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Reliable Demolition Contractor We Specialize in Asset Recovery Projects. Recycling demolition materials is not new, but it is growing in popularity! We see "Green Projects" increasing in the construction industry. Recycling and re-using demolition materials makes dismantling a building more cost effective. 1. Not only will Recycling copper, aluminum, brass, electrical wires, cables, concrete, and wood bring your cost down, recycling helps the environment. Projects which get recycled are cleaner and safer too. 2. Demolition contractors are the most experienced, and can usually provide the most affordable rates. Choose one that specializes in recycling, and you'll save even more, since your project cost will be offset by the amount of materials that can be sold or reused. TAMCO maintains its own recycling resources, and can reuse many different types of building materials, including stone and metal. Recycling expenses are also often cheaper than the cost of disposal. Better for the environment, and better for your budget! 3. In addition to standard business licensing and demolition permits, some projects require specialized training and additional permits based upon the types of building materials involved. This is not a good place to try to cut corners! TAMCO works with you to create a detailed plan for each project. TAMCO makes sure that all legal requirements have been met before demolition begins

Completed Demolition Projects: Asset recovery, dismantlements, demolition projects, equipment salvaging, silo & water tower dismantlement, partnering, & church salvaging Full cleanup and recycling of all reusable building materials A Global Market focusing on recycling The demolition process looks much simpler than it actually is. You'd be surprised what demolitionists must learn about a building before they can safely destroy it. Asbestos and other hazardous materials require extra care in order to be safely and legally removed. All potential fire hazards must also be removed. The best demolition contractors are experts in construction, safety, and law.

Through careful planning and consultation with you, TAMCO's demolitionists can determine the safest, most inexpensive strategy for your demolition project.

EXAMPLES OF REUSABLE MATERIALS » Asphalt » Metal » Glass » Concrete » Wood » Porcelain fixtures » Steel » Lamp ballasts » Scrap » Aluminum » PVC Pipe » Copper Wiring » Non Ferrous

SAVE MONEY ON YOUR PROJECT One of the best ways to lower the total cost of your demolition project is to recycle, reuse, and/or preserve as much of your scrap material as possible. In an effort to limit the amount of reusable waste that gets dumped into our nation's landfills, many areas have imposed high disposal fees in order to encourage recycling efforts. TAMCO regularly recycles metal, stone, and other popular building materials, and can evaluate your project to determine what materials you can recycle and/or reuse. TAMCO also markets scrap material for resale in several different markets, including theInternet (even on eBay!). They'll help you determine the best ways to save money on your project and help the environment at the same time. Some companies have even intentionally used large amounts of recycled products for their new construction, and received fantastic publicityas a result The possibilities are endless! The more you can recycle, resell,and preserve, the more you can save!

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