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Bonjour Les Amis! A wise man once said that, “"True love cannot be found where it truly does not exist, Nor can it be hidden where it truly does." Hence the reason why those who discover it choose to express their affection in the grandest fashion. The US wedding industry brings in nearly $40 billion a year and the 2011 American Wedding Survey estimates that the average cost of a small wedding in the US is $26,500. With the economy slowly recovering, many couples are staying within their means and making wiser decisions to seek more practical methods of celebrating their nuptials. I had a garden wedding. But for those who choose to still push the envelope of luxury, this issue offer some great recommendations of our design community’s brightest talents.

Here's to love!

Tameka Pierre-Louis, Allied Member ASID Editor-In-Chief of Le Rapport Minoritaire Magazine

Vera Wang


Keir Worthy Associate Editor Rhythm Alchemy Creative Consultants Roland Hyde, Resident Photographer

Kate Edmondson Bridal Couture

NOVEMBER LILY Bridal styling by Lulu Amin

Yemi Osuko

the legendary Ann Lowe was born in Alabama in 1899, the daughter and granddaughter of dressmakers who designed for Alabama's first ladies. When Ann was 16 her mother passed away, and Ann completed the projects her mother had been working on. She then went on to design school in New York, where she was shunned by her white classmates. She didn't let them get to her. Instead, she concentrated on her studies. It eventually paid off. Her customers included the DuPonts, Roosevelts, Posts, Biddles, Rockefellers, Auchinclosses, and other families that were listed in the Social Register. They loved her work. She was known as "society's best kept scecret," because, of course, no one would admit their clothing was being designed by a black woman.

When a ruptured water line flooded her store 10 days before the future First Lady's wedding, destroying the dress and all others that had been made for the occasion. But Lowe managed to remake all the dresses in time for the wedding. Later, in 1962 she lost her store due to back taxes, and lost her eye due to glaucoma. After the glaucoma surgery, when she was released from the hospital, she found that an anonymous benefactor had paid her all her debts. However, she developed cataracts in her other eye where fortunately surgery saved the eye. Still going strong in her 70′s, she opened a store inside Saks Fifth Ave, then her own salon, Anne Lowe Originals, on Madison Ave, making over 2,000 dresses for New York’s society. She was awarded the Couturier of the

Year Plaque and appeared in the National Social Directory and the 1968 Who’s Who of American Women. Known for her trapunto work, a detailed needle technique, Anne Cole Lowe’s fashions can be seen in a permanent collection at the New York Metropolitan Museum of Art, Washington D.C.’s Black Fashion Museum, and the Smithsonian. In 1997, the John F. Kennedy Library & Museum had the Textile Conservation Center of the American Textile History Museum in Massachusetts to restore the Kennedy gown. Ms. Lowe died in 1981 at the ripe age of 83.

Brian Atwell, Aurora embellished satin sandalsThe floral corsage and shimmering Swarovski crystals simply exude chic summer style for a mere $3548.

(Above) Manolo Blahnik, Sedarby Jeweled Satin d'Orsay, $75; (Bottom Right) Christian Louboutin Petal Sandals Violet Blue. $850.00

(Above) Manolo Blahnik Something Blue Satin Pump, $945; (Bottom Left) Manolo Blahnik Swan Embellished Satin Pump, $1295

Manolo Blahnik Jeweled Satin Skimmer, $857.17

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model citizen

Supermodel and philanthropist, Liya Kebede founded fashion line, LemLem (which means to flourish or bloom in Amharic), in 2007 to bring jobs to her native country Ethiopia.

Lemlem, the fresh and chic clothing line with an African spirt, has expanded to include a home decor line sold exclusively at The collection has handwoven pillowcases and blankets that features bright colors, unexpected details, and bold stripes. The new home decor line is a natural extension of the women and children’s clothing line that was creatde by philanthropist , supermodel, and actress Liya Kebede in 2007. The brand was inspired by a trip to her native Ethiopia where she visited many traditional weavers who had lost the market for their goods. Kebede wanted to preserve their art form and create job opportunities for these people thus lemlem was born. The pieces are handmade in Ethiopia from natural cotton and perfectly combine tradition with modern touches.


All featured products are things to pack light on your next romantic getaway. They are available at,, or you can purchase them at other select retailers.

Clockwise from top left: Plate-TEN by Holst + Lee, Anna Poncho Dress by LemLem, Tiki Underwire Cami Bikini by Mara Hoffman, Gigi Scarf by LemLem, Multi-Strand 4NINE by Holst + Lee, CollarSEVEN by Holst + Lee, Lila Tunic by LemLem.


real love

"When the one man loves the one woman and the one woman loves the one man, the very angels desert heaven and come and sit in the house and sing for joy.“ - Brahma Sutra

Now Available At: Stickley, Audi & Co. 40 Eastview Mall Drive Victor, New York 14564 East End Interiors 811 Middle Country Road St. James, New York 11780 English Country Antiques 26 Snake Hollow Road Bridgehampton, NY 11932 Prima Linens 1475 E. 13th Street Brooklyn, New York 11230 Safavieh Home Furnishings 120 S Central Ave Hartsdale, New York 10530

Safavieh Home Furnishings 24 School Street Glen Cove, New York 11542 Westchester House And Home 65 South Moger Ave Mount Kisco, New York 10549

diva supreme

Self-taught London-based make-up extraordinaire, Alison Cameron specializes in Black and Asian skin in Fashion, Beauty, TV/Film, Advertising, Music and Weddings. Her passion and natural talent for makeup was discovered while working at MAC cosmetics over six years ago. A self-confessed perfectionist, Alison is influenced by the anatomy of the face, color, texture, mood, the atmosphere, the electricity of an environment, a smile, a look and the way that makeup can convey thoughts and emotions.

But her pursuit of make-up artistry was not random. Alison always had a “good� eye for color and like most girls loved fashion. However, that passion initially led her to pursue a profession was not in makeup ,believe it or not, but in photography! I She loved creating beautiful pictures and leaned towards makeup because of the way it could accentuate or manipulate images and pull together eye catching and thought provoking. Imagery.

When asked what inspires her propensity to create the masterpieces she is known for, she simply says that its is her “surroundings, color, texture, moods, the atmosphere and the electricity of an environment, a smile a look, the wind the sea….everything! “ She is also inspired by Pat McGrath, another black, self taught makeup artist with a fine art background and highly influential and successful. Cameron started out as a professional dancer ten years ago but realized that when she had “had enough”, she looked to pursue other endeavors and realized her natural aptitude for makeup. Cameron confessed that the most exciting aspect is the realization oh how a “concept that started out as a tiny idea in your head [can] become a very real and successful translation whether it is video, print, catwalk or a beautiful bride. Her advice to women of color when choosing foundation is to make sure that the colors and textures we choose suit us as individuals rather than as an ethnic group. To achieve a perfect look flawless look be prepared to learn about your skin and its undertone.

Cameron says that, “Black skin is often lighter in the center of the face and darker around the edges which may require two products ( look seamless and natural; otherwise a lighter color used all over can look ashy on darker areas. Pay attention to your brows making them look lovely and neat and that will pull your whole look together. Also invest in a good blusher to bring some dimension back to your skin. Often women of color focus on the foundation and leave the skin looking perfect but flat. Blusher makes our faces look 3D!�

“Always moisturize, even if your skin is oily! Find a good moisturizer that will hydrate your skin…whether it’s a light gel based texture for oily/combination skin or a rich creamy texture for dryer skin. It will greatly enhance the look of your makeup. It doesn’t have to be expensive and it will keep your skin looking younger and smoother for longer. Exfoliate and definitely use an eye cream as they do work and make a difference. When I’m working on a model or even a bride, I pay special attention to the cleansing and moisturizing of the skin…it changes everything!”

le coif

Make-Up: Alison Cameron

Take a look at the current trend of bridal hair accentuated with beautiful florals. Its easy, breezy, timeless yet effervescent feel will leave your groom in awe.

bringing sexy back

Curve Appeal offers trendy, colorful, upbeat clothing to the curvy fashion conscience lady. They offer fashionforward dress and bridal wear that caters to the plus-sized woman on her very special wedding day.

This floor length halter-gown offers details sure to draw attention only to the lucky lady in white.

The luxurious bodice of this beaded waist and chiffon skirted gown is sure to dazzle your groom on your special day.

Check out these wonderful pieces at



Keep It Simple Sweetie Even with your wedding plans a bit simplified, you can still feel the pressures of the wedding preparations. One thing for certain is that if you try to impress people with a fancy wedding, you’ll go to a lot of trouble and expense. It’s really not worth it. Everyone has been to fancy weddings, and while they’re nice, they last for one day and they put you deeply in debt Here are some ideas to take some of the stress off your wedding and your wallet: Keep the guest list small. If you can pull this one step off, the cost for just about everything else will go down, and everything will be fairly simple in comparison. Forgo expensive invitations and print your own. Keep the menu simple. The biggest cost for weddings is food so to keep it to a reasonable level choose a few key dishes, all of them simple, and leave it at that. While you would like people to

enjoy the food, they are not coming there to have a fancy meal — they’ll be there simply to celebrate your union and enjoy your company. If that’s not enough for them, it’s not your problem. Get help, and delegate. Instead of trying to do all the preparations on your own, enlist others to assist you. There are a lot of little details that need to be taken care of, and if you try to do everything yourself, you’ll be running around like crazy. Instead, allow others to help out, delegate certain tasks, and when they do them, check them off your list. It makes life a lot easier. Go with the easiest attire. Choose the simplest attire in terms of how much work it’ll take. Tuxedos are hassle free. For the girls, try a local dressmaker to create simple dresses for the

bridal party. The bride, of course, can find beautiful second hand gowns that are fairly inexpensive with a classic look. Forget fancy invitations. Traditional wedding invitations have a couple different envelopes, tissue paper, some other paper, and that’s all before you even get to the invitation itself. It’s way too much trouble and too expensive.

Keep the decorations simple. We’re going to have a few floral arrangements, some candles, and that’s it. Very minimal, very little trouble, very little expense. Simple favors. We’re going to have some traditional Guam-style candy (coconut candy), put in little inexpensive favor boxes. And that’s all.

Simple entertainment. We’ll have some traditional islandstyle cultural dancers, an acoustic musical group, and that’s all. Have your ceremony early in the day. Consider having your ceremony at 9:00 a.m., and the reception at 11:00 a.m. and serve a lunch buffet. This will minimize costs, and allow you to finish early and go to your hotel room afterward before you’re completely exhausted. Plus, it’s on a weekday (Friday), so many people will have to go back to work after lunch, meaning the party won’t last that long and t here won’t be any drinking. T hat keeps things even simpler.

The year was 1898 when high standards and opulent settings were revolutionary for the time. He single-handedly created the standards for what we now think of as a luxury hotel. C茅sar Ritz, a man of humble origins, started in the hotel business at the age of 15 and as he worked across hotels in Europe, he dreamt about building the ideal hotel where the rich and famous would feel at home. He had to wait until he was almost fifty years old for that dream to come true, when he opened the Ritz Hotel Paris on Lous XIV's Place Vend么me.

just me & you

Among other achievements, César started the fashion of afternoon tea, where women could socialize unaccompanied in public. Until César, wealthy Parisians rarely dined in restaurants. But Monsieur Ritz tempted them to his restaurant, where Auguste Escoffier astounded his guests with meals created by the first celebrity chef. Monsieur Ritz also installed a royalty bell in the entrance so doormen could send a signal to the staff. This standard of excellence continues as until this date, every morning, the Ritz bakery turns out 900 croissants, 2000 bread rolls, which makes a million baked goods a year!Their wine cellars are legendary. Château d'Yquem and Château Lafite are among the 35,000 bottles of wine that line the cellars, including rare bottles of Cognac from 1812. Freshly cut flowers are a tradition at the Ritz. Every day, the hotel florists prepare 250 bouquets, which adds up to 100,000 orchids and 200,000 roses each year! Can’t you just smell the aromatic fragrances of these stunning floral arrangements sitting on your bed table?

For 37 years Coco Chanel lived here in the rarefied elegance of this suite overlooking the gardens and Place Vendome. Today, with each piece of furniture and every object carefully restored, you can enter her private style sanctuary. Baroque mirrors and Coromandel lacquers reflect light on the signature quilted padding of the sofas. An exquisite chandelier overhangs it all. Chanel's eye wasn't burdened by detail, and here none have been left to chance.

Many famous people have left their legacy at the Ritz from the Windsors to Hemingway. But interestingly of all the suites that have remained devoted to them, none attracts as high a price as that of Chanel.

You and your sweetheart will revel at the elegance and the feminity of the Chanel Suite after taking in a long day of famous sites. Its sophistication is heightened by the unobstructed view onto the place Vendôme. Stage for high society’s boisterous affairs in the Roaring Twenties, the famous designer made this Suite her home. To this day, Coromandel laquerware, rock crystals and large mirrors pay tribute to Mademoiselle Chanel’s exclusive taste. This Prestige Suite comprises a sitting-room, one to two bedrooms, two bathrooms, one of which has a jacuzzi and a steam room, and a view onto the gardens.

desert oasis

The luxurious Amangiri Resort boasts one of the most dramatic landscapes in the United States. Located at the Four Corners—the intersection of Utah, Colorado, New Mexico, and Arizona. The resort is built within the iconic canyons and sprawling plateaus of the American Southwest. Architects Rick Joy, Wendell Burnette, and Marwan Al-Sayed designed the resort to mimic the setting’s natural atmosphere, using clean lines, earth tones, and simple materials.

You and your “boo” can enjoy the gorgeous Amangiri Resort in Southern Utah. Its name meaning, ‘peaceful mountain’, is situated on 243 hectares (600 acres) in Canyon Point. Its facilities are close to the border with Arizona, tucked into a protected valley with sweeping views over colourful, stratified rock towards the Grand Staircase – Escalante National Monument. The resort is a 25-minute drive from the nearest town of Page, Arizona and a 15-minute drive to the shores of Lake Powell. Architecturally, the resort has been designed to blend into the landscape with natural hues, materials and textures a feature of the design. The structures are commanding and in proportion with the scale of the natural surroundings, yet provide an intimate setting from which to view and appreciate the landscape.

Upon arrival to the resort iyou will find a winding road that descends into the valley and leads to the central Pavilion. Built around the main swimming pool, the Pavilion embraces a dramatic stone escarpment. Within the Pavilion are the Living Room, Gallery, Library, Dining Room, Private Dining Room and Cellar. Two accommodation wings lead from the Pavilion into the desert. Its sixteensuites are located within the Desert Wing and another 18 suites together with the Aman Spa are located within the Mesa Wing. Outward views from the resort look over the untouched valley surrounded by lofty bluffs. This exclusive vacation haven is sure to recharge your batteries and possibly your “love engine. Come and see for yourself.

The spa menu has been created to reflect elements of Navajo culture and healing traditions. The Navajo have an all-encompassing philosophy of life, viewing all that exists in the natural world as manifestations of the Sacred. This holistic approach implies that all living beings are connected and interact according to a natural order. Maintaining a state of equilibrium is achieved by living a balanced life and respecting the four elements of life and destruction – earth, wind, fire and water. Aman Spa treatments are designed to restore “Hozho”, which in Navajo means “beauty, harmony, balance and health”.

The Aman Spa at Amangiri is a 2,322-square metre (25,000 square foot) destination unto itself, providing a serene setting for relaxation and rejuvenation. The entrance is reminiscent of nearby slot canyons and opens into an intimate reception and lounge area featuring a glass tiled, sky-lit reflection pool and a central fireplace.

To experience the pristine desert tundra on horseback, wandering through sweeping landscapes, towering sandstone peaks and along slot canyons, is an iconic American southwest adventure but hiking invigorates the soul.

culture alert

Somali wedding attire can vary due to the couple's location, personal preferences, and familial traditions. Contemporary Somali apparel is a conglomeration of different influences rooted in Somali culture. The type of wedding attire worn, then, depends largely on the current location and beliefs of the couple. Traditionally Somali dress for women includes a beautiful dirac or Guntiino, a garbasaar head covering, and a googaro slip for under the dress. Makeup and gold jewelry may be worn, and traditionally hair and fingernails may be stained with henna. Men may dress in traditional garments or western suits or dress clothes.

Desigual Spring 2012

Things to Cop

Our favorite “design star”, Kim Myles , recently released her "Global Glam Collection" in the tradition of high style. She drew inspiration from her years of living in rentals and longing for wallpaper and like any other savvy business woman she innately saw a need and ran with it. Her elegant yet affordable wall stencils serves up the option of going big on style without going hard on your pockets. Similar wallpapers would be costly perhaps “out-of-reach” for the average consumer but Kim stencils delivers panache through her recommended use of color and sophistication to any interior. Do-ityourselfer’s will love how easy this stencil is to use. If you don’t believe us, just take a look out the visuals to your right. Kim is definitely a “mogul-in-the-making”. First paint your walls in your base color of choice. Then stencil the design in one color or add a second color to the eye of the feather for a more dramatic look or for a more subtle effect opt for using variations of the same tones by opting for a metallic version of your base color over the stencil’s design. No matter how or where you use this stencil, you can rest assured that this stencil will deliver pure impact. Here’s to no more boring white walls. Thank you Kim!

Kim also offers a Chinese gingko leaf pattern for the adventurous at heart.

reality brides They are America’s guilty pleasures and our favorite ingÊnues of wedded bliss. Take a look at our ambassadors of all things fab as they share their personal bridal style.

Evelyn Lozada is turning up the gears on her summer wedding to football star Chad Ochocinco. The Basketball Wives star and her New England Patriots wide receiver fiancĂŠ have been dating for just under two years. After briefly battling breakup rumors and temporarily putting the wedding on hold in early January, the duo are back on track. Syling by Lulu Amin.

BET’ s “The Game” starlet, Tia Mowry and Cory Hardrict, 28, were engaged on Christmas Day, 2006. The two were married at the Four Seasons Resort the Biltmore Santa Barbara in front of 170 guests. Mowry walked down the aisle to a live performance by R&B singer Kenny Lattimore, who sang “For You.”

Real Housewives of Atlanta favorite, Cynthia Bailey married her fiance’, entrepreneur Peter Thomas at a private ceremony held at the Fernbank Museum Natural Museum of History . Their unique nuptials was featured on Bravo.

elements A bridal bouquet, more than any other type of flower arrangement, is chock-full of lore and symbolism. What does yours say about you?


The bridal bouquet, is a statement accessory of the ceremony. It is clutched possessively in the bride’s hands as she makes her way towards her beloved. It often hides shaking hands, guides the way down the aisle, and is a topic of conversation post-ceremony. For modern brides, the bouquet is mostly a thing of beauty, differing greatly from the practical, fanciful, and meaningful purposes it once held. In the spirit of “everything old is new again”.

Florigraphy, which came into fashion during Victorian times, is the study of flowers and what they mean. Often a secret language for lovers who lacked the words to express their emotions, or were prohibited from making their intentions known in a public manner, these coded meanings indicated flowers played an integral part as message carriers in many relationships.

During the Middle Ages, flowers were often thought to stem from the creation of Mary Gardens—places of reverence and worship devoted to the Virgin Mother, with varieties of flowers chosen to signify her presence. The wedding ceremony, as a religious ritual would also incorporate flowers thought to symbolize the divine.

The Cloister at Spa Island In Georgia

blogs we love Hailing from the Washington, DC area, Vanessa Layne Mason realized her destiny was to become a fashion designer at the young age of eight, when her mother sat her down at a sewing machine for the first time and taught her to sew. “My mother, being a source of strength and encouragement, influenced me to follow my dreams and pursue a career in fashion,� states Vanessa. She began a successful career in the technology industry while embarking on starting a fashion design business. She designed bridal and other special occasion apparel as well as sportswear and millinery for a private clientele men, women and children. When the owner of Toast & Strawberries, a renowned DC area boutique, expressed an interest in carrying her dress. In 2002, while planning her wedding, Vanessa went on a sacred quest, finding the perfect wedding gown. She utilized her experience in couture designing, Vanessa designed and created her own gown with only a week to go before the wedding. As a result, her love of bridal was rekindled. It is at that point bridal became design focal point for Layne Corban. Check out here blog and enjoy her unique brilliance.

Creative Director, Vanessa Layne is a member of The Fashion Group International and The Black Fashion Designers Association.

Anne Gish Linens

fat girl chronicles

The wedding cake is one of the most important things in any traditional wedding. It is one of the things that people admire the most and also one of the only things that people get to take home with them and enjoy after the wedding has finished. So choosing the best wedding cake for your wedding is actually quite an important thing to do.

The prices will vary depending on the size of the cake you need and also the style of it. But you can beautify your own by accentuating it with the use of lovely florals.

The cutting of the wedding cake has become a major part of the wedding tradition. This is usually performed after the wedding speeches have taken place. The bride and groom both hold the knife and cut into the cake whilst everyone quickly gets their cameras to take a photograph, so make sure your cake makes a statement.

Make your nuptials special with the Dianne Valentine’s bestseller, “Weddings-Valentine Style” which offers tips from the celebrity planner sure to make your special day divine.

Out of Africa

Sudanese model Nykhor Paul is featured in the Mara Hoffman Spring 2012 campaign photographed by Olivia Malone, hair: Christopher Harper, make up: Kristi Matamoros and stylist Andrea Heulse.

crown jewel

Houston-based makeup artist and “master headturner�, Segun Gele (Hakeem Oluwasegun Olaleye) has made a name for him in the USA as the goto man for woman seeking showstopping gele styles and beautifully madeover faces. He famously beautified Nollywood star, Ini Edo-Ehiagwina for her wedding in April 2009 and has transformed hundreds of brides for their big day.

Segun Olaleye, popularly known as Segun-Gele, was May 2, 1974 to a proud family of six from the western part of Nigeria precisely in the Ile-Ogbo Township, an Ayedire Local Govt in Osun State. The name Oluwasegun (meaning God is victorious) was given to him, as the first son born on a beautiful Tuesday morning, which in Yoruba is referred to as "ojo isegun" - a victorious day! He grew up in Lagos Nigeria, attended St Georges Boy’s primary school, Falomo and later moved on to St Gregory's College Obalende , Lagos where he completed my WAEC (School leaving Certificate Exam) in 1998 and moved on to Lagos State University to study for a Diploma in Law. He graduated in 2001 with a BA in English Language. His passion for head-tie started as a young inquisitive man always wanting to help his mother look good for events. He mastered this skill through years of tying gele’s on his head before styling it on his relatives for family affairs. Segun was hooked so he continued to hone his craft.

Gele tying became his main lively hood in April of 2003 in Atlanta, Gerogia, at a friends wedding where he noticed gorgeously dressed lady ( The Iya-Alaje of Atlanta) with a hat on her head and her head-tie in her hands standing at a car. He kindly approached her asking to help her with it and she politely refused. As legend has it, he then told her that if she allowed him tie it and if it does not come out good, he’d pay her $5. She said, “No”, and challenged him to paying her $7 or not do it at all! Of course, he won the $7 with lots of applauds from onlookers at the parking lot. She was happy and got lots of compliments throughout the evening. That is when he made his first $265 from tying gele at parties. He subsequently relocated to Houston in 2003 where he met Mariam Mogaji, an African fashion icon and started styling her gele. They became friends and she invited me to family soirees where I dazzled them with his tying skills. He got booked for the rest of the year and the following years event which led to his success.

SEGUNGELE a name that he adopted from the popular Houston band KINGS RHYTHM.

changing the game

Take a look at , Serge Mouangue ‘s, the creator of the Wafrica, take on the global bride. The concept of (the name of his line is a contraction of "wa" for Japan and Africa. Some call his work blasphemous others call it brilliant but the magnificent kimonos that he creates with African motifs are nothing short of stunning. His creations are for the bride who dares to be different. Do you?


rooms that inspire

Your venue speaks volumes to the tone of your wedding. Choose your space based on the environment you want to create, and plan your decor accordingly.

le fil

The Cove Atlantis,of the Bahamas offers an indulgent way of life. Whatever your pleasure, we’ll never tell. Closed-door cabanas, decadent daybeds and big-time blackjack by the adults-only pool. With perfectly prepared steaks and freshly made margaritas at Bobby Flay’s Mesa Grill., opportunities to party like a rock-star at their exclusive beach club. They encourage it all. Your best times at The Cove will involve at least a little bit of all this—and, usually, far too much of many other very good things. With miles and miles of pristine beach, the Cove Atlantis lets you channel the inner beach bum you may have never even realized you had. There, you will get to know him/her very well. We ‘re confident you two will get along just fine, especially when hanging out on the particularly tranquil stretch of sand reserved exclusively for Cove guests. It’s the ultimate in barefoot luxury thus perfect for that romantic destination wedding retreat or honeymoon getaway.

Take in the panoramic views of the ocean from your oversized windows in your en suite. It seems to go on forever, with a spa-like soaking tub, glass-tiled shower, duel granite vanities and marble floors.

Sleep deep or get close in the ultra-soft king-sized bed of your wedding suite. Then put your feet up in the sunken living room or out on your private balcony.

people to watch



Award winning event designer., Preston Ba

Cosby, Matt Lauer, Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones, Uma Thurman, Donny Deustch, Jennifer Hudson and Ivanka Trump, among others. Preston’s innate talent for design and dramatic sensibilities led him to the event industry. After 30 years in the business, He has become renowned for his gift for completely transforming raw, ordinary spaces into sumptuous, theatrical environments.

In recent years he has added another dimension to his remarkable portfolio, having been tapped for endorsements, launch events and licensing deals by major brands, including Sandals Resorts, Godiva, Hewlett-Packard, 1800-Flowers , and more. His art installations have been commissioned to draw in consumers at prominent locations across the globe, such as London’s Covent Garden and Hong Kong’s fashionable Landmark Mall. In addition, he is the author of four best-selling books, "Design for Entertaining", "Fantasy Weddings", "Inspirations", and "Celebrations". His newest bestseller, "Flowers", hit shelves at the beginning of October 2011. Preston Bailey was born and raised in the tropical paradise of Panamá. He began his iconic career in the design world after moving to New York City in 1968, after ending a successful stint as a fashion model at the tender age of 19. His innate talent for design and dramatic sensibilities led him to the event industry. After 30 years in the business, Preston Bailey has become renowned for his gift for completely transforming raw, ordinary spaces into sumptuous, theatrical environments. With a client list that includes the likes of a client base that includes royalty, socialites, business moguls and celebrities such as Donald Trump, Oprah Winfrey, Joan Rivers, Donna Karan, Liza Minnelli, Laurence Fishburne, Bill

Most of late, Preston partnered with The Wedding Planning Institute to offer a first-of-its-kind wedding and event planning course that is available at nearly 2,000 accredited colleges and universities in the United State, as well as online. His commitment to the field of event planning disproves the silly notion that “those who can’t do- teach and those who teachcan’t do.” Preston certainly rules.


Preston Bailey’s event designs have been referred to as “ art installations� His design objective is to create installations that give his clients an immersive experience in the modified space. Preston has tested the limits and expanded the possibilities of event design.

The awesome work of the genius that is, Preston Bailey. The serendipity of his work inspires greatness .


. Photograph by Ron Aira

From inaugural balls to concert halls Andre Wells’ creativity and imagination transport guests through one-of-a-kind evenings of luxury and sophistication. Each couple has their own style and Events by AndrÊ Wells is renowned for bringing that style to life by creating unforgettable weddings and memories that last a lifetime.

Table setting executed by Events by AndrĂŠ Wells

Ladna “Lulu” Amin began her company when she lived in Abu Dhabiand over there brides don't just have one look styled a bride once, for seven looks in one night. “Lets just say there were no heels for me that day, but my bride looked GORGE! 7 times!” Everything she touches turns to artistic gold as she transforms portraits of everyday women into tableaus of emotion, color and fashion.

When asked to describe her process when taking on a new client, Amin says she starts with an initial consultation, we talk about the brides vision, we play with fabrics, color swatches, and browse designer lookbooks, magazines, and fashion reference guides. Once, I get an idea of the brides style and personality we cover get basics, such as measurements and body shape. We then set up an appointment. Since, I already have a pretty good idea of what my bride is looking forI can contact the appropriate ateliers and salons to pull gowns ahead of time. Then the appointment is madeat this time I allow my bride to bring in one to two guests to join us. Once, weve found THE gown, its on to styling the entire bridal partyfrom gowns, to accessories to appropriate hair & makeup! Can you tell I love my job?!? Im also available day of the ceremony to pin and bustle my brides to perfection.

I work on many editorials and visual campaigns throughout the year. Being able to work alongside photographers and magazine editors has given me the tools to help style engagement shoots & bridal portraits to perfection. Our brides look like they jumped out of a magazine!

Roberto Cavalli

Photography by Steven Meisel

Roberto Cavalli

Born in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, Amsale Aberra, professionally known as Amsale (pronounced Ahmsah’-leh) journeyed to the United States to study commercial art. Political upheaval in her native Ethiopia forced Amsale to stay in the United States and to support herself through her undergraduate years. As financial resources were limited, Amsale

began to design and sew her own clothing. For the first time Amsale considered the possibility of a career in fashion design. Aberra says that she herself never expected to be a fashion designer, and especially not a couture wedding gown designer that would be famous. After receiving her degree in Commercial Art from the

visionaries The Amsale Design Group is now composed of four lines, the Amsale Bridal, Amsale Evening, Christos Bridal Dresses and Kenneth Pool.

University of Massachusetts-Boston, Amsale left Boston and enrolled in New York’s Fashion Institute of Technology. After completing her studies at New York's Fashion Institute of Technology, she began working for Harve Bernard as an assistant for a period of two years before she began her own bridal gown

company. Her approach was to create stunning, simple gowns for the modern woman. Though her aesthetic is modern she maintains a traditional sensibility with the her use of "illusion" necklines. Her story resonates because she took a need and capitalized on it..

african genius

Nigerian-born, Yemi Osunkoya is the award winning designer behind the Kosibah Creations label, specializing in couture bridal, evening and formal daywear,. Kosibah uses subtle African influences combined with Western styles of corsetry, draping and if necessary padding within the garment, to create contemporary and elegant gowns that curve, shape and flatter the figure into the classical, elegant hourglass shape, which is his signature silhouette. His work is absolutely brilliant!

His clientele includes women from all over the world, including many notable celebrities. He has won several awards for his designs including 3rd place at the National Wedding Shows' Designer of the Year competition at Olympia in 2002. He established the Kosibah Creations label in London in 1991 and named the company in honor of his mother. The Benin name “Cosiba� stands for the day name of a female child born on a Sunday. How sublime?



innovateurs Detroit-born Kevan Hall's fashion creativity emerged early on in his childhood By the age of seven, he knew he wanted to be a fashion designer. After attending Cass Technical High School in Detroit, where he studied fashion design, he won first place as "Designer of Tomorrow", a scholarship sponsored by the Los Angeles-based Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising. While studying in California, he made a vision-enhancing trip to Europe, where at the houses of Cardin, Dior and most notably, Givenchy his lifelong love of luxury and haute couture was once again sparked. Upon graduating from the Fashion Institute, he had already received the prestigious Peacock Award for “Outstanding Fashion Design". In 1982, Hall with his wife and partner, Deborah launched Kevan Hall Couture. His collection melded a more relaxed couture look with sensible pricing that pleased retailers like Bergdorf Goodman, Neiman Marcus, I. Magnin and other fine stores nationwide. Eventually, he branched out into motion pictures, acting as costume consultant on 1997’s “Gridlock” and “Eve’s Bayou” ( on of the most successful independent film of the year), making him a force to be reckoned with.

His sleek eveningwear was worn by a distinguished coterie of celebrated artists- including Celine Dion, Sharon Stone, Angela Bassett, Charlize Theron, Salma Hayek Kimora Lee Simmons and Vanessa Williams.




les arts Before Vera Wang became a national symbol for creativity and success, she was a talented and spirited fashion editor for Vogue Magazine. In 1981 she began featuring a new face in her glamorous editorial pages.

Today artist Wanakee Pugh credits Ms. Wang for giving her a tremendous start that launched a successful twenty-year modeling career. Known in the 80′s simply as “Wanakee” she graced the covers of the country’s top fashion magazines and was regularly featured in publications such as.

Vogue, Self, Essence and Italian Bazaar. Some of her retail clients included Saks Fifth Avenue, Bloomingdales, and Macy’s while beauty clients such as Avon, Revlon and Clairol used her image for television and print campaigns. Throughout her 18-year career, she worked daily along side the era’s top models and was privileged to be photographed by the worlds best image makers, including Andy Warhol, Richard Avedon, Irving Penn, Rico Puhlman, and Francesco Scavullo. As an industry groundbreaker, she was interviewed by talk show icons Merv Griffin, Geraldo Rivera and Regis Philbin. During the course of her world travels, Wanakee was exposed to the world of art. As a long-time resident of New York City, she took full advantage of the city’s rich artistic culture. She routinely visited her favorite spot– the Metropolitan Museum of Art, where she would view the museum as her classroom, and keen observation as her instructor. She began deciphering each work as a series of lines, shapes, shadows, high¬lights, and colors. From Rembrandt to Fragonard, the pattern began to resonate from within her. For this self-taught artist, the defining moment that fueled her first trip to the art store occurred one rainy Tuesday afternoon. An exhibit of the spectacular Hudson River School artists compelled her to sit silently in the great hall, observing the grandeur through tears. Shortly after this moving experience, with art new supplies in hand, she began by executing studies from the Hudson River School masters. She quickly segued to original landscapes that beckoned the observer to take a closer step in. As momentum for painting increased, her appreciation for different styles also began to mount. The contemporary art that she once overlooked suddenly became a fitting way to express a true sense of well-roundedness. Wanakee’s love of art, combined with her intuitive ability to create a beautiful environment, prompted her to offer art–by design. “One should never underestimate the power of art within a room. The

impact can be subtle, yet profound. While it’s true that not everyone has the ability to paint a picture, everyone has the ability to convey an idea, and most people know what they’re looking for; even it they cannot find it. I endeavor to follow through with their vision through original art that is both individual and personal. I find that some of my clients will commission a painting purely for art’s sake; while others look to add impact to an interior space. I design art for both points of view.

As a custom artist, she paints many different styles, outfitting private residences and businesses throughout the country. “Someone once told me that I needed to find one ‘artistic voice,’ one ‘niche’–that my range was too broad. My clients have wide-ranging tastes, and I take great delight in accommodating such tastes. I feel certain artistic diversity is my niche, and my voice is clearly heard when exercising the freedom to transverse from one style to another. I find traditional old world charm and loose contemporary edginess equally as enjoyable to paint. Painting the same style each time I pick up a brush would be like putting on the same outfit every time I dress. I love the surprise of discovering something new and unexpected each time I walk away from a canvas.”

pure luxury


Source: Michael Loccisano/Getty Images

A self-professed “clotheshorse” ever since he was a toddler, it is ironic that fashion veteran, Mark Ingram, would ultimately select an item of clothing he will never wear himself as the focal point of his business- the wedding gown. He opened his couture bridal shop in 2002 after accumulating 20 years of experience in the clothing industry. The Mark Ingram Bridal Atelier, located in mid-town Manhattan has been recognized as one of the top fifty bridal salons in the country rivaling Kleinfeld’s. His wedding atelier offers the some of most gorgeous couture wedding dresses in the world .

His Fifth Avenue shop is renowned for providing a truly pampering, professional, intimate experience for the discerned bride. Designer Anne Barge once was quoted as saying that his “knowledge of fashion, design and proportion together with his incomparable sense of refinement make Bridal Atelier Mark Ingram a jewel in the crown of bridal retail. His classic sense of style and ability to choose the creme of bridal fashion, coupled with his warm but regal personality, have created the best atelier this side of Paris."

With a client list of heavyweights including Giorgio Armani, Jamie Foxx, Ryan Seacrest, and Richard Branson, one could be forgiven for forgetting that Ozwald Boateng is a tailor first and a celebrity second. Will Smith once said that that he goes to

the British designer because 'Ozwald dresses men'. Lawrence Fishbourne has also assessed that Boateng’s genius is a resulkt of his brilliance in tailoring suits in the tsilored “British-cut” and infusing his designs with the colors of Africa.

mavericks Boateng has made massive achievements beyond his 45 years of life. In 2007 he was commissioned by John Agyekum Kufuor, President of the Republic of Ghana, to design and orchestrate a show at the 9th Annual African Union summit in 2007. Held in Accra,

it coincided with 200 years since the cessation of the transatlantic slave trade, and 50 years of independence for Ghana. The story of his humble beginning is truly nothing short of spectacular. He is by-in-large a fashion icon.

Born and Raised in Ghana in the 1950s, his parents decided to emigrate their family to London for q better life . There his father continued his career as a teacher, while his mother who was in the fabric trade in Ghana became a seamstress in London. His parents later divorced when he was eight, and Boateng has two older siblings. Boateng was inspired by the immaculate suits his father wore, and received his first suit from his mother aged 5: a double-breasted in purple mohair. At fourteen, he found a summer job sewing linings into suits. While studying computing at Southgate College aged 16, he was introduced to cutting and designing by his girlfriend.[4] Using his mother's old sewing machine, he started designing and selling to his fellow students, and switched to graduate in fashion and design. Boateng helped a friend to make clothes for a fashion show, and after receiving praise for his work, sold his first collection to a menswear shop in Covent Garden. Some of his first pieces were also sold in Academy, Newburgh St. C1987 This enabled him to open his first studio in Portobello Road in 1991. In 1994, Boateng staged his first catwalk presentation during Paris Fashion Week, the first tailor to stage a catwalk show in Paris Inspired by his father's suits, Boateng opened his first shop on Savile Row at the age of 23.

After being mentored by Tommy Nutter, the success of the Paris show in 1994 enabled him to open his boutique on Vigo Street, the south end of Savile Row, in 1995, an incredible feat for any designer oof color. He was the youngest designer to achieve this. Boateng's contemporary approach to menswear design helped to forge a new appreciation for Savile Row, and draw in a younger demographic.[6] Boateng's moved fully into Savile Row in June 2002,[7] with London Mayor Ken Livingstone crediting Boateng with making a vital contribution to the promotion of creative talents in the capital. In 2005, Boateng was honored with a major 20 year retrospective event at the Victoria and Albert Museum. The exhibition recognized that Boateng had by combining the highest standards of execution with a fresh, vibrant design philosophy, successfully captured the imagination of both the media and the public. In 2008 Ozwald Boateng's new flagship store and headquarters are launched at No. 30 Savile Row, on the corner of Savile Row and Clifford Street. The."

signage and interiors were co-designed with British-Ghanaian Architect David Adjaye. Boateng commented: "The fact that I am now in the old Anderson and Sheppard store means a lot to me. Before I even opened my store on Vigo Street, I never dreamed that I would have my own flagship store in place of tailors that represent the cornerstone of British Tailoring and Savile Row. Ever busy, Boateng now produces two ready-to-wear collections a year


notable charities

From traditional baskets to fashion runways, African style is suddenly ubiquitous. Handicrafts sourced from Africa are particularly hot these days. Why? Consumers not only love the vibrant patterns, but they are also increasingly attracted to the idea that "trade not aid" is a way to make a difference. Indego Africa helps serve this purpose by allowing itself to act as a conduit for an innovative social enterprise that partners with women artisans in Rwanda on a fair trade basis to drive forward a sustainable, longterm solution to systemic poverty in Africa.

That first means that each product tag features the name and signature of the artisan who made each individual product. Consumers can then follow that artisan's story online. This method offers a uniquely personal touch. Indego Africa also makes its governing policies and procedures, as well as financial records, available to both its partner cooperatives and the public.

This ambitious social enterprise is currently the subject of a Harvard Business School case study that answers the compelling questions of how a Based on the belief that social impact should be creative new model can be used to empower more than simple pronouncements, Indego Africa is independent Rwandan businesswomen. Nicole committed to measuring and reporting its social Miller has partnered up with them on a line of impact, even hosting a comprehensive Social Impact fair-trade clothes and jewelry. The hand-picked webpage on their website. Indego Africa's fair trade African fabrics and craftsmanship by Rwandan practices have also been thoroughly vetted by the women artisans are proof that the people of this Fair Trade Federation, the highest standard-bearer country are part of a beautiful culture that has for the handicraft industry. Unlike many other sellers nothing to do with the violence and corruption of African handicrafts, theirs is fully transparent with that has recently dominated its image in the proceeds used to benefit the women. international press.

Eight Wonderful Ways To Empower Women Through Your Wedding GUEST FAVORS: Give Indego Africa products as favors for your guests. Our wine coasters, wine bags, and Agaseke basket ornaments are beautiful and unique options. WEDDING PARTY GIFTS: Buy Indego Africa baskets or textile products as gifts for your wedding party. CENTERPIECES: Use some of our bigger platters and baskets to hold flowers for your centerpieces. WINE BOTTLE COVERS: Cover each of the wines you're serving at your reception with a colorful Indego Africa Wine Bottle Bag. RECEPTION BASKET: Leave an Indego Africa platter basket at the entrance to your reception. Instead of a guest book, ask guests to write down their well-wishes and place them in the basket. DONATION IN LIEU OF FAVORS: In lieu of favors, make a charitable donation to Indego Africa in your guests' honor. DONATION IN LIEU OF GIFTS: Instead of asking for gifts, ask your guests to donate to a charity like Indego Africa!

in the stash The sweet, pious matriarch of reality TV is now an established jewelry designer,. We saw the makings of her line during her hit show a few years ago, nowadays Justine Simmons appears regularly on HSN where this spring she is offering up a collection from Brown Sugar by Justine Simmons. The collection offers everything from a Brown Sugar Crystal Bezel Chocolate-tone Watch going for $35 to Brown Sugar Brown and White Heart Enhancer for $599. He pieces are not only lovely but reasonably priced. Her line is distributed by the SHR & Simmons Jewelry Group which was established in 2003 by Russell Simmons, Kimora Lee Simmons and businessman Scott Rauch. The company holds the licenses to Kimora Lee Simmons for Hello Kitty, Baby Phat Fashion Watches and Simmons Jewelry Co. Steel Collection. SHR & Simmons Its brands can be found in more than 2000 points of sale nationwide including Kay Jewelers, Jared the Galleria of Jewelers, Neiman Marcus, Zales, Gordons Macy's Department Stores, HSN and many independent jewelry retailers


design tv The incredibly sought-after and wellrevered Dianne Valentine is the creative genius behind the jaw dropping weddings of Usher, Toni Braxton, Kelis, Lela Rochon, and Boyz II Men crooner Shawn Stockman just to name a few.. Now that she is the host of the popular weddings series “I D0-Over” on WE Network, LRM thought that we’d give you the scoop on the soon-to-be household name.

Born in Oakland, California to a contractor father and a mother who worked in retail, Valentine has always been pushed to settle for nothing less than her dreams. The self-confessed “daddy’s girl” launched her first event planning company called memories while she was still in high school. Her first gig was planning the nuptials for a close family member. She credits much of her success to her father, who always told her that she is “smart, beautiful and can do whatever *she wants+ to do;” a motto that continues to guide her life. LRM gaged all of the fabulousness that is of Diann’s revolutionary career and we found two wonderful tips that we think will prove helpful for those of you out there planning your impending nuptials.

Find and Follow a Design Muse. A muse can come in many forms, whether it be a person or something as seemingly simple as a monarch butterfly, which she once used to create a custom mural. Valentine recommends both finding a muse for yourself and allowing your wedding designer to share his or her muses with you. "This will be telling in determining their design sensibility and whether or not they will be the right fit for bringing your love story to life. Select Your Photographer Very Carefully. Select one that will capture your story and ultimately create a family heirloom your grandchildren will one day enjoy.

Diann on her own wedding day on Lake Maggiore in Italy.

out & about

Star of ABC’s Scandal, Kerry Washington, always looks stunning. LRM decided to put together a short retrospective of this glam goddess through home dÊcor.

Kerry’s dress (left) is reminiscent of a beautiful wedding ring bearer pillow made of white Organza Bow with Silver Stripe on silk white taffeta. You can find this luxurious ring bearer pillow at the shop “crafting4u” on (Below) The

Ms. Kerry loves her self some sequin, honey. And sequin certainly loves her back. Her shimmery looks are always jawdropping and so are these stunning pillows.

(Above)Sequin Pillow by Bliss Studi

hot spots

Inspirato has secured a prime villa at Punta Cana Resort & Club for members: A spacious two-level home featuring five bedroom suites, a gourmet kitchen, and multiple comfortable communal areas that capture golf views as well as Caribbean breezes. Casa Cana opens to long balconies on both levels and a private pool lined with palm trees. This residence includes a full-time private cook and housekeeper. Most major airlines schedule multiple daily flights to Punta Cana International Airport. While in residence, you'll have access to a wealth of resort amenities: championship golf courses, clubhouse, a tennis center, world-class spa, expansive ecological park, kids' pool, and convenient dining options. A gorgeous white-sand beach and beach club - private for resort members and guests - and crystal-clear Caribbean waters are just a short walk, bike or golf cart ride away. The rates are as low as $695 per night.



8,550 SQ FT

Sign up to see our members-only rates and availability. It's worth it. Or, if you prefer, call (888)546-5008 to speak with an Inspirato team member.

what’s poppin’? As the newly appointed Chair of ASID NY Metro Chapter's Diversity & Inclusion Committee, LRM Editor-In-Chief, Tameka Pierre-Louis, recently hosted a fabulous "Diversity In Design" Spring Mixer at the gorgeous Bisazza showroom in Soho on May 23rd honoring the prolific career of Roderick Shade. The primary focus of our initiative is to provide oversight to a mentorship program targeted at high schools with architectural & design-centered curriculum's to encourage students of color to consider design as a viable career path. Our mission encompasses providing life-changing college tours and lectures from the nation's top minority practitioners as a means to recruit high school seniors and assist them along in the enrollment process with the best design colleges in the country. Thank you to all those who came out to lend your support. we are eternally grateful and humbled by your unwavering support. Stay tuned.

L-R: Tameka Pierre-Louis, Roderick Shade and Scott Cook, Membership Director of ASID NY Metro Chapter.


documentaries of note

This must-see documentary film covers the last 12 years of Ozwald Boateng's life, capturing the journey and evolution of Ozwald Boateng as a man as well as a designer. Director Varon Bonicos’ bonafide masterpiece is now available on

Samira Carvalho photographed by Hugo Toni


the great serengeti

The Tswalu Kalahari Reserve boasts the ultimate in luxury game reserves. Firstly The Motse consists of eight spacious legae(Tswana for small house)Each suite comprises a spacious bedroom with ,an ensuite bathroom with both inside and outside walk in showers, large private lounge with open fireplace, private deck overlooking the water hole. Tarkuni set in its own private area of the game reserve contains 5 luxury bedrooms with en-suite bathrooms outdoor heated shower, open plan lounge and dining room, library, swimming pool and decks.

Guests at the main lodge, Motse, are accommodated in 8 individual, air-conditioned suites with antique colonial furniture, tribal artifacts, telephones, open fires, bathrooms with inside and outside showers, and private sundecks with uninterrupted views across the spectacular Kalahari plains..

Guests looking for a private experience may stay at Tarkuni. Tarkuni comprises of four luxury bedrooms with en-suite bathrooms and outdoor shower, open plan lounge and dining room, library, covered patio and heated swimming pool.

powered telescope for guests' use. At Tswalu tranquility and privacy are the watchwords.

Mingle with friends in the central lodge which houses the main lounge and dining areas and gives access to the verandah, year-round heated swimming pool and the boma - an exciting alfresco dining area where a log fire crackles beneath a billion stars.

Circa Jewels


Across the continent of Africa, traditional weddings are fading away in the wake of modern culture, yet those remaining constitute some of the finest examples of ageold ceremonies to date.

Photography by Carol Beckwith and Angela Fisher


In Ethiopia’s Omo River Valley, eligible Karo turn out in all their splendor of paint, beadwork, and aluminum bracelets to join in exuberant dances. An evening of rhythmic dancing and singing will, for many, lead to betrothal, marriage, and a lifetime together. (Left) The Karo decorate their bodies to enhance their looks and attract the opposite sex. Here, a woman named Kawo wears face paint that imitates a guinea fowl’s spotted plumage.

Among the Wodaabe, nomadic pastoralists in the Sahel of Niger, male cousins who share a special bond will sometimes also share affection for the same girl.

Wodaabe Bride, Niger

Hennaed Swahili Bride, Kenya

North of Pretoria, South Africa, Ndebele bride Zanelle stands wrapped in her marriage blanket, which she will wear at special events for the rest of her life.

At the threshold of the freshly painted gateway of a relative’s courtyard, Ndebele bride Zanelle shields herself with an umbrella, a Western accessory adopted by Ndebele women for modesty.


Veiled behind an elaborate mask called a burga, a Rashaida bride stays in seclusion before her wedding. The Muslim Rashaida are Bedouin merchants and camel breeders, originally from Saudi Arabia.

The bride breaks into a dance at sunset during a Rashaida wedding week, when guests enjoy camel racing and dancing, as well as feasts of goat meat, wheat porridge, and sweet tea.

A single tear marks the moment of farewell for lavishly beaded bride as she leaves her family home in the Loita Hills of southern Kenya. Weddingday tears may express true sadness among Maasai girls, who submit to arranged marriages with much older men whom they barely know.

At her new mother-in-law’s hut, Nosianai follows Maasai tradition by formally refusing to enter until she is satisfied with the gifts her new family offers.

A Himba mother places an ekori, a leather marriage headdress passed from mother to daughter, on 15-year-old Kevekaha. When the bride is ritually kidnapped by her new husband and his family, the ekori is rolled down to cover her face.

my love affair with charleston

Enjoy unparalleled service and signature amenities from the AAA Four-Diamond and CondĂŠ Nast "Gold List Award" luxury hotel that is the Harbour View Inn. Its panoramic views, vast atriums and beautifully appointed guest rooms bare some of the most private beautiful balconies, working fireplaces, and whirlpool tubs that await your arrival. Join us as we allow you a peep inside.

From the moment you enter this Charleston historic district hotel, you will find modern features and services, old world charm and unpretentious Southern hospitality.

Surrounded by over three hundred years of history, the Harbour View Inn’s neighbors include Charleston’s worldrenowned restaurants and blocks of celebrated antique shops, boutiques and galleries. From the Inn, easily explore the charm, beauty and grace of Historic Charleston by foot or on horse-drawn carriage tour. Meander to Charleston's iconic and newly-renovated City Market or to the famed Rainbow Row and historic Battery through the famous South of Broad neighborhood, just steps from the harbor-front location of the Inn. The romantic views will take your breathe away. It overlooks Charleston’s beautiful Waterfront Park, recently named one of the Top 10 public spaces in the United States by the American Planning Association. Stroll along the pier, enjoy lush gardens and look out over Charleston Harbor to view the Ravenel Bridge, the USS Yorktown at Patriot’s Point and the business and leisure boats that have brought a vibrant life to the area’s waterways for centuries. Be sure to make your way up to the rooftop terrace and watch the sun rise over the glorious Charleston Harbor and Fort Sumter. We implore you to take your loved one to this gorgeous spectacle of history and architecture for your next weekend retreat.

montrer son soutien

LRM implores its readers to support the brands featured in this issue who dare to help bring “African chic� to the masses! For more information on the brands featured in this months issue please visit our blog . We are, here to serve, to give the design community a way to move forward. We're here to tell the stories of ordinary practitioners who have overcome extraordinary odds to succeed in this competitive industry. We are also here to speak the truth to those who most need to hear it. As we embark on this journey together, please let us know what's on your mind and how we can better serve you in the years ahead. Peace & Light! MPL Design Group LLC

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The Wedding & Travel Issue  

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The Wedding & Travel Issue  

Exploring designers of color in bridal wear and exclusive vacation destinations around the world.