

Tuna’s adorable overbite, his googly eyes, and his just plain cute wardrobe make him the perfect subject to follow on social media. If you’ve had a bad day, or are experiencing sadness, Tuna’s Facebook or Instagram pages will surely bring a smile to your face. Tuna has become such a celebrity, he needs a manager—and thankfully, his mom was the perfect candidate. Tuna and Courtney use their fame to promote pet adoption and raise money for animal rescue groups. The couple are paying it forward, helping other homeless pets find their happily ever after while also bringing smiles to thousands of followers every day.

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Visit heartlandpetcremation.com for the answers! “Very kind, professional and more comforting than I expected. I also appreciated the little touches like home delivery and their offer of transparency if I had any questions about the process. I will treasure my cat’s paw print and fur clipping-I don’t think I would have even thought to ask for that. I also appreciate the seamless relationship between our vet and Heartland.” - Willow

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